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Topsy Turvy Day 1
(2014-01-07 - 2014-01-08)
Desiree Grimstone Last time on Pretty Princess Dyanamo Desiree, our heroine had found herself the victim of a terrible curse. No matter how much she might have tried to resist, it is all for naught! So, our regularly scheduled bad-ass tiger-villain has been replaced with a small, thin, blonde-haired girl who looks like she could be the protagonist in a Disney film. She's even got a side-kick! The normally fire-breathing posessed gauntlet that the Shadow Lord Disarray wears has been converted into... you guessed it folks: A shoulder dragon!

"Come on Blaze. This is important! Something terrible has happened to these poor people and we need to do something about it!" She stamps a foot down, swirling in place with long tresses of blonde hair moving behind her.

"Let's find Seith, maybe he'll help us." So, off she goes, on a quest! She must find Seith and figure out how to fix all this!
Seith Amongst the Cité Des Cloches, amidst all the chaos that has erupted last night, there is at least one person that is just enjoying his time. A sly looking man in dark green leather with golden accenting and a tight leather pants, carrying a small little mobile television which he has put down on a table. He has thrown his legs onto the table and is just staring at the television while wearing shades. One can hear him loudly shurping away on a flavored drink, which he's decided to drink through a darned straw.

His hair is long, and nothing has changed about this man's beauty - in fact, it is not hard to recognize him, even with his hair fully drawn back and obviously dyed black. Stuck in his ears are a set of earbuds, to which he is singing along some silly norse song of sorts. Leaning next to his chair is a golden staff with a blue focus settled into it - far less threatening than a scythe. Yet this man is still clearly a sorcerer.

"Man, so much trouble over nothing, don't you think?" He mumbles towards a cute little chibified heartless wolf - the complete opposite of a big badass leopard.

Seith, now starring as Tom Hiddleston.

His finger wags up and down, left and right along with the song on his headphones, until he suddenly spots the dashing beauty that is Desiree Grimstone, and stops his little finger-directing. He slowly puts his earbuds between his fingers and draws them down, and gives Desiree a wave. "Hello there pretty."
Deelel Deelel has not been home since the curse was laid down upon her and everyone else. Deelel had not been feeling well, her body had been altered somehow. Her senses were off and she didn't feel good there was a pain in her midsection and it was making a gurgling noise, was she ill? Was she slowly dying? It was hard to think too a she kinda moved along street still in the same outfit is before her hoods pulled back and her hair is a mess, he's just not looking too good at least she was able to sleep well. Anyone who'd see her would be able to hear her stomach growling, but she's so confused looking it's like she does not even understand it.
Avira The brightness of the morning is marred by a dark shape poised before the skyline. Perched atop the towering Notre Dame cathedral was a monsterous being that would make any gargoyle cower in fear. Covered in dark fur from head to toe and of lupine shape, this demon crouches at the edge of the tallest tower. Massive feathered black wings remain drawn close to her back and malice glitters in her eyes.

"Curse the dawn and its /light/, not unlike the light of /hope/ in the hearts of the teeming proles before me. Truly disgusting. And yet..."

The nostrils on her muzzle flare, "I can scent the darkness here, though masked by that ugly witch's spell, it is unmistakeable. There is no doubt in my mind that elf is present." She straightens, "There will be no waiting until the night. I will seize what is needed to enact my plan! I will bring this miserable city into the darkness! I will /snuff out the light/!"

Avira tosses her head back, flexing her powerful arms out with her palms up. "MWAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Somehow a conveniently timed rumble of thunder from who knows where accompanies this evil laughter.

The mutate launches herself off the edge of the cathedral, wings unfurling and catching the air after a few moments of freefall.
Desiree Grimstone Weee-rooooo! The little purple dragon wings over and settles himself right in front of Seith, looking comically inflated and far too cute as he roils a little bit of fire out of his muzzle. Clearly, Blaze does not think much of the music-listening-to drink-slurping sorcerer.

"Blaze! Come back here! You're not supposed to go wandering o--oh." Blink. "There you are!" Desiree does a total three-sixty as she turns towards Seith. "I've been looking all over for you. You were supposed to be keeping an eye on that old bat, weren't you? I mean, you're totally the sorcerer here. I'm not supposed to be the on having to deal with the magic shenanigans." Is she even breathing between sentences? It's hard to tell.

