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(2013-12-23 - Now)
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Rhiannon Zellen Rhia was busy as usual, holed up in her lab, she sat at her desk, typing away on her laptop in a word document. Her fingers were a blur across the keyboard and the lettings appearing on screen almost happened at impossible speeds. But there was eventually a break in the typing as the scientist paused.


Suddenly finding herself short of breath, she let her hands come to rest on the desk, taking slow, deep breaths. "....Tch- I was careless..." She grumbled to herself, eyes narrowing as she made an effort to catch her breath. After a few moments longer, she straightened up with one last deep breath, her eyes closing in the process. "...Perhaps I need a break."

That said, she stood from her chair and made her way to the lab's door, automatically sliding open as she strode out into the hallway and eventually made her way down the stairs to the ground floor and the lobby. ...Wow, she was apparently intending to leave the building for once in her life.
Chita As Chance would have it, a certain familiar face was standing in the lobby of the ShinRa building. Wrapped in a large, smooth cloak that looked to be quite warm, the Viera was speaking idly with the receptionist. If Rhiannon could hear the conversation as she got closer, it was mostly trivial things, though Chita did complain quietly about always having to leave every single weapon he had. Mostly because he had nowhere else to leave them before coming here than his 'inventory'. That, and it was probably obvious he had come to see Rhiannon, most likely.

He did, however, begin to pull out and lean up against the counter his various polearms and spears, knowing the procedure quite well.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia was distracted with her own thoughts at this moment, quietly stalking through the area towards the front doors instead og heckling every guard and office worker like she usually would have. "....Oh?" But as chance would have it, her violet eyes eventually came upon the reception desk, spotting a familiar Viera. "..........." And then an entertained smirk came to her face as she crossed her arms and watched.

The receptionist meanwhile spied Rhia at about the same time and smiled sheepishly at Chita. It was the same mousy girl with the black hair tied into a ponytail and glasses. "Um...Mr Chita? I'm really sorry, but...It seems like Miss Zellen is here."
Chita Just as he got the last of the weapons out and started to pull out the Judge Sword... he heard that and paused, 'looking' towards the Receptionist. "She is? ... I must be losing my touch. I can usually hear her shoes distinctly when she walks, she does have a rather unique... manner to herself." His ears twitched a bit at that as he tried to figure out where she was. Probably standing still and not making noise, so...


"I suppose I shant be needing to leave these here then." And he stepped back before beginning to toss them back into his inventory. Seems it was designed so he could reach to a certain area around him and pull them out rather than just grab something from any directly. For instance, when he put his spears back it looked as if he was lining them up on a rack, among other such.

"Do try to stay cute? And be a bit more forward with that guard you have a thing for." She hadn't told him about that. "I heard your voice change a little when you talk to him occasionally." Unintentionally nosy Viera.
Rhiannon Zellen "Wh-Wha!? I-I don't know what...! Um...!" Averting her eyes left, right, up, down, anywhere but at Chita, the girl wound up hiding her embarrassment behind a rather thick book. "H-Have a good day...!" She sputtered quickly before leaning down against her desk to die of embarrassment.

"...." Rhia meanwhile watched still, bringing a hand to her mouth at the receptionist's display. Oh, she was so easy to pick on. It was hilarious. But hm, it seemed like this one had come to see her? Finally making a move, that familiar heel clack began to sound again, tipping Chita off as she approached.

"This is unexpected. And what business do you have here today, hm?"
Chita Chita simply smiled at the panic as he reached into his cloak and pulled out a little gift-wrapped box of sorts. "Here, you can always give this to him if you like, that may help. I thought about you when I was buying some items and thought you could use a push." Inside was a rather fancy pocketwatch and a bottle of alcohol. At that, though, he hears Rhiannon nearby and turns towards her. "What business? No business, pleasure, perhaps." The way he phrased pleasure was entirely platonic, as if to say he wasn't here ON business, rather. "That, and I had purchased you a gift. Something practical, since I cannot imagine you would have any love of trinkets."

