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(2014-01-08 - Now)
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Chita As soon as Rhiannon and Aerith had finally left her alone, Chita sighed a breath of relief before reaching over and hugging her Chocobos neck. "The hell is wrong with me... why do I want to burn everything? Why does this all feel right?" The Chocobo didn't really respond, being a Chocobo, leaving the Viera to her own confusion. Moving off the side of the road, Chita simply sat down there next to her Chocobo, once she coaxed it into laying down on the ground, to try and sort out her thoughts.

And try to stop whatever feelings was running through her head to just raze everything and laugh as it burned. Chita remembered, after all, Seith using illusions to confuse her at some point. And now she suddenly wants to kill everything, doesn't care if she does, but clearly remembers at one point willing to kill herself to save something else? Something is screwed up in the least. But, at least the others had left and she could sort out her confusion alone now.
Aerith She could feel the confusion, the anger, the unwarranted aggression. It flowed from Chita like a miasma, threatening to overwhelm even the Last Cetra. But unlike her friend, she hadn't changed. Some aspects had been boosted to an extreme, but other than that, she wasn't all that different. But the real question was... why had she come back?

Half an hour earlier, Aerith stood before the portal to the Old Kingdom, her brow furrowed and hands clenched into fists. Rhiannon was on her way back to Goug, where she could do no further damage to Chita. She'd gone back with the Black Omen, to be sure, but for the time being the scientist was no longer a factor. Chita however was a very, very big one.

If all these radical changes happened to her, what was going on with the now female viera? Not just her body, but her mind?

Despite wanting to go back home, she had to go back *in*. Besides, she was curious about the new feelings and thoughts that ran through her in France. All this time she'd kept him at arm's length, because she felt that everyone was important to her. Putting one person above the many others that had a place in her heart seemed unfair.

Besides, the last time she'd cared for someone that much, he turned out to be a womanizer. Kind, yes. Cheerful and funny? Sure. A shameless flirt that went on more dates than she could recall, and most without her? Definitely.

Maybe it was time to move on from that now.

Aerith took in a breath, rolled her shoulders... and stepped back into the Old Kingdom.

Half an hour later, she found Chita sitting there next to Senra. She didn't have to look at her to determine what was going on, so she just looked down at him from a foot away, just behind him. "Hello, beautiful. Mim did a number on us, huh."
Chita "..."

She could hear someone approaching, but wasn't entirely sure who it was. At least until they spoke. The Chocobo simply looking towards Aerith calmly didn't give Chita any clue who it was. "Mim?" she said softly, not sure who that was. "I could not say. The only one whom I know has done anything to me is..." then a pause came and nothing further was said. That's right, Seith had demanded he not say anything about such.

"Why did you come back Aerith? I told you to leave me ALONE!" Standing up she turned and glared at the pink-loving woman, anger flaring briefly for no reason before she realized it, growled out in annoyance, then turned around to face the other direction. "Go away before I have the sudden desire to hurt you." Which meant she already did, but there was something there that was forcing her not to.
Aerith Aerith nodded. Oh yes, there was something clearly twisted about Chita at this point. Yet she pressed on. "If you wanted to hurt me, you'd have done it when you heard me walking up." Logic. Gotta love it.

She sat next to her long-eared friend, staring out at the countryside. There was only one person, or rather, creature, she could guess at this point that Chita focused all her thoughts on. And for some reason, she couldn't talk about him.

So neither did Aerith. Besides, she wasn't sure about her theory at the moment.

"I came back... because of you." She put on a sultry smile, and it felt as easy as breathing. "I can't just leave such a tasty looking lady out here by herself, now can I? Us girls have to stick together, after all." She glanced over. "No matter how bad-off one of them is."
Chita And then Aerith simply invited herself to sit down. Grumbling and considering simply ordering her Chocobo to move so Aerith fell on her back when her prop left suddenly, instead, Chita too ka seat next to her and tried to ignore her for the time being. Silent company didn't cause that many problems for the Viera. But no, instead, Aerith had to speak and said that. That naked, embarrassed feeling briefly came back that Chita used to experience around her and a few shakes of the head cleared that away, instead taking the opportunity to turn, reach out to grab Aerith, and attempt to pin her down on the ground, hands on her shoulders, "Stop screwing with me, I am tired of it! The only reason I haven't snapped your neck already and been done with any problems is because I know something about this isn't right and I have too much vested in other things to chance risking it all over some cocktease."

