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(2014-01-11 - 2014-01-12)
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Warden Thache Two figures stand outside the massive ediface of the Church of Notre Dame. Its spires and arches tower above them. One is dressed in the bright clothes of a stage preformer.

The other is an armadillo.

"Look. I know what I'm doing." The preformer states to his silent companion. "I can climb this in two shakes. No problem." He doesn't budge from his spot. "I mean it would be silly to just stay here. Silly to worry about how high it is." Pause. "I've climbed a lot worse before."

He still doesn't move.

Spooks just silently stares at the figure of Warden Thache.

"Don't talk to me like that! I'm plotting my way up! It...just takes a lot of plotting alright! You know this! You..." The cursed pirate waves a hand airily. "...plot things."
Avira It is pretty logical to fear heights so badly, Warden shouldn't feel sorry for this particular phobia. What he should be fearing right now is something else entirely. Something that strikes FEAR into the hearts of all! A dark monster lurks above atop the cathedral, staring down with a balefull gaze!

"Well well well." Avira sneers with a toothy grin, "Now what do we haaaaave here? Very curious! Tell me, servant, does my nose dare deceive me or is that man down there..."

She points a clawed finger downward right at the pirate, "...filled with darkness?"
Seith Seith stands besides Avira, one hand on her arm in a manner that ensures that he can safely remain standing upright. On his other hand, a staff with a green glowing crystal. Still, without the black hair, the whole green-and-golden getup just doesn't have the same impact. He gazes down upon Warden from above. "Your nose is as excellent as would be expected, Beast of Legend. That is indeed one of the men we are looking for." Since when did Avira develop the ability to read darkness? Does it come natural with being a Dusk Princess?

The man grins a little, before bowing and letting go of Avira, taking one step back. Engaging that man would be such a bother.
Warden Thache Warden has no idea he's being spied from afar. Nope nope nope. Instead he simply continues to stare at the thing. He grumbles. He mutters. He hems and he haws. He paces a few ways back and forth before setting one hand on stone.

Then he frowns slightly.

"Spooks? You ever get the feeling you're being watched?" Now. Normally this man is paranoid. Quite. Quite paranoid. The thought of being watched would send him into hyperawareness mode.

Now? Not so much.

"Eh I'm sure its nothing!"
Avira In this form, Avira's senses were always dramatically improved! Smell chiefly of all but she noticed that she could always pick up on other things she couldn't when she was a MERE HUMAN. It had definite advantages as she was proving to her minion now. Let him ponder on the acquisition of this ability! Ohohoho!

"Excellent! Then we shall capture him immediately! Come, my minion!" Looks like Seith isn't getting out of this one. Avira grabs him by the upper arm and he darn well better hold on to something else if he wants to end up flying any more comfortably right now. Seconds later, she's leaping over the edge of the Cathedral in that super-dramatic, bat-swooping-down fashion all over again!

A dark shadow falls over Warden from above, which he would no doubt notice! Or he better notice. "TREMBLE AND DESPAIR, MORTAL! I have come to!" Looking upward will reveal the mutate (and minion in tow) pouncing down upon him!
Seith "Wh...!?" Seith lets out a little gasp when the woman suddenly grabs him as she declares that he must come. He indeed has little choice in the matter. He grabs onto the beast's arm and is forced down towards the ground along with her thanks to the winged swooping of Avira's.

"I hate flying." Seith mumbles, just before he's finally set down onto the ground. He quickly proceeds to dust off his clothing, but at least he's not casting any indignant stares. Who knows what happened with Avira's landing. Ugh, expending so much energy.
Warden Thache Well. Now /that/ isn't what he was expecting.

"AH!!" Is his intelligent responce as he sees a shadow swooping down on him and looks up to see Avira. "AHHHHHHHHH!" Is his continued dramatic responce.


You're getting a theme there.

"Wait, why am I screaming." He realises that screamingis just letting her get closer. So he stops screaming and just swings the coil of rope right towards her face.

"I'd rather not be collected thank-you-very-much!!"
Avira Fortunately for Warden, Avira doesn't exactly land on top of him. She does, however, try to knock him over by slamming her feet against his shoulders. The landing afterwards is pretty smooth as she lands on those clawed feet of hers. Seith is neatly deposited next to her, though if he's not quick enough getting his feet out underneath him he might get flat out dumped on his butt.

