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(2014-01-13 - Now)
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Deelel The Old Kingdoms are in chaos not that anyone effected thinks of it this way. To anyone caught up in it? Things have always like this, Deelel has always been a human who got caught up in the grid and is horrible inept with computers. She's been roving the old kingdoms, exploring what she can. Still she'd been kinda scared with terrible overloads like Avira, Maira and Reize running wild.

She's just nearing the edge of a town still clad in her almost thief like outfit and her hood's down. Deelel looks about wondering just /where/ are all the towns folk as she arrives.

She creeps forward looking about wondering where everyone in the small town has gone, this could be bad and she's not too good at fighting this could be bad.
Artemis Eurus Artemis Eurus is feeling rather lost. How could this be!? Last thing she knew, her and some other heretics had been camping nearby, doing their heretic thing (mainly hiding as of late, which was getting /really/ old). Next thing she knew, she was running terrified through a dark forest. Forests are scary! They are filled with scary wild animals, bandits, and who knows what else. There is a sword at her side for some reason. She has no idea how to use it. If only here brother were here to protect her!

Somewhere in the very back of her mind, the real Artemis is gagging.

The woman breaks out of the forest with profound releif, flopping down into the grass, panting. Her body isn't actually tired, but her mind tells her that it should be. "Oh, finally..." she breaths, then looks around. She spoots Deelel, and her eyes widen. Which you can actually see, because the mask she wore was /super/ creepy to her stuffed it away in her bag where she wouldn't see it. "Hello!" she calls.
Louis LeBlue He was out on a routine measure in regards to Heretics and trying to cozy up with the other religion here along with Faruja. That's what the Great Louis LeBlue had been doing until the curse hit. After that, things are a little... foggy. So in order to relieve this sense of difference... Louis LeBlue is now trying to take his mind off of things.

"And the Heretics would best hide here. Then, if they wanted to lay an ambush, it'd be best they do so here." Wielding a compass, a ruler, and a pair of miniglasses - Louis LeBlue is explaining the complexities of an ambush, and how the Heretics were best to abuse the Church's standard formations.

Using Warhammer 40k minifigures.

Right in the middle of the town plaza.

To a bunch of little kids. (Some things never change)
Aerith Aerith however... was fine.

Oddly enough, she had a theory about what exactly to do about the reversal. And while it wasn't all that difficult to explain to the others, it was quite hard to get them to enact it. She'd undergone a few changes in France, but now that she knew how to get around them, she was quite healthy in the head.

So then, while everyone else was going a bit nuts, Aerith calmly moved toward Deelel with a smile. "Hi there! That's interesting..."
Artemis Eurus Artemis gets back to her feet, feeling distinctly uncomfortable in the armor she is wearing. There seems to be a town ahead! She could buy a dress! Oh that would be delightful! Sell all of these silly things.

Another approaches, another woman (Aerith. "Oh, hello. Please excuse me, I'm a complete mess," she says, blushing, then begins to walk toward the town, running her fingers through her long golden tresses as she does so, trying to clean herself up.

She strolls into the village a short while later, her eyes roaming until she spots a tall, familiar figure. "Oh!" she breathes, then begins running. "Louis! There you are!" she cries, smiling brightly.
Deelel Deelel is not aware of just whom is there or who have changed however she's soon finding out she's not along as she spotted by Artemis. She pauses for a moment then smiles and she waves to her calling out at her.

"Hello there is there anything I can do for you? There's no one else around that I can see?"

She tilts her head a little bit as she focus on her surroundings and then notices there are people in the square from the looks of things

"Or everyone could be playing a board game in the middle of town, just what's going on here?"

she looks over to Aerith for a moment

"What's interesting Aerith?"

She looks at her for a moment and then back to Louis as she gestures for everyone to follow her in approaching mr 40k.

"You know this man?"
Louis LeBlue The nerdier and actually potentially smart version of Louis looks up at Artemis when she strolls into the village, tipping his glasses up in order to spot Artemis. "Oh!" Pause... Conflicting emotions. It's always conflicting. Now it's conflicting in the other direction. The little Louis-es are running around chasing eachother in his brain. Not sure how to respond at first, he just goes with being nice?

"Hey sis." He raises a hand and waves her over. "We're just talking about how to bes~" One of the kids knocks one of the miniatures into the churchies below. "No no. You have to roll for initiative first!" He reminds the kid, and quickly hands them some dice before looking over at Deelel. Trying to remember if he knows her... squiiiiiint.
Aerith Aerith did her best not to growl as she saw Louis playing with children. "LeBlue."

She hadn't forgotten what he'd done... but he didn't seem too harmful for the moment. And then he squinted at Deelel, and she immediately redacted that assessment. She maintained an impassive facade, not reacting to his presence in order to at least find out what was going on. "She knows him, and apparently he knows her. Didn't figure him to have any family, though."
Artemis Eurus Artemis hugs her brother, one of the few people around to make her look relatively short. "I'm so glad to see you! I was lost in the forest, oh it was so dreadful!" she replies, clinging to his arm.

She looks over to the others, nodding. "This is my brother! Isn't it so lucky that I've found him? Now I just need to get out of these strange clothes and into a proper dress! I don't even know what to do with this thing," she says, pulling the sword from her belt. Oh, but the way she does it certainly /looks/ like she knows how to use it. She hands it to Louis though, insistent.

"I'm Claudia, who are you?" she asks, smiling to Aerith and Deelel.
Aerith Aerith smiled. "Well since you asked... name's Aerith Gainsborough." She still had her blue and white, knee-length dress on, so she couldn't exactly make a curtsey, but she made do. Aerith had a feeling that this was not how this one usually was. She'd have to enjoy this while it lasted before she turned ugly again...
Louis LeBlue "Oh hey, it's the sword I gave you." Through god knows how many back lines. Also, he never told Artemis that. Aside from the fact that the craftsmanship had been perfectly weighed for her. Total coincidence. Totally just an anonymous admirer. Welp, cat's out of the bag now. Who knows of Artemis will remember that comment after the curse is gone though. She probably will.

