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Tis the Season
(2013-12-23 - 2013-12-24)
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Avira Holidays come in many shapes and sizes, though what passes as December or the month containing the Winter Solstice harbors a significant number of holidays.

VALKYRI welcomes them all. More importantly, this time it is actually a legit party that's going down! Several of the local restaurants have provided catering for the night, generating a veritable feast placed upon the long table in the middle of the guild hall. Decorations are draped over the rafters and walls, forming streamers of many colors interspersed with elaborate weaves of tinsel. Alcohol is abundant here, the majority of it home-brewed by VALKYRI.

The doors and windows are all wide open, letting in the cool air of the eternal twilight that is Traverse Town. Faint piano music plays from an unseen source (a boombox hidden under the table).

Avira is already drinking. She isn't hiding herself.
Nagetta Hearing about the party, Nagetta was bound to show up. There's lots of free foodd after all. Which is good, since she can devour it when she's hungry. The girl makes her way inside taking a close look around. "Hello everyone..." She's still kind of shy but does her best to speak up. Now that's taken care of she grabs a plate and begins stacking food on top of it.
Maira Maira is of course in attendance! She's all dressed up an festive in a red dress she'd gotten from Macy's. It had been damaged in the event on black friday, but Maira had just reworked it so the damage was gone. Its knee length now rather than angle length, burned bits removed and replaced. Her hair is still a wild fluffy thing of curls, but she's added a few sparkley clips to decorate it.

Hung throughout the hall are spigs of misteltoe, which Maira insisted on. Who knows, magic might happen!

With a drink in her hand and a twirl, Maira waves to Nagetta. "Hey Nagetta! Long time no see!"
Seith People were invited! And as per the old fairy tales, there must be someone who is angered by the fact that they weren't /invited/. But unlike a certain easily peeved dark Fairy, this particular individual finds this more 'amusing' than anything else. Amusing that he might be able to disturb a party during a holiday. And hey, perhaps they won't immediately try to stab him with a sword. Not that they'd get too far. Who knows how many of them it took last time to try and take him out.

Surely they wouldn't want to ruin their own festivities!?


A Dark Portal opens outside of the VALKYRI headquarters, and a man in regal robes shows up. No deep dark armor. Not menacing look. But an old white haired elf - accessories adorning his hair. His robes are silken and... well... beautiful really. He has that whole elven snooty handsomeness going for him, pointing ears and all. It might in fact be rather difficult to recognize him at first, as the man simply walks into the HQ like he owns the place, carrying a small basket filled with Apples of all things. That, and a bottle of cider at its center.

The man doesn't speak, he just walks up towards Avira, makes a small curtsey, and offers her the basket.
Avira "Hello!" Avira cheerfully waves to the lamia, completely unbothered by Nagetta. VALKYRI welcomes all races and species-well, except for Heartless. No Heartless allowed. "And welcome! Make yourself at home." Grinning, Avira steps to the front end of the VALKYRI headquarters to the door. She doesn't seem to be putting any effort into tiptoing around misteltoe.

Just beyond the door, Avira spies a flicker of dark smoke, barely perceptible in the already rampant darkness. Frowning, she instinctively reaches for her weapon-only to not find it there. She wasn't going to walk around the party carrying the Spine. Not in her own headquarters.

Then Seith walks in and offers a basket of apples and cider. Puzzled, Avira looks at it, then stares at Seith, not recognizing him right away. But the more she looks...

"...what are you doing here?" she blurts out, unable to hide her surprise.
Raine Arland Raine at that point stepped through the open doorway, rubbing the back of his head and grumbling to himself. "Tch, the doors were open. There goes my 'BOOM, BABY!', routine." He recovered quickly enough however and grinned as he stepped further inside, spreading his arms all wide.

"The time has come, and /so have I/!"

Yep. That was Raine Arland alright.

He was oblivious to the potential tension that may possibly build up, being that, as Avira said; he was totally uninformed of current events and even people. "It's okay, it's okay! Let your knees buckle and your eyes tear up! The party has now officially begun!"

Maira Maira jumps back when a dark portal opens in the hall, gasping. An elf steps through, and there are very few people it could possibly be, even if she's never seen him out of his armor before. Maira gapes. Is this seriously happening?! She doesn't know how to react!

Actually, wait. This is actually not that bizarre. At least he didn't break the door down.

Maira moves back, frowning deeply. "Yes, what are you doing here?" she agrees, the air around her growing warmer by the moment in her alarm.

Then Raine busts in at the worst/best possibly moment. Maira blinks, then facepalms gently. "Come on in Raine, it's going to be an interesting party..."
Angantyr Vespar From the side of the room, a door opens closes, and a man in armor walks through.

He stares at Seith for a long moment, "Alright. So. In the interest of Christmas, two things. If you're trying to be threatening and make subtle threats towards us...just make them and get the hell out. If you're hear to make us uncomfortable by being here and participating...good luck, having Garland drop in on you while in a hot spring with a barely clad woman tends to be the starting point of trying to intimidate me...also I am sure I can wreck your <GOOSEHONK>."