Yes, he /was/ saying this in front of the gossipy receptionist, perhaps still attempting in his own way to try and embarrass Rhiannon. She wasn't terribly scared of rumors, but would it make her antsy if it was suspected she had someone eying her? As he turned a bit and stepped forward, it could be seen he had a bit of a limp at the moment in one leg, holding onto an ornate stave he was using as a walking aid.
Rhiannon Zellen The gift was appreciated, but the girl was far too embarrassed to comment on it, leaving Rhia and Chita to talk. "Hm? Pleasure? Oh my, so bold~" The scientist brought a hand to her cheek, speaking coyly. "Have you no shame at all? You monster~"

...Rather than embarrass Rhia, it seemed like Rhia was embarrassing the receptionist with this out of context talk about pleasure.

Sparing the poor girl any further embarrassment, she stepped off to the side, out of the receptionist's hearing range, for her own peace of mind. Plus another visitor was coming. "So, a gift, you say? Are you actually pertaking in this holiday nonsense?" A small smile followed. "...How very you."
Chita "You act as if I would not." he says with a bit of a laugh in his voice as he follows along behind her. Careful in his movements, he makes sure to stop walking when someone else approaches before continuing after her until he stopped near where she was. "I do wonder if she will be forward enough to give it to him. I suppose I shall have to check back in a couple of months and see if she seems happier."

Fishing around in his cloak, Chita pulls out a small, decorative hair comb that looks like it probably cost him quite a pretty munny. Coral, jeweled and possibly even antique. Smiling a bit, he reaches up and attempts to adjust her personally-styled hair just a bit so he can place it in there properly. He /would/ know how such is actually placed, given he used to crossdress.

"I am sure it will look quite pretty on you. I asked the one I purchased it from to describe it to me and I thought it matched what I recall of your attires looks. To help keep your hair out of your face if you ever care to let it down."
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmn, I wonder. On one hand, she can be quite a coward. It is actually very intertaining." She held no hope for that girl at all. "On the other hand, desperation breeds courage in even the most pathetic creatures." Yep. No hope at all.

Leaving her aside then, Rhia watched as Chita produced some manner of antique comb. "...Oh my." She mumbled, letting Chita do as he pleased to place the object in her hair. "Well, I admit that this is useful. A bit flashy, but useful all the same."

She raised a hand, touching where it was placed briefly. "......" Smiling in a coy manner, the scientist moved closer, pressing herself against Chita as she leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek, and if she couldn't reach, she's levitate with wind magic for a moment. "You have my thanks, idiot hero~" In this case, 'idiot hero' seemed to be an affectionate term. Interesting.
Chita Chita admits softly that perhaps such is true with her. Still, there's only so much one can do to push two together without seeming overly invested. "Flashy, yes, but you are rather drab yourself and could use a little something. You should let me do your hair sometime and find some nice clothes for you to wear out. I am sure I could do wonders to make you seem a bit less bookish."

The kiss got a smile out of him, considering doing similar, only her remark regarding him being an idiot hero. She didn't quite have to levitate, though lean up perhaps. He wasn't /that/ tall without his ears counting. "Now I say, I say, I represent that remark. So... what has you leaving your lair today? I had expected to find you hunched over your machine fingering instructions into it at length." He let his free arm slip around her lower back a moment as he leaned down to press a friendly kiss onto the top of her head.
Rhiannon Zellen "Drab?" Rhia mumbled, tilting her head slightly in thought at the comment. No, she didn't particularly find herself insulted. Her usual style of dress was some manner of floral oriental with a lab coat over it. It was unique amongst shinra scientists, but she never put too much thought into it. Her preferences were simply born from where she was raised.

"I hardly find the state of my fashion choices to be your concern. But it is duly noted." Noted to be utterly forgotten later on. There were more important things in her mind.

Leaving that aside, the scientist turned and headed for the front entrance, her heels tipping Chita off as she went. The doors slid open as she stepped outside into the city itself. "Hm? Me? I was..." A pause as she thought back to the previous scene in her lab. "...Feeling a bit under the weather." How vague. "So I decided to go out and take a break." For once in her life.

