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Dark Tides
(2013-12-18 - Now)
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Chita While in Goug, upon leaving, it had come to Chita's attention while traveling roughly toward Lindblum atop his Chocobo that there was a rather drunk fellow attempting to get some help. Most people were ignoring him because, well, to be honest he was apparently a known drunk, liar and sometimes saw things while drunk. A few others had reluctantly agreed to help if only to try and make sure his story had no credence.

He claimed that while wandering towards Goug, he looked back towards the plains in the distance and thought he saw a young girl wandering into them alone. Claims he called out to her, got no response, and he was too scared to go there on his own because sometimes monsters showed up.

Chita knew full well he was worthless when it came to looking around for things. Being blind kind of made that a way of life. However, the hopeless hero combined with the altruist and optimist in him did lead him to believe what the fellow was saying. He seemed a little disgusted that he hadn't gone after her, was why. Which was why Chita had let his Chocobo wander him through the plains at its' own pace, no real rush, while listening. Listening for the sounds of movement. His Chocobo was well-trained enough and sensible enough to not go towards monsters unless told to, and knew basic enough things like 'Find the girl' and 'Go here' and other such things that he wasn't all that worried.

Though he did begin to get worried when the sounds changed and so did the air, noticeable even though he had put on the Archadian armor he had, with the cloth padding inside, as well as covered his face. Not to hide or deceive others, but to try and protect himself, and possibly others, from him being exposed to the Mist that he knew was here. He'd had faint issues with it in the past after all. "Where are you taking me Senra? Are we still on the plains?"

The Chocobo gave no real response other than a simple soft chuff of a 'wark' sound as if acknowledging him to a point. The eerie silence and strange feeling did leave him wondering. Surely they hadn't wandered so far that they were in that forest... right?
Seith The Chocobo had followed something. In fact, it had done exactly as Chita had desired it to do. To find the girl. There had been little moments where Senra had spotted the girl in the plains here and there. She'd appear, and then disappear from sight once more. It's an event Chita would not have been able to sense.

This girl had lead him exactly that that place which Chita did not wish to visit. Though once, it was a far more dangerous place. Once, this Petrified Forest had been one filled with caniverous and fully mobile plant monsters. But thanks to a strange magic, this has changed. And nobody has yet to try and cure this place.

The Chocobo draws Chita further into the forest, until the forest finally starts becoming thicker. The branches start getting in the way, scraping past the Viera's armor.

This is followed not long there-after by a lone sound. That of a little girl letting out a cry in the distance. But also something else. The creepy 'clicking' of a monster - a giant insect perhaps?
Chita It wasn't until the cry out in the forest that Chita was even hearing anything. It was a sound that a regular hume might not even here, given the distance. Of course that strange clicking sound that followed caused him to let out a little sound of worry before leaning down close to his Chocobo's back and letting his head rest alongside the birds, "Alright then, take me to her - fast."

Perhaps it's a good thing that Chita has been taking him to Serendipity a lot, letting him race there for the fun of it. Because Senra was actually getting pretty fast. Looking around quickly as if searching for something, he found a fairly-open path and darted off through it, hopping along trees and really using the forest as an obstacle course of sorts. With Chita laying nearly flush against the Chocobo, it was probably quite a bit easier to get through things given it was just Chocobo-sized.

But what was that sound? And... was it a monster, or a Heartless? Something that has always worried him was that, truly, since he was cursed by Hades - he has never actually attempted to kill a Heartless. He'd always heard a strong heart and determination were required, that most couldn't do it. Could he even still do it if he was forced to? Up until now he'd mostly just batted them aside, and not really dealt with them much other than Seith's Cat heartless.
Seith The Chocobo suddenly halts. Not sudden enough to throw Chita off, but it's sudden. Being unable to see, all he can do is listen. To feel. The clicking sound is close. Very close. In fact, it is right before him. There's the sound of needle-like hard objects touching the ground as a creature approaches him further.

