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Topsy Turvy Day: Nightfall
(2014-01-14 - 2014-01-16)
The Topsy Turvy Day must come to an end.
Oathkeeper For every world, there are certain constants always at play. The presence of a great seed of light, and a great seed of darkness. The struggle between two opposing forces. In some worlds, this balance lies in the favor of the light. And in some worlds, this balance has plunged it into darkness. But there is another constant.


No matter what world, there is always a little bit of /magic/ to make life more amazing. But in those worlds where magic truly flourishes, there are bound to be entities known as Sorcerers. And for each sorcerer of light, there is one of great darkness. For the world that represents one of the kingdoms from truly old times, the sorcerer of Light is known to many people as Merlin. But the sorcerer, or in our case, sorceress of darkness is far less known.

The evil. Wretched creature...


"Amazing, Magnificent, Marvelous Madam Mim!"

The old crone, gray hair and her awful poofy skirt twirls through the halls of the church amidst a company of armored toads. Laying on the altar, in literal broad daylight and forgotten by the evil witch, lays a dark and evil book. A Grimoire. From it, she has cast a sorcerous spell upon not just her own world, but those that connect and have come to lay at rest within what many now know as 'The Old Kingdom'.

Hints of a solution have buzzed around. From the mouths of those who rather not lift a finger, or from those who have much other work to do still. The destruction of a spell such as these comes through only two means. The end of the Grimoire from which the spell was cast, or the breaking of the spell's one 'Rule', or Escape Clause. And because Madam Mim decided to mumble the latter, it has fallen to the heroes of this world to destroy the book.

But there is a problem. What happens in a world, where all the heroes have turned villain, and all of the villains have turned heroes? Do those villains wish to turn back to become heroes? Do those who became heroes, wish to turn back to villains?

This is the story about a band of people who overcame their villainous urges, and those unlikely heroes who have come upon the Notre Dame to do away with this vile cursed spell.

Within the halls, very little is present to protect the book. And Madam Mim seems far too pre-occupied dealing with the hunchbacked Claude Frollo.
Angantyr Vespar For those who lay on the outer edges of light and dark, the changes caused by Mad Madam Mim are starking...

Maira becoming a Cold hearted witch, Avira enjoying her beast form and darkness...Seith becoming disinterested...but what about those who lay closer to the reflection, who often live a hair's breath from light and dark?

Angantyr, standing outside of the radious of the spell looks to his companion who had followed him here. In order to get to speak to the Sorcerer he needs to deal with this first...annoying as it is. He still worries, but the support from Maira leaves him to believe all he needs to do is focus...the book needs to be destroyed, and anything else between here and there does not matter.

He holds Maira's hand, looking to gain strength. Or maybe she's looking to draw strength from him...for the moment, this is all he can do. He worries about the damage he might cause, if he goes plunging into here. But her words sooth him...he steals himself.

"I'll open a portal from here directly to the city, and we need to run through as quickly as possible. I may not be able to open another one inside, or worse." he says, with a pause. "We just run to the book, like Merlin told us, and destroy it. Just hold that thought in your head." He says, and takes a step forward.

Outside of the building, Angantyr runs through, magic already taking shape on him...

Dark armor turns to lighter armor, his features more or less stay the same...but the font of darkness is no more, for this brief period, surpressed by something else. A connection to light itself, the brilliant light that was promised to those who were not the sacrifice of each generation. For a moment...Angantyr gets to know what it is like to be the favored son of his father...only to have it all be stripped away because his home was still destroyed, but the jealous half brother he had, who inherited the power of darkness instead of him.

The tainted darkness in his own heart forces him to use the light to be a complete hardass, a train of holy destruction.

The Keyblade still is unchanged, after is still a reflection of his heart, the conflict of light and darkness that rages in his own being.

Fortinately, he is still very much controled, pushing to the objective. The only thing that matters is to stop the evil, and at any cost.
Vespa The city of Notre Dame has had a extra help during the week keeping it clean.. The maid Vepsa stands before the catherdeal.

"There one buliding that hasn't been cleaned up yet!", she says. "I need to get in there and get it all shiny and sparly..", she shakes her head a bit. "I need to finish my job! ..I need to finish this.. End this..", she mubles to herself. "..something is missing.."
Maira Maira stood with Angantyr outside the city, holding tightly to his hand. She's been in here before, and does not like what it did to her. She could focus on that, but then she might not be able to do what needed to be done. Instead, she focuses on the fact that she's been effected by the spell but caught herself before she could do anything truly horrible. She'd gotten out. She had to cling to that and believe that she could have that resolve and strength of heart again.

And she's got Angan by her side. That always gives her confidence.

She nods to him, flashing him a brave smile. "Get to the book and stab it. Got it. We can totally do this!" she cheers, working herself up before they begin running, passing through the portal into the building....

As she passes through the transformation in instantaneous. Her clothing changes to the frigid blue gown of the ice witch, her hair turning white, pulled into a tightly controlled bun rather than the wild fiery mane she possesses. Her eyes change from amber to cold blue. Ice surges through her veins, the air growing frigid around her, frost appearing in her wake.

She resists the urge to cackle maniacally as she runs, a spear of ice forming as she weaves the spell with her free hand, ready to aim it

She struggles. What was it? Why was she here? To take ove, yes? To crush these insects beneath her feet...

A surge of warmth beats from her heart, spreading light and warmth outward. No! THE BOOK! The spell!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has volunteered... without really knowing what she was getting into, honestly. Well. she got briefed of course. But while you think you got used to everything that gets tossed at you in this world, they still find a way to surprise you.

The question is, what happens when a tough, warm-natured, upbeat girl like Tifa gets flipped over?

Well, she becomes... actually pretty damn self centered and whiny.

She followed through the portal that Ang opened up, she's been in the Old Kingdom before, but not since it got so topsy turvy. Even if someone tells her to 'keep it in mind', its not that simple when the magic goes right into the core of your personality.

"Why are we even here? These clothes sucks." Probably talking about the long robe she's wearing. "It smells too, do they know what a bath is?" She plugs her nose, and waves in front of her face. At least she's not threatning to take over the world yet.

She points at Vespa "Hey! you! I need a backrub! Get to it!" Could be worse.


Wolven ears twitch at the sound and a sneer creeps up along her muzzle. "Ahh, that witch is in here." Beaming, she circles around her captive, tapping a clawed hand to her forearm. The puppy-eared man dangles from one of the wooden beams in the ceiling, tied by his feet. His arms have also been bound in front of them so they're no doubt dangling as well. "Meaning that if the witch is nearby, then her Grimoire is too! Perfect! Between that..."

