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(2014-01-10 - 2014-01-11)
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Maira Something very weird is going on. A lot of people are acting incredibly strangely, yet they don't seem to notice anything is wrong. Vespa wants to clean everything and she's happy about, Deelel hates computers, Avira is a mutate again and, well, possibly an evil kidnapping maniac! Plus, Maira has memories of having changed as well. She'd had ice magic! And was not a very nice person.

So, after talking to Angantyr on the radio she took Mao as fast as his chicken feet would carry him to Traverse so they might talk and try to figure out what was going on and how to fix it!

Maira is looking quite distressed when she dismounts, eyes scanning the area for a certain tall man as she strokes Mao comfortingly, though its her that needs the soothing.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr appears!

Not really, he walks from another district here, he isn't bothered much by the random encounters of heartless.

"Maira." He says, calmly, trying to figure out what was going on, "You're looking a bit stressed." he says, as comfortingly as he can.

He motions towards a nearby bench, "Lets have a seat...there is a lot going on right now, it seems.."
Maira Maira flops down onto the bench as directed, reaching up to run her hands through her hair. "I'm trying to put the pieces together but its kinda fuzzy...but I think something happened and a lot of people got...changed somehow. I thought maybe it was a dream, but then I heard them on the radio... Deelel is /human/. Avira is a mutate again. I'm pretty sure she kidnapped Seith, yes, Seith," she explains, gesturing wildly. "I'm totally at a loss and I don't know how far this goes or if I've just gone NUTS!."
Angantyr Vespar "Okay..."

"And you said you changed too right?" A pause... "When did you start remembering who you were again, not just when, but where too." Angantyr asks, carefully. They need to approach this...logically.
Maira Maira thoughts thoughtful as she considers. "I was...well I went to that big city with the cathedral and stuff. What was is called. City des Cloches or something? There was some kind of festival. A lot of us went. Then I remember almost helping Avira kidnap Seith and I was throwing /ice/ around. Something stopped me and I left," she explains, blinking. "I think that's when I kind of went to sleep and woke up and things were /weird/," she continues, brightening a little. "Maybe its the city!"
Angantyr Vespar "Maybe..." A pause, "It sounds like Scorcery to me. Perhaps we need to find someone who can counter the effects of it, so that we can investigate what is going on.." A pause, "So Merlin, or that other guy. The one armed guy."
Maira Maira was half afraid he wouldn't believe her. It sounds pretty crazy. "Right, Merlin. Or Isaac. I haven't seen either of them around in I don't know how long...what if we can't get in touch with them? I wonder if we could get people to leave the city...that seems like a good temporary solution," she offers with a shrug.
Angantyr Vespar "The issue is...getting people to leave. They may not want to. Also, it's trying to find where the boundry is. You fell you don't know when you stopped being...well, evil you."

"As for finding...Merlin does live in town, just walk on over to his place and knock on his door. I talked to him last night."
Maira Maira sits up in surprise. "You did!? I thought he was still...somewhere else!" Maira flails with excitement. "Well great! Let's go see Merlin! He'll know what to do!"

Maira glomps Angantyr gratefully before standing. They're going now, right?
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stands...

They can go now, but the issue is...

Maira Pause. Maira looks to Angan, titling her head slightly in question. "What did you go see Merlin about?"
Angantyr Vespar "About finding another Wizard." Angantyr says, "I believe he has answers about questions I have from the whole deal with my Keyblade."
Maira Maira nods in understanding then. "Another wizard? I see. Well, keep me in the loop alright?" she asks with a smile.

"Shall we then?" she asks, motioning in the directio of Merlin's house. "Off to see the wizard~" she sings as she does so.

Getting Angantyr to skip is probably to much to ask for.
Zero-One Merlin's House is still there, sitting on the little island in the lack of Traverse Town. Provided one is willing to risk getting wet, the approach isn't so bad as long as you watch your step. Sometimes the stepping stones like to play tricks, you see.

The house appears to be... clanking? Yes. Definately clanking noises are coming from within.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr does not skip.


"Watch your step.." He says towards Maira as he gets onto the main island. He knocks on the door...and shakes his head.

"I wonder what he's doing now.." He muses to himself, "Probably nothing good.."
Maira Maira carefully crosses the lake. It wouldn't be the first time she'd fallen in! Luckily, she knows its not too deep.

