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(2013-11-27 - 2013-11-27)
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Echo The nightclub's front is like a shining beacon in the night. The place is called From Dusk till Dawn, in cursive gothic script. There doesn't seem to be a ton of people coming and going, but there does seem to be people inside, activity, as well as booming music coming from inside. The signs outside proclaim that there are live bands and girls inside... And curiously there don't seem to be any bouncers, at least on the outside.
Morrighan Alazne And somewhere in the back, Morrighan lie, locked in a cage. Not one of her proudest moments. Her dress had been stripped away from her and she was instead dressed like one of the regular dancers. It was beyond demeaning to the elf.

Having recovered from...well, various things that had happened before, Morrighan gripped the bars of the cage and shook it furiously. "Let me out!" Another round of shaking. "I said let me out THIS INSTANT!" The angry shaking of the cage bars continued for a while longer, Morrighan's shrill voice piercing through the air.

"I know you fools can hear me! You can't do this to me! Come back here and open this contraption right now!"

...Well, seems she was okay. Mostly. Perhaps.
Avira Now wouldn't that be a familiar situation for CERTAIN PEOPLE.

CERTAIN PEOPLE that were secretly making their way into this CLUB in Manhattan. It had taken a few days to sort out portals and tracking people through them, but the noses of her wolves did not fail her. They unerringly lead her to this particular nightclub and for the past day or so, she's had people set up to watch the club, taking note of bouncers (or lack thereof) and the usual dress of the clientel. After this assessment was made, a daring plan to sneak in, retrieve the elf, and fight their way out given whatever happens afterwards. To prepare, Avira had to introduce Maira to the world of gothic fashion.

Avira herself is currently decked out in black leather pants, a black tank top, and several chain bracelets. Around her neck is a spiked collar and her braid has been split into two seperate ones decorated with black bows. Her weapon, the Spine, has been disguised into a very elaborate decoration on her back.

Therefore, dressed as any other patron, Avira and crew will walk right in. Locals do seem to stop and stare at her for a few seconds before going about their business. It could be the aura of confidence she's emitting or...something else.
Maira Gothic fashion! Basically, she figured, all she had to do was dress the way she looked in Halloween town. Thus, Maira has opted for the gothic lolita look. She wears a knee-length black velvet dress with a motif of blue candelabra along the hem, black lace victorian style ruffles along the neckline, and slightly puffed sleeves. The ruffles of her petticoat peek out slightly from beneath, and from there down she wears thigh high socks trimmed in--you guessed it--black lace ruffles. Heeled black Mary Jane's and a mini-top hat with a bit of mesh lace that falls over one eye completes the outfit.

Maira follows in after Avira, humming Malice Mizer and smiling brightly and looking excitable.

Someone missed the 'goths are mopey' memo. She looks around with obvious interest.
Echo It wouldn't take very much to find Morrighan, what with her screeching, though not only that it seems like whoever had her before has just sort of... left her out for people to find. A trap or an act of mercy? Or maybe an act of torture on the poor saps whoever passed her onto that have to listen to her? It is unclear.

"Well well, what do we have here?" There is the thudding of what sound like boots as a figure emerges from the back of the club, from the loose crowd that was dancing and admiring the dancers that were there. This is a figure in a full length orange fur coat... wait, that's not actually just a coat, it's actually a full length violet purple cloak, with big excessive fur ruff and everything... and it's wearer? There is a large beastial humanoid head with bat ears, deep cobalt blue fur and what appear to be sunglasses, it reveals a mouth rimmed with diamond plated fangs and teeth.

"Any of you fine lookin' ladies like what you see here at my club, hmm?" Meet Dizzy-B, vampire and pimp extraordinaire. His suede vest and slacks are lined in rhinestones, and his boots? Long platforms filled with waters, undead goldfish swimming therein.