Blaze puffs smoke rings towards the chibi heartless wolf, just before the blonde-girl picks him up, holding him like a puppy. The dragon has an equally disgruntled expression, too. The sight of a young, attractive girl, standing there in her blonde curls, carrying a dragon - well, it's a far cry from the monstrous terror of the Beast that she normally is. In fact, it seems unlikely that anyone would even /recognise/ her.

She seems to ignore the compliment, reaching across the table and likely giving the mage quite a peek down her shirt as she reaches to pluck out an ear-bud. "Come on. I need your help." She clearly doesn't notice any sort of giant flying wolf-thing in the air. Nope. Heroines aren't usually noted for their high perception skill.

As for Blaze? He wiggles out from underneath Desiree's arm and heads towards Deelel. Apparently, her gurling is interesting. The ex-program is likely to end up with a chibi-purple-dragon landing on her head, looking quite curious.
Maira Behind the mutate soaring toward the ground, a giant, icey set of stairs begins to appear, descending from the sky in a glittering cascade. A winter witch casually saunters down those stairs wearing naught but a gossimer gown of ice blue, nearly entirely see through. Her hair is pulled back tightly into a bun, winter white and strictly controlled.

"So hasty," she tsks as she follows Avira down toward their target, her cool gaze surveying her surroundings haughtily, detached and cool.
Morrighan Alazne Things have been weird ever since she'd stepped into this section of the world. No really, something was up. The elf hadn't met anyone familiar so far, but...something just felt off. Even to herself. "...I don't get it..." She mused to herself, tapping her cheek thoughtfully. "Why do I feel so..."

Trailing off and walking through the city streets, she slowed down and stopped to look into a storefront window. "My, what a pretty dre-" Pause. ".....?" Squinting, the elf leaned forward a bit to stare at the vague reflection she could make out from the window.


Pretty sure a flock of birds just scattered from that surprised and indignant yell. "What happened to my skin!? It's pale! And my hair!? It's black! Who did this!? I want my money back!" Morrighan flailed her arms comically, turning away from the store window to yell fruitlessly to the air as if some god would hear her and grant her wish.

Warden Thache This is such a nice country, full of such nice people. Warden Theche, charitible man extrodinare is happy to be here. He walks whistling though the crowds, dressed in brightly colored stage finery. Twilring one cane in a hand as he goes. That cane tap-tap-taps against the street as he whistles tunelessly on his way.

He is a horrible whistler. Just to be noted.

He's so infernally /cheerful/ about the whole thing though. A pickpocket runs by, snatching his pouch and the man laughs and tosses the urchin...who used to be the teachers pet at the local school...a /second/ pouch. "Buy something you like boy!"

Its like Scrooge, after his Christmas visit.

The bright figure of the totally-not-a-pirate glances up as a flash of scales and crosses his vision. A little chibi-dragon? Not something you see everyday.

"Well Spooks! Thats not something you see every day." A pause. "Lets go see if we can help, maybe they need something!" Dragons are unusual! Therefor they might need something!!


Of course its about /then/ that a laugh distracts him and he pauses to shield his eyes as he notes Avira's terrible form falling from the sky right towards well...people.

"Well," The entertainer comments lightly. "She looks happy! I'm sure she's having fun, doing not much of anything at all!"

Apparently its charity and trust that /this/ one got. Not the best combonation.
Seith The little heartless pup-wolf lets out the cutest of wolf-cries when the dragon suddenly settles down near it. It puffs out its black 'hair' a little and dances around the dragon a few times, 'barking' at it. "Settle down little one." Seith mumbles, making a little dismissive handmotion. That's when he notices that Desiree is actually talking back.

"Looking all over for me?" He asks curiously, giving the girl a /good/ look up and down. No real lingering moments, just a good look-over. "Keep an eye out on the old bat?" On can see those gears at work in that brain of his. "Oh! You mean /her/." Mad Madamme Mim. "Yeah - well... I didn't think she'd use /that/ spell from the Grimoire." He admits. "Besides, it's too much of a bother. Who's going to keep watching someone that long? Seriously - boring." He makes a little dismissive motion again. He puts his earbuds back in, but ends up getting enough of a view that she keeps him distracted from trying to guard his ears. Pop, out come his earbuds again.

