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(2014-01-07 - 2014-01-08)
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Rhiannon Zellen ".........."

After that dreadful night out with Aerith, Chita, and Nagetta, the scientist had found it in her to try and slip away while the sun was still coming up. Heels cautiously stepping along the dirt path, she looked left and right, unsure whether or not she was actually safe.

"I'm still not sure what happened..." The scientist mumbled to herself, rubbing an arm and sighing. "It must be a curse..." Indeed, she could remember her life, and the things she'd done throughout. She also knew that the way she was acting now ran contrary to who she usually was.

"I need to get out of here...There must be a portal somewhere nearby..." With one insufferable Viera threatening her life for something that wasn't even their's, and then many others who seemed to either not care, or find amusement in it...she didn't want to be here.

Leaving the area of effect was Rhia's first priority. But the question was; how big was it?

Letting out another sigh, she leaned against a fence, reaching out a bit to take hold of a nearby wildflower. She didn't pick it as to not kill it, just pulled it a bit closer to observe it. "...I wonder..."
Chita Chita's night had been rather odd herself. This entire curse business confused her just as much, not that she knew it was a curse. She really had no idea what was even going on. Suddenly feeling like hurting others, the anger, the quick decisions, threatening Rhiannon... none of it made much sense.
After a while the previous night had passed, Chita /had/ calmed back down. Calmed down enough that she had actually apologized, in a round about way, to Rhiannon. Not for Rhia's sake so much as her own. Confusion, really.

Nothing made sense. Perhaps... ...


It had to be something of his doing. This all had to be some massive illusion. But did she even care? Whatever, she'd sleep on it. Going to sleep leaning against her Chocobo with having a left a cloak for Rhiannon nearby to sleep on/wrap up in(Doesn't want her getting sick), Chita only woke up quite late and stretched. "Morning." she said as she felt her Chocobo bump against her head. "Quit that." came a sharp scold of annoyance before she took a deep breath and said, "Hey, Rhiannon, wake up." Silence. "Rhia?" Silence again. "Ah shit. Senra, go find her." Hopping onto the Chocobos back, Senra looked around and began sniffing. What Rhiannon might not have known was that Chita had left some bits of Gyshal inside the cloaks pocket in case she did run away or something happened and he needed to find her. Which is why soon enough Rhiannon would hear a Chocobo approaching towards where she was.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had spent a while staring at the flowers before deeming it time to move on and get out of here. Leaning up off of the fence and stretching her arms a bit, she turned to resume her walk when the telltale sound of trotting reached her ears. "....?"

Looking off in that direction, the scientist immediately paled. How did he...she, find her? This didn't make any sense! ...Wait, wait a second.

"...This cloak." Rhia mumbled, looking down at the garment around her shoulders. She should have known better than to think that there were no strings attached. Stupid oversight. She should have discarded the thing before leaving. "......" Too late now though.

Rubbing an arm in what was becoming a characteristic motion, Rhia stared as Senra and Chita neared. "...U-Um...."
Chita Chita actually wasn't certain where she was when they got to where Senra stopped. "Something wrong? I said find her. I won't chance losing her!" Then when the Viera realized she was getting angry again she took a deep breath and clenched a fist before patting the back of the Chocobos head apologetically. If he stopped, she must be around somewhere. Or the cloak is.

"Rhiannon, are you safe?" Chita still couldn't see of course, the blindfold made that obvious. Hearing, though, was as good as ever. The little 'um' caused the Viera to turn towards her. "I will not ask why you are out here, but are you safe?" It wasn't her business really, nor did she want to know. "Whatever is happening to us I realize it is causing me to act insane. I am... trying to avoid letting it get the best of me. No matter how angry I seem to get so easily." That last bit was strained, even as she held a hand out towards Rhiannon, offering her a hand up onto the Chocobo.
Rhiannon Zellen "....I-I was...taking a walk." Technically not a lie. "I'm...fine." For now. Still, at the offered hand, Rhia remained hesitant and didn't take it. Instead, she took a step back from Chita and Senra. Seems like she didn't want to be anywhere near the two of them right now.