She crouches down and grasps both of Warden's cheeks with one hand, squeezing them so his lips pucker. ""

A disdainful look is tossed Seith's way. He did not make minion of the month. In fact, she has half a mind to 'fire' the elf. " There will be SUFFICIENT DARKNESS to enact this plan! AHAHAHAHHAHAH!"

Thunder crashes nearby despite there being no clouds in the sky.

Avira releases her grip on Warden and lifts a clawed hand high, as if she's about to rend the poor, defenseless man in two! ...of course, what actually happens is she cuts the rope holding him to the ceiling so he crashes down on his head instead.
Nagetta Nagetta's alongside Vespa. "Come and get out of that maid outfit already! You've been cleaning this place all week. You can practically eat off the ground now." She still doesn't know why the girl's so insistant. "Is something in there..." Her normally timid voice returns for a second as she feels the presence of the book. At least part of her normal self is still present, even if it's hard to see. "I'll give you a backrub." She looks at Tifa eagerly.
Vespa "Yes right away Miss!", Vespa says smiling walking over to Tifa and starts massaging her back!" She looks over to Nagetta, and pouts a bit. "But I like this outfit.. and I haven't cleaned the catheral yet it's full of something not nice!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart points at Nagetta "If you're that eager, you can rub my feet if you want." She's not about to let someone WANTING to tend to her without that pleasure.
Warden Thache "YAHHHHH!"

Very intelligent I know. Warden though has been hanging upside down for way too long now, and the sudden prospect of meeting the stone floor face first is not plesent for him. He twists /slightly/ at least so he doesn't just smush right onto his face and takes most of it in the shoulder.

Then he lies there. Because. You know. Still wrapped up in rope.

A glance towards Seith, and he wonders...not for the first time...if THEY sound like that when they are monologuing at the people trying to stop them.

And the laughter.

He notes if he survives this, never laugh like that again.

"Well." He finally applies as he tries to struggle out of the remains of the ropes and back to his feet. "Its not like you gave me much choice." A pause. "Still can't convince you is less darknes and more 'overwhelming greed' inside me?"
Nagetta "Rub your feet? Where's the fun in that?" Nagetta frowns and looks away. "Besides they're probably all covered in bunions. Mine are, of course I'm still getting used to have them." It was a bit painful for her to walk.
Deelel Things have been crazy and confusing while everything seemed normal in the old Kingdom? Everywhere else? Seems to have gond mad, from what she heardf over Valkyri's radio. Then again why did she have the radio of one of the largest threats to the worlds out there? She'd found her way back to this part of the Old Kingdom after she'd spent the night at a smaler town to recover.

Her outfot of light leather armopr, cloak, all with the odd faintly glowing sitch work is still intact though.

She's just glad she's no longer trapped in a digital world like she was for so long, right?

She notices as several other people arrive including Ang the Paladin, someone she'd never want to run a foul of.
Seith Seith remains seated in the rafters, dangling his feet and looking at those who find themselves beneath. He's indeed just... not caring. Although he's quickly growing tired of serving Avira. Who knows, maybe he'll just betray her.

Or maybe he won't.

What does it matter anyhow?

"Huh?" He mumbles when Avira stares at him and expresses his dark nature. Avira's sudden 'release' of Warden in an attempt to tumble him to the ground, has Seith actually bothering to follow suit. He figures, it's better than dangling off of Avira's arm.

Instead, he floats down without really much of a penchant for drama. He just floats. That's it. And when he finds himself next to Warden, he yawns and glances away idly. "I dunno."
Oathkeeper Our Heroes, Antiheroes, and whatever stands in between arrive. And Madam Mim catches sight of those who enter. She stalls mid-pirouette and blinks profusely. Not just because people are entering the church...

But because of the way they are behaving. Truly - topsy turvy. Not that she really knows the bunch of them very well. But one can just /tell/ that these people aren't quite right.

"You are ruining my time with Frollo..." She mumbles, and slowly puts down her crooked foot - shortly before starting to jump into the air, throwing her arms up and down like some petulant child. "I will have none of this! Leave me be!"

And as she speaks, suddenly a white beehive-shaped curtain of energy lifts up into the air, cutting people off from Madam Mim and Claude...

But leaving the Grimoire out there to sit. This means that those with intentions to keep the book in tact will have to settle with holding off their friends. Or enemies. Really, it's all relative here.

Avira "Nope!" Avira says with cheerful glee to Warden. "Though I have to admit, I do find myself fond of the idea of my own pet doggie." She takes a moment to leer at Warden before scooping him up off the floor and then diving down further into the cavernous expanse of the cathedral. Gliding down on outspread wings, she circles down like a vulture over the book and lands, neatly. Warden is gently deposited next to her in a manner that might even make Seith jealous.

"Ah, interlopers." Avira narrows her eyes at Angantyr, whom she certainly recognizes, but shrinks away in disgust at the change he's undergone from the spell. "Light! Sickening /light/." she hisses. "Here I thought you would be of use to me, Angantyr! But now I, here you will get in my way!"

She straightens completely and flares her wings out to make herself appear bigger, "OR WILL YOU!? What can you do with a force so unfamiliar to you?! What can you do when you no longer have the DARKNESS at your command!! That fount within you made you who you are. It made you unstoppable. It was your tool, it was your power. But now..."

Magic swirls around her dramatically, mixed in with ice and darkness. Seems her elemental affinity remained unchanged by the spell but the silvery sheen-her light-is nowhere to be found. "I! HAVE!"

Clouds of black freezing fog billow outwards, filling the cathedral. "THE POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!"
Chita One of the perks about being a Judge from another nation, and at that, a Judge who, when covered from ears to toes in a thick Ivalician Armor style known primarily for those Judges, could easily pass off as a hume. Thus, introducing 'himself' as a Judge and looking for those who may have information regarding things eventually got him pointed towards the Cathedral. Entering and quietly listening to those present, it wasn't hard to hear conversations and the likes among those there.

The old woman cooing someone she seemed to have a thing for.

A couple of others, one who sounded suspiciously like a certain Elf she knew talking to another, and some others. The whole assault on the Cathedral wasn't even something that was expected, nor planned for, by the Judge. She wasn't here for such. She was here for Seith. She still suspected Seith being the one responsible despite Aerith having claimed someone named Mim was.

