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(2013-12-07 - Now)
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Oriane Guado Homecomings can be such a bittersweet event. And this journey is no different for Oriane Guado. Years have come and gone since she last walked amongst the trees here. The Yevon priestess now sits alone on a bench overlooking one of the few manors built into the trees.

A vacant expression resides on Oriane's face as she gently lowers the hood of her holy vestments. Her green eyes rest on the manor for a few brief moments before she tranfixes her gaze on an all too familiar passing wisp. Oriane frowns slightly now. Guadosalam has not changed one bit since she left.
Chita This place was a little strange for Chita. He was... suffice it to say, blind, which wasn't what led him to thinking it strange. It was the sounds, the senses. Viera were quite attuned to things that others cannot pick up. Voices of the forest, whispers of such, odd things. And this place just bothered him. He walked along slowly along one of the arching pathways and eventually came towards where Oriane was. Not on purpose, of course.

Then with a light bump, his knee hit the little bench that she was on - the end, rather than her. "Sigh." he mumbled out an annoyed sigh before using his knee to rub from the wall of the path over slightly to find out how deep the bench itself was, or rather, what it even /was/. "Is... anyone nearby? I do not wish to trod on someone."

The Viera was fully visible as a male at the moment, a loose shirt on, a vest as well atop the flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, fingers long almost like a Guado's. Not quite that long though. He had on a simple pair of black slack pants and a pair of boots to cover his feet. His long silver hair was tied back and around his eyes was a blindfold that possibly kept light out, or simply kept others from seeing his eyes.
Oriane Guado Oriane's elongated ears instinctively twitch when the Viera accidentally bumps into the edge of her bench. She cants her head to the side and takes in the full image of the intruder to her self-imposed isolation. The blindfold is of special note to the priestess who rises from the bench now.

"Indeed there is someone here, but it was -something- that you bumped into. The what of the something is a bench, the who of the someone is Priestess Oriane Guado, and the why is what I must ask of for what purpose does a Viera traveller with such a malady come this far?"
Chita As he stood there listening, Chita largely remained quiet, thumbs tucked into his pants pockets as he listened to what she had to say. "I see. I apologize for bothering you. As to your question ... and who I am, in turn, Judge of Jylland, Chita. I came here with a companion searching for a rare plant known as Sea Brine Kelp. Yet the possible location of which still concerns me, and more confuses me as I do not know this region." Grumble grumble.

"And as far as I know... the mountain beyond the Macalania is controlled by the Yevon church. ... though I may be mistaken on such."

Despite the conversation of sorts, he did not invite himself to sit, or get comfortable, standing still as he was. He did give a little bow of sorts, carefully, when she mentioned her title.
Oriane Guado Oriane, now standing, begins to go through the motions of the Yevon prayer as expected of one of her position. Her green eyes focus on Chita's blindfold which leads Oriane to halt the pointless gesture. She instead merely folds her hands against herself.

"Are you asking me to confirm this information, or do you have a real question hidden there?" Oriane muses lightly as she walks over to the edge which overlooks the nearby manor. "Do you seek permission to venture forth through such lands? Or do you merely wish to know if such permission could be granted?"
Chita Chita smiles faintly and says, "I ask nothing of you, I suppose, and expect nothing. Nor did I try to hide anything. I only just met you by chance and began to speak with you thus. It would be rude of me to question you like this. Though if you do not mind my asking... does one need permission for such? I truly do not know. I had hoped to find out while my mount rested and companion enjoyed the quiet and stillness of the inn."

The blindfold was a pitch-black silk, soft, looking more comfortable than anything. It probably did a good job of keeping the light out, and if he could indeed see, keeping him from seeing. A faint burn-like scarring could be seen along the very-fine fur along his cheeks towards his eyes though. Injured, likely, at some point in the past.
Oriane Guado Oriane smiles towards Chita now. "I appreciate good manners in these times. They seem to be lacking or altogether vacant more often than not." The priestess decides as the good judge elaborates his position. The green-haired Guado makes the actual Yevon prayer towards the Viera. "No, one does not need permission to venture forth. But I can offer my endorsement of your 'pilgrimmage' should you require such. I care little for the short-sighted nature of many of my peers when it comes to who should be allowed to travel where." Oriane now displays a rather coy smile.

In truth, Oriane likes to blacken the eyes of her fellow Yevonites when she can and get away with it. And this just be another opportunity to do so.

This scene contained 7 poses. The players who were present were: Oriane Guado, Chita