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(2014-01-12 - Now)
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Annia Leradine Hawaii. What a lovely place to relax around.

And that's what a certain dancer has been doing. At least, for the moment. Between classes, information gathering, and fighting the various monsters around, gotta take the time off when you can. And there's still weekends at least.

Wearing a bikini, and some of those flowers that they make hats, necklaces and even belts out of, she has several of them looped around her as well, as she shows off some of her talents to a small crowd on the sandy beach, with the lowest part of the waves brushing her ankles. There's even a hat with some tossed coins into it, looks like some people like the show at least.

Yeah, she's not compeltly against showing off a bit to get paid an ice cream cone, at least she hasn't really leeched off someone through other means, right?
Niklas Dragonius Hawaii. So many lovely ladies to relax around.

Niklas Dragonius is no stranger to relaxing. Indeed, since breaking free of his collapsed world, Niklas has done little *but* relax. He hasn't been pushing for new tiers of mastery in Martial Arts; he's barely been working, outside fighting monsters for money and food. No, Niklas's life has been one non-stop party, and today is no exception.

Nik swings over past Annia, unaware of her presence except for the dimmest awareness of a very nice show in that direction. A moment later, he flops down on the beach and grins at her. "Hey there."

Nik pauses. He frowns.

"...oh. Hey, Leradine. How's it goin'?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine finishes her dance with a lovely flourish, a hand over her trim stomach, saluting everyone present, after they toss a few more coins at her hat. She stands up, crossing her arms over her chest, standing in front of Nik, tapping her foot. Well, she's not really hiding, and he's probably looking at that part of her too from that angle. She clicks her tougue before answering "Been better, but been worse too. What's with you?"

Its her usual flat way of answering, but at least she's not spouting venom like someone-who-shall-not-be-named. She doesn't think he's able to say anything nice. Like ever.
Niklas Dragonius "Not bad. I saw somebody hot dancin' over here and I thought I'd come check it out. I wasn't expectin' it to be you." Nik flashes her a grin. "Kinda disappointed it is. Not that you gotta end that show on my account, obviously. I was enjoying it."

"But, y'know, you're one of the *very* few people on my No Touch list, sooo..." Nik rolls over and holds up his hands with a grin. "It's like going to a museum; sure, the stuff on the walls is pretty, but sometimes you just wanna get your hands on it and you /can't/."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes a bit. Nik is always about as subtle as a train through a forest. But that's alright. "I did't stop on your account. I was simply done." She turns around, leaning down to get the hat, one last chance to look at her legs and backside from that angle before she stands back up "I was getting some change for a milkshake, I already I worked for it. Sorta."

She lifts her shoulders "And that's admitting I wanted to be on your 'touch' list in first place. Which I'm not." She hasn't shown that much interest in anyone, honestly. But she knows what she wants most of the time. But she does walk over, and shows the hat to you "Toss a few gil and I'll dance for you, if that's what you want to see."
Niklas Dragonius "I dunno," Nik admits, tucking his arms under his head as he lays back. He stares up at the sky for a very long moment, quiet. "I feel like it'd be kinda skeezy to pay my best friend's girl to dance for me. Like, that's a level of creepy I'm just not willing to sink to, y'know? That's like...that's like Murasame-being-right-about-me creepy, and even if I *was* that kinda guy, no way would I give *him* the satisfaction."

Nik flashes a grin at her. "But if you want me to buy a milkshake for you, that's cool, I was thinking about that myself. I've got some extra change, anyway."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine lifts an eyebrow "So, its better to give things to a girl with nothing in return, rather than have an exchange of some sort?" She empties the out hat ito a pouch, hanging it at the side of her bikini hip. "I suppose chivlary isn't entirely dead, but I usually handle my own affairs as you saw. Its not my style to just hang at someone's arm just to get free stuff either. And I dance because I want to. I wouldn't offer otherwise, you should know that much about me by now."
Niklas Dragonius "It's way better to get a friend a milkshake than to hit on my best friend's girl, yeah," Nik agrees as he springs to his feet. "And you ain't hangin' off my arm or nothin'; I'm just offering to get you a drink 'cause we're friends. Sorta." Nik scratches the back of his neck.

