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(2013-12-19 - Now)
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Chita There's a problem with being blind, lost in a forest, and not feeling comfortable enough to summon your Chocobo to try and get out of the forest safely. A) Illusions that affect all the senses. He couldn't be certain that anything was what it seemed, and he wasn't going to chance getting his Chocobo hurt, or worse, doing it himself by mistake. B) He was covered in the blood of another Chocobo as of the other day and as of yet, hasn't had the chance to really clean it off. Hasn't helped that a few more creatures(at least so he thought) came to try and have a snack of him and he was forced to deal with them. So he had those guts on him too. And C) He wouldn't even know which way to point the damned Chocobo anyways even if he did summon it up to give him a ride and try to navigate the forest.

Hence why Chita was looking a little worse for the wear at the moment. The Viera was wearing armor, the suit that he had gotten in Archades, but it still seemed rather torn up. Being in an enclosed area with lots of petrified thorns, getting knocked around by beasts and landing on things, staying alive somehow... it was certainly not something he got out of well.

The only thing he could do now was try to follow his nose towards the smell of fresh air. Deeper in the forest all he had was the stagnated stuff that was there. He had taken the chance and started walking, unable to really tell if he was walking in circles. If he was getting out of the forest, he wasn't sure in which way and all he could tell at the moment was that the air seemed a /little/ fresher... even if the tingling in his bones and body made him think there was probably a large source of Mist nearby. In fact he was heading towards the Iifa tree, but wasn't quite there yet.
Raine Arland Raine had come to the Petrified Forest for a good reason today. Kneeled down nearby the Iifa Tree in an enclosed area off the beaten path, the swordsman placed a black stone onto the ground under the roots of a tree to be hidden. "That should do it." The stone briefly pulsed with lines of red light before settling down again. Nodding to himself, the young man stood up and prepared to head off.

There was a rustle that drew his attention soon after however and he immediately hid behind a tree, falling silent as he leaned aside to have a look at who or what it was. He'd contended with his fair share of creatures on the way through. Most of them hardly proved to be a challenge, but using 'his' power was something Raine liked to avoid at any possible time. "...Huh."

He mumbled to himself after, spotting a familiat blind Viera...looking much worse for the wear than usual. "...Wonder what he's doing here." Only one way to find out! Donning his usual idiot smile, Raine stepped out onto the path and rest his hands onto his hips. "Heeeeeeeey, Bunny Dude! Fancy seeing you out here in this neck of the woods! You get lost or something?"
Chita As 'fresh' as the air was getting, Chita actually felt rather heartened. Then something strange happened. Someone spoke. Someone knew him. How would anyone out here know him? ... how did that girl know him? Though he was a bit off still, Chita pulled out a spear and pointed it towards Raine, "I do not know if you are real, or another illusion, but I have no desire to find out." His voice was soft, slightly pained, but firm enough to show he wasn't losing his mind. At least, not in the 'panicked' sense. He seemed, for the most part, perfectly calm.

"And I do not recognize your voice, so that does little to hearten me that you are someone I know." Then he realized... why was he even talking to it? "Just... stay back before I'm forced to hurt you." Might as well try a warning. Though at what point he'd feel safe enough to trust his senses, he wasn't sure. For all he knew, this wasn't even near the edge - it could be in the middle of it and he'd never know.
Raine Arland "Oh man, oh man..." Raine mumbled, though audibly enough for Chita to still hear, and approached anyway, shrugging nonchalantly. "You don't recognize me. I'd be hurt, but then I realize that we've only met once. And barely then too." He came to a stop right in front of Chita, but a few feet back. Essentially in his way, keeping that distance as he spoke.

"Hrrrmmn...Ah, I bet if I was a cute girl, like Lumeria, you'd have no trouble recognizing me, right? Ahahahaha!" And immediately, the swordsman burst out into a round of obnoxious laughter. Even here, in the middle of nowhere, Raine found time to be irritating and have some fun with the situation at hand.

Chita's warning went unheeded and he even took a step forward. "So, you mentioned something about illusions...You beenn smoking that good stuff?"
Chita "..."

