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Topsy Turvy Day
(2014-01-06 - 2014-01-07)
It's the Feast of Fools in La Cite Des Cloches - and everyone is invited to come and enjoy the carnival! But unbeknownst to our heroes, a Mad Witch plans on making the festivities far more true to their word than they ever could have known!
Oathkeeper The festival is already filled with activity. Clowns and jesters and massive groups of gypsies are dancing around left and right on the massive plaza before and around of the Notre Dame. Rope riddled with little flags and other such festive items can be found left and right.

Standing at the stairs that lead up to the cathedral's entrance is a rather grumpy looking man in purple with what can only be summerized as a 'stupid hat'. He seems to be observing the festival at large, though he seems to have a certain interest in one of the gypsies that is dancing on the plaza.

Of note may be a white horse who is going through the crowd hunting for carrot, and the knight who is trying to stop said horse from finding said carrots.

Also, there's a rather big bird sitting on one of the roofs, observing the frumpy looking man near the cathedral. Nothing of note there, other than that the bird is a pastel pink. Animator error perhaps?

Of course, there is plenty of food to go around, and with this kind of crowd, it's inevitable that there are some pickpockets hard at work to earn their keep. There's the occassional shout of 'hey, get back here you scamp!'. It would be in french, but that's what we have translators for. Or in your case, Disney Magic.

So come and enjoy the festivities...

But beware.

Chaos will come soon and swiftly.
Hati A festival! On any normal occassion, this would be a perfect opportunity for Hati to exercise her professional thief skills. There were so many perfect coin purses here, all ripe for the picking. Her fingers twitch, almost itching for the chance to snatch one off of someone's belt.

Feh. Alas, she's currently being courted on the arm of a Templar, and that means there is no room for such amusing shenanigans. At least while he's looking, that is.

At the very least, she's dressed nicely for the occassion. The werewolf is wearing a tightly fitting blue dress that accents her hair, complete with a long, flowing skirt that is slit far too high up the sides to be considered propper. One arm, which should be bare, is covered from shoulder to hand with a long glove, encircled with a few bits of leather jewelry around her wrist.

"So... if I'm not allowed to steal anything, why are we here?" She asks, her tail brushing up against the mouseling's leg. "Unless you're here to try to get me to dance like that." She motions towards the gypsy woman, who seems to be putting on quiet a display.
Faruja Senra Seriously, what is up with that hat? Faruja Senra isn't the only member of the Church in town today, and just the mere sight of that odd headwear has him inwardly cringing. Somewhere in his head, the creepy-old-man-meter is full. Hopefully it won't be /him/ who has to deal with the guy.

No, the Templar is here to make some inroads, and get a few detractors off of his back. If he can't score a decent Heretic, he can score enough political victories to get them to pipe down a bit. Dressed in his best armor, polished to perfection, he happily keeps the wolf's arm in his own. Twitching fingers gain the woman an amused grin, before he reigns himself in. He has to look /proper/. The corners of his muzzle, however, constantly flick upwards.

"To have a wonderful, relaxing vacation, my love." His own tail brushes just as much, the knight's gaze turning to the woman. He coughs, not quite sure where to look for the moment.

"I am hardly here to take in the rather...unique...dancing of the locals! Politics, my dear. 'Tis the most pious nation outside of Mullonde itself. We have far too many enemies, and too few allies. Inroads into like-minded men and women's hearts." Pausing, he chuckles, leaning in to whisper.

"...Learning the local's dancing for thee has been on my mind, admittedly."
Warden Thache Among the clowns and jesters, the gypsies and the entertainers of every shape and stripe sits a small stage. Upon that stage stands a man. Tall and lithe, with a build vaguely speaking of great cats. No true cat ears, no tail, but handsome none the less. Bright twinkling cat-slitted eyes. Slightly pointed fangs, night black hair that is oh-so-slighlty reminicent of cat's ears in the way it falls.

He wears a long flowing coat, brightly colored in a brilliant patchwork. His leather and silk clothes catch the eye, brightly shined leather boots ring as he stalks across the wooden planks that make up his stage.

"Welcome one! Welcome all!" His voice that of a carnival barker. "Come now! Step right up! Step right up! All are welcome to come see the Marvelous Captain Nickolai and Thache's Thespians!"

He's gathers a few onlookers, though there is so much to see its hard to gather larger crowds. "We will astound! Suprise and amaze with feats of strength and skill! Step right up! Step right up!"

On the man's shoulder balances a racoon on the smaller size that seems to be mimicing the colorful Captain's movements. At least it /seems/ to be a normal racoon, until one notices the wings that lie folded on its back.

Lets face it though. Its not the strangest thing around here, now is it?
Vespa Now this party is more Vespa's style! She in her usual maid outfit. Some slighty drunk fellow asked her to get him a drink! She did and then poured it over his head. She currently has some sort of beverage in her hand. She just wandering around enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city wide party.
Nagetta Nagetta's been trying to get out and socialize more. With all the odd people here, she shouldn't stand out as much right? Plus she could smell food, the girl hasn't ate in a few days and is starting to get hungry. She wonders what everyone is celebrating. She cringes a bit as she hears the rather loud man's voice, but then smiles upon seeing Vespa. "Hello, Vespa do you have any idea what's going on? Besides a huge party."
Deelel Deelel is here for the party, also she's started to seek out sources of magical information. The local Church may have information that might be helpful in combating evil of the nature that was inflicted upon Cinderella. Still she's going to have to wait till this party is over, however Faruja would fins someone coming up on her. Thankfully in this world? Deelel's outfit changed to what you might expect a wanderer sort. She's waring leather leggings, breast plate, and generally would look like a roguish sort, but all her clothing has the same lines her clothing or even body has worked in like stitch work over the outfit she's also got a cloak on and it's pulled up over her head at the moment.

