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(2013-11-30 - Now)
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Deelel The Grid, it was an alien world as much as it had much in comon with the user world. Again rumours had presided about the rise of the criminal program known as JAVA in Purgos. Oddly Tesler had not done a thing to deal with it, it was odd or perhaps his hands were full with the black virus? It is hard to know but what is clear that JAVA has become a problem.

A day or so Ago, Deelel went off to go look into things, so far she's not checked in, she's not come back. Something has to be wrong she's always done check ins and in the depths of the slummy yet clean region of Purgos? A long program with a black mask on is running for her life from a group of programs seemingly intent to catch her.
Mercade Alexander Mercade isn't all that computer savvy, otherwise he'd know a lot more about this JAVA thing. The Grid has been a new, alien world to Mercade, moreso than most. The place has a very distinct air about it. Mercade continues to walk among the streets, his face revealed and wearing light-trimmed hat and clothing. It's like he's basically daring the troublesome parts of the world to come after him.

He's not worried about people coming after him, after all. It's others he's eternally worried about. Even Avira, who is there with him. Especially Avira. He's just a fighter, but he has a bad feeling about the targeting of the Forces of Darkness...

But of more importance was the status of Deelel at the moment. She is, after all, missing. She was last seen here in Purgos asking around for this JAVA guy. So that's where someone starts. "Do you have an idea who we can talk to or an area we can investigate?" Mercade asks her. "This place is not exactly small. Lots of places to hide." He looks out at the eyes of the people he passes. The eyes are the windows of the soul, even with programs. "... It kind of reminds me of the worse areas of Manhattan." He says quietly.
Avira Being outside the system meant that rumors about what was going on in the Grid came to Avira via Deelel. It'd been a few days ago that Deelel brought up the apparent death of the resident crime lord of Purgos, COBOL. Since then some other guy had apparently taken over. Deelel's absence after bringing that up had not gone unnoticed.

It made Avira kind of nervous. She's seen how quickly these programs can disappear-derezz-in the blink of an eye. While it was also risky to go onto the Grid without Deelel or TRON or Beck around to help just in case, waiting for one of the Programs to speak up was not something Avira could afford.

Besides, both she and Mercade have been to the Grid before. They sort of know their way around. Deelel has given them tours. They both have authentic disks and wouldn't be mistaken for strays. Nothing could go that wrong...right?

Avira's far more worried about Deelel than themselves. Mercade's pretty awesome-an opinion that was only magnified after he fended off Maleficent in Central Park that one day. "We can start with the Sirens. They're usually pretty helpful." Avira says quietly.

Much like the natives here, she too wears the skintight, glowing bodysuit. In her case, the lines on it glow white, which is typically associated with antivirus programs.
William Whisper Ever wandering, Will had stumbled into a world that's very order was so far removed from home that he walked in a constant state of wonder and awe. Both his long fingered hands keep reaching to caress the top of his head, twirling a bit of hair in the center as if trying to make it stand straight up. Too new to the grid, his clothes still stand out and despite his cloak he obvious lacks one of the needed items of this place.
Stumbling a bit Will searches the sky for any clues to what he seeks, his blue eyes filled with inner light. "This place lacks," he mumbles to himself. "No webs, no bats, no shrieking eels. But plenty of dark," he muses, a hand reaching into his robe to pet something hidden within. Down alleys he kept to, their shadow being most comforting to him.
While they are more comforting, when the need to pass a major street arises Will does not hesitate. Still in all this confusion unaware that he stands out like a sore thumb. "Where do you hide?" He coohs to the sky. "You are in every place. Where are you here?"
Deelel Yes this world was strange Mercade, if there was any comfort in it? It's people were just as confused about your world as you are about theirs. The pair continue on their way but Deelel is no where to be found just yet. She's clearly got into some trouble or another, or perhaps has just been prevented from checking in? It would be rather hard to tell but she's been out of talk for a long time.