"I've little idea as to what I will do. I just decided I would step out of my lab for a bit."
Chita "You are correct, it is not my concern. I simply find such things fun. And to hear you feel a little sick is... strange indeed. I was unaware you could /get/ ill considering your unique magic or body or whatever about you it is you have." Chita turned to follow as she started to walk away, listening to the various sounds and making sure to walk with his guide stick/walking aid in front of him so he didn't run into anyone. Much easier than one might expect, given others tend to casually move out of the way as well if there's something obviously coming.

Eventually nearly catching up, then hurrying up a little more and using the chance to reach out with his left arm to brush over her back so he could gently grab onto a loop in her labcoat to keep track of her more easily and refrain from getting /too/ lost in the occasional chaos out here, he asked, "Maybe it is this horrible air in this city finally getting to you. Not near as bad as Vector, but still quite rank. I am sure my Chocobo could quickly enough get us out and traveling somewhere fresher."
Rhiannon Zellen "Mmn, yes well, I am not perfect. The details still need to be ironed out...I am immune to most common ailments such as colds, flus, and such." Rhia explained casually as they headed down a sidewalk. "The list of things that still affect me are small." And that goes unexplained. Saying anything further would be...telling.

Feeling a part of her coat being held onto, she glanced back at Chita for a moment before looking back ahead. "The air? I hardly mind it. Though it is unhealthy by most standards, it is still livable." It definitely wasn't the air. Though fresh air certainly wouldn't hurt. ...If she could be bothered to step out of Goug. But she had left her lab today...that was a start.

"Out and traveling? Trying to get me to leave again?" The question was posed with amusement in her tone. "Are you not still being too casual with me? You realize that I am not exactly your ally, yes?" Well, that was a blurry line to start with from the beginning, but still.
Chita He listened carefully and nodded, though he was a bit worried when she admitted such and still she felt it enough to care. Given how pigheaded she was about her work sometimes, it had to be something relatively important. Sighing out a little, Chita resigned himself to not worrying about it and trying to make her feel better through effort. She would figure it out in the end. Rhiannon was infinitely smarter than him in most ways, he knew this.

"Too casual? Most certainly not?" Smiling a bit and tucking his staff under one arm he slipped behind Rhiannon to hug her from behind, nose pressing against the back of her head. "There is no reason not to be decent to anyone, no matter who they are, what they have done or, in truth, especially if I find myself coming back time and time again despite not fully understanding why. Besides... surely you have plans for after the weapon gets completed, yes? Revenge gets no one anywhere, though truly you should do something about what you have done." Ever the hero.
Rhiannon Zellen She smiled after finding that he didn't pry into the matter after a few moments. She wouldn't have said anything else anyhow. The walk continued as they passed storefronts, apartment buildings, and private residences. The traffic of automobiles in the streets provided a steady, if not annoying, background sound to their little walk.

"...?" The hug gave Rhia pause however and her eyes widened just a tad in surprise. "...You really are an idiot." The scientist mumbled, rolling her eyes in the process. "Perhaps the reason you come back again and again is because you are actually a masochist?" The possibility was offered with that same tone of amusement as before.

"As for the Black Omen...that is classified information~" AKA Chita's stunt in the hotel pushed him out of the information circle, even if she had been doing it before because his actions were mildly interesting.

The subject is promptly dropped however as she spied a nearby restaurant with an outdoor seating area. "Oh, that looks nice." And unceremoniously, she moved out of the hug and approached the establishment, having a seat at the closest table.
Chita Following again while maintaining his hold on the little loop in the labcoat that would have otherwise been used for a tie of some kind to keep it closed, Chita seemed content to simply be around. Eventually he did respond to the Masochist remark by saying, "That may be true, though it is not a conscious thing." He decides against rebutting her remark regarding the weapon. After all, he was quite certain that when the time came, if she or Shinra refused to give him the weapon, he could blackmail at least the latter into giving him access. He knew a few parties here and there that seemed quite interested in things to do with Shinra. A bit /too/ interested. They must have some vested bit with the company after all, somehow. He just had to find what at the right time and use it.

Until then.