"Hm? And what is this now?" Voice echoing, reverberating from the helm as she turned to 'look' towards the sound of those entering. Seemed to be a bit of a cluster of commotion, but there had been no indication of anything other than the old woman suddenly telling them to bugger off. Was that the Mim that Aerith had spoken of?

"Very well then. Today, I shall be the protector of young love." The remark came out in a sarcastic fashion as the Vieran Judge pulled out a weapon he hadn't used in quite a long time. Two of them, in fact. Long broadswords that looked more useful for a Warrior, one held upright, one held reverse, moving out carefully from the pews into the middle of the isle to block off those oncoming from where Mim was. "Begone, as she has instructed, and the only blood spilled will be the fools who ignore my command."
Tifa Lockhart Even though she's in that state, there's at least still a little bit of conciousness that things aren't right. And everyone she considers friends are converging to the same place too. She'd realize that people aren't acting right. Neither is she, but she can't really understand what she's doing or what's going on either.

She ahhhs at the backrub "Well you can't both rub my back at the same time, so its my feet or nothing." Self-centered, but she moves toward the church "What's going in that place? Phew, dusty, are you sure you cleaned this place at all?" She's exagerating everything it seems. Not as understanding as usual there, its like she asys everything that's on her mind.
Seith Seith lazily walks up to the altar than holds the Grimoire, turns around, and just leans up against the marble structure. Truly, the Notre Dame is a beautiful Cathedral, and the man is apparently taking in its beauty right now. For all of the flattery passed towards Avira, he's actually quite shallow about that whole beauty thing right now. Normally... things are different.

"I am sure you can handle this then?" Seith mumbles towards Avira, glancing aside. "I'll just... guard this book here." He pats the thing's cover. "Keep it nice and safe, oh Great Beast of Legend."
Vespa "Your a big mean stone demon! Go back up and sit on top of the building like your supposed to!", Vespa reaches out with her broom and tires to bop Avira on the head. Twice!
Warden Thache "I will not wear a collar or do tricks for food, however I am housebroken," Warden replies dryly towards the shifted once-hero. She starts talking though and the man just raises his head to rub at his temples.


Do they really /do/ this?!

At least she didn't drop him though, thats something. He looks towards the assembled group before reaching into the sleeve of his colorful robes. His puppy-ears bouncing just slightly as he bows towards the assembled heroes.

From his sleeve he pulls out a short cane, one that he twirls once and with a hiss and click it becomes a long cane.

"Alright. Shall we get on with this? I'd rather not, but a promise and a promise and all that. I did give my word I'd help her."
Avira "Yesssss, you do that, Seith." Avira drawls, "Stand there and continue to flatter me!"
Seith "Yes, oh great Beast of Legend. May your superior strength overcome their numbers. Though surely, with this pity squad of theirs, you surely won't even break a sweat." Seith answers Avira, bowing his head while regarding her. "And if for some reason your hide sees itself harmed, I will provide you with a spell of healing."
Angantyr Vespar To see Avira like this hurts him...hurts him a great deal. Despite the change, he remembers what happened during that time...the fall of Manhattan. Enough of his sense of self remains to control the new desires, and enough to keep a hold on his sense of self...he has to turn this on the book...even if it means going through Avira.

"If you think that a mere change in magic has stopped me from being an engine of destruction, than you really have underestimated the power of the light weilded in the hands of a powerful enough paladin." Angantyr says, pulling the Keyblade down.

Angantyr's armor finishes. It looks more like a strange mask covering his face, giving his voice a strange reverb.

He speaks, and his light power reverberates the very halls of the church themselves. "I am the White Sword, I am the Burning Steel, I am the Just Void. With blade in hand I shall reap the darkness of the world and return all to light! I AM ANGANTYR VESPAR, AND YOUR END HAS COME!"

The power of light exhudes off of him suddenly, no weaker than it has before the change.

He dives in, suddenly aiming to drive his weapon right towards Avira, aiming to quickly strike once, twice...and then open himself up to her attack. "Is that all you have, dark one? Fight seriously!"
Maira Maira knows she's decidedly smaller than Angantyr, but surely she isn't completely beneath Avira's notice! Maira lifts her chin, looking toward that beastly form through narrowed eyes. "So much /talking/...and my, but your breath is just horrid. It could turn the strongest of stomachs," she replies to Avira, waving a hand. "You are between me and my goal, stand aside! I don't actually want to hurt you!" she continues, stepping aside as Angantyr rushes forward.

Maira latches onto the warmth from her heart, clinging to it. It is her lifeline. She can't let herself forget what this is all about! Avira is clearly in control, but Maira just can't bring herself to attack her. The spear of ice that hovers by her hand itches for release.

The Book.

The spear is released at Seith and the grimoir he holds, rushing through the air toward him. "Give me the book, Seith," she hisses.
Deelel Deelel looks at Avira for a moment and narrows her eyes as she reaches for the disc on her back, a little reminder of her trapped in a digital hell. Still it was useful the weapon hummed to life as she looks at Avira for a moment wondering at the beats' intent.

"The power really? Is that all you have to say for your self."

She narrows her eyes at this there is something foul here, she just has no idea just how much there is to worry about, she looks to Ang for a moment and she nods to him for a moment, she'll follow him up a she takes the weapon.

"I'm just nobody, don't really matter I was somewhere at the wrong time, seems like it's happening again. I just can't stand a wind bag like your self."

She throws the disc at Avira a moment after Ang makes his own move upon her, and Deelel's already running attempting to not sit still for any sort of counter attack. She's got light armour on at best, and the magic and weapons here are likely to have her bleeding before the knight is over.
Nagetta While Nagetta might have a bit of trouble walking at the moment, she still has her spear. Of course a good number of her normal tactics wouldn't work since she's not part snake currently. She does to go for Chita, that armor was way too concealing and she was curious what was underneath. "You should take off that bulky armor and come have some fun with me." She rushes towards the Viera warrior trying to pry off that armor.
Reno It was a shining day in Paris, with hardly more than scattered wisps of cloud to hide the sunlight beaming down upon the little island of Île de la Cité in the heart of the city. Down upon the streets, however, was chaos. The spell of topsy-turvy had washed over the people, dramatically altering them to the very core. It even disturbed the daily flow of the city, and folk seemed to be out of the street (perhaps hiding from the good people turned suddenly vandal, or recovering from a prior night of cruel and novel debauchery).