Angantyr, however, reaches over for... Two mugs, and fills them up with good Ale, the good shit, and hands one to Seith, and takes one himself. "Also you're standing under mistletoe."
Nagetta Nagetta takes a break from shovelling food to wave back to Maira, "How are you doing Maira. And thank you." She nods to Avira, glad that she's welcome here. "I thought the party had already begun?" She looks a bit confused at Raine's comment. It seems like several more people have arrived. She's not really familiar with them so she looks a bit uncomfortable.
Seith "I wasn't invited." Seith answers Avira with a kindly smile on his face. "But you suggested I make myself at home. So I believe I will do just that. Please, accept my gift." Seith suggests to the girl without a shred of malice to his voice. He's probably enjoying the surprise and confusion more than anything.

Besides, the House Of Mouse: Shadow Lords Christmas Special, isn't on until a few days from now.

The man erects his posture a slight bit, while impatiently still holding out that basket. One must note that for all of his power and strength in combat, the man's arms seem a little weak and thin. How could this man possibly wield that massive scythe with such power?

"Ah, Maira - is it not?" He requests to know, smiling at the girl. "I am sorry, I didn't bring a gift for you." His attention wanes away from her rather quickly to Raine. He doesn't... well... know Raine. So the man can not comment. He will just accept this as strange human habbit.

Angantyr joining has a more proper smirk appear on his face. "Ah, I didn't know you would even be here." He answers the knight. "But as you can see..." He opens his arms up a little. "I did not come here for battle. And making subtle threats is a rather boring thing to do, isn't it?" The visual on the whole Garland thing is rather confusing however. That smile turns into something that might actually be assumed to be... a stiffled chuckle!?

The man accepts the Ale willingly. "Thank you, my boy." Ah, just like an old man. And then the comment about the Mistletoe. "What... may I ask, would be the meaning of this Mistletoe? Is it some kind of anti-magic field?" He doesn't feel any such thing radiating from it.
Avira Avira eyes Seith warily, "The party's open, anyone can attend."

"Don't mind him, Nagetta, he thinks he's the life of the party." Avira asides to the lamia, making shifty eyes at Raine. Straightening, she looks back at Seith, then down at the basket.

Angantyr goes ahead and Angantyrs his way into the party. If Avira had been worried about Seith's present, she certainly isn't anymore. Seith won't be getting her alone tonight. "Oh, well, the Mistletoe in this context is a symbol of love. If someone is standing under it, then they should be kissed."

Avira takes a step backwards.
Minerva Where is Minerva? Why she's here she's also in that Ms Santa outfit again and she's got the Kegs already set up, with various sorts of brews and spirits for the season. She's been quite the busy sort on this. So she's quite chipper tonight and she looks as Ang, enters and she pauses for a moment looking to those under mistletoe she can't help but get a bit of a predatory grin on her face as she notices things. It's pretty clear she's like to do something about Seith, but do they really want to blow up the base again? She?s just going to gin and bear it.

"It means you have to kiss the person your with under it."
Raine Arland Raine looks up, having been the one left beside Seith as everyone else stepped back.

"...Well crap."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes a step backwards, lifting Maira in one hand with him, and the drink in the other.

He eyes the basket warrily, but doesn't say anything. Out loud.

"Life sucks, then you kiss a Shadow Lord."
Maira Maira looks over as Angan makes his appearance and brightens instantly, waving emphatically!

At being interrupted by Garland while in a hot spring with a barely clad woman, Maira turns about the same shade as her dress and looks away! Back to Seith, apparently.

Maira purses her lips, watching him. How is this the same person? "Yes...I'm Maira," she informs him, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "Er...its...okay? I don't have a gift for you either?" unless that gift is a fireball. But he doesn't appear to be here to cause them trouble? Which is just /confusing/! With a sigh, Maira looks at her drink, then raises it to her lips and drinks it down. Apparently, she's going to need this for tonight!

Maira looks to Raine and Seith, having discovered mistletoe. Then giggles as Angan grabs her and tows her backwards a little bit more. This is pretty much what Raine deserves.
Seith "A symbol of love?" Seith mumbles, looking up at the little thing of green and planty-ness. "You would think that a Shadow Lord would be the last place to find that." The man then slowly lowers his head and notices taht everyone has either taken a step back, or is otherwise not near him. This indeed seems to leave Raine next to the man.

Slowly, those eyes of his track towards the boy. He lets go of the basket and uses his foul telekinetic powers to gently put it down to the table where other gifts are gathering.

"I would like to hereby remind you, that if you speak of this moment, I will kill you in your sleep." Yet, it doesn't appear like he is here to refuse the rule.

"But if such is the rule of this holiday, then who am I to deny it?" Pucker up Raine! If you squint a little, Seith could easily pass for a pretty girl. Also, try not to think about just how old he is.
Raine Arland Raine stared. And then stared some more. And then he stared some more on top of that.

