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Topsy Turvy Kidnapper
(2014-01-09 - 2014-01-10)
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Avira Seize the day! Or night! It is nighttime now, which suits the dark Mutate quite nicely. She sits, perched upon one of the steeples of the Notre Dame Cathedral, watching the dark of the night. It's cloudless at the moment and the moon is high in the sky, lighting the area quite dramatically.

Since Seith's capture, he's been kept quite securely in an icy prison. After a while of enduring what was no doubt impassioned whining, Avira had used her mastery over ice magic to dampen sound around him. Over time the ice did melt though.

Avira jumps down from the cathedral spire and stalks over to the enormous ice crystalized elf. "Well I'm sure you're wondering why I went through all the trouble to capture you."
Seith To be imprisoned like this, such a bother. But what is far worse, is that this cold is... so damned cold! When it began to melt for the Xth time, he's learned to just be quiet. For speaking only gets him frozen further.

His arms are wrapped around him, and the constant touch of melting water has grayed the black dye, slowly revealing his natural white hair again. Why a master of illussion would have chosen to use a black dye instead of sorcery is anyone's guess.

When she finally comes to him again, it seems he's changed his tactic a little. "You want to use my dark gift." His voice's tone has changed to something more... attractive. To that of someone who is simply trying to appease the other - in a way you'd expect someone beautiful to.
Avira Avira seems to care little for Seith's 'comfort' beyond the fact that she wanted him to remain alive. At least for now. Seith may even get that feeling as she does seem to check on him every now and then, just like she is doing right now. Over time she has noticed the dye with extreme amusement. Surely a mighty sorceror such as himself should manage a simple hair color changing spell?

"Mmm, that is correct. You /were/ paying attention. When I came to collect you, you gave off the distinct impression that you weren't listening to a word I said! Though perhaps I was..." she pauses, "...mistaken."

Avira circles around him, stalking and slinking like a panther. "Like a heart with great light in it can do great things to the world, I suspect the same may hold true for those with great darkness. I have seen the corridors between worlds. I know the deepness of the darkness that exists there. I was forced to swim in it. To survive. With your darkness, I will open that space up in this world. AHAHAHAHHAA!"

Thunder inexplicably booms.
Seith "I was listening." Seith answers her, "And frightened for my life." He looks down at the ice that still surrounds him partially. "Was I wrong?" There's still some of Seith's old personality floating around in there. Wether uncaring or not, he still /can/ manage that calmth of old. He twitches his fingers a little, before letting a sigh escape once more.

To use darkness and open that space up into this world? It takes him a moment, before he states; "I do not have a Grimoire of the Void." It's that simple. "And it'd be such a bother. That kind of sorcery doesn't come without a cost. And takes such a painstaking time to cast." He scrunches his nose a little, while following Avira's feline and graceful motions.

"Look, if you would let me out of this thing, I'll help you willingly. This cold is such a bother."

It seems that if there is a 'greater bother' amongst options, he'll choose the opposite.
Avira The dramatic thunder dies off.

"Grimoire of the Void? Hmm, I did not know that was a thing. But no matter, costs are to be paid and I have plenty of time." She didn't have much time, actually, since the spell wasn't permanent.

He offers to help and Avira throws back her head and laughs. "You help me? Oh, sure, I believe that. I believe that you aren't just saying that so you can escape from my clutches. Hahaha..."

She steps up to the ice crystal and starts tracing her claws down it, forming cracks thanks to her ice magic. "Mind you, if you did try to flee, it would be a /great pleasure/ of mine to simply recapture you!"
Seith "I couldn't even begin to be able to flee from you." Seith answers her, and then begins to lay it on thick a little; "Magnificent beast - Avira." He looks up almost demurely. It'd be pitiful if it wasn't for this strange... light in his eyes. Figuratively of course.

His eyes follow her claw down towards the ice - and the cracks that form with them. "Though if it would please you, and that is what you will, then I can attempt to flee, so you can 'pounce' me once again, as you did last night." He points out.