Maira raises a brow to Angantyr when they hear the clanking, but eventually shrugs and knocks on the door, peeking her head in after a moment. "Er, Mr. Merlin?" she asks. Mr.? That's probably not the right honorific. How do you refer to a wizard, anyway?
Zero-One There is more clanking, and then the door opens to the knock, revealing...

A suit of armor, knock-knacks and books hanging off of it in all kinds of direcitions. The visor opens, and Archimedes pokes his head out. "Hoo! Hoo is it... Oh, it's two two." He lsues. "Very well. Come on in, the old windbag is taking a break anyway." He yells over his shoulder. "MERLIN! You have company!"

"I do?" Merlin, unchanged and basically unchangable, looks up from his tea. "Oh! I do!" He stands, and then shooshes the armor out of the way, which obediently moves over to stand in a corner.
Angantyr Vespar "Hey Archimedes." Angantyr says, shaking his head...always something here.

"Hello, again. Apparently, there is a situation that is going on in La Cite Des Cloches," Angantyr isn't sure if he pronounced that right, "I got that right, right? I can never make my mouth do that right." he shurgs.

"Apparently...people are acting...not themselves."
Maira Maira grins brightly as the suit of armor containing Archimedes answers the door. Oh, she loves this place! It's always so whimsical! "Oh hello there!" she greets the bird, the waves a littly shly to Merlin.

Maira gives Angantyr a 'heck if I know' shrug at his pronunciation of the city. "Yeah, its really strange! Something happened and its changed people, more than just mentally too. Avira is a mutate again, and she's basically bent on world destruction. Everyone is just...not themselves! It happened to me too, but I left and I seem to be myself again..." she says, looking down at her hands. With a thought she conjures a small flame, sighing with relief. "Yup, I'm totally me."
Zero-One Merlin waves to the pair as they enter. "Sir Vespar, back so soon my child? I am guessing Yen Sid was as forthcoming as expected." He waves to the chairs. "What are you waiting for, greet our guests!" The chairs shudder and hop aside, pulling themselves out for Maira and Angantyr to sit down.

The one Ang sits down on creaks a bit, and Merlin gives it a glare.

The chair goes quiet. Meanwhile, the armor turns about and clanks back towards the corner. The area seems cleaner than last time Ang was here. One supposes the cleaning has been done despite the snark. Archimedes busies himself inside the helmet of the armor, ruffling himself in a dignified fashion.

"If either of you would like tea, please feel free to enjoy it!" Merlin gestures to the tea service, which stands to attention for all tea-related needs.

At that point, he sits down and pulls at his beard thoughtfully. "Hmm. Trouble in the Old Kingdoms, eh? Why would people seem to be doing this... Does anyone know what happened before the strange events began to occur?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr laughs, "I didn't even get there yet, I got out the door before I got ambushed." Angantyr says with a smile, and motions towards Maira.

"I don't know, I was not there, Maira was though."
Maira Maira spreads her skirts and takes a seat as if sitting down for a tea party, smiling brightly. She's going to have to ask Angan who Yen Sid was. Was that the other wizard? At the offer of tea, Maira looks over to the tea set and giggles. "I would like a cup with sugar, please?" she asks, then looks back to Merlin and Angan, blushing slightly at the ambush comment. "Well, this is serious trouble!" she adds.

Looking back to Merlin, she winces slightly. "Well, I was there, but I didn't /see/ anything happen. Suddenly, everything was different. I remember (though it almost seems like a dream) that I had changed. I was throwing around ice magic and Avira and I, we were going to kidnap Seith. You know, Seith the /Shadow Lord/. But he was just sitting in the city watching Tv! He didn't even put up a fight! Some others were trying to defend him though, and I almost...I almost hurt someone. That's when, I think, I had an inkling something was wrong and I just...left. I guess I must have gone to sleep? Or maybe I didn't...but then I was me again!" she explains. "But the others are not themselves. I haven't heard from Avira at all, and that's strange. Vespa and Deelel are changed. Something is definitely wrong. Angan said it sounded like sorcery..." she says, glancing to him. "Sooo...we figured we'd come see you," she adds with a smile.
Zero-One The tea set happily provides Maira with a steaming cup of delicious tea. With sugar! Merlin, meanwhile, ponders ponderously. "People being changed... This does indeed sound like powerful sorcery, but nothing like anyone I know would be able to perform..."

"You mean perform /unaided/." Archimedes pipes up from the metallic confines of the helmet. The helmet makes him sound even screechier than normal.

