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Catching Up With the Dennou
(2013-12-09 - 2013-12-10)
After getting the herb to treat Violet, Reize was able to take the time to enjoy his stay in the Chinese Countryside. He comes across the Dennou sisters, Emi and Umi. It is a bit of catching up between them all.
Reize Seatlan It's Winter Wonderland at the Imperial City, it has been weeks since the dark cloud from the Horned King making his undead army known. The poisonous plague threatened to succumb its victims had been driven back.

Weeks have passed and many adventures were had. In particular, Reize had been able to rest easier after obtaining a rare herb that is used to treat a certain sick person. Exploring the village streets lit by electric has been fascinating. However, one cannot help but wonder where the electricity comes from.

Nevertheless, Reize continues to explore with awe in his eyes.

His attire is similar to his normal form, but there is a more wintry look with the fur coat along his outfit. Even more so, there are Chinese aesthetics to it with its harsh enduring cloth that most soldiers would wear. Even his boots are hardened like an Imperial soldier would normally wear.
Emi Dennou Singing in a Winter WOnderland~

Emi has actually missed the entire undead invasion. It's not as if it's a case that the Dennous would not take though, really, an undead army invading a city isn't really /detective/ work persay, but she was--apparently--engaged in other work at the time or...just never heard about it. The universe is biiiig, maaaan.

But she has come to the Imperial city this time. She and Umi are wearing cheongasm's today. She taps her cheek lightly as she examines the electrical poles. She doesn't recall them being here last time she visited. Nevertheless, tracing electrical lines is child's play for Dennous--but unfortunately, Reizeterruptions.

By which we mean Emi spots REize and totally forgets her own curiousity. "Ah. It is the Adventurer." She turns to approach him, her neutral expression as present as it was the last time Reize met her.
Reize Seatlan It has been a long time since Reize had been able to enjoy a relaxing trip around a city or town without worries. Being stranded at sea for the past few months and then trying to find an herb for someone important has been taxing.

However, with the medicine found, it is much easier to enjoy the sights.


---Suddenly, a familiar voice calls for him.

Turning his head to the direction of the source. It is Emi that's arriving, but Umi is nearby as well. The boy brightens considerably and he waves to the two, "Oooi! Emi! Umi!" He grins widely, "It's good to see you both!" He asks, "Still doing detective work?"
Emi Dennou It is a common trouble for JRPG protaganists to, upon seeing a lady for the first time or after a long period of time, that something hilariously terrible happens to them. Perhaps a pan falls on their head and gives them a concussion. Perhaps the lady in question beats them up mercilessly for no reason. Perhaps a chocobo starts chewing on their hair.

In this case, it seems that Umi has started juggling pistols in the background as Emi steps forward, but other than that it seems to be troublesome about them. Just yet.

"The Network is still doing detective work. Thank you for asking. We were traveling in search of mystery which The Network considers may not be especially all that different from your occupation." Something seems to dawn on Emi. "--Ah, yes, you are what they call.. a trouble magnet..." She nods thoughtfully. "......May we join you for a while?"

...Maybe business is slow.
Reize Seatlan Reize actually tenses. Why? There is something pretty disturbing about watching Umi juggling pistols out of nowhere. Reize lifts a finger, partially wanting to ask why she is juggling the dangerous firearms, but he decides against it in favor of chatting with an old friend.


"Oh!" Reize looks very thoughtful before a grin follows suit, "Well, I have recently rejoined with the Shard Seekers. I've been missing for a while thanks to.." A frown grows, "Being shipped-wrecked." A sigh stirs from the boy, and then he slowly shakes his head.

"I've recovered enough to start adventuring again." A grin brightens at the request. "Sure! It would be good to have you with us once more." He considers, "...I am not sure what the other Shard Seekers have been up to, but, it'll be time for us to find some more world shards!" Pause.

"... However, it seem that may have to wait, since Fluorgis is top priority. ...I've heard that the Shadow Lords are on the move again and are aiming for the crystals."
Emi Dennou Umi continues to juggle dangerous firearms. Emi doesn't make any comment either though there is a shift in gaze that indicates that she noticed, of course, that Reize didn't mention the juggling firearms.

"Thank you." Emi says after a moment's thought. "Though we meant with you, personally, rather than strictly with the Shard Seekers but that being said, we do not mind working with them again. They are very interesting. Perhaps a bit unusual."

"Yeah," Umi says. "This one thinks the Shard Seekers are pretty strange sometimes!" A pistol flies over her head as she continues to juggle.

"I did not hear this about the Shadow Lords, however. They are after the crystals again?" She pauses for a moment. "Any idea why?"

