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(2013-12-12 - 2013-12-15)
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Kyra Hyral Following the tragedy on the Chocobo Plains, Kyra retreated with her Levanti friend in tow. Of course, this had to be done with the use of spells and later Swimmer himself since Kyra was not availed of the upper body strength needed to lift and carry a full-blown robot. Time passes.

Eventually, Myla will 'come to' or more accurately 'reboot' into active mode almost a day later. She'll find herself lying on a kitchen table with a smattering of tools and the like scattered around. Sitting in a chair next to her is Kyra Hyral, GENIUS EXTRAORDINARE! On her lap sits her trusty laptop-clearly hers because she has decorated the case with DeadM0g stickers. A small cable runs from the back of the laptop to the back of Myla's neck.

"Testing! Testing, one-two. Myla, can you hear me?" Kyra sounds dangerously cheerful.
Myla Mason Myla Mason can recall getting stabbed and that was the last thing she knew. Myla boots up and feels confused, the pain is gone thankful. Additionally she finds her HUD is giving her an update of her current status. She then tries to tilt her head she looks to see Kyra with a laptop which seems to be plugged into her.

"I can hear you...what, what happened? Where am I? Also Kyra...what are you doing?"
Kyra Hyral "Whoah whoah whoah, hold still there! We have some delicate work in progress!" Kyra cautions, reaching out a hand to gently encourage Myla to sit back down. "Well to put it bluntly, we lost, and now my friend has been taken by the Church! Quite awful." Kyra frowns.

"As for you! I am repairing you, of course. Well, repairing and adding a few improvements I wanted to try out. You are so /fascinating/ like this! Like nothing I've ever seen! Oh, by the way, I've backed you up on my laptop so if anything super bad happens I can just reload the image I have stored on here. Of course, you won't have any memories of anything that happened after the image was taken. Like this conversation. Which is kind of cool because then you won't remember to be mad at me if I really screw things up! ...ahaha, which I won't do of course, because I am a /genius/! Engineering and computer science isn't exactly my field but I am a fast learner, as you can see."

She stands and sets the computer down on the chair, circling the table. "Now where to begin...well, first I want to start with a sort of in-built weapon. Since you do know magic, I suppose it would sort of be an extension of that since, well, energy. Magic, at it's root, is energy. Lasers. Also energy! Plasma, energy! If you can cast magic and direct it from your hands, then some energy cannons on your arms should work just as well."
Myla Mason Myla Mason stops moving as Kyra cautions her not to move and she blinks once at her words.

"Wait, what? They got him? Damnation."

She only move so much as she needs to speak. She listens to what Kyra says to has to say about what happened. Wait backed up the idea of that leaves her rather afraid but tries tries to not let it show. She's got a genius poking about herself body and soul. Oh why did this have to happen.

"Wait upgrades? Yes i have a magitech generator of some sort I can still use my magic to some extent. So your going to try to get my arms to reconfigure into heavy armaments then?"

She's going to try to keep herself distracted but in the back of her mind what effect is this going to have if she's restored?
Kyra Hyral "They did." Kyra's eyes narrow. "I'm still trying to figure a plan for retrieving him. We don't even know where he is right now and I can't imagine strolling into Mullonde and demanding Sanel would work terribly well. We must think of something though because I cannot stand the thought of that poor boy in that despicable bastard's clutches."

"Upgrades!" Kyra fetches herself a screwdriver and a sodering iron. The latter is plugged in nearby. If Myla were to look down she'd notice a number of bits, bobs, and parts arrayed on the table. "Absolutely. Armcannons. Or maybe built into the palms. That would look pretty cool too. What do you think? Plams or wrist mounted?"

Kyra is very, very interested in seeing what happens to these upgrades when Myla's restored. She figures it might turn into some kind of biological analog, like how some monsters were capable of releasing energy or fire from certain organs.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "They think I'm demonic magic, it's kinda cute but then again who knows wiwh what did it. I'm thinking auto canons, note my weapons and tools seem to have been asborged by my transformed body. So I h ave no idea up to you but the guns alredy form from my hands when it's needed some sort of heavy armcanons would be best I think. I take it you got other ideas for upgrades in mind as well, since you got me at your mercy youd going to do everything short of altering my mind I suspect."
Kyra Hyral "Demonic magic, pfah. They know nothing about demonic magic." Kyra snorts disdainfully, dragging a seperate chair over as she gets started on Myla's right arm. "I doubt they have seen any form of true Chaos."

Out of Myla's sight, she starts fidding. Strangely enough, Myla doesn't feel anything, "By the way, I've selectively disabled the sections of your body I am currently operating on. It took me some time to parse that out of the code but I figured it out. Think of it as digital, localized anesthesia!"

Panels are pried off and set aside. Wires come next, carefully re-routing certain circuits. "I could alter your mind but that would be downright unethical. Mind control is wrong. Friends don't let friends mind control people."

Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Thanks for turning those off. It's still strange to ahve you inside me like that. God Nik would be pratically begging to watch until he understood what actually is going on."

Myla laughs pretty hard at that one. Nik was a good guy but he had a girl in /every/ port. She starts laughing more port, robots. Not that Kyra might get why it's contiuning.