"I-I'm okay..." She started, taking another step back as she continued. "I just...I just want to be by myself...for now?" Whatever was wrong here somehow had compelled the woman to end her statement in a question, making it sound much less resolute than it started.
Chita Listening to what she had to say and hearing the shuffled movement back, a small sigh came out of the Viera before she said, "Fine, fine, do what you like. Something is wrong with us, however, and I don't know what. I've never acted like this before and... I'm FEMALE! I have breasts!" Chita seemed quite irate as he reached up to squeeze his chest, "This isn't right and we need to figure out what it is and change it back. Now, I know full well I'm likely not smart enough to do that, and at one point, I assume you were. If you want to be alone, or leave, fine. That is... up to you. As much as I do not care and quite like how I am now, I know something is wrong and... do not want to risk several other things on this all being some illusion."

Chita slowly slipped off of her Chocobo before saying, "Keep Senra around you in case you get in danger. I know you could have taken care of yourself before, but I do not know if you still can now." And with that, she pulled out a spear, then oriented herself using the chocobo and began to walk off back where he came from.
Rhiannon Zellen "......"

That went better than she thought it would. Considering the whispered threat yesterday. But she still didn't trust Chita. But then, when did she really? "I'm...not helpless..." She mumbled in a low tone, likely to missed by a human, but to a Viera...Well, either way, she pat Senra and pointed to Chita, hoping the chocobo would get it and follow after his master.

"......" She stood there for a while longer before letting out a sigh and hesitantly moving to follow, bringing up the rear. As long as he didn't actually attack her or take the Black Omen, she supposed she could stick around and take notes. Besides, however much she thought this was wrong and wanted to get away, there was another impulse that urged her to learn more about this.

As long as she didn't hurt anyone anway, then it was fine, right? ...Right.
Aerith Aerith followed them, without hesitation or a faltering step. Part of her was concerned about the changes she'd undergone. It wasn't like she had a choice in the matter, which made it even worse. The rest of her however was... intrigued. This didn't feel any different than her usual self, just a bit less restrained. And the way she'd come up to Chita like that, without caring about the changes he'd undergone, excited her to a degree.

That said... much as she didn't like Rhiannon, she felt sorry for the scientist. She placed an arm around the timid Wutaian. "Look... if Chita doesn't want you hanging around you could always stick with me." It was the first time she'd even considered treating her like something other than a monster. Right now, she wasn't that person though.
Rhiannon Zellen "Eek...!" Rhia jumped in surprise once Aerith had put an arm around her. "W-Who...?" Quickly, she looked towards the perpetrator and sighed. "...O-Oh. It's you..." Closing her eyes for a moment, she took a deep breath. "I...I don't need to..." She shook her head slowly. "...I don't need to...stick around anyone...?"

She didn't trust Aerith either.

In fact, now she was trying to wiggle out of the other woman's proximity. "...C-Can you not...?" Not be so close. But the words got stuck in her throat.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Look. I know this is difficult. But with the way he's acting now, I think we should stick together." Aerith glanced toward her with a smile. "You might not want me here, but I'm here now. We might as well be in this for however long it takes. And if you can trust anyone right now, it's me." She hoped that would ease the uncertainty somewhat.
Rhiannon Zellen "...Why?" Why should she have to stick to him? She may be acting different now, but that didn't mean she suddenly a pure saint. She was just...several times more reserved about it. "He threatened to..." She doesn't finish her sentence and instead looks away. "...Just...just stay away..."

Shaking her head, Rhia ducked under Aerith's hold and put some distance between them. No one was to be trusted, they were all bad news in the end. She was sure of it.
Aerith Aerith sighed and let her go. Hopefully Chita would change in time, but for the moment? Well, she was right. He wasn't to be trusted. Still, she called behind her. "Who said anything about him? I meant, you and I should stick together. But if that's not a concern for you, that's fine." She continued to move forward, her brow furrowed. She knew what this was now. It wasn't the fact that they'd switched over suddenly. No, this was always a part of them.

She smiled at that. Rhiannon, nervous? Timid? What happened to her that made her into what Aerith usually saw her as? Or was she just over-thinking it?

No. Everything existed for a reason. She just had to find out the reason for this one, besides the obvious spell.
Rhiannon Zellen "........" Rhia just frowned at Aerith's smile and looked away. It irritated her somehow, but she was too subdued to voice it. Instead, she just kept quiet and slowed her pace to put more distance between them. While doing so, she pulled out a familiat tablet from her lab coat, starting it up and beginning to take notes.