Clack. Clack. Clack. So go its spindly legs as it moves in on his position. And then suddenly there's the sound of a girl at his side. "You were too late." They whisper to him at a most pitiful tone. There's the feeling of wretched breath that comes forth from whatever stands before him.
Chita Confusion showed on Chita's face as they stopped and he heard the sound. Was the mosnter coming towards him instead of the girl? But... why would Senra move towards the monster instead of moving away from it to get to the girl? Before he could say anything, just as he pulled out a single spear, Chita heard the voice next to him and frowned. Something was strange here.

Who spoke like that? Too late? Anyone in their right mind would say to save them, help them... not that they were too late. They would be clinging to life... trying to survive.

Why was she saying it was too late? That rancid breath caused Chita to shake his head and feel thankful he had the facial wrap of cloth to keep his nose covered on at the moment before reaching his left hand under the Chocobo's beak. "Look at its' head." and he felt where the Chocobo moved. "The top of it... okay, where is the bottom of the head?" He couldn't see himself, but Senra could, and he was trying to figure out how large this thing was. He had a good idea of how far away it was if only by the sound, and generally about how long... but one thing he couldn't determine without trying to base it off the Chocobo's response was how TALL it was. For all he knew, it was long and thin or it could be giant and long as well.

"I do not know what has happened to you... but I am willing to still try and protect you. Are you trapped? Bound somehow... or can you take my hand?" Chita shifted the spear into the hand opposite the side where the girl seemed to be and took a chance on extending his hand - hoping that the girl herself wasn't some kind of trick by this monster. He'd heard tales of beasts and creatures that could make illusions to lure people to it.
Seith Chita is right. A normal little girl wouldn't say any such thing. Yet still she speaks to him again; "Why are you too late... /Chita/?" No, something is wrong. He knows something is wrong. And whatever is causing all of this isn't trying to hide that this isn't 'right'.

Beneath him, Chita feels his Chocobo move. Whatever is before it is at least twice the size of Senra. It clambers closer, but doesn't appear to be attacking. It just hovers before Chita with its gigantic maw.

The girl reaches her little hand out, and taking Chita's. It doesn't appear to be part of the creature. But there's something else about her touch that seems familiar. Like there is something 'wrong' about her presence. What's more, the touch doesn't seem to quite match up against what he is expecting.

It's a little big.
Chita All of this was rather disorienting for the Viera, who was using all of the things at his disposal to figure out what was going on except his sight and still couldn't figure much out. Monster, yes, girl, supposedly... someone who knows him? Senra generally stays still, though as it moves closer, the Chocobo moves back a little to try and keep prepared to run if need be. It was obvious the Chocobo did not like this situation, but was trained well enough that it didn't just buck Chita off and take off running.

When his hand was taken, that wave of uncertainty goes over him again before he forces himself to ignore it and use his thumb to see if the hand was her right hand, or left, feeling for some sign of that. Upon figuring it out, he lifted up carefully while attempting to pull whoever it was onto the Chocobo in front of him. The size, while confusing, wasn't enough of a factor to make him think otherwise.

"Now is not the time... whoever you are, ask me later. We need to leave, now, before whatever this thing is changes its' mind."
Seith The moment the Viera trie to pull the girl up, he finds the receiving end rather heavy. The other's grip firmens, and he's suddenly pulled down and off of Senra - possibly even sent sprawling onto the ground. "No, it won't change its mind. I am in full control over it." The feminine voice warps into one more masculine. "You're really useless, aren't you? You can't even see anymore, and you would not attack what was obviously your opponent." There is a moment of pause, before the voice adds; "I can't believe how you managed to hurt my as much as you did that day."

The person and the monster move audibly. "Tell me your secret."
Chita Being pulled like that from the one he tried to help up was actually surprising, enough that he was indeed jerked off and landed on the ground. His spear slid a ways off and out of his reach for the time being. Senra started to respond, fluffing up like an angry bird might, but Chita's sharp, "Senra, stop." caused it to give a reluctant sound before calming down and stepping back a little.