"Looks nice? I hear that often." His joke probably fell on deaf ears as he felt her quickly pull away and wander forward to somewhere. When she sat, he stood still nearby and sniffed a bit, listening before deciding that it must be some kind of eating place. Thus, he felt around carefully to find the table, then a moment or two more before he found a chair next to her, taking a seat. "You know, I do not think I have seen you eat before." now that he thought about it... he really hadn't.
Rhiannon Zellen The joke indeed fell on deaf ears as Rhia wandered off and sat down. A moogle in a suit ambled over to their table, offering a menu to the both of them, though she only took one and waved the over away. The comment about never seeing her eat gave Rhia pause. "Never seen me eat?" ...Actually, the amount of people who could say that they'd seen Rhia eat could be counted on one hand. Recently? No hands.

The thought actually drew a giggle from the woman. "Mhmhm~" She knew quite well the reasoning behind her lack of eating, but decided not to explain, and instead prodded at the comment. "And you still will never see me eat. Funny how the world turns, hm?"

Maybe this was her undulging in a random whim. Food tasted good after all. Most of the time anyway. "I would ask if you were hungry, but I hardly feel like reading the entirety of the menu to you." How mean. "Maybe I will just order you a salad~" Was that a rabbit joke?
Chita "Extra carrots if you do." he responded, either going with the joke or entirely serious. Hard to say given his response to that came without any real hesitation or signs of amusement or annoyance. "I rather enjoy such things anyways. Thank you for the consideration. I am also quite partial to rice and grilled vegetables, and tend to avoid eating products that come of culled animals, for future use."

The blind joke did make him smile a bit, though he didn't touch on it. Instead, he just idly fingered a ring that was on his right ring finger as if his mind was briefly elsewhere, the ring a simple silver band with a rather tacky red X on it. He almost seemed angry for a moment, but it passed and then he said, "Who runs Shinra, by the way? I have always been curious about such. I have heard talk about a Rufus, and another simply called President... but both sound as if they do."
Rhiannon Zellen "Right then." Rhia ran with his response and when the moogle waiter returned, she ordered for herself as well as for Chita....with extra carrots. The Moogle gave the Viera a brief look before shaking his head in amusement and tottering off with their orders. The woman meanwhile leaned back and looked towards Chita.

"Ah, the Shinra hierarchy..." That was a boring subject. But she spoke of it anyway. Nothing to hide there. "Shinra is run by a board of directors spearheaded by one President Shinra." A finger is brought to her cheek thoughtfully at that moment. "I haven't learned his name actually. Most just call him President Shinra, or Mr. Shinra."

Letting her hand lower to her lap then, she went on. "And that Rufus you speak of is Rufus Shinra, the president's son. He is next in line to lead the company, but he already throws his weight around despite not being so just yet..." A chuckle escaped from her after. "And that is pretty much the situation of Shinra in a nutshell."
Chita Chita nodded and gave a soft thank you to the moogle, before listening to what Rhiannon said and nodding. "Very well then. And... I admit I did have another reason for coming to see you today. I do not really know who else to trust as there are few enough who know we associate. Recently I found myself the victim of rather all-encompassing illusions, the source of which I am not sure if they are magic, or from plants, or some poison or what."

As he said that he sighed a bit and rubbed at the ring on his hand again. "If I... agree to let you sample what you like of my blood or whatnot, or perhaps do something else at your request, would you be willing to try and find out if there is still something effecting me? There are things I need to do, but I cannot chance doing them until I know for certain."
Rhiannon Zellen "Hm?" Rhia mumbled, tilting her head slightly in curiosity as Chita spoke about another reason for coming. She had figured it was more than a pleasure visit. But cared little enough to probe it out of him. After all, this was her alleged break time. Still, she listened and nodded along. "Getting into more trouble I see." A short chuckle followed that statement.

Arching a brow, Rhia spoke up again. "Illusions though...that is an interesting case. It could be magic, poisonous pollens, or some other side effect..." She had a feeling that it would be boring however. But in the end, shrugged. "I still maintain that you are a fool for trusting me, but nonetheless, I suppose I can take a look for you." The process itself might yield something of worth. Plus a favor from this idiot could prove itself useful in the future.