Him? Really? That obnoxious kid from the day he spoke with Lumeria in Alexandria? Chita's head turned towards Raine and 'watched' him so to speak, though in truth he was listening, those tall ears perked up right. As he heard the footstep before the last remark, he flicked the spear upright before catching the hilt in a practiced motion and threw it straight towards whatever ground or root was in front of Raine's foot, landing, unless there was some giant hole, a few feet in front of him.

"I said stay back! I know not wether the illusions I experienced were upon the area I was at, or if some magic was cast upon me, or if I am still experiencing them. I do not want to hurt anything else, but I will if I think my safety is in danger!"

Chita was, in truth, being overly cautious and trying to keep other things safe rather than himself. There was no deceit in his methods, or his words, or attempt to make things seem otherwise.
Raine Arland "Please." Raine grinned at the spear embedded in the ground before him and stepped forward again, this time, taking a short hop into the air before landing on the back end of the thrown weapon, balancing on one foot for as long as the spear held way. "You think I'm an illusion? That's pretty funny, actually..." He spoke casually, this was interesting. Too interesting to simply walk away.

...But then again, it always turned out that way for him. Maybe he was too easily entertained. "It sounds to me that you're saying this for /my/ benefit, instead of your own." Raine spoke in a cavalier manner, shrugging his shoulders as he balanced on top of the spear handle. After that however, he hopped off and forward a bit, landing on the ground and then taking another step forward.

"So, you want to find out if I'm an illusion or not? C'mon, it might be kind of fun!" He spoke, the amusement thick in his tone as he goaded Chita onwards. What was his purpose for this even? Probably nothing more than passing entertainment.
Chita "No... I know you are real. I simply do not know if you are who you say you are... or are a beast. I was tricked into thinking a Chocobo was some kind of monster, and that I had killed someone with my own hands when i still do not know what I actually tried to kill. For all I know you are a six year old child."

Maybe that shed light onto it. However, Raine seemed to be acting like a person rather than a beast, especially with the strange movements. Did it just hop onto the spear? Then he realized... the illusions from Seith... did not seem to know personal things. They seemed to go off of what Seith himself knew. His name, where he was.. what he would do. But Seith didn't know he met Raine. Seith likewise probably didn't know Lumeria.

At that thought Chita slumped onto his knees before winding up just kneeling there, exhausted and a little less worried. "I think... I just realized you are really who you seem to be. The illusions were not personal, and I only just realized you mentioned Lumeria." If Raine was looking for a fight, he wasn't going to get one now unless he did something aggressive or stupid, like pretend he /was/ a monster or something.
Raine Arland "Ah, and the man uses his brain."

Raine brought his hands together then, clapping them in applause for the Viera. "Bravo. Braaavo~" Ceasing the applause after a bit, the swordsman approached a bit more, till he was just in front of Chita, and knelt down to his level. "Seriously though, you look like hell." Thank you, captain obvious. "Last I recall, you were blind." He said, recalling their last encounter. "You need some help getting back to civilization? And..."

He wrinkled his nose at that moment and leaned his head back a bit. "Ergh, you smell like a rotting corpse! Gods, you need a bath!" Shaking his head in exasperation, Raine moved to Chita's side, slinging one of the Viera's arms around his shoulder to support him. "C'mon. Up and at em."
Chita At first, Chita didn't say anything, though he did finally say, "You truly are a Behemoths ass, you know that? And yes, I still am. Blind, that is. I could not risk using what water I had to bathe as I did not know how long I would be in the woods and... if I would come upon any other water."

Accepting the help up, Chita shifted to stand on his own though he did seem to have a bit of a limp. "How far is the closest settlement? And... where am I?"
Raine Arland "Hehehe, yeah, people say that." Raine chuckled, responding to the ass statement. Oh he knew quite well. Stepping aside once Chita was on his own two legs, the swordsman shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, staring over at the Iifa Tree in the distance. "Well...we're close to the Iifa Tree. The Petrified Forest is behind us, so..."

He pointed towards the tree, not that Chita could tell. "The closest settlement would be Manhattan, via a portal past the tree. Not a lot of people know about it though. Think they have to turn back and go through the forest again. Idiots, heh heh." That said, Raine began to walk forward again. "Right then, c'mon. I got business in Manhattan anyway, you can get a hotel, have that bath and a change of clothes. We'll both get what we need."

Not that he had any intention of sticking around once they were there.

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