"Look, the point is, if you wanna dance, you totally should, because I sure enjoy watchin'."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine walks toward the milkshake vendor, with that hipsway that catches eyes. Well, she is a dancer. She she doesn't have on higher parts, she makes up with lower parts. Not that she has an ugly face either. Just, not really showing it most of the time.

"Well if you want to treat me, I won't say no. And if you want a dance, let it me unrelated." She reaches up to untie her hair down too, as she had it in a sort of ponytail for the dancing. Its more comfortable by that heat. "So what brought you here anyway? The girls?" She waves a hand toward her face, fanning herself a bit. She's not used to heat.
Niklas Dragonius "The girls," Nik agrees, tiltig his head to watch Annia swing her hips from side to side. Gotta love the view from behind, Nik thinks to himself. As they walk, he quickly moves up in step with her, his usual grin on his face. "What can I say? I'm like an art critic. I go where the art is. Just, y'know, in my case, the art is girls."

"What about you? Just soakin' up sun?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine finds a place to sit down and stretch her legs a bit "Well, a little bit. Relaxing. Had enough trouble with heartless, monsters, schoolwork and what not, a girl can use a bit of time off." She slides a hand over her arm as she outstreches it "Plus I think I'd look great with a tan." She sighs a bit though "But Shivans aren't really good at that. We burn up pretty easily. Gotta use a ton of protection."

"Whaddya think? Think Jidro would like it?"
Niklas Dragonius "Jiro would't know what to /do/ with it," Nik replies with a broad grin, "Guy has trouble *talking* to you, let alone actually being *physical* with you. Sometimes, I feel kinda bad for the dude; you're a pretty tough girl to handle, and he ain't exactly Mister Charisma."

Nik folds his hands behind his head. "But he's a nice guy. You could do way worse. I'm glad you're worryin' about him."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine hmphs, looking away "I'm not worried about him." She clicks her toungue again in thought "I'm more worried about what I'll do with him. It doesn't seem like he wants to call it off with me. I don't even know what he likes in me either."

She shakes her head. "What do you think about the whole thing? What would you do?"
Niklas Dragonius "Sleep with you a couple times, then break it off because neither of us was right for the other and we'd drive each other nuts," Nik answers honestly. "You're pretty hot, but you're also that special kinda crazy that I don't want any of but once or twice. But...I dunno. Everybody's different. Jiro's a nice dude; I don't wanna see my buddy get hurt, y'know?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes again "I shouldn't be expecting any more from you, casanova. You're not really one for something lasting it seems. You rather flutter around, huh?" She shakes her head again "I don't know what Jidro wants. And I wouldn't want to hurt him either over this. Sounds silly coming from his favorite bully, I'd never do something to seriously harm him either."

She leans against the back of the bench in thought. "Including his feelings. That's why I don't understand what he wants from me."
Niklas Dragonius "I know what I like, babe. Is that such a bad thing?" Nik shrugs. "Everybody rags on me like knowing who I am is a bad thing, but I don't want any fancy marriage or anything like that. I just wanna have fun. Years of having to buckle down and study just kinda exploded as soon as I was out from under my folks, and now I'm out from under *all* my social obligations."

"Just...nobody wants to hear that. They wanna demonize me, 'cause I don't agree with the usual party line. And that's okay, they can do that...but..." He shrugs again and flashes a broad grin. "I'm not that bad a guy."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shakes her head again "I'm not saying you're a bad guy. Everyone has their own way. You're fine as you are. Someties I wish I could be that worryless myself. But no, things don't really let me either. Wether its Jidro or others." She stands up again, but looks away toward the horizon, watching the waves crashing lightly on the beach. Plenty of surfers around too. She has a hand on her hip too, as she stands there. "But I also don't know what I want, I guess. I know what I like, when I set my aim on something, I go for it. But not like you chasing girls."
Niklas Dragonius "Well, whaddya like?" Nik asks after a moment. "If you're not feeling satisfied, maybe that's really the answer, and you just needed to hear it from somebody else. I mean, let's be honest; if you're not happy and they're not happy, then..."

He stands up. "You're a pretty hot girl. You've got plenty of options open, and if you're not happy where you are, you're not gonna make him happy, either."

