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Exploring the Siam Temple
(2013-12-07 - Now)
A set of scholars put up a post for adventurers to assist them with an important matter: Obtain any artifacts or tomes that tell the history of the temple. Reize also heard that a rare red plant grew there. With the assistance of the Shard Seekers and strangers, they explore the unknown.
Reize Seatlan Welcome to the Siam Temple.

The temple has a strange aesthetic to it, mixture of what look to be Incan idols and various stones that make up the place. Pedestals stand tall, keeping the place steady. The ruins is of a forgotten civilization that were wiped by a plague.

It is odd on how close to the Chinese Countryside it is.

This ancient civilization once housed so much knowledge. Now, the place is swarming with monsters.

The entrance, however, is the outside of the temple. The pedestals hold the structure up, however, there are various monsters lurking and crawling along the ground. Insects, arachnids, statues stirring to life.

They have made this place their home.

One adventurer in particular took up the quest, the missing leader of the Shard Seekers. After being stranded at sea for a couple of months, he managed to return to civilization and is now taking up the request by the scholar.

This may also be his chance to find a particular herb that he hear about.
Zia The leader of the Shard Seekers isn't the only one who's been somewhat MIA as of late. After the quest into Castle Oblivion, Zia had been preoccupied at best. Perhaps, that glimpse of her friends in the war-torn world of one possible future left her unsettled. Whatever the reason, the gargoyle has been aloof lately. It probably doesn't help matters thet her lupine companion, Skoll, has been acting strange, too.

It's time to get out and /do/ something, rather than just thinking about it. With Reize's return, Zia had decided to tag along on this little adventure. It isn't unusual for their leader to go and get himself lost, but recent events seem to have made the wind-mage a bit more protective of her friends.

"Wha in the world have ye gotten us inte this time, Reize Seatlan?" She whispers in a low voice, crouched, trying /NOT/ to draw the attention of lurking monsters and insects and other things that probably want to kill them. At the very least, her voice sounds amused, rather than upset.

A change of pace is good. Even if it is a life-threatening change of pace.
Alexis Belerang /Princess/ /Alexis/ /Belerang/, and her (oh yeah) blacksmith-in-training partner Sygg, are not here because of Reize. They are here for there was a call for /adventure/. Sygg was put in charge of reading the map, and managed to lead the pair to their destination with little to no turn-arounds.

Look, the desert is kind of hard to navigate, okay!

Sygg lowers his map as the arrive inside of the temple, having been walking by Minimap, and the two find themselves standing... right in the middle of the grounds, surrounded by said insects and arachnids. It seems they've been so preoccupied with bickering about the map, that they didn't even spot the monsters. Or the people that joined in for that matter! "Shit, we've got trouble Alexis!" Sygg calls out and grabs for a small handaxe from his back. The princess is quick to grab her bow and arrow, and looks around as she backs up against her partner's back. That's when the girl spots the fellow adventurers.


"A little help!?"

Edison Reece Edison had to earn his keep some way. Accepting the scholar's request seemed a good idea at the time. Keyword being 'at the time'. "Figures," he mutters softly, "that the place would be crawling with beasts."

The Ranger tries to keep himself out of sight, handguns in hand ready to start firing if things goes wrong. Of course, there are a lot of targets here. Avoiding combat might be the best course of action... if only people hadn't already got in trouble. "Oh joy," he grumbles, priming his guns and shifting his stance to start moving.

What was with this world and Murphy?
Deelel After the incident with Seith? She needed to do something else and heading on with Reize seemed to be an amazing idea. She'd got used to the change world jumping and oddly the kung-fu dress by way of the grid seemed to suit her well enough, it was black with blue snitching which happened to glow and event hen there was still a mount for her ID disc on her back. So here she was in the land of Dragons, some times known as China with a number of the other shard Seekers.

She looks over to Zia and she notes to her.

"China is the lands name if I recall right."

She's ready to get into the mix of things but then someone has already got into trouble. Murphy was a concept programs could understand even if they did not know his name. It seems he's in full force today.