"AHAHAHAHA!" Somewhere thunder booms dramatically, regardless of little details like 'actual thunderclouds' being around. "You have no choice! There is no escape from me! Just ask my little minion here~!"

Smirking, she straightens herself and uses a wing to nudge Seith in his direction. "Now prove yourself, my minion, and take him down!" What, forcing Seith to battle?! So dastardly. She's probably well aware of his newly acquired laziness too.
Seith Maaaan, what a drag!

Seith gives Warden the most bored stare he can manage. He's just waiting for Avira to go and snatch the man. And then she has to go and tell him to go and grab this man. Seith is nudged by her wing, and he kind of stumbles a little to the right.

"I'm feeling a little hungry." He mumbles, rubbing his arm. "So I don't know I can go full brunt at this." Ugh, must he really? He lazily steps towards Warden. "If you'd please not make any trouble for me? That'd be great."
Warden Thache Yay! Rope to the face saved him from behind smished! Warden did something good! Go Warden! Then he gets knocked over! Boo Warden! He staggers a bit, tumbling right down onto his butt. At least he doesn't crack his head on anything.

He's quick on his feet at least, judging from the agile way he hops back up again and dusts himself off.

He looks between Avira and Seith a moment. "...well I don't much like the sound of 'no choice' in the matter. I like having plenty of choice." He addresses Avira a moment. "...and...wait take me down?"

His gaze goes back to Seith. "'t be easier to just sit down and talk about it? Over a sammich or something? I'll buy!"
Avira "...seriously? That is the excuse you are going to be using?" Avira scowls, glowering at Seith. "What a useless, lazy minion! Perhaps ridding you with the success of my plan would be more beneficial to me!"

Snorting, she looks over at Warden and smiles a crocodile smile at him. "You will be coming with me." Avira states, stalking towards Warden. "I need the darkness in your heart to complete my cunning plan. Unless you would opt to come with me willingly, I shall take you by force!"
Nagetta Nagetta's still human and in flirt mode. She's starting to get to used to having legs, but her walking was still a bit awkward. She watches the attempt kidnapping curiously, "That looks like fun, maybe I should get in on it." The girl doesn't really have plans though other than to enjoy herself as much as possible.
Seith "Tcceh." Seith spits out, pointing the staff he wields at Warden. "I will show you that I can be of use to you." He's pretty sure the Beast will kill him if he were to refuse to strike at Warden. "You heard the beast. Give up." The staff's green crystal finally comes to a glow... and mist begins to spread throughout the area.

"You know who I am. Don'tcha? You should remember from the meeting with Maleficent a few weeks back." All Shadow Lords had been at that meeting, during which Maleficent had handed them all a dossier with basic information about Princesses of Heart and all of that stuff. Seith had attended it along with many others. Surely, Warden had been there too.

"Please, don't make this a bother on me, and just give up. For I am somehow feeling a lot more cruel than normal."
Warden Thache " idea what you're talking about mate," Warden replies to Seith's question as he scrubs at the back of his neck. "I'm just a carnival barker really..." YOU ARE SO TOTALLY RUINING HIS PLAN SEITH! YOU PLAN RUINER!!


No one appriciates a good plan nowdays.

Besides, he slept though the meeting. It was boring. No profit in it.

He looks back and forth between Seith and Avira before hearing someone else and turning towards Nagetta. "Er...think you could help me out here miss? I mean I think I'm in a bit of a pickle. I mean. I'd rather not have to...FIGHT!"

With that last exclimation he sweeps Spooks off the ground and simply flings the poor animal right for Seith's face.

SPOOKS DOES NOT APPROVE OF USING ANIMAL COMPANIONS IN THIS MANNER! looks like he doesn't want to give up easily though.
Nagetta "Has someone been naughty?" Of course Nagetta wouldn't normally be eager for a fight, but considering she would be seeing Warden's animal friends as a meal that might be for the best. Of course she doesn't know about the Shadow Lords so that part flies right over her head. She draws her spear seemingly willing to attack something or someone.
Avira Avira wouldn't kill him. ...right now at least. She needed Seith alive for the meantime but she conveniently leaves this out of her evil posturing. Maybe she's been reading the evil overlord list? She only seems to be half-listening to Seith when he explains and introduces himself to Warden. Allegedly they should know each other but Warden shows no sign. Maybe another effect of the spell? It's results were unpredictable.