"Of course I meant that!" Merlin retorts. "But the question is if it is sorcery, who and how... Either way, if the effect continues to persist there has to be something causing it to stay there. This is powerful magic and cannot simply be applied willy-nilly."
Angantyr Vespar "Makes sense to me." Angantyr says, "The question do you go about fixing it? I mean, if you go there to become different. So..." he shrugs.

"I am not sure how to deal with this, and unfortinately, I am not going to go rushing head first into this. I mean, can you imagine what would happen if I Garland there? With a Keyblade?!"
Maira Maira accepts the cup of tea, eyes sparkling. "Ooh, thank you kindly!" she says to the animated tea set and Merlin both. She isn't sure the the tea set has thoughts or feelings, but better safe than...impolite?

Maira looks to Archimedes, blinking. "Oooh, so it is more than one person. I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse," she remarks, frowning into her tea.

She looks to Angantyr then, her mouth forming a small 'o' of worry as her eyes widen. " that wouldn't happen. Your heart would tell you something was wrong, I'm sure of it," she says confidently. "Still..." she adds. "We have to be careful."

Maira brightens then. You can almost see the lightbulb above her head lighting up. "There must be some way to protect someone from the spell. Something that might be able to protect us from the effects for a while?" she asks, her amber eyes filled with hope. And adorable.
Zero-One Confronted wit hthose most adorable eyes, perhaps even Merlin might fold. However, Merlin shakes his head. "I'm afraid... That's quite impossible. Without knowing what the spell is or how it is being used, you can't defend against it. Much like if someone attampted to strike Sir Vespar with a blade and he had no knowledge of it."

He leans back in his chair. "Now, let me think..."

"Hoo boy, that's going to get dangerous." Archimedes snarks.

"One day, Archimedes, you'll learn to think before you speak!" Merlin prounounces, his own beard ruffled for a moment. He shakes his head and smooths out his incredibly long beard before leaning back in the chair. "Sorcery is a power that comes from the Will. Even if it changes the Will of those if effects, their essential nature, their Heart, does not necessarily change. It is a rare and dark sorcery that can affect such a thing indeed, and never something on this scale..." He thinks some more. "But even if one if affected, it does not necessarily mean that one must forget why one is there and what one must do. Only the ways in which you believe you must pursue it. Does that make sense?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr thinks about this for a moment...

"If the heart is strong enough, then it can just push through the spell's major effects...while one might still be effected, they can turn that new impulse towards solving the problem, instead of falling to the madness?" Angantyr tries to make a guess at this.

"'s worth a shot. I mean, I don't think Keyblades go to the weak of heart...not trying to sound arrogant or anything." he says, with a shrug.

"Still, I wouldn't want to go in without some assurance that if things get bad something can't yank me out. The last thing I want is to do something horrible."
Maira Maira is quiet for a while, her lips pursed and brown drawn together with thought as she looks down into her tea.

Eventually, she stops staring at her muddied reflection, takes a sip, and looks up. It seems like they don't have much of a choice.

"Alright! Well, I'll be your assurance!" she says, determination squaring her shoulders. "We'll have to go it. I think you must be right, a keyblade doesn't go to the weak of heart....and I have to trust that if I resisted it before I can do it again!"

Calming somewhat, she gives Angan a gentle nudge with her foot. "We'll look out for each other. Going to have to trust our hearts this time, huh?" smiiiiiile.
Zero-One "That isn't what I said, Sir Vespar. I said that it can't change your Heart." Merlin pokes with his staff. "This spell is affecting your Will, and it is going to take a disciplined Will to move towards a solution, alterations or no. That is not the same as having a strong Heart. But regardless..." Merlin shrugs. "You'll have to find a way to locate the source of the problem and deal with it, preferably without hurting any of your affected friends. I wouldn't be any more useful in this case than you or anyone else would. All that you have to remember is whatever happens, you have to remain focused on why you're there and what needs to be done. Even a villain can work for the good of others on occasion..."

"Pfah! Not likely!" Archimedes scoffs.

"I think they'll surprise you, Archimedes. Now now, both of you, I have faith in you. You can find a way."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes a breath...


He looks at Maira, and nods...okay sure.

Man he really doesn't want to deal with this!
Maira Maira knows that look. She just keeps on smiling. How can you not crumble when faced with that smile!? "We'll be fine! We can totally do this!" she informs him, then finishes her tea. "We won't let your or your magnificent beard down Mr. Merlin!" she says, standing, then rushing on out the door as if she means to go /right now/.

It will eventually occur to her maybe they should prepare first. When the adrenaline runs out.

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