It was a voice he hadn't heard too often, so he wasn't entirely certain, but there was something familiar about it. Hurt him the other day?

"The one who was controlling the Heartless beneath that castle..." Chita stayed on the ground for the moment as he simply listened, listening for what they were doing before pushing himself to a stand and ignoring the beast to the side. "I have no opponent here." came his response quite simply. "My only purpose here was to rescue a girl who was lost, if I could. And if you still need help... I will still offer it." His hand came out towards Seith, seemingly quite serious about what he meant. "I hold no enmity with you or yours, I oppose your actions and goals, at least what of them I know, on principal alone. I have no secret that you are looking for beyond determination, perhaps... and a desire to protect others."

And leaving his hand out, he finally just asked, "Or did you mean something else?"
Seith "Seith." the man answers Chita. "My name is Seith." It's a name Avira had already discovered - so it would not take long to spread. Or at least, so the man has figured. "And you are wrong. It it was not for me, this monster would have devoured you. I can't believe how you can be so... careless with your own life. Here I thought I'd find a hero here." The man steps around Chita, ignoring the hand which Chita is offering to him.

"There is no girl. I do not need your 'saving'. Not from someone who doesn't even value his own life." Seith halts behind Chita, crossing his arms impatiently. "You are a fool to hold no enmity with me if you oppose my actions and goals... not that I believe you even know what my goals are. Nor what my actions truly mean." Still, Chita is right; "I meant something else. Where does your power come from? And don't give me such intangible rubbish like friendship or determination."
Chita "I hold no enmity towards you... because I imagine, if I walked down a different path... I could be just like you. It would be arrogant of me to think I am better simply because I consider myself 'good'. Like you told me long ago... seeking the path to light will blind." A grin of sorts came to his mouth as he said that. Ironic, really, that. How true it was now. Literally true. "There are very few in this world I hold a true enmity towards, and those are two who would act as cold-blooded senseless killers. A man of the Church of Faram, who attempted to kill a child and a friend of mine simply to get to me... and one of the idiots who was also there that day we fought last, a man by the name of Angantyr, who has attempted to kill others, myself included, for speaking positive of an Archadian Judge. Senseless violence is the only thing that will gain my enmity."

As Seith walked and moved, Chita turned towards him, not to protect himself, but to speak with him properly. That is what he wanted, so it seemed. To ask. "Where does my power come from? All I know it from is determination. Determination, effort, and certainty in myself. Likely the same certainty that you hold of your own actions. Knowing that I have to succeed to save lives. Knowing that eventually, I will have to swallow my pride and learn to navigate and control darkness to keep hundreds, possibly thousands of lives from being lost to madness born from a desire to know."

His hand goes out once more towards Seith, "My power comes from knowing where I am, and where I have to go, not what I have to climb over to get there. You simply happened to be in my way, even if I was not able to, in a sense, climb you at that point."
Seith "Quite right." Seith comments in regards to the blinding quality of light. "But know this - I would, and have, acted as a cold-blooded killer many time. And in a manner that most would quantify as senseless. You will not see much better with me." Indeed, enough reason to hate him. It doesn't seem like Seith particularly cares about the names Chita gives him. He knows Angantyr, Chita knows that -- but even during that last battle he'd made a comment that alluded to his lack of caring.