Seith sighs. Staring still. "But now that you're here..." He continues on. He looks up into Desiree's eyes. "I could use /your/ help. Keep me some company. I'm watching tv. Maybe have a drink with me. It's been /murder/ - just how annoying this place can be. But I don't really feel like conjuring up a Dark Portal." That's when he notices a shadow up in the sky.

"Hey look... is it a bird?"
Avira "Hesitation is for the weak!" Avira snaps at Maira, not even bothering to glance at the ice queen over her shoulder. In a few seconds, the wings of the great beast snap backwards, folded, enabling her to swoop down from the sky like a hawk. Her action is quite direct-the mutate lands, quite squarely, upon the table that Seith sits at with enough force to crack it in half. Avira hardly seems hurt or bothered by this action.

She might have also crushed that small television. This detail is completely disregarded. Pale yellow eyes glisten at Seith, full of mirth.

"Well well, it seems this spell has transformed you into a lazy sheep, Seith." she grins a toothy grin and reaches out a large clawed hand to scoop him up by the front of his shirt.

"Good. This will make things -oh- so much easier! Hahahahaha!"
Maira Maira chuckles lightly, waving a hand dismissively at Avira. "Whatever you say darling," she comments, making a much more graceful entrance than her friend the mutate.

With the snap of her fingers, the ice stairway she'd descened upon shatters with a deafening crack, showering the area in sharp ice crystals that rain from the sky and fly like shrapnel to piece exposed skin. She appears to care little for any colateral damage.

All the while, her eyes are upon Seith. "You will be coming with us," she informs him calmly, a wicked look in her pale eyes.
Deelel Deelel is just dealing with things and not looking good she pause as she passes someone selling food, her mouth starts watering and tht confuses her more, the smell almost seems to make it better and worse at the same time. Deelel really does not understand what's hapepned to her, even as she notices Morri's confusion and has to wonder about her, just what is going on. She does notice Warden going by however but the contents of the street vendor has her attention more than anything else. She talks to the merchant but finds she has no money on her so she's left to stare at the food clearly starving but not understanding why.
Desiree Grimstone "Yes. You know. You're supposed to be the big important one with the magical mumbo-jumbo. Can't you like, swish a finger and turn everything back to normal? I mean... it doesn't seem to have worked on me, but you look like that guy from those movies." Pretty Princesses are terribly eloquent, aren't they? "So how about getting off your butt and helping me save the town. You can't just sit there and do nothing." She pouts. Yes - POUTS.

There isn't time to respond to his invitation for company, because the next moment, there is a giant bird with a wolf attached to it's butt landing/crushing the table. The force of it is enough to send our heroine back onto her keister. "Hey!"

Great, there's two of them. "Hey Ice queen, dog-face, you're not allowed to take him. I need him to save the world!" Desiree protests, although she doesn't look to fearsome still sitting on the ground like an impudent child.

Realizing this, she scrambles to her feet, then pats around on her dress as if looking for a weapon. "If you don't put him down I'll... I'll PUNISH YOU!" She flurries an index finger at them. Then, she reaches back, into... nowhere, and pulls out a giant hammer which is roughly the size of the girl, herself.

"Sacred Forge Hammer Smash!" Because all heroines have to shout out their attacks before doing them. Then, the girl rushes towards Avira, aiming to bring the humorously oversized hammer down on her head - you know, if someone doesn't knock her on her butt again in short order.

Blaze, on the other hand, seems to become distracted from his attempts to determine the source of the growling noise in Deelel's stomach. Instead, he turns to Warden and begins to chirrup at various frequencies, miming something while pointing enthusiastically at the mess going on behind them all.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan had heard a crash from nearby. Just around the corner in fact. That gave her ranting and raving pause and she she moved to peek around the side of the store she was currently in front of to see just what that was.

"...Oh...Ohhhhhh..." Looking at Avira's current form, Morrighan could easily discern who she was, but... "When did that girl start using ice? When did Avira turn into a furry gorilla again?" She took a hand to her head and comically flailed her other arm rapidly "This doesn't make ANY sense!"

