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(2013-12-16 - Now)
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Raine Arland Raine Arland was alone today.

Wait a second, when /wasn't/ he alone? Apparently a lot, but that shouldn't have been the case recently. Considering he and Lumeria were supposed to be doing to travelling. Maybe they split for some recon. Who knew? Either way, Raine plodded his way through the jungle and eventually came walking right into a familiar campsite.

And as if he were some sort of regular, the young man simply grinned and raised a hand in greeting as he stepped onto the grounds. "Yoooooooo~ Anyone here? It's me!" He called out, spreading his arms to indicate himself. "Raine Arland! Man of a Million Faces! Lord of Suaveness! Total Badass Extraordinaire~"

And already, he was being a moron.
Avira The nice tall walls surrounding Camp Pair Dadeni were very good at keeping out zombies and wild animals. Raine clearly looked like any other hired mercenary that was supposed to be here and was, QUITE UNFORTUNATELY, allowed to enter. His boisterous entrance does get him some attention-people look up from their tasks and stare at him for a long moment. Many of them go back to their work shortly afterwards. Others turn away in embarassment.

One little kid in particular runs off deeper into the camp to where the more permanent structures reside-bathhouses, a few cabins, a covered area with various cooktops. About a minute passes before a voice shouts out.

"HE is HERE? In MY camp!?"

About another minute passes before Raine will notice a familiar face storming over from the other side of the camp. The short stature and scarred skin means she's absolutely unmistakable. "/Raine/!!" she bellows, "What the hell are you doing here!? I didn't hire you!"
Raine Arland Already, Raine couldn't help but grin as he heard that voice shout out. Oh man, that reaction was already golden. "Heh heh heh~" He chuckled slightly to himself, crossing his arms and awaiting the appearance of the demon beast-I mean, midget. And soon enough, his patience paid off as Avira came storming into view.

"Yo, Mighty Midget~" He greeted, raising a hand lazily in the process. Her question is met with another grin and the swordsman just shrugged his shoulders all casual-like. "Me? Weeeeell, as I recall, your dear friend, Arthur Drover, did say that I was welcome to come by~ Especially after I took out that undead infestation that threatened your little hideout back before all these..."

He trailed off, looking around at the new cabins and work stations. "...New implements came into existence." Eyes twinkling with amusement, he looked back towards the scarred woman and rest a hand on his hip, canting his head slightly to the side. "Is there some reason why I /shouldn't/ be here?" That same hand rose up to his chin as the young man took another cursory glance about. "Unless you've got something to /hide/~"
Avira The irritation is plain upon the scarred woman's face as she draws near, face drawn down into an annoyed little frown. His casual reaction to her appearance only seemed to make her grow just slightly angrier. Fortunately for now she's just irritated and not enraged-so nobody was getting hurt.


"Ugh, he really said that?" Avira makes a face. Though she wouldn't admit it aloud to /him/, the camp was a joint project so both Avira and Arthur had a say in what went on around the camp and who was let in. "Gosh, that must've been an awful long time ago because I sure haven't seen you around here helping out since." With a huff, she crosses her arms over her chest.

"I can think of a reason or two for you not to be here." Avira narrows her eyes, "But I've got nothing to hide." Nothing that this boneheaded mercenary could figure out. The water crystal was shielded now. "Unfortunately for you, we don't get all that many undead attacks lately so I'm not sure how /useful/ you'll be to me."
Raine Arland "Well, what can I say? I'm a busy man, you know? I've got princessess to save, dragons to slay, crystals to collect in order to prevent the revival of any demon kings~" Raine spoke in a most cavalier tone, shrugging his shoulders to compliment his tone.

"Whoahoa- hey hey~" He spoke in a defensive manner, though not really too concerned for it. "A number of reasons, you say? And just what could those be?" He asked, grinning and leaning forward. "Please, tell me. This could /only/ be hilarious!"
Emi Dennou Miiiighty Miiiidget~. Actually the Dennous are not, really, short or anything. They're actually a little taller than average for their age group. They are, however, meddleseome and troublesome and tend to approach in packs. A three-pack of Dennou (Shida, Emi, and Omi) approach the camp. They haven't actually been to the camp before as it stands which may be why the hive mind is coming in the first place. They aren't carrying any weapons for the moment though usually their chief weapon is electrocution anyway.

