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(2013-12-08 - 2013-12-09)
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Queegmaa Despite being the allies with, and the servant of the Shadow Lords, The Hollow Bastion always made Queegmaa feel a little uncomfortable because he felt like he was in the company of folks who were a cut above him, in terms of their personal power. No, the Shadow Lords were not invincible, for he'd seen them fall in combat at the hands of heroes and their fellow ilk when they happened to prey on each other, yet this fact in itself alerted him to the fact that he was even lower on the food-chain than those who his masters would betray on the turn of a munny-dime.

He had to watch himself around Rakassa when he was in the empire, but in this place, he was surrounded by fish who were significantly larger than himself, and he felt quite humbled, or else dwarfed by those who could smite him at a whim. Ironically, this would only happen if they went through Rakassa herself, since, as one of her most prized minions, while she held little compassion for the troll, the fact was.... on principle, Lady Rakassa could not simply allow her colleagues to damage her 'property' as though she were some pushover of a Shadow Lord.... and the bottom line was, Queegmaa qualified. So, strangely enough, he was under her 'protection' in this place, even though he was also under her thumb-- and Rakassa wouldn't allow some upstart to undermine her authority by disrespecting what was rightfully her's to do with as /SHE/ pleased.

He was seated at a round table inside a gloomy chamber that looks like something out of Magus' Castle from Chrono Trigger, although.... this had just been one of the buildings on the outskirts, which surrounded the castle, erected upon the large mass of stone that encompassed the foundation of the entire Hollow Bastion world.... and he was.... quiet... Rakassa hadn't arrived, and neither had Echo, but allegedly, Echo had been granted admission into the dark realm, as per Rakassa's order, and so... this was their rendezvous point.
Echo Heading into the place was not too much of a stretch for Echo, as she had not exactly minded going into dark, scary places exactly--she grew up in one. And when you have an upbringing Wednesday Addams, well these things you get used to. However, the place was definitely the sort of place a magician could feel the power eminating from, which was cause to give it due respect. Fell energies surrounded this place, to be sure.

She approached the table after being admitted, carrying in her hand what looked like a small cooler, the refridgerative plastic kind, packed with ice and plastered with yellow biohazard stickers. Likely something she'd picked up with her other materials in Manhattan. "I've followed the medical manuals to the letter and this material should undoubtably be useable even now... though I imagine you don't need it for any mundane use, do you?" she asked, her sandals slapping beneath her as she stepped up and sat the cooler on her side of the table.
Rakassa A dark portal appears, and one Shadow Lord Rakassa, a.k.a. 'Mistress Olivia' as her codename to Echo would be, flashes into existance. Sitting down, she peers at the package before her. A wide smile grows upon her coweled features, a human-like jaw with far too many teeth moving as she does so. They all look distinctly like daggers. Black robes flow outward, into a massive bulk now hidden beneath the table. It seems to constantly shift and wiggle.

Picking up the package, she peers at it for a moment. "...Well done. But what I'm going to do with it isn't any of your business." Pausing, she tilts her head. "It'll be entertaining, I promse that much. Anyway! On to the matter of your payment."

She turns to Que, nodding.
Queegmaa As Echo emerged, Queegmaa's eyes lit up every so slightly, indicating that he was glad to see her, even if he didn't actually yet vocalize his delight in seeing the bat-girl again. For one thing, the fact that she succeeded meant that Queegmaa himself would be rewarded for having intelligently selected 'the right myotis for the job', but there was also the fact that he hadn't gotten out of his head how intriguing she was, her playfulness and obscurity gave her a bit of mystique that Rakassa had long since lost, once the kappa knew exactly what sort of horrible person she was, and what motivated her..... whereas Echo was the enigmatic one in this scenario, whose machinations Que had yet to come to comprehend.

It was entirely possible that the bat intended to keep it that way, by being secretive about herself, however.... the fact that she was so capable had impressed the imp, since she had conquered a Shadow Lord in her own right-- or a former one, at least, rumor had it that Morrighan was starting to side with the white-knights. So many in the order of the Shadow Lords had lost members to the light, Angantyr, Katyna, and perhaps a few others, so this meant that Que was going to try to recruit this woman to the side of sin, if he could.... with Rakassa's help, of course! That was what this was about, besides just securing the samples.... Echo had proven herself, and though she wouldn't be inducted into the ranks of Shadow Lords for just one victory, she was definitely on the right track of moving upwards in the world of the wrong track, "If't is useful, den...... I reckon we'll be sittin' pretty soon 'nough. You seem ta be doing plen'y of that on yer own, thuh....."