While her friends search for her the woman is running like crazy from roof top, to roof stop the other group is following her and they are closing. Will meanwhile gets some very strange looks from some of the locals. One mutters something about strays but keeps going. After all some strays are damn dangerous given how confused and random they are.

As for the fleeing program she might be spotted by any of the others as she leaps across another gap between building and the other masked programs are hot on her heels.
Mercade Alexander Mercade grunts. "And I don't suppose you know where they are here." His last visit was... confused. It was a blur of gladitorial combat and pain and explosions. And an awesome chase and escape scene.

He pauses for a moment to reflect on something. "You know, Avira." Mercade mentions offhandedly. "Before the worlds collapsed, I never would have though the kinds of adventures we've been having would have been possible." He glances towards what the sky is here, contemplative. The confused man wanders past, and Mercade squints for a moment. "Huh. Interesting." He says. Another person wandering through the area...

And then he sees a flash. above of a program passing overhead. The neon kind of gives it away. "Wait, that wasn't a star." He says, frowning. "Something's going on." He gestures to Avira, pointing up at the fleeing woman, and Mercade begins running towards a wall. What is he doing?

"Hyaaaaaaaah!" Mercade yells, as he runs up the wall at top speed. He makes it a respectable distance before he kind of... stops in midair, flailing. "Ohcrapitdoesn'twooooooooooooork!" He yells before he hits the ground, grunting. "Ow. Ow. Ow." He mutters, looking around slowly for an actual normal way up.
Avira "Well I kind of remember where the one that gave a bunch of us our..." she doesn't say the word but gestures to the Identity Disc on her back. No need to speak of those things out loud. "She should be able to help us, right?"

In retrospect, she should have done a bit more research before charging off into the Grid with Mercade. This thought is set aside by Mercade's sudden ponderous thought, "Neither did I. Only in stories and comic books, really. I always thought our world was very...unmagical." she agrees, pausing to see what Mercade is squinting at. She continues to watch this person stumble by.

"They don't have a disc." she observes in a low voice. "Could be a stray or someone like us-huh?" she too looks up and spies Programs running along the roof. Mercade runs at the wall. He runs up the wall. Gravity asserts her dominance.

Avira winces. "Are you okay, Mercade? -hmm, need an alley."

Avira's definition of a 'normal' way up seems pretty similar to Mercade's attempt-except it involves bouncing off one wall to another, than back to the other side. It actually seems to work and she ends up dangling over the building edge by her hands. She scrabbles and pulls, dragging herself upward.
William Whisper Eyes to the sky behoove Will this once as he sees something similar to what he seeks. Will watches what he only assumes is one of the creatures that have visited his world, their lack of faces being a distinct feature. "Heehee!" He shrieks and spins in a circle, his feet tapping swiftly on the floor with glee. "I found you," he cries and his arms spread wide as he takes flight after the shadow overhead sprinting the gaps. With his cloak billowed his mis-matched armor beneath reveals itself, and tiny red eyes peer out from shadowed folds.
Will's lanky gait is awkward, as if he were getting used to his feet for the first time. A few stumbles in he falls, and skids across the ground for a few feet. With a laugh at his own fault he rises and begins anew. While forward doesn't seem to be his thing, up is. Long arms and legs reach up to grab ledges and lips as if Will moved with prehensile limbs. "Up up into night," he giggles as he joins the pursuit from anther angle. "From there we can see if this world has a moon!"
When finally Will appears atop a roof, his head swivels to catch sight again of his query. Across rooftops in the dim Will finds at least some semblance to his home. Throwing back his head he lets out a shriek in the night before loping off again.
One masked program flees from a group intent on her capture. One group intent on the chase trailed by a man whose bowtie is but one of many things that puts him out of place.
Deelel Mercade has made his spot check all right as he spies that someone is leaping over head and running for their lives. Mercade is pretty quick but he can?t go up the wall like that. he would find what almost seems to be a fire escape which he could use to get up easily enough. Avira's memory is good as well that Siren would indeed be able to help given where her sympathies are after all.

