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(2013-11-23 - 2013-11-23)
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Morrighan Alazne "UGH."

Ah, what a familiar growl. Whoever could that be?

"Are you /kidding/ me?" It was Morrighan Alazne. Walking through the Golmore Jungle, in approach of a certain workshop/campsite, the dark elf held her skirts up with her hands as she stepped over logs and avoided puddles and mud. "I know I expected your 'hideout' to be shabby, but this is beyond all reason! What madness possesses you to live in a hopeless dump like this!?"

Complain, complain, complain. That was pretty much all she had done to her companion, Avira, the entire time since they arrived in this forest. The chocobos were tied up and resting a small ways back as they made the rest of the very short distance to camp on foot.

"But then, I suppose that a gorilla /would/ be at home in a jungle! Ohohohoho~" Bringing a hand to her face, Morrighan laughed haughtily while keeping her skirts up with her other hand. The less they touched the filthy ground, the better! ...Maybe she should have worn her own white mage outfit for this trip.

Avira Gosh, didn't THIS sound familiar?

Morrighan is far from alone-Avira is the unfortunate escort to this elf, baring this burden to her semi-secret gummi ship test site. It was, in fact, at her suggestion that she come along and for a very specific, secret purpose she hadn't spoken a word about since they had left Alazne's residence back in Mullonde. Considering that the dark elf had done nothing but whine since they set out...Avira's strongly wishing she had a set of headphones and a walkman to make this trip more tolerable.

"Shabby?!" Avira huffs, "We've literally spent months fixing up and improving this site! It is well on its way to becoming an actual facility!" She's clearly quite offended! This campsite had been her and Arthur's pride and joy for some time now.

Oddly enough, the gorilla barb doesn't even really get to Avira. Like she's come to expect those sort of insults hurled at her from Morrighan.
Echo Echo, being a bat naturally is in a tree high up, waiting above 'em. She didn't seem to exactly mind that she was stuck int his dank, hot malodorous jungle either in just a dress and sandals, either. Girl's gotta eat after all, and she was going to see this job through and get paid, somehow. She made hand signals to wait to the burmecian nearby and waited, a trigger held in her right hand.

As Avira and Morrighan cross a certain point down in the forest floor below, there is suddenly a thunderous crash and explosion--leaves and dirt and bits of wood--even entire logs going up as birds and beasts alike rush away in a cry. Bombs!
Phrego Larson Phrego Larson, ex-Burmecian soldier, ex-Father, and now certified madman, drunk, and expert terrorist and all-around explosives lover sets his hat on straight. It's a grey fadora, matching his tattered grey suit that has enough alcohol stains and other highly-flammable madness that it's a wonderful his constant chain smoking doesn't light him on fire. The rat's companion may well, beneath the haze of alcohol and pipe smoke, be able to smell gunpowder and other exotic explosives hidden beneath his overcoat. He's tall, and as rattish as a certain paladin, but brown furred with heavy patches of what might be mange or some other skin disease. Stick then, tall, he's a perfect example of what can go /wrong/ with a nezumi.

The rat blows on his pipe, grinning, stifling a laugh as the bombs go off. He resists the urge to pull the other trigger. He'd hidden a few more, just for fun. While he'd rather not get killed by his employers for failure, it's really all the same in the end. Phrego Larson died a long time ago, with only this shell left.

Pulling something out of his coat, he discretely lights it. A quick toss, and there's a molotov cocktail flying to the underbrush near Avira and Morrighan. Whatever underbrush might survive is soon on fire to boot.
Morrighan Alazne "An actual facility? For what? Raising pigs?" Morrighan snarked back at Avira as they stepped through. "If that's the case, then I could believe it! After all-"


"Whaaaaa--!" Whatever sarcastic quip she had prepared was dashed to the wind as suddenly explosions went off. "What manner of devilry is this!?" The elf demanded, immediately thrusting her arms forward and erecting a magical barrier around both herself and Avira, once the surprise had worn off. She may not be a master combatant, but she'd seen enough danger to whip her reflexes into at least passable shape.

"Is this your idea of a joke, Avira!?" She demanded, glaring aside at her companion. "Because if it is, it's hardly humorous at all!" Yes, blame the huntress for the bombs in her campsite. It wasn't marauders, or assassins, or bandits, or kidnappers or anything. Nope!
Avira Already, Avira is waving a dismissive hand at Morrighan. While she doesn't want to admit that...yes, they have a pig or two on site as a way to deal with food scraps and emergency bacon, that wasn't the PURPOSE of her camp! She could go into detail about what they were doing there...once they had set foot on the grounds. Never know who may be listening, after all, even just a few hundred yards from the gates to the camp itself.