"Well at least we have something to do."

The program had kept her voice low enough and was ready or so she through for trouble.
Lily Monsters aren't only present just outside the temple. They lurk across the wilds many might take to this lost temple. For the last half-hour, strange noises and explosions of light rush through the trees, accompanied by gusts of frigid winds carrying the surefire aftertaste of potent, primal Elemental magics.

That's when the barking starts. A deep, piercing bark-howl combo from a very excited dog. "Ahuwah?! What's gotten into you, Dandy?!" A young woman's voice drifts through the foliage. The thick leaf covering shifts and parts. A young, but grown and capable beagle bursts through into the temple clearing, darting his head about, sniffing at the air, then CHARGING STRAIGHT FOR REIZE, aiming to accost him with a fit of the happies.

Then a girl's hand darts through the bushes, pulling back branches and trees and...

Oh hey it's Lily. Ever since Reize never came back, she left herself, taking all her belongings and Dandelion, her pet beagle. They've been gone months and months. Searching. Hunting. Getting involved in adventures sometimes just for the sake of it.

But when she makes it out into the clearing, answering this most recent call for adventurer assistance... she follows Dandy's path with her eyes... and suddenly rubs at them, double taking. "HERE?!"
Reize Seatlan Reize's mind has been rather thoughtful for some reason. It's like his mind is not in the expansivenes of the temple that he would normally be amazed to see. He would usually appreciate the sights of such a place a lot more than he is now. No, his mind is still pre-occupied.

And it shows when Zia manages to get his attention.

"Huh? Oh! Right!" The boy brightens while turning his attention towards Zia, "We're at a place called the Siam Temple. ...Or the ruins of the place." He furrows his eyebrows as he looks ahead.

And enter the other adventurers.


"Sygg! Alexis!" The boy looks over towards Zia, "We better move!" But then, Reize is intercepted by the presence of a barking creture.



Reize collapses on the ground and he laughs, "Ahahahaha... Dandelion, is that you?!" He then looks over towards Sygg and Alexis, his seriousness returning. "We gotta help them!"
Zia Pause. Blink-blink. Zia looks over at Deelel. "Well, Ah know it's China, but this place certainly doesnae look like it belongs here." She motions to the ruins before them, and then shrugs. Like the program, she's done up in a red and gold kimono, with some fancy embroidery on the back. It's not great for movement under normal circumstances, so it's been loostened so she can actually manage some agility.

Luckily, she gets the reader's digest version of things from Reize before some unwitting adventurerers fast-travel right into the middle of trouble. Hey, it's the Shard Seeker's job to do that! Hrmph.

Lily's arrival is met with another pause and a look of surprise. "Hey Lily." She offers in her usual brogue, but then there's that whole distraction of people in trouble. Riiiight. "Ye've got back-up comin lassie!" Queue gargoyle four-legged running to try to cover ground faster as she makes her way towards the ruins and the surrounded pair of misadventurers.
Lily "I-- I don't believe it-- right!" Unlike previous encounters, Lily reacts swiftly, managing to stuff down her emotional upwelling in time to jump to Alexis' aid. Jump - quite literally. She smoothly soars with a wind-propelled leap to just in front of Alexis, and on landing... hardly disrupts the ground. instead, the Earth clings to her feet, rooting her in place.

Then she draws the special, as of yet unnamed rapier she was seen practicing with months ago and brandishes them towards the monsters. A wave of heat rushes from the blade as it's drawn, the weapon glowing incadescently with a firey spirit. And Lily looks towards the spidery beasts cooly.

"They don't look TOO threatening... Dandyyyyyyy, lend me a hand. Reize, get over here! I'm not losing you again!"

After licking all over Reize's face, Dandelion bounds over to Lily's side too, barking and growling at the beasts but waiting Lily's command. Magical power drifts from him too.

These two have been busy.
Alexis Belerang With the two surrounded, Alexis comes to aim her bow straight for the oncoming monsters. Sygg swipes his handaxe and anything that gets close. But at first, the two don't move. As much as they may be absolute beginner adventurers, and still make mistakes - there's one thing that must be said about them.