This was just as well since now there would be very few alarmed at the sudden "SHOOKASHOOKASHOOKASHOOKASHOOKA-" noise that began quietly overhead and continued to grow in volume. Then suddenly-
CRASH!!! - repelling through the (probably priceless) stained glass window was a man in a dark sharp suit with long red hair slicked back into a neat ponytail and his eyes concealed by dark goggles. He takes a quick look at the surroundings, then flips open a cellphone (which seemed to have remarkably good reception in 1482 Paris).

"Reno reporting in. I have identified the source of the mana fluctuation surge, and am moving in on the target. Altercation already in progress." He states in a crisp, professional voice. "Have the helicopter circle the area at a safe distance and wait on my signal to come in for extraction....... No sir. ...NO, Tseng, you do now have a time for a 'quick brewski'. Please, sir, just- Nevermind. Reno out." the phone is flipped back up and deftly slid into pocket as Reno takes out his weapon, holding the electrified baton in something akin to a defensive fencing stance...
... but who's side was The Turk really on?
Seith Oh no, the book! He has to protect the book! And a crazy ice lady is coming for him. Actually - he knows the woman just fine. Maira, the woman of ice - instead of the lady of fire. Seith notices the ice spear being aimed for him, and makes this annoyed sound that is reminiscent of a grunt.

He quickly picks up the book and holds it up, and ends up getting slammed by the spear of ice. The old elf tumbles right over the altar, and goes sprawling behind it. When he has time, he quickly scootches up against the back of the altar and considers what he should be doing right now.

He could continue to support Avira. But he might fail in his mission if he does nothing. The man decides to grab hold of the staff he's been carrying with him on his back, and quickly swings it over the altar and peeks over.

"Stay back!" He calls out at her, and starts firing anti-gravity rounds at her in an attempt to lift her up into the air. "I've got a magic staff!" Look, it's just as logical as shouting 'look out, I've got a gun' in this setting, let's be honest here.
Avira Avira's long, serpentine tail flicks upwards and slaps the broom away. She doesn't even turn to look as she does this.

"Tch, which side are you on?" Avira says accusingly at Maira. "I recall you were helping me one day and now the stand against me! Tch, allies are /so/ unreliable! That's why I prefer minions instead! Easily controled! AHAHAHAHAHAH!" The posturing from Angantyr earns Avira's immediate attention.

"BOLD STATEMENTS! I WILL HAPPILY FEED THOSE WORDS BACK TO YOU!" she lunges at him, receiving minor wounds from the keyblade in the process-strange. A small part of her wonders why it doesn't hurt more. Right away, a bevy of ice magic builds and bursts between them, followed by darkness-tipped claws.

Hit by Deelel's disc, Avira seems hardly slowed down. Though she's caught up in fighting Angantyr, the magic she wields is wild enough to hit even her-or any unfortunate bystanders.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart ughs as she gets closer to the fighting "Why are you people so damn LOUD and NOISY!?! Can't everyone just get along and take care of me instead!? I have NEEDS you know! Like, I'm starting to get hungry." She watches as Negetta just swishes past her, ignoring her requests "HEY I'M TALKING HERE, YOU CAN FIGHT LATER".
Chita Suddenly there was a lady who had jumped into the fight, at close range, and was seemingly interested in removing the armor and... something else. While in other circumstances Chita might actually be amused enough to find out what her intention was... instead, he does the only thing that seemed polite. He sl-- wait a moment, this Chita is anything but polite. As the woman approaches, the Judge casually steps to the side as she manages to grab a piece of the armor and tug it at an odd angle.

His hand comes down and he attempts to whack Nagetta right in the pit of the stomach with the pommel of the weapon to knock the air out of her.

"Come back later if you are still interested. Now is not the time." only to toss one sword into the air, quickly spin and attempt to grab Nagetta by the back of her shirt before throwing her right back towards where she just came from, fully planning to re-catch the same weapon afterwards.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is still the wall of blades that he always was...she claws, but he swings his blade again, aiming to smash his light against the protections of magic she has around herself. Such spell gets smacked right off, as he slams the blade into her hide, before he reaches back...

And then he swings in, aiming to drive through her defenses, as he attempts to flip over her tail, aiming to smash his foot into the side of her head, before the blade spins at her, aiming to cut it across her chest...and then he EXPLODES in light, aiming to burn away her defenses, and then ignite her very being with the brilliant light of his soul.

"Is that the best you can do, dark one? It will take more than that to take me down...the real reason you coveted my power is because you have so little of your own!" He boldly declares, and once more, invites her to attack him.
Warden Thache Well it seems for the moment at least, Warden is left to his own devices. This suits the man /just/ fine. He actually sits back, resting on his cane as he watches the mess unfold around him.

"I supose," He finally drawls as he watches Avira and Seith and Chita get assaulted by various warriors of light, maids, not-snake girls and others. "That I should help."

The question would be /how/ he supposes. The best way he can think of?

He taps his cane lightly against the ground and magic curls along the stones. It snakes along the cracks and crevices before twisting up around Avira's feet and taking some of that stone with it. Bits that seem to form into stone blades on the lady's forearms. Invigiration in the limbs.

"Thought you might need a bit of an outfit change," He drawls. "Hope you like it."
If no one stops him? He is totally going to keep doing this.
Vespa Vespa's broom is pretty inaquate at stopping Avria's attacks. "Oowww that hurt!!! Stop it!!! Your a meanineee!",as Avira attack Vespa says in a annoying whiny tone, it could crack eardrums if you are too close!

"Keep away from mee!!!", she swings her broom a few times at Avria hoping she doesn't get any closer!
Maira Suddenly, a man in a helicopter makes a noisy entrance. She looks toward him, blinking. She recognizes him. For the moment, she'll forgive him for the last time they met. "You there! Get the one with the book! We must destroy it!" she shouts, hoping Reno would follow directions.

Maira's gaze then locks on Seith. Slowly but steadily she moves on him. A brow quirks when he begins moving back, pointing his magic staff at her. Maira raises her hands, a wall of ice rising to interrupt his attack, the balls of gravity magic never reaching her. She laughs from behind the wall as it shatters with a crack, tinkling like glass as it hits the cathedral floor.

The ice witch just keeps walking. "You have a magic staff, and I don't give a <goosehonk>," she replies, then whirls her arms to create a gust of frozen hail and snow that surge toward Seith in a powerful wind.