Morrighan voice screeched out over Dizzy-B's greeting. "I will find you and hurt you, you hear me? HURT YOU!" Another round of shaking the bars angrily. "You think you can keep me in here forever? When I get out, I will blow everything up! Just wait! You will rue the day you ever thought it would have been a good idea to kidnap me!"

...Maybe they should have kept the gag on after all. Too late for that now.
Avira These people that kidnapped Morrighan should have asked Avira for tips. She has experience, you see! She would have told them to cast mute on her or atleast keep them from talking for their own sanity. Hadn't they heard her complaining in the woods as Avira was taking her to the camp?

"...well you're sure not from around here." Avira drawls at Dizzy-B, her eyes focusing right onto the big ears and fur. It's funny, a year ago the cross-world integration wasn't all that much of a thing. But now...

The Gargoyles would be happy.

"Yeah. I'm looking at the noisy one right there." Avira says, bluntly pointing at Morrighan. "I'll gladly take /her/ off your hands for you. In fact, giving the way she's yapping right now, you oughta pay me to take her!" she pauses, looks directly at Morrighan and lifts a hand to the side of her mouth. There's a small smirk on her face before...

Maira Maira looks at Dead Golfish Man, gawking. "Huuuuh..." he says, looking him over. "Ou what are you? Oh my gosh are those fish in your SHOES?" she asks.

Oh hey, Morrighan. Maira looks to her, blinking several times. BLINK BLINK BLINK. She's practically naked! Now she feels bad for Morrighan...but Avira is playing at something, so she should probably play along. Quick, look stoic and disinterested!
Echo Those goldfish are not dead. They are undead. Red pinpricks of light shine from their sunken eyes.

"You like that one? she's one of the dancers at my fiiine establishment," he raised a furred hand tipped with long gold-capped nails. He snaps his fingers and the cage containing Morrighan slowly lowers and is brought around for the other adventurers to see, she's definitely... not as clothed as she used to be in that black leather bikini top and thong, as well as those stiletto heels.

Dizzy-B does seem a bit taken back by the noise from Morrighan's screeching of course, putting hands up around those big ears of his, wincing. "Damn girl, why you gotta hurt daddy like that? As for taking her, heeeeeeeck naw, unless you got a lot of money to buy her contract out," he grinned again, the sparkling from those dazzlingly diamond encrusted fangs is blinding. "She got an off switch on her, d'ya know?"
Morrighan Alazne Avira's 'ohohoho', caused Morrighan to glare angrily in her direction. ...It actually took a couple seconds before the elf realized who they were. ".....!" Her first thought was: 'WHY ARE THEY HERE!?. Her second thought: 'DID THEY COME TO LAUGH AT ME?'. Which then of course led to the elven woman pointing a hand down at Avira and attempting to do...something.

The fizzling smoke coming from her open palm seemed to suggest that she was trying to cast a spell...and failing.

Dizzy-B's talking only made her angrier of course. "Excuse me? Who exactly is 'Daddy'? And I am under no contract! None! I signed nothing!" Giving up on nuking Avira and company, she went back to shaking the bars noisily.

"An 'off switch'? Are you serious? I dare you try something like that!" ...That off switch was desperately needed right now.
Avira Priceless! It takes every fiber in her body to not burst out laughing at Morrighan like she would regularly laugh and not the haughty bitch laugh she's had to listen to from Morrighan previously. "Oh yeah, I like her veeery much." Smirking, Avira slinks closer to the cage, unbothered by Morrighan's yelling...or at least it seems.

In fact, she's quite bothered by this. She doesn't really get any feeling of victory to see Morrighan in this position. She just kind of feels...disgusted at the people that did this to her.

"Money, huh? Hmmm." Avira steps forward and traces a finger down one of the bars of the cage, looking thoughtful. "How about this."

Lazily, she looks over her shoulder at Dizzy-B. "I'll pay you one Ang for her."
Angantyr Vespar A Dark Corridor appears right behind Avira and Maira.