They know how to work together, and know eachothers' thoughts.

The two throw a quick glance at one-another, and that's all that's needed.

Alexis reaches up into the air, and a falcon suddenly comes down lit by white magic, and then speeds forwards towards their reinforcement. Sygg and Alexis quickly run straight through this 'gap' created by the magical falcon, with the first swiping his axe at anything that manages to get close.

Eventually, the two group up with Zia and Reize and the others, turn around, and stand by.

"Sorry." Sygg whispers.
Edison Reece The Ranger glanced towards the expedition leader before nodding. Things were getting too boring anyway, and although he recieved stealth training, he wasn't terribly fond of sneaking around. Being able to move freely was welcomed by Reece.

Opening fire on the incoming, he shifts his aim across the targets, trying to pin down as many monsters as he can and hopefully hamper the movement of those behind.

"So... what's the plan?" he asks, before jerking to the left and pistol whipping a particulary annoying dungeon denizen. "It's not like we can stay here and squish them until they run out of reinforcements."
Deelel Deelel looks to Zia again and replies to her.

"Ah, I'm afraid I'm lacking information by a lot of human cultures."

She's learning as she goes that much is clear but it looks like if Zia thinks it shouldn?t be here then it may very well be true that i should not be here. Lily appearing gets a smile out of the program for a brief moment it was good to see her again.

"We best move then Reize."

There she goes right after Reize and the others as they go in.

The program isn't going for her disc right now that's always the lethal option after all. She does however go for a bar that she has up the sleeve of her dress which expands into a sentry's light staff. Where did she pick that up? Who knows with her connections back on the Flynn OS.
Reize Seatlan Blink. Reize is noticing something different about Lily. This is perhaps the first time that he saw her with a weapon such as a rapier. Even more, he is watching her dive into action. Even Dandelion comes forth to her command.

Reize grunts before he stands up to his feet.

However, as the group manages to dispatch the critters, Reize gives a sigh of relief.

Reize smiles at Sygg, "I am just glad you two are safe." He turns towards Lily, brightening a smile, "It is good to see you again." Then, he looks down and kneels to Dandelion's height, "You too."

His eyesdrift towards the ranger with a curious look. The young adventurer looks thoughtful at Edison, "From what I gathered from the request, the scholar said that we would have to journey deep within the ruins to find some of the missing tomes of knowledge. He wanted some tomes and scriptures to analyze." He then thinks back to Zia's comment.

"...You're right. The aesthetics here are not Chinese in nature." In fact, the aesthetics appear more Cambodian. While the aesthetics are Asian in nature, it is significantly different from the Chinese designs.

"We need to journey ahead..." Reize is making his way towards the path of the temple.

Inside of the temple is where the inside reveals to be dimly lit, that is only thanks to the fact that the sunlight is providing some sort of light. After a torch is likely to light them up, the temple itself will reveal more of the Camodian aesthetics with statues and ledges.

The hall looks rather empty, save for the designs of the temple. Further ahead would only lead to a set of stairs that only leads deeper into the temple.
Lily The monsters are a bit of a workout, and Lily's left short of breath when the fight's over, grateful for a chance to get her head, body, and heart all assorted again. It's not easy. For her attention darts from Deelel and Zia to the others, and finally, always, back onto Reize. It's more than evident she wants to burst out with all of the questions RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Her cheeks puff up several times as she bites down on that urge! What she does do though, is HUG him wordlessly, only to swiftly release him.

Dandy paces along behind her, loyal and alert, after licking Reize on the cheek..

"And he says that something in here can clue us in about the Heartless, right? Anything's worth stopping them. If there's anything in here that can do that... I'll find it!"