There may just be some collateral damage.
Deelel Deelel catches the disc as it returns and she looks at Avira for a moment, she is about to say something but is force to flip out of the way as Avira comers right after her. The magic sure is flying and she's just keeping out of it, for the moment, she takes her disc again as he turns to face Avira for a moment.

"Feed them back? Can you /even/ cook?"

Ang would find Deelel's waiting again for him to make his moves before she acts, but this time she does not strike out with an attack of her own she's doing something else, is that magic? It might be a haste spell from the looks of it. She's clearly getting ready for something, all right!
Nagetta Nagetta ends up getting grabbed by her shirt which doesn't seem to have the effect Chita's looking for as it simply tears and frees her. "So you want to see what's underneath as well? Then again there's a lot of people around, maybe we should go somewhere more private?" She glares into Chita's eyes trying to bend her to her will. Something feels wrong as she does so, "Why isn't it working?" How ironic, when she actually wants to try and charm someone it doesn't work right. "Maybe if I get that helmet off. She tries to slide the spear underneath it.
Seith The Helicopter is noisy! But Seith is more worried about Maira, who is using that wall of ice rather beautifully. He looks down at the book, and then glances over the corner at Avira. She seems to have her hands full. The elf remains behind the altar like a coward, even as that gust of ice comes to try and blow him away. But rather than hurting him, it mostly just does that whole blowing away thing. That is to say, Seith is suddenly sent skidding along the back of the Cathedral on a sheet of ice, heading down a small stairway - his rear hitting each of the four steps down.

Well that was embarassing. But he's still holding the book between his arms. "Look, we can talk about this!" He calls out at Maira, while trying to get up and slipping with his feet over the ice. He ends up planting his staff into the ground, which sends a sudden shockwave of energy straight along the ground towards Maira.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is just too busy with her own well being to care about the fighting. In fact, it seems like everyone ignored her. So what does a spoiled girl does when she's not getting what she wants? That's right. She just screams louder "I SAID TO STOP IT, THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO LIKE TAKING CARE OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".

She'd hate herself so much if she knew what she was doing. Well, she kinda does, but everything is just warped right now. She should be going for the book, but she doesn't even want to touch something that looks so icky.
Reno one very red eyebrow raised at the ice-queen Maira's commands to him, but besides that, the stoic-faced turk did not respond, but merely strode calmly through the pews, up beside the Assailants of the book, his weapon at the ready. Then he turned to the side.

"Neo Turk Light." He spoke calmly.

A blinding beam of magical light burst fourth from Reno's gesture, blasting at his would-have-been allies.

"It seems I don't take orders from you, Maira. You know it's difficult here -in this place- not to take your barking instructions as an insult, but believe me when I say that this is just business." Reno explained in the post-attack moment of alarm, before wading into melee with Anagntyr with his electro-rod.
Avira Vespa is apparently doing a poor job of staying out of the way. Avira's really trying to ignore the whining and repeated beating of the broom from behind but it's not exactly easy. "Would you scram already? The adults have business!" She snorts huffily.

Cruel yellow eyes remain pinned upon Angantyr and her smile only grows as Warden proves to be a useful minion indeed, imbuing her with stone armor on her forearms. "Oh no, my dear, sweet Angantyr, I am just getting started!" A faint hiss accompanies her words as she feels his light burning away some of the magic that Seith enchanted her with. Getting in close, Avira manages to deflect the kick to her head with one arm only to fall prey to the strike across her chest. Damn. Now THAT one had hurt.

She slides backwards, still smoking from the light's scathing touch. "You want power? I will show you!" What follows is a howl that vibrates all around her, amounting to an unsettling noise one might expect before the end of the world. Magic swirls around her, darkness and ice, forming into a deadly, whiteout-grade gale around her. Snow and ice blankets the inside of the church.

Then without warning, the blizzard parts to reveal a massive, teeming meteor of purple-colored fire descending. Somehow this manages to happen inside of a church. To be fair, that cathedral does have a very, very high ceiling.
Chita The spear popping underneath the helmet seemed to hit it perfectly, popping the clasp clean off, too much damage to the suit over time and not enough maintenance due to not actually using this particular one in quite a while. When the helmet pops off, Chita's head snaps back and a pained sound comes out, whiplash and a heavy headache setting in perhaps unintentionally on Nagetta's part. Something she'd notice, though, was that the Judge was not male.

Nor could they see, considering there was a silk blindfold wrapped around their head.

A throaty, angry little growl came out of her throat, voice not reverberating quite as much since there was no helm to offer such, and instead, Chita did something quite angry right back to the ex-Naga. She turned and kicked right towards the woman's stomach only to lunge at her and attempt to bring the swords down right towards her shoulders. Normal Chita would never be so angry, or violent, over something like this.

Those fighting for that book need to take care of it soon, or there might be a dissected snake around.
Maira Maira glances over toward Reno, eyebrows rising as he moves toward Angantyr, apparently to engage him in melee. "Your funeral..."
Warden Thache OH GOD ICE.

Warden does not like ice storms. For the record. It rattles him around a bit, trying to keep his feet. "Watch where you're throwing that cold you Ice Queen!" He calls towards Maira as he backs up his shout with the action of slamming his cane down.

Vines and pieces tear up from the ground around Maira's feet as he shouts to wrap around her arms and legs, trying to tangle her right up.

It seems it works for the most part.

The man with the impresive entrence seems to actually be /helping/ them. So. Well. Warden just nods once towards him before scanning the area. Everyone looks so involved with everyone else.

So he goes for the Ice Queen again.

The vines tighten before he smiles. "I really think you should just go right back out the way you cane. You're a pain." A pause. "An /attractive/ pain, so I can't entirley complain. Maybe if we both survive we can chat over coffee. My treat. Regardless. Goodye for now."

The earth under Maira erups in a spire of stone to throw her up, the vines swinging her around once again before hurling her once right towards a wall.

Where hopefully those vines will continue to stick with her.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr watches Avira start to it comes...

And then something unfriendly pokes him in the back, the electrical surge causes him to stagger, as he stares angrily at Reno. However, Avira is coming down full force now...

Angantyr grabs Reno by the back of the head, and throws him right towards the explosion, aiming to shield himself with Reno's body...just because Angantyr became a beacon of light...