They approach the duo of Raine and Avira. Emi glances to the other two and they give each other a nod before, in order, one covers their eyes, another covers their ears, and another covers their mouth.

They wait patiently.
Avira Avira grinds her teeth, each word this guy says feels like it's a pin being jabbed into her skin. There was just something about his cocky attitude that made Avira want to deck him in the face. In the interest of being a CIVILIZED PERSON, she refrains.

She does lean into him as she leans forward, "You're lazy, uninformed, and rude! You have no idea what's going on around you and haven't bothered to check in for /months/! Why do I want someone that unreliable helping me!"

The Dennou Pack will have to check in at the gate, of course, and state who they're here to see when they come in. It's not much of a hassle at all, really. The camp doesn't seem to be on high alert right now.
Emi Dennou Dennous purpose: See Avira of course. You think they'd be here to see Drover? Pffh! As if!

But they still do the ridiculous pose once they actually get in and spot Avira and Raine. That will never change.
Raine Arland Raine had to be well aware of his attitude that was constantly skirting the line towards getting his face caved in. But regardless, he continued to skirt that line with glee. It was funny as all get out.

Raine remained leant forward as Avira did the same and explained all of her reasons. With each one, Raine visibly lurched dramatically as if struck by arrows. "Urgk! Ghk! Hngh! Gah!" Hand over his heart, the young man's face took on a look of total despair. "You...I" He fell to his kneels, clutching his face in his hands. "My purpose....! My reason for living....! I just.....All I ever.....How can I....."

But then suddenly, the swordsmand was back up to his feet. "Juuuuuuust kidding! Ahahaha!" He laughed obnoxiously, arms crossed as he spoke afterward. "I take offense to that! I'm not lazy!" But he doesn't deny being uninformed and rude, interestingly enough. "I am a man with a mission." Raine proclaimed, whirling around and pointing at the sky. "That overrides any need to be informed about anything!"


Also, the Dennous were noticed in that moment. "....You making clones here, midget?" He asked out of the blue after staring for a moment.

Maira peeks her head out from behind Raine. She was totally not there two seconds ago. She's magic, okay? "Hey Avira! Who's this? Is he the new Ivo?" she asks, blinking innocently while also managing to grin mischievously. The young woman is dressed in a red sweater with a reindeer on it, with a knit hat with earflaps and fluffy pompom on the top smooshed down over her mass of red-gold hair, a black skirt, and red and white stripped knee high socks. No, she is not wearing shoes. Yes, the outfit is horribly unseasonably for the jungle. No, Maira does not care.

"Oh hey! Dennous! Hi guys!" she says, waving emphatically before she looks back up at Raine, just smiiiiiling.
Avira Avira is smart enough to recognize hammy overacting when she sees it. YOU'RE NOT FOOLING HER, RAINE!!!

The expression on her face remains stone cold when he comes back to laugh in it. "But you don't deny being rude or uninformed." she points out astutely, rubbing it in, "And just what is this mission that's oh so important, hmm? Proving yourself to the world? Good luck with /that/, Raine Arland!"

She pauses as he draws attention to the Dennous. Turning, Avira's sour expression turns into a happy grin and she holds out her arms. "Emi! Omi! Shida! Nice to see you! Welcome!"

Maira sidles up, asking who the new guy is, "Might as well be. Ivo minus the flirting so I think you'll be safe."
Emi Dennou Emi assigns Shida for hugging duty. And so, Shida rushes forth to give Avira a hug. They probably would ALL rush forward to hug but this conversation with Raine leaves them a bit uncertain so far. Also because Emi was the one covering her eyes so she didn't actually see Avira holding out the arms until the other two informed her thus resulting in a mild delay between the recognition of the gesture and the ability for the Emi to react to it.

Raine Arland isn't a name that Omi hears because she's the one covering her ears, but Emi doesn't recognize the name. Apparently Avira has been having OTHER ADVENTURES since she's been slacking off.

"MAira," Emi says after a moment. "It's good to see you again." She lets her hands drop. "WEll, NOW it is good to see you again, The Network clarifies."

She turns her face back towards Raine and adds, after a moment, "Do you have something against clones, sir? That is insulting our racial heritage, this one pretends to be offended."
Raine Arland "Hah! Prove myself to the world? My dear, sweet, Mighty Midget..." Raine shrugged and shook his head in a way that seemed to convey pity. Pity for Avira's lack of understanding. "...Why would I waste my time on something like that? I've got better things to tackle! Places to see, people to do, you know?"