Her inattentiveness almost caused the elf to be pierced by a rather large shard of ice. But by a random stroke of luck, she'd turned away in time to have it fly by her head by a hair. ".........Eh?" CRASH. ".....Ehhhhhhhhh?" Apparently unable to process the near-miss she just experienced, Morrighan could only watch dumbly as...wait, was that a fight? ".../Why/? SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE."
Warden Thache Warden watches all of this from a fairly passive position down the street. At his side is a large armadillo, peering with neersighted eyes towards the unfolding...kidnapping?

Yes. Yes thats what it looks like.

"Hrmmm. Should we help...or..." Then the little dragon starts squeaking and Spooks looks up with little nearsighted eyes. "...fine. Fine we'll help." A pause. "For free! I'm sure the'll be good for it!"

He twirls his cane once before slamming the end down onto the sidewalk.

Because what does a swordwielding air pirate turn into?

An earth mage of course.

"I think!" He calls towards Morrighan helpfully as the ground sends a ripple of stone up to push against Maria's feet and try to tumble her right over. "I think! That someone is trying to kidnap someone! Isn't it a fantastic day to be alive!"
Seith "It's more complex than that to dispel a Grimoire's magic, dear. You need to break the rule set by the book. Or just outright destroy the book." He pauses, before adding, "And I can't for the life of me remember what the rule on that one was." Seith slurps on his drink, while still looking up in the air. "Ehhh - can it wait? I mean, I still gotta finish this drink, and they're just about to marry." Is he watching a soap opera?

Seith follows the large shadow as it comes down from the skies... and with all of its might crashes down onto his table. He quickly grabs for the edge of the table to prevent his chair from falling over, and makes an exasperbated sound. "Wh... n... noooo!" He cries out, looking at the sparking and crushed entity that was his mobile television - grabbing for the object with a mourning look in his eyes. "They were just going to do the wedding scene." Still a sucker for family values, it would appear. He hangs his head, and then finally looks up to just what has decided to be so rude... and comes eye to eye with Avira. Or what he would have called in the past 'a dog' in the snidest manner possible.

"Avira..." Seith gasps, and quickly grabs for her hand as she picks him up by his shirt, dangling his feet. He strains, his body still not very strong - and not being able to be bothered with dregging up his sorcerous gift.

The ice rain that falls around them has the little heartless puppy quickly hiding, and tries to gnaw on Avira's big toe. It's more cute than dangerous really. "L... look, I know we've not seen eye to eye in the past. But we can make this work out, right? H... how about money? I can conjure up some money for you. Or maybe an illusion ring to turn you back into a human shape?" He glances towards Maira and Desiree - one of which just conjured a /massive hammer/. "C... come on Maira! I could maybe teach you some /proper/ magic."

Somehow, he still manages to be an ass.
Deelel Deelel looks up from her staring at food as she looks to the high elf Morrighan for a moment.

"Mad Madam Mim put a curse upon the land it's changed everything. I can't stop hurting it feels like my mid section is dying and it keeps making ... uggg noise."

There's a very audiable stomach growl.
Maira Maira laughs coldly at Desiree, shooting her a disdainful glance. "Don't get in our way foolish girl," she replies, looking back to Seith as she waves a hand to summon a large spike of ice that floats in the air beside her, just ready to be propelled by her will to brutal effect.

When Warden uses earth magic to try to knock her from her feet, the woman teeters slightly in her heels, almost falling over before she levels him with a stinging glare. "That's so /cute/," she says, leveling the icey spear toward him now, ready to propel it forward and impale him wickedly upon it.

But Maira hesitates, her brow furrowing, her expression troubled. What is she doing? A warm feeling radiates from her heart, the amber necklace she still wears glinting with a warm light so unlike the rest of her appearance.

Confused and alarmed, Maira tosses the ice spear off to the side, missing Warden and anyone else in the vicinity.