"I have nothing I need from you at this moment, but consider it a favor saved for another time." That probably wouldn't end well.
Chita As he listened, the little snide quips and tones that came from her caused him to smile a little, knowing full well it was her and not anything else. One thing he could trust about her was simply who she was and how she was. Some things about people never change... and if they do suddenly change, something is wrong. "Thank you. Though... I will not get myself into the situation of owed favors again. I trust /you/ to be honest, even if you do not realize it. I do not trust your motives, and as much as I seem to be developing a thing for you, I doubt I will anytime soon."


Wait, did he just admit he had a thing for her? If he had, Chita hadn't even realized it. Possibly his whole 'unable to deceive others' curse in effect. "Besides, I am a fool for many things and you, fortunately, seem to share the same goals with me in the end. So there is that." After all, they both wanted the weapon completed, and as far as he was concerned or aware, it was still to her benefit to complete it with less trouble if possible. Then he thought of something and smiled.

"Oh, and before I forget... and I wind up tasting of carrots and salad, not that you have not enjoyed other tastes before that are possibly more odd..." Unless stopped or pulled away from, Chita raised one hand and reached over to slip it around the back of Rhiannons neck before attempting to press a friendly kiss onto her lips. He gave no reason, though surely he had one.
Rhiannon Zellen Bah, so much for that. She rolled her eyes at his response, but said nothing. More interested in what was going on out on the sidewalk...which was nothing beyond passer-bys moving along to their destinations. "Mhm."

Wait a second.

She looked away from the street and to Chita, arching a brow. "...You are a madman." And that was all she had to say on the matter. She didn't blush or get all demure, she just shook her head at his possible slip of the tongue and left him to it.

But then, it wouldn't be her otherwise.

"I suppose there is that, yes." That sword was an ongoing project that was going on a bit too long. Maybe it was time for her to start performing field tests again. Yes, that would be the fastest way to gather new data.

Before the woman could get more lost in her thoughts though, she found the Viera's hand around the back of her neck and his face moving towards her own. "....." And casually, she raised a hand, creating a barrier between his lips and her own.

"You are being awfully affectionate today. What is going on?" She asked in mild curiosity, gently pushing his face back a tad before lowering her hand. No kiss for him just yet.
Chita The hand did surprise him, but not enough to make him do much other than chuckle and kiss her hand instead. Perhaps he was mad. But, if he was, would he even realize that? Probably not. The question, though, did surprise him. He as being different than normal? His expression, even with the blindfold on, did show her remark had caused him to think about just that. "I truly had not thought about such, nor have I been making an effort to act differently. I could not say. ...perhaps I am simply lonely. Ever since I was plagued with the illusions, I have not been around any others I know, or for that matter, really been around anyone outside of necessity. My journey to Goug took a good while from Manhattan blind as I am and without my Chocobo and... well... it is tiresome not knowing what is real. Being too concerned with others safety, such as my Chocobos, to chance calling him to me lest I mistake him for a monster and attack him."

His tone was as if that had happened already. Returning to his seat properly, he 'looked' at his hands with his elbows resting on the table. Seith's deceit and actions had really shaken him... more than he realized until just now. Enough that he admitted softly, "I do not have much, Rhiannon. My home and possessions were razed under Hades command and by all rights, I am a hermit now. I live solely off of my salary from being a Judge. I cannot return to my own homeland in Jylland for worry of my kind, so much chaos is going on in the world around us... I suppose I am simply grateful for the little things. Like getting to spend more munny than I should be on a trinket to give to you." He nodded towards her head as if regarding the comb.
Rhiannon Zellen Oh no. When did she pick up someone having a life crisis?

Inwardly, Rhia rolled her eyes as the monologue went on and on. Oh boy, she had to resist the urge to yawn openly. "I see. So this is why you want me to take a look at you." His words didn't offer her anything of interest.

In fact, his tale caused her to raise her hand up to the comb in her hair. ...And then she removed it, setting it onto the table. "Well, you certainly should not have." But what was done was done. "After we finish here, I will have a look at you back at my lab, and we can ascertain where this problem is. If it lingers still."

This is becoming another kind of problem. Rhia's mind was calm, but she ran through all sorts off past events, trying to ascertain when this straggler was picked up.