He makes a flattering joke about the fact that Echo was pretty, and seated at their table. This might've, regrettably, made Rakassa the slightest bit jealous, even if just enough to warrant a very subtle sign or word to downplay it, to balance out the fact that Echo had received praise on her beauty, and Que had never said one lustful thing about Rakassa, even if she wasn't interested in him. The truth was, it wasn't about getting what was wanted, for the sinister sorcerer...... it was about /being/ desired! At the bare minimum, it wouldn't outweigh how well Que had done, universally, so he felt like he could afford to give someone attention other than his matron. "Doubt she cud be a Shaduh Loyerd, but she shoor got da makin's 'o greatness, if she ken take down Morri."
Echo The dagger-like teeth did not dissuade Echo from doing business with these individuals, indeed her own choppers were somewhat scary at times. "Understandable," it wasn't like Echo really wanted to know what was going to be done with the hideous hemoglobin she'd had to gather from her special guest the other evening. She looked over to the imp. She had been the right chiropteran for the job it had turned out, indeed. "I do try to keep monthly visits to the funeral salon, yes," the bat nodded matter of factly at Que's flirtatious comment, smiling lightly. "The Elf had assistance, and she has many friends, you didn't tell me about them--but I took care of them."
Rakassa A clawed hand, looking somewhat fuzzy, scratches the odd Shadow Lord's chin. "Ehhh...well, you're not bad. More importantly, you did the job. Well. No screw ups, no loose ends that weren't already anticipated..."

She takes a while, pondering. Soon enough, a long appendage slithers its way out from her bulk, depositing a rather large bag of munny. "Take it. Payment well earned. So. You do contracts? Could use someone like you on retainer. What about it? Exciting work, good pay, and all the blood those little tiny toothpicks of yours can suck out."
Queegmaa Queegmaa shrugs when Echo makes mention of the elf having had assistance, "Din' tell ya cuz I din' know.... but who in dis world dun have no buds? I'm sure somebody has at least a lil fondness fer you, 'n if they saw ya being 'tacked, dem pals o' yer's would jump in rale quick-like, I do fig'r" He counters her argument, giving no quarter as far as her self-promoting boast of overcoming odds that were supposedly stacked against her. He did have to /try/ to seem merciless, especially when his master was present, and since he was the brains of the outfit, that meant his charge was to disallow Rakassa from being charged extra simply because one told a heart-felt tale of woe.

He peers over at the shadow lord, and rubs his eyes a little bit, "Now we're all competin' over who got da biggest choppers aye?... Ya do know dat yuh land-dwellers ain't got nuddin next'a us water-folk. Crocs 'n sharks got bigger mouths dan any wolf er lion. We also gotta pierce food wi' real tough hides, cuz dun nuddin in da water not have ledder or scales.... But go on'n duke it out." He did have an absurdly powerful bite, which was evidenced in the fact that he was able to catch, as well as hold Ophelia's demonic sword in his jaws when he'd sought her out-- though, he could easily be reminded that a fierce set of sharp teeth weren't the only thing that made the man.

This was deliberate, he purposely set himself up as grandiose so that Rakassa would have the opportunity to humble him, by having a justified reason to brag about some of her others qualities, if she decided to take the bait. Then again, it wasn't a trap, he was doing this so that Rakassa's ego could be stroked, unbeknownst to her, because he calculated that she'd have a hard time resisting the chance at gloating, assuming she even had the inclination to deny it, which wasn't characteristic of hedonists.
Echo "Well, I did have some fabulous help, I think I like the rat I was afforded to work wtih," Echo confided, nodding a bit with a fond smile. "I did let him have fun with the elf before we turned her loose to some nightclub or the like nearby," she looked over at the bag of cash that had been laid out for her. "I've been attacked by a rogue program before, though I was able to deal with it, I do appreciate the help however," she seemed pleased with Phrego, after all. "A retainer, hmm? I think I'd like that... always good to have work around," Echo nodded and even bowed her head a bit in reverence for the job offer she was being offered, there. She didn't seem to be turning it down at all, as dubious as it may be. "I am honored you would have me work with your organization."
Rakassa The magess laughs, shaking her head. "Forget the teeth! I'll stick with magic. Such a /barbaric/ way of eating." Then, calming, she listens to the batess fully. Considering, she tilts her head, then shrugs. "Right then. Guess we can wring the little rodent's neck a bit to keep him on. Good team."

Slowly, she grins once more. "Ahh, someone with /class/! Excellent. YOu'll do nicely. Consider yourself hired." Smirk! Turning to Que, she gives a smalls quint.

"Better watch out. This one might take over /your/ spot if she's good enough~" What's a little competition amongst minions?
Queegmaa The lizard-like manifestation of wrath that kept his rage inhibited nearly at all times, was actually in somewhat of a favorable mood, since he'd now managed to bring someone into the inner circle who'd impressed Rakassa. It was a fact that Que didn't do the deed himself, but that's why he was the brains-- he reveled in the realm of analysis, and handed down the logistical summary to his matron, who would approve his schemes, at which point Queegmaa would carry out his vile plans.... through others.