Well, at least some things stayed the same, even if she looked nervous and easily scared while doing it now, instead of the usual sharp focus that the scientist would take upon beginning her work. "...Appearance....personality...mannerisms...physical...mental..." And while she walked and took notes, she mumbled out scant details to herself, as if it would help her think.
Aerith Aerith couldn't help but hear just behind her. Oh, she was on that tablet of hers again, probably taking notes about them. She didn't necessarily like that, but it wasn't like she had an option in the matter. Leaving Rhiannon in the state she was in could only spell trouble. The least she could do was watch over her, at least until this cleared. When it did, she reminded herself that she had to get as far away from her as possible... at least until the time was right.
Rhiannon Zellen By this point, Rhia had gotten herself absorbed into her theorizing and note taking, happy to let Aerith and Chita plod on ahead while she lagged behind and did her thing. Interestingly, she seemed to still be capable of avoiding hazards despite her eyes being glued to the screen.

This curse was quite troublesome though. She'd like nothing more than to be rid of it. ...After it was thoroughly studied. Or it's effects anyway. "...But that brings up..." Rhia began mumbling again, finally looking up from her device as she looked ahead in thought. "...What happens if...?"

She tilted her head from side to side and then looked towards Aerith. "...U-Um...excuse me." She waved a hand slightly to get her attention. "...I idea..."
Aerith Aerith stopped where she was. So she finally wanted to do something. Excellent! With her back still turned, she replied, "Good! Because quite frankly, I was getting tired of watching Chita's behind swaying, no matter how cute it is." A giggle before she turned to face the scientist. "But on a more serious note..." Aerith approached Rhiannon until she was but two feet away. "Let's hear it."
Rhiannon Zellen "Um...well..." She averted her eyes, fidgeting a bit as she tried to say whatever it was she had wanted to say. "Have you...ever tried to leave this place? ...I mean...the area of effect...might end somewhere..." A pause, and then she spoke a little more. "I'm not...saying I'm right,'s's what I think might be the case..."
Aerith Aerith placed a hand under her chin. "You know... that's not a bad idea. The whole ordeal might end if we just leave France. I mean, it would be so easy to do..." She furrowed her brow. " fact, it'd be too easy. We're talking about Mad Madam Mim here, and her spells don't follow conventional rules." Aerith shrugged. "Still, you do have a good idea. Let's give it a shot."
Rhiannon Zellen "....Okay." Rhia nodded slowly and pulled up a map on her device. "...Mad Madam Mim?" She hadn't heard that name in a long time. Guess it would make sense, considering the turnout of the spell. "...S-Sometimes...people overlook the simplest things...because they think it's too easy..."

Mumbling that out, Rhia read the map for a moment before pointing off in another direction. "...According to my map. We...we're actually close. Close to...a portal that takes us...out of this world."

That said, she immediately turned and began to head off in that direction. She was curious to see just what would happen if they went to another world and left the Old Kingdom.
Aerith Aerith grinned. When Rhiannon was not being a sociopath and generally crazy, she actually had good plans. Flowergirl had her doubts, but at the very least they had a direction to go and some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. The problem with all this... was Chita.

Transformed, mind-warped, and getting more fractured by the second, he was going to be a challenge to deal with until this passed.

Would he be remorseful later? She'd bet money on it. Would it matter right now? No.

They still had to bring him with them, but they had to do it carefully.

She followed her, but glanced over toward Chita... and gave him a sultry wink. That would perhaps be more than enough if she turned in their direction. She prepared herself for the outburst that would follow, but other than that, they had a good excuse to get out of here now. She'd explain once he caught up.
Chita Of course, Chita did not notice such. She had heard most everything said except the softest mumblings of Rhiannon. She was a good ways ahead and her Chocobo had since caught up to her and was acting as a guide. There was nothing done to stop the two from leaving because, honestly, she didn't care at the moment. Neither were in danger, neither were causing any headaches and as much as she wanted the weapon right now... she knew full well that something was wrong. Something was wrong... and more than she wanted it, she wanted to keep it out of others hands. Rhiannon wasn't going to do anything with it if the threat of death didn't get it out of her and to be honest, how many else knew she had it?

