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(2013-12-20 - 2013-12-20)
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Maira Lately, Maira has been working on something with Arthur. Together, they have been working on something Maira hopes will be quite impressive. Finally, she thinks its done, and is wrapping a certain something in a box, wrapping paper spread out over the floor as she fiddles with tape and ribbon. "Alright you, dont catch fire..." she tells the gift, then reaches for her eggnog. Yummyyyyy!
Avira "I'm baaaaaack~" comes the familiar voice from outside the VALKYRI HQ. Seconds later, the door pushes open and Avira steps through, swinging her cloak over a shoulder with a flourish. A set of shopping bags remains tucked under one of her hands. "Alright, got more of those gift tags and tape. Should be more than enough."

Avira reaches the table and tosses the bags down upon it. The cloak is removed entirely and tossed onto one of the mismatched chairs surrounding the table. "So I think things have blown over enough that I can come and go through this very public town with no problems."
Maira Maira smiles widely. "Oh good! has been really quiet, hasn't it? Maybe the villains celebrate christmas too. Or are having some kind of....evil conference..." she muses, shrugging.

"Well okay, good. I actually want to show this to you before I wrap it, come here," she says, unable to contain her excitement as she puts the box in her lap. Its sort of a long rectangle, and what is inside is most certainly reeking of magic.
Minerva there there is plans for a party there would be booze, produced by Minerva when VALKRYI is involved. So the silver haired wonder has shown up with two kegs one under each arm and wshe's even waring a santa outfit, well kina, she's got a green hat on with a short sleeve winter like vest, green shorts and black boots, prehaps it's a bit much, then again she also seems to fight in stuff like that anyway.

"I have made sure we will have the spirits, to be in good spirits later!"
Avira "Ahh, don't push our luck, Maira! I don't want a bunch of villains ruining Christmas." Avira lowers her voice, "That's something they'd do. You saw what happened at this black friday. Or last black friday when Negaduck made trouble."

She pauses and peers over at Maira, "Oh? Someone's present, eh." Even Avira can sense that magic. She reaches for the box.

"Hey Minerva." Avira grins, "Spirits, eh? Well that's definitely needed for the party!"
Maira Maira looks to the door, then laughs brightly. "Minerva! The Booze Fairy! We can always count on you for spirits! We're just doing a little wrapping. Can we crack them open now? Heheh."

Maira looks back to Avira, snickering. "True, true...but what do expect, calling something Black Friday! It's like an invitation!"

So, inside the box, is what appears to be a medium sized chain. Longer than would go around a neck, and thicker, but not quite the sort of thing Skoll throws around either. At the end of the charm on one end is a ruby gem that flickers with an inner magical fire. It emminates warmth. In fact, Avira would recognize that it it feels just like Maira's own magic aura.

She grins, proud and excited. "So, what do you think it is?"
Minerva Minerva says "I'll be bringing more but if you wish to sample my goods. Tis such savargy I only heard tales of of the like about the 100 years war. This was not for Gods, nor country, nor honor, but greed...laid out naked before us."
Avira "It's supposed to be named after a business term! To be in the black means you're making profit. Since there's so much buying on that friday, companies wind up in the black. But...wtih so many people out it really does make the day a target." Avira sighs, shaking her head.

She peers at the object in the box, which turns out to look a lot like a...necklace? Her gaze is drawn to the gem.

"...umm, I dunno, it looks like jewelry. That gem reminds me of magecite."
Maira Maira looks to Minerva sidelong, sheepish. "True...but I got this beautiful lace--well nevermind! It was cheap and only slightly burned in the end," she says, eyes fixed on the ceiling for a moment.

"Well...maybe it kind of is? I sort trapped some of my magic in the gem. Its like...connected...anyway!" she says, then reaches to pull it out of the box. If its a necklace, its some absolutely garish bling. At the other end from the gem is a moving clip, to attach it to something. Holding it up, Maira's grin widens. "Its a /keychain/."
Aerith A certain flower girl was starting to become a regular fixture around here.