"I care about strength. About /power/. Not power for the sake of having power, but power for the sake of using it - controlling it." There's a long pause, during which the heavy armored elf stares at Chita's hand. There's annoyance in his gaze. "Stop reaching out towards me. I refuse to hold your hand, Chita." Seith moves again, stepping towards the side of the chitanous monsters. "So you wish to try and control darkness to save lives? Why? Why do you think you're that important that they'll listen to /you/?"
Chita "They?" Chita sounded confused as he pulled his hand back and crossed his arms in front of his armored chest. "Important that who will listen to me? The Heartless? I have no desire to control those creatures. I said Darkness, not the Heartless. I am not important in the least, as far as I am aware, past that I hold many lives in my hand and I can do nothing and let them likely expire... hearts taken and used to fuel some weapon, or I can act and move to complete the weapon with the hearts that have already been taken, the lives that have already fallen, and make certain their deaths were not meaningless. Make their deaths count in stoping others from suffering the same fear."

Senra has since slowly moved around the group to stand near Chita again, not quite wanting to be on the side of the beast in case it decides to lash out. As such, Chita reaches up a hand to pat the Chocobo's beak lightly. "I need to learn how to navigate darkness and how to control it, and eventually I will use that to save lives. It may mean little to you, but you wish to know the source of my power... perhaps you can find it through such. Watch as I bullheadedly overcome any obstacles I am put in front of and eventually succeed. I will not stop until I do..."

"...not even if it costs me my life." The way he says that might make one believe he was relatively certain he could complete his goals even if something were to happen to him.
Seith "I meant those lives - those lives you want to keep from eing lost to madness, born from the desire you know. I presume - the desire for darkness." Seith explains, as Chita did not seem to catch onto the meaning of his words. "The heartless are but pawns to be used. Yet they are also the greatest threat. Without power, one can not hold back the heartless. Without power, one can not control the darkness. But for darkness... without darkness, you can not play with darkness." Though his intonation on the word 'play' suggests that it is the least appropiate word to use in that moment.

Seith knows what Darkness can do to a person. He's seen it very clearly. What it takes out of someone.

"Yet here you are, wanting to nagitvate and control the darkness. You think just being Bullheaded will help you get through that? It'll take more than that." Seith shakes his head. "Angantyr's darkness comes from within himself - both the darkness that is his own, and the darkness that is not. But for you... what is your source of darkness?" The man approaches her and tries to touch a finger to Chita's chest. To his heart.
Chita All in all... that was the question. A heart of pure light, a single heart of pure light, was supposedly enough to finish the weapon. His heart was not such, he knew this. Yet... what was his darkness? When Seith put the hand against his chest, the finger, even through the armor - perhaps Seith could tell. The 'curse' Hades had placed upon him, that something was missing, something was not as it should have been with the Viera.

"My Darkness... is my desire for power. My rage, when I finally succumb to it. My passion. I want power. I NEED power. Until now, I have only sought the light for my power... and I thought it was enough. Now I know otherwise."
Seith "If you wish for the darkness, you must first forsaken all light." The man reminds him. "There is no path in between, if you truly want power." Perhaps a false statement, but not something he states knowingly. Seith looks down at his fingers where he touches Chita's heart, and then takes a step back.

"And why do you truly need this power? I am not talking about the grand scheme? I am asking you - what would you do with it the moment you had it?" He turns his back to Chita and starts toying with his gauntlets.

"How far would you be willing to go /down the rabbithole/."
Chita "No. I will not forsake the light. I will, however, accept the darkness. And... as for what I would do with it..."

Damn Hades curse, being unable to deceive. He sighed before saying, "There is a weapon of darkness, a weapon created that feeds off the hearts of those it steals, grows, and eventually, when completed, could turn into a Keyblade. Within it are hundreds, maybe a thousand lives or more, a thousand hearts or more, that are all locked in despair and the darkness. They are weak... unable to satiate the weapons need for strong hearts."