"So this is where you run off too, I'm sad I missed you at new cycle, err new years."

The program has found the Wild Faruja! She also seems to be in a pretty good mood too from the looks of it.
Vespa "Oh hey Nagetta!", Vespa says smiling at the girl. "Nope! No idea what so ever! It a party cause..", she takes sip of her drink. "well they like to party! Mabye they only get to it once a year? Reminds me a bit of the celbrations back home.."
Oathkeeper Ah, but if Hati is not allowed to steal - that doesn't mean others are not. Three little kids decide to suddenly bump in between Hati and Faruja, running out from underneath their arms - with one of them trying to snatch a wallet or anything of the likes out from beneath Faruja's clothing!

The pastel colored bird which has been watching from up high finally spreads its wings and glides down over the heads of the people down below. It flaps its wings a few times and finally lands right on top of the slightly feline looking gentleman's head. Flop. Settle. Nestle.

A little distance away, a jester has just begun a fire-eating show, and is blowing huge flames into the air. People let outs ooohs and ahhhhs at the spectacule. Indeed, The Marvelous Captain Nickolai will have plenty of rivals in trying to catch the peoples' attentions. Yet none the less, coins fly into whatever is provided for them to thank for whatever show there may be.

A particular old man suddenly whaps Vespa over the head. He looks like a restaurant owner of some sorts and tries to grab her hand. "Ah, there you went. Get back over to the restaurant. We need all the hands we can get." It seems Vespa has truly been confused with a maid. Especially here, in France!
Hati "If we're here to enjoy our vacation, then why are you on business?" Hati replies, giving the mouse a light tug on his arm. "I thought the whole point of this festival was for people to let loose from the usual and relax. Maybe act a bit crazy. Invite your beloved to dance like an idiot." She takes a step forward, swinging her arms up around Faruja's neck, clearly acting the part of a very attractive distraction.

Of course, that's when two things seem to happen at once. The first is a pair of children scootching between them, and the second is her thiefy sixth sense noticing that her beloved is being pick-poocketed. Sigh. Her head falls briefly onto the mouse's chest, but then in a flash, she's lashed out and nabbed both of the little purse-snatchers by the collar. "Now now... whomever taught you two to steal didn't do a very good job of it."

Proceed to Hati turning them both around, making them hand over Faruja's coin-purse, and then giving them lessons on how to /properly/ steal. ... Really, what did you expect?

She does pause her lesson, briefly, to glance up towards Deelel. "Hey there, program. Nice outfit." She quips, then goes back to corrupting the youth of Paris.
Faruja Senra Between wolves and gypsies, Faruja's attention is pretty divided. Bump! The short rat glances, and grins, even as a familiar figure is calling out to him.

"Be careful, young ones!" Lightly chides the knight, before there's one beautiful wolfess thoroughly distracting him. Give him a moment, Deel, he's /male/ after all. Armtug!

"My beautiful, angelic wolf, ye and I shall act as absolute /fools/ by the end of this night. I do not have any diplomatic meetings until tomorrow, and even then, they are going to be just as tired and hung-over as I am. In all likelyhood, moreso." He is, in fact, counting on it.

As she wraps her arms around him, he's just about to dip her, when she catches the thieves. Squint! Faruja goes from entranced lover, to Templar Face in about half of a second, glaring down imperiously to the children.

"Theft, young Ser and Dame, is a /crime/! Ye shall set thy foots down the path to uncleanliness, away from God's path! Now do as the good Lady says, hmm?" If Hati's going to corrupt, Faruja's going to uncorrupt. Between the two of them, the would-be thieves might turn out well rounded.

That done, he finally gets a word edge-wise in towards Deel. "Lord in heaven, Deel! 'Tis been too long, how are ye my dear? Hardly recognized ye! Lord bless!" Without her rather unique outfit, it took him a moment to seperate her from the many adventurers in town!

Is that a snake-tail? It sticks in the back of his mind, but for the moment, he doesn't yet recognize Nagetta. After all, there's
Avira Today Avira has opted for more colorful dress-well, not a literal dress this time, thank goodness. With an outfit of reds and golds, Avira's actually starting to sort of look like that sky pirate she was aspiring to be over a year ago. Though that pursuit might have fallen by the wayside in favor of other, perhaps bigger things, Avira will gladly co-opt their style. Sky pirates were always well known for their style.

Not alone, since being anywhere alone was not a good idea for the scarred woman, she trails after Deelel, a grin spreading upon her face as she takes notice of Faruja. "Hello, Sir Faruja, Hati, it's been a while, hasn't it?" Lazily, she hooks her thumbs in one of the belts around her waist so she can rest her hands against it. "I..." she trails off.

Her Adorable Animal radar has triggered-and not from Hati-but from what looks like a little winged raccoon on one of the performer's shoulders. "...aww."
Aerith Aerith of course has something different as well, and it's not anything in denim or her usual cotton dress. Instead, she has on a different dress of blues and whites, the skirt terminating just above her knees and the accents at her shoulders made of white lace. She had a pair of sandals on, with her hair back in its usual braid.

Fortunately, she wasn't late to this event, and had picked a different outfit for the occasion.

Of course, she had an adorable animal radar of her own, and glanced toward the little pet. "Hey there, little guy! <3" Aerith looked toward Hati. "He got a name?"
Deelel Deelel is feeling all right for the most part and she is trying to take in the show, it's pretty impressive work that the jester is doing. It takes skill and effort to put together a show like that. She knows that much she's watching with interest, and well there's naught a think she can do to save Vespa from kitchen work it seems she turns her attention to Hati and grins a little bit.

"Thank you, it came with the world."

Deelel was honestly thankful for the visual camouflage whatever part of magic or reality caused it. She had no clue, but was quite thankful for it.