A pause.

"Oh wait, that was supposed to be the /other/ way around. Whoops!" He hardly seemed apologetic though, in fact, he was grinning like an idiot.


"HOLY MOTHER OF--" He yelled, reeling back from the blonde girl with all due haste. But then he actually got a look at her and let out the breath he was holding. "Oh." He let his surprise drop and smirked. "...So I see, someone's in the season already." The swordsman mused, rubbing his chin as his eyes traveled down, and then up Maira, and then down again for good measure. "...Nice."

I think Avira was just proven wrong.

"I dunno who this Ivo is that you ladies keep mentioning, but he sounds like a loser." Wait, he had nothing to go on! "So yeah, banish that thought from your mind. Look at me!" He proclaimed, running a hand through his hair. "I bet I'm leagues above this Ivo!"

Emi is glanced at then, and now Raine actually takes the time to give them appraising looks, much like he'd done to Maira. "Hrrrrmmm..." Chinrub. "Well, I gotta say, if you're all this hot, then I don't have anything against clones at all~"

Okay, now he was proving Avira wrong on purpose.
Maira Maira blinks several times, then looks to Avira. "He's totally like Ivo."

Right then! Maira hugs Shida, then looks back to the new guy, grinning. "Heh! Yes, itsn't it all so fun and snuggly looking?" she says, regarding her outfit. How she's not sweating buckets is just one of those Maira Mysteries. "So what IS your name? And what's up with your eye? Its all red--are you like, half Dark Knight or something?" she asks, reaching up to apparently /poke it/ curiously.
Avira Avira is well equipped to receive a Dennou rush hugging. She's just as happy to have Shida take on the duty for the three of them this time and wraps her arms around the green-haired girl. DENNOU HUG. She releases soon afterwards and ruffles Shida's hair.

She stares at Raine. 'People to do'? That clearly had to be some kind of mistake-oh no. Oh no, he's sizing up Maira. CLEARLY PLANNING TO HIT ON HER. Protectively, Avira slips in front of her friend, an unamused look on her face. She wouldn't have Maira fall for a SCOUNDREL again!

", you are exactly like Ivo." Avira deadpans. LOSERSHIP AND ALL.
Emi Dennou Shida blushes! Gosh Raine! Shida is the best drawn Dennou, and that's a fact! Nevertheless, Omi Dennou's reaction is to sigh at Shida but Emi doesn't seem particularly annoyed by the Ivonian comment. She smiles faintly and says, "Careful, we're starting to get comments like that now and then. We might obtain an unhealthy amount of faith in our physical appearance." Despite her attempt to remain largely impassive in expression, she DOES snrk a little at Maira's 'are you half Dark Knight'?

"You shouldn't poke someone in the eye." Emi tells Maira sincerely. Though they haven't actually talked to Avira like they were hoping to though, admittedly, their reason was more to check up on her. The Dennous have missed Aviras even if they have of course recently fought with Aviras. It's not the same when you're fighting for your life against giant plant monsters though. It never is.

Shida completes the hug and steps back a bit, beaming up at Avira for a moment or three before adding, "But Ivo likes guys."

The other two Dennous look at her.

"--doesn't he?"
Raine Arland "Tch, party pooper."

Raine grumbled in mock annoyance at Avira's shielding of her friend, but he smiled after and let his arms fall, hands looping into his belts casually. Shida's reaction got a grin out of him however. He listened to the women speak after. First was Maira, whom he arched a brow at.

"Excuse me? HALF dark knight? Pfffthahahahahaha!" Unable to resist, Raine burst out laughing right there, a hand coming up to hold his stomach. "Oh wow! Is that even a thing? Phew...! Oh man! Gimme a second!" He wheezed, holding a hand up as if to request a pause in the conversation. He took a few seconds to die laughing some more at Shida's comments on Ivo, as well as other things that came to his mind before he finally began to catch his breath. He then straightened back up from his hunched over position.

"Oh man! Okay, I'm alive again!" He announced, taking a deep breath and then a sigh. "Now, so answer your I'm pretty sure I'm /not/ half dark knight...pfft--or even a dark knight in general." He brought a hand up to his left eye, which was glowing rather ominously at this point.