Doesn't mean he still isn't a resourcefull and crafty mother<GOOSEHONK>er. Because

He holds up the keyblade, stabbing it into the ground as the entire cathedral becomes a brilliant affair of light. The ground itself burns with brilliant energy as he starts to float up.

"That was indeed powerful, Dark One...but you lack control! Allow me to show you /TRUE POWER/!" he says, and noticing that Warden attempts to entomb his ally in stone. He pulls the sword up, and as it brilliantly shines...he swings it in a massive overhead swing, aiming to cause a very powerful blast of light through Avira...and then right into Warden, aiming to burn both in the fires of justice.

Nagetta The kick sends Nagetta reeling to the floor, she struggles to get back up but find the swords preventing her from doing so. It does knock some sense into her, even so briefly. "What am I doing?" She questions her actions even though shre tries to keep fighting. It seems like the girl's distracted by trying to think out what to do.
Maira Maira curses as Seith takes cover behind the alter then just slides away, getting nothing but an embarrassing spanking from the stairs for her trouble. She steps onto the path of ice and slides after Seith, the ice making a ramp over the stairs for her to gracefully slide down.

At least until Seith uses earth magic on her. She's beginning to think this may be her weakness. The writing of the earth beneath her feet ruins her grace and she falls hard to the side, landing on her arm in a painful fashion. Wincing, Maira looks up and glares toward Seith. "We could talk if you handed me the book. Do you /really/ want to stay like this? A slave to Avira? PATHETIC!" she cries, perhaps hoping to stir the anger in him and get him to come to his damn senses long enough to do something helpful.

She hadn't really realized she'd hit Warden with her storm, but she certainly knows now! Vines erupt and entangle her, pinning her down before she can get back to her feet. The woman turns her glare toward Warden, baring her teeth. "How /dare/ you," she says, then blinks. he hitting on her? NOW? At that, she simply laughs.

Which is interrupted by being flung around by those vines. She screams in surprise, which cuts off sharply as she smacks into the wall and falls, stunned, to the ground.

Maira shakes her head to clear it, climbing back to her feet. The warmth that radiates from her center reminds her to stay focused. The book! "I do not have time for you!" she shouts to Warden, then whirls on Seith with all the power of an arctic blast, ice rising from his feet to encase his body so that he can no longer run away.

Maira begins to run toward him, intent on that book.

From behind, Maira is hit by the Turk's Light, causing her to stagger and fall once more, seared by the lazer, skin sizzling.

Wow, burns hurt.

Determined, Maira gets up again, running once for for Seith, making a grab for THE BOOK!
Vespa Vespa looks up at the meteor. "oh my!", she eeps swinging her broom at the incoming metor, it's doesn't help at the metor impacts Vepsa slamming her into the cathereal floor. "ooowww.", she says a bit out of it..
Seith "Well... it is kind of a pain." Seith admits when Maira brings up his enslavement to Avira's will. Working for an evil overlord really is far too much work for Topsy Turvy-ed Seith. But he's not getting angry. Instead, he tries to just get away from Maira...

Only to end up being trapped within the sudden gust of arctic and icy winds! Indeed, the man ends up entirely encased in ice. Twitch, and not really being able to... well...

Go anywhere really! His one hand up in the air allows Maira to easily grab the book. Surely, that wasn't on purpose from seith's point of view? At least nobody decided to shout 'Freeze' at him.

Also, he really needs to /STOP GETTING FROZEN/. This is kind of terrible on his clothing.
Chita Kneeling over Nagetta, as Chita heard her say such, the Viera stopped herself from doing more before falling still and saying, "...just leave, please do not piss me off. This curse... is going to be the end of me." And slowly standing back up, out came the swords before her ears twitched and she listened around. "Now LEAVE! Nothing is going to be solved in this cluster of fighting!"

It was obvious that she was TRYING to keep from any more pain going on. "What are all of you after enough that you storm a Church and are willing to fight to get it?!"
Warden Thache "I think you should make ti--OH HOLY DUCK."

Warden would have said something more but Ang's sudden ferocious attack? Well that had him distracted more than a touch.

Because it looked painful.

He crouches, one palm against hte stone and in that pose the flames wash over him. Eclipse his form. Eat him alive!!

...or do they?

Nope. Not at all.

As the flames fade the man is standing, brushing off the acculilated soot from the earthen shield he created to block the rather impressive attack.

"Hrmmm. As I was saying...I think you should make ti--" And he's intrupted a second time as Seith gets frozen /and/ just sort of gives up because lazy.

"You really /are/ a terrible minion."

Stone explodes around Maira again, hammering against her in her mad dash and intending to send her flying up in the air to crash down on the opposite side of the book.
Avira "Damn you, stop trying to convince my minions to leave me!" Avira yells at Maira, "You're just jealous that you don't have your own minions, aren't you? WELL YOU CAN'T HAVE MINE!" While she's ranting, Angantyr comes in and kindly hits her like a truck with a massive blast of light and fire. She seems to take the brunt of the attack, flying over the Warden and crashing through a set of pews all the way up to the altar where the book was.

"Ow." she grunts as she starts to pick herself up. "Not bad. But the light shall FALL today!" Remaining on her feet, she pays no attention to Vespa now, assuming the maid has wisely gotten out of the way. "Now it's just youuuu and meeee."

Making use of the stone blade augmentation still upon her arms, Avira rushes forward and unloads a clawing combination against Angantyr, finishing with a blast of ice that juts up from the ground beneath him and attempts to send him skywards.
Reno Reno is abruptly grabbed by his long (well brushed and neat) ponytail, and hurled by his goosehonk scalp up into the air in a collision course with a giant flaming ball of destructive energy.


Avira's powerful magics wash over him and explode with enough force to blow out MORE of the stained-glass windows and splinter the nearby pews.

The unfortunate Turk lands smoking on the floor, catching himself on his hands and knees. Within a moment, the resilliant Turk was back on his feet. "You're gonna pay for that..." He said menacingly.... before catching out of the corner of his eye the oppertunity he was waiting for. "... later." Reno throws down something small from the inside of of his jacket pocket, and with a short, ear-stabbing crack, light floods the room just as Reno turns to break into a run for where Maira is about to reach the book. With superior speed (and a timely distraction from Warden), Reno reaches the grimoir just in time, and pulls it from Seith's cold, dead hands.

Phone out. "Target acquired. Commence extraction." Phone away. Now the Turk just had to escape from this megalomaniac melee. Once back home, he should really try to convince scarlet to move her primary base of operations here.

