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(2013-11-22 - Now)
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Rhiannon Zellen Several days have passed since 'that incident' took place. Rhia had returned to her regular experimentation and work in full force. No visitors, no leaving her lab. The lights were on almost 24/7. And in the cases when they weren't, then the auxilary lights were on. Likely due to some power outage she had incurred in a test run.

No one really suspected that anything had happened. The scientist had no friends or assistants. She made personal conversation with no one and people only saw her when she was going to and from her work space, or if there was a highly mandatory meeting. She preferred to work on her own and only collaborated with others in the R&D department when necessary.

On this day, the woman was focusing on testing a new hypothesis regarding the Black Omen. Actually, that had been the focus of her efforts for most of these days, barring a break here and there, in which she simply put time into another project. While never truly affected by all the hopeless wailing caused by coming into direct contact with the sword, she had managed to mostly quiet them down. Their hearts were of course still weak, but they were quiet now.

"Mmhm, I see...and on that day, you were on a regular patrol when suddenly that monster appeared, is that right?" It would seem she was making conversation with some of the people within, grasping the handle with one hand and jotting down notes with her other hand.

Needless to say, visitors were unexpected and unwanted. The reception desk was relayed this information. ...Remotely of course.
Chita Indeed, several days. Enough time for Chita to leave Goug, travel to Serendipity, get drunk off his ass, mope, fret, hate himself, travel to Alexandria to speak with the Synthesis people there, then make his way back to Goug. Things took a while of course, he had to wait on other people to travel with, mostly, given he wasn't able to direct his Chocobo himself and while 'Go that way' and pointing a chocobo in it tended to work, he couldn't necessarily say which way was which.

Hence, getting back to Goug and making his way towards Shinra HQ. His attire today consisted of a more Goug-esque and 'Modern' look than he normally went for, that being Denim jeans and a loose shirt. His other outfit had been damaged dealing with some beasts on the way and cleaning up at the hotel did point out he had nothing clean.

Finally making his way up to and through the glass doors, the blindfolded Viera took a deep breath before walking towards the reception area not far away. "I need to speak with Rhiannon Zellen, please." he said simply enough, probably a recognized face among a few receptionists for having been here off and on before.

Hopefully she hadn't given a shoot-on-sight order. Then again, if she had, Aerith would go about trying to tear her and Shinra down with her if he wasn't there to ask her not to.
Rhiannon Zellen The receptionist on duty today, a petite young woman sporting a modern office ensemble, black hair pulled back into a low ponytail, and a pair of glasses; she looked up at the voice and recognition came over her. "Oh, Mr. Chita? Hello. Come to see the Wutai Witc-I mean, Ms. Zellen again?"

Catching herself from uttering the HQ-wide nickname they had for her, she smiled sheepishly, looking rather apologetic for some reason and it showed on her voice. "I'm sorry, but Ms. Zellen has asked us that, in the case of any visitors showing up, that we turn them away." The receptionist brought a pen she was holding to her lips in thought.

"She seems to be back to her usual 'research into the wee hours of the morning and then keep going' thing." Not that she was worried. Getting involved with that crazy woman was way above her pay grade!
Chita "Hello again." he said softly, nodding towards her. The womans name wasn't coming to mind. Enough in fact that he didn't try to say it. Her remark, though, causes him to chuckle faintly and nod. "Yes, her." Of course, when she finally gives him the news that Rhiannon doesn't wish to be bothered, he thought about it and said, "Well... is there anything preventing you from giving me a pass to visit the research department? I have no intentions of causing any trouble and I could always check my weapons here with you? It would not be your fault if someone who had permission to visit that department just happened to stop by where she was. In fact, I doubt any could blame you at all - all the blame would be upon myself."

He smiled faintly at that and leaned against the counter while waiting for an answer.
Rhiannon Zellen The girl shivered a little at the thought. "Actually...I think I would get the blame. The higher ups love stepping on the little guys..." She grumbled, narrowing her eyes as she recalled some past incident. She kept her voice down while saying that and glanced about to make sure no higher ups were actually present.

Working for Shinra must be tough. Regardless, the receptionist shook her head and spoke up again.

"Mnnn...." She tapped her pen against her cheek and flipped through an open notebook behind the raised desk and in front of her, checking some info. "....Well, I can't give you a pass, but I can call Ms. Zellen's lab."

She glanced back up at Chita then and smiled a tad. "That's the best I can do. I don't want to lose my job for breaking protocol. You understand, right?" She asked while picking up the phone to prepare to dial.
Chita Chita thought about this a moment, not seeing anything she was doing, the mannerisms or even expression. He does hear the small tones and such, though, and nods. "Of course. I... do not wish to cause anyone their job. I appreciate mine enough as it is. Could you tell her that... I know I was wrong, and would rather sort things out with her than have more zealous parties get involved? That... it would be better for all involved."

And with that, he turned and stepped away a bit to wait and see what came of the answer. It could either go good, and he'd be allowed to speak with her, it wouldn't be good /or/ bad and she'd just tell them to turn him away - or it could go badly and she could call for him to be arrested/thrown out for whatever reasons.
Rhiannon Zellen She nodded and dialed the extension for Rhia's lab, bringing the phone to her ear after. Silence ensued for a bit before there was finally an answer on the other end. "Hello? Ms. Zellen? You have a visitor. ...Yes, I know. You don't want any visitors, but-- HUH? What about my blood? How many times do I have to say no? Leave my family alone, you crazy--"

Realizing she was getting worked up, she cleared her throat and then resumed. "--I mean...the person in question is Mr. Chita. You know him, right? ...Huh. Really? Are you sure? Okay- NO. No blood ever!" And then she hung up, sighing in exasperation after. "I swear..." The receptionist grumbled to herself, preparing a pass. "You're apparently clear to head up. Just...leave your weapons here and no trouble, okay?"
Chita The conversation caused Chita to shake his head a little in amazement that she could even focus on something like that so often. What /is/ her fascination with blood anyways? Though as it goes on and the receptionist gives him an answer, he turns and walks back up to the desk. "Very well then. It... may be a moment." And with that, he begins to unload his weapons. It might almost seem comical as he pulls forth weapon after weapon. Eight broken crystalline-looking spears, several metallic ones, several stylized swords and finally he pulled out the large Judges sword.

"This weapon... the easiest way to put it is bound to me, personally. If someone else tries