Perhaps it is mercy that the explosion cuts off the complaining of her travel companion. Immediately, Avira jolts and throws her hands up in front of her to protect her face. "No! I didn't order any tests today!" she exclaims, as if explosions are somehow something that normally occurs at the research site (they kind of are, actually). Just next to her, the bushes suddenly explode in flams, bits of shrapnel from the moltov plinking off Morrighan's magical barrier.

"That's not my fault either!: she exclaims, knowing that if Maira was to blame, she would have been warned. A hand swings to the suddenly flaming underbush and a gust of icy wind is quickly directed upon it.
Echo With debris already hailing down on the two women from above, Echo swoops down from the trees, her wings acting like a parachute as she swings down and towards the two females, sandaled feet impacting the now upturned end of a log, alighting on it.

"Sorry, you didn't invite us, so we thought we'd CRASH!" half crouched, the bat sorceress raised a hand and the air in front of it was suddenly rippling with heat energy, raising her hand as a bolt of fire was sent directly toward them, still falling debris catching fire.
Phrego Larson With Echo attacking from above, their ambush decently coming together, the ragged rat reaches under his hat. He takes out something round and spherical, before emerging from behind a tree. The round object is tossed towards the two women.

Phrego idly smokes his pipe with one hand while the other reaches into his coat, the little object bouncing about. Despite how casually he threw it, it's an excellent throw. BAM!

White and noise fills the heads of anyone caught in the Flashbang grenade, the Burmecian already lighting up a stick of dynamite. It has a very small fuse, and the rat seems to be taking his time with things. Walking towards the pair, he seems to be barely paying attention, casually holding the dynamite as though he'd forgotten he'd lit it.

"Stay still. Waste o' good powder."
Morrighan Alazne "Sure it's not! I totally believ-" And then Echo descended, landing upon an upturned log. "...Nevermind." She asided to Avira for a second before glaring at the bat before her. "Crash? And just who the devil are you!?" Morrighan demanded, quickly stepping aside as the fiery attack went sailing for Avira.

Her barrier had worn off by then so the huntress was on her own. Just at that moment however, something came rolling into their general vicinity. "Hm?" She glanced down to look and spotted a small, spherical object on the ground.

"....Oh for the love of--"

And then came the explosion, Morrighan shielded her eyes with an arm meanwhile as the debris made a few minor cuts into her arms and dress. "Hey! This dress was expensive!" Holding her other arm out, the elf began to summon a sphere of dark energy that grew exponentially, before firing off in Phrego's general direction. It was a blind shot.

But once the smoke cleared, Morrighan lowered her arm from her face to see the bat's accomplice. "Are you serious?" She asked incredulously, quickly taking a moment to look between the two. "I don't believe I know either one of you!" While she spoke, she raised her arms one pointed at each. "Who you are fools and what do you want!?"

She paused for less than a second before amending her question. "Actually considering your first impression...I hardly care! Just get out of our sights!" And with that said, dark energy began to spread, seeping through the immediate area and gathering around both Echo and Phrego, dark essence that seemed to corrupt whatever it lingered on for too long.
Avira So Morrighan sidesteps. Avira's actually already ready to lunge at the sorceress, blowing through the fire leveled at her with reckless abandon if only to strike back. As the seconds tick by, she starts to get a sinking feeling that...wait, maybe it was her fault. Maybe these attackers were here on behalf of Baron?

"Who cares what they want!" Avira chimes in, "They're trying to blow us up! That is unacceptable!"

She doesn't stay still, much to Phrego's annoyance no doubt. She rolls sideways and pulls into a crouched position. Reaching behind her, the odd-looking weapon she carries-a serrated sword called the Spine-is tugged free. With its draw, wind magic spreads down the blade and slaps outwards towards the nezumi.

In an equally swift follow-up, she stands, then slams the point of her blade into the jungle floor. Massive crystals of ice suddenly shoot upwards to try to encase both Phrego and Echo.
Echo The heat Echo sent at Avira was not exactly severe, but on contact she'd find herself coated with a suspiciously oily substance, one that was rather dark green. It didn't exactly smell like something like petrol, or gasoline, but it was suspiciously thick and greasy. Apparently Echo had chosen to focus on Avira, while the bilge rat went after the both of them in kind, did she not think of the dark elf as a threat, exactly? Or wished to divide them up somehow?