"Hmmmmmmm..." He brought a hand to his chin then, rubbing throughfully he stared at Seith. "...Well, I can't say I'm too fond of getting murdered in my sleep. ...But that might be kinda hard, still!" He grinned then and shrugged his shoulders. "What the hell, I bet you all are thinking; 'Ahahahaha, stupid Raine has to kiss a dude!'" The swordsman asided to the others, glancing about momentarily.

"Well, lemme tell you something!" He started, gesturing to himself with a thumb. "I'm supremely confident in my own orientation! Kissing a dude is nothing!" And with that, he grabbed the dark mage by the waist and dipped him. "...Let's not make this too awkward, huh?"

And then unceremoniously, he closed the distance.

He actually did it.

Hope no one had cameras on them.
Aerith Of course, that's the point where someone decides to invite themselves in...

Said person blinks for a moment, wondering what exactly happened BEFORE this occurred. She stared for a good five seconds before making her best attempt to sneak inside. Best not to disturb this one... no matter how much she wanted to break it up with hysterical laughter.

Aerith made her way toward Avira and nudged her right side with one of her elbows. "So," she whispered, "Who convinced these two to do this?"
Seith Seith's hair goes a-sprawlin' as Raine dips him, and the man's eyes go wide open. While Seith is perfectly 'confident' about his own orientation, this is the kind of behavior he did not expect. After recovering from the moment of absolute /shock/, the man draws his head back and sputters; "Unhand me, you brute!" Could have fooled people about his gender though. That blush on his cheeks and all that. And that expression of words.

Seith is quick to break off and proceeds to carefully ensure his clothing is still perfectly aligned. Elven OCD about cleanliness and beauty, perhaps? Within a moment, there's a napkin to his lips, as he daps the moisture away. "You people have some strange customs." He's quick to move out from underneath that darned mistletoe, lest someone else gets any bright ideas.
Avira As Avira steps backwards to avoid being stuck in the obligation, she sets the basket of apples and cider on the table with the rest of the food. She doesn't help herself to an apple thanks to Angantyr's worries of poison. She's not too sure he'd actually do something as lowly as poisoning on her though.

Her eyes remain on Raine, "Well...?"

He does it. By God, he dips Seith and kisses him. Avira's mouth drops open. Seith's fussy reaction to the attention perhaps seals it and she barks out a laugh, applauding.

"Well done, /well done/. I see we are all high on holiday spirit!" Avira lifts her glass, "To the holidays!"
Nagetta "I don't understand human customs at times either." Nagetta can sympthize with that. "I don't see what the huge deal with kissing is either." She's a lamia after all, it comes with charming people. Now that she's got as much food on her plate as possible she finally starts eating. This should keep her for a few days at least. "To the holidays." She lifts her glass as well.
Aerith Aerith placed a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle of her own. Too bad she doesn't have a glass of her own, otherwise she'd raise it. "Yes, to the holidays!" And with that, she ruffles Avira's hair. "Seriously though. I sure came in at an opportune time, huh?"
Raine Arland And Seith is unhanded. Raine meanwhile just-- "Pffft-bwahahahahahahaha!" -Bursts out laughing obnoxiously at the elf's reaction. "Oh man! That was pure comedy gold! You should have seen your face! Ahahahahaha!" Despite having done something super embarassing, he was too busy laughing his ass off.

Either he had some thick skin, or he was just a moron.

Hard to tell.

Wiping his mouth, Raine casually made his way off to the side, grabbing a glass and filling it with some spirits. "To me! The greatest man on any world, ever! ...And the holidays!" Raising his glass at that, he then downed it in one go.

"Woo! This is some good stuff!" And he got himself another glass before proceeding to invade the food, making himself a plate.
Maira Maira laughs, covering her mouth. Oh, she can't believe it! And Raine did it with such style! And Seith fussed so girlishly! Eheheheh! Well, maybe today will just be one of those days when everything doesn't go horribly wrong! Where even the villains behave themselves! Twilight zone...?

Maira raises her cup. "To the holidays!" she cheers, then drinks. Oh hey, who refilled her cup? MAGIC!

Maira leans in toward Ang, lowing her voice as she gestures toward Raine. "That's the new Ivo, Raine. In case you hadn't met him," she explains. That makes perfect sense, right?
Seith Seith continues to brush off his clothing and makes a little huffy sound while raising his head. "Foolish boy. You're still young." It almost feels like Seith might go into one of those famous old-person things along the lines of; 'In my days...'

But he surprisingly turns it around and raises the mug that Angantyr so gracefully gave him, and raises it to the air. "To the holidays." Seems that for all the objecting, it doesn't mean he doesn't know how to have fun. Maybe he's just gotten a little lonely. It's not like he has actual family to hang around with.

"And... to family."
Maira Maira blinks at Seith's addition. "...To family," she agrees, looking around at her fellow VALKYRI and remembering her parents. She drinks again, then wanders over toward the tree, a bounce in her step. "Can't wait any longer! Lets do presents!"
Avira Raine's laughing in turn makes Avira laugh a little bit harder. "Dangit Raine-" she laughs, getting herself quickly under control unless he gets dragged down into his moron-hood. It stops when Aerith ruffles her hair, which earns her a strange look from Avira.