The growl, instead, came out as an actual question as she asked, "What the hell do you even want with me anyways? What are you getting out of following me? Coming back after you left with her? Do you really enjoy the danger that much, or are you just that desperate for attention that you are willing to risk your safety to get it?"
Aerith Okay, that hurt somewhat.

She was pinned now, and there was no getting out of it. She'd trained with a Viera before, and they were far stronger than she'd anticipated, no matter what gender they were. The pain was temporary though. This was getting worse, with or without her interference.

"I'm not getting anything, really."

She smiled. "The only desperate one here, as far as I can see, is you. I wish I had a mirror so I could show you the snarl on your face. You're trying to make yourself look scary so I'll go away... but by the time we meet again, if we ever do, you'll have done something that you probably won't be able to live down."

The chances were slim, but she had to talk Chita down from this position. "If I wanted to bug you, really wanted, there are more... effective ways of doing it."
Chita "Enough!"

The angry shout came out as she said her last bit, having decided to simply let her dig her own grave before she buried her. "I am sick and tired of your high and mighty attitude, you do not know everything, you are not superior to everyone and I promise you... if you talk down to me one more time like I am a child, Aerith, I will not feel remorse in the least until whatever the hell is wrong with me is gone. You are just like that damned scientist, except the only difference is you don't follow through with your damned teasing! Do you want to know why I hate you so much Aerith?! Why you make me so damned angry?!"

The squeezing of her shoulders started to tighten before Chita let out a small whimper and sat up, shivering and saying, "Because you always make me feel like a child. Every damned time you talk down to me like I am an ignorant child, like you are just about to scold me, tell me how I really should be. I have no place to hide, you know exactly where I go to be alone and come and bother me and I cannot simply throw something at you as if someone else bothered me... because you would simply ignore it even more and accuse me of throwing a tantrum."

Kneeling over her like she was, it's possible for Aerith to get out of the position right now, Chita's hands having pulled back enough that she was only pinned at the waist. "So I am giving you one final chance to avoid me showing you just how dangerous it is to talk down to me. If you insist on treating me like a child... go away right now before I break your neck. I am giving you this chance because... I remember I would have before, even though I do not want to right now. I know this is wrong, even if it feels right." It was implied, though, that she could stay if she treated her at least somewhat equal, like another adult, rather than a mother babying a child who always gets into trouble.
Aerith Well that didn't work like she thought it would. Talking down? Was that what she was doing? But honestly, Chita really was desperate. And she hadn't accused her, not once. Whatever this was, it was definitely clouding the viera's judgment, and if it kept going, the end result was not going to be all that good.

But was she really doing that?

Honestly, she had no idea. She figured she was just trying to help him out. Aerith wasn't one to give lectures like that, she was just telling it like it was, at least she was right now. Part of her really did want to leave him alone after this. For good.

The rest... really wanted to talk back at Chita, just to see what she'd do. And another part took insult at the fact that she never followed through with her teasing. Well if Chita wanted to go that route...

Speed was of the essence. She had to count on such a factor if she wanted to get the beautiful bunny to calm down, at least a bit. Plus, this was a fine time to get some things straight.

Aerith sat up, grabbed onto Chita's arms, pulled herself toward the viera, and kissed her. It was all meant to be one swift, complete action. Part of her had to remember that there was a guy behind all that, and that male would react in certain ways. That was the only thing she banked on; the rest was unpredictable and dangerous.

Well good. She liked danger, or at least was used to it. If this failed, at least she got this one thing cleared up.
Chita As Chita waited for a response, as well as she was simply trying to calm herself down by thinking of how things were rather than how she felt now, suddenly being grabbed and kiss caught the Viera quite by surprise. In fact, she didn't even know how to respond, mind blanked, hands slack against Aerith's shoulders since they hadn't really had the chance to move before she sat up like that.

