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(2013-12-28 - Now)
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Chita It might have come as a surprise to some when Chita of all individuals approached Valkyrie HQ and left a message with whoever responded to his knocking that he had hoped Maira, if she was there, could meet him at Cloud Nine for conversation and possibly a night out, if she was in the mood. Not quite a date so much as inviting someone he thought himself friendly enough with somewhere to talk and, at some point, give her the gift he had picked up for her in response for the holidays. Given his lack of sight, it's entirely possible she would have gotten to Cloud Nine before him if she got the message in a timely enough fashion. Or if not, she'd find him inside, sitting at one of the tables here off in one corner with his back to the wall. A blindfold around his eyes, a large fluffy cloak, mens, laying over the back of the chair next to him. His attire today consisted of a nice enough vest and flannel shirt, and a pair of flexible, if not relatively tight-fitting, jean pants. In front of him was a large bottle of Vieran wine that he had picked up somewhere and he seemed to be enjoying a rather sizeable glass of it himself.
Maira "Drinking alone? Always heard you shouldn't drink alone. Though I think its a pretty silly rule! Why not, after all?" she asks, taking the seat across from Chita. Maira had been all too happy to get out of HQ for a little while. The others were busy, and she was just /bored/. Additionally, she has a present to exchange as well.

"Well, thanks for inviting me out...heh. I was feeling a little cooped up anyway. How are you doing?" she asks.
Chita "Alone only until you get here. Now I am drinking with a beautiful woman." The way he said it was obviously meant more to be flattering and friendly than him trying to hit on her in any fashion. Reaching out to stand up using the table as a guide, he steps over and offers a hand towards Maira, planning to use her hand, if taken, as a guide to lean in and give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I hope you have been well? Pour yourself some wine, though do be careful about having too much. It is quite strong and while I would be willing to carry you somewhere to sleep it off, I am quite sure people would assume me to be taking advantage of you. Your friends do so love making assumptions."

He chuckled faintly at the last bit as he went to sit back down.
Maira Maira smiles and laughs a little, flushing slightly at the compliment. "Hey, I could be an absolute mess and you wouldn't know," she teases, good-natured. If his blindness is to be permanent, well, she hopes he'll have a sense of humor. That's important, she thinks. She takes the hand to guide him to he doesn't miss the hug, returning it gently before retaking her seat and reaching to poor some wine.

"Heh don't worry, I'll just have a bit. And to be fair to my isn't personal, and they have some really good reasons for being protective," she answers.
Chita Yes, he still had a sense of humor regarding such. He's quite used to being the butt of jokes regarding it at the moment. "Well yes, but who needs to see you to know you are beautiful? I can hear the smile in your tone and what is prettier than a smiling lady?"

Yes, he was laying it on thick, but it was punishment on his part for teasing him about his sight.

Taking his seat again, he takes a long drink from his wine and says, "You have always been quite good at protecting yourself from what I recall. Something about fire magic? I am scared of you, I cannot imagine others are not as well."
Maira Maira groans quietly at his words, rolling her eyes. "Ooh stop," she pleads, shaking her head. She sips her wine, and orders some food while she's at it.

"I can some, of course...but everyone needs help sometimes. Plus....well, there is...things," she says, waving a hand as she sighs quietly. "I've been kidnapped way too many times, pretty ready to be done with that happening."

"So! What have you been up to?" she asks. "Oh, and I have your holiday gift, hang on..." she says, reaching into her pack to pull out a small package. "Its not much...but I did make it," she says. Inside is a folded up scarf, a cool grey color. Soft and warm. "You probably don't even get cold, but...yeah."
Chita "Getting into trouble, pissing others off, nothing abnormal. Though truly you did not need to give me anything." He reaches his hands out carefully and feels around before finding the package and taking it towards him to feel around. Eventually he finds it and smiles a little, "Thank you." when he realized what it was. He actually didn't even wear his old scarf anymore given he had relegated it to a more useful purpose than warming his neck. It was a small thing, but he actually looked happy as he worked to put it on properly.

"I did get you something too, though I do not truly understand the holiday. I was simply told that about now humes tend to give one another things, so why not." Reaching into the cloak next to him he pulls out a small wrapped package and offers it over. It's actually quite badly wrapped, but what can one expect from one who cannot see? Inside was a bottle of rather expensive perfume, from Manhattan. 'L Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two' specifically. It is a rather smokey womens scent that might make one think of a warm fireplace.
Maira Maira smiles happily, glad to see he likes it. "It suits you! I knew that would be a good color," she replies, chipper.

