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Topsy Turvy Day: Overlords' Conquest
(2014-01-09 - 2014-01-09)
The Overlord Reize came to take over the Old Kingdom, only to have his great rival, Overlord Luso show up to upstage him. Then a maid and then a nun. It was a sad day for the Overlords.
Reize Seatlan The Old Kingdom of Norte Dame is a place that has seen weird things happen as of late. However, things are approaching for the weirder and even more horrid as there is a cloud of darkness looming over the town.

Drums beat at a constant pace as loud steps accompanying the banging noise. The sound of trumpets flare as men in shining armor march along the streets. Many of the knights have their armor of luster, but their demeanor is that of ruffians looking to start a fight.


As the knights march in their elements, Reize is standing on top of a massive knight with both arms crossed.

"o/~ Make your way for the Tyrant Reize
I am the scourge of the seven seas.
You will learn to fear my might,
Or your day will be full of blight.
Get in my way and you'll fall down,
'cause I'll knock you right into the ground.
So let get this show started!" o/~

Moments later, chained up girls in harem outfits are dragged forward from the back, crying for help.

"BWA HA HA HA!" Reize brings both hands to his hip. "MEN! Let's take over this town!"
Vespa Notre Dame is looking alot cleaner than is usally does, streets are clean of dirt window are shiny, everything seems more shiny than late. It all due to one maid who been going around cleaning up everyting! She currently sweeping up a sidewalk humming a happy tune to herself.

"oh my! What going on over there is it a parade?", Vespa says hearing the sounds of trumptes and drums. she goes to check it out..
Luso Clemens "Mhmhmhmhm..."

Came the chuckle of a rather young sounding voice. Standing atop a high rooftop is a young boy, decked out in one of the most unorthodox outfits one would likely lay eyes upon. Silly red hat atop this boy's head marked him as Luso Clemens, Leader of Clan Gully. ...But something was wrong.

Here he stood with his arms crossed, and a randomly acquired cape billowing in the wind behind him. Kneeling behind him as well were various figures dressed in black ninja garb. Viera, Gria, Hume, Moogle, Seeq, and Bangaa, almost all the races were represented. And all of them were dressed like ninjas...despite the fact some of them didn't even have access to that job class!

"So, Seatlan thinks he can get one up over me, huh? The Supreme Overlord of all the worlds! Luso Clemens!?" The bot dramatically swung an arm out and added. "Hah! Laughable! They don't call me the Godspeed of Jylland for nothing!" That statement was accompanied by a host of nods and hums of agreement behind him.

"C'mon guys! Let's get down there and show that mid-boss Seatlan exactly how a REAL OVERLORD strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies! AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!" Laughing obnoxiously, there was a chorus of 'Yes, sir' before all of those present vanished in a flurry of blurred ninja movements, leaving Luso alone.

A chain of explosions from all over the city followed.
Reize Seatlan Reize's eye twitches as he senses something of a strange power level.

"What the...?!"

The Boy with the Long Yellow Scarf extends a hand to the side, triggering for all of his minions to stop. Resting a hand towards his chin, Reize furrows his eyebrow, "I sense a disturbing presence of..."


Turning his head towards the direction of the source, Reize's eyes widen at the rooftop. "You!" A glare is shot at Luso mocking him from above with his minions. Gritting his teeth, the boy tightens his fist.

As the chains of explosion strike from the city, Reize stands at the center of it with both arms folded. The minions shield their eyes while the captured harem girls cry in fright before throwing themselves behind the thugs.

"My not-so-worthy nemesis..." Reize lifts his gaze up with a glare. "You think you can best me and my minions?!" The knights gather together, forming a shield around the boy.

"BWA HA HA HA HAAAA! You are an insignificant ant to my power!" He tightens his fist. "I'll show you who is the real Overlord! And I will have you BEG to serve me." He nonchalantly looks away.

"...And if I am feeling charitable, I may accept your offer."