Springing into the air, being touched by Morrighan's dark magic but ahead of the rushing ice that runs across the jungle floor, getting clear of them. Raising her arms she called up a blaze that ran across the ground--even over the ice crystal cage toward the brown haired girl.
Phrego Larson "Well, /Miss/..." starts off Phrego, in between long puffs of his pipe. "As to the first question, it doesn't rightly matter. Second one? We're just here to collect a few things, tha's all. Nothin' to worry your pretty little head over. Just be good, eh? Then I won't have to hurt ya too much. Be a reeeal shame if I 'ad to blow off a limb or two."

The shot goes right through Phrego's hat, the rat stopping just as the elf's corrupting magics take hold of him. Grasping his chest, he coughs, spitting out black sludge that looks all-too-much like the tar that's probably coating his lungs. It's then that combination of wind slashing across his chest, followed by bleeding inside a cage made of ice that the rat finally remembers he has a dynamite stick in his hand.

Casually, he chucks it, fur singed by his own blast as the cage is blown apart. Groaning, bleeding, and now stuck with parts of the cage in his body thanks to his own actions, he pulls out something long and shiney.

Much like the dynamite, it's lit, and tossed into the air over both his own and Echo's heads. Pop! A fine mist falls, soothing healing washing over the pair.

Phrego grins, cracked and blackened teeth showing. He points to Avira. "...Must the brains of the operation. She /gets/ it. Now just lay down, lasses. No need for all tha' strugglin'."
Morrighan Alazne Leaving Avira to handle the bat, Morrighan turned her focus on Phrego, eye twitching slightly as an expression of utter disgust came over her. "Ergh, you truly are unpleasant." Shuddering after uttering those words, Morrighan raised her hands again. "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have no intention of following along with whatever plans you two have!"

Her hands began to glow as a dark aura flickered to life about her form. Waving both arms outwards, an array of spectral swords appeared in the air around her. They all then fired forward, converging on the burmecian. Once they had all made their move, whether embedding themselves into the rat or the ground, the blades then lit up before flashing in a chain of dark explosions.
Avira Once she gets away from this pair, Avira will be sure to take a very thorough shower. She actually has suspicions about the substance she's coated in, actually, because there are several species of monster in Ivalice that attack with secretions that are very flammable. As it would follow, it made the following fire spells that much more devastating.

Case in point-now Avira was on fire and it wasn't going out anytime soon, even as she tries to use her wind magic to quickly extinguish it.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not going to be coming with either of you!" Avira announces. "And I'll have you know my camp is not far away. I will have a half dozen people running here to help us in seconds." Despite being on fire, she manuvers her way over to Morrighan, curiously enough, using her own bits of basic magic to help them both. For a sorceress as advanced as Morrighan it's probably laughable.
Echo Waving away some of the smoke, Echo held a hand over her head and a transparent membrane appeared over her, circular, but seeming to throb and pulse as if tangible. There wasn't much talking from her, she was single minded in her task. Darting her head back at Phrego's misfortune, she stepped up her game with a rising brow to the young girl with the odd bone-like sword, energy surging in her hand until she let it loose with a snarl--the magical fire energy streaming out, seemingly unfettered by the barrier around her.
Phrego Larson Phrego finds out that dark explosions hurt just as much as non-magical ones. Blown neatly several feet back after being stuck with them, the rat is sporting more red on his even more tattered clothes than usual. One might be able to see a rib or two at this point. There's also slightly less mange, on the upside. It seems Morri was a vet in a previous life.

"Bring 'em. We'll all have a /barrel/ of fun! Aren't you havein' fun girl?" Calls out Phrego to Avira tauntingly, only to blow smoke in Morrighan's general direction, like an arse. He's quite good at it, even at range.

"Sorry I ain't pleasin'. Here. Have a gift as my apologies."

The Burmecian tosses a half-foot by half-foot square right in between Morrighan and Avira. Reaching into his coat, he pulls out yet /another/ trigger. It's pulled.

The dark elf may just spy a letter and word on that square. 'C-4'. The explosion that results leaves several trees without their trunks, wood shards flying everywhere, and a nice patch of ground missing. Hopefully Avira or Morrighan won't step onto the land-mines that are hidden about, thanks to the devious rat...or their friends, for that matter.
Morrighan Alazne Laughable it may be, but Morrighan was far too busy to laugh at Avira's magical prowess. Not to mention; it did help. Though you'd hear no thanks from the dark elf. "Hmph...!" She huffed at the rat as he blew smoke in her direction. Smoking was disgusting! She took a step back just to avoid the smoke, but the action distracted her long enough to register the C-4 a bit too late.