"You can all thank Minerva for the spirits-she made them herself!" Avira beams, leaning her back against the edge of the table. She sips her ale and looks to Seith, catching those words of his.

Slowly, she frowns, not an angry one but just a sad one. Why does he bring this up? "Family is also very important. Especially during the holidays." Her frown deepens. Did...anyone she know have family around? Ang had family, sure, but it wasn't the kind he could talk to. Avira had family...sealed away in Atlantis. Maira's was gone. She didn't know about Minerva or Aerith. Vespa had Al?
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stares at Raine for a long time.

"Three months." He says, mysteriously, and turns towards Maira, "Oh except he is interested in the lads instead of the girls. Right." he says, shrugging towards Maira, "What the world needs is less Ivos."
Nagetta "Family..." Nagetta's remembers her adopted father and looks down at like that sighing a bit. She still hadn't found him yet, where could he be? Not to mention her real father, who she never met. Surviving on her own wasn't much of a problem but it did get a bit lonely at times.
Vespa "I bought some wine", Vespa says mingling with everyone else. She puts her bottle of wine down getting herself a drink, perferably something with alchol in it. She hms to herself about the comment on family. They always had a big party back home during the winter soltice. she wonders where they are now..

Any this is no time to be depressed she here to have a good time and she with freinds here and that all that matters! She get all angsty after the holidays! Right now it time to eat and get drunk!
Raine Arland Raine chuckled at the addition of family to the toast. But in the end, he said nothing. His family? ...Heh. "To family." A much calmer raise of the glass as he then took a sip. Moving away from the food table, Raine glanced at Angantyr and arched a brow. "Ho? Three months? ...Interesting." He replied just as mysteriously, grinning in the process. He also added after.

"And for the record, I'm interested in chicks! ...Though I ain't gonna knock anyway for liking dudes!" He proceeded to shovel some food into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully for a moment before speaking up after.

"And for the love of gods, who the hell is Ivo and why do I keep getting compared to him? He sounds like a loser!"
Maira Avira blinks at Angan, then shakes her head, laughing. "I don't know..." she offers with a shrug.

Standing by the tree, Maira looks around the room again, watching every get morose. "Hey...we've all lost people...but whatever has happened, we should remember them, right? And /we/ are family now! That's important," she says with a bright smile.

Right! Presents! Maira passes out the gifts she'd gotten for everyone, all wrapped up in shiny gold paper and ribbon.

First, for Avira, she'd gotten a lovely silver bracelet, along with some chocolates and some knitted mittens with wolf faces on them. For Vespa, she'd made Al a knitted axe cozy, of course. For Minerva, chocolates, cookies, and a little brewers kit. For Aerith, a pink scarf made from nice soft yarn.

Maira had even gotten something for Raine! He's new, but she still got him a gift. She'd hand him a box, and inside was home made cookies of various types. One is shaped like a sword. Ahaha...>.> For Nagetta, also cookies!

Maira saves Ang's gift for last because she is super duper excited about it. With an excited grin she can't contain, she hands him a longish box. Inside, is a thick gold chain about the lenth of her forearm, a ruby gem that glows and flickers with an inner magical flame. At the other end, a clip, to attach it to something--gee I wonder what!? Maira just watches expectantly for everyone to open their presents.

And, since she just so happens to have an extra box of cookies...she hands it to Seith. "Here...if you eat cookies..."
Seith Ah yes, Family. Seith takes a long drink and casually moves over to a nearby couch to get himself situated, and tries to settle down in the most regal manner possible. Indeed, he has a reputation to uphold. He remains perfectly quiet as Maira hands out presents. No need to interupt such a moment. But when she's done and offers him cookies, he speaks up again. "Thank you my dear child." He reaches out and takes a single cookie, and then adds; "In my family, we used to have a similar little celebration like this. Back in the days..." Oh darnit. "... I won't bore you with the details." Oh god thank you.

"We used to share a story about our favorite moments with our family. Our parents, or our greatest friends." He offers. He noticed the long looks on some of those present. And why he may be a villain, he's a villain on a VALKYRI Christmas Special - so he's actually being nice. He motions the drink towards Avira. "Any such memories you'd like to share?" A moment of happiness.
Aerith For a while, no one else spoke.

Then Aerith took in a breath. "My mother used to tell me stories and legends about my kind. How they lived, how they worked, how they trusted one another. I don't remember too many of them, but I remember not being so alone when she spoke of them." She smiled. "Of all the moments I spent in life, those were the best, I think."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes the box and opens it up, eyes widening for a bit...

"Wow." he says, taking the chain in hand...and the ruby. Wow, That was some worksmanship as he connects one to the other and places it around his neck...he frowns. doesn't feel right...he places the jem into a slot on his gauntlet, after a moment, and wraps the chain around his hand, so that it seems to be connected to the gauntlet. That...somehow feels right...somehow.