Out steps A man clad in dark armor, darkness exhudes from him as he starts walking passed Avira and Maira.

Angantyr's bounty is /enormous/. Litterally, enormous, as he was the man who assassinated the Emperor of Arcades, as well as assaulted a group of Templars and a Inqusitor of the Glabados faith. Note that said person was a vampire...but what other faith is full of monsters? Oh and wayward Student of Garland.

He is holding a keyblade, a silver blade combined with twisted dark dangerous looking edges.

He pauses, to look at Morrighan, letting out a small whistle, "Needs a gag." he comments, and then looks right towards Dizzy-B.

The darkness starts to roll over Angantyr, before slowly sliding into his armor and starts to transform it.

His entire body is covered with Darker armor, dangerous and deadly, sealing the man inside, but the armor itself is like staring into the Abyss itself, as his head snaps up, as crimson eyes glow from where slits are cut into the armor.

"I am going to destroy this entire facility." he says, "Starting with you."
Maira Maira watches Avira, waiting for the signal.

At mention of Ang, well. That's the signal! Maira steps aside to make way for Agan to arrive via dark portal.

"Well, here we goooo," she says, then begins casting some protective spells.
Echo "Woah, slow your roll Andre, no one has to get violent--" Dizzy-B is cut off with a slight squeek of the noticeable and nearly tangible aggression coming his way, and darts back from the group of people apparently come to kick ass.

"Alright, if that's how it's gonna be," he floats up now that the spell usage has come about, the chain holding Morrighan's cage retracts and pulls her up into the air to hang there like a caged canary for just a bit longer, and the pimpire begins casting a spell.
Morrighan Alazne Wow, this all happened suddenly. Morrighan was pretty much stunned silent to find Ang come out of a dark portal. "....HUH?" Wait a second, that was impossible! These people actually came here to help her? What nonsense! The mention of needing a gag caused a blush to appear on Morrighan's face and she indignantly pointed at the dark keyblade wielder angrily. "I do NOT need a gag! Watch your mouth you--WHA"

She hardly had the time to complain before she found her cage yanked back up into the air. And she was so close to the ground before too! Grabbing the bars, the dark elf glared down at Dizzy-B and then to Avira and company. Seriously! She still had no idea why she was even in this position to begin with! Too much trouble and no answers!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr does not stand ready to be hit with a spell, when the Pimpire moves to cast...

Angantyr DIVES towards him, aiming to litterally lash out with his fist, the fist itself starting to glow dark with the power of...well come on, you should know this one by now!

He turns, raising the nasty looking weapon in a swing for the Vampire's legs, followed by a second slash straight down, aiming to tear through his armor and leave a nasty wicked gash down his front.

"We have some questions, and you're going to give us answers. First of all, why did you order my friend's Kidnapping? Answer quickly may not be long for this world." Angantyr says, with a wicked grin.
Avira As the cage suddenly lifts into the air, Avira is quick to seize one of the bars so she can ride it up into the air. Scrambling quickly, she climbs up the side of the cage with the agility of a monkey and slips on top of it.

The spell still strikes her and Avira's quick to retaliate with a thin burst of air cast from her hand. Not much follows afterwards as she clings to the side of the cage, using her legs to dangle downward and get to work on the lock. She may or may not have been taking more lessons from Max.
Maira Maira smoothes her petticoat, frowning slightly. This is such a nice outfit...she actually wants to keep it, not have it burned up and turned to ash. She really should have thought about that, and worn something she didn't care about. Oh bother.

Thus, Maira moved to the side of the action for a moment before beggining to wiggle out of her clothes in preperation to set herself on fire.

Yeah, that's totally normal.