"Good, I didn't think you would, your not going to try to make more of me are you and that backup isn't ... active right?"
Kyra Hyral Kyra pauses, then laughs. "Maybe I should announce that over the radio just to tease him. I wonder if he's listening! I'll just leave it really vague too."

Even while she's laughing, she's working very smoothly. It stood to wonder-has she really not done this before? "Another question. Would you prefer the arm cannon to encompass your whole arm or would you just like it to pop up over it and leave your hands still available? The former would allow for more power while the latter would let you retain some versatility."

Reaching over, Kyra picks up her sodering iron. "No, I won't try to clone you and create an army of Myla-bots. Tempting as that would be. You are a very complex machine like this and I don't have the resources to mass produce you, anyway."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Oh that will be golden if he finds out."

she seems amused as she works for a moment she thinks for a moment as she looks at Kyra thinking about the weapons option. "I'm thinking the whole arm I'll need the fire power if we're going to deal with the church. I'm not one for melee, though perhaps leave it to being one arm, while the other is a lighter mole that leaves the hand free for use? Also i wonder if I?m completable with parts from swimmer?"
Kyra Hyral "One of each, then. This one will be the whole arm. You see, when it goes into...mmm, let's call it blaster mode, your hand will retract and from the wrist-down it becomes a cannon. I'll do that first." Reaching from elsewhere on the table, she pulls out a pair of goggles that actually have built in lighting and magnification.

"I looked into Swimmer-in fact, he helped bring you back here. Being a robot really increases your weight! Mysteriously, you two seem to be pretty compatable. It would be pretty trivial to design an interface for the two of you. Well. If you want that. I don't know how you feel about merging with what's basically your dog. That you built."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "This is going to be neat I think, if I can't get fixed at least I'll be able to be useful in a fight still. Also what the hell happened I did some sort of ... I tried to drain life force from that Templar when I was on my last legs. Anway that sounds like a plan and well I have no issue with it honestly. If it can give us an edge and we're going to need it all. So I'm fine with it also we may need some help for going after Sanel...we should hire Ang."
Kyra Hyral "That Ang, I hear he's one bad dude." Kyra nods, pulling her goggles up so she can check something or-no, she's getting another tool. It looks like some kind of wielding torch but far smaller and far more efficient. It might be a magicite-powered local thing. "I think you fought really well back there. We were kind of outnumbered and that Leblue guy was totally cheating somehow and making himself immune to magic."

She leans back, inspecting her work so far. "But I've got some ideas for you and Swimmer to try out. It'll be great! It'll also take some time, of course. I don't want to rush things. Hastiness means mistakes and I'd rather not have to hard reset you. By the way if you start to feel an urge to destroy all fleshbags, please let me know."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Don't worry even if I were to, I?d upgrade you to be my right hand. If we find that demi human bag girl who did this to me. Setzer got turned into a woman by her. I not heard from her since."

She tilts her head a little bit but smiles at the complement Kyra gives her.

"Okay then at least run them of them by me I don't want to boot up and find myself as the Kraken or something."

She gets a mental image of her being the machine horror from the movie of the same name.

"Your having too much fun getting to have a friend as a tech project ain't you?"
Kyra Hyral "Demi human bats...sadly that doesn't really narrow things down so much, does it? Depending on the world at least. There aren't any bat people in Ivalice." Kyra remarks as she works, picking up the wielding torch again and donning her goggles. "Oh, nothing that drastic. I'm thinking of an armor that attatches to your body. All over. Maybe overlays a few new weapon systems with it."

Sparks fly and die in the air. "Nothing that'll make you not shaped like a human. Well, you might be shaped like someone from Titan afterwards."

Kyra grins a manical grin, "You have no idea! Almost done here on this arm, by the way."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "No there are not the attack happened in Port Royal if that helps after all. JHumm that's an idea then, for all I know you were thinking along those lines. You tend to think pretty big after all, go big or go home. Riht? Hummm Oh gods that coul be amazing or not I guess I'll have to find out oh you know my umm hair are data jack cables right?"
Kyra Hyral "Must not have been a native. I've been to Port Royal and those are mostly native humans there." she doesn't go into why though but it's easy to assume that she was on some kind of adventure or quest at the time. "Do you remember what kind of spell it was that was cast? In case, you know, we need to undo it. Which may be the case eventually. I'm more adept at repairing flesh and blood bodies than robot ones. Robot ones aren't as time sensitive though."

Kyra beams, "Yes! Yes, I did indeed notice that. One of them is plugged into my computer right now, monitoring all of Upgrades? Well, both really." she stands and gathers up her tools, walking around the table to Myla's other arm. "Now for the integration I am envisioning, Swimmer would have to be disassembled in a way. You don't think that's really weird or anything, right? Well, being a human-turned-robot now at least."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "I doubt it and ya there's opnly hmans there from what I know. It was not a spell it was some sort of item she had, an relic of some sort. That's all Ic an remeber I migght be able to bring up things. You seem to have one a good job. I think it's all of the above for what your doing. Well so long as his ai core is fine he should be all right, he trusts tou well enough and if not I have the overides if needed."

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