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(2013-11-23 - Now)
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Chita "I am curious..."

That was the sound of Chita's voice as he stepped out of the shower in Rhiannons room at the Shinra HQ. At the moment the only thing he had on was a towel wrapped around his waist and another in his hands that he was using to rub gently at his head and hair, drying it off. He did have quite a bit of hair, after all, and if he didn't at least try to manage it his hair would look quite moppish and frizzy.

"What do you know of Chocobos coat colors?" That was probably an odd question given the context of where they were at the moment. In fact, Chita wasn't even entirely sure if Rhiannon was still there. Part of him had thought she might simply take the opportunity while he was in the shower to up and leave the room to go work on something.
Rhiannon Zellen Not quite. Apparently too lazy to get up and shower, Rhiannon sat in her bed woefully underdressed. Or perhaps not so woefully. Either way, a blanket was lazily drawn up over her legs and in her lap was a laptop. She was working...just, she couldn't be bothered to dress and go to her lab.

Thus, the sound of her fingers racing across the keyboard was all that could be heard until Chita emerged from her bathroom. "Hm? Chocobo colors? What a random question." She mused lightly as she worked. Silenced ensued for a few seconds as she gave the inquiry some thought. And then an answer came.

"Well, the color of a chocobo's coat indicates it's abilities. A level of skill and power you could say." Explaining, the woman's eyes never left her computer screen, too engrossed in her work to do so. "Yellow is the basic color that most chocobo have. After that, you have blue chocobo, which are adept at crossing streams and rivers. Green, which are curiously adept at healing and support abilities."

She took a moment to pause and let it sink in, also taking a breath before continuing on. "Red chocobo are particularly violent, and can also cross mountains and heavy terrain. The black variety are capable of limited flight. White possess even stronger healing and support abilities. And the rarest known kind of all, are the golden chocobo with the power to cross any terrain and fly with greater aptitude than the black variety."

If she wore glasses, she would have adjusted them at this point. "Anything else?"
Chita Chita smiled a bit as he listened, accepting that, of course she would know quite a bit about such. Why not, yeah? She's intelligent and such things are easily learned. As she spoke he walked to the bed and carefully felt around on the bed to see if she had since moved from where she last was. With her having not, he slipped onto the side of the bed and leaned against the headboard gently, the towel on his head being pulled off and using it as a pillow of sorts as he leaned back, eyes closed. By the time she finished speaking he had pulled out the blindfold and wrapped it around his eyes again.

"No, I suppose nothing else, except that you missed one." He grinned a bit at that. "There is another type of Chocobo. Silver-coated Chocobos. Though as to their abilities or temperament I could not say. The reason I had asked is this..."

Holding out a hand the Viera pulled out a rather old-looking tome. It may seem strange, given how old the tome looked, yet upon a brief skim into the book it dealt with a few of the worlds that had been pulled into this World of Ruin. It read like a Childrens book, a tale of a Chocobo that wanted adventure and set out. Along the way he found various snacks and treats and such that sounded fantastical, cooked them up with the help of a Moogle chef, and in the end turned into a Golden Chocobo and flew off to happiness. Or something like that.

The thing is, though, it also had rather detailed notes of things like the recipes, the ingredients such. Pictures, notes, scientific scribbles as if it was jotted down from someone's notes and the story had them included.

"What do you think of that book?"
Rhiannon Zellen "A silver chocobo, you say?" Rhia asked, pausing in her typing to glance aside at Chita curiously. She hadn't heard of that. Setting her laptop aside, she took the offered book and flipped through, skimming the contents. "Interesting. I have never heard of a 'Silver' chocobo before...Regardless though." Mumbling to herself, she continued to read.

"...This reads more like a silly children's tale. However...these recipes are awfully detailed..." Lowering the book into her lap, the scientist brought a finger to her cheek, thinking to herself. "...Considering the amount of detail put into the notes, I suppose that it does bear some scientific curiosity at the very least." She shook her head then, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. Her hair was down, freed from it's usual style long ago.

"I hesitate to say that this is fact, does bear investigation at least."
Chita "Indeed. Funny thing, that book. When I could still see... I read it through from beginning to end. The pictures, the stories... all seem so fantastical, and yet... the first one." He nudged towards the book. If she looked at it more detailed, if she knew anything of the layout of the island that housed Duagerreo, she might realize it was just that. "I found that book in a hidden Library island known as Duagerreo. The first chapter, the first item... Dragon Watercress, was found in a shallow little pond guarded by a greedy monster that demanded something worth value from the Chocobo or it would be eaten. As fanciful as that sounds... I took those I was with on a trip around the island, using the book as a guide, and eventually came upon a little pond that sounded exactly the same... and wouldn't you know it, there was a Gimmie Cat there. A greedy little monster that demanded a Diamond." Thinking about his inventory of items a moment Chita picked a single thing out of it, a small gem that he had plucked from the greedy Gimmie Cat's lair after it got kicked around for casting Meteor at them. "It was real."