"So your going to be quite busy Faruja, we have much to talk on and thank you. I still wonder if my user is out there somewhere or is she consumed in the darkness like mot of the world my home was part of."

Deelel understands how lucky the Grid is. The entire world is intact whole cloth thanks to it's nature. She knows many are not so lucky after all.

"This that, the other things there's much work for a Paladin like your self, I'd actually come here to speak to the Church for aid on something, for they might have experience with combating the forces of darkness as you do."

she looks to Avira for a moment getting a look at her.

"You look well today my friend."
Nagetta "I never got to go any parties back home." After all not many people would invite a lamia to a party. "I don't think Vespa works for you, she always wears that." Nagetta points out to the old man. Of course she's not quite sure why, humans seemed to have some strange quirks.
Warden Thache What the...

Warden now has a hat in the form of a bright blooming bird. He sloowly looks up towards the bird. He raises one eyebrow before breathing a quiet sigh.

At least it draws him more attention.

"Yes! Feats of skill more impressive than this! Strongmen! Knife throwers and acrobats! Fire eaters and mystiers from far away lands!" The man at least has the poise to call all this while balancing a bloody bird on his head.

The Racoon seems to not like it nearly as much.

His wings ruffle then unfurl as the little critter crosses his arms and glares at the bird. "Don't you get any ideas featherbrain." The little guy grumbles. "His 'awesome mascot quota' is /full/. Ya git me ya bilgerat?"

Warden smirks slightly. "Spooks, why don't you see if you can get some more custom over? I'll handle the bird."

Spooks shrugs and leaps away from the man's shoulder, swooping over the heads of the crowd. On the way the little racoon's nimble paws snatch a pair of carrots from a hanging basket. "Boss!" Calls out the little guy as he flings them back towards Captain Birdhead on the stage. Warden snatches them out of the air, one in each hand.

Spooks lands for a moment, not too far from Avira and right on the head of the searching horse.

Warden smirks and crocks back his arm before letting it fly forwards and sending a pair of carrots flying over the head of the crowd to be cought by the raccoon. Well one by the racoon, one by the poor horse.

And he bows to the crowd's applause.

...yes. With the bird still on his head. He's got talent.
Aerith Aerith claps her hands at the spectacle. Very impressive indeed! She felt like she wanted to join in, because she had her own little talents, but this wasn't her place. She glanced over toward Avira for a moment. "Hey, what's up? You look nice today!"
Oathkeeper The children allow themselves to be lectured by the strange wolfgirl and the ratty man besides her - although they are certainly confused with the whole conflicting information thing. It's kind of obvious that they are listening far more to Hati however. They're children of the street after all. Faruja's kind is what is known to them as 'suckers'.

The bird on Wardens head doesn't care one bit about the Raccoon's complaints. In fact, it replies; "I don't have any such ideas." She fluffs into a fatter bird. You know the thing that birds do. They kind of puff up. "I only have my eyes on one person."

The Horse is quick on the take. There's an annoyed neigh when the Raccoon first lands on it, but when a carrot suddenly comes flying for it, the beast jumps to the air and grabs it straight from the air and comes to a sliding halt. The audience applauds, thinking that the horse is part of the act.

Even when the knight comes to a panting halt next to the beast of burden, the crowd continues to applaud.

The bird finally lifts up from Warden's head and goes straight off after the ugly hat wearing man. "Mister Frollo!" One of the guards quickly comments, waving a stick at the bird, trying to get it to shoo.

"Pay attention to me, you old fart!" The bird suddenly squacks. Moments later, the bird suddenly transforms into a fat and... well... ugly old hag. There is no better word for it.

"Witchcraft!" Is the first word that escapes from Claude Frollo's lips!
Hati Leave it to Faruja to try to ruin a perfectly good pickpocketing lesson with things like... God. Ugh. It's a good thing that he's cute and that she's fiercely taken with him, otherwise the wolf-girl probably wouldn't put up with it. Hati continues to explain the ins and outs of distraction and weighting and a few other little tricks of the trade in a hushed voice. Yes children, do as the mouse says and listen to the nice lady.

It's Avira's approach that finally finishes her time with the two would-be thieves. With a pat of the head, Hati sends them on their way with a warning not to try to pick pocket her or Faruja again, unless they want to lose fingers. There may have even been a flash of a dagger. As impossible as it might seem for her to carry them concealed while wearing that dress, you can bet that they are hidden somewhere.

Wolf sense hones in on one thing: Pack Leader. Alas, Avira has the role of Alpha wolf in Hati's mind, and that's enough for her to rock back on her heels and push to her feet. "I've been hunting cloisters for my brother, or failing in my attempts to keep a certain someone out of trouble." The wolf looks towards Faruja. Troublesome rat.

Then, there's a carrot and a racoon flying, and the wolf's ears track to follow their progress, mismatched eyes catching the display. So, she joins in with the applause, tail swishing with amusement. Then, there's a bird, and a man in a stupid hat, and cries of 'Witchcraft'. "If that's all it takes to be called a witch in these lands, I think we're all in for some trouble." The wolf folds her arms, not seeming impressed. Apparently, she hasn't met the old witch before.
Warden Thache Spooks, racoon master of throwing and catching carrots peers towards the sudden bird-turned hag. "Showoff." He mutters from his perch on the acrobatic horses head.
Nagetta Nagetta looks a bit uneasy upon hearing the word witchcraft. If he's not tolerant of birds transforming into old women ,she doubts it'll be the case for snake women. Though she's a bit curious about how the woman did that, well besides casting a spell.
Vespa Great witchcraft. If things around here could get any more crazy... She chugs down her drink hoping that will deal with the incoming crazyness.