She sighs. "...Or is this a why not, The Network admits this is a possibility too."
Reize Seatlan Unable to help but to remain uneasy, Reize is edging away from Umi, hoping that he doesn't end up the wrong part of the receiving in of what looks to be a very dangerous activity that Umi is doing.


"Oh!" Reize smile brightens, "Oh, I'd be glad to have you all along." A hand gestures out towards the city, revealing the people walking along and the soldiers chatting amongst themselves, an eye carefully considering the strangers. However, despite of the gaze, there is a look of respect towards Reize in particular. After all, the boy was one of the folks who came to their aid in the fight against the darkness.

"...I like it here for a bit."

He considers, "I am afraid that I haven't seen many of them. I just hope that they haven't gotten into too much trouble as of late." He frowns at Emi, "I honestly do not know. I was given an update by Maira and Avira." He moves closer, looking around. Then he leans over to whisper to the group, "They said that a powerful sorceress, Maleficent, is searching for the crystals. ...Even moreso that she may be the leader of the Shadow Lords."
Emi Dennou "This one's experiences with the Shard Seekers indicate that perhaps to say that they get in trouble would be a bit inaccurate and that instead it may be better to say that trouble gets them." Emi says wryly. She gives Umi a brief, sharp look--and she catches the pistols she's throwing, ceasing her juggling for the moment to awkwardly pocket her pistols again.

"Maleficient. She was behind the Fall of Manhattan." Emi explains. "She is the leader of the Shadowlords, insofar as the Shadowlords have leaders. The Network can confirm that she is a figure of high power and authority. This one heard rumors she can put entire kingdoms to sleep."

Maira and Avira. It's been some time since Emi personally visited them.

"Did something happen here?" Emi asks, eyes following Reize's ahoge.
Reize Seatlan Lowering his head with a shade of darkness on his face, Reize admits, "...Yeah, trouble does seem to find us at the worst time." A sweatdrop forms a moment later. However, Reize lifts his head up and he witnesses Umi drawing away her pistols. Needless to say, Reize is pretty relieved at the efforts to contain Umi. He looks over his shoulder to see that some of the people and the soldiers were looking very nervous.

By very nervous, many of the soldiers had their arms ready.

And explanation comes, "...Hrm." Reize looks thoughtful as the explanation of Maleficent comes, "...She has?" He furrows his eyebrows, then he thinks over.

His antenna hair moves to the side, then back as Reize lifts a finger up.

"Yeah, the undead was attacking the Great Wall. Many of the dead managed to get past the wall thanks to a dark cloud. Soldiers who fell became one with the undead. ...We managed to drive it away, but even then, I don't know how long." He frowns at Emi, "...I don't even know the whole story as to what happened here. I actually arrived at the course of the commotion."
Emi Dennou "Was it a biological attack or a magical one?" Emi says. It sounds like magical but she isn't sure.

Umi has gotten to the point where she's punching into the air to try and contain her hyperactive energy. She bounces around on her feet, weaving to and fro even as she follows Reize and Emi.

"That's alright. If it's over, I can no doubt ask plenty of people as to what happened later." She adds. "How did you end up ship-wrecked? Was it natural or were you ambushed by Bombs."

Yes, ambushed by Bombs. She's aware that's a thing. What could the Shadow Lords use with the Crystals? General havoc, if nothing else, but they'd have to be hard to obtain. So it must be more than that.
Reize Seatlan "It was a magical source," reports Reize, who lifts a hand slightly, "The origins outside of the fact that it is magical in nature, I don't know." He furrows his eyebrows, "It grew thicker as more of the undead came about and their leader of the undead was growing stronger. He was a formiable polearm fighter!" Reize grimaces, recalling how the fighter knocked away his spell like it was nothing.

He cannot help but look over at Umi as she tries to keep herself entertained. His ahoge waggles a bit, then he sweatdrops with a sheepish look.

However, the explanation of the shipwreck.

Reize lifts his head wistfully.

"We were sailing on the Romancing Saga III, a sailing ship that Ivo acquired from someone. We were at sea, ready to explore the various parts of the sea!" Then he looks ahead, as if mimicing his exploration.

"BAM!" Reize smacks his hands together as his right hand strikes the left from the sidelines. "A massive whale-like monster smashed into us! Not quite a bomb, but a larger creature instead!" He frowns, "I think it was a Heartless. It was hard to tell!" A frown grows, "Violet, another Shard Seeker, and I were separated from everyone else..." He runs a hand underneath his chin, "I don't know where that whale is at, but..."
Emi Dennou "Was the whale Monstro?" Emi asks. "You have to watch out for Monstro. He eats ships. The Romancing Saga III is probably still in his stomach. He does have a tendency to eat up enough Heartless that he goes a little nutty too, if this one is remembering correctly anyway." Not that The Network really forgets things, but sometimes information isn't really stored at the forefront of memory but rather in some deep storage--usually if Emi has deemed it not likely to be especially relevant for a while.