Chita turns towards the monster as if 'looking' at it despite being unable to see. "Yet hearts... can grow. They can become stronger. A heart alone is weak, but many hearts working together can become strong. I am too ignorant as it stands, too weak, to go into the darkness where the hearts lay, rally them and return to make sure the weapon does not fall into hands that would abuse those fallen. I need to be able to control the darkness, walk through it, to conquer it and make it submit. To make the Black Beast tame."
Seith Keyblades can be made 'that easily'? Seith doubts this. But when Chita brings up the weapon, Seith smirks. It's not something for Chita to see, but there's a /definite/ smirk. Even if it would not complete, it might be worth seeing the result. "So you would wield this weapon?" Seith asks Chita. "Then bring it to me. Along with yourself. Complete the weapon and bring it to me, and I will teach you how to control it to the best of my abilities." Seith answers Chita.

He turns to face him. "But I warn you. If you do not forsaken the light, and wield that weapon... something far worse might very well happen."
Chita Still facing the monster insect nearby when Seith says that, Chita turns towards him and says, "No. I may not think of you as an enemy, but I am not ignorant enough to trust you. I freely expect if I came to you alone with that weapon, you would attempt to kill me and or try, and possibly succeed, in stealing it for yourself."

While Chita /is/ an Altruist, he is not completely ignorant of bargains that seem too good. Hades can be thanked for that.

"It will not be completed, however, unless I learn to control the Darkness, period. Do I need to seek out another for this task of mine, or does my power still intrigue you enough that you would find out what makes me tick and show me how to learn for myself how to control the Darkness? You asked how far I would be willing to go?"

As he returns the question to Seith, Chita pulls out a single large spear, the last of his crystal lances, his Judge spears, only to leap straight up and spin around before throwing the spear right towards the top of the giant insects head. He fully intended to impale it straight through the head to the ground. He hasn't been ignoring it this entire conversation with Seith. In fact, he was listening for small things, minor movements, to figure out exactly where the top of its' head was.
Seith "Pity. Though it's not a lack of ignorance that I pity." Seith reminds Chita. "But then, you'd be a fool to trust a Shadow Lord." The man chuckles and shakes his head, turning away from Chita again and moving upon one of the petrified trees. "Though what need have I of a dead minion? Or a weapon such as that? It'd be a useless tool in my hands."

"But why do you need to control the darkness in order for the weapon to be completed?" He makes a little handmotion, and then suddenly hears Chita's strike. What his lance meets is something soft. It strikes through. And a strained 'Wark' follows. Senra is still safely besides himself, but the monster...

"Did you know that my most precious ability is that of illusions, dear Viera?" He asks. "You can't even see through a weak illussion yet. Even blinded - you walk around blind." Seith plucks a piece of wood off of one of the trees. The Chocobo which Chita had struck falls down before him.

A wicked smile appears. "You said your source of darkness... was anger?"
Chita Chita may have a broken heart of sorts, part of him torn apart by Hades' curse, but when he hears that sound his heart sinks. The sudden confusion and honest fear that comes from hearing that pained wark, Chita nearly starts to tear up. The moment he lands he sinks down to his knees and reaches out in confusion towards the scent of, at least what he thought was now a wounded Chocobo.

It couldn't be Senra... could it? His hands shook, the Viera looking like he might simply break down crying right there before his own Chocobo walks up behind him and nudges him with his head, making him realize it wasn't Senra, but another Chocobo. Or perhaps it was the monster the whole time simply illusioned to seem like a Chocobo. Shaking a tiny bit as he stood up, shivering, Chita said softly, "Senra... return." And with that, despite looking uncertain with the command, the bird turned and walked through a portal to wherever it was that Judge Chocobos go when they aren't with them. It simply left Chita there, and Seith, and the fallen... thing, be it a Chocobo, or a beast.


Indeed, Chita looked like he was ready to choke Seith. He was trying to keep from lashing out, but he failed to keep himself in check. Perhaps it was remnants of the darkness that had flooded him courtesy of Hades, or the repeated darkness that had wounded him over and over since the time he had come to the world of Ruin, but something snapped in him. Snapped when he vanished with a light spellcircle forming on the ground beneath his feet, the Fairy Boots he had letting him vanish and reappear in a blink right behind where he thought Seith was in an attempt to grab the Shadow Lord by the back of the head and smash him face-first into the ground. There was no words at this point.