What the hell is he being so subservient for?

And what does that say about his persona normally?
Avira At the flattery, Avira's fur around her neck puffs a little and her feathered wings ruffle. "Yes, this form is magnificent, isn't it? I have clearly missed this. The power..." she flexes a hand for a moment, then casually flicks her fingers against the ice crystal. With thaat touch, it shatters into pieces. Seith soon finds himself, still cold, but standing in a pile of crushed ice. It'd be the perfect time to make a slurpee.

"Maybe later. I need you to inform me. Where is the Grimoire of the Void? Perhaps it could help my plan." she purrs, still circling around him like a shark eyeing dinner.

"Or would it not be worth grabbing at all? Speak, elf." she stops to turn towards him, staring him down.
Seith "Ah, indeed it is. Such power it holds." Seith answers Avira. "I can see its strength clearly. But also the elements seperately."

Having been freed from the ice, he tries to step forwards and lay a hand to her muzzle. "Those strong jaws. Those powerful wings. That dexterous tail." The man who finds everything a bother, tries to 'butter' the Mutate up a little further - in that age old disney kind of way. But it's cut off with a shiver, and him drawing his hands around himself. His clothing is wet and cold, his body is cold... and this tower isn't particularly warm.

He glances away and breathes out some hot air at himself. "I don't recall." He answers. "I believe Maleficent may have it at the moment. Something beyond my ability to take." He pauses, and then adds, "And the moment I'd travel so far, or go so far as to bother with going there..." She should be able to know the rest of that sentence.

It wouldn't matter anymore outside of this kingdom.
Avira Well this was unexpected. Avira snorts with surprise as the elf continues to flatter her and even gently touches her muzzle. Anyone else, with any other worse, putting their hand that close to her face like that would be a clear invitation to be bitten. But for now, Avira's lips pull back in a macabre sort of grin. The flattery is clearly working.

"Tch, Maleficent. That IS too much of a bother. If she's not here then it is not worth it. I will have to make due with /you/ and your darkness unless other suitable candidates venture into this city." Heck, she'd pick Warden if he knew about him at all.

She makes little motions with her hands, "Go back to the part where you were flattering me, I liked that."
Seith Was that a look of confusion from the man, when she snorted in surprise? Or was that just a play? Seith will forever be, no matter in what form he comes, be hard to read.

"You will not find a greater darkness in this town than mine." Seith makes a smallest of boasts. Does that mean that normally, he's just boasting, or trying to hide something when he makes such a claim? Or was this factor simply not changed in the change-over of the sorcerous spell? It's a mystery.

He looks left and right, and then to Avira again. It'd feel unnatural if he now flattered her. He needs to interject something first. "It's cold here. Can you make me warm? Oh great and powerful Avira?" He even lays a hand to his chest and bows for her.
Avira "Hmmhmm, truly, or I would be sensing that darkness right now. A shame Angantyr is not here for he too would be useful. That spell might have unforseen effects though. He might even straight up become a paladin under its influence." Avira taps a clawed finger beneath her chin. "But the greatest of darknesses should be sufficient to crack open the corridors."

The mutate demands flattery and does not receive, earning a scowl from her. "Cold? Tch. Perhaps I could set you on fire, that would warm you." Fire magic was not her forte. "But this would be easier..."

She slinks forward, half circles around Seith, then wraps a great feathered wing around him. "Only until you are dry." she snaps. "So don't get too comfortable."
Seith "His darkness isn't comprable." Seith points out in a far too 'matter of fact' kind of way. It's like he doesn't really care about the comparison, and is merely pointing out that he can be useful. Or maybe Angantyr being around would be too much of a bother? The man grows quiet again as the beast scowls at him. His elven ears flatten just slightly, like some kind of animal, expressing its mood.