"If I know there be random magic flying around I would have worn my anti-magic underpants.", she mutters.
Avira "Oh my gosh..." Avira says, supressing a small squeal. "He talks!" It sounded like a he. It wasn't that talking animals were too unusual these days-heck, just last night she was ferrying around several of them on her shoulders. But this /particular/ animal turning out to be a talker was just icing on the cake. Her gleeful observation of the critter and his entourage (sorry Warden, Spooks is running the show now) almost results in her completely not noticing Aerith. She even still sounds distracted when Aerith approaches her.

"Huh? Oh, why thank you. It looks like they're having a festival of some kind today. I can't say it's one I've ever heard of before..." she tilts her head, then shrugs, finally turning back to Hati and Faruja.

"I haven't heard anything from him about locating others. How goes the search? Any leads?" Of course, the implication is always there: feel free to call on Avira for more help. The Phoenix Cloister was a pretty enjoyable experience, jumping puzzles aside.

Suddenly: WITCHCRAFT. "Oh right." Avira says quietly. "I've been to this place before and...advised to avoid using any off-world magic for just this reason. But then again..." she squints, "That crazy woman looks familiar. Didn't she attack Merlin at one point? And try to kidnap him while he was a trout?"
Faruja Senra Why is Faruja reminded of several street urchins from back home? He rubs his temples, shaking his head. "...Just be good, alright?" Lord help him, children.

Truly, the wolfess never fails to impress. Where /was/ that knife? The knight coughs. Best not to think too hard about that right now. Ears on the rat look rather red.

As far as trouble. His hand goes to his chest. "Ye /wound/ me, my dear! I am the picture of nezumi sainthood." Protests the rat, winking to Avira. He's /surely/ not angered any espers or other horribly boneheaded acts. No, not /him/!

Claud Frolo yells witchcraft. Spinning about, Faruja's eye lands on a rather large old woman. /Sigh/. "...Bloody amateurs, just a *GOOSEHONK*ing hedge mage. Oh well, time to earn some points with the authorities. Excuse me, my friends and love."

With a discrete flash of light, there's a short javelin in Faruja's hand. The weapon glows. He whispers to Hati, then flicks the thing.


The thrown javelin is strategically tossed to land right beside the old hag. It might seem like he missed. Faruja's already loud voice rises.


It's right then that the holy magic in the javelin goes off. It is, in fact, just the equivalent to a Light spell. Only it is very, very, very bright, eye-searingly white, and with a very loud sound that may be Faruja's imaginings of a chorus of angels singing. He came to this city prepared to impress, the rat. "REPENT, WITCH!"

Sorry Avira, Faruja's doing the exact opposite of your advice.
Vespa Vespa just facepalms at the knight. "..and things go from bad to worse...", she yells out. "Stop yelling at her or she might turn you into a newt!"
Oathkeeper "Oh yes deary! It's witchcraft!" Mad Madam Mim answers him, grabbing her puffy dress at the sides and twirls in front of him, showing off her form. "Aren't I just hideous? Isn't it amazing?" She asks him gleefully. "For I am the magnificent, marvelous Mad Madam Mim." She jumps around as if dancing to some kind of unheard song.

"And dark magic is my dish of tea!" Even her voice is grating. "You've not even seen anything yet~" She just starts cackling happily. "I've been trying to get your attention my boy!" She reaches her hand out towards Claude, who looks nothing if not disgusted. The man slaps her hand away with the back of his hand, and then quickly proceeds to clean off his hand with a little napkin he carries with him.

"I won't have anything to do with /your kind/, 'witch'." Claude Frollo points out with an annoyed tone to his voice.

"You won't? But what if I do thiiiis?" She twirls around, transforming right before his very own eyes, turning into the pastel version of the Gypsy dancing just a few meters away from her. "Don't you fancy this?" Claude seems to be taken aback. "Stop your witchcraft, woman! I will have none of it! Guards, take her away!"

The two guards on either side approach her, drawing their blades, just as the woman suddenly transforms once again into... well... a huge fat madam mim with a warty pigface. "Don't be like that now!" She warns. "Come on, let's play..." The guards are quick to back off - but the lance falling next to her does draw the woman's attention. Frollo seems glad that /SOMEONE CAN DO THEIR JOB HERE/. Even if it's apparently just a rat in uniform. 'Oh god, why must thy test me so?'

Mad Madam Mim coughs in her hand and tries to draw attention back to her, ignoring Faruja. "Shush, before I turn you into a toad! A really warty one!" She declares, and then turns back to Claude (Nothing liike Van Damme) Frollo.

"Let's play..."

"A little game."

A sense of dread descends upon the area. Somehow, whatever this woman means with 'little game'... is no good.
Hati "Oh? I'm sure a few nezumi saints would have a thing or two to say about what we were doing a few nights ago." It sounds worse than it is, really. They probably just got drunk and caused a ruckous at the local bar or something. then again, it's more fun when your imagination thinks the wrong thing, isn't it?

Hati doesn't have much of a chance to elaborate, because, true to his word, the troublesome Templar goes off and does something stupid. In response, the werewolf just looks to Avira, and deadpans. "See what I mean about failing miserably? I could chain him to a chair in a prison cel at the bottom of a dungeon and he'd /still/ find a way to make an ass of himself." The werewolf rubs at her temple slightly.

"I better go after him and make sure that he doesn't end up getting himself killed." Pause. "Again."