Reize does, however, stop to turn at the direction of the approaching maid. He winks at her before expanding both arms open, "A newcomer to join my grand harem!"
Vespa Vespa baps Reize on the head with her broom before he get any closer "Your creating quite a mess here!", Vespa says looking a little mad! "You need to take your toys and play elsewhere!"
Luso Clemens "Heh! We shall see about that, my woefully underskilled adversary!" Luso then leapt from the rooftop he was previously busy overlording on top of, sailing through the air rather dramatically before landing on the ground and causing a small crater to form in the process.

"It's time for you and me to settle the score! Mano a man-" And then Vespa twapped Reize on the head with a broom. ".....Pffft-...mhmhm...ahahaha....AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" And there came that overlord laugh again as Luso burst out in mirth.

"Maybe you need to take care of your maid problem first, mid-boss! No worries! I'm a patient man! I'll wait!"
Reize Seatlan WHACK! WHACK! "Ow! Ow!" The boy winces as the maid is smacking him upside the head with her broom. The boy winces and he starts running away, "He-hey get away! Stop doing that!" He holds his head in pain, flailing and screaming.

Angry Reize is angry, "MINIONS! DETAIN HER!"

The knights are ordered to detain her. The burly men have gathered around the maid and they leap at her, seeking to grab and pin her down. All of them. At once. Like a football team.

"THE PESKY MAID IS NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP ME DOWN, LUSO!" He growls, "I am no Mid-Boss! You know what?! Whoever loses this challenge SHALL BE THE MID-BOSS!"
Vespa Vespa jumps up almost avoiding the pile on of knights, her foot get stuck in the pile but she quickly pulls it out. "I think I pulled muclse.She frowns looking at the knights and Reize" Your all being very mean!", she wips her broom around trying to sweep away the knight and bop Reize on the head, again!
Luso Clemens Luso simply shook his head and crossed his arms, lowering himsef as if about to take a seat. In the blink of an eye, one of his ninja clan companions was there on their hands and knees, providing chair service as the boy with the red hat sat upon their back. Another ninja blurred into sight beside him with a saucer with an empty teacup, and a pot from which they began to pour tea.

"Heh, from what I can see from here, you've already got your hands full, Seatlan! Don't mind me! Go on, handle your maid!" Siiiiiiip. "...I'll just casually claim this this city while you're busy!" Meanwhile, Luso's ninjas were on the move, causing mayhem and panic all across the city, the sounds of shuriken whizzing through the air, metal clashing, magic being flung, and people screams and yells littered the air.

"Ah, like music to my ears. AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!" And then another round of evil laughter.
Deelel Deelel is still pretty much clad in what someone might call a rogue outfit, leather armour, cloak and the like but she's looking a bit off her hoods pulled up to keep her from standing out more. Her complexion is exotic compared to the local natives of Paris after all and she's concerned about that but then comes one of the most dread villains she's aware of. She's not much of a fighter but she might be able to do something.

"...The Dread overlord Sealan here?! Wait what Harem?!"
Reize Seatlan Turning his head towards the guards, Reize stares with an incredelous look. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" He growls at his minions as the maid sweeps them all away. "How can you idiots let a simple maid get the better of---argh ow ow ow!"

Ow God. Ow. Ow Ow. This girl keeps hitting him with the broom. The Overlord twitches in the midst of it all. Between getting beaten with the broom and Luso mocking him from his seated minions, Reize is finding himself humiliated. He screams out, "I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!"

...He looks at the havoc that Luso is creating, "MINIONS, DO NOT STAND THERE! OUTDO THEM!"

The knights yelp and they spread out, already moving out to assault the city! Of course, it is more than likely going after the random citizens for their lunch money and hanging them upside down at the fountain.

"AS FOR YOU!" Reize turns towards Vespa, then he reaches out his arm to strike at Vespa's weak spot-- the spot that turns a great heroine to a damsel!


"DEELEL! JOIN MY HAREM!" calls out the Overlord, "You shall be my grand minion!"
Vespa Vespa isn't a heroine of a damsel. She is a maid! "Let go of you brute!", with her free arm she hit him a few more time with her broom the reverses his hold and tires to toss him to the ground!
Deelel Deelel stares for a long moment at what's going on, she's just an artist, some things don't change even here but well? Computers, heaven help her she's terrible with them. She lkinda looks for a moment as stares at Reize.

