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(2014-01-06 - Now)
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Chita Once outside the castle and walking down the drive, Chita 'looks' over his shoulder and gives a soft snort then says to Aerith, who was still there with him, "Good riddance anyways." A bit more grumbly than usual for him but he did seem to be in a bad mood. "Somewhere besides the inn? Why? What did you have in mind? I know nothing about this place, truly, nor where anything is. The most I could offer is to let you guide Senra... or drag you off into the woods somewhere blindly."

As he said that he reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a long silver whistle, blowing on it silently to summon his Chocobo. Appearing next to them, Senra simply looks between the two quietly as if waiting for some kind of instruction.
Aerith Aerith glanced toward Chita as he scoffed at the party. It was his choice to do so, and so she didn't respond. "If we know nothing about a place, there is a simple remedy to that." She ran her fingers along Senra's beak with a smile. "We explore."

Aerith hopped onto the chocobo's saddle, leaving enough room for Chita to be in front. "Come on, let's go get lost."
Chita Something Chita couldn't divine was where Aerith had choose to sit. Which is why he felt around on the Chocobo to find out where she was. Once he realized she was where he normally sat, he casually reaches up and places a hand onto her lower back to scoot her a bit more forward without really asking. "You are a bit far back. With you dress, simple advice from one who used to wear them... if you sit that far back, I will have to sit on your dress and it could possibly rip the front."

Once that was done, though, he casually slipped onto the Chocobo and let his arms slip around her sides to grasp for the reigns. "Unless, of course, you hiked it up far enough that anyone who could see would enjoy the sight." Teasing tone, of course, as he said that.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Well two could play at that, it seemed. She leaned back into him and looked up at the tree tops. "Come on, let's go. It's beautiful out here tonight, and we might as well enjoy what the evening has for us."
Chita "I might have, if I could still see." As far as he could tell, she was being a smartass about him being blind, which was nothing new for him. He was fairly used to people making jokes about such in an attempt to not be awkward. Raising his hands a bit and offering the reins to Aerith, his arms instead simply wrapped around her stomach for lack of nothing lse to really do with them.

"What about you? Why are you out here tonight?" It was hard to pretend he didn't enjoy the company though. As much as he had no real interest in non-Vieran women, he wasn't the type to really enjoy being alone. So with Rhia having ditched him to do whatever, it was nice to have company.

"Go wherever you like, then."
Aerith Aerith gave the reins a gentle snap and guided Senra forward, through the trees and undergrowth. "You know, there are a lot of things that change at night time. The air smells different, certain plants come into bloom, you start to see and hear things you never thought you could before. Everything heightens and sharpens when the sun goes down." She closed her eyes and let Senra go where he wanted to for a few moments. "I can appreciate that a lot more with all the worlds being mashed together like this. Growing up, I never got to see the sky... not once. It made me afraid of it."
Chita Listening to what she had to say quietly while enjoying the scent of her hair, albeit not really trying to make it known beyond that he was simply breathing and his nose happened to be there, when she speaks of being afraid of the sky he laughs softly. "How silly, being afraid of the sky. And I could not say... I have always seen and heard a fair bit more than humes, so the thought of suddenly sensing something new is foreign."

Senra was smart enough to not run them into a branch or something of the sort, simply waking in the direction he was last urged in."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "It is, really. Thinking back on it, it was very silly to be afraid of something like that. But when you grow up in a part of town where the sun never shines, and you never see an ounce of the outside..." She takes in a breath of the evening air. "...things tend to be skewed."

Aerith opened her eyes. "I wasn't snooping around Rhiannon, you know. In fact, I'd rather not see her at all... I just know her personality because that's the kind of environment I was raised in." She grimaced. "I can't tell where I came from or how I got where I was. All I can tell you is that I got that same look for most of my childhood..."
Chita Arms squeezing just a little tighter around her stomach, Chita's nose slips next to her cheek, soon his cheek against hers before he says, "Just how much of my personal time have you been snooping into? Or hers, for that matter? I never told you her name, so you at least researched enough to find it. I do not appreciate being lied to, especially since I have never lied to you. Well, directly anyways, excluding the cross-dressing bit."