Clutching the book tightly in his one hand, and his weapon in the other, Reno set his sights on Ang and Maira- the two just in the way between him and his escape rout out another window.
The turk adjusted the goggles over his eyes. "Time to end this." And with that he shot foreword with blinding speed and crackling energy- constant motion delivering blow after blow with his weapon between the two targets and deftly dodging out of the way of the friendly fire honed in on them both before landing -panting- in a roll on the other side, book for the moment still in hand.
Deelel Deelel is keeping track of the other combatants at the moment but Avira is begin quite the handful and this is when Deelel make a mistake. She's not quick enough as Avira unleash her power upon her. She's caught with the spell and is sent into the air she's burnt she's bleeding and she's shockingly fighting through the pain. She's dropping quickly back to the ground, and she shifts her weigh trying to land and as she doe so she throws the disc right for the hopefully distracted Avira and she calls out.

"Hey, fuzzy! get the friz-bee."

She lands in a crouch and it's a bit painful from the impact but it could have been a heck of a lot worse for her.
Vespa "Y-your a really big meanie!", Vespa says standing back up! She sure can take alot of punishment. "Really big meanie!", and she charages at Avira swing her broom around randomly and she rushes towards her.
Maira Maira knows that Angantyr is watching her back. She just keeps running for Seith.

Really, she did not see Reno coming. She turns in time to bring up a wall of ice to guard her at least partially, taking the brunt of his attack before the wall breaks and she's hit with the damned cattle prod, stumbling backward.

Almost, that book was hers! She will NOT let him get away!

Ice could encase the book and Reno as she'd done Seith, or she could spear through them with enough force...

But when it comes to books and Turks, fire is what you really need.

The cold blue of her irises crack like sheet ice over lava, the hot amber of her eyes glowing from beneath as the blue melts away. The inferno rages as Maira screams and throws a fireball at Reno and the book, aiming to immolate that tome to ashes and end all of this insanity.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr dives infront of Maira, using his Keyblade to block for her, but before he could lash out at Warden...he proves to be a tricky little thing and launches him straight into the air, flying towards the vines up top.

Angantyr swings the Keyblade, tearing through them as they bite, and then falls towards Avira, as she launches himself at her. The two clash, however, Angantyr, flips, aiming to grab the back of her tail and drag her towards the ground, aiming to land her solidly into the pews.

Only to get hit once more in the back by Reno and his stick. He staggers for a moment, grunting in pain as he looks viciously towards the Turk.

Right as the fireball hits the book, igniting the tome, and the curse on fire.

Angantyr, leaving nothing to chance...

"TYRANT..." He screams, pointing the swing RIGHT TOWARDS Reno, and then DRIVING the pure amount of fury, anger, and everything else he can muster right into the book.

Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart isn't too happy that people are so TAKEN by each other that they pay her no attention WHATSOEVER. So BE IT, she'll go back home and find herself some jar of ice cream and treat herself the way she DESERVES.

Of course, that means she's gonna be back to normal once she gets out of here. That'll just make a story for later. Gotta love opposite day. Or world.
Deelel The Book, the source of all this madness comes to the attention of Maira. Reno's got a good hold on the book however the tome is not an animate object while full of magical power. It may lead to Reno having a bit of and day as the book catches on fire and there's something else about to occur. Reno has a good hold on the book he might have been able to save it. However Angantyr has other plans, oh does he have other plans The Tyrant Breaker comes in slamming into the book and perhaps a bit of Reno at the same time with a whole lot of fury.

Magical Fire, plus a Keyblade hitting a magical tome like this is going to be down right explosive there's a small explosion of magical power. It might be enough to knock someone off their feet if they are close such as Ang, Reno or even Maira. The pillar of flame dissipates after a moment are least visually.

Across the Old Kingdom something strange starts to happen the spell is broken an things start to change back to how they should be. A spell this powerful does fade entirely at the snap of a finger, some things are changing back faster than others as the shouting of an angry man can be heard.

"Unhand me you foul witch! GUARDS! I have been assaulted by a witch!"

Judge Claude Frollo is sounding like he's enraged and one might also hear Mad Madam Mim can be heard yelling before she appears in a poof of smoke before everyone down in the church and she glares at everyone.

"YOU! ALL OF YOU! How could you ruin my chance at romance! You infernal meddling twerps! My book you destroyed it!"

Mim is just raging and she's glaring at Maria for the most part.

"Don't think you heard the last of me little Missy! You will get yours for this let me tell you!"

With that Mim vanishes in a poof of magic but you can hear a shout of her rage echoing through the church.

Things will start to turn back to normal here perhaps a bit faster at ground zero, but some things might take longer. Thankfully the angry Judge Claude Frollo has not stormed in here, he's still reeling from everything that has happened, but Mim will not forget about what Maira did today, or perhaps anyone else here might have done.
Avira "That's right, I'm the biggest, baddest meanie there is-AND IF YOU DON'T STOP HITTING ME WITH THAT BROOM, I'M GOING TO EAT YOU! RAWR!!!" Avira is absolutely the angriest mutate, between this and the INSENSITIVE FRIZBEE JOKES from Deelel. But in a moment, that won't matter.

In a moment, Angantyr grabs her by her tail and pulls her into the broken pews. A very doglike yelp escapes her as this happens and she lies there, dazed. "Waaardeeeeen, I need your heeeelp-" she drones, awkwardly trying to claw herself back up onto her feet.

A combination of fire and magic washes over her and Avira is left behind as...Avira. She rubs her head and looks around, an embarassed look gradually overcoming her face. "Oh no...I...actually /did/ all that stuff, didn't I?" She seems mortified...and not just due to left over mutate 'clothing.'
Vespa "ugh my head..",Vespa says cluching it. "What have I been doing??", she pausesh for a second. "<GOOSHONK!> <GOOSEHONK!> <GOOSEHONK!>, she breaks the broom was carrying in two over knee! She keeps on using expeitives muttering under breath.
Maira The blast of magic as the spell is destroys echoes outward from the source like ripples in a pond; more like a meteor hitting the sea.

Maira's arms pinwheel as she's blasted back from the sheer explosion of released magic energy. Maybe someone will be nice enough to break her fall, if not, she sails across the floor until her momentum is broken on a church pew. Her hair has gone back to normal, puffing out of the bun it was restrained by in angry defiance (look, Reize doesn't have the monopoly on hair personification okay?).