The light display does little to impress the non-believer in Hati, and she simply weaves her way through the crowd, heading closer to the 'action'. She's just in time to hear about this 'little game', ears folding back. "What have you gotten us into this time?" Yes, because it's /all/ Faruja's fault. Obviously.
Nagetta Nagetta doesn't a know ton about humans, but it usually wasn't a good idea to refer to one as hideous. "Maybe you just leave her alone and enjoy the party?" Of course she doesn't know who Mim is, but all she's done so far is transform from a bird to a human. She doesn't see why they were making a huge deal about it. Plus upsetting her didn't seem like a good idea.
Vespa A witch wanting to play a game? She doupts this will end well. Vespa ready to act if things gret really out of hand, and consdering she calls herself mad, they proably will. "I'm going to need another drink.."
Deelel Deelel is just going to leave Hati and Faruja's own issues out of this one way or another but well she's not got much time to say more as she spots the witch showing up. She just kind stared for a moment and went for the disc on her back as she has a very bad feeling about this. When Avira brings up she's hostile to Merlin. Yes that's about enough to seal things at this point. There goes Faruja after the witch, things are just going to get nuts now. As she stares at Mim for a moment.

"Wait his attention, what?"

Deelel does not like the implications of the whole game thing to her that means blood sport and she's got no desire for that.

"I have no desire for whatever game you intend to inflict here."
Warden Thache The 'Great Captain Spooks' and his assistant Nickoli simply watch as everything starts to break loose. The man on the stage...well...he's very happy to have that bird away from him. Espicially when that bird turns into an old hag. The man seems more amused as someone gets accused of Witchcraft.


Where there are wolves and cats and talking animals and rat-knights are walking around. His hair-ears twitch just slightly. Freeking rat-knights and their bright magelights.

At least /someone/ however appriciates his word, and Hati gets a deep bow at the applause she gives. Avira recieves a bow from Spooks as well, and a cheerful grin that reveals just a /slightest/ hint of fanged canines.

The racoon lifts from the horses head, flapping back to the stage where Warden stands. Lighting on his shoulder once again before asiding to the Captain. "...I thought /we/ were suposed to be the entertainment."

He smiles once more before pulling an apple out of a pocket. A flick of his wrist and it sails over the crowd to connect with a mug of mead, one that goes slideing down the table to end up a hands span away from Vespa.

He's considerate the captain.

"I think everyone is going to need a bit more to drink after this..." He gives his opinion from his stange, even as his crowd seems to be more intrested in the knight and the witch. Her feeling of worry and dread causing shifts in the crowd, but the captain seems more amused and perhaps annoyed that he isn't going to get more of a take from this.

He blames the rat.
Aerith Aerith grimaced. "Yeah, that was the one, Avira." Suddenly she didn't think it was going to be fun anymore, and braced herself for whatever was about to happen. "I have a feeling we won't have a choice in playing this..."
Faruja Senra Two rat-ears are folded back. He inwardly crosses his fingers that did /some/ good. A brief memory of last night, lots of partying, a bar fight with a Bangaa, and one broken table that he's not taking responsibility for. Trouble may be his middle name, but at least Hati is having influence on him. Good or bad? Who knows. He's certainly not enlightening those around him about last night. Grin!

Someone's sleeping on the couch tonight, isn't he? He manages to look sheepish at Hati. "...Would ye believe it to be a carefully calculated political maneuver, and naught a spur of the moment, rash, idiotic decision?" Dumb question, rat. His gaze hardens as it goes back to Min.

"Unfortunately, my love, methinks my former assessment may well be unfounded." There's magic, there alright. He has a /bad/ feeling about this. A gesture, and that javelin is in his hand, gripped more seriously this time.

"Bah! I hath been turned to animals by far better sorceresses than thee!" Never let it be said Faruja can properly control his temper. The Captain's right though. All his fault.
Avira Avira slowly palms her face at Faruja's reaction. Granted, she did expect some kind of hersey-howling declaration from the nezumi. But this over the top..? Well if anything, it seems to be earning points with the local priest. She can't help but feel a little sorry for Frollo-as uptight as he looked, Madame Mim was arguably much worse. "To be fair, I haven't seen him get this worked up in a while." she tells Hati. Avira does not follow the werewolf after her mate, keeping distance for now. She's seen the two of these people fight. If they needed more backup she would step in but she felt pretty confident they could take this witch.

She feels for Deelel though. Avira knows what 'games' meant in HER world. Voxelsports. Nasty things.

"Oh there's always a choice." Avira adds pleasantly, watching the adorable little Spooks fly on back to his posse. Troupe? Minions? "Though I would like to choose to not become a mouse today."
Oathkeeper "Oh no, I insist. I like games, you see?" The woman claps her hands together and makes a mad pirouette, jumps up and down twice, and then finally becomes small again. Not seconds later, pulls out this fat book right from out underneath the collar of her clothing. Nobody wants to know just where that was hiding.

That's when she realizes that she heard a specific name just a few seconds ago. She twirls and points at Avira. "Of course I would attack that old coot! People think he's all that - while I have more magic in my pinky than he has in that entire old body of his." She wags a finger at Avira as if this proves it.

That finger then quickly is aimed at Faruja. "A /better sorceres?" She flicks her finger, and suddenly instead of Faruja, there sits a cute little bunny on the floor. "I~" A toad. "Would think not." A fancy gentleman. "For I am the Magnificent,~" Faruja turns into a tiny mouse. "Mad Madam Mim!" And back into his good ol' Faruja shape. It must be a bit unsettling, to turn from one animal into another in such rapid succession.

She turns towards the crowd. "Everyone gets to play a game! You are all here for the festival of fools~ where everything is different and opposite! That's /just/ my cup of tea!" And open goes the book, for everyone to see, and she slowly pages onto the first page. "This one? No..." Page page page. "This one?" Page page page. "Ah here we go! This is just perfect! Yes."

She jumps to the side, and begins to sing as clouds above her begin to rumble. White and black sparkles begin to descend from the book.

"A Curse for this Kingdom, a curse you will see~!"

"They want a Feast of Fools"
"And Fools they will Be!"

She pirouettes again as magic begins to fill the skies.

The two children who had attempted to pickpocket Hati and Faruja begin to show changes, suddenly sprouting bunny-ears out of nowhere.