Simply unbridled anger and what was probably one of the few times Chita wanted to inflict pain on someone on purpose. True pain.
Seith Chita's fingers wrap into Seith's hair and take a solid grip. And the first smash seems to respond to him with a satisfying crack. And with each attempt that follows, there's another disgusting sound. A crack. A gasp. The crunch of something. There's a firm weight in Chita's hands. Armor rattling with each move. And a laughter that comes from that which he holds without stop. Laughter, time and time again. No matter how much he tries, the laughter doesn't stop until he finally tries for a good last thrust. A last crunch... and then silence.

The forest grows entirely quiet. No sound around him. Just the feeling of something liquid against his fingers, and a broken something.
Chita Shivering faintly and feeling fairly disgusted with himself, the Viera stands and pants, listening and not hearing anything. Just the sickening smell in the air from what he thought was blood, something he knew the smell of, and that strange warmth seeping through the cracks of the glove on his hand. He started to pull out a whistle, a thin silver whistle, to call his Chocobo. Then he realized that whatever was done to him, whatever magic caused him to not realize what he attacked earlier, may still be in effect. It could cause him to attack Senra, and he couldn't handle that.

He was in the middle of the forest, alone with nothing around him, no idea where in it he was, which way was which direction and he couldn't get his Chocobo to come get him. But he couldn't just sit here... couldn't stand around and wait. He knew this place had monsters in it somewhere, and at one point heartless. He wasn't alone no matter how quiet it seemed. He had to leave... but how?

"Forsake the light to use the darkness?" he asked aloud. "What is my darkness?" Closing his eyes, he faintly recalled when he could still see seeing various peoples that used darkness create portals. Hades, Seith, Angantyr, Riku... "Q@#$ him. I will succeed." And with that, for the first time, he actually attempted to use Darkness, not even certain if he could, to open a way for him to leave this place. If it failed... he wasn't even certain what he'd do.
Seith No, Chita would fail. The portals of darkness are a high level skill, and something normally only learned when taught by a Shadow Lord or a group of equal standing. But as he focusses his darkness, a voice joins him. "You have no focus." Seith. Walking right behind him, crunching the petrified grass. "Anger is a source of darkness, but it is the worst kind of source. It certainly can draw forth its power, but it lacks one very important aspect..."


The man lays a hand to Chita's shoulder, but does nothing else. "I am sure you feel it. That kind of rage... it has nothing to do with control. It only makes things worse. You must learn to overcome that rage, Chita. You need to focus your anger, not into a raging font, but into a aimed single strike - and never dwell on it."
Chita The voice, and sound, caused Chita's hand to fall to his side. When he felt the hand touch his shoulder his body tensed and with how his 'bloody' hand clenched, one could easily assume he was preparing to attack Seith again. Yet he didn't. While he was still angry, that senseless moment he had at first had passed. He's hardly in control, but he isn't in that bloodthirsty moment anymore. "Forsake the light? My darkness is the worst kind?"

He quickly spun around and knocked aside the arm that was raised to place the hand on his shoulder, not knowing if it was real or fake. "I have no desire to be in this damnable forest any longer. Whatever you wanted with me, you could have discussed it with me in a civil manner. Instead you chose to deceive me, cause me to take the life of a harmless animal..." he still shook slightly regarding that, feeling like he just committed a rather grave crime against nature, "...and on top of that, have caused me to try and take your life in turn."

It was easy to see he really didn't even know how to respond at this point, what to say, or what to do. Part of him wanted to try and harm Seith further, part of him wanted to run, part of him wanted to cry as he dug a grave for the poor bird/monster/whatever the hell it was and the other part? The other part still had no idea what the hell was even going on.