Oddly enough, said flower girl had just come in when this section of the conversation began, and simply found it best to sit back and listen. She had no idea what was being talked about, and had no real intention of butting in just yet. No, let it happen for now.
Minerva Minerva says "A curious gem there I must admit, and I think I see. Merchant princes will attempt to make coin off anything they can. Back to better things me thinks. I never seen anything and a keychain? Really? Tis strange but then again with those like Mercade, and Ang? I wonder..."
Avira "Lace...?" Avira murmurs, giving Maira a smirk. "Might have to tease you about that later."

Tapping a finger to her chin, she observes the crystal. "So you made your own magicite? You can do that? I thought it took centuries for mist to crystalize...okay well maybe it's not magicite." she pauses, "...ahh, a keychain eh." Smirking again, she nudges Maira, "For a certain someone, eh?"
Maira "Well, its not magecite I guess, because its fueled by, well, me I guess? I may have to recharge it after a while--" Maira blushes brightly when Avira nudges her. "Well, you know, he sometimes wants me to set his keyblade on fire! This will do that!" she beams. Its obvious she's /really/ proud of this. "I couldn't think of what to get him that was...right, you know?" she says, sobering.

Maira looks over to the door then. "Oh hey, Aerith! Come on in," she says. And the necklace she got back from Rakassa? She is wearing it.
Aerith Aerith nodded and made her way into VALKYRI HQ for... what, the tenth time in two weeks? Certainly felt like less. She was glad it was so close to the Cloud Nine, too. When she saw the necklace Maira wore, she smiled. "So you did get it back. I'm glad!" Aerith headed for the couch and flopped down onto it, tilting her head to the right. "Don't mind me, keep going. It was getting interesting."
Minerva Minerva says "I know littles about the magic arts baring that that apply to the mystic knights."

Minerva notes as she finds a place to sit and waves to Aerith. "Greetings and humm I'm afraid now whatever terribe carnal plans we had are cancled clearly."
Avira "Has he really asked for that?" Avira laughs. "Wow, how Angantyr of him. I doubt it'd even hurt the guy at all either." A laugh escapes her and it occurs to her that she really ought to catch up with Angantyr sometime. Maybe get that training session in. "I think this'll be a great gift for him."

"Heya Aerith." she says offhandedly before passing back the box to Maira's keychain gift. "I channel magic through my weapon pretty often. It looks like that whatever keyblades are made out of are pretty conductive too."
Maira Maira smiles brightly. "You really think he'll like it?" she asks.

Also, did Minerva say something about carnal plans!? HOW DOES SHE KNOW!?
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "I'm sorry for spoiling your fun, then." She cleared her throat. "So then, I hear something about a keychain that Maira made herself." She glanced toward the young lady. "Didn't know you could make stuff like that. You have quite the talent there."
Maira "Well, actualy, me and Arthur made it together. He makes magic things--I just sort of provided the idea and the magic for it, heh. I was basically a battery," she laughs. "He did the difficult work."
Avira Avira pointedly doesn't say anything about carnal plans. A lady does not...uh...kiss and tell...?

"Yeah Arthur's pretty amazing at synthesis. He's made all kinds of neat stuff. Without him we wouldn't have the progress we would towards..." she pauses, "...well, towards our Gummi Ships. Accidents notwithstanding at least." Avira leans her backside against the table.
Aerith Aerith placed a hand under her chin. "So he's good at refining items and things of that sort, huh?" She smiled. "I might pay him a visit if I can. See if I can't find out what my staff is capable of." She stretched her arms over her head. "So, what do these key chains do anyway, besides be a good-looking accessory?"
Raine Arland And right at that moment, the door of VALKYRI HQ is dramatically thrown right open as a man clad in nearly all black strides through with a swagger that nearly overpowers the atmosphere already present.