"This is...Eh, better to show than tell." Resting his hands on his hips, Raine looked between Avira, Maira, Shida, Emi, and Omi with a silly smile on his face. "I need a volunteer though. Anyone up?"
Maira Don't worry, Maira's not going to fall for a SCOUNDREL! Even if he is half dark knight. Sorry, its canon now!

A volunteer? Ou is it a magic trick? PICK ME PICK ME!"
Avira Poor Maira doesn't need to be accosted by SCOUNDRELS anymore. Especially Raines and Ivos.

"Then what exactly are you? Besides loud an annoying?" Avira snorts once Raine has FINALLY finished laughing obnoxiously in their faces. She really does look extremely close to reaching over and slapping him upside the head to get him to stop. Lucky for him, he ceases before she has to take this measure. Quite pointedly, she doesn't volunteer for Raine's demonstration either.

A flicker of concern is upon her face when Maira rushes forward to do so though.
Emi Dennou "A volunteer?" Emi asks. "For your eye? Is it dangerous or gross, THe Network inquires." Emi begins, but it seems like Maira is already rushing forward.

Emi sighs lightly. Shida turns bright red again and shrinks, as if trying to vanish. She doesn't know MINI though so she's really stuck just looking awkward.
Raine Arland "Nothing gross, I can promise you that." Raine chuckled and sobered up a bit more, glancing toward Maira. "Looks like it's you then." He took a step towards her and shrugged. "I'm just going to say this now; I mean absolutely nothing when I do this, so try and stay calm, okay? Don't panic, yeah? Okay? Okay!"

That said, the young man put an arm around Maira's back as if about to dip her in some sort of ballroom dance move, but so, she stayed upright and Raine brought his other hand forward, towards the general direction of her chest. As it was happening, Raine's eye began to glow much more intensely, almost as if burning with a raging flame. And a flaming red glyph began to form above Maira's chest.

"Stay calm. Don't freak out. Here I go." He then thrust his hand forward, but he never made contact. His arm phased into the glyph and into some space. Maira would feel something 'grasping' her from inside. A deep spiritual connection. Like her soul, or heart was being pulled. But it wasn't a rough, violent pull. It was something gentler.

The swordsman narrowed his eyes then and shouted an incantation.

"Paradise, is here!"

And then he pulled!

Pulling his arm from the glyph, it faded away and Raine held his arm up high, revealing a bright red and white sword cloaked in flames. It continued to burn brightly and lines of magical energy flowed throughout it. "...So this is the manifestation of your soul." Raine mumbled, lowering the sword for them to see.

"This is a Soul Blade."
Maira The moment his arm winds around her, Maira starts to freak out a little bit. Her eyes widen and she stiffens. Then, when he poises his hand near her CHEST she certainly begins to protest! He's not just like Ivo! He's worse than Ivo! OMG!

Wait, what is happening now? He's telling her to stay calm, which takes an absolutely gargantuan amount of effort to do. She's close to going inferno and burning him to cinders with holy flame-but, she doesn't. A glyph appears, and curiosity wins the day. "Ooh...what's that...hurk--!" That is easily the most bizarre feeling ever and she can't believe this is even happening.

Maira watches with wonder as a SWORD is pulled from her CHEST, eyes wide and jaw slack.

Maira places a hand over her chest about where her heart is, feeling for her light. Still there, still intact. PHEW!

"Y-you pulled a SWORD OUT OF MY CHEST!" she exclaims.

Naturally, she reaches for it now.
Emi Dennou The Network is, needless to say, shocked. Even Omi raises her eyebrows. Soul Blades? That can't be healthy. But a look over Maira indicates that she, well, seems healthy enough. Maybe if she doesn't feed that enough soul gems it'll darken into despair and she'll become a fire witch?! No that's ridiculous thinking.

But even so, it is a concerning experience.

"This one is concerned." Emi says. "About what the removal of a soul sword from someone's chest may mean with regards to the consequences."
Avira Raine starts putting his arms around Maira-or one arm, rather, and Avira becomes a little more tense. If this man really was going to do something inappropriate, she would fly down his throat so fast he wouldn't even be able to utter 'honk'. Carefully, Avira steps around so she has a clear view of the two and starts to watch.

It looks like he's about to mega-grope her but the magic prevents that, pulling -something- out of Maira. From what Avira can see of the magic surrounding it, she knows it's some part of her best friend. She's seen enough of Maira's magic to know that quite intimately. Whatever it was, it didn't look painful and Maira wasn't screaming in alarm. In fact, her friend seems quite fascinated by the shape of her soul.