Will would find this world has no moon, no stars, it's just an endless night and that's when the fleeing program starts to run even faster. How faster she tries to really step it up as some sort of insane program had joined the chase. She's heard rumours JAVA had a enforcer of some sort, could this guy be it? As for the other Programs following that's just a what the glitch is up with this guy they don't like where this is going One bolts from the main groups the other speed up while some also go for their discs and arm them. Things are going to get really messy, really quick it looks like.
Mercade Alexander Mercade isn't sure about that one. He got his the hard way. The way most of them get them before they die horribly in the Games. Sucks to be them, right? He lived, though, but he holds no illusions that he's not the rule, he's the exception. He doesn't comment at the moment, his grunting audible as he climbs up and makes his way to the roof using the fire escape... like object. He kind of grunts in pain as he pulls himself up over the edge. He peers around under the brim of his har.

And then he sees that they're pulling Discs. "Aw hell." He mutters, flipping over the edge to scramble to his feet. "I don't like the looks of this. Not at all." Mercade says, and pulls his own Disc. No need to use the Keyblade. Yet. He's kind of good at Frisbee.

But then William appears. The strange large, knightly creature.... "What the." Mercade says, immediately on his guard. "Who is that?" He says to Avira. "Do you know them?" He frowns to himself, and grunts. "Well... We'll find out what side he's on soon enough!" He says, as he takes evasive action. He's not going to shoot first, but he is going to work on trying to buy the escapee time. That remaining chaser looks like bad news, and he might not be from around here, but he's seen this kind of thing before.
Avira Mercade was very fortunate. While here, Avira has seen the games run to their inevitable conclusion. There are no survivors to them.

Meanwhile, Avira claws her way onto the roof and peers ahead, seeing the running Pack of Programs plus the odd Stray now joining in on the chase. As she pulls herself up completely, she too notices the worrisome development that Mercade spots.

"Neither do I." Avira mutters, "I don't know, I've never seen them before. They don't have a disc so-yes! Let's go!" she chases after them, not electing to use her disc but instead arming herself with the Spine. Of course, on the Grid the weapon has taken on the same white glow and all the sharp edges shine. Unlike Mercade...Avira does not rock the disc. She's not too good at that weapon at all, though she has yet to admit it.

There is speed on her side though and the short woman dashes across the rooftops in pursuit. "HEY! HEY WHERE YOU GUYS GOIN'?!"
William Whisper No moon to howl at, and thus no moonlight to dance by. "This is a terribly sad place," Will mumbles aloud with a shake of his head. Of course it isn't long before his joy of the pursuit interrupts the pursuers. A crooked grin crawls onto his lips as he sees several turn as if to greet him. "Hello, hello. A dark night to you, but no time to chat," he says while spreading his arms wide in greeting. "A chase is no fun unless we run, but you've all stopped and are in the way." He motions with his hands as if to ask them to clear a space for him.
From that waving motion he extends his arm and a finger to point at the fleeing program with her renewed speed and her slightly fewer pursuers. "Unless of course you have given up. Some of your friends still have the spirit." He starts to take a few side steps to move around the group before him, simply attempting to bypass them entirely. His crooked grin breaks into a toothy smile, sharp and sinister. Despite the look joyful laughter rises from his throat as he lopes towards the roof gap to try to chase the fleeing program from a different angle. "Another time we can play," he explains as he goes, completely missing the significance of the drawn discs.
When there is time he will come back and be more friendly.
Deelel The female program keeps moving as William has made her go what the heck? Is this something to do with JAVA or something far more sinister? It's hard to know for her but it seems she may have some help coming, she's not clicked to who it might be, just yet however. She's still running but as Mercade now goes to get the goons attention and soon Avira is backing him up as well the programs were not expecting this much resistance going after the target and the notice of the crazy stray isn't helping the remaining goons. They don't look too happy at all as their discs all hum to life and they turn to face them.

"You ain't very bright are you stray nor are you two. Your just asking to get cubed you should know who owned Purgos by this point. It sure ain't CLU."