"Eh? ...Oh great--!"

Though a futile effort, Morrighan rushed to erect another magic barrier. She wasn't in time at all and the heat of the explosion washed over her, singing her dress in places, causing debris to cut at her, and leaving ash all over. The barrier managed to keep it from being lethal however. So perhaps it helped a bit.

"Well, there goes this dress!" She grumbled, staring down at the tatters that her clothes were quickly becoming. "Note to self; it's time time to dress more conveniently!" Amazing how she was more worried for her clothing than the situation at hand.

Turning at attention back to Phrego, the elf thrust an arm forward, manipulating dark curse energy again around the burmecian. "Well, I suppose I will have to take care of that after you two are out of my way!"
Avira Funny, Morrighan's magical barrier doesn't seem to be protecting Avira very much. Maybe it's because Morrighan made it and Avira is...Avira. IT HAPPENS.

"Bring them?" Avira mutters as she snarls under the weight of a fresh gout of flames. Getting double teamed was definitely NOT working out for her tonight, it seems. "Damn straight I will." Yeah, too late. Avira putting out an alert to the rest of VALKYRI because she is definitely not interested in being taken in.

Amusingly, Avira does know what C-4 is-so she's fully aware of what's blowing her up into a pile of broken trees. It actually takes her a few moments to get back up and at this rate, she's actually not looking so hot right now. But bleeding and busted, times like this, "...being pushed like this only makes me push harder!!" A silvery pulse of light peels off her as she claws free of the debris and suddenly simply seems to /fly/ across the jungle floor. It becomes difficult to track her as she seems to bounce between striking at Echo then striking at Phrego with a flurry of blows from the Spine.

In her wake, the air seems to shimmer as if under the effects of heavy heat. In one final flash, the aura around her disappates with a wave of force.
Echo Echo's eyes open wide as the sudden onslaught of terror is sent her and Phrego's way, the rat seemingly steeling himself for the blow while she herself pulling herself back in midflight and dodging away from each of Avira's attacks, her wings and magic seemingly keeping her in a state of anti-gravity. Once she stops, the bat zeroes in on the sword bearing heroine, eyes narrowing cruelly as a laser of red, baleful light first eminates from Echo's outstretched palm, then a huge gout of flame barrels out directly towards her!
Phrego Larson Burmecians are survivors, and more than willing to scamper away if necessary. Phrego, death-seeker or not, still has instincts. Every strike from Avira is met with seemingly drunken dodges. That blade cuts, deep...but not enough to kill. Phrego has been a professional bomber and terrorist to simply lay down and die. He falls to his knees, only for that wave of force to slam him into, and then /through/ a tree. Landing in a heap, he coughs, grrr'ing. His teeth grind together.

"..Gotta finish this."

Rather simply, as he coughs and chokes, the tendrils of Morrighan's dark curse creeping up his legs, the nezumi pulls out what seems to be a ball of webbing. Within the ball, far too many grenades are tied together. Spinning it like a sling, he tosses the bundle at Morrighan. Sounds of pins coming out fills the air, as the bundle arcs for her.

Hopefully her dress can survive the wave of shrapnel from the explosion.
Angantyr Vespar Okay so there was a thing, a battle near the camp.

Angantyr didn't even have time to pick his armor up, he runs full force towards the battle that is being joined a long way away.

Angantyr is now, shirtless, running towards the forest trying to get to his fighting allies and friends. The Keyblade is out, ready to cut through anything dumb enough to get in his way. Who is dumb enough?
Maira Maira doesn't run terribly fast, and she's still recovering (again, bloody undead!) so she has little choice but to hitch a ride.

Insert Angantyr.

Of course she didn't know he'd been apparently in the middle of bathing and hadn't bothered to put on a shirt until after she latched on. He probably hardly even noticed her there.

But they arive, Maira red-faced and wide-eyed. "AVIIRAAA!"
Morrighan Alazne "Ergh...!" There was so much happening at once! Morrighan had taken a bit to admire Avira's admittedly impressive display of combat prowess. There was no time to bother talking however as Echo prepared her counter attack. The blast of fiery red energy wasn't aimed at her, but the sheer heat emanating from it was enough force Morrighan to shield herself with her arms, causing burns and holes in her arm length gloves.