Lily provides light however, where necessary. Cool flames hover in the air around her, little will-o-wisps of flickering magic, casting a pleasant - if slightly odd - light every which way.
Zia The fighting with the monsters outside the temple doesn't seem to take as long. Zia pulls back her magic, a hint of ice swirling around her hand as she pulls the arm of her robe back down. There's one bug still frozen to one of the supports, a wing twitching a bit as it looks after them angrily. It'll take a while to thaw, though, so it's hardly a concern.

"Ah'll never get usedte the way the worlds seem te run one inte the next sometimes." She'd spent some time here, first during the opening of Pride Rock, and later in search of more of her own kind. Alas, the stone guardian statues here don't seem to be related to her kind in the least. It's an entirely different sort of magic.

With the fighting momentarily over, she nods briefly to the ranger, at least offering that by way of greeting. "Ye two alright?" She asks of Sygg and Alexis. The gargoyle folds her wings back, cold air seeming to follow her as she walks.

Then, her attention is snapped back to Reize, "Well, at least we know wha' we're lookin' for, then." At least there isn't a map. Then this might get dangerous. She falls into step a bit behind the boy-adventurer. "Ah cannae say tha Ah've ever seen any place tha looks like this b'fore, though." There's a temptation to touch one of the statues, but Zia quickly tucks her hand back again. Bad idea.
Alexis Belerang Alexis and Sygg take a moment to catch their breath after that run. Alexis even has her hands on her knees as she bends over a little.

"Phew! Thanks!" Sygg exclaims. The two youths then glance back at the monsters, and watch in /awe/ as Zia swings her icy magic into the direction of the monsters with what appears to be such ease.

"Yeah... we're okay." Alexis comments, after she stops /staring/ at the albino white Gargoyle. She blinks a few times, looking at the Gargoyle's hands. She doesn't appear to be using any kind of focus for the sake of using her powers. Her folding her wings is enough to snap the two out of their revery and they waddle right after her.

Like little puppies following their momma dog.

Well, at least Sygg is. Alexis at least is paying enough attention still to loosen some arrows into the direction of the frozen monsters, attempting to literally shatter the captured beasts!
Edison Reece Edison nods towards Reize, following the group as it makes its way further into the ruins. He watches the surroundings, trying and failing to establish any similarities between this world and the one he came from... the one he came from. He paused for a split second, reeling from the twang of nostalgy that rushed towards him.

Sighing, he resumed his pacing. Those times were gone now, fallen into darkness... there was nothing he could do now. "Go further, eh?" he asked rhetorically, taking his mind off the world of memories. "Well, it is straightforward enough, but if this inside matches this outside, it won't be a milk run. Still, no turning back now!" he finished with a dose of fake cheerfulness.
Reize Seatlan Although Lily did not burst into questions, the hug was enough to get Reize to tense and then he relaxes, patting her on the shoulder. While the dog licks his cheek, the boy finally ends the reunion with a gentle pat on the head.

Back to the mission at hand.

The will-o-wisps add to the lighting of the ruins, giving a nice glow and the hint of the aesthetics.

Everyone will find that the traps around...

Activate far from them all.

A gaping hole appears, a spike pierces from the ceiling to smash to the round.


The statues are rumbling to life, the warriors are now emerging with spears in hand. The statues all move towards the group, wasting no time in their attempts to bowl them all over.
Lily "Stop!" Lily yells at the statues, but they're probably not gonna listen right? Yeah, incoming statues. With a sigh Lily's drawing her weapon again, and glaring at the sentinels. "Why do enchanted guards end up so brutal?! They don't even ask why you're here!" She's been in at least one other place kinda like this by now!

... just one.

Taking a stance, she thrusts her weapon - down, down toward the ground. A brown pulse runs from her fingers through the blade and into the earthen floor... and up spring short-lived stalagmites. They'll quickly erode but for these brief few moments they're meant to entangle and repel the statues the statues!
Deelel Deelel looks to Lily and then to Reize she's already moving in quickly to keep with the group and she looks about the traps? She's triggered a trap. The signs of a trap are far different on her world than here. She pays for it as she nearly ends up a pile of cubes from the trap. She rolls away but now she sees the statues are coming to lie and they are coming for them.