She takes the box then, unconcerned with shoddy wrapping jobs. "Oooh...perfume!? Really? Wow.." she says, giving it a sniff. She knows how much these things cost in Manhattan. "Oouu...I love it! Thank you Chita. That's really nice of you," she remarks, opening the bottle to apply a little. "Now you'll be able to track me by scent, hmm?" she laughs.

"Trouble, pissing people off....yup, sounds like you alright!" she laughs teasingly. "I hope you're not getting into TOO much trouble've had enough."
Chita The remark about tracking her caused him to chuckle in a knowing way before saying, "A Viera's nose and ears are quite strong. There are scents and aspects of ones manner of movement that often can identify someone even without sight." he did sigh at that and add, "I do wish humes would think about such though before they try to quietly relieve pent up air from inside them. It is quite annoying at times." His attempt at a joke, may or may not be taken as funnier than gross.
Hard to say. "As for the trouble I am getting in... it is of my own doing, and a fair bit by any standards. It is something I have to do, though, and nothing to bore you with. I had meant to ask, though... do you know how to search another to see if they are being affected by mind-altering magics?"
Maira Maira snickers, though she gently kicks him under the table at the fart joke. "Like viera don't get gassy," she retorts.

"Bore me? Oh come on, just tell me," she says with another roll of her eyes.

She tilts her head in question then. "Mind-altering magic? Maybe. I have a little experience, and I might be able to tell," she answers. "Though I bet I know someone who would be able to tell for sure. Thing is, I doubt I could convince him to do it, nor can I him without...complications."
Chita The kick caught him by surprise and he laughed, adding, "Yes, but we have the courtesy to go away from one another and not just try to take care of such silently and walk away faster." The remark of her knowing someone, though, made him cock his head a bit. "Who do you know?" Hopefully it wasn't the exact person who had given him the worry to begin with. Not that he could exactly make such clear. "And... I will not talk at length about it. Please do not take that personally, but there are certain people I do not want involved and as much as I trust you... I do not know how chatty you are with those whom I do not trust, period." he probably means Angantyr. Or possibly even Avira.

"I will say it has to with the Black Beast, though, if that satisfies your curiosity?
Maira Maira frowns gently. "A...very powerful sorceror. I think he is...not all bad, but...well, I do not know if he can be trusted, either," she replies.

She sighs then. She supposes they will both keep their secrets, and she knows why he will keep his. Maira also knows she could never promise to keep something important from Angan and Avira.

Then, Maira blinks. "The who-a-what-now?"
Chita "I asked his name, Maira." Chita remarked with a wary tone, actually waiting until she said who before continuing. Yes, he was being overly cautious, but... well, he kind of had to be, given he could have possibly still been affected by sensory illusions into thinking someone else is Maira.
Maira Maira facepalms. "Oh you can keep your secrets but I can't keep mine? Fine. Emperor Mateus, of Palamecia. He's the one I'm talking about. Powerful sorceror. Now who the heck is calling himself the Black Beast?"
Chita Eyes briefly closing beneath his blindfold as he thought about the name, nothing came to mind and he responded, "No one. The Black Beast was a monster that attacked Goug some time ago. I was there when it happened... fought it... defeated it. Though there is the chance it will return and I have been working to prevent that from happening. There is, of course, more to it. But I do not wish to elaborate on the details. So please accept that, Maira. You should know you can trust me, my intentions are almost always with the safety of others in heart, including this matter."
Maira Maira frowns gently. "Oh...I heard about that, yes," she replies then. "Well I'm sure no one wants /that/ to happen...well, almost know one. I certainly don't. So...if I can help at all, let me know okay?"

"...and I know your intentions are good. As are a certain other person's you don't trust," she says, pursing her lips lightly. Can't help herself!
Chita "As lovingly as I can say this... you're an idiot." His tone was completely flat. He did add, though, "So am I, though, in that regard. So I cannot fault you." Maira's food finally came, though he didn't get anything himself. He just had his wine. "So how has your life been recently? I heard you had a thing for a... one of those stone creatures?" He wasn't quite sure what to call them.
Maira Well, that conversation just took a turn for the worse. There are very few things that really hurt Maira, but being called an idiot is one of them. He couldn't see her face, certainly, but he'd probably feel the air grow considerably warmer suddenly.