"Thank you is beautiful..." a pause, "I am surprised you could afford it, given your spending habbits," he teases, but only in good nature.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr also answers Seith, "I pass." without skipping a beat, or needless filler to be picked up by the autologger.
Vespa "A gift for me?", Vespa looks a bit surpised and embrassed.. She not too familar with the customs around this holdiay. "Thank you Maira! I feet guilty I didn't get you anything..", she of course tears open the wrapping and open the present seeing the axe cosy. "Oh wow this is great Maira! Thank you!", Vespa gives her a big lifting her off the floor hug! awwww.
Maira Maira facepalms a little. "It goes on your keyblade, silly," she informs him. "You know you you ask me to set your blade on fire? Well, this will do that. Arthur helped me make it. That's my magic in there," she says with a grin, poking the gem a little.

"As for the price...well, I've been squirreling it away for awhile..." she explains, looking down at her feet. "I'm really glad you like it. I'd like to see if it works correctly! Buuuut we should definately do that outside," she offers with a laugh.

Maira is then lifted up in a big hug by Vespa, giggling breathlessly. "You're welcome!" she squeeks.

Once placed down, Maira smiles to Aerith a little. She knows talking about her mom is painful.
Avira Avira's not going to stop Maira from doing her presents now. She was so excited about them! Though notably she's not jumping to hand out what she might have gotten for everyone. This is Maira's moment!

"In a way, after all that's happened, I think VALKYRI has become my family now. I don't want to speak for everyone but I think I can guess that's the case for a few other people here too." Her present is set on her lap and not opened immediately-she seems to be watching Maira hand Ang a present, curious for his reaction. She knows what's inside.

"I think..." she says, considering Seith's suggestion, "One of the more touching memories that stayed with me was probably about a year ago. Manhattan had fallen to the darkness and my appearance had been forcefully changed. I called everyone here to meet with them and talk about what had happened and what we would do next. Everyone was just happy to see that I was alive. They didn't care that I had become a mutate, they accepted me. I should have cherished that more before than I do now, could have saved us a lot of trouble, eheh...heh."
Nagetta "Thank you." Nagetta takes the cookies for later. She's not sure what to get Maira in return. She doesn't really know her that well. She watches as Vespa lifts her off the floor, she certainly was strong. Of course she would have to be to swing Al around in battle.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pulls the Keyblade out of nowhere, forming with a burst of both dark and light energy as he looks at it...

Oh right. That thing at the end? You can change that?

He never thought about doing that...

Raine Arland "Huh?" Raine mumbled, staring as he was handed box. One that he had to set his glass down to take. "Oh, well that's not a surprise." And immediately, his grin came back. "I mean, I AM Raine Arland! Total Badass Extraordinaire! It's only natural that I'd get a gift! Ahahahahaha!"

Laughing victoriously, the swordsman went on. "A testament to my awesome self! You have my gratitude for the reminder~" Idiot. He does however listen as Avira mentions her story. "Mutate? ...What's a mutate anyway?" He asked, tilting his head a bit curiously. Master of being out of the loop; Raine Arland!

Ang's keyblade is given a look after and a whistle of appreciation. "Whoa, nice sword there."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr rolls his eyes at Raine, and sideways looks towards Seith, "You wana field this one? You seem fairly professory tonight." He assides, figuring he can distract Raine with the elf of his dreams.

Also the Mutate story. He frowns, that was...yeah...
Seith Seith smiles a little when Angantyr asks, and he has this slight glint in his eyes suggesting he's about to try and go for a 'joke'. A rare and elusive quality in this man. "You see Raine. When a human girl and a small band of animals from a zoo love eachother very much..." He begins. Oh god someone stop him.
Maira Maira beams. She is totally going to drag him outside to make sure it works well once there is a spare moment!

Maira rolls her eyes at Raine, but smiles. She's sure that's Raine-speak for Thank you.

At Avira's story, Maira moves over and hugs her tightly, pressing her cheek to hers. "Aww Avira..." she says. Avira knows she's loved! "I guess I could share a story...well, um. I'll um...I'll talk about Uist," she says, which would be difficult for her, but he was never far from her thoughts. "I grew up with Uist, even though he was dead. Er, a ghost. Only I could see him, for the longest time. He was my best friend when I had none. I didn't know until almost the end that he was actually my father. He'd been watching out for me all that time....heh...I really miss him," she says, her voice cracking. She looks down, trying to stealthily wipe a tear that slipped free. She nudges Avira then, pointing to her present. "Open iiit...."
Angantyr Vespar "I will hit you again." Angantyr says right towards Seith.
Maira Maira narrows her eyes at Seith and throws at cookie.
Avira "A mutate is a mutant. Well, more like a chimera that has a human mixed into it somewhere. They have wings and fur." Avira explains about the whole mutate thing. It's not exactly the best of stories to pass on, especially given Angantyr's role in all that.

She hasn't forgotten. When Avira picks up on Angantyr frowning about it, she subsequently feels bad for bringing it up.

Nudged, she opens the present. She is immediately taken with the mittens and pulls them onto her hands. "Aw, they're adorable, Maira, thank you."
Raine Arland Raine listened....and smiled like an idiot, anticipating what might be a hilarious story.