Deelel is forced on the evasive as the huge things come for her. She runs using her staff like a pole vault to get into the air and flip over the incoming statues as they come fort her and she'll land behind them in a ready stance as she brings up her weapon. She snaps into into place and rushes the statue horde from behind. She closes in rapidly and moves to sweep the staff and hopefully pull the preventable rug out from under all the creatures and knock them all down!

"Not bad Lily!"

She calls out as she sees what the young woman has done.

"It seems someone really does not want people in here, or is trying to keep something from being found!"

She flips away and makes another pass for some more of the statues going to keep up the same pattern until they react to her or she's able to get them all on their bitmaps
Edison Reece "Oh, great." Reece grumbles, jumping to the side and firing at the statues knees, hoping to cripple the stone the the point it crumbles. "I do not feel like a bowling pin," he says between shots, "thank you very much." More shots. "Now, be nice chaps and SOD OFF!" even more shots follow. Maybe it's the traps. Maybe it's the animated statues. Maybe it's just Edison being cranky. Or all of the above.

Either way, the ranger curses as he tries to break stone shot by shot with armor-piercing rounds.
Alexis Belerang Sygg and Alexis get to work as well. Sygg digs into this /huge/ travel bag that he carries with him. Dig dig dig... glance down. He sticks his tongue out along the side of his mouth and digs in deeper. "No... no..." He just starts throwing things out. Potion? No. Ether? No. Boxers? EWW! NO!

Dig dig dig. AHA!

Sygg reveals a little black baggy, and offers it to Alexis. The girl is quick to attach it to one of her arrows and moves /back/ from the guardian stones. Sygg leans forwards, strikes a match, and sets the little baggy alight! Alexis immediately releases it, sending the explosive arrow straight into the heart of one of the stone guardians.
Zia It's a little disconcerting to end up stared at, but it's not the first time someone has done that. Zia glances once at Alexis and then away again. It's Sygg that she leans towards, whispering, "Is somethin the matter wi' yer princess, she keeps starin' at me?" Her tail tucks as she continues forward.

Luckily, the will-o-wisps offer a distraction. Her eyes follow their glow across the ruins. "Pretty..." She murmurs, resisting the urge to see if she can touch one. It's a curious quality that is bound to get her into trouble soon enough.

She isn't one to have any sense for traps, but it's easy enough to see them when they go off. The gargoyle takes a few steps back. "Alright, Ah'm glad not te have stepped inte tha mess." Glancing around the group, it's hard to figure out if any of them would have even been able to even see those coming.

Statues coming to life is a little too familiar for her. These aren't gargoyles, though. "Ah'm nae sure my magic will do much against these, but Ah can try te slow them down." She moves a hand, trying to catch their legs with ice.
Alexis Belerang After letting loose that arrow, Sygg turns back around towards Zia, and shakes his head. He whispers back to the big-eared Gargoyle; "Nah. She's just a beginner at magic. And you seem to use it with such comparative ease." He quickly glances at Alexis, who is pouting at him with a blush on her cheeks.

Oh oh - did she hear him?
Reize Seatlan "I don't know, but we need to get out of their path!" Reize yelps as he is the first to dive away from the impending strike from one of the guards.

Step. Step. Step.

The guardians of the temple are moving towards Lily and the group with their spears in front. As Lily summons the stalgmites, the statues are pierced by the roaring earth.

Reize looks over towards Deelel, "...Maybe, who knows?" Reize looks thoughtful, then he winces at the incoming statue coming his way, in which Reize leaps back to strike one at its had.

The statues continue to move onward towards Deele until they collapse on their feet. Edison manages to get a good few shots at the statues, chipping away at their armor pieces. The quick thinking of Sygg and Alexis manages to ignite the arrow to create a thunderous explosion from inside of the statues, blowing them to bits.

And Zia manages to catch the legs on ice, where the statues finally collapse.