"Left will be Right"
"And good will be bad"

"For upon this land I cast a blight"
"And mice will hunt cat"

People might start noticing the magic beginning the affect those around them. Here and there people change a little. In others, their personality begins to change - visibly from the expression on their faces. Some people grow a bit of fur. Some furry people lose a bit of fur! Things are slowly starting to become opposites.

But only so very slowly.
Hati It's already bad enough that her significant other happens to be a rat, but to turn him into a bunny? You know, she is a /wolf/ right? Hati stares for a moment, but by the time she manages to find her voice and try to ask the old witch to change him back, he's already swapping forms again. "You brought this on yourself, love." She mutters, shaking her head.

It's probably too much to hope that when he turns back to normal, that it would be the end of the witch's shenanigans. Of course not. As much as Hati tries to avoid getting on the bad side of various evil doers, and avoiding all that heroic nonsense, she can tell when something bad is about to go down.

A shiver goes up her entire body in one of those comical, animated sort of shivers. Her tail puffs, her ears fluff out, and whatever she was going to say gets choked off into a small surprised sound. "What in the ..." Stare. That sounded odd. Hati's normally bold voice is ... quiet, almost meek.

"Um. Faruja? Maybe we should go. I don't think we should cause any more trouble." Her ears are all tucked down. She reaches a hand timidly towards his robes. She seems to struggling, though. The curse trying to override her usually tough-as-nails nature. "I don't like this." She murmurs like some whiny anime girl. This cannot be good.
Nagetta They just had to go and provoke the witch, Nagetta had just came to the festival to get something to eat and socialize. Now it seemed like they were all cursed. Her tail itched all of a sudden which was odd since she had shed her scales not that long ago. Suddenly a few black snake scales flaked off of it revealing pale human flesh. A confused look fills her face, "What just happened?"
Vespa "Oh <Gooshonk..", is a Vespa says as she looks up as the clouds start to rumble and black and white sparkles start to cover the city..

"Oh my. This won't do at all! Just look at this mess!", she says pointing down at the scales littering the ground. "I just have to clean this up!", and a broom! appears in her hands and she starts sweeping the scales into a pile!
Faruja Senra Faruja is a bunny. A one-eyed bunny holding a very tiny, pointy stick. Somewhere out in the crowd, there's another bunny that faints dead away at the sounds and bunny-language he's using. Then he's a toad. Ribbit! Not again! At least Reize isn't around this time. He could definitely go for a kiss from Hati though. Poomf! Cue dapper gentleman. Faruja desires tea, though that's not too different from normal. Then he's a tiny rat. When he finally turns back, the Burmecian is /seething/.

"...I suppose I did." Mutters the rat through clenched teeth at his love. Grrrrr!

Faruja, too, can't help but shiver. All of a sudden, he looks slightly less fluffy...and taller!? Somehow, the Burmecian may just be standing up straighter.

"Mmm, quite. Bunch of fools, they are. Look at superstitious. No doubt they'll huddle in their churches soon, raving some nonesense about witches and other things." It's good Faruja's not in Mullonde, because if he was, he'd be hung already.

"These filthy commoners are stinking up the streets, anyway. Who cares what the mage does to them." His voice, though always proper, takes on a nasally, snooty voice. He even tilts up his head a bit.

"What say ye to a spot of tea and ballroom dancing, my dear? Best to not get involved with the rabble." Some things never change.
Avira Avira's hand slooooowly comes to rest on the unusual-looking hilt of her blade. "You attacked him at a very, very inconvenient time if I recall correctly!" she blurts out. "But that's basically ancient history now." Boom. Faruja Bunny. Faruja toad. Faruja mouse (tiny...mouse). Avira recoils a little, a frown on her face.

"What's with all the cursing lately? Is it that time of the month for sorcerors or something? That would explain a lot." Avira takes a step backwards, a sick feeling in her stomach. It does occur to her that she quite specifically said 'this kingdom' in the terms of the curse, so Mim's magic was going to be local. Leaving should end the effects righ-"Oh no everyone's turning into animals now." An old, familiar feeling of bones shifting starts to gather inside of her and Avira backs up again, knowing what was coming. If she left fast enough then-

Avira pauses, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Hmmm. Yesss, I think I /will/ stick around a little while. This will prove to be entertaining, if the results of this spell upon that rat templar and his pet wolf are any indication. Ehehehehehehe..." she cackles, rolling her shoulders and bracing for the shift she feels coming. This time, as she turns back into her mutate form-perhaps, some might consider, her true form, it certainly doesn't hurt.
Oathkeeper "For with this Grimoire"
"I have the power"

"To make cats love dogs"
"And priests join the witches in bogs"

A sly grin follows this up, as Claude Frollo suddenly transforms, his body turning even uglier... turning into that of what he despises most. A hunchback. Mad Madame Mim seems absolutely ecstatic. "Ah, beautiful! Now let's take you with me deary." Mad Madame Mim ignores the chaos that erupts on the plaza, taking Frollo's hand and drawing him into the church. The Grimoire closes.

She is not 'expecting' anyone to come and follow her. And it's likely that nobody would have the chance amidst the chaos that is erupting not just across the city of Paris, but is quickly spreading throughout the entire Old Kingdom.

Just at the edge of the door, she waves at them with a lame handed waggle. "Enjoy yourselves, dearies! Enjoy the game! I know I will~"
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment...

And then, things happened.

She shivered as she felt something shift. Something she wouldn't think of before now. A thought, a naggling one. She shakes her head for a moment to try and clear it, but it comes up again... and with it, a grin.

Wait, that's not the usual Aerith grin. This one's a bit less... inhibited. "Mmmmmm..." She glanced around, wondering where she could find some fun, the look in her eyes far different than the one she usually had.
Deelel Deelel isn't sure what the heck is going on wait another curse? She moves to act, however it's too late, as she's caught in the magic herself. Deelel meanwhile grips on the nearest person or thing she's not feeling well. Something does not feel right at all with her she is being effected.