But then Maira threw a cookie. "Aw."

Thankfully Avira explained properly, if a bit shortly, and he brought a hand to his chin, nodding to himself. "Uh-huh...that's interesting....I wonder though." He mused aloud, setting Maira's gift aside and taking up his glass again to have a sip. "...I wonder if your Soul Blade would have ended up being covered in fur if I got one from you in that state..."

He was grinning teasingly at that comment.
Angantyr Vespar "Soul Blade?" he says, with a quirk of his eye.
Minerva Minerva is just smirking at this poing as she watches with a good deal of mirth clearly upon her face. She's been watching for a while and jus enjoyuing her booze at this point. She does raises her eye up from her drink at the mention of the soul blade.

"Tis an odd term and not one that fills me with much confidence."

Okay she's set the drink down at this point and glances over as the gift giving has starte which makes her smiles a bit.
Seith Seith catches the cookie with a stupid grin on his face, and casually eats it. Ahh, that kind of response was more than worth it. "Now now, no violence during Christmas." Seith reminds Angantyr with a far too smug smile. "What about you Raine? Any interesting family stories?" He's been listening to the stories with no attempt to riducule them. Well, unless someone tries to get him to explain things such as Mutates again.
Maira Maira groans lightly and hides her head in Avira's shoulder. "Aaand now we're dead," she moans. When Ang hears about the soul blades, she expects he'll flip.
Vespa "I have to agree with Avira on that one. You are all my family now..", she pauses thinking. "A story huh?", she hmms a bit. "Oh I got one.. A while back I left VALKRI cause well I was being a selfish idiot mostly... But you all came and found me and dragged me back here, being uncounsous at the time proably helped.",she smiles a bit taking another drink. "Avira gave me a good taking to, and I relized that I have a place here and I relized what freindship really is..", she pauses again. "Darn it I need a refill."
Raine Arland Raine moved over to a free seat, plopping down as Seith asked him about his family. "Me? Family?" He looked off distantly in thought then. "...I can't say too much. Though I did have a sister back then. ...She was the kindest person I knew. She accepted my flaws and never judged me...." He smiled sincerely then, recalling past moments. "...Kinda makes me wish she was here with me now, you know?"

Raine nodded then and looked towards Angantyr. "Soul Blade? Oh that's easy!" He laughed, immediately returning to his idiotic demeanor. "Want me to show you? I can totally do it now!" Setting his plate aside, the swordsman stood. "I need a volunteer though. Anyone? Anyone~"

Oh boy.
Angantyr Vespar "Sure. I will even volunteer." Angantyr says, dismissing the Keyblade and crossing his arms.

Did I mention Angantyr is a bear of a man.
Maira Maira looks up. Well, she has GOT to see this! "Ooooh booooy..."
Raine Arland "Awesome."

Raine approached Angantyr, stopping a step away and staring up to meet his eyes. "....Heh." And that grin again. "Fair warning, this might be a little gay. Bear with me." Joking on that, Raine's left eye began to take on a glow, fluctuating from red to black and white. His expression turned serious then and he moved to Angantyr's side. He reached out with one arm towards the dark knight's chest and a magic glyph formed, seemingly unable to decide between black and white.

"...This is interesting..." He mumbled to himself before shaking his head and uttering the incantation.

"Paradise, is here!"

And then he thrust his arm forward, through the glyph, and into Ang, though not physically. The knight would feel a strange force grasping at something inside him on a spiritual level. And then Raine pulled.

There was a bright flash of light as he raised his arm and held up the result. ...A demonic looking black blade, covered in chains, as if restricting itself from the destruction it could cause. "...Nice." But there was something strange happening still. The sword's form began to fluctuate, turning white, then back to black, and back and forth.

"Guh...! Crap! What the hell is this even...?" Struggling to contain it, Raine brought his other hand up and grasped the sword with both hands. "Haaaaaaaaah!" And then he 'pulled' it apart, in the end dual wielding a demonic, chained black sword in one hand, and a pure, white sword plated in what looked like angel wings.

"...Damn man, you've got a complicated Soul Blade."
Vespa Vespa watches the display. "Neat party trick.", she not surpised at the 'compliated' part.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment, wondering what was going on. When Raine started his act though, she took a few steps back. Oh yes, this would be quite dangerous... and then he pulled a sword out of him, a quite complex one indeed. She whistled as he displayed the weapons. "I wonder what mine shows." She grinned. "Then again, I bet it wouldn't be as neat."
Maira Maira gawks and rushes over to see the soul bladeS! "WHOOOOAAAA......there's TWO!" she exclaims! "That's awesome!"

Maira looks toward Angan, a little worried. "Doesn't that feel so weird?" she asks just above a whisper.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr clenches a fist when things get...personal...

Especially, when a hand is thrust inside of his being.

He controls his natural inclanation, IE to deck him in the face.

However, the man pulls out the demonic sword, and from it the light sword.