"Ladies annnnnnnnnd....more ladies! You're days of living in fear are OVER!" He proclaimed, spreading his arms wide. "Because Raine Arland is here! Now, commence with the roaring applause!" Obnoxiously making his outlandish announcement, the swordsman gestured with his hands in a 'come on' motion, awaiting said applause. "C'mon! No need to be shy! Just let it all out! I'm waiting~!"
Maira "Well, I just made this one to um, light Ang's keyblade on fire. Cause I mean, that's /awesome/" she explains with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders.

Speaking of good looking accessories...? "Oh, hello! Oh, Raine is your name? I guess I can stop calling you New Ivo," she says, grin growing capriciously.

Maira takes the keychain back and puts it back in the box to finish wrapping it up. "We've got eggnog, have some eggnog!" and please don't pull any weapons out of my soul!
Aerith Aerith glanced over at him for a moment, her expression deadpan. The fact that Maira acknowledged him didn't change her neutral features one bit. After a few seconds of her dead silence and flat stare, she turned back to Avira. "Did you hear something?"
Minerva Minerva says "Hello Raine, you are looking well, and you seem to be quite chipper but I do wonder is all things in order with you?"

Minerva for note ins in a Lady Santa outfit, vest, shorts, black boots and a hat this evening.

"If you'd like to try some of my spirits feel free to."

She pauses for a moment looks at Aerith.

"Yes I think it's just the typical Tavern man."
Avira "I have to double approve of attacking with things set on fire. Especially if you are fighting a Hydra." Avira points out because...that's happened before. Fighting a Hydra that is. "So-"

Raine barges in to the VALKYRI headquarters and Avira immediately bristles. She pushes away from the table and points dramatically at the knight. "Youuuuuuuuuu!"

"What are you doing here! You think you can just stroll in like it's no thing!" she stomps towards him agressively and starts poking him in the chest with that pointing finger, "You think we live in fear here?! You are wrong! We live in the very opposite of fear! We live in pure, undiluted, /awesome/!"
Raine Arland "............."

Raine held his magnificent pose, still waiting for that applause that wasn't coming. Eventually, Avira happened instead, and he found himself on the defensive against a poking flurry. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" He said quickly, hands held up in a placating manner. "You might be living in awesome, sure! But it's definitely gotten ten times as awesome now that /I'm/ here!" The swordsman proclaimed with a wide grin on his face.

"So chin up! No more fear! No more despair from the lack of Raine's awesome, because now you've got it! Ahahahaha!"

...Why was he here again?

Maira and Minerva are given a casual two-fingered salute. "Yo! Maira, Miss Claus, The both of you are looking as amazing as ever~" He strode past Avira at that point, inviting himself further in and pouring himself a glass of Eggnog.

While having a sip from the glass, Aerith was given a look. "Oh, it's the Tree Hugger. Didn't see you there. Almost invisible, you know?" Raine couldn't help but smirk at that. "Maybe you need to do something about that, eh?"

Aerith She continued to ignore him. That didn't even warrant a response.

Aerith directed her attention to Maira. "How is your special guest doing? Has she woken up yet, or is that still in the works?" No need to talk about Alice while the jerk was here. At least, not directly. No idea which side he was on.
Maira Maira giggles brightly at Avira's reaction to Raine, then leans in toward her, covering her mouth with her hand to grumble; "You should really stop rising to his bait, you know," she suggests.

Maira would provide a cinnamon stick for Raine's eggnog. Honestly, his attitude doesn't actually bother her at all. She won't let it get to her, and being confrontational only makes him worse! So, she'll KILL HIM WITH SWEETNESS!

At least until he is mean to Aerith, at which point she gives him the kind of frown that easily communicates 'you should be ashamed of yourself!'. "Hey, if you want to be a guest here you will be civil to our other guests," she informs him. She's /this/ close to shaking wrapping paper at him.