Maira sits there, stunned, eyes wide as she looks to Mim. /Who is looking right at her and swearing revenge!/ Maira groans and shouts after Mim, "GET IN LINE!"

She stands then, wobbling a little as she looks around. Everyone seems to at least be /alive/.

Joy floods her. Reno might still be a problem, but he can just bloody wait a moment! "WE DID IT!" she says, then turns, jumps up, and kisses Angantyr soundly.

Then clears her throat and looks toward Reno, placing a hand on her hip. WELL!?
Nagetta Nagetta tries to get back onto her feet, only for her legs begin to fuse back together. They're also covered by black scales as the exposed skin vanishes from sight. She looks up with a confused look on her face at Chita. The girl's face quickly turns red and she stammers, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is immediately tackled, pounced, and kissed. He spins with Maira for a moment, and looks towards Reno.

"I still got enough power left to do that a third time."
Maira Oh, right. And healing. People need that, pretty badly in fact. Maira calls up her magic, so beautifully familiar, and uses cure spells on those looking like they need it the most. "I'll heal everyone I can...that was...heh..."
Chita This wasn't the first time Chita had felt the strange curse set on the land by Mim leave his body, and Hades' curse taking back over properly. Aerith had talked him out of the curses area and then they'd gone back in intending to end the curse. Somewhere along the way Chita got tired of caring. Now... the sudden weight kicked back in and the Viera's body leaned forward slightly, hand coming to his chest in pain.

Confusion was there until he heard Nagetta's voice in front of him. "No... it is not your fault. I hope I did not hurt you too bad?" as he asked that, he straightened back up and pulled a large cloak out of somewhere before stepping forward(not knowing her bottom half was that of a snake and possibly stepping on it) to try and reach out to wrap her up in such. He recalled hearing clothing rip, feeling such rip, and wasn't quite sure of her state of dress at the moment.
Vespa "I'M GOING HOME TO GET DRUNK!", Vepsa shouts as she makes her way to the door. She turns glaring at everyone else. "No one talks about what happend this week ever!", she pauses for a second smling. "expect the part where I beat up Reize with a broom. That's okay.", and she walks out.
Warden Thache Warden pulls himself off the ground. "Yes yes, I'm coming." Urgh. Being Loyal sucks. Turning towards Avira he moves forwards and redies himself to try to help more. He raises his cane to call his magic once again, twirling the cane but before he can bring it down....

Magic explodes.

His real mind snaps right back into place and Warden Thache stands there staring at the cane like its the most horrid thing in the world. He drops it like a snake before glancing around the interior of the cathedral.

" all the Silver Sholes of Saturn. I /hate/ magic."

The 'entertainer' just staggers a moment before plopping right down on the stone along with all the other suprised and stunned and even GUILTY people there.

"...this was only suposed to be a week long job! Thats it! Now I get kidnapped by someone and then set on fire and now I'm..." He waves one hand in general fustration. "I NEED A WHISKEY."
Reno Reno was not where Maira was sassily eyeing. In fact... After the chaos and fury of Angantyr's and everyone's final attack, and the book finally going into meltdown from all the magical pressure... Well, the Turk was nowhere to be seen.

A brief glance around the room would reveal that perhaps the Turk had escaped in the-

Reno's body crashes down through the ceiling of the cathedral, landing flat face-down on top of Angantyr in an audiably smouldering heap of Dented armor and ruined suit.

In the brief moment of silence, a helicopter can be heard approaching from a short distance outside.
Reno's phone buzzes on silent mode.
A feeble, tremoring hand lifts the phone out of his pocket and- without even moving the rest of his body- turns the phone to silent and then drops it to the floorboards, going limp.
Maira Maira looks over to Chita first, sending a cure spell to him before she runs out of energy. She has potions in her bag, if they've not been smashed to bits by all the madness. Looking around herself, she spots her bag and moves over to grab it. She pulls a potion out and offers it to Warden, smiling sheepishly. "Here. I'm really sorry I hurt you. Was just um...well, you know," she says with a small wince.

She turns then at the sudden sound to find that the place she'd thought Reno was was actually just a piece of red curtain or something (easy mistake...?) and is instead falling from the ceiling on Angan...

Maira just...gawks.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is suddenly SLAMMED into the ground by Reno.

There is a brief moment...a brief moment of /fury/ that takes him over...


And then Angantyr launches Reno off of his body in a single powerful blow, aiming to land him face first into the dirt. And then Angantyr falls back, into Maira.

He's taken too many shots tonight.
Warden Thache Warden, still sitting on the steps watches as Reno's body falls like a commet from the ceiling. Right towards Angantyr. He doesn't know either of them. They don't know him. However the entertainer concemplates this.

"That." He declares. "Made the day a bit better."
Maira Arms pinwheel again as she's suddenly crushed by the giant falling redwood that is Angantyr, pinning her there.

Maira blinks, then shrugs, smiling as she reaches down to stroke his hair. She'll probably be here for a while.
Nagetta "I'll heal, thank you..." Nagetta takes the cloak and covers her shirt. As her tail reforms she can feel him stand cringes a bit and pulls away. Hopefully he wouldn't panic too much. Certainly not everyone welcomes the sight of lamias. She watches Vespa walk out, she would need to aplogize to her later as well.
Chita Not used to Lamia being anything other than menaces from his land, at least, not having encountered any that were not, Chita seemed confused as he suddenly felt something pull out from under a foot. "... careful, there is still something around here." The confusion stayed, though, as for the life of him it sounded right in front of him against the ground. "Is there something wrapped around your legs?" he seemed a bit concerned for her.

Seems he really couldn't see, the blindfold around his eyes still there and not being taken off or any such.
Deelel Seith? What happened to poor old Seith? Why he's down in one corner of the Church frozen in an ice crystal, like some sort of maiden in Zelda. He's awake and unharmed. However he's totally stuck in there, and Deelel is not moving to help him. She's not moving at help him at all, she knows that will bite her on the butt.

Some time after everyone has left Seith would peer out into the darkness of the Church and say "H... hello? Is anybody there? It's... it's really cold here!"

He would remain unanswered.
Reno Reno could certainly use some healing, if that was being passed around.

Wasn't much in a position to request it, though. *smoulder smoulder smoulder*

This scene contained 77 poses. The players who were present were: Oathkeeper, Tifa Lockhart, Nagetta, Avira, Deelel, Maira, Vespa, Reno, Angantyr Vespar, Seith, Chita, Warden Thache