"What can I say...I am a complicated person." he says, with a dismissing tone. "I've said it before, and I will again. Greatest light, deepest darkness, and vise versa."

He nods to Maira once. "By birth I am steeped in darkness, but by deed I am not bound to live in the shade." a shrug, "Well...maybe I had a little help."
Maira At that, Maira hugs Angan quickly, smiling brightly. "Alright, now put them back! It seems unsafe!" and personal! Like, really. Hello new person, shall I pull a sword out of your soul and twirl it around a bit? Great!
Seith Seith raises his brow as he watches Raine perform his little trick, and gazes upon the weapons. For a moment, his curious nature has him wondering just what kind of weapon would be drawn from someone like him... but then realizes that it would be better not to know. "It would do him well to be unique in some manner. After all, he /is/ a student of Garland after all." He points out.

"So what happens when those are destroyed?" Seith suddenly asks. "While they are out of a person? They are after all - called a 'Soul Blade'..."
Raine Arland Raine gave a test swing of both blades, producing trails of light and dark, followed by the testing of their weight. While he did so, he answered Seith. "Like I said to Mighty Midget before, these are pretty powerful weapons. But like the name says, it's formed from the soul of the person it's used on."

A shrug. "They're pretty durable, so fighting with them is plausible of course, but...if they chip or break, then that pain is going to given to the host. And believe me, you don't want to feel that." He sighed, as if recalling something. But he moved on soon after. "Obviously, I can't pull out a bunch of Soul Blades and keep them. One in use at a time, and in the presence of the host. If I stray too far, they'll drop like a sack of bricks. After all..."

He raised the black sword. "This thing is the soul formed as a weapon. It's an ultimate form of trust to go with the power it provides...and not something to be used so frivolously." He then turned back to Angantyr. "Now let me put these back." Fusing the blades back into one, Raine pointed the sword at the dark knight's chest, magic glyph forming again.

"Until paraside must be defenced once again..."

And the blade was returned to Angantyr. He'd feel more complete now.

"Annnnnd that's the gist of it!" Grinning like an idiot then, Raine moved back over to his spot. "Thanks for being my volunteer, big guy! Heh."
Aerith Aerith clapped her hands. "That's impressive. Then again, it's not like I'll want that to happen to me any time soon, considering." She gave a nod. "Still, it does make you more interesting, that's for sure."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr resists natural Angantyr tendancies...

"I don't really like that." Angantyr says evenly. Not especially with what he seen during his...keyblade adventures. No...that was pretty powerful, and also...

Nagetta "That must feel uncomfortable." Of course Nagetta can drain the life from others but a soul's beyond her power. She's a bit curious about what hers would look like, but she certainly doesn't want to test it. Given some of the things she did in the past, it might not be so pleasant.
Maira Maira is in complete agreement, which is why she thought Ang would be angry with her and Avira for having it done to them! Maira didn't know what she'd been in for! "Yeah...I can see, if in a real emergency...but you should be really, really careful with that kind of power Raine. It uh, comes with responsibility," she says. Not like she hasn't gotten that talk before!
Vespa "AL get pretty jealous of someone using my soul at a blade, or me using anything other melee weapon.", Vespa says.
Raine Arland "Yeah, yeah. I know that more than anyone...."

He smiled wanly for a second before proceeding to wolf down his plate of food, taking breaks to drink. "I'll be extra careful, yeah? Besides, I got other weapons I can use! ...Well, 'weapon'." He chuckled at that and set his cleared plate aside, standing up.

"I hate to dine and dash, but I just remembered, that I've got something to look into! Last minute christmas errand!"

That had to be a lie. But either way, he totally strode out, waving a hand without actually looking back.
Aerith Aerith nodded and gave a shrug before turning toward Avira. "Well so much for the assumption that he's a complete jerk." She grinned. "Granted, he's still jerkish, but not so much anymore, right?" First impressions are hard to shake off, after all.
Maira Maira watches Raine go, her expression thoughtful. She shakes her head then, and smiles to Aerith. "No, he's not. Of course he's not," she replies. "Everyone is complicated," she continues, then looks to Seith for a moment.
Vespa "I would rather have a person like that as an ally than an enemy.", Vespa says. "We got enough villans to deal with already."
Seith Seith turns his head away when Maira looks his way. Complicated. Sure. "It would be boring if it were otherwise. Though you'd be surprised just how two dimensional some people are."

Avira Invite Raine to talk about himself...and he'll take the opportunity. Avira doesn't have anything to add to that, actually, and merely listens to his explanation of soul blades and the production of Ang's. She doesn't openly volunteer the information that she had him try it just so she could see hers.

Angantyr seems disapproving anyway. Last thing she wanted was more of Angantyr's disapproval.

Just as fast as he had come, Raine leaves. Avira rubs her head. "Yours looked pretty cool, Ang." Avira says very quietly. Sheepishly, even. "So Seith...were there any moments you wanted to share with us?"
Maira Maira tugs on Angantyr. "Come oooon, I want to see if the keychain works!" she says, trying to tow him toward the door.
Minerva Minerva looks at the blade for a moment her eyes narrow.