"As real as you and I. And the Dragoncress... was real as well." The diamond vanished and he replaced it in his hand with two containers. A small vial of powdered, dried leaves from the dragon watercress plant, and some preserved, dried, fully-intact plants. "I prepared and fed my Chocobo some that day, and we all ate some as well, and while he slept he changed. The next day, his coat was a light blue. And again... with the next item, found in Macalania woods, turning him red."
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmm..." She hummed faintly, turning back to check out the first story again. "...I see." Glancing at the produced vials of dried leaves and intact ones, Rhia took his hand and brought it closer to inspect the objects. "So if they were real, then I imagine that the others are real as well. The question is; where are they?"

Stretching her arms above her head, Rhia settled back down and laid back. "...Or rather, that is your question. Not mine." And with that, the possibilities are shelved aside. She took the book and placed it back into Chita's lap then. "You have been searching for these ingredients to feed your chocobo? It seems like you already have done a few of them."
Chita As he felt the book placed back into his lap, he shook his head. "I... do not know. That is just it, I do not know where the next one is. I strained to learn such when I could still see, and since my mishap... I have not had the chance to find out further. Plus now I cannot study the third chapter. The first, River Dragon Watercress... the second, Mountain Firebud Lilypad, the third... Sea Brine Kelp. You would think, by that description, it is near the ocean. Yet... from all I understood of it, it made it sound as if it were on a mountainside."

The more he thought about such, the more it confused him. He simply did not know the World of Ruin well enough to know. Thus, he simply reached over with one hand to pat Rhia's stomach gently, if not a bit affectionately. "That is where you come in. I had hoped you could help me figure such out and come with me to discover it. You could use a break, and it may be a bit of fun, hm? Searching for something known only to one before, recorded only in this silly tale. No guarantee of proof... in some exotic location. It is probably quite pretty where it is. Both of the last places were... amazing." He seemed a bit sad as he said that.

Perhaps he was looking forward to seeing the next spot. But that will never happen now. Hence why he falls silent as that came up.
Rhiannon Zellen "Excuse me?" Rhia asked calmly, but the incredulity, or perhaps mild amusement was more correct, either way something could be seen in her expression and heard in her tone. "I hardly require a break. There is far too much work to do for me to go flitting off chasing after some manner of chocobo feed."

Having said that, she got out of bed finally, moving towards the bathroom to shower. "Your sales pitch requires a wee bit more work if you want me to leave the comfort of my lab and the projects I already have in progress."

Gathering up a towel by the door, she glanced back at him and smirked. "You can try again after I finish, hm?" And with that, she disappeared into the bathroom, the door closing behind her. The sound of running water soon followed.
Chita "I do not understand you sometimes. You close the door, and yet... I cannot see you anyways." Not that he would have let his eyes linger if he could - not that he hadn't seen her before regardless. Still, that she turned such down so readily... he wasn't expecting that. Leaning back against the headboard of the bed as he was, his hands played idly with the book as he thought about how to get her to come along. He really couldn't do it on his own. He needed someone to come along and... really... he and the others simply did not know where to begin looking.

Thus, he waited until she was done and he heard her come out before saying, "Please? I need your help. I suppose my quest for such would come to an end unless I happenstance came upon a clue as to where this place was, and I very well cannot go looking on my own, given the whole blind thing?"

His tone was at worst hopeful.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia took her time showering and cleaning up. It was a while before she emerged from the bathroom proper again. Still in the middle of drying off, she moved over to her wardrobe, getting her clothes out as she listened to Chita's appeal. ...She wasn't moved.

But then, considering all of the things she's done and her obsession with her current research, it would have been hard to appeal to any sense of kindness the woman may have possessed. "Ah, is that so? Perhaps you should have thought of that before you had your eyes assaulted by arcane forces." There was a clear tone of amusement in her voice, confirming that she was mocking the man.

Slipping on the various layers of clothing necessary, Rhia dressed herself in her usual oriental short dress, slipping on her white lab coat after.

"If you really cannot go on without some form of company, I suppose I can accomodate you. Though I will be continuing my own work on the road." Which meant she was going to take some portable computing device with her to do what she usually did anyhow. Suppose there was no tearing her away from her research after all.

There was no inquiry to ascertain the viera's thoughts on the matter, it was just cut and dried as it was. "Now then. Do prepare yourself. I will be heading to my lab to collect the necessary equipment." Slipping on her shoes, Rhia made her way to the door of her room, letting it slide open automatically as she proceeded to step out without Chita.

He would need to make his own way to her lab. She wasn't very mindful of his current vision impairment. Not that surprising really.

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