"Are you satisfied? What do you want with me, Seith? You know full well what I want from you, and yet... you took it upon yourself to not only get revenge on me, but manipulate me in the process. WHY?!"
Seith "I didn't cause a thing. When you chose to stab through the beast that I told I had in control, that was of your choosing entirely." Seith reminds Chita. "Do not so easily blame another for your own foolishness. Whether their shape be monster or animal - you /took the life of a living being/, Chita."

The man laughs. "And I didn't 'cause' you to try and take my life. You chose that by not being collected. By not being /in control/." Seith is clearly lecturing him. "Let me tell you what I am to you. Why I did what I did." The man takes a few steps away from Chita. "I am... a mirror."

"I show you that which you really are. You try to push your own flaws onto my deeds, but I know that you are perfectly aware that your own deeds are just that. Your own. What I /want/ from you, is to learn to control your rage. But you can't do that if you're going around blaming other people for your own anger. For your own deeds."

"What I am, is a man who wants Power, and Control. I am a Teacher. And I /hate/ those without power, and I /hate/ those who do have power, but do not know how to control it." Seith has begun pacing. "Don't believe me to be so 'petty' as to try and get revenge."

He stops again. "People do not believe in words. People do not believe a Shadow Lord. And so, I will help people see things of their own accord. So tell me Chita..."

"Do you think you could try and control your rage -- your darkness?"
Chita To an extent... Seith was right. It was his own doing. His own desire for power that put him on his path... his desire to keep others safe that led him to try and strike down what he thought was a monster in an effort to keep it from hurting others in the future. His rage was his own, even if brought about by Seith's magic. It is why he felt so sick inside. It was his own doing, even though he could not see...

After all is said, and the question is asked, the response Seith gets is rather simple. "I have to..." No matter how much he wanted to hate Seith, no matter how much he wanted to feel warm again inside, secure in his own belief that he was a good being... he couldn't.

Not now. All that was inside was the coldness and emptiness. A feeling of defeat. "I have to do whatever it takes to control Darkness, otherwise everything I have done is meaningless and more lives will be lost."
Seith "Then take this." Seith answers Chita and offers him a small ring. "It's not much, but it will help." He throws it at Chita, expecting the Viera to hear the Ring being flicked his way, and be able to catch it. "Any time your rage overflows, it will punish you by electric shock." Painted on the ring is a red X. A particularly special Shadow Lord mark. In truth, Seith could watch him as long as he would wear that ring. He could punish him from afar by his own judgement. For to create a ring that could truly measure rage... would be foolishness.

"May it help you internalize your conflict, and lead you on the road to control. I will seek you out again in the future. At a time of my own choosing."
Chita While he did hear the sound of something being thumped towards him in a sense, he had no way of determining the trajectory or anything of that sort. Instead, it hit him and bounced off, landing on the ground. Squatting down he felt around with his left hand, the one that didn't feel tainted to him, before finding the ring and holding it that hand thoughtfully.

"Very well then. Though I have a question, about what darkness is capable of." he paused there a moment before reaching up with his left hand, still clenched mostly, to grab at and remove the blindfold he always wore now around his eyes. "Maleficent took my sight away from me with her magic. Yet... in passing, she did something that let me see again briefly, but only certain things. Others have spoken of being able to see without sight. Is such a thing possible with Darkness?"
Seith "Yes, such is possible. Darkness is capable of many things. But I believe that if Maleficent took away your sight, that it was done through Sorcery. It likely does more than just take away your sight, for Sorcery is rarely so simple as to perform one deed." Seith answers Chita, as he himself opens a gate into the realm between. A portal into a Corridor of Darkness. "Such fine control of darkness will require just that - control. To use wisps of darkness to reach around you and become part of your senses."

The man steps into the portal, and glances back at Chita. "Good luck... and in case it bears mentioning... /not a word of this to anyone/." And with that, the portal closes - leaving Chita along within a monster infested forest, with the blood of a Chocobo that is sure to attract unwanted attention. Seith is a cruel man.

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