Then her wing suddenly wraps around him, and the man's hands naturally draw up to their tips as it folds around him. He draws a little closer to her naturally. "Such strong wings." He whispers to her. She wants flattery, she'll get them. Especially since she's doing what he wants her to do at the moment. Warm him up.

"Of course, oh great beast of legend. I wouldn't even think of getting comfortable within your warm wings."
Avira A dark chuckle escapes from the mutate at Seith's reaction to Angantyr. Well well not even a magic spell could stop that sort of response now, could it? How AMUSING. She does not comment on it aloud though.

As she blankets him with a wing, a surly look remains on her face. She seems impatient, half considering just imprisoning him again so she won't have to worry about this 'care' nonsense the elf has started to beg for. It softens just slightly as he elects to flatter her further. "Of course! They are just one of the many weapons in my arsenal!"

She smirks a little bit again, "Great Beast of Legend. I like the sound of that." she pokes him with a claw. "What a shame that you may not survive the removal of the darkness in your heart. I could use a servant to follow me around flattering me!"
Seith Dying. Dying is the greatest bother in the world. It hurts, and it really stiffles any chances at having fun in this world. It's not like he particularly wants to go back to being a Shadow Lord - and nor does he want to be stuck in this situation. But for now, this will have to do.

"You will never find a greater servant than I." Seith points out, in an attempt to make his life more valuable. To make this beast realize she needs and wants him.

"My darkness and sorcery would be a far greater service to you while I am alive, would you not agree, queen of beasts?"

The man lays his hands over her claw and looks up at her. "Such sharp claws. I'm sure they could easily cleave and rock. Rend your enemies in twain with a mere single flex of your great muscles." He pauses. She might kill him. He must make himself of more value right now. "What more could this mere elf do for his queen?"
Avira "And what makes you think you are the greatest servant, hm?" she challenges, "Are you offering me your soul?" She sounds dreadfully amused but mostly unconvinced. As far as she was concerned, she was in control here and if she chose to end Seith's life, she certainly could! It'd been the plan regardless-since that's what she assumed her plan would do.

"Well your usefulness would be dependent on whether or not I could gather the requisite hearts of darkness needed to open the corridors permanently." Avira points out, her fur fluffing a little. She enjoys that flattery, "Is this a task you can complete? Hmmmmmm?" she jabs him with a clawed finger in the ribs.
Seith "I am offering me my soul in the way that would be the greatest benefit for you." Seith answers the beastly thing. He is letting her think she is in control. And in many a way, she is. He can't be bothered with truly 'resisting'. That's too much trouble.

"Gathering that many hearts would be difficult." Seith then points out. And a great bother. "Surely a great beast such as yourself wouldn't 'need' a servant like me to gather such things. I might not make it in time." He's twisting his words in such a way to get her to do so herself.

He puts his hands againt her fur, spreading his fingers, and drawing one hand down to the clawed finger she has on him. "And it might exhaust me before I could cast a spell of that strength." He's not telling her that he can't do it. He just needs to fool her for a week. To keep her content.

"Oh great beast of legend. I bow before your superior strength. I am sure you know the way to make best use out of me."

Trying to make certain things 'her' idea?"
Avira "Reaaaally now. Hmmmm." Thoughtful or..teasing? It's hard to tell what Avira thinks of Seith's offer. It's appealing, no doubt, as this Avira does find herself adverse to the idea of friends or allies. Servants and peons is more like it!

"Who said we need a great many? We just need those who are darkest! Other Shadow Lords, no doubt. Those that hold sway over the corridors." Perhaps she is onto his laziness. He certainly was acting that way before he decided to lay it on thick with the flattery. Besides, she didn't want to do it all herself. That was the reason to HAVE minions and servants!

Then he 'pokes' back in a way and she closes her hand around that one against his. "Tch, then maybe I don't need such a weak servant." she snorts, looking at him with yellow eyes. "You do have a pretty face but there is no time for such carnal pleasures."