"I don't feel good, Faruja."

She looks at Faruja for a moment she clearly could use some help here.

"Maira, Avira...?"
Hati Elsewhere in the city, a Beast lurks on the rooftops, watching the events unfold down below. Dissarray growls to herself, "What is that old hag up to?" Her claws dig into the stone, leaving long scratches in someone's fireplace. "No one said anything about a..." The curse seems to catch hold in an instant, causing the Beast to clutch at her chest, "No... I won't..." Just at that moment, her voice shifts and it's like a second person is talking, "We have to go protect those people! That witch could hurt them!" The beast steps forward... then stops, grimacing. "Damn you, you old bat." Dissarray snarls in her own voice, turning to escape before the spell can catch hold, even if it's likely too late.

Let's not forget Zia, who is probably somewhere in the city with Skoll. "Skoll, something doesnae feel right." Then it hits all at once. Her transformation is, perhaps, as dramatic as Avira's. The white gargoyle simply shifts her wings and in a matter of a blink of an eye, her color pallet has been swapped. Red hair, dark wings, blood red tattoos across her face and arms. The gargoyle looks down at her hands and laughs - it's one of those maniac laughs that it seems most baddies have to practice a lifetime to perfect. "Oh boo hoo. It's amusing to watch the poor wee humans so rattled. It'll make it all that much easier to bend them to our will." She glances towards Skoll then, a wicked grin on dark red lips.

As for Hati? Well, the werewolf just nods her head meekly. "Of course, Master Faruja. Anything you wish." The girl clings on to one of the ex-Templar's arms, smiling shyly, as if there was nothing better for her in the world than to do as he wishes.
Oathkeeper And somewhere besides Zia, stands the most badass Werewolf there ever stood within the city of Paris, scars adorning his body, and a sly grin on his face. "Yes, we must do away with these 'humans' - and forever destroy the recipe of the greatest and most disgusting thing that ever existed in this world."

His head turns towards the camera, and with the most disgusted sound he can conjure, he growls;

Warden Thache "A curse?" Captain Nickolai looks up towards the sky as it clouds. Then back down towards Spooks, then back up at the sky. Slowly the good captain brings his hand to his temple and rubs. In unisin with Spooks he mutters. "I don't get paid enough to deal with this."

Its then that he feels that magic tug at him. Then tug again, then tug a different way. Its like he's being pulled apart and rebuilt to suit some odd mirror image. He can feel it, his hair shifting. His body twisting just enough so he doesn't know it quite well enough.

When all is said and done? Well the once-feline looks more canine. Puppish canine instead of tigerish feline.

It only gets worse from there.

He looks out upon the crowd of people, the chaos that is happening around him.

And something horrible happens.


Thats right. Mim turned him into a charitable man.

Coins and coin pouches fly out to the crowd, little trinkets as well. Some of them might even be trinkets that some people in the crowed /owned/ a little bit before! He is generous! He is charitable!

He is going to /shoot/ someone when this curse breaks.

Spooks helps though! Toddling around the crowd as a massive burrowing armadillo the size of a rather large dog. Handing out trinkets and gifts with his stubby claws.
Nagetta Nagetta's tail suddenly wraps around Vespa as she stares into the maid's eyes. "Did anyone ever tell you how pretty you are?" More scales fall off and she turns complete red. "What am I doing...?" The shy lamia wasn't normally a flirt, in fact she tried to avoid using that power. Still she felt somewhat tempted by Vespa presence.
Vespa Vespa smiles at truly adrorable smile at Nagetta. "Oh dearie, it nice and all but you should go and find yourself a proper fellow.", she light pats Nagatta on her head. She carefully pulls herself out of Nagetta's embrase and goes back to her cleaning.
Faruja Senra Grin! "Yes, come along my sweet. /Proper/ little maiden ye are...naught a peep!" Grab! Faruja sweeps Hati off into his arms, leading her away towards a high-class restaurant. Along the way, he suddenly procures a top-hat. There are also a few missing coin purses. Innocent whistle.
Chita A female Viera in clothing that is way too tight and small walks along the streets, tall ears perked up and seeming rather disoriented. She was wearing mens clothing at the moment, a dress suit that was rather ratty-looking, despite looking well made. It was simply a few sizes too small around the chest and looked about ready to bust. "Tch... how did I get involved in this. I am certainly not going to kill that idiot for suggesting I go here. Now I am... what is even wrong with me?"

Running a hand along her hips up towards her chest, then looking confused, Chita squeezes a boob before acking and trying to slap them off her chest, "The hell is on my chest?!" Instinctively jumping away from the obvious creatures that were there, she squeaks and the moment she lands curls up on the ground as if suddenly realizing something frightening was there. "This all makes total sense!"
Nagetta emit "But love and beauty know no gender. Why don't we get you out of that stuffy maid outfit and into something more comfortable?" Nagetta continues to gaze into Vespa's eyes, part of her trying to resist and pull away. She needs to find somewhere nice and dark to hide until this wears off. She turns away and slithes off but it's not too long until she sees Chita. "Now that's more like it!" She suddenly turns red and slaps herself in the face trying to get a grasp on things.
Vespa "Oh my.", Vespa says turing a bit red. "But this outfit is quite comfortable!", she smiles and slowly start to back away from Nagetta. "Oh look at all those dirty windows"!, she wanders away from Nagetta and pulls out a cloth from somewhere and start cleaning windows!
Rhiannon Zellen "........."

Quietly, a familiar woman stands behind the freaking out Chita, white lab coat and distinct double bun hairstyle marking her as Rhiannon Zellen. "Um...I think you..." She spoke hesitantly, and then trailed off, unsure of herself. "...I-I'm not saying I'm right, but...your body must have been altered through some sort of spell...or a higher class of magic..."