Maira looks back toward Seith and Avira. "I am bored of this. You are on your own...I'm going to find someone more handsome to play with," she says, shooting a look toward Seith before she turns and begins to walk away.
Avira In this form, Avira straight up towers over everyone, Morrighan included. The former dark elf goes ignored as the one gawks over Avira's appearance again. Funny thing, like this, she had no shame for what she was. Indeed, she was actually quite proud of her appearance and strength. Mutates were so much stronger than humans.

"Oho, that's so adorable, listen to him grovel, Maira. Have you not heard a sweeter thing! Ahahhahaa! Well unfortunately for you, you are /exactly/ the one I need for that plan. You and that delicious darkness inside of you." She licks her lips-then her ears fold down as the little girl starts to snivel at her.

"Punish me?" Avira scoffs, "What can a pathetic little /human/ like you do to me, hmm? Why I don't think you'd even be worth Maira's time-whoops."

Desiree nearly knocks off Avira's block with a suddenly-generated hammer. Instead, she briefly drops Seith from her grasp and leaps backwards, avoiding the arc of the hammer. Her tail lashes out-a furry-looking version of a snake's tail-sweeping low and fast as it whips around to Desiree at ludicrous speeds. "Get out of my way!"

Maira bails on her and Avira merely tsks. "Typical. How unreliable. No matter, I don't need any help to bring unending darkness upon this land."
Desiree Grimstone The little tidbit of knowledge on Grimoire magic might be useful to someone with a bit more intelligence, but alas... when it comes to looks, she got the lion's share, but when it comes to brains, she's definitely at the shallow end of the gene pool. "Rule? Huh?" Stare. So, all she has to do is break into the cathedral, find the old bat, steal her book, and smash it! Sounds easy enough.

Oh wait, let's not forget a horde of former warriors of light having fallen to the temptation of the dark side. Really, it is better there. They have cookies.

As for Deelel, well, now that Blaze has gotten some attention towards the kidnapping in progress, he seems to zip into a nearby shop, starting quite a ruckous from the sounds and shouts that follow him back out. Then, in good animal companion fashion, he hovers right in front of Deelel, offering her a sandwhich. Yummy stolen sandwich for hungry ex-program. The dragon squeeks and mimes, pointing a finger at his mouth, then swollowing, then rubbing his belly. Om nom nom!

Our hero? Well, clearly she doesn't have her usual beastly strength, because the tail-whip from Avira sends her flying off into a building, landing in a heap. She seems to be okay, though. At least, until her hammer lands on her head a moment afterwards.

"Look at all the pretty dwagins..." She mumbbles, and a trio of chibi-blazes circle her head like little birds. Then... Desiree topples sideways and is out for the count. So much for our hero. Maybe she needs a prince as back-up or something?

Blaze sweeps off to go see to his master, leaving Deelel with the sammich. EAT IT.
Morrighan Alazne "........Kidnapping."

Morrighan brought a hand to her forehead and rubbed slowly. "....I need to get far, far away from here." Yes, these people had clearly gone insane, and somehow, she'd turned into a high elf. This day was only getting weirder and weirder as the seconds went by.

"I leave Mullonde for the first time in how long and this is what happens." She grumbled and started walking away, ignoring the aftermath of whatever might have been happening behind her. She felt like if she looked any further, she'd start losing brain cells.

Or maybe she already was.
Warden Thache OH GOD ICE SP--Wait no false alarm.

Warden was /about/ to have something bad happened to him, but then that bad things happens to a store window across the way instead.

"Huh. Imagine that. Look how fate smiles on us, Spooks! Who says you need a plan to get out of a bad situation!"

The armadillo nods slowly, the stolid animal plodding along.

"I think the fastest way out of town it that way!" He points with his cane helpfully for Morrighan before glancing back at the couple of kidnapper and kidnapee.

" um..." A pause. "Drop him!" Yeah! Thats what they always tell /him/ to do when kidnapping someone. "You...uh..." He pauses for a moment as he glances at Avira. "...just what /are/ you anyway? Or is that a bit of a personal question?"