She places the folded bundle of clothes aside, then lets her body ignite. Wrapped in flame, she walks forward, the fire actually moving around her in such a way it looks almost like a dress, flickering and glowing, throwing off a generous amount of heat. "Answer his question. I don't want to burn your establishment down," she begins, then pauses, reconsidering. "Actually, I do," she ammends, raising a hand and lashing out with a whip of flame aimed for the Pimpire(tm).
Echo "Don't worry honey, will take care of this and buy you a new fur coat, promise--ughh!" There is a screech as the fisting attack assaulted the vamp, not expecting there to be suddenly a mantorpedo rushing right toward him. The blade passes harmlessly through the purple fur cloak, apparently having a sort of mistifying effect, as if to ward off physical blows.

"I ain't tellin' you nothin, cracka!" the cloaked figure snarled and raised a clawed, furred hand--sending a volley of shard-like sharp objects flying at the crew--a membrane of tengible looking magical energy forming around him from the rhinestones studding his suit.

"Ahhhhh! Slow down honey!" the pimpire lashes back on fire, spreading his purple velvet cloak outwards, forming a spell to suck out the mana that is going around in the room--or rather destroy it.
Morrighan Alazne "Are you people crazy?" Morrighan asked indignantly towards Avira as she got to work on the lock. "Why didn't you show up sooner!?" ...Figures. "The things I have had to endure because of lord knows why! Ugh!"

Seeing the owner of this fine establishment move to cast more spells, Morrighan's eyes widened and she covered her head with her heads. "Watch it there! I'm hanging here still, you buffoon!" She yelled towards the vampire, shaking a fist afterward. Oh what she wouldn't give to be able to nuke that fool right now.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is familar with Vampires, the Mist trick isn't something he's never seen before...though not on a Vampire.

Then the soul sucking energies of the blizard drive through Angantyr, which he attempts to avoid instead of going straight into it...

"Morrighan, another word out of you that isn't jeering this <GOOSEHONK> and I'll cut that thing down and let you drop." He says, and you know him. He will do it.

The balde swings, but not before Angantyr reaches up towards the Vampire, aiming to DRAG him back to the ground with the power of darkness. The air litterally manifests a dark hand, aiming to grip the vampire and just YANK him down.

"And now.." he says, swinging the blade once, aiming to drive a large furrious fire like darkness through him with the blade as he swings again, the same thing coming from the other side! "ANSWER NOW OR I'LL JUST END YOUR MISERABLE EXISTANCE!"
Maira As the vampire mage throws an energy draining blizzard spell in their direction, Maira raises her arms lika a conductor at the symphony calling for a crescendo. The flames that surround her intensify and grow, flaring outward. The energy of the blizzard spell evaporates to steam before it can really reach her. "That isn't going to work," she says. A nearby table has caught flame, but Maira doesn't seem worried. She is actually fairly confident right now that she can pull it back if the fire got out of control. "Really, I don't want to hurt you--I don't want to see Angan kill you either. But he totally will. If you think he's bluffing, you're very wrong. Why is she here? Why did you have her kidnapped?" Maira asks, moving closer, the heat radiating from her like a bonfire.
Avira "Ang! Focus on the bat, please!" Avira calls out, cringing as she endures another blast of magic. This one doesn't seem to really hurt her outwardly as it does dig into her soul in an unpleasant way she's never really experienced before. She digs her hands a little harder against the bars to hold on. "But seriously, you're welcome, Morrighan. Now could you be quiet for a moment? I need to concentrate on picking this lock."

She's still trying! And still waiting! This might take some time and fortunately, other people seem to be taking care of the question-asking.
Echo Poor Ang, jokes on him, the vampire had been pulled down and come to a landing long ago, due to the various attacks leveled on him.

"Alright Jive Turkeys, lets see how you deal with a bit of Dizzy-B's special flow~" the pimpire then conjured up a giant flare wave all around them, holding up a crimson ruby in one hand, signalling the power was not entirely his own, but was being focused through the gem by some arcane force. Just then the vamp sent a rushing giant fireball that would try to ping-pong back and forth between each of the three attackers, before he opened his large diamond-plated fangs maw and emitted a gutteral inhaling sound, the force of it dragging in wind and practically creating a whirlwind as he attempted to drain the poor heroes very life essence away. Or maybe he just wanted to pull them closer to bite them, he did have some pretty pimpin' fangs, you know.
Morrighan Alazne "Hmph...!" Morrighan huffed and crossed her arms, resigning herself to hanging there and letting the big damn heroes be...big damn heroes. "Fine!"