Maira looks back to Aerith. "She's well. She's not here though. She's safe though," she informs her with a nod.
Raine Arland "Hey, hey~" Raine drawled out, waving a hand dismissively. "I am being civil! I mean, I'd understand if I said something like 'Your mother was a horse and your father was a shrew! And yet, you look even worse than the both of them combined! How did that happen? Did you hit every ugly gene on the way down? Oh mean, I feel for you!', ....But I didn't! All I said that was that Miss Tree Hugger's presence here was kind of unnoticable, and made a suggestion for her to take steps to address this serious issue!"

Coming up with an excuse so retarded, it might almost work, Raine grinned again towards Maira, stirring his drink with the cinnamon stick. While he did that, he listened to the discussion happening as if he wasn't some near-stranger who just walk in and was now hearing thing he shouldn't. "What's this about a special guest? You keeping a Behemoth in here!?" He asked dramatically, suddenly looking about his surroundings with a suspicious gaze.
Avira Vicious poking flurry! As Raine makes defensive motions, Avira tries to drive him back. It only seems to be slightly successful before Raine decides to invite himself past the tiny, fiesty VALKYRI. "By despair you must mean the..." she fumbles with words, "...exact opposite of despair. /Yeah/."

Huffily, she folds her arms over her chest. "Bait, what bait? He's obviously naturally this cocky, I know guys like this!"

Talk turns to the 'special guest' and Avira makes a face and starts motioning at Aerith to stop bringing up this topic. "The Behemoth is in the basement. The special guest, however, is no longer here. I'm pretty sure she left for somewhere safer. Never know when someone's going to bust the door down to this place, haha."
Aerith Aerith shrugged at Avira's face. "Just concerned, that's all. While we're on that topic, why don't you guys have an alternate safe house or something? I mean, this place is in the middle of a city that could be attacked at any time, and you don't have a fall back position just in case this place does get blown up." She scratched the back of her head for a moment. "While I'd usually invite you guys to use the Cloud Nine as a haven, I doubt there's room for all your members."
Maira "Yeah, that totally happens all the time. Maybe we should get like, a steel door..." she suggests with a shrug. Indeed, drop the special guest subject! Raine is still an unknown! Though she has a good feeling about him, depsite all the cockiness and clashing with Avira that he does.

Maira has totally great judgement okay!?

She does roll her eyes at Raine. "You know that isn't nice to say either, don't pretend you don't," she tells Raine. "Here, put your finger right there so I can tape this," she continues, pointing to the gift she's wrapping. Maybe if she puts him to work he'll stop being so troublesome.

Maira looks to Aerith, pursing her lips. Could Aerith pick a topic that is safe for a relative stranger to hear!? "So, think we'll get any snow!?"
Raine Arland "Real eloquent there, Mighty Midget~" Raine teased back at Avira, taking a sip of his drink after. The mention of 'Behemoth in the basement' however drew a smile from the man in black and he sets the glass down. "Oh reaaaaally? Well that's just awesome!" Not sure if he actually fell for it, or was just making a joke out of it.

"Well then c'mon!" He held a hand out towards Avira, still grinning mischievously. "Lemme borrow your Soul Blade and kick some ass downstairs for a bit. It's not a problem, right? Riiiiight?"

..Okay, he was definitely playing around.

Maira's command has the young man following her instruction after though without much objection at all though. A perfect distraction. "Snow? should? But then, if you want snow, you could just go to Narshe! Heh-"
Aerith Well at least he's no longer being a jerk. So now she could properly address him. "Right, so then. How have you been doing, Raine? I assume it's been going well for you?" She gave him her best smile, at least the one reserved for people she tolerated instead of genuinely liked..
Minerva Minerva looks at Raine again for a moment but will behave for now. She seems to be in too much of a good mood to try anything a she looks over at Raine for a moment. Or she could be in error. She does not look rather pleased, then again with where she's from this coul get erather ugly. Minerva is clearly stasrting to look a bit hostile at the moment. She's not acting on it but it's clear Raine is getting no points with her. She gets up and goes to get a drink, rather than do something foolish which might ruin things for everyone.

"So where did you find such a charmer?"