A glance towards Seith. "Its a bit of a personal question isn't it? I should skip it."
Seith With Maira wandering off, at least a little less danger! But that still leaves Seith dangling from Avira's clawed hand, struggling to keep himself upright and with breath. "What plan!?" Seith demands to know from Avira, his eyes wide as she points out the darkness within him. Indeed, there is much of that within. And somehow, it's remaining in control. The curse isn't messing with that, it'd appear. "Hey, don't hurt her!" Seith suggests, trying to get Avira not to hurt Desiree. He's dropped in favor of Avira protecting herself from the hammer though.

The hammer lands right on top of Desiree's head... and Seith? Seith tries to turn tail and run. "I'm not sticking around for your crazy plans!" He runs a good few yards, before he is leaning over, hands on his knees, looking back at the 'distance' he managed to run. "Man... I need to excercise. Old age is getting to me." It doesn't help that he has been stuffing his face with food.

He looks at the poor Desiree, knocked out, and Warden, who is trying to distract Avira!? Maybe? He does agree though, "A bit personal." Oh wait, he was supposed to be running away.
Deelel Deelel looks at Morri for a moment longer, and she kinda nods to Morrighan for a moment watching her leave, she's about to say something else but she can't think of anything to say but that's when our departed hero's little dragon friend offers her the food. She gets the idea from it and nods at him.

"All right if you think it will work."

She takes the sandwich and devours it rapidly, she's eaten human food before to keep her energy up, the effect from this is new? She's hit by a sensations he's never had before, and it feels good. She make a rather happy noise then just inhales the rest, and soon she finds the noise and the pain is gone, which leaves her a little more able to think. She stares to see the kidnapping and wonders just what the heck is going on here. On the other hand she's happy to be fed as for Avira and company's actions she's just kinda staring
Avira "Damn straight I am!" Avira cackles, her yellow eyes peering over at Morrighan. "Oh, you tempt me, woman. perhaps I will return for you later for /fun/. But Seith, oh no, I need the darling Seith for a higher purpose! Squirm all you want, but deep down you know you would back my goal! Mwahahhahahaaha!"

She pauses as Warden asks what she is and draws herself up, puffing out her chest proudly, "I am a magnificent and powerful creature known as a mutate! I have shed my human form for this graceful and tireless body! My strength is unlimited!"

Seith goes off running and Avira lets him...for a few seconds. A wicked grin is on her face as she allows him to flee for a few seconds before pouncing after him, clawed hands reaching out to seize the yuppie elf before he makes it very far. Her grip is strong and her arms are easily strong enough to livt him and then some. "Now come with me!"
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan shuddered at the voice of Avira growing distant with her own retreating figure, going the way pointed out by Warden. "My god, this cannot get any worse than it aready has."

Famous last words, Morrighan. Famous last words.
Warden Thache "Oh. A mutate." Warden pauses. "Well you defintally look impressive! And strong. really, I have no idea what they cobbled you together out of." He adds with a sigh. "But you seem very happy about i--" A pause. "...and there she goes sir!" Aimed at Seith. "Attract the most intresting friends! She seems very insistant on making your aquantence! Or carrying you off. Maybe she's just trying to be helpful!"

Warden really /should/ be stopping this shouldn't he?
Seith "Welp!" Seith is pounced and grabbed by the collar. His legs make little running-motions in the air for a few steps, until he hangs his head and arms and lets out a sigh. "Do we really have to do this? This is such a bother." Be declares in a somewhat pitiful manner. He could probably slip out of his shirt if he wanted to. Conjure up massive amounts of gravity and try to squash the Mutate. But it looks like he's not really /feeling up for it/.

And then he has this idiot Warden shouting at him. Wait a second, doesn't he /recognize/ him!?

"You there! Will you help me? This woman is trying to kidnap me against my will!" Flail flail flail. Slump. Hang. Maybe something good will come out of that shout? Just maybe? At least he won't have to do anything.
Avira "Yes." Avira says darkly. "This must happen. If anything it will create an everlasting memory for you. The next time you look to me, you can reflect upon this moment!" Man the whole laziness thing was really chafing! If only Seith had been less ambitious to start with so they wouldn't get at this point.

Her wings spread outward in a threatening manner, making her look larger than she actually is for a few seconds before she launches herself into the air with a powerful leap. She's easily able to carry Seith off with her enhanced strength and it wouldn't be long before he's dangling high in the air. This would no doubt give him even more motivation to not squirm.

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