That being said, all the elf could do now was watch and wait. She was certain they wouldn't lose, but...then again, you never know. ...But they /were/ caught off guard last time. Now they were prepared.

"Whatever you do, you had better not lose." Morrighan grumbled before falling quiet again. She didn't want to become a dancer in some seedy nightclub! She could feel the magic and energy flying about in the air. It was very irritating actually. All this energy going every which way was messing with her senses!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr braces, the fireball slamming through him, even as his life is drained by the Vampire...

"Oh, you like draining life essence.." Angantyr grins...his own darkness starts to storm around him as he slowly slams the keyblade into the ground.

Slowly the keyblade starts to generate a brilliant light, as he counters the light with his own natural darkness. The two anti forces of the universe, combined together...unwillingly to harm the other.

BGM Change:

"Then allow me to show you..." he says, taking the keyblade once more, the brilliant light with the unseeable darkness starts to turn slowly towards the Vampire. "/HOW IT'S DONE!"

Angantyr swings, aiming to smash the Vampire into the ground once more...and then suddenly spins, aiming to drive the blade once more through him. Darkness slashes out, aiming to repeatedly tear at the vampire from the ground, draining the stolen essence back into him...

"TYRANT..." he starts, the brilliant light of the Keyblade starts to act now, as he takes a step forward...swinging the blade in a single devistating blow, as the massive wave of light aims to tear out...aiming to consume the Vampire... "BREAKER!" he screams, this time the force of the light explodes all around them, aiming to litterally tear through the establishment in all directions.
Maira When the ball of fire bouncing around the room nears her, Maira's brows draw together in concentration to try to steer it away from herself as she moves to the side to dodge. Between these efforts, she's pretty safe from that at least. What she is not safe from, is being drawn toward the vampire and having some of her life essence drained from her. She grabs onto the flaming table, then uses a blast of air to propel herself back and away from him.

Because Away is totally where she wants to be right now, judging by Angantyr's expression. Maira watches the attack with awe, wondering how the pimp will ever survive such a thing. She looks up then to Avir and Morri, wondering if Avira is making any progress with that lock. She could melt the bars probably, but it would burn Morrighan. Come on Avira, level up that lockpick skill!

Maira exchanges a few words over the radio, then smiles in Angan's direction, giving him a thumbs up. Then, she turns toward the vampire. "I really did warn you..." she says, then lets the light of her heart fuel the spell she's beginning to cast. The flames that envelope her go from golden to white, sparkling with the beautiful and utterly fatal (to undead) power of Holy.

KABOOM! The Holy spell rushes toward the vampire with all the power of a falling hammer and all the righteous might that leads many to believe this power is granted by some god or another. Oh, is it going to burn, baby, burn.
Avira "Man, this isn't working at all." Avira sighs as she jams a small lockpick into the keyhole. "Max is gonna kill me-ohh, here we go!" Something clicks in the lock. Trusting that it was broken now, Avira swung herself back up on top of the cage.

Only now does she elect to draw her weapon, only to drop to her knees shortly afterwards as pimpmaster vampire draws away some of her lifeforce. "Okay that's it! I've had ENOUGH of these <GOOSEHONK> vampires in my <GOOSEHONK> town!" White light suddenly envelops the short, scarred huntress. Every native in the room can feel it now and gazing upon her, they can see it. Light.

The light of the world heart.