They are moving in but the other program is getting away, wait who the heck is stepping in to help her.
Mercade Alexander Good, they're talking instead of fighting immediately. He can still solve this relatively peacefully. He thinks. He tries to keep William's spooky antics from ruining his groove, but he can't resist looking over at him. "Halloween Town, am I right?" He comments to William, and then he smiles ruefully, shaking his head as he gets back to business.

"Heh." Mercade responds, walking nonchalantly. Time to leverage the bluff checks and pulchritude. He runs a finger along his hat, letting the gleaming brim dip for a moment as he adjusts it. He's heard all he needs to. "This isn't about CLU. Or your boss. Yet." He steps forward, body swaying back and forth. "You guys might know something, however." He reaches into his trenchcoat, and with a flourish, pulls out...

A photograph. A polaroid of Deelel at an arcade game in Flynn's, probably taken without her knowledge.

"/Have you seen this woman/?" Mercade grates in his most dramatic tone.
Avira Catching up, Avira looks like she wants to say something to the oddly-moving man. She even starts: "Are you-" but stops now that they have the goon's full attention. She doesn't want to bring up the outsiders around these masked programs because that could cause strange issues. Sure, they might not be CLU-friendly people but if they work for a crime lord...well, it might not be any better.

Mercade seems to come to the correct conclusion ahead of time without her having to actually ask the question. "..well it would make sense."

Keeping an eye on the goons, she sidles over to the Pumpkin Knight in human guise. "Hey." she says quietly, "You're going to want to stick with us for a little white. Things could become a little rough for outsiders."

Avira's staying clear out of the way of Mercade's interrogating. This is totally his moment and she sure as hell won't interrupt it!
William Whisper Obviously going around is not going to work, so Will pauses to look at the men blocking his path. He has absolutely no clue what half the words that came out of their mouths were, but they were quickly showing themselves to be unwilling to let him chase after the faceless program as well. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," Will admonishes. "I'll have you know I was one of the brightest on my whole hill," he states in a tone of obvious pride.
Will gives a long head-bob in acknowledgement of Mercade's question. Straightening slightly he reaches into his cloak to withdraw a small orange orb, his long fingers tapping it as if it was suddenly unfamiliar to him. "Strange," he muses as he holds it up in the air as if the moonless sky could explain why what should be one thing, looked like a small metal ball. Turning it around, he was at least pleased to see a small smiley face etched into one side. He does nothing with the ball, save hold it, but hit is always good to prepare.
The now brunette man looks at Avira, his blue eyes examining her closely. Quietly he replies, noticing that she was attempting not to interrupt her companion. "Seeing as how they have prevented me from chasing that faceless creature, I would think staying with you best. They have already lumped us together anyway." The Jack O'Lantern's simple logic might actually keep him alive for a while longer this way. "Course it's getting away now," he says with a thumb hiked in the direction of the fleeing program.
Deelel The laws of the universe demand these guys are doomed as the Polaroid of Deelel is shown and the only thing that keeps the look of surprise on the lead one's face from showing is his helmet. Because he's darn well seen this woman because he certainly has. Wait these two are friends of her's damn it, this just got more problematic for them.

"I ain't telling you nothing."

Well that's what he was saying before Will gets in on the mix he doesn't like the look of the strayed.

"SO what's that glitch head to you?"

There a slip he does know Deelel it seems and well the others re trying to break off to go after the woman who may be very likely be the one the entire party is seeking. Who knows she's still moving after all there are guys after her. At lest until she makes a miss jump and goes crashing into the street below!
Mercade Alexander "Don't worry about it." He says to the Halloween Town native. "You talking about my buddy Jacko?" Mercade growls. "Because if you're talking bad about Jacko, you're talking bad about me." He frowns deeply. "And you won't like that." The Detective glances at Avira, and then gestures with his head after the escaping program and the goons who ran off after her. He heard the crash, she's probably going to need help. He's going to be occupied with interrogating this guy. Avira will call if she needs backup. "So start talking."
Avira "We have a thing or two in common whether they know it or not." Avira says quietly to William, looking ahead to the thugs, the grip upon the Spine tightening. "But stick with us. If someone tries to take you away, we'll stop them." There's a certain fierceness to Avira's voice when she says it. It's as if she's seen a lot of people get dragged away lately.