"So the eye of yours grants you this ability." she pauses, "...I don't think that talking sword of yours is the manifestation of your soul. He sounded a lot smarter. How come you've never done this before?"
Raine Arland "All very good questions."

Raine casually handed Maira her own Soul Blade and let her play around with it. Try not to set anything on fire! In the meantime, he glanced at Avira and Emi, crossing his arms and sighing. "It's complicated. A soul blade is exactly what it says on the tin; the soul tempered into a weapon that most suits who that person is. Like christmas flame girl here." A brief chuckle. "It can be very powerful,'s got powerful risks as well."

A shrug. "For one, if it chips, the host is going to feel that pain. It's pretty bad. And if it breaks, let's not even go there."

Looking sheepish then, Raine rubbed the side of his head. "Plus it's easy to get the wrong idea about what the hell I could be doing. should only be done with someone that trusts me not to break their soul blade and cause them relentless agony, heh heh...;;"

The subject of his own talking sword gave him pause. "That's...different." And that was all that was said on that front.

The swordsman glanced at Maira then and casually looped his hands back into his belts. "Well, there's no risk of it breaking now, but...I should put that back inside you soon. Better safe than sorry, yeah?"
Emi Dennou "Are you going to stab her?" Emi asks. "Will it magically not hurt her while you stab her?"

Shida facepalms.
Raine Arland ".........." Raine also facepalms.

Amost in tune in Shida's own facepalm.
Avira "I don't think you can be stabbed with your own soul." Avira suggests, "I'm not an expert on soul swords though."
Maira Maira gapes, holding her soul sword in hand. "Uhh...uh.....okay. I need you to put this back right now and not ever do this again, k?" she says, handing the sword back to him and sort of...holding her arms out to the side and looking vaguely embarrassed!
Avira Avira falls silent for a moment as she watches, very, very silent. It seems she's actually struggling with something internally, based on the strange look in her eyes. Her shoulders hunch and she hooks her thumbs into one of her belts. "So uh..." she says slowly, her voice getting low. "Could you..."

She pauses. Her face is slowly turning a "...could you...pull mine out next? I'm curious, okay, that's...that's kind of cool, alright?" Clearly Avira loathes to admit that anything about Raine is cool at all!
Raine Arland "Gotcha, gotcha."

Raine replied, also vaguely embarrassed. He took the sword and moved back to Maira's side. "Don't freak out...again." And then his arm was at her waist again, sword pointed at her chest. The glyph reformed.

"Until paradise must be defended again..."

And then the sword was thrust right back into Maira. She'd feel quite a bit more complete than when the sword was pulled from her. Like something had come back. "Okay, we're done!" Raine exclaimed, pulling away from Maira with his hands raised in a 'don't kill me!' fashion.
Raine Arland That done, Raine let out a sigh and fixed Avira with a mildly incredulous look. "Really? You?" The swordsman paused and tilted his head slightly at the request. "...You sure you want this loser's hands on you?" He asked, grinning mischievously.

Almost teasing, Raine brought a hand to his chin, rubbing it thoughtfuly. "I mean, you probably have a pretty awesome Soul Blade, but...should we really? /Should we really?/"
Maira Maira is a little more comfortable this time, and sort of relaxes as much as anyone who just saw a sword taken out of her chest that's part of her soul can relax.

"Phew...okay...that's better. That is WEIRD! Cool, but weird!" she says to Raine. Then to Avira, she blinks. "Really? Be careful, okay? This all seems....dangerous," she comments.

"I'm...going to thing...I'll be in my tent," she says, then scurries off.
Avira His incredulous reaction to her request only makes it worse. Gritting her teeth, she looks away for a second. "No I just wanna see...I'm not asking because of /that/..." she sputters with embarassment. Her small, fingerless glove-covered hands clench as she turns back to face him once more.

"I would like to see it! You haven't messed up doing it before, have you? /Is/ this dangerous?" she doesn't really want her soul to fall out. She kind of needs that and the whole Mahou Shoujo thing is for...elsewhere.
Emi Dennou "We aren't experts on souls either." Emi admits in an enlongated pose.
Raine Arland "Nah, nah, it's not gonna mess up. The spell is pretty fool proof." Raine chuckled and casually began to approach Avira. "It's the only magic I know anyway. Funny, huh?" Apparently that was a rhetorical question as the young man stopped at the short woman's side. "I guess I don't need to tell you not to freak out."