Like a meteor, Avira dives off the side of the cage and crashes into the vampire pimp. With her impact, a blast of ice spreads through the club, leaving a layer of frost upon everything it touches.
Echo The voracious swipe done by Angantyr slices through the pimpire's defenses, sending rhinestones flying here and there. "My threads! Not the threads! I don't care watchu do to me but-- Dizzy-B swung his head over to look at Avira who was vaulting onto the top of the cage, catching him with his glinting fangs dumbfounded.

"OSHIIIII--" the sudden burst of ice sends them both careening across the room, ice finding the vamprie tasty and spreading quickly over his body--and when they collide with the opposing wall... he just shatters. Ice shards of little bits of Dizzy-B and his attire go everywhere, a huge blue and white mist going up which smells vaguely of purple drank, as the dust settles on the room...
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks back at Avira.

"Nice." he says, apprecitive.

"I see we're still going to need some training," he looks back towards Maira, "But very nice ladies." he says, looking up at Morrighan. "Though I wasn't anticipating needing a set of clothes for her..." He says, "But ladies, if I might suggest you all leave. I have an example to make."
Morrighan Alazne With the lock finally out of the way, Morrighan shoved the cage door open just in time to see Avira vault off and give Dizzy-B her opinion of...well, everything thus far. It was flashy. "Are you people done down there?" She asked in a huff, not actually leaving the cage yet because...well, it was still suspended well above a height she felt safe jumping from without magic aid.

But beyond that, it felt like there was something she was forgetting here...
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr also is holding one arm out, waiting to catch Morrighan.

"Unless you want Avira to do it, I think she totes could right now."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan looked between Avira and Angantyr. "......" She wouldn't give the huntress something ELSE to laugh about. But she was confident that there would have been no difference no matter who it was. They were both gorillas after all.


She let herself drop from the cage then, sailing down towards the dark knight.
Maira Maira curses as her attack misses. Damn speedy vampires! She's extremely disappointed. Especially so, when Angan says she needs more training.

Dejected, Maira extinguishes her flame. "...Sorry..." she says, frowning deeply. Well, Avira did the job. This was her world. You don't mess with Avira in Manhattan. Or anywhere, really.

"If you want to burn this place down I can at least help with that," she says, crossing her which point she realized she's naked. Rather than be horrily embarrassed, Maira just lets out a long suffering sigh and walks over to retrieve the dress she took off and put it back on, grumbling.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr catches and sets her down without fanfare.

"Now. We're going to have to have a few hundred training sessions.." he says, and takes a long look after Maira.

Man, today is just his lucky day.

"I am getting sick of the Kidnapping. Seriously. We're going to need to break the villians of this..." He says, "And no not burn down. Fire in this city might a bad way."
Maira "I can control it. I have gotten a lot better about that," she interjects, tugging her dress down, huffily. A few hundred training sessions!? Aaarrgh...

Wait. No. Yay? Conflicted!
Echo Meanwhile, as what heat and fires there were still remained in the room, choice sections of the ice begins to melt... and a loathsome purple mist rises from the floor and slowly escapes out the door and windows. DUN DUN DUUUUN.
Avira "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! YOU DO NOT MESS WITH MY TURF!" Thora calls out as they collide. In short order, she stands amongst vampire bits. She dusts herself off and quickly extracts herself from the fine mist of purple drank.

"No burning down this building. Not in New York City-that'll cause way too many problems. Spreading and stuff. I can get this place reported to the police for human trafficking or something."

Pauses, "..elf trafficking."
Angantyr Vespar "No worries. The person responsible will shortly know the jig is up." he says, assuredly.

Angantyr /IS/ familar with vampires, but now...he's going to smash his stuff. Because <GOOSEHONK> you, is why.
Morrighan Alazne She wasn't expecting fanfare anyway. Upon being set down, she just stepped aside and rubbed her arms, still just vaguely angry at everything. "Yes. The one who did this wasn't that tacky fool you people took out just now. It was that white furred mongrel from back in the forest!" She could at least say that much.