She steps forward. "He's under our protection and it ain't any of your business." she says quite pointedly. Just as she says this, a crash interrupts her and the fleeing party seems to have been held up. Standing her ground, she glances to Mercade. Still interrogating.

"C'mon." she says quietly to the pumpkin knight, "Let's see who that is." Expecting to be followed, Avira goes to see who that fleeing program is.
William Whisper Will narrows his eyes and gives the one goon a once over as he is still unsure whether he is being insulted. HE does to speak up, and simply lets Mercade take care of things as he sees fit. His attention turning once again to Avira.
"Protecting?" Will muses quietly to himself, before letting his crooked smile broaden, sharp teeth and all. Seeing that he could once again pursue he faceless creature, he gives a nod of approval. Fingering the small orange orb he steps away, his long lanky legs pushing him in the direction he last saw the faceless program. His cloak billows with the sudden rush, and from beneath blink a myriad of tiny red eyes accompanied by shrill shrieks. With a deep bass laugh Will follows Avira in pursuit of what he mistakes for a new type of heartless. After all, they don't have proper faces do they?
Deelel The Program looks at Mercade for a moment and he does not think what to think at this point.

"Fine she was sniffing for packets where she shouldn't have. I ain't saying more and your lookingt to get cubed this ain't your business you won't live long round here being a meddler."

Still he's seemingly defiant. As for the mysteriys Program who is very likely Deelel the stranger and Avira would find that there would be no real sign of her, well much of one. if they are to look they might find a small data unit dropped and missed by whatever thugs got the program who'd been fleeing. As for the chased and those after her there is no sign.
Deelel Some time later William has vanished and Avira and Mercade have had a chance to check over the place the fleeing program fell to the street. They only find a small data wafer for lack of a better term that was dropped. It was missed by the goons or they had no time to pick it up when they hauled the female program away. She'd dropped it clearly possibly on purpose if they get a look at it ? There's an activation button which would bring up a data display and it looks like a records sheet. Of energy use, and possibly diversion from the main power grid, odd that also the interface is different from grid standard it's the same that Deelel uses.

The Records go on for quite a bit it almost looks like one is the official energy use reports the other is the actual someone is clearly stealing a good deal of power from the system, but for what purpose is the question and who? Clearly someone who didn't want this information coming to light at the very least.

The Program Mercade caught is still there and he's not very happy /at/ all but he's also not turned of his mask and he's still not planning to talk at last not without some some arm twisting. After all while people Programs can be very brutal in dealing with deviating form one's job. It could be far worse for him if he talked after all.
Mercade Alexander Mercade frowns as he stares at the program. Avira's working on the records. The woman got away, but he's still faced with his current problem. Where the hell is Deelel?

"You know what I'm looking for." Mercade states to the program. "All you have to do is tell me and I'll let you go. Otherwise things are going to get... a little rough for you and your pals."
Avira Where the hell indeed?

Having picked up the data chip, Avira has her back turned to both Mercade and their prisoner so she can review the contents. It doesn't go unnoticed that the interface on the chip is a little different. She's been around Deelel enough that she recognizes this quirk. It's this nuance that makes Avira nervous...was that Deelel they took away? Were they too late?

"Well that's interesting." Avira remarks about the power drain, "I wonder if CLU knows about all this energy stealing." She slips away the data chip into a pocket on her suit.

In short order, she joins Mercade in the interrogation of the program. More specifically, she stands there and attempts to look intimidating. Since she's shorter than Mercade, this actually doesn't work so well.
Deelel Avira would finder the reports are pretty good indeed CLU likely does not know neither would likely the program in charge of this sector or his superiors. Pavel could be in for a very bad day and then some depending on this. It's hard to tell but it is clearly Deelel's personal interface that has to be her's there's no doubt about it.