When Echo denotes that she liked the rat with whom she worked, a speck of envy rose up in the kappa, who had hoped Echo would say something favorable about himself, although, if she was under the scrutiny of Rakassa, then Que couldn't really expect the bat to give him more admiration that what she was to bequeath Rakassa, lest she disenchant herself, and lose a shot at being recruited by some of the orchestrators of the chaos that was swarming all across the World of Ruin. Narrowing his eyes at Rakassa, a fire ignited that she might have been unaccustomed to in the foot-stool of a reptile who usually submitted to her every impulse, and then, feeling like she'd crossed a line even /she/ shouldn't have crossed, he prepared to unleash some of that fury that throbbed in his loathsome heart, although he managed once again to keep a 'cap' on what he wanted to truly do, he did have standards that even he would see honored, and it was already bad enough that Vohstra was placed above him, but now.... some upstart might be given authority over him?

His skin adorned a mild greyish tint as red blood flowed violently through his body, as would someone ready to project an infernal tirade, which oft made humans red to the face-- but green and crimson were chromatically diametric, so the conflict created a greyish tone, instead; apparently, he didn't find Rakassa's joke comical. He gets to stammering, which is a good implication that he's having a hard time controlling himself, and is truly at the murderous, boiling point, which could theoretically be detrimental to Rakassa, if she decided to push her luck a little more, "....P...Perhaps.... yuh... shud DO'T right now.... if ya dink s-she ken do better'n me! Go on! Give'r my job! See what happens den!" Not that anyone would ever serve Rakassa as studiously as Queegmaa, and he knew it, but to have his proficiency thrown into doubt, when he slogged through chores nobody would've ever done at her behest? That was a degree of disrespect that was far too unreasonable to be accepted by the kappa!
Echo "Oh I don't intend to try and take anyone's position, exactly," Echo peered over at the now suddenly turning gray Kappa (which made sense perhaps, since he was already green) and seemed to enunciate 'positions' with a little bit of notice there, putting on a bit of a mischievous smile with one of those big pink-ribbed ears twitching. "I shall be available next time you're in need of my... special skills," she bowed her head and would make her way out then, taking the bag of munny with hre of course, because why not? A bat's gotta eat, yo.
Rakassa The monster-mage's gaze turns upon the Kappa as he rages at her. She goes silent. Is she stunned? Angered at this outburst? After a moment, a beautiful laugh escapes her, a hand going to her chest.

"/PERFECT/! Oh, I /KNEW/ you had it in you, Que! All of that abuse, that toil, that drudgery...and not even a peep? There's a difference between servitude and meek little weaklings that deserve to be crushed and tossed away. I need some backbone even out of you. I'm impressed, Que, Echo. With both of you." Her voice is soft, despite so may teeth, promising reward if they keep their employer happy!

That grin turns to a smirk. "Excellent. Oh, don't worry. We'll get to know each other very well. 'Till then, ta ta~"
Queegmaa Queegmaa grunts a little bit, the swelling diminishing as Rakassa seems to demonstrate that she might be implying a retraction of her earlier claim, still feeling sour over the whole affair, albeit, not berserk, like he had been just about likely to become a moment prior. At any rate, Que did have /one/ trump card up his sleeve that he could use to ruin Rakassa, but then.... the cost would probably be his life, as she'd hunt him down to the ends of the World of Ruin to assure that he shared in the world's fate.... utter ruination; he knew that Rakassa and Olivia were the same person-- plus, he knew of her sacrilegious quest to procure all the pieces of the Oni-Yoroi. This would decimate her, since she'd lose her most promising student, Vohstra, if he caught wind of the fact that he was being exploited, and that she was trying to convert him into one of the Shadow Lords, who he had been, at present, oppositional to, because he personally believed that their order was the short-cut to achieving power....

Simply kissing up to Malificent and being granted extraneous powers was not the honorable way to ascend, but rather, hard work and discipline was his preferred method of attaining enlightenment, and perfect. The Shadow Lords were all disloyal, power-mongers who would backstab at the first moment of opportunity, while a genuine retainer would die at their master's whim, even if their master had shown them contempt and disrespect most of their entire life. "Dun like bein' tested." is all Que mumbles, turning his head away, having resumed his submissive role as could've been expected; he doesn't challenge Rakassa directly, by looking into her eyes when this is announced, which proves that he still knows his place, even if he had a momentary boon of courage, and unwavering vigor rising up within him.
Echo Echo had met the one known as Maleficent at least once or twice before, each time she had felt the enormous magical power surrounding her, like one beholds the great heat from a furnace. It was like looking into a bonfire, and imagining oneself just inches from it. You could feel her a good distance away. It seemed to resonate and call out to one, going 'look at me, puny one, look upon Maleficent, who has passed centuries waiting to strike like you wait moments for a trolley. Behold me, and dispair. Echo could definitely say there was something so inspiring about it, that ever since she had felt it, she had felt like she wanted to aspire to be it. "Well then, Sir Queegmaa, Mistress Olivia, I will be going now, if you have no further need of me for now," she had already left her parting flirtatious comments with the imp, so hopefully he would try and contact her again for more work. It wasn't that she necessarily needed all this money, but it would be helpful, and maybe even lead to some amusement.

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