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(2013-12-19 - 2013-12-19)
The captured experiment is brought back to the man himself. However, the alchemist is disappointed because the objective was not taken care of.
Sanel Mullonde is the holy city for those who see the church as their one stop shop for the close interaction with the higher being. It is the central headquarters for all templars, priests, and those under the Glabados teachings. The beautiful land exists with its decorations of flowers, orate buildings, and a training field.

...Not everything is what it seems.

Deep within the chambers of the church exists a place where the good deal of the chuch members do not know about.

It is where the darkest secrets are kept.

One of them exists a small laboratory. Flasks and other sorts of tools hang out. Liquid travels through the tubes into vials.

At the center is a long haired man who is nearing his fourties. His eyes are closed as he looks serene. However, the expression is filled with great disappointment.

"What a pity... He did not complete his objective."
Louis LeBlue "You said 'that word' would make him behave!" Louis wanders into that very same laboratory, with Sanel underneath his arm. His chest is tied off with bandages, and then leather on top of that in order to try and do away with questions.

Louis looks tired however, there's blue rings beneath his eyes, and his hair is missing its luster. His step is tired and slow. It is obvious that he is wounded. He isn't even carrying his blades with him today. Only Sanel - unconscious even still. He only just removed his blade from the boy.

"He isn't human."
Sanel "Ah... I said that it would help jog his memory. A fragment to return him to what he once was. Never did I say that it would /CONTROL/ him, my good friend."

Sagrath opens an eye, turning to face the direction towards the entrance with a smile.

"Eredias was a village that he was sent to exterminate the Heretics. ...Sadly, there were more people exposed to such heresy." A shrug is given by the Alchemist. "...Things had to be done to prevent the spread."

It is then that Louis notes something in particular about the boy.

Sagrath maintains that smile, "Oh! You've noticed!" The mage turns towards the unconscious youth, "...Ahh, it has been a while since we have encountered each other, Winter Dusk."

Then, Sagrath turns around to walk over towards a wall. As he places a hand towards the wall, it twists and turns to a table.

"What you hold in your arms is Winter Dusk, the greatest weapon and the dark hand of the Church. Those that are to be exterminated... he is sent with just a word or a snap of a finger." A thoughtful look comes, "However, it seems that things have gotten in the way of that conditioning."
Louis LeBlue "Do not use that word so - you demon." Louis answers Sagrath, giving him an annoyed gaze. "I am not your friend." Not even close to being his friend. The man looks down at the boy while the mage smiles. "I do not know of what you speak." The man steps towards the exposed table when it is presented to him, and carefully drops the boy's body onto it. Louis does know honor - at least a little.

"To call him the greatest weapon just shows how little you truly know, Sagrath." Louis points out. "I bested the boy. Even while attacked by many others. And I am hardly the strongest within this church. "Though possibly one of the strongest swordsmen.

"Is there something you aren't telling me?"
Sanel "... Ahh... I am hurt." Sagrath offers that friendly smile, still unwavering despite of Louis's temperament towards him. He turns over to the table as the boy is laid to rest. Sagrath is merely approaching the table filled with flasks and vials.

Then, Louis's response.

"...He is a tad rusty. Besides, I stopped him before he could show you what he could really do. Do you really think that he collapsed out of the blue for no reason?" The smile grows, it becomes more maddening.

However, he calms, "Ahh, I shall let you in on something."

A hand gestures to the unconscious boy, "...Winter Dusk is my greatest experiment. ...It just took some time to... teach him."
Louis LeBlue "I stabbed him. The blade went though." Louis answers Sagrath, not allowing the man to tell him otherwise, to take his honor away in that battle. Louis lays a hand to his chest, gripping into the leather, while staring at Sagrath a little longer. "An 'experiment'? You truly are a foul man, Sagrath." Louis reminds the man of just how much he dispises him.

"Let me ask you - why spend all this time? All that knowledge on a mere boy? Why not an adult man? Why... all of this?"
Sanel "...He can survive through a lot of things." For as long as that symbiote is with him, Sanel will live a long time. The man merely looks over towards Louis at his remark, "...All in the name of God." And science.

Then, the question as to why the boy. Why not an adult man?

"Many samples were chosen over the past years. Men, women... None of them survived the experiment." A hand gestures to the boy, "...This boy, however, is the first to survive." And then, he laughs, "Why did I chose this boy, out of all people? ...Why did I chose this little boy...---" He walks along near his table, "--instead of letting him join the Inquisition like his kin and allow him to be trained by the church?"

He turns towards Louis, the eyes narrow, "...He had a spirited fire in his eyes. A defiant fire. In essence, he volunteered himself to my teachings and to prove a point."

"... with the right touch, even an inferno can be snuffed like a candlelight."
Louis LeBlue Louis lays a hand to his forehead and shakes his head. "You are a wretched man, Sagrath." Simply because the boy had a 'fire', he choose to use a mere boy? Louis lowers his hand and crosses both arms. "I can not say I agree with your choice. But I've done what you needed from me. I've brought you the boy." The man lays a hand onto Sanel's head, running his fingers through his hair. He wonders what this boy's father was like. One of those who were sacrificed to the experiments?

He wonders for a moment, if he'll ever be a father. "I must leave. Keep me up to date on your progress on him. The higher ups wish to be kept informed." Louis speaks in a manner that suggests that Sagrath knows very well not to disobey 'those' people.
Sanel Most of Louis's words have fallen deaf in his ears. Sagrath is no longer paying attention. Not to the insult. Not to the fact that the methods are different.

"...How I found him..." The man recalls in his musing, "... His parents hid a pair of Heretics. ... They were simply dispatched. But this boy... This boy and his brother had a natural gift of magic. This child had the power to manipulate the cold while his brother could manifest flames without needing to chant like our thaumaturges. Ooh, you should have seen it. They were young, uncertain of how to use their powers. ...They needed the proper teachings of the Church. ...Now, this boy is something greater."

He stops in his musing to hear that Louis wants to be kept up to date.

"Ahh, but of course. I shall keep all of the higher-ups updated." His eyes drift towards the boy, who unconsciously shudders uncomfortably. "... I will have to dig deep within his psyche to fix the 'damages' done."
Louis LeBlue "You could have waited." Louis answers Sagrath, as he moves towards the door. Only when he reaches the exit does he look back to the lab for a moment. "Keep /me/ up to date. I will inform the higher ups. Don't mistake your position in the Glabados church, professor. You talk to me. I will talk to them." The man then turns towards the exit and finally leaves. But as he leaves, he wonders who is more the monster... himself for surviving that strike to his heart, Sanel and all that he is... or the professor, who seems to believe himself god.

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: Sanel, Louis LeBlue