She's clearly refering to Raine here.
Maira Maira tapes up the present and smiles her thanks to Raine. "Well, I have been to Narshe..." she begins, then her smile fades, a ghost of memory flashing over her eyes. A memory of grief. Maira shakes her head, then stands to get more eggnogg.

Once she's gotten herself under control again, she answers Minerva. "Pretty sure he just showed up on our doorstep--if we give him food, does that mean he'll stick around?" she teases, trying to get back into the spirit.
Raine Arland "Heh heh heh~"

Chuckling at the expense of all around him, Raine continued to perpetually skirt the delicate line just by /being him./ "I've been doing pretty well, Tree Hugger. Managed to make a breakthrough on my research. My partner and I are taking a break before we jump back into it. Fun times all around~"

He took a sip from his eggnog then, downing the rest of it as Minerva spoke. "Whoa ho~ So Miss Claus returns to reality! Welcome back, Santa-babe~" He spoke in a clearly teasing manner, grinning towards her. "No need to ask such a question. I'm as mysterious as the dark side of the moon~" That statement was followed up by a dramatic hand gesture.

Maira's mention of food causes Raine to abruptly turn towards her. "Someone mentioned food!?"
Maira Maira pauses by the fridge. "...I have the strangest urge to break into a montage.."
Raine Arland Raine stares dramatically at Maira. "I think it's time..." He spreads his arms and spins once towards her. "Time to make /man/ out of you!"
Maira "...B-but I don't want to be a man!" she complains! But she spins anyway.
Raine Arland "Maira! Listen to me!" Raine shouts, coming to a stop to point at her. "Manliness is not confined to gender!" He then clenched that hand into a fist and swung it outwards to accentuate his point. "Manliness is a state of being!"

Back to pointing.

"So anyone, at any time, can become manly! Men, women, children, chocobo!"
Maira Maira just blinks. "I don't want to be manly either!" she exclaims. Maybe if she throws food at him he'll forget this whole line of thought. I mean, that would work if it was her!

So Maira reaches over and throws a slice of leftover pizza at Raine.
Raine Arland Raine's hand becomes a blur, his mind going into overdrive as he spies the wayward slice of pizza potentially about to be wasted. "Noooooooooo!" He cried out, everything seeming to become slow motion as he caught the food in his hand.

"Safe!" The swordsman announced after, and then proceeded to take a bite.

"Hmn. Cold. But servicable!" Raine turned away, distracted by food then. Mission accomplished.
Maira Success! Except now Maira has also become distracted by food. She's munching pizza and isn't sure what they were talking about before two of them apparently embraced the awesome power of random, silly chaos. ""
Avira "Hnnnn." Avira huffs again at the back and forth, teased for her petiteness before she forces herself to 'not rise to the bait.' It's hard! People usually don't give her that hard a time for her size, after all.

Casually, she stuffs her hands into her pockets. "I like to think he came from the same place that Ivo did so long ago. But they're different enough that I'm not sure that's the case anymore. I'll openly admit that Raine here seems to be a lot more useful." She pauses, then looks Raine, "And don't let that compliment go to your head, bucko. Though I'm curious. Did you really think there was a party today? It's"

She hesitates, "It's on Monday in fact."
Raine Arland "Eh?"

Raine glanced over at Avira, arching a brow curiously. "Party? What party? I literally just came here to piss you off." He grinned mischievously as he openly admitted that and shrugged after. "But hey, the free food is a nice bonus!"

That said, the young man devoured the rest of the slice and then lowered his arms, hands looping around his belts. "So what's this about a party anyway? You throwing a 'last celebration before we all get wiped out by the darkness' party?"

There was a pause as it sunk in. And then Raine brought a hand to his face and turned away. "Pffft--ahahahahaha! Hold on! Gimme a sec here! Ahahahaha!"

And there he went.
Maira Maira looks at the piece of pizza in her hand.

Maira looks at Raine.

Maira looks at the pizza.

Then, she reaches up and quite casually smooshes it right into the side of his head.

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