"Hm?" Avira looks over her shoulder at Nagetta..and sniffs. "This does not concern you. If you dare to get in our way, I will utterly annihilate you-and not in the /fun/ way either." Avira warns, seemingly unconcerned as armadillos are hurled at her minion's face. In fact, she's most appreciative that he is suffering from the animal companion and not her. That's what minions were for, after all!
Seith Nooooo! Not an armadillo! Seith's one and only weakness!


The thing sticks to his forehead, and Seith freezes for a moment. After that moment passes, his unoccupied hand draws up to his face and flatters against the back of the Armadillo. Carefully, it is removed from his face. "Hi." He mumbles. "Can you not get in the way? It'd be a bother." He explains, and then carefully puts the thing down.

"I see. So you are a carnival barker now." Seith declares, and continues to point that staff at him. And then Nagetta comes in. Has someone been... naughty!?

What's with that blush on Seith's face? "Lady, could you please not get in the way?" He asks, suddenly flashing his teeth in that mentos smile kind of way. No matter what, he's still a rediculously pretty elf. Just don't think too long about just how old he must be to have grayish white hair.

Seith then turns back upon Warden. "This is your last chance." He really doesn't want to cast his sorcery. So much stalling, it's rediculous.
Warden Thache OR WARDEN IS LYING. But he wouldn't do that would he? He's a nice carnival barker. Totally not a pirate.


Spooks waddles his way away, glaring at everyone in general. He did not /like/ that tatic!!

"Oh yeah. Yeah. Those two are totally naughty. Not in the good way either! In the actually...naughty way!" Warden is not helping this at all.

He looks back towards the pair of 'villains'. "Look. I'm telling you we can totally talk about this over coffee and sanwiches." He doesn't have anything left to throw at them so he just raises his hands in a gesture of peace. "And come on my friend, minion right? Thats your name? Look Minion. You don't want to waste the energy to blast a carnie like me do you? I mean really. I'm not worth it! And I don't have a drop of whatever you're looking for either lady!" He adds towards Avira. "Just a normal, regular ol' honest hard working acrobat kinda guy!"

This may or may not be a lie.

"I mean really, I'm not worth it!"
Nagetta "I grew up in a cave with more dangerous creatures then you." Nagetta seems to brush off Avira's warnings. "Is he really worth all this trouble? Don't you want someone who'll put more of a struggle? Coffee and sandwiches do sound good about now. This body seems to get hungry a lot more often." The girl was used to eating huge meals infrequently instead of smaller ones.
Avira "Nope, I need him, and him specifically." Avira's fur ruffles. She's clearly getting extremely impatient with all the stalling between the Warden's sniviling and Seith's excuses. The fourth wheel in the form of that girl Nagetta is pretty irritating as well. "I've had ENOUGH of this! There is no more time for idle chatter! You are coming with /me/!"

Finally fed up with Seith's lackluster action, she steps in and shoves him aside, straight up pouncing upon Warden to pin him to the ground. Right away the air in the surrounding area grows extremely cold. The source is pretty obvious: powerful ice magic swirls around the mutate.
Seith Seith is knocked aside, and ends up sprawling to the floor like the weakly mage he's supposed to be. At least he didn't have to bother actually fighting Warden. It looks like Avira has this handled just fine. Which leaves him to take a rest. Running now would be bad timing. So instead he regards Nagetta. "I would not underestimate the Beast so easily, missy." He shifts and goes to lay on his side. He'll have to clean his clothing after this. Bah.

The Sorcerer grabs for his staff that has clattered down next to him, and uses it to get up. "What a bother, what a bother. And I was just about to use my magic on him." He's not lying - surprisingly.
Nagetta Nagetta swings the spear at Avira, her balance is a little off but she still manages to attack in the right direciton. "Ugh, how do you keep standing on these things? She looks down at her legs, they felt like two weights attached to her body. Plus they felt cold all the time, or that might be Avira's magic.

And it lands right on him too.

Avira's pounce takes Warden right by suprise. Down he goes, flat on his back with an /ooph/. Her crouching over him and ice starting to frost the ground around him.

"I take it thats a no to coffee?" He manages to gasp out from under the mutate's weight. "And I happen to like idle chatter!"

Alright. So. This isn't great though. He's more than a bit pinned.

"Little help here?" He asks of well...anyone. Even Seith. Even Spooks.

