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(2014-01-14 - Now)
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Chita Despite not wishing to simply leave Aerith all alone in the city now that the curse was seemingly broken, there was a certain level of 'feeling terrible' involving the Viera that led him to want to make sure the girl was safe. Apparently a Lamia, he took it upon himself to decide he would simply return to the city somehow, or perhaps just send Senra back on his own, to find his other companion and make sure she got wherever it was she intended to go.
Thus, here he was, walking along with Nagetta towards where she was going, Chocobo waiting outside the hotel. "Is there anything you need? I know a white mage in the area who can travel." It had been a fair while since he asked such, offering one last time since it seemed she had finally gotten to where she'd wanted to go.

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Chita.