Glaring at the bat flying in the air, Morrighan decided to leave it to Avira. There were two of them after all! Turning her attention back to Phrego, the dark elf was just in time to catch sight of a bundle of explosives sailing through the air towards her. "...You must be kidding m-"

There wasn't even time to defend herself, the explosion happened right in front of her, the force sending her sailing back through the air before landing roughly on the ground. "Ugh...!" Thankfully, Avira's minor spell kept her from conking out right off the bat. It was useful after all.

Struggling back up to her feet, Morrighan wobbled slightly as voices could be heard coming through the trees. They sounded familiar. And then they arrived. Maira and Angantyr. "...You two are /far/ too late!" She yelled at them, anger rising up within her. "Enough of this!" Turning back to face the battle at hand, Morrighan clapped her hands together, eyes taking on a harsh, red glow that made her look more like a demon than an elf. "I refuse to be toyed around with any longer! Begone!"

And then her arms spread, creating a sickly, purple magic glyph. The dark aura resonating from her intensified as the glyph impressed itself upon the ground and then expanded to cover a wide area. Enough to catch both assailants in it's range.

Suddenly, the ground cracked under the pressure as powerful dark forces erupted from below, blasting upwards into the sky as multiple shadowy beams fired straight upwards, breaking the ground and kicking up a huge amount of debris and tree remnants.
Phrego Larson It's likely a good thing that there's so much Dark Knight in between Maira and the ground. Why would this be? Well, some rats are rather sneaky, and good with setting up explosives before assaulting their targets. Case in point: Phrego Larson. This section of the forest is going to need someone to sweep it to fully clear them all out. It'll take a while, as even their half-drunk planter doesn't remember where they all are.

There's a clicking sound beneath Angantyr's foot. This clicking turns into a myriad of beeps, ticks, tocks, and other very alarming noises as roughly fifteen feet of forest floor explodes simulataneously.

Fortunately, for Maira's sake, there's a dud in the bunch. The few that might have been cooked off in the chain reaction doesn't set, combined with the protection Angantyr provides.
Angantyr Vespar EXPLOSIONS?!

Angantyr with pure willpower, reaction time, and instinct throws Maira forward, "DODGE!" he screams and rolls forward...he was caught in the explosion...

Typically, this would fall a normal man.

Angantyr, however, is not normal. He is through the explsions...hurt.

But those who know him know that a Hurt a /even more dangerous/ Angantyr.

Avira Impressive display it might didn't change the fact that the bat had somehow managed to stay out of her reach. Scowling, Avira falls back for a second, slipping behind a half-shattered tree to avoid the next fire spell that gets flung her way. The camp was nearby-it shouldn't be much longer to hang on.

Peeking around the tree, she sees explosives being thrown at Morrighan, "HEY! Look out!!!" she calls out suddenly, only to be too late as it explodes in her face. Poor Morrighan!

Her sympathy fades a little when she hears her berate her friends though. Morrighan's magic follows and even Avira is backing away to avoid being caught up in the blast or the collateral damage. It works pretty well.

Poor Avira only gets a glimpse of shirtless Angantyr before he and Maira are obscured by explosions.
Echo Echo flapped in the air and seemed beguiled by the floating magical glyph, unsure of what it was and having no understanding of what the character actually meant--until she's caught in it and... wounded, apparently. Spitting out a bit of blood that was forced up from the powerful magical attack, working her hands quickly as her body began to glow with a red, haste-like aura. A strong force would seek to draw the very life energy out of Avira and Morrighan, collecting it front of Echo until it was again forced back out in solid projectiles made of visceral red fluid.
Maira Maira is about to tell Angan he's her favorite meat shield when he launches her forward and out of the explosion radius. SHE'S FLYIING! Luckily, she is prepared to softed her fall with a quick cushion of air, getting to her feet again no worse for wear. She runs over to Avira's side. "We're here!" she states the obvious, looking Avira over quickly. "Are you alright!?" she asks. "Is Morrighan alright? Ouu what was that thing?" she asks as Morrighan casts a powerful spell. She keenly feels the dark magics in that blast, even when not meant for her.

Maira then blinks, spotting Echo. "Oh! It's you! HEY NO, STOP THAT!" she shouts as Echo begins to glow and cast a draining spell, recognizing it for what it was as a fellow mage.
Phrego Larson A familiar ringing fills Frego's ears, the rat smirking as the chaos and joy of pure, mindless destruction surrounds him. For a moment, he takes a deep breath of gunpowder, dirt, dust, and the smell of blood; both his own, and others'. /This/ is all he has to live for now, and he /enjoys/ it.