After those long few seconds of nothing, however, Chita finally responded by returning the kiss briefly until she realized what she was doing and pulled back. "The hell was that for?" she asked, confused, all the anger and aggression simply washed away with uncertainty. Whatever Aerith had intended to do... the end result was Chita simply sitting there as she was, confused and sounding as if she wasn't sure of the situation anymore.
Aerith Which was exactly what Aerith was going for.

Shock. Awe. Stun into temporary compliance. At the very least, now Chita would listen. "I don't necessarily like you accusing me of not following through with my teasing." She smiled and ran a hand along one of her ears. "Lucky for you I'm under the influence of a particularly powerful spell that went off at the festival." She licked her lips. "You taste *good*, too."

Her eyes narrowed. "Now that I have your attention, though... Do I really treat you like that?"
Chita Normal Chita might have actually been a bit embarrassed at that, or had some silly remark. Or just been confused some more because she had no interest in humes despite sinking to schleping around with them from time to time to satisfy her own loneliness. Now? Chita, for whatever reason, actually quite liked humes. Blame the curse. And all questions aside, it was quite tempting to simply pounce Aerith right there.

Chita's own morality and control over his impulses was generally quite good, exactly the opposite at the moment. The question provided enough distraction for the moment as she said, "Yes, you do, always do. I cannot recall you ever acting differently since before you saw into my heart."

It was obvious her mind was elsewhere at the moment though. Especially since Aerith wasn't helping with anything by stroking an ear like that. "Careful. If you keep playing with my ear like that..." Well, no point in saying the obvious. Seems Aerith had found a rather nice spot to seemingly keep the Viera in check with, similar to a cat that was having an ear scratched. Only there was something else to it, something that Chita wasn't quite saying.
Aerith Aerith grimaced, still rubbing at Chita's right ear. "See, now I wish I could take it back. I didn't know what I was doing, I just knew I had to do *something*." The utter feeling of desperation as she dove into the darkness after Chita, without any concern what so ever as to what might happen, made her shiver.

"You're kinda mean, you know? Saying that confirmed my worst fear... that seeing all that changed what we had going. I just wanted to help you get everything you lost, back. I wanted to resolve things that I saw broken. I didn't want..." She shut her eyes, the hand on Chita's ear stopping just at the base. "...I didn't want things to be like this. This wasn't my intent."
Chita "Are you really talking feelings with me right now?" Chita laughed, sounding quite like Rhiannon briefly when laughing. Yes, that was horribly uncaring and some part of Chita was screaming SHUT UP YOU IDIOT, but the rest was like la dee dah who needs morals! "Perhaps you haven't realized that...mmph..." the Viera's right leg twitched a little at the ear attention like an animals leg might. "Something has changed us and as much as I don't care, we should both realize that spilling our hearts out right now is only going to lead to things being awkward later. So instead of talking, how about you..."

She paused, thought about it, and said, "...just shut the hell up and kiss me again." Much more fun to be awkward about such later on than to have to deal with silly words.
Aerith Aerith looked up at Chita with a grin. "Awkward? Me?" She giggled and rubbed Chita's ear again. "Then you didn't let me finish." She kissed her again, but briefly and on the neck. "There's another reason I came back. You want me to be honest? Being like this is... well it's kinda interesting." Teasing tug at the ear. "Call me crazy, but I don't think I've changed all that much. I'm just less..." She leaned forward, putting her weight on Chita so that she might topple the rabbit, leaving her on top instead. "...Restrained."
Chita Oh? Is that it? Chita chuckled and all the anger and such was simply gone for the moment. No one was angry all the time, or mean all the time. Even the most moral-free bastards in existence. Which is why when Chita felt herself being shifted on and pushed back, she acked and actually laughed before saying, "Really now? Interesting. In that case..." Senra casually got up and moved over a bit away from them, moving closer to the camera until he finally just sat down in front of it, completely blocking the view.

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