"Wait what Harem? Your minion what do you man i'm just a traveling artist!"
Helena Celba There is a sudden cry out of angelic voices...

A brilliant light shows upon a nearby rooftop.

Clad in white leather, consealing her entire form (but still form fitting enough so you see /all/ the right curves...

Stands Helena in her...very modest (modest is relitive for Helena, this is actually down right nun-like for her) outfit. Her hair is trapped in what might be a nun's hat, as she points a gloved hand down towards the two young boys. "That is ENOUGH!" she calls out in a over the top motherly tone.

"Both of you should be ashamed! Demeaning women as if they were objects! Foreshame! Women are more than the parts on their bodies...and roughhousing in public! Have you no shame! Both of you, LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!" she booms with a authoritive tone.

Uh oh.
Luso Clemens ".........."

Luso squints as a voice booms down from a nearby rooftop. Setting his teacup back down into his saucer, he looks up, ignoring the beating his less than worthy nemesis is receiving at the hands of a maid. Spotting the almost nun-like Helena. The young overlord stared silently for a few moments longer before responding.

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" He demanded, handing the saucer and cup back to his ninja attendant. "I AM LUSO CLEMENS, GODSPEED OF JYLLAND AND OVERLORD OF EVERY WORLD IN EXISTENCE!" Flinging an arm out dramatically, his cape followed through with the action, billowing in a convenient breeze.

"I can do and say anything I well please! And all anyone else can do is bow down to my awesome power and realize the error of their ways!" He then pointed up at Helena. "You there! Come down here and swear your undying allegiance to me! Overlord Clemens!"
Reize Seatlan "What?!" Reize glares at Deelel, "You shall become my minion and part of my harem! I wi---" And Vespa smacks Reize once more before nailing him with the broom. "OW! WHY! OW!" With the mighty chuck, Reize meets the ground, face first.


An angelic nun shows up, giving that threatening, motherly tone. The boy's eyes widen in shock before he grits his teeth. "Grrrr!!!"

The knights, however, yelp and they cower before the woman. Meanwhile, the enslaved harem girls manage to break free and run for it.

"Nooooooooo! My harrreeeemmmm!" Reize reaches his arms outward in vain.

He growls, "NO ONE RUINS OVERLORD SEATLAN'S PLANS! NO BODY!!!" And his eyes set ablaze.
Vespa "It not polite to take temper tantums! You need a time out! When you mother finds out you are in so much troulbe!", Vespa reacher over and tires to pull on the all boys weak spot his earlobe!"
Helena Celba Helena looks down from her place...

"...Well. I suppose it has come to this. Very well, may Cosma forgive my actions...but you two NEED to be punished!" She rises up...

And jumps down to Luso first.

"Magic magic on the wall, tell me the critical point of those who have fallen!" The magic slowly points to the hat...then under the hat.

"I see...the Ahoge...truely, they dishonor the Ahoge..."

She lands, right infront of Luso, and reaches out towards his hat...

Aiming to snatch the Ahoge with lightning fast speed.

"COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN!" She says, aiming to yank him towards Reize.
Luso Clemens Luso watched as Helena leap from her vantage point, and then landed before him, eliciting a smirk from the boy. Seeing her lash out with a hand at impossible speeds, Luso matched it, hand becoming a blur as he moved to intercept. "I don't think so!"

In the end, he grasped Helena's wrist just an inch away from his glorious red cap. The source of all his power! Maybe.

"No one touches the overlord's impossibly fashionable headgear! No one!" He held her wrist in place and grinned darkly. "Now, what should I do with this unruly nun? Hah! I could use a new minion to add to my ranks!" Luso spoke in a dramatic manner. "Yes! That would be perfect! What say you, nun?" He then asked, pulling Helena's wrist down and then stepping closer with that same evil grin for an answer.

"Are you prepared to swear your undying fealty to me yet!?"
Reize Seatlan Those minions are useless! Useless! Reize growls in annoyance before pointing a finger at the minions. "I WILL DEAL WITH YOU SOON!"