The massive beam of red that erupts from the grounds is it's own undoing, at least when it comes to Phrego. As the ground cracks, a beep sounds, and yet another explosion cooks off...right next to the rat. Send flying away from the beam that would have ripped him in twain, he lands quite neatly next to the downed body of Morrighan. Without a word, he does two things: sling the unconscious elf over his shoulder, and light a bundle of short-fused dynamite. It's casually chucked Avira's way.

"A few scarrs, maybe some missing limbs to remember me by, lass. Better luck next time. We'll be back for ya." Without even looking back, the rat is fleeing with his prize. Hopefully Echo will cover him!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr, right as Phrego launches the dynamite...IT'S TNT...Angnatyr suddenly stands in the way, over Avira covering her.

"That, friend, was a mistake. Twice, you hit me with explosions...and I don't /rightfully/ like that!" he says, swinging the blade once...

And then He comes in full boar, as he steps forward, darkness pouring around him...but in his hand the Keyblade shines.

"And now...YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR ARROGANCE, RAT!" he shouts, as the right hand of Angantyr comes in, turning into a twisted claw of a monster, aiming to grab Phrego by the throat...

The blood spilled in his battle responds, lahsing out from the very ground, aiming to repeatedly hit him like a torrent of blades...

"BE CONSUMED!" he shouts, as the darkness that twisted his arm into a claw explodes, returning his arm to normal.
Morrighan Alazne Seeing her last gambit do the job, but not /enough/ of the job, Morrighan just stood there, tired and wracked with pain. Even as Echo's blood projectile came sailing right for her, she didn't even move. Too tired, too fed up. What could she do?

And just like this, she was struck square in the chest, sailing backwards...and right into Phrego's grasp. "....." Vaguely, as her eyes struggle to remain open, she can feel herself being moved roughly, due to Angantyr's attack. It also did the job of knocking the last vestiges of consciousness from the elf.

"...(Why me?)" That was the last thought she had before slipping out of the waking world.
Avira Several very unexpected things happen in quick succession. Avira has her energy drained, then thrown back at her-this is actually surprisingly effective considering the sheer intensity and will that the scarred huntress usually battles with.

Explosives are hurled at her, only to be intercepted by Angantyr who shields her from a shot that would have likely dropped her. When the explosions clear, she sees Morrighan stagger and drop to the ground. Shortly after the rat retrieves her, drawing confusion. "What the-hey, leave her alone! Aren't you-" A growl escapes her, directed at the rat. No, these bounty hunters wouldn't have her. Not now, not ever.

To Maira, Avira looks pretty worse for wear. In fact, she's probably supposed to have passed out already but some kind of unnatural endurace is keeping her going.
Phrego Larson The claw grabs...and comes away with a hat, as well as part of what little remains of poor Morrighan's dress. Phrego's movements are pure drunk, scared, and a desire to simply get /away/. "A neat little trick. Too bad. Not good enoug..." His taunt's cut off, as blood lashes out, slicing into the Burmecian. The male leaps away, two more sticks of dynamite falling from his coat. Boom! The explosion sends the rat, and his prize, tumbling through the air.

LIke some kind of heavily wounded, bleeding cat, Phrego lands and ducks through the trees. Weaving, bobbing, he quite simply gets out of dodge, elf in tow.
Echo After that point in the battle, Echo swoops off disappearing... however, so does Morrighan.
Avira "AND I'VE GOT ENOUGH SCARS ALREADY!" Avira calls out, thoroughly frustrated now.

Furthermore, Avira could use a new outfit. This one is unacceptably crispy.
Maira Maira curses as the rat escapes with Morrighan, despite being hit by the Angantyr train. Gently she'd put her hand on Avira's shoulder, channeling a cure spell into her with the touch. "I'm sorry we didn't get here any sooner..."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr makes a sideways look at Avira, in the lack of outfit.

"Alright, lets get healed up, they can't probably go too we can get healed up and then search for clues." A pause...

Angantyr has a hat.

"Well. Avira, I think I got something for your wolves." he says, holding the hat.
Maira Maira tries to preserve Avira's modesty by standing in front of her. "Looks like we all need some fire proof clothes..."

Maira looks to Angan and the hat he holds, then smiles a little. "Heh, we can track them!"
Avira Avira seems less than concerned about the amount of skin she's showing around Maira and Angantyr. She trusts them both! "Damn straight we can track them! And I bet those wolves would love to meet that rat." Or not. They might catch mange from him.

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