When no help is forthcoming, and Nagetta's spear more than a touch off its up to /him/ to do something.


So he does something that is...well...pattendly dumb.

He tries to headbutt the mutate.

Maybe it'll suprise her!
Avira Warden should expect just what she's expecting from Seith at this point. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Sorry, no coffee for you, Warden. Unless Seith felt nice enough to grab you some shortly. Fortunately for Avira, her forward momentum meant that Nagetta's clumsy swing is avoided nicely, the spear meeting nothing but empty air.

"I have no time for idle chatter! I must prepare!" She howls, her large hands grasping for Warden's shoulders. Hovering there, she prepares to stand.

His head crashes into her muzzle and she lets out a noise that sounds a little too much like a kicked dog. It stuns her for a few seconds...but does not dislodge her.
Warden Thache Hey it worked!

Oh god that hurt.

Warden might not have actually thought this out as his head rebounds off the wolf's muzzle that is Avira right now. His own whimper is more human, but no less pronounced.

It seems to have brought him a little bit of time at least. Time to get away? Throw her off? He'll try at least!

Apparenlty his combat skills arn't /entirely/ lacking.

He raises a hand, slamming one palm to the center of her chest and the other into the ground. A small spire of earth erupts next to them, intending to knock her off. However he misjudged the power of that spire, and there is a danger of doing more than just knocking her off. Its larger than he intended, and if she doesn't do much to stop it. Well it'll send them both rolling! At least a few times.

He isn't sure if this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing.
Avira Good luck throwing Avira off though. While the usual human version of Avira is pretty light and easy to fling around, the mutate is not. Instead, she's quite heavy and over six feet tall, filled with thick, compact muscle. She's got the build of a predator here, as a certain werewolf might say.

Her hands still clutched around him, when the spire of earth comes, she's knocked sideways yet ends up dragging him along with her, rolling them both down the steps of Notre Dame. Part of her must realize what is happening because she winds up wrapping her wings and tail around Warden in the process, perhaps to protect them both. But at the bottom of the stairs, Avira is left looking a little swirly-eyed.
Warden Thache Its not much better for Warden truth be told. No he isn't going to be able to knock her over. Espicially when he is all wrapped up in wings and things.

His eyes are more than a bit swirrly-eyed as well as he stares down at the changed Avira and attempts to recover from his lack of wits.


He realises where they are.

"Madam!" He sounds slightly aghast. "I am not that kind of preformer! Though you are quite warm in all this cold. I think we should at least talk about this first!"

Now he struggles to get loose, but those arms and wings? Well its going to take time to do that.
Avira As she comes to, Avira shakes her head rapidly and-"My god! You too! I swear that this stupid spell has put fornication on the minds of everyone but me! When will you people learn! Just because I say I want you does not mean I am planning a romp in the hay! Just because I fall on top of you doesn't mean I am preparing to tear away bodices with my mighty claws! Am I the only one left with no such interests!?!?!"

She stops ranting finally and looks back at Warden as he thrashes. She unwinds her wings but keeps her lizard-like (yet strangely furry) tail wrapped firmly around him. The tail is fully prehensile, owing to the snake in her genetics. This way, she is able to climb to her feet, taking Warden with her.

"Oh we will talk alright, dark one. We will /talk/." she spreads her wings and prepares to take off.
Warden Thache "I don't wear a bodice!"

Yes. Thats the only thing that Warden took away from all that. That he doesn't wear boddices. Talk about youre selective hearing.

And now he is being tailed.

He squirms some more. If he could just reach his cane. Reach the ground. He would be perfectly fine! He stretches out one hand. Just a little bit more.

"Lovely. Yes. Talk." He grunts as he tries oh so hard to get to what is just out of grasp.
Avira Just the tip of Warden's finger brushes against the cane. It looks like he almost has it...!

Fate cruely yanks him away, making things even worse as Avira launches upwards, into the air, her wings flapping powerfully as she takes flight. The cane, unfortunately, will have to be collected by Warden's adorable animal companion!

Up, up, Avira goes, clearly for the top of the Cathedral. On the bright side?

It looks like Warden is going to get to go up after all! Seeems like he just needed a little help~
Warden Thache "DID I EVER MENTION!!" Warden shrills as he starts to go up. And up. And up. "Oh I can see my stage from here." He intrupts himself before continuing. "THAT I NEVER LIKED HEIGHTS!!!"

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