Umi's eyes focus on the ahoge now, because Emi has dicated her to be the one to follow the ahoge. Her eyes flit from side to side. O.O .OO O.O OO..

"If your friends were eaten," Emi adds. "They're probably fine. I would not say the same for the ship, of course."
Reize Seatlan "I don't know, actually." Reize actually looks uncertain, "I don't think I ever ran into this Monstro." Emi's warning serves to get the boy's attention. The thought of their only mode of sea transportation being forever locked in a monster's stomach makes the inner adventurer's heart sink.

Ugh, so much for exploring the sea.

"..Hrghk." Cannot be helped. Emi does manage to reassure him about his friends, "Yeah, I definitely know that Ivo is crafty enough to get out of a jam! So, he should be fine!"

The ahoge moves around, similar to a snake. And then, it snaps out towards Umi with a hiss.

"But," Reize places a hand to his chin, "We'll worry about that later! It'll be time to return to Fluorgis, soon."
Emi Dennou "Well," Emi says. "You'd know it's Monstro by the size...if you got a good look at it, anyway. Well, if you knew of MONSTRO as well." She wrinkles her nose. "But basically Monstro is very distinctive in that he's very, very... very large." Is that enough verys? ... ehhh .... sure. Why not!

Umi bites down on the ahoge.

"That's nice to hear." She says. "I imagine they missed you. This one has been out of the loop as well, that is to say the Network itself has perhaps not been doing much networking as of late."
Reize Seatlan Thoughtfully, Reize relents, "I'll have to take your word for it." He looks uncertain, yet he manages to maintain a smile, "Truthfully, I've vaguely heard of Monstro, but I never seen it with my own eyes." A smile grows, "It would be quite an experience to meet him!" And then, he quirks an eyebrow at Emi, "I'll be sure to get back to you if I run into it and live to----"


And there is Umi, chomping down on Reize's ahoge.

There is a pause.

Reize's eyes go goggly as he flails his arms around, "GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Comical river of tears stream along his eyes as he flails about with Umi clamped down on the ahoge with her teeth, "Get her off, get her off!" Reize flails about and he lowers his head, comical tears flowing.
Emi Dennou "It taunted her," Emi says. "This one will not tell her to get off. It would be a disruption of her autonomy." As is typical, Emi's voice barely shifts from monotonal, but there is a faint wryness to her tone indicating that she may be enjoying the comical nature of this situation even if she's keeping a straight face.

Umi comically waves up and down in the air as Reize flails about.

"It swallowed me once too. It does that." Emi adds. "Imagine your ahoge is a boat, and Monstro is Umi, The Network provides an example comparision for instructional purposes."
Reize Seatlan First, the chocobos; now, Umi! The boy cannot help but mentally cry out in anguish over his ahoge being the one thing attacked more than anything! Lord help anyone that actually cuts it off! That would prove to be sad times!

Watching the antics, the Chinese citizen bear a mixture of expression; one set is filled with awkwardness while the other half are roaring in laughter over the young adventurer's plight.

Reize is flailing at the same time as Umi comically waving her arms up and down.

"I get it! I get it! Being eaten by Monstro is not good! You can let go Umi!!!"

After a couple of moments from the pressure on his ahoge...

Reize keels over on his face.

Emi Dennou Umi goes flying as Reize falls over. She spins through the air a few times before vanishing offscreen.

"The Network apologizes for the instructional inconvenience." Emi adds.
Reize Seatlan Ohgodwhy.

Reize's eyes are swirling around, leaving his ahoge to look all beaten up before it flops over 'dead'. As Umi goes flying, Reize slowly lifts a hand up to the air before he gives off a pained, long suffering tone, "I'm---I'm alright!"

After a moment passes, Reize slowly gets back up to his feet.

"Anyway, Emi, let's head to the countryside! There's a small village that I am staying at. Going to check up on Violet to see if she is ready before we go on an adventure!" He beams. "...It's actually nice to be back in an adventure that doesn't involve the sea." Reize shudders. Water.
Emi Dennou "Hm--that seems reasonable." Emi agrees. "I am also not fond of the sea." The Dennous don't actually know how to swim but Emi doesn't mention this. It is entirely possible that this escapade was to discourage Reize from further sea-ventures. because of their ethnic bias against wate.r


You can even remove all non-goggle equipment if you so desire. If you're that kind of person. Are you that kind of person, Reize?

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