All points led to the initial awakening of the Black Beast in Goug. The Black Beast and that troublesome weapon. To be rid of it now would be a blessing.
Chita Chita didn't seem to notice exactly what transpired with the comb, which may or may not be good for him. If she simply left it there, he'd never be the wiser. It was strange talking about such, but refreshing, enough that he smiled a little as he sat there with her, relatively content with things. "If you do not wish to that is fine, I cannot imagine you have any interest in such if you have nothing you even want from me." Perhaps he knew her well enough to pick out that tone in her voice.

"While I did come intending to ask... there are a few others I could bother instead."
Rhiannon Zellen At that point, the moogle returned with their dishes. A salad with extra carrots was placed in front of Chita and for Rhia, some mixture of rice, meat, and a bit of salad, each sectioned off. Glasses of water were left as well before the waiter bowed and went back to checking on others.

"Oh goodie, it has finally arrived!" Rhia spoke in excitement, taking up her utensils and immediately beginning to eat. She retained her manners however and didn't make much noise, nor did she bother to speak while eating as well. After a few bites, she glanced towards Chita and answered.

"Well, if you understand that much, then there is little more to be said." Despite saying that, her mood seemed to be lifted somehow, probably due to the food. Eating was a rare luxury for her it seemed. Still, funny how she could be bluntly mean, yet remain in a good mood at the same time.
Chita Her response did get a little smile out of the Viera after it had waned when he had realized she had no interest at all in assisting him. A small smile, and a shake of the head. He never would understand her. Letting the food be placed in front of him Chita felt around for the silverware afterwards and decided to simply take a napkin and eat the salad one thing at a time with his long fingers. He had noted no dressing, mostly because it was too messy since he could no longer see, so it was mostly a task of taking his time and enjoying the food carefully.

Her having made the point that there was little to say, he didn't do anything to object or start a conversation, instead letting her eat the food she was seemingly so happy to get.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia was more than happy to keep the silence, enjoying her meal in peace. There was no conversation, no banter, nothing. Just two people quietly having a meal in a restaurant. Even in this moment, she didn't let her mind wander to her waiting research. She took this time to have a break to it's fullest, because it was an incredibly rare occasion.

Eventually, she finished eating and waved the waiter over for the check. "Ah, okay, that was nice. But now I suppose I should get back to work. Enough time has been wasted today." Even when her body demanded that she take a break, she deemed it a waste of time. Crazy woman. Still, once the check had arrived, it was paid and tipped for in short order before she stood from her seat. Oh, she almost forgot about that comb!

...Despite not feeling as enthusiastic about it before, she tucked it away into her lab coat. No need to go out of her way to spite Chita. Even if he probably wouldn't ever find out.
Chita "Oh... by the way."

As she stood and seemed like she was about to go, Chita stood as well and dug around in his cloak before pulling something else. "I had actually gotten you something else. Something that, after I thought about it, realized you probably would have no interest in. If you do not want it, you are welcome to do whatever you like with it." What was it? A stuffed bear. More gift and object than useful function like he had seemingly tried with the comb.

"That workspace of yours, and room, is so lifeless except when I come by that I thought you could keep company while I am away." he paused, "Or just use it, or not, as you did so plainly say you were simply using me, or something to that effect."

Seems he may have been a bit bitter about such, but he was still himself and some things would never change. The bear, when hugged, gave a little squeak. It was scented faintly like warm earth and trees at the moment, actually much like himself if only because he had it with him for so long under the cloak against his chest. He sat the bear down on the table before turning to walk away, not really feeling like ruining the moment or such by saying something to annoy her. Might as well try to leave on decent terms.
Rhiannon Zellen ".........."

That was a wildly useless object to her. A stuffed bear. Really now? Part of her wanted to burst out laughing at the man as he walked off. She made no move to stop him from going first and definitely didn't say anything.

Once he was out of sight, she glanced at the bear. "...Not my first choice, but I suppose I can do something with this." ...Do what? Probably better not to ask. Taking the bear by one of it's arms, she took it with her and left the restaurant after, returning to Shinra HQ. So much work to be done, less time in the day then usual to do it. ...Not that time meant much to her. The days just sort of melded together. If it weren't for the fact that she had calenders on her devices, she'd likely not even know what day or month it was.

As she returned, she'd spy that receptionist nervously talking to a certain guard....that drew a chuckle from her.

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