Looking away and rubbing an arm, still horribly shy and embarrassed, her eyes turned downwards and her cheeks turned a little red. "...Something's not...right here..." The more she spoke, the more it seemed like she wanted to be invisible and vanish. "W-We should...go somewhere else..." Lacking confidence, soft-spoken, shy, easily embarrassed, who was this and what happened to the /real/ Rhiannon Zellen!?
Aerith "Oh... oh my."

Aerith smirked as she saw something very, very interesting. Oh yes, this would do nicely. She walked over toward Chita, her movements a bit more eye-catching. "Well hello there, beautiful. Though you used to be far more... handsome... than this, I like you this way too." She chuckled, a hand on her right hip. A glance toward Rhiannon... and her smile widened. "And you brought your usual date! How nice... maybe we could add one more."
Reize Seatlan Deep within the shadows, a figure lurks out beyond the sights of mortal man. Here, the good and the just. However, what was once one thing became another. Within that other is something that hangs in the shadows above the buildings of Norte Dame.

Within that building is none other than the Boy with the Long Yellow Scarf, staring down to the people milling about.


A couple of knights, who once appeared to be noblemen that were traveling with the boy. However, they look like thugs at this time.

Reize turns towards the knights with a grin. "Let's start taking over this town, bit by bit." A grin forms on his face, "...Everyone will bow before my might..."

Cue ominous lightning as he brings both hands to his side, strutting. "Aahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha!"
Deelel Deelel Staggers some more and gasphs and takes a deep breath. While Deelel could breaths he's never felt like she's had to she gaps and just feels strange her senses feel off some things are stronger, or new others.

"What's going on I don't feel right..."

It's clear now she's breathing and she looks at Reize very confused herself.
Chita Hearing Rhiannon, Chita growls softly as if she was about to do something, then Aerith approaches and speaks. Slowly standing up and patting over herself once more to try and get a better idea... "And what do you want?" he asks towards Aerith. "The hell away from me, I'm busy." And with that, she turns and faces Rhiannon before reaching out and grabbing the seemingly embarrassed and nervous scientist by the scruff of her dress, pulling her close and saying directly to her face, "You have something that is mine and I want it, now."

There was no threat from Chita. It was implied, and she didn't think it was necessary to say exactly what said 'or else' was.
Nagetta "Only one more?" Nagetta looks at Aerith, Chita, Rhiannon. She makes a cracking motion with her tail that's starting to split into two. "You're no fun at all. Yes...we should get out of here..." The timid lamia manages to regain control for a few seconds there. "Try and run, and you'll be punished." So much for that.
Warden Thache The now charitable captain of entertainment and amusement, Warden continues spree. The man seems intent on not raking in a profit at all tonight. He's ignoring easy marks, beautiful women, and noblemen that he could easily fleece in order to give back to the people!

Yes. He is entirely insane. a huge doberman sized armadillo at the moment...worders without fear right up to Reize to helpfully press a bag of coins into his hands before toddling off again.

Warden himself now leaps off the stage. "My friends! Please! I will be holding free shows daily now, no need for tips or payment! All I ask is that you enjoy yourselves! Please! Take some free passes! Infact let me buy everyone a drink!"

...he'll start with getting one for Avira. Along with a free pass to his show! Since she looks so happy in intresting!

I mean just look how she's laughing! Thats totally healthy.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Oh, that sounds fun indeed." She turned toward Nagetta. "I always did wonder what was under that tail of yours... guess we know now, huh?" Aerith sashayed toward the rapidly-changing Naga. "So then, what now? You wanna join us?"
Rhiannon Zellen "H-Huh...?" Rhia meekly mumbled in surprise as Chita grabbed and pulled her close. "......I-I don't know what you're talking about? When...when did I ever have anything of yours?" At least she was still logical. Averting her eyes, unable to meet Chita's for too long, she eventually spoke again. "C-Could you please let go? You're too close. It's...uncomfortable..."
Chita Listening to those around, it was really tempting to simply finally be done with Rhiannon for the Viera, simply get rid of her and take the weapon and be on her way. But, with all these people around it would likely be quite hard to manage. Especially with this new body. Which is why she decides to pull her just a little closer and whisper something to Rhiannon before letting go of her dress and instead slipping an arm around her lower back.

"I do believe these two here wanted to keep us company for a while. It would be quite nice to get out of this city and away from such a crowded area. So much to do and far too many around who may not like such. Not that I care, I simply wish to avoid the inconvenience."
5r Pause. Pause.

"So, Aerith - lead the way." and her arm around Rhiannons lower back showed she had no intention of letting the meek scientist worm her way out and go hide somewhere.
Aerith Aerith confidently strode away from the plaza, intent on causing mischief. Or just doing something she'd never think of doing otherwise, whichever came first. Was she out to cause harm? Oh no! But she certainly wasn't going to hold back on anything, either.
Nagetta Nagetta follows them as well, leaving a trail of scales behind her. The one's around her waist were starting to form a makeshift cover for her new legs. It seems like the magic was designed to keep her from revealling too much at least.
Rhiannon Zellen "..........."

After hearing what was whispered, it seemed like Rhia had paled considerably. Desperately wanting to run away, she found the option long gone. Even now, it wasn't like the scientist was defenseless. She still knew exactly how to fight and how to use magic, but...

...With this change of personality, it seemed like it wasn't something she'd do just yet. So with that set in, Rhia just walked along at Chita's behest, desperately wishing that she could escape this nightmare.
Aerith Aerith's senses were still active, even under the influence of this spell. And it wasn't like she didn't feel for the woman she clearly remembers disliking with a passion, once upon a time. Perhaps it's time to liven things up.

They exited the plaza and headed for a nearby inn. It was time to make some plans.

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