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(2013-12-15 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Faruja's day is just about to get extremely awkward. Walking down the streets of Mullonde, several Church soldiers at his side, the rat ponders what duty will have him do. Supposedly, Morrighan had attempted to assault someone. Normally not a thing a Templar would even get involved in, but this particular person seems to have managed a bit of pull with the organization as a whole.

With a sigh, the rat pauses at the elf's door. Time to get this over with. At the least, he has an ace up his sleeve for the woman he's comes to regard with respect, and something akin to friendship. Knock knock knock!

"Morrighan Alazne, open the door! Templar business!" Calls out the over-loud, authoritative voice of the short rat.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan looked up from a book she was reading previously when knocking at her door roused her from her activity.

"Are you serious?" She grumbled, recognizing Faruja's voice. "What in the world do they want with me now!?" Hissing in irritation, the elf stood and set her book aside, plodding over to the door and opening it without much forethought.

"Sir Senra." She greeted casually, eyeing the ratling and then the knightly escorts accompanying him. "...And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" It certainly didn't /look/ pleasant.
Faruja Senra Faruja's face, as Morrighan greets him, is set in a line. The elf may just note the occasional light twitch of his brow, betraying his irritation at being brought into this mess. Hopefully, whoever she supposedly assaulted was worth it!

"Good day, Lady Alazne. Unfortunately, I am here for thy arrest." Comes the rat bluntly, unfurling a scroll.

"Morrighan Alazne. By the power vested in me as a Knight of the Church, I must inform ye that ye stand accused of the attempted assault upon one..." Faruja's jaw sets all the harder.

"...Queegma." Faram <GOOSEHONK> it! Why is he not surprised?

"Thy trial date is set, and I must ask that ye come with me. I trust the Lady shall comply?" His face softens just slightly, peering the elf in the eyes. He motions slightly with his head. Inwardly, he prays that she'll comply.
Morrighan Alazne "........"

Silence as Morrighan gave Faruja the most incredulous stare she could possibly manage. Her eyes narrowed after and she tilted her head just a bit. "Arrest? Me? What kind of nonsensical..." Muttering in annoyance, the elf kept herself from blowing up just yet, listening further. Upon hearing the name of the one who'd been potentially assaulted, her composure was...lost.

"THAT SLIMY GOBLIN!?" She shouted angrily, taking a step back and pointing. "Are you seriously telling me that I am being arrested for assaulting that monster!?" Crossing her arms and that point, it looked like she wasn't going to comply just yet, contesting the whole thing.

"For one, I did not attack the mongrel at all! So how can I be arrested for 'attempted assault'?"
Faruja Senra Oh yes. /That/ guy. Faruja really doesn't blame her for the outburst. But he can't just let her go on ranting.

"That is correct." Some of the guards reach for their weapons, but Faruja raises a hand. They back off.

"That said, ye stand merely /accused/ of such. As a member of this Church, ye are entitled to a trial to determine thine guilt. As for the circumstances? A matter for said trial. Now. I shall ask ye again? Will ye come quietly, and with dignity? Certainly /he/ would not wish to see ye standing outside and yelling overmuch, hmm? Adding resisting arrest to thy charges would do ye much ill, when before a judge." /Surely/ this 'he' is Faram, and not some noble elf they both knew! Faruja's brows narrow.
Morrighan Alazne "....." Faruja seemed really serious about this matter. Morrighan couldn't help but calm down a bit, though still quite angry at this entire ordeal. Seriousy, she didn't need this on her plate. Arms remaining crossed, the elf listened as Faruja explained the circumstances a bit more. Morrighan eyed the guards meanwhile, narrowing slighty at their initial reaching of the weapons. Yes, swing your swords against a lone womans. Classy.

"....." Remaining silent for a bit longer, she eventually closed her eyes and sighed. "Very well." She grumbled, nodding and stepping outside. "I refuse to be restrained however. I can walk on my own."
Faruja Senra Oh thank Faram. As Morri does the reasonable thing, he gives a slight nod of approval. It'd be /very/ awkward for one's lawyer to have to smack their client over the head with a heavy object. Tends to mess with client-lawyer rappor.

The knight waves on the soldiers. They nod, before simply sodding off. "Let the record show that Lady Alazne surrendered herself voluntarily." Faruja merely offers his arm to the elf, as if he's simply sharing an afternoon's walk.

"Nay, no need. Come, follow me." Should she comply, he'll start walking towards the courthouse. He takes the opportunity, now that they're relatively alone, to speak in a whisper.

"Worry naught. Our mutual friend...oh, how did the Count put it...he wished for thine good health. Indeed. This trial is a farce, but the Count's...efforts guarantee a pardon if 'tis necessary. I shall be representing thee, I would much prefer it to not come to that. Though given the evidence..." A shake of the head. It doesn't look good.
Morrighan Alazne "Hmph..."

Morrighan crossed her arms as she followed along, taking Faruja's arm in the process. No reason to refuse now. Still this was angering her by the second. No, she wasn't going to blow up in a grand display of magical might and start flinging great balls of fire about, but...boy, she could imagine.

That would have to satisfy her for now.

As they walked, the elf listened to the knight as he explained that a certain 'someone' had something set up for her. It was easy enough to guess who it was. And it made her frown. "Always doing something unnecessary...Even after you're gone."

She sighed lightly and shook her head, not wanting to think about that. It was tragic all around. "...Am I seriously being put on trial for trying to attack that slimy mongrel? Who thought this was even a case worth pursuing?" Her eyes narrowed and she added. "...Sometimes I begin to wonder..."