The rather handsome man - in that Norse kind of way - smirks when the girl hugs her, putting one hand on her arm for a moment. "I think it looks awful on you too. I hear they have really nice dancing dresses in that shop over there though." He points towards a shop yonder.
Deelel Deelel pause as Artemis for a moment as she looks over to Artemis and nods for a moment

"I'd say so, I felt things have been strange lately. People keep saying over the radio, I'm not me. It is really strange."

She frowns for a moment and she says "Deelel, also Aerith what is interesting?"

Deelel looks like she might a bit of a never do well but she's not making any hostile moves at this point and she looks to Louis and bows a little bit.

"Hello to you sir, you seem to have been busy."
Aerith Aerith giggled. "Your outfit, Deelel. I've never seen you wear it before!" She turned toward the program. "It's so adorable. <3" Flowergirl tilted her head to the right. "Come to think of it, something else is different about you. Can't place my finger on it."
Artemis Eurus "Oh, well, hold onto it for me alright? I can put it on display when I get home," she says. Home? Since /when/!?

"Oh! I'll go get one then! I'll be right back," she says, detaching herself. "Please excuse me for just a moment," she says to the new acquaintences, and moves toward the shop. Even as she is, she can't helpt but stride confidently. Its simply muscle memory.
Louis LeBlue Louis is left behind, holding the blade. He slowly unsheaths it, and then swings it around a little. Like a kid waggling around a toy. "Sweet, a sword." He muses, before shoving it back into its scabbard and laying it down on the pavement. In the meantime, the kid has rolled for initiative. And Lous is just about to explain the rules, when Deelel comments about how he's been busy.

"Oh yes. I'm making this new campaign. Heretics versus Glabadosians. See, this is a battle during which the heretics might have won if they'd performed like this. But we're going to let the dice decide if I am right."
Deelel Deelel looks over at the robot for a moment, well it's ex program Deelel is human but well it's hard to tell at times generally with how she behaves for a moment. "What do you mean? I have always been like this..."

Due to the spell Deelel always thinks she's been human even if some of the things are strange to her, right?

She looks over to Art for a moment as she goes to check out and change clothing.

"Ah going over history are we?"
Aerith Aerith gave a smile. "I figured so." She pinshed Deelel's right cheek before she was able to turn around. "You're even cuter like this, you know that?" Oh yes, it paid having a way to get past this irritating reversal. She had perspective.

Aerith glanced toward the game. "They're just playing around, Deelel."
Artemis Eurus Artemis returns, armor in a bag (for some reason, she could not part with it. Some little bit on sanity in her unconscious prevails!) wearing a long pink dress. Yup, pink. It has ruffles. It looks rather good on her, at least until she moves, at which point something seems pretty out of place about the whole thing.

Art returns with a smile and looks at her brother's game board. "Oh, what nice little figures!" she comments.

If she has memory of this, which she probably will, she is just going to be utterly mortified.
Louis LeBlue "Oh yes. See, I'm using these big orcs to represent the Glabadosians. Because they have a better armor-rating than the heretics. And I'm using elves to represent the heretics. I gave them bows, which are 2d6 damage according to this book I got. And..." He continues to blab on about dice for a little while, before he holds up a particularly awesome looking elf in blue armor. It may or may not just /happen/ to look like Artemis. "I painted this one myself. See the detailing on the golden stripes there and there?" Nerdy Louis is so proud!

He then turns to Deelel. "Yes. This is an important historical battle from Old Ivalice." He explains.
Artemis Eurus Artemis smiles widely, like she doesn't know how incredibly nerdy this is. "Ohh how nice! What wonderful work you did!" she compliments.

Unconscious is gagging again.
Louis LeBlue Louis shows the biggest stupidest smile ever. Best little sister ever.

In the meantime, the <???> within Louis' consciousness, imprisoned by the curse, is rattling the rails of his imaginary prison, screaming to be let out and be allowed to stop this /rediculous/ display! He's supposed to be a warrior dagnabbit!
Deelel Deelel says "What do you mean cute like this? The outfit? It changed when I arrive in the Old Kingdoms. No matter what I wear I end up wearing this."

Deelel seems honestly confused at Aerith and huffs a little bit. She watches the two siblings as they catch up and she smiles a little bit.

"You seem to be entertaining the children, pretty well."
Aerith Aerith chuckled. She could almost see the insanity play in their heads, the real part of them trapped as they watched themselves act... well, like decent human beings for once. She shook her head at her own joke and turned toward Amelia. "That looks awful nice, actually. You think you can suggest one for me?" Milk it for all you could, flowergirl. This was the one chance you had.
Deelel Deelel looks to Aerith again for a moment and she tilts her head at her for a moment as she looks the robo girl over with some interest.

"So have you been doing all right, we have not run into each other in quite a while."

she grins a little bit and shifts her weight a bit as she wonders what Aerith meant about she was cute like this? What had changed?]
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. So they knew each other? This would be interesting. She said nothing for the moment, just folded her arms and observed. Sometimes, simply doing that was enough to learn about someone.
Deelel Deelel blinks back at Aerith as she looks her over for a moment, she wonders just why she's getting the silent treatment. She watches Aerith back trying to figure out what's up with her.
Deelel Deelel thinks it's time she left, she heads off going to find the inn or tavern to hopefully get something to eat. It has been a long day, with more than she knows likely to happen to her, and everyone else soon. For now it's time to rest and recover a bit.

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