Then, he just makes it worse. Takes the wind out of her sails. "I did. He's almost certainly dead--and I do not appreciate being called and idiot, however /lovingly/ you say it!" she says, making a scene. So what!? Maira begins to gather up her things. "Well this idiot should probably go, as I'll be late for my training."
Chita "..."

Chita sighed as she suddenly became angry, and started to shout. "Maira, stay. Please? If you leave angry now, chances are we will simply never speak again. ... I don't want that to happen." Something about his voice seemed lonely when he said that. "And I can understand what it feels like to trust someone, to a point, whom you know does terrible things, or treats others horribly. So as much as I hate that you cannot see why I think you are being led around by your blindness, I am just as blind in my own ways to the same thing with myself."

He didn't touch on the point that she brought up of him probably being dead. What could he say to that anyways? He'd attempt to hug her in an attempt to apologize, but she'd probably just kick him in the balls at this point if he did so without too much warning, and that wasn't something he really wanted.
Maira Maira slings her bag over her shoulder, but she doesn't storm out. At least not yet. "You're not the first person to accuse my of such. The funniest bit is, Angantyr is the other. Well Chita, I love him. I'll admit to some blindness I guess--or, you could admit that maybe I just see more to him than you do, just like I see more to you than others might," she replies.

"Just....don't ever call me stupid again," she both warns and pleads.
Chita The Viera seemed like he didn't really know how to respond to that. It's not really something he verily understood the topic at hand, all he knew is how much he truly wishes Angantyr would simply drop dead one day, no matter how sad certain people would be. In his opinion, despite the Keyblade, the world(s) would be a better place without him. The same thing could be said, though, regarding Rhiannon... whom he seemed to be caring for more and more lately without truly knowing why.

The only difference, that he could see, between him and Maira, though, was that he accepted that where she still seems to deny such. At least in his view.

He starts to say something, stops, starts to again only to let out a frustrated sound and rests his face in his hands for the moment, not saying anything beyond, "Okay."
Maira Likewise, if she knew Chita had a thing for Rhiannon, well, Maira would certainly be surprised. That woman was not human. Or really anything natural! Buuuut she doesn't!

Maira takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Alright. Well, I really do have to go...I hope you--um. Stay warm. And good luck. Let me know if I can help," she replies. Maybe she'd convince someone to take her to Manhattan...or the tower in Fluorgis...somewhere.
Chita Chita seemed confused as he raised up and said, "You do? You just came, though. Your food just came out too. Why... did you come if you had to leave so soon?"
Maira Maira sighs. Her food did just get here...ugh....can't waste food...

With a groan she flops down. "I'm sorry. You've upset me. Mentioning Perci just..." she shakes her head. "I don't want to cry anymore. He's been gone without a trace for many months now--and you know, how they are vulnerable when they are stone, I always feared...I've accepted he's gone. Even if he wasn't I'd still have to explain to him...and I just...see?" she says, having started to cry.
Chita For a bit he didn't say anything, letting her speak, letting her say her piece. He held his hand out towards her atop the table if she wanted some kind of physical presence for comfort. Some people did enjoy such. "No... I suppose I do not. Maybe that is known as moving on, I would not know. I have never truly had the opportunity to experience anything of the sort and I would rather not. However I would say that perhaps you should be a bit more positive regarding it. There is no reason to think the worst like that, all it does is make things worse for you now, and in the future when he comes back."

He speaks as if it would happen because, that's just who he is. Chita has always been rather optimistic about things of that sort. "Besides, how would he feel if he came back and you had given up on him? Moving on, sure, time happens and he should not hold it against you, but he'd probably be a little sad if you thought he was gone so easily."

Chita was TRYING to be helpful, but no one could say, himself included, he was especially good at dealing with this kind of thing. "Would it help if I let you get angry at me instead of being sad? I'm a good punching bag, though I wouldn't do too well with fire."
Maira Maira shakes her head gently. "But he is gone...there is no way he would just disappear and not contact me at all. I just...feel its true," she says. "Maybe I am wrong. I hope I am wrong...but when is it time to give up? When is it time to accept it? Will there ever, ever be closure? There wouldn't be a body. Just...dust." Maira wipes at her eyes, feeling like and idiot crying here. Not too many others around, but it is still embarassing.

She takes a few deep breaths, then starts eating her food. "I'm not going to punch you or light you on fire. That wouldn't help me feel better. Anyway, that's what has been going on with me, I guess. For starters. I'm sure you heard more while I was talking to Aerith."

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