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(2013-12-09 - 2013-12-09)
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Echo It is just after the evening theater rush and many people are heading home for the night, the place is decently pretty even at night, though Treno is better, it's shard piece hasn't surfaced apparently it would appear.. this is just fine for some, who don't have that much business there, or maybe for someone who just doesn't like the dark. Echo however loves the dark, but that's a different story. Right now there is just a bat lurking around here... for better or for worse, likely outside of the old theater building.
Lumeria Lumeria's just finished watching a play, it was amusing though not in the way the producers likely intended. She yawns a bit as she exits the building. She might be part of a long-lived race but she has to asleep just like anyone else. She's already made inn reversations for the night, she just has to make it back there. Of course she's not really aware of who or what might be lurking in the darkness.
Echo Perhaps as Lumeria walks home, in a part of the street which isn't so brightly lit suddenly there is a flash of white as a very white furred bat lady swings down from above on a... street lamp? Of course, she's not exactly hanging onto the lamp by her feetsies either, as she's wearing sandals, she's just got her legs hooked around it, like on a jungle gym.

"Look into my eyes, you are getting very sleeepy... you want to show me your throat..." she's even putting on a very thick, mock Hungarian accent!
Lumeria Lumeria looks a bit surprised as the batlady is hanging down on a street lamp. She's seen bat people around Treno before, but she hasn't really stop to talk to them. "Oh please, do you really think I'm going to fall for that? I wouldn't be much of a mage if i did. I may not look that imposing but..." She still puts up a hand to her neck who knows what this odd woman might try.
Echo "Are you sure you don't want to show me your throat? not even a little? SIGH~" Echo pulls herself up onto the lamp post, now speaking completely casually and in her real voice, hanging down before her wings cushion her decent onto the street in front of Lummy. "What's the matter? you don't like Bat people?" she crosses her arms a little and slides back a bit, tapping her foot a little as she looked disapprovingly at the elf. "I get it, you're one of those elf supremacists! Oh my lawd!"
Lumeria "I'm not a supremacist, most of my friends are other races." Lumeria is still a bit defensive as she says that. "I haven't really met any bat people before, but when someone wants to see your throat it's usually not for anything good." She's heard rumors about them. "Would you enjoy having someone bite your throat?" It doesn't too pleasant to her.
Echo "Maybe I wanted to see your necklace! Did you ever think of that??" Echo acts like this is obvious and exasperating, but is likely putting this on for show. "Well, I dunno, jeez--I'd probably have to know them a bit first and... I mean uh, yes?" Echo blinked a little after thinking about it and talking aloud like that, before she shrugged a little. "Gotta be careful around these streets sometimes, y'know? Lot of mean people, lot of nutses," she nodded sagely.
Lumeria Lumeria removes her necklace and holds out so Echo can get a better look at it. She doesn't really care if it gets stolen, it was cheap and she has plenty of jewelery as it is. "You can see my point then. It can be dangerous here at night, not as bad as some places but you don't want to go to certain parts of town. I'm assuming your nocturnal, so you're used to it." She figures that's likely the case.
Echo The bat lady blinks and peers closer at the necklace, making no move to try and take it or the like, just looking. "Are you trying to say I only come out at night because I'm a bat, huh? The stereotyping around here, my goodness," Echo dramatically sighed again, shaking her head. "I hope one day my people are able to walk free without having such assumptions cast on them. 'Bats are only gothic!' or, 'bats only drink blood!' Well, the last one is kinda true but you get my point!"
Lumeria "Well, I would assume you prefer the darkness at least." Lumeria figures that's not too much of a reach. "Most of the bat-people I've seen were in Treno." She can put two and two together. "And you did just confirm about the blood, even if you weren't planning to drink mine. I don't think you're going to get much out of me." You don't see many fat elves after all do you?
Echo "Hmm? eh, not really," Echo shrugged a little, blinking a bit as she watched the elf. "There are some there, not all of them," she nodded a little, peering at the elf girl. "Or maybe you just sorta advertise your throat with that plunging neckline on that dress of yours!" she pointed a finger accusingly at Lumeria, white-furred finger at that, Phoenix Wright style. "All this time, and you never knew yourself were to blame.. tsk tsk tsk," she shook her head a little, clucking her tongue.
Lumeria "What am I suppose to wear, a neck brace?" Lumeria wonders how she's supposed to make her neck look less tempting. "Or Malboro perfume though that would keep everyone away." Scratch that idea. "I don't normally hang around with people who are tempted to bite my throat. Have you met many others like me?" She wonders where she got her impressions about elves from.
Echo "Hmm, maybe a blue velvet choker or the like for you actually--but that's not the point!" Echo rubbed her chin a little, peering at Lumeria before shaking out of her attire-consultant mode, there. "I get it, you're predjudiced against the hematophagous! Now I get it!" she walks a little closer, but not too close. "Others? you mean Elves, actually, yes," the bat stops a little as she had been stalking closer, then grinned fangily. "She was a dark elf though, you're a lot more fair-skinned than her."
Lumeria "Yes, we don't all have the same skin color A blue velvet choker...that might look good on me." Lumeria nods at that, she's caught up in her own appearance to notices Echo moving in closer. "If you were me, would you enjoy having your blood drank and possibly being turned into a bat?" She's only heard rumors about the second part but it certainly might be true.
Echo "Whaaat? That's like me asking you if you'd like to be uh, shot with an arrow and turned into an elf," Echo thought about it a bit. She doesn't get closer, but more or less hangs back as she thinks about that. "Well, if you didn't want people after your neck, don't wash it I suppose, that can help! Course, you might start to reek a little," she shrugged. "The price of a safe neck can be high."
Lumeria "I don't think that would be possible unless if were some kind of magic arrow. Even then I'm not familiar with any spells that would turn someone into an elf." Even Lumeria's never heard of a spell that could do that before. "Pass, I believe in basic hygine." She's not that big on getting dirty. "Look, if you need to drink blood to survive that's understandable but I rather it not be mine."
Echo "Or maybe if we hugged a tree really, really hard! Ahh, I dunno," Echo sighed a bit, looking tired. "I'll see you later, I have to go now," the bat lady stretched her wings out and flapped them ever so lightly. "Don't worry it'll be soon... verrry soon," she thought about it for just a moment, looking upwards. "Or maybe not, but sometime!" she cackles as she flies up into the air and takes off, apparently getting the heck out of dodge.
Lumeria Lumeria watches at the bat lady flies off thinking that was certainly odd. Was she planning to drink her blood at some point? That makes her feel a bit uneasy, but she figures there's no point in worrying about it too much. She doubts she would try it during broad daylight at least.

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