The program meanwhile is looking at Mercade and replies to him.

"Rough? Your glitched you really don't get who runs this town, I spill the file and guess what happens someone's sweeping me up in short order. So whatcha going to do? It like your the guard now are you or is your little friend. This ain't your turff nor is it your function to give a glitch about it. Whatcha think you are Flynn?" Very 'little' friend."
Mercade Alexander A slow smile spreads across Mercade's face. "Well... We can do this one of two ways. I can make this worth your while. Your boss doesn't have to find out. I could have gotten the information anywhere, right?" He shrugs. "The other option is you start losing pieces. The one I'm asking about is a very dear friend of mine, and if your boss is mistreating her he's going to find out that, well..." He adjusts the brim of his hat. "The game has changed. I don't want to start disassembling, but if that's what it's going to take..."
Avira She shifts impatiently as the Program talks. None of these things were things she wanted to hear, especially when her friend was missing and likely captured. For now, she lets Mercade do the talking.

This position changes when she's presented with money but apparently not enough.

Avira takes the opportunity to slowly crack her knuckles where their prisoner can see it. "It's like Mercade said. Let's not get into the dissasembling business here." she smiles thinly.
Deelel The Program kinda is a bit taken aback dismemberment was not a pretty thing and when you can't bleed out. No that's a new sort of suffering a program could suffer much longer than a human could. So the Program is taken aback by mercade. Avira is about as menacing as a bit is but her friend? He's freaking scary he backs up a bit and finds he's got no way to run at this point.

"I like keeping my file's intact, and friend...a friend your looking for?"

Cubes now or cubes later he'll take cubes later. If he lives though this he's got a chance to get the hell out of Purgos and go somewhere else on the grid. Also there's something about how non threatening Avira is that bothers him. Are they just playing this bad or are they really like that?
Mercade Alexander "You've seen the picture." Mercade says, and produces it again. "Tell me where she is and what happened to her and all of this goes away." His expression is flat and dark. It's not often he has to break out the intimidation aspect. He much prefers being the Good Cop but Avira is having an off night.
Avira Since they're both next to each other, Avira's actually spared the awkwardness of knowing that she herself is not actually being all that intimidating. Good thing too-she might be pretty disappointed by that. Mercade, at least, also seems to know what he's doing. Until then, Avira opts to make faces.

She at least has the good sense not to confirm the friend thing. She can tell that this Program would immediately use such a thing against them both.
Deelel The Program says "I have no idea you been holding me here we were chasing her."

He folds his arm he does not seem to be lying but programs don't have all the same tels as a human might be when they are lying. The program looks at Avira for a moment then back to Mercade.

"Likely sub level four block 36, but you'll just end up cubes there don't say I didn't warn you."

Who ever Mercade is ? This progream thinks he's a ruthless as any of Clu's officers are.
Mercade Alexander Chasing her. Heh. Well, if he's talling the truth, it would be kind of ironic. Then at least he helped buy her some time.

"Heh.. Well, wouldn't that be the funny thing." He slides the picture back into his coat. "In that case, we'll just have to go down there and look." He turns away, taking two steps.

And then he pauses. "One more thing." He says. "If you're lying... We're going to find out." He then looks back over at the Program. "And I'll find you."

He doesn't wait for a response. He gestures to Avira, and they head out.

Mercade was bluffing. He doesn't actually know who the hell this guy is and doesn't actually have the stomach to carry out the things he's threatening. But does the program know that?

That's the rub, isn't it?
Avira Avira knows Mercade.

She can reasonably know he's bluffing. Program or not, she knows he'd never just straight up kill someone for not giving him what they want in an interrogation. Never. He'd never do that because he isn't that kind of man. Very carefully, Avira makes sure her face doesn't reflect this reality, keeping it grim and displeased until they are well gone.

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