And with that, Raine brought a hand to the Huntress' side, other poised at her chest. His left eye began to glow, this time taking on a blueish-white glow. A similarly colored glyph appeared above her chest and Raine uttered the incantation.

"Paradise, is here!"

He then reached in, grasping at Avira's soul before pulling it out. ".....!?" The swordsman was almost knocked right the heck off his feet as he pulled the blade from Avira. It was a long, blue blade, seemingly made out of ice and shaped erratically, the hilt consisting of a circle of icicles. The sword gave off a silvery glow that at first was almost overwhelmingly oppressive to Raine himself...but then it died down to a faint glimmer over the sword.

"....Holy cra-" He muttered, panting a bit as he stared at the impressive weapon in his grasp. "...I was only kidding about you having an awesome soul blade, but this.....this"
Avira "SEE! I'LL BE FINE, JUST LIKE YOU WERE, MAIRA!" Avira calls after her now-disappeared friend. Avira assumes she ran off to put some shoes on since the jungle sometimes got cold. There is, of course, no freaking out because she has some idea of what will be happening next.

The blue color is to be expected since the effect did appear to take on a person's personal elemental affinity. Fire was Maira's domain, ice hers, and if a Dennou consented to trying this out, Avira expected a yellow-hued electrical or 'lightning' aspected weapon. What she didn't expect was Raine to stagger back so far and-

"Ohmygosh!" Avira's eyes grow big, "It looks so awesome!! Look at that, it's made out of ice and all spikey here and there and...h..hey can I hold it?"

As she speaks, she pulls out the Spine with one of her hands, holding the other one open for the soul blade. If handed over the blade, she will, of course, immediately start making poses with both weapons at once. Like a dual-wielding badass. Except Avira has no idea how to dual wield.
Emi Dennou Emi is starting to feel jealous. EVerybody else is getting sexy sexy soul blades. She doesn't speak up to ask for one though because that'd be the easy way to do things and, really, it doesn't sound like a good idea. In part because she's not sure she wants to see what her SOUL BLADE looks like. It's probably electrifying, but also perhaps--DEAD INSIDE? Even now, The Dennous don't always see themselves as flesh and blood beings.

"It's not nice to joke on the contents of someone's soul blade." Shida does chide, however, gently.
Raine Arland Once the initial surprise wore off, Raine was amused enough to just hand Avira's soul blade off to her, standing back with his arms crossed as he watched the woman pose like an idiot with both swords. "Heh....haha...ahahahahaha!" And soon enough, he began to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. "Wow, you look so gallant with those swords!"

The sarcasm was painfully evident in his voice, but this was funny for more than just ill intentioned reasons this time. ...It was almost kind of cute as well.

"Well, whenever you're done with that, lemme put it back. It'll take some serious force to damage it, but I doubt anyone want to go flailing their own soul around carelessly." Shrug!
Avira Maybe the Dennous would get some kind of electricity lightsaber with a fancy chrome handle. Or maybe it would look like one of those glowy sort of weapons seen on the Grid. She won't pester them to have this done too since it was entirely their choice whether or not they wanted to risk exposure to Raine's magic.

Until then, posing! Avira grins, "I do? Really-heeeey." So excited, she doesn't catch on to his sarcasm right away, reacting to it in an almost pathetic delayed fashion.

She'll do one last pose before sheepishly handing the ice-like soul blade back.
Raine Arland "Pffft-hahahaha! Good job there!" Raine laughed, taking the Soul Blade back. "Alright, lemme put this back now." He mumbled, returning to Avira's side, hand at her waist and blade pointed towards her chest. The same glyph formed and then Raine thrust the blade in.

"Until paradise must be defended again..."

And with that parting incantation, the blade was returned to Avira. The swordsman's left eye ceased giving off a blue aura and returned to it's usual bright red color. "Okay, I think that's enough fun and games with people's souls for one day!"

He announced with a silly grin on his face. "Besides, the use of a soul blade is an act of trust. I don't think it should be flailed around so easily, am I right?" Raine asked, shrugging flippantly while posing that question toward Avira and the Dennous.

This scene contained 41 poses. The players who were present were: Avira, Maira, Emi Dennou, Raine Arland