"But if you *are* happy, well...then..." He shrugs.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine turns over to you "I don't know what makes me happy either. Except dancing. I can lose myself, retreat into a place out of my mind for a moment, just focus on the movement." She starts a bit of movement again, following the movements of hawaii dances "It doesn't matter what kind of dance either, it just flows out of me. Do you think that's weird?"
Niklas Dragonius "Actually, I think it's kinda cute. You're pretty devoted to what you do; if it's so natural that you do it just because, then you must really love doing it." Nik smiles, a little bit wistfully; his hands disappear into the pockets of his bathing suit, and he looks off at the sea. "I really like music. I've never been able to really..."

Nik cuts himself off and shakes his head. "Nah, nevermind. But no, I don't think it's weird. Plus, you dance *real* sexy."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine gives out a bit of a laugh at that. "Well I do know most kind of dances. Even those. Because dancing is dancing, its the same movements, it's all in the perception of it, from the one dancing to the watchers." She puts a hand on her hips, swaying them like she was using a hulahoop rolling them around her thin waist.

"Good reaction, bad reaction, its about getting *some* reaction. A dance that isn't looked at or ignored is pointless." She hmms and considers that "I guess its the same thing for you and girls huh. Wether or not you nail them for an evening isn't what's the most important either, hm?"
Niklas Dragonius "I guess so," Nik agrees, "I dunno about it being about the reaction...I just enjoy what I do. It's about enjoying life and living in the nose, and stuff like that. It's pointless to live if you don't enjoy it, you know?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine crosses her arms again "I mean, you're going to try on most girls, but not all of them are going to bite. That doesn't stop you from trying some more. its the same for me, I dance wether people like it or not." She considers again "But I guess dancing isn't the only thing I like either. But I don't know what Jidro likes. I don't know him uch at all in fact."
Niklas Dragonius "Then maybe you should go talk to him," Nik points out after a moment, "Like...seriously talk to him. Like a sit-down dinner. Not a date, necessarily; doesn't have to be romantic. Just...get to know each other. Hang out. Spend time as friends, and then decide. That whole arranged marriage thing our folks's a product of outdated ideas about obligations that we don't have any reason to follow. Only real tightwads," Murasame, "think that those old contracts mean anything."

"Just hang out with him, and you'll figure out whether it's right or not."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine reaches over, putting a hand on one of your shoulders, offering just the tiniest smile "I'll try to remember that. Thanks. Meanwhile..." She takes her flat, more usual no-nonsense expression again "I still want some closer up observation of your fighting style. A good part of mine was derived from observation from it." She twirls a dagger between her fingers... that she pulled out of nowhere, as you probably can't even figure out where she could be hiding one of those in that bikini. "Adapted of course."
Niklas Dragonius Nik laughs. "To be honest, I really don't like fighting that much. It's not a lot of fun. I mean, I'm really good at it, but...I'd seriously rather play music than hit people. I've been practicing my guitar, but nobody ever wants to hear /that/." He makes a face.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine hmms, hands in her back now, rolling on one of her feet a bit "Music is nice. Maybe you can find something for me to dance on one day then." She smirks a bit "Music and dancing go well together after all."
Niklas Dragonius "Rock's not very good for dancing to. Maybe I'll have to learn some ballads or something. I used to take a bunch of the music classes back at the school, but I never paid much attention to the boring first, I think I mostly just learned how to play so I could get girls, but later I...y'know." He shrugs. "Found out I liked it."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine puts her hands on her hips, a bit of a bounce on her heels "Like hell you can't dance on Rock. You can dance on just about anything. Its all about rhythm after all. We're not talking about a full body dance all the time either. Dancing is just movement. Moving your head, or tapping your feet, those are just parts of it."
Niklas Dragonius "Hm, I guess that's true," Nik admits. "I never really thought about the body movements for music before. I'm not a great technical dancer; I know what I need to get by, but...y'know. Generally when I'm dancing it's because somebody else wanted to."

"I mean, don't get me wrong, I got a great sense of rhythm, but the intricate technicalities of dancing escape me."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine puts a hand under her chin, pacing around "Well, its just another way of expression. Music, dancing, art. They take various shapes. But you already know how to fight, you know rhythm and movement. There is no wrong way to dance either. There's no set rule that says 'you need to dance like this'. Well, some kinds of music took some 'official' way of dancing. But its not like someone will arrest you for freestyling. In fact, most people will find it eye catching. The only wrong way to dance is not following the rhythm. Its like playing a song on the wrong beat."

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