That sentence wasn't finished.
Faruja Senra Faruja smiles. "My, my, my. It seems ye've learned some of that 'self control' he seemed to desire ye learn. That pardon was gained at much personal cost, earning him quite the amount of trouble to his personal honor. Let us naught dishonor his efforts here, hmm?" That doesn't seem to just be aimed at her, at least.

His voice drops even lower, not wanting to be overheard. "An excellent question. At best, ye would have spent a night cooling thy heals or a day in a soup kitchen. Not a matter a Templar is assigned to. A waste of resources. But a trial? Absurd. We have our 'ace' as the humans say, but to go this far...'tis a mockery of our laws."
Morrighan Alazne "A complete mockery."

Morrighan nodded in agreement. Glaring off into the streets ahead, though looking at no one in particular. The comment regarding her self control went unaddressed. She'd heard it many times already. Even that metal imp seemed to be surprised about something when he'd blackmailed his way into her house to try and rile her up into accepting some job. "Really...of all the rotten--!"

Another sigh.

Honestly, she was getting tired of this. "You would think a church would have better things to do than hold a trial. Like, I don't know. Helping the poor. Visiting battlefields, lending their services to those in need in terms of prayer, medical needs, food, and such.

Using her free shoulder, the elf shrugged flippantly. "But no! Here I am wrapped up in some political farce!" Where Faruja had kept his voice down, Morrighan was happy to raise it. "There are far better things to do! Go purge some undead! Don't they have those Zodiac Brave fools to chase after? Ugh!"
Faruja Senra /Sigh/. Just when he needs her to be subtle. "Lady Alazne, cease! This rage shall avail ye of naught! I shall have ye know we are doing all of the above. Any organization has it's politics. Calm down. Shall I add blasphemy to thy crimes? Ye would not be the first I have sent to the soup kitchens." Glare!

A shake of the head. His voice lowers. "Just avoid the little knave from now on, hmm? He is far too much trouble to be worthwhile. Unless, of course, ye catch him committing some act of Heresy. Then, by all means, report it to me." Hands rub together a bit at that, Faruja smirking a bit. Oh, how he'd /love/ to 'interrogate' the little wretch!
Faruja Senra Faruja rubs his head, straightening his hair. "Just be careful. The departed Count admitted to loving thee...and I admit, having ye further entangled in these schemes would be a waste of a good woman."
Morrighan Alazne "Hmph...!" She huffed out, in a moment of deja vu, and looked away. She really would have loved to cause a fire right about now. "Working in the soup kitchens would be much less a waste of time than this." Wait what. Did she just admit to not minding feeding the poor? ...Well, she was a healer. A haughy one, but still a healer. She still had a heart.

Regardless, the bit about Valos gives Morrighan pause and she walks along silently for a bit before mumbling under her breath. "...If he doesn't want me entangled in these politics, then perhaps I should do him a favor and leave, hm?" That suggestion was followed by a wry smirk. It was hard to tell if she actually meant it or not, but hey, she was angry. People say things when they're angry!
Faruja Senra The Burmecian simply smiles at that for a moment, before quickly quelling the emotion. "Ye've changed, Morrighan Alazne. For the better." Pause. He raises a brow. "Ye are welcome to help the poor whenever ye wish. Once we are done with this whole mess, let us go down to the orphanage a few blocks down. Tell the children a few stories, or mayhaps entertain the poor at the poor shelter."

As for leaving? The rat shakes his head. "'Tis thine own decision, of course...but I could hardly say 'twould be intelligent, or pious. There are far too many whom covet thy particular skills..or whom are petty enough to asault thee. Ye seem quite adept at gaining enemies. Ye are safe here, kappas or nay."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh dear. Read stories to children?" Morrighan asked, bringing a hand to her cheek. "Sounds absolutely delightful." By which, she meant it sounded like a nightmare. But perhaps she would. Maybe. Perhaps. Anything to take her mind off this idiocy afterward.

The elf listened to Faruja on the matter of leaving and the making of enemies and sighed lightly to herself. "...You would be correct. Just recently, I was even attacked and kidnapped by some fools who stole blood and marrow from me."

She must have been well enough over it to talk about it.

"And I believe that knave, Queegmaa has something to do with it. Or well, he knows something. He hinted towards it when he visted my house the other day." Her hand went to her hip them. "I would love nothing more than to actually assault him. But for the fact of the matter is that I did not. ...This time."
Faruja Senra 'Delightful'. Is that sarcasm in there he detects? Faruja only grins more. He never thought he'd /miss/ hearing that voice of the elf's.

Faruja very nearly comes to a full stop. The tale with Maira comes to mind briefly...only to be dismissed. That wasn't Queegma. Hmm. Still, it's an odd coincidence.

"...Mayhaps a necromancer. Would be the type. Still, I shall have it reported to the Inquisition." This is most /definitely/ Heresy. "Well, if ye must do it either as a deputy of an Inquisitor or Templar, or outside of our lands." Or just don't get caught. He'll leave that one unsaid.

Pausing, they arrive at a large building. It looks more like a monastery than a prison, if it weren't for the fence around it. Several guards step forward.

"Well, this is to be thy abode for a night or two M'Lady. Be thankful; 'tis that used for Templar and Priests when they need to cool their heels a touch. Just be good, anything ye need shall be brought to ye. I shall visit thee on the morrow, and discuss the proceedings."
Morrighan Alazne "That may be the case. Or perhaps he's simply a hired goon of someone greater." Morrighan had seen enough of political, criminal, and organizational matters to make that assumption rather safely. But in the end, it was only an assumption. No proof whatsoever. Just two names. Great.

As they arrive, the dark elf could only frown. She'd complain about being put in 'prison', but...ugh, she'd done enough grumbling for the night. "...Fine."

Leaving Faruja's side, Morrighan went into the care and escort of the guards. "I suppose I will see you on the day of this farce."

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