...Everything is clear for the adventurers to journey ahead.
Lily "... Phew..." That was a bit close. The thought is clear on Lily's slightly worried face. "Good teamwork, everyone!" She beams a smile at the others, and quickly sets to looking about. Dandy hasn't budged, for all he's barked. Now, he's quiet, trotting along at her heels wherever she goes, and only occasionally detours to sniff at a decoration or two. Occasionally sneezing from the dust.

"Where would the writings BE in here? I... did they put a living room in here somewhere?"
Edison Reece Lowering his gun, Edison eyes the group. "Well, that's one hassle overcome." Still, he does not walk forward, instead checking the walls and the ground, trying to look for _something_ out of the ordinary... as far as ordinary applies to these ruins.

Of course, there was a problem. "How in heavens did they manage to make it through the ruins without springing all these traps? Unless this wasn't meant to be visited again that is."

Nevertheless, he keeps checking the walls, occasionaly wiping some dust and trying to find any kind on indentations or suspicious looking holes. In ruins. Good luck with telling the traps from the trimming.
Zia With a cough, Zia raises her sleeve up to ward off some of the dust from the fight and the statues that crumble in the aftermath. Strange, but normally her own stone skin doesn't bother her as much as this does. She reaches up to brush some gravel out of her hair, murmuring under her breath to draw some wind magic and get herself a breath of relatively clean air.

"Ah wonder wha' sort of enchantment brought them te life." She crouches a moment to examin the remains of the stone warriors, looking for any sign of magical runes or anything that she might recognise. "Though, Ah'll admit, it feels a bit odd te be fightin' somethin tha's a little too close te a gargoyle for m'likin'." She has to give up on the investigation as the others seem to move on, falling into step at the tail end of the group. Mages don't travel in the front of the party, afterall.

"Whomever created this place clearly didnae want anyone te find wha'ever is hidden here. Magic and traps. It's more than a wee bit of a challenge." Her talons click behind her as she turns from appraising their surroundings to the others, on guard for the next danger.
Alexis Belerang "I don't know." Alexis pipes up, though really, what's the point to saying anything if you don't know? Standard NPC script maybe. The two young adventurers wander up closer to the actual entrance, but do stay closer to the back. Sygg inspects his potions - and the rest of the contents in his bag. "I have a rope, and potions, and torches... oh, I even have a throwing hook! Basic equipment for adventurers." He proudly claims.

Still, he feels like he may be forgetting something.
Reize Seatlan Further down the path...

The ruins leaves only a large trail. Through the trail of the ruins is a long pathway that is leading somewhere.

Reize can only shrug at Lily, uncertain how to answer her question. His attention drifts towards Edison and Zia, "It was a simple temple prior to being ruins, if I remember correctly. Maybe the scholars wanted to prevent outsiders from getting access to what they aren't supposed to get." He frowns, "...That doesn't quite explain how the plague managed to wipe everyone who lived here away."

He frowns, "The scholar said that was eons ago as well." However, he looks over towards Sygg as he mentions about the throwing hook. Reize looks at the hook closely.


Reize reaches into his bag of tricks and procures some rope, turning over towards Zygg to hand it, "I think you may need this!" He brightens.

And then, the group will find themselves at a massive room. Pedestals hold everything up at the ceiling and the designs of the temple still remain. The very center is a large head of the Cambodian aesthetics. Up ahead near the head is a tablet.

"Hey! I think I see something!"
Lily "Eons... how long is an eon?" Lily idly asks as she passes by some carvings on the walls she cann't possibly hope to read, and instead carefulyl traces her fingers over the engraced, ancient stone. "Years? Ten years? This place feels really quiet and lonely... like that other place... the temple on the hill."

Yeah that's a really helpful description.
Zia "Ye... dinnae think wha'ever whiped them out might still be here, do ye?" Zia asks, reaching beneath her robes to pull up a blue scarf she seems to always wear. It's probably a bit late to think of that. Her ears tuck down. "Ah've heard tha there were these tombs in ancient Egypt, 'n the rulers there put curses on them te prevent people from disturbin' their eternal rest." It's dark, and quiet, and obviously a long-abandoned place. It's no wonder her mind starts to think of curses and ghosts.