No. Instead, Chita was going to find Seith and beat the curse out of him. Or beat him until he told her who could get rid of it.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had spared a glance behind as Aerith winked towards Chita and remained silent for a moment. "........" Did she have to say it? ...It looked like she did. "...Y-You haven't forgotten that he's blind...did you?" Nevertheless, Rhia wasn't going to wait, she pressed on, spying the portal off in the distance. Soon she'd be able to test that hypothesis. And if it worked....
Aerith :chuckled. "Of course not. Sooner or later, she's going to realize we're not there, either by lack of response or lack of surrounding voices. Either way, she'll take notice and come a-running." Aerith however, did see the point... and put two fingers into her mouth, giving a piercing whistle.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Of course not. Sooner or later, she's going to realize we're not there, either by lack of response or lack of surrounding voices. Either way, she'll take notice and come a-running." Aerith however, did see the point... and put two fingers into her mouth, giving a piercing whistle.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia was quite certain that in her current state, Chita wasn't going to respond to that. Or respond badly. Either way, she was more interested in getting out of here to see the result. And so she kept it moving, eventiually reaching the portal. Without further ado, or waiting for Aerith, the scientist stepped through...

...And wound up standing at the base of a rather impressive mountain. "......." Opening her eyes, Rhia patted herself down casually, and then cleared her throat. "Hrm. Well now, that was quite an interesting experience." She mused, with much more confidence in her voice than moments earlier. "To think that someone would cast such a widespread curse upon an entire land. Truly..." She smirked, bringing a hand to her cheek.

"...I am curious to enter and continue studying, however..." She was also loathe to experience the changes that would take place. "How troublesome."

Well, it would seem her hypothesis was correct in any case. The curse, or spell only affected the Old Kingdom.
Aerith Aerith stepped out from the portal soon after, feeling her head clear immediately, thoughts returning to normal. She blinked for a moment as the memories refused to fade, then chuckled. "I really did say that. Wow, didn't know I had it in me." Then she glanced toward Rhiannon. "Before you say anything... I won't tell anyone about this."
Rhiannon Zellen Watching Aerith emerge from the portal, Rhia took a step back and arched a brow. She watched the other woman speak to herself before finding herself addressed. "Hmm?" She tilted her head a bit, smiling pleasantly. "Tell anyone about what? My rather stark change in personality?"

Her smile remained as she spoke on. "Why would you think I would have anything to say about that?" The scientist chuckled then and shook her head. "Nothing but data. Useful data, but data all the same." And then she reached into her lab coat and produced an empty syringe. "Speaking of data, care to let me have that blood sample finally? Hmmm? Hm?"

Oh boy.
Aerith Aerith shook her head with a smile. "I don't see how he puts up with you." She turned and started to walk away, but stopped after a few steps. "So all that you've done is just to see what happens, right? Just a big experiment?" She had to try and understand, at least partially.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia's smile turned into one of amusement after that initial statement. "Well, that is hardly my problem. He is under no thrall of mine. If an idiot hero wishes to keep running into the fire, then who am I to stop him?" She giggled, hand remaining on her cheek as she looked away momentarily. "Maybe he will learn his lesson after a few good burns. Ehehe~"

Yep, Rhia was definitely back to normal. Becoming just as unreadable and outlandish as she has been. Watching Aerith walk off for a few steps, Rhia sighed in faux-disappointment. "I suppose that means no blood sample. Pity." And with a nonchalant shrug, the syringe was tucked away. In the meantime, she had heard the question posed from the flower girl. Rhia's answer?

"I wonder about that."

Basically no answer at all. She moved forward then, stepped past Aerith with a passing smile before she moved on ahead, intent to go off on her own. Probably to find her way back into the World of Ruin and to Goug to document her findings.

Work was never done after all.
Aerith Aerith looked after Rhiannon for a moment, wondering if she'd asked the right question. But that answer...

It only made her nod. Sooner or later, something had to give. Maybe she would leave Rhiannon alone for a bit longer, unless she did something atrocious again. She didn't doubt the little lady had that in her, but the answer to Aerith's question was something interesting.

"Try to understand before you judge..." She chuckled. "I guess that trick works after all, mom."

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