"Seems you may have dived too deep."

She grabs a drink and shrugs down art of the ale she had there. She doesn't seem bothered by the whole blade thing. She takes a deep breath and then looks to the gift Maira handed her earlier, she looks sheepish for a moment. She had been distracted from opening it and foes to open it even as Raine departs from the party perhaps it's or the best, when she thinks about it. Now just what did Maira give her?
Seith Seith actually seems surprised that Avira brings him up, that he is forced to do a doubletake. "Oh, me?" He blinks for a moment, laying his hand to his chin while pondering if he should even answer this. But it would seem to be an Unequal Trade if he were to refuse, now would it not?

"I guess there are many happy memories for me to choose. But I guess one of my favorite memories will always be the birth of my daughter." He admits.

"Dear Caladhiel... such a bright light." He whispers. "I don't think one can truly understand how much it means to bring a new life into this world - until one does so. And the value that child holds. Your entire world suddenly comes to revolve around them. And it's worth every moment of it."
Aerith Interesting. So there was more to this one than she'd figured.

Aerith remained silent as he told his best family moment. Despite how many times they'd fought him, he still managed to not be so... intimidating... once the annoying thing about them being on separate ends of the spectrum could be ignored. She smiled once the recounting was over, but didn't say anything else. Aerith did however look toward Angantyr, now quite interested in him. Oh she saw how Maira looked at him; that wasn't her place. But she did want to meet him, to know more about him.
Maira Seith had a daughter? Maira is surprised. 'What, are shadow lord's not allowed to have pasts just like the rest of us?' she asks herself, shaking her head quietly. She wants to know more now. She always does. Maira's curiosity is just a deeply ingrained part of her personality, but she has to be cautious. The reminder of responsibility weighs heavily.

Maira has to say something in response to Seith. "That's a pretty name," she settles on, hoping that won't seem like she prying for more.
Avira "You did mention the idea of sharing ehse stories in the first place." Avira points out to Seith. She's not letting him get away. Should Avira be willing to disclose information like this meant she should get something of the same from Seith.

Much to her surprise. he does share, revealing that he is a father. Details never mentioned before. Avira gets a sinking feeling in her stomach about this. Unlike Maira, Avira doesn't know what to say in response to Seith-it was a little overwhelming.
Seith Seith bows his head towards Maira. "Thank you." It doesn't look like he minds particularly. It's his far earlier childhood that he doesn't really want to talk about - because of a certain Elf living in Corneria. And Maira can probably figure that if Seith is like this now, that she may also not wish to ask about what happened to his daughter and wife. "Útíradiel was my wife's name - beautiful like a moon in the reflection of a lake." A strange analogy perhaps.

"Caladhiel took after her beauty and purity, and after my skill with the brush." A painter, he suggests to be. "But I should not bore you with further details. Could I have bother you for some wine perhaps - dear?"
Maira Elf names. They all end in diel. "Oh, wine? Uh, certainly..." she says, going to get a glass. She seems to have forgotten, at least for a bit, that this man is an enemy and he's calling her dear like an old grandfather. This is the strangest day.

Wine is served, then Maira clears her throat. "Well um, I'm pretty tired from all that cookie baking so...think I'm going to go to bed."
Aerith Aerith maintained her smile as Seith expanded on his family. For a moment, she wondered what happened to them, then thought better of asking. After all, she'd only told so many people about herself. No need to ask him something potentially painful.

Yes, the drinks! She'd almost forgotten.

"You know what? I'd like one too. I mean, I just got here a few minutes ago, and I'm nowhere near into the holiday spirit." But then Maira announced she was going to sleep. "Okay... anyone else want to get me one?"
Seith Seith accepts the glass gracefully, and then grows quiet again. A somewhat more gloomy look appears on his expression, and his lowers his head a little. It seems like the wine was just an excuse to truly be quiet and consider certain things.
Avira "Take care, Maira." Avira says quietly, sipping down the last remnants of the drink she has. "Merry Christmas and happy holidays." More silence passes and Avira takes note that the party is winding down. She doesn't encourage people to leave yet, allowing them to linger for as long as possible.

Seith included. For now, while the thought of family and memories of the past in the air, he remains just like any of them. Just another person with a family, not a dangerous shadow lord.

"Thank you." she says quietly, leaning in to meet his eyes, "Thank you for sharing these things with us."
Aerith Aerith pouted as she too, noticed that the party was coming to its end. "Oh not fair..." She huffed and stood, heading toward the kitchen. "Are there any treats left, Avira? I'm kinda hungry now!"
Seith Seith glances up just for a moment as Avira thanks him. He nods his head once, but doesn't answer her further.
Avira "We've got plenty left Aerith." Avira says, not breaking her gaze with Seith. Their eyes meet for the longest moment. "So just help yourself to whatever, we've got."
Aerith Aerith waved behind her right shoulder as she got herself some ice cream. When she came back with a small bowl of strawberry goodness though, the party had dwindled yet again. She huffed as she marched toward the couch and plopped down. "I really, really hate being late to things..."

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