With her tail doing that mad-twitching thing that happens when she's nervous, Zia glances towards Lily, "Ah'd imagine tha they must have lived somewhere, but Ah'm nae sure where someone would have kept writings like tha. Probably nae somewhere right out in the open, Ah'd imagine." It would have to be a challenge, right? That's just how these things are.

This time, she sticks a bit closer to the others, edging up near Edison. The ranger probably reads as the most capable male of the group, and she's distinctly lacking her usual werewolf bodyguard or her gargoyle fighting companions.

When Reize calls out that he sees something, she stands up a bit taller, trying to peek forward without moving to the front. "Wha is it?" She asks, her fingers twitch towards a necklace at her throat. Oddly, it's not the same one she usually wears, or if it is, it's had a make-over. It's quickly tucked beneath the robes as she fidgets.
Lily "Eons... how long is an eon?" Lily idly asks as she passes by some carvings on the walls she cann't possibly hope to read, and instead carefully traces her fingers over the engraved, ancient stone. "Years? Ten years? This place feels really quiet and lonely... like that other place... the temple on the hill."

Yeah that's a really helpful description.
Deelel Deelel says "A very good idea Reize."

Getting out of the way is a very good idea she's right on it she looks over to Reize and has to wonder what the truth of the matter is. She'll have to get deeper into the temple with everyone else. Thankfully her trick works and she's manage to trip a number of them while Edison takes down quite a few more a from Zia, Sygg and Alexis as well.

It was time to move on and so she did with the rest of the party.

"Some people may be more skilled in this, I'm aware of some who might be able to do such. Where was Zidane when you needed him?

"Well it's a good work out Zia."

While she couldn't work out like a creature of flesh keeping one's mind and response time sharp was always good.

"Your well equipped Alexis, very good thinking."

She continues on keeping an eye on Lily and her other companions and she halts for a moment as Reize seems to have find something.

Deelel is a multi media program and the basic version of an artist. She looks about the room and start looking for patterns symbols to see any sort of pattern also she's keeping an eye out for what might be trap triggers such as pressure plates or patterns in the floor where someone else has been recently. She's also taking a good look at the tablet after all anything she experienced can be called up later from her disc if needed.
Edison Reece "Eons... that's a very, very long time. I surprised me how this place is still here." Edison replies distractedly, checking yet another engraving, at least until Reize's discovery attracts his attention. "Something, you say?" he asks, looking towards the adventurer at first, and then turning his eyes towards the direction he was looking at, and noticing the tablet after a few momments. "Ah. That might be it... wonder if it's trapped as well?"
Alexis Belerang "Rooooope!" Sygg exclaims in an exasperated tone.

"You forgot the rope!" Alexis complains at Sygg, who is giving Reize a thankful look and immediately starts attaching it to the hook. "I forgot the rope!" Sygg agrees.

"You forgot the rope Sygg! Why did you forget the rope!?"

"I don't know, I just forgot the rope!"

"The rope!"

The two banter back and forth like that for a little while as they continue following the group. "How long is an Eon?" Sygg then finally asks. Apparently, the young blacksmith never really had that much of an education himself.
Reize Seatlan "A very long time," Reize looks ahead wistfully, "More than hundreds of years, maybe thousands," He agrees with Edison. The boy looks thoughtful, especially when he examines the surroundings while looking over to the tablet. However, as Deelel is moving forward to see the tablet...

Reize is able to see a strange plant ahead, a red grass with an arrow shape.

Both eyes widen, "Ah! That is the herb that--..."

A rumble stirs from the area. A bit of shaking, rattling noises create a shuddering echo across the room.

Something massive drops right near the tablet. A large thud crackles through the air, kicking off dust and debris around. As the smoke clears, it reveals to be a massive beast with the body of a lion and various heads of a goat, dragon, and a snake for a tail.

It is a Chimera.

It roars.

"WHOA!" shouts Reize.

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