"The mangy rat was nowhere to be seen after I awoke. It was just that detestable woman." Grumbling, Morrighan rubbed her arms some more, finding the outfit she was forced into entirely cold and uncomfortable. Avira is given a tired glare after. "...Do elves even have rights in Manhattan?" The cynic in her had to ask! "...But yes, I suppose it should at least be reported."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr gives Morrighan a stare...

"You know, looking at that kinda thing all the time makes things worse, I find." he says, "Expect the worst in people, and that's all you'll ever see."

"Besides we did just save you...and I haven't even heard a thank you once."

"I'd also hit on you now, but it'd be in bad taste I think." a pause, "Here. Seriously, this place is scummier than the worst of Arcades lower sections."
Maira Maira looks to Morrighan, flashing her a small smile. "I'm glad you're alright Morrighan," she says. "I'll um...see if I can find you some clothes to wear or something..." she says, beginning to poke around. Any burning fires that remain she snuffs out.

Maira looks back over her shoulder at Ang's comment, wide-eyed. Morrighan!? Maira looks to Avira, unable to hide her expression.
Morrighan Alazne "You of all people are telling me that? Hmph...!" Morrighan just scoffed and looked away in a huff, closing her eyes as well. "You expect me to /thank/ you as well?" Crossing her arms, the elf let a moment of silence set in before opening one eye to give the man a sidelong glance.

"...Thank you." She shuddered at those words, as if saying them actually hurt her. They didn't. "Yes, that would be in incredibly poor taste." She resumed looking away again, grumbling at everything. Maira was given a long stare after, one that actually turned into a glare for a few moments. ".....You..." She really felt like she should have been angry at this girl for some reason, but...


...She couldn't remember!

The glare lightened up as Morrighan smiled a bit and nodded. "...Yes, I could do with some new clothes. This..." She glanced down to tug at one of the straps to the gaudy bikini currently framing her body. "...Does not suit me at all." A glance in the direction that the owner had previously been in revealed at he was...quite gone.

"...Oh. That fool is gone."
Avira "This world doesn't have elves." Avira points out, "Or if it does, they haven't really made themselves known. This world is primarily humans. It was only with the worlds mingling that non-humans have really been accepted."
Maira Maira looks back to Morrighan to find herself being glared at! Maira returns this stare!

Yeah, she's not sure why either.
Angantyr Vespar "Yup." Angantyr says, "It's okay. We don't have the ability to kill him right now, we weren't prepared to." Angantyr proceeds to start smashing random expensive looking objects, before looking at Morrighan, "Yeah, I am. Experience and worldview, also didn't you learn anything from having your soul carved?" Angantyr says.

"Also, he'll carry the message to his boss. We'll see if she gets angry or not...I hope they do." he grins. "I so love enacting...what did you call it Avira? Behavior Corrective actions." VIA face punching.
Morrighan Alazne "Yes, I learned something." Morrighan growled, crossing her arms. "Basically I'm a terrible person that everything I ever did I brought it all on myself and all other sorts of wonderful things. I know that." Letting her arms fall, she brought one to rub the side of her head in frustration, deciding to just be upfront for once.

"This is difficult. How am I supposed to interact with people who previously wanted nothing to do with me?" That hand went to her chin then, rubbing thoughtfully. "...But then, I suppose that is also my fault." She threw her hands into the air then, uncaring of her state of dress in that moment. "Basically everything is my fault and I should be glad Garland is too busy to bother coming to do it all over again!"

A wry laugh followed that sweeping statement and Morrighan just sighed after. "Why, this kidnapping is likely my fault in some abstract way I fail to understand as well."
Maira Maira has located a button down shirt someone had left laying over a chair, which she brings over to Morrighan, in case she wanted to cover up. She stands a couple feet away, listening to their conversation with a gentle frown. Morrighan had made a lot of mistakes. But doesnt everyone? Maira trusts Avira, and Avira believes Morrighan is really trying to change. And when someone is trying to change, they need someone to believe in them.