This time, Reize was ready for Vespa. He ducks his head low to avoid the grab towards his ear, "HA! You failed to grab the true weak point! Now, witness the folly of your sins!"

Reize turns towards Vespa directly. His ahoge points directly at her. A large beam is starting to wind up. "FEAR THE AHOGE BEA----ACCCKKK!!!"

And Helena grabs a hold of the boy's antenna hair, "OW OW OW OW OW OW MY WEAK POINT!" He clutches his head, "Arggh god why?!"
Helena Celba Oh you just touched Helena's hand...

"Siiigh.." She says, in a slightly drull mannor...she hates to do this...

This time, she moves with him, as he pulls she twists in a strange use of martial arts, aiming to flip Luso around and free her wrist in the same motion.

She changes styles, mimicing snake style, or something close to it as she snaps her hands again.
Deelel One thing lead to another and she's being asked to join a harem for an evil overlord who might be trying to throw worlds into darkness. Then Helene shows up to give, Reize a well deserve riot act. Somethings jut don't change not that Deelel's aware of it. She also looks to Overlord Clemens she really wishes she knew how to fight right now.

She watches and starts to laughs s Reize is grabbed by his hair. She seems to be very much amused at this point, and she's got out a sketch pad, she may or may not be drawing this whole affair to show others later!

"I think you two better run home, your really in for it now!"
Luso Clemens "What's wrong? Cat got your-ffffffffffffffff!" Luso didn't have time to finish his cliche statement before he found his vision spinning upside down, and then to the sky. ".....What." And then the hat was removed. "NO! NOT THE INCREDIBLY HANDSOME HAT!" He cried, reaching for it desperately.

But then his hair was grabbed. "ffffffff--! NOT THE DO! NEVER THE DO!" He whined, legs kicking out like a child in a supermarket being told they weren't getting that thing they wanted.

"Minions! Assist me!" He yelled out, causing several figures to blur across the rooftops, converging on Helena with arms outstretched to capture.
Helena Celba Helena has both of the overlords in a jam.

"Now..." he says, and then glares at Luso. Her grip tightens. "Young man you will call your minions off this instant...Or when they grab me your AHOGE is coming with me!" she says, and then...

Hits their head's together. Not full force, enough to cause a small bump as opposed to trauma.

"Now! We are going to the Church, where you will listen to hours of me explain the importance of women's rights, the importance of respecting women's sufferage, and you will write 'I will not start a harem.' One thousand times!

"Don't drag your feet!"
Reize Seatlan Oh god.

Worst day to be an overlord! Helena has Reize handled and in her grasp. Reize is already flailing around, trying to free himself. However, with Luso calling forth his minions to attack, Reize shouts, "MINIONS! SAVE ME!"

...All of the minions are gone.



And the boy is dragged to the church, whimpering all the way.

"NOoooooooooooooooooooooooo! You have not seen the last of me, Norte Dame!! Not by a loooong shoooot!"
Luso Clemens "STOP! DON'T ASSIST ME!" Luso frantically called out to his ninja minions, all of whom came to a grinding halt at the order. But one of them did make sure to slip in and grab the hat in a flurry of movement.

The hat was important!

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Why do I have to listen to that drivel? I am an OVERLORD DAMN IT! I steal men's soul's and make them my slaves!" He whined as Helena dragged him off in the direction of the church.

"Overlord Clemens will rise agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain-!" Came Luso's final defiant cry as he vanished into the distance with Helena and his not so worthy nemesis.

His minions meanwhile saluted from the rooftops, some fighting back manly tears for their leader's brave sacrifice before vanishing in a blur of ninja movement.
Vespa Vespa smiles and waves bye to Reize and Luso. "Have a nice time and be good!", she looks around. "I better start cleaning this up!", she says smiling,and start sweeping up.
Helena Celba "Oh we are just going to have to /WASH/ that mouth out too!" Helena says, matronly as she drags them away into the depths of hell.

I mean, the church.

For These will be hell.

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