Looks like the spell didn't effect her in THAT way.
Seith Ahhh, Avira gets to see something quite amusing so soon after the last time. A fluster, and his eyes shifting to avert his gaze. "T... that's not what I meant." Seith points out. "You truly are true to the name of a beast." He adds to that. Is that even a compliment? Maybe it is for villains.

"Very well then. Will gather those of darkness. But I shall need your help. Our first target..." He smiles.

"The girl with the big hammer, and the man who tried to stop you from kidnapping me."
Avira "Oh is it~? Why else would you be touching me?" More smirking. Avira certainly had seen how some of those other people started behaving under the influence of the spell. No doubt some small part of him was thinking it! Why else would he be blushing like that right now! "As a servant you would have little choice but to obey anyway." Avira says flippantly. "Hahaha."

She starts to unwind her wing from him. "That little girl? Whom I struck down with one blow?" Avira cackles. "She will be easy to take! Easier than you!!! How curious! But perhaps a heart so dark would become very heroic under the spell, would it not? Ahahaha. Tell me, what is her name?"
Seith Seith looks back up at Avira, trying to let that blush fade away. He isn't answering her question, and instead just leaves his hands against her fur. She is warm after all, and the cold doesn't disappear so easily. "Of course. I will abide to your wishes."

The man then nods. "I was surprised too. But her name is Disarray. A beast not much unlike you in looks..." Oh wait! "But of course, lacking your great strength and amazing mind, great beast Avira."
Avira The continued contact is cause enough to not really believe him. It draws a smile to her monsterious face. "Or maybe you just enjoy petting my fur. Hahahaha." Hell at least Seith is a lot warmer now. Avira apparently generates a lot of body heat, her cells taking more after the wolf mixed into her system than the snake and bird.

"So the spell has robbed her of her beastly form. That shall make things easier!" she steps away from him now, tapping her fingers together, "Mhmhmhm, yes, very good. Anyone else that would be suitable~?"
Seith "I do not expect Hades, Garland, or Maleficent to be foolish enough to come here while such trouble exists." The man answers her. Sure, he caught that smile, but he is taking her at word's value as she states that he must just enjoy petting her fur. The true Seith would not be doing something this... indignant. He'd make a snide comment now. Or maybe comment on having a fur rug somewhere. State that she'd make a good rug.

Instead, this Seith just carries on to the next subject. "Nor will the horned king. The next greatest darkness... may very well be Madam Mim herself." Who is within these very same walls, below them. But surely Avira knows that to tangle with that strong witch, she'll need more than just herself and Seith. "But I'm sure you could take her down with just a flex of your little pinky." Seith suggests.
Avira "No, they wouldn't, would they? A shame, but perhaps more trouble than they're worth." Avira sounds dismissive. She knows exactly what would happen if any of the three were about. A villain pissing contest which is a lot less fun than it sounds on paper.

Though the first comment Seith makes about fur rugs his life is considered forfeit.

"Of course, taking her down would be a trivial matter. But first I will target this 'Disarray' while she is weakest! Ahahahaha...! Now come!"

Avira seizes Seith by the upper arm. OH NO. Clearly he is disabled. "We shall go capture Disarray right away!"
Seith "Yes, my Queen of Beasts." Seith answers her, bowing his head as she seizes his upper arm, letting her hold him. What a bother. Where are they going now? He doesn't even know where Disarray is hiding right now. Though she's sure to be attempting to save him somehow. And what if they meet her.

Should he betray Avira in that moment? But betraying her would be a bother. Perhaps it's best to just watch Avira and Disarray duke it out somehow? He'll have to come up with the answer to that soon. So he lays his arms around hers as she holds him - expecting her to probably do something rediculous like take flight.
Avira Yep. That's exactly what Avira does. She leaps off the side of the cathedral and free-falls for a few moments before snapping her wings out and letting the air catch her. It's an exhilirating experience!

...well unless you are Seith, who flies all the time by cheating on gravity.

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