So before she really even knows what she's doing, she steps forward and gives Morrighan a tentative hug. Because thats just the king of person she is. "It's okay. This wasn't your fault...I know how it is. Uh, being kidnapped," she replies. While she hadn't had her soul carved(?) she had had the life practically drained from her by some jerks from Vector who decided her raw magic would be just lovely for a magitek knight. The process had been extremely painful.
Angantyr Vespar "No." Angantyr says, "It is likely not all your fault." Angantyr says, "Your upbringing and life likely locked you into a way of doing things."

"It's almost like I hadn't been like this, manipulated and nearly destroyed by Garland. But.." he says, turning to look right at Morrighan, "People can change, they can realize their faults, what has been done to them...and desire to change it. Not all people are awful, not everyone will hurt you, or scorn you. I mean, seriously, even with your attitude, we came to your rescue, did we not? I like to think I am not an awful person...and I know these two ladies are not. They saw the light in my heart when I refused to find it...and your presence before them now indicates there is some in you too."

"You're gona wana have to find it, and bring it out. As for the Garland thing...yes you are lucky. But that makes two of us. Everyone here is a target for that monster."

"The only way to live is to look forward, not back."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan took the offered shirt, putting it on without question. Not her first choice, but between a stripper getup and a button up shirt, she'd take the latter. "Thank you--Eh?" She sputtered upon Maira hugging her. "" Sincere physical contact was an alien concept to the woman. She froze up, utterly confused and lost as to what to do.

"'ve been kidnapped before? That is...rough." Way to state the obvious, Morrighan. Ang is looked at after, his words being heard. "...." She looks down after, shaking her head. "I do want to change. But...I don't know how to even begin with that. What do I do?"
Avira Cackling and complaining aside, Avira really did believe that Morrighan was slowly changing. She might not be super best friend material but she did believe that the dark elf wasn't totally evil anymore. After what Morrighan had endured, though...

"If anything I bet your capture was my fault. Those hunters might have been after me and settled for taking you when they had the chance. And are pretty attractive, so taking you somewhere like here..."

She trails off and shudders.

"I think you can start by watching other people, seeing what they do. Following their example."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "Stepping forward." He says, nodding to Avira.

"And also examining yourself. Find out what motivates you...and why...then try and understand yourself from there."
Maira Maira actually tears up a bit at Angantyr's words, reminded of all that he's been through--all they've been through. It sure has been one heck of a ride.

Maira lets Morrighan go, knowing she's uncomfortable. Still, the gesture was made! A door has been opened. "Yeah...few times.." she replies quietly. Maybe they could bond over it later.

Sniffling a little, Maira then goes and reaches for Ang's hand, giving it a squeeze of support and shared memory.

She then smiles warmly to her best friend, nodding in agreement. "You'll find your way. You just have to learn to listen to your heart again."
Morrighan Alazne Stream of life advice! She took a bit to let it all sink in, nodding slowly in understanding. "...Step forward and listen to my heart." Morrighan mumbled, bringing a hand to her chest. Her eyes closed and she thought on it for a bit.

"...I'll try my best."

And with that said, she let her hand drop and looked towards the entrance to the club. "So..." Angantyr is given a pointed glance. "Are you finished breaking things? Or do we need to wait about some more?" A smirk followed that question as her eyes moved between all three of them.
Angantyr Vespar "Ehhhh..." Angantyr then shatters the large disco ball.

"Okay done."

Maira grabs his hand, and he smiles a little at her. "The way forward isn't so hard once you start walking. Just finding how to make the first step is sometimes the trick."
Morrighan Alazne "Right then."

Morrighan nodded and turned, leading the way out of the now horribly ruined nightclub. "I still have no idea why any of this even happened, or if it's actually connected to you, Avira." A pause. "...But I will find out some way or another! No one gets away with doing this to me! NO ONE!"

And that was a promise left on the wind as tey made it back out into the streets of Manhattan.

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