It was strange. His tone seemed a bit more... accusing than he normally would.
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "I didn't. She introduced her unpleasant self to me one day in Goug... asking for blood samples as if it were the easiest thing in the world to get. And she asked as if no one in the bar had a choice."
Chita Where normally he might apologize, instead, he simply nodded. Nodded, and let his face sink down against her neck, a little easier with how she was leaning back against him. "I admit I am a bit of a loss for conversation tonight. I hope you won't hold that against me." then he paused, and realized the half bad pickup line in that and chuckled. "Why did you want to... 'help' me tonight anyways? Times like this I simply get angry and want to break something... for lack of anything or one else to do such to."
Aerith Aerith chuckled as well. But of course, when he asked why she wanted to help him, a thousand answers came to mind. None of them were good enough at all, and they sounded like excuses, even to her. "I can't pick one reason off the top of my head," she replied after a while, "so I'll just sum them all up into one thing." She glanced over at him. "Because I wanted to. It's who I am, and it's what I do."
Chita "I see. And who am I, then?" as he asks that, he presses a soft kiss against her neck and continues by saying, "Other than an idiot who is trying a bit too hard to save someone who themselves has no interest in being saved. Or, perhaps they are incapable of helping it." as far as he was concerned, he was much less the 'lawful Judge do-gooder' lately than he used to be.
Aerith Aerith closed her eyes and smiled again at the kiss. She knew it... that was why he trusted her, why he followed her around. She didn't want to say it at the party, she wanted to let *him* say it out loud. "You're someone who lives their truth. You can't help but try and reform someone you think can be saved, even if it seems hopeless. Your truth is this: everyone deserves justice and mercy. Not everyone will take the mercy, and not everyone will act in the name of justice, but you'll still dispense it." She smiled. "That's who you are, and that's what you do."
Chita As he listened, Chita simply relaxed, letting his Chocobos own self-guided path take them wherever. He wasn't really concerned about monsters or animals, feeling confident enough in himself and, quite frankly, his Chocobo to simply run away with them atop if something came up. Towards the end he smiled a little and said, "Yes, well, I'm tired of being that way. I never get anything at all out of it other than injuries and my only real companion being a Choocobo. Perhaps I shall simply be selfish for a change... take what I want, or my due, instead of hoping others are kind enough to give me such."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "If you feel it's getting hard for you, do what you feel you need to." She reached up to touch his right cheek. "After all, I think you're due a break from being a knight, right?" Oh she knew he was a Judge, but that was basically the same thing.

Senra stopped just then, in front of a clearing in the forest. The moon shone through, casting the place in its silver glow, and the stars winked down at them through the break in the trees. "I think this is a nice place to rest for a bit. Thank you, Senra."
Chita "..."

When Chita felt Senra stop, he could tell they were in a clearing. The sound was different in a way that probably only one who could hear like a Viera could. "Oh Aerith, please avoid saying things like that to me." his voice soft against her neck, he hopped down off the Chocobo by slipping off behind and carefully walked towards the sound of running water, a little trickling spring. "I am quite tempted after all. More than you may realize." He's been playing polite with Aerith for a while after all. Generally polite, accepting that she had no interest in him beyond a friend, accepting that he was simply lonely and had no interest in her past wanting someone around - or at least, that was how it used to be before he found himself confused as to why he seemed to think a bit more about her than that.
Aerith Aerith slid from the back of the chocobo. "I don't know why you always think I'm trying to toy with you on these things. I mean, I just don't do that kind of thing!" She slid out of her heels and walked around barefoot, even going so far as to turn a few times, a content smile on her face. "I always mean what I say, don't I?"
Chita "Because you know quite well I have felt awkward around you for some time now, since you found yourself in my heart." grumble grumble. As he got to the creek and leaned down towards it, he breathed the scent in a moment to check and see how fresh the water was. The source of it was relatively nearby, not too far downstream. Standing up again, Chita turns towards the sound of Aerith turning around where she was and makes his way over towards her.

"And to tell the truth... I know next to nothing of you. Next to nothing, and yet you know so much about me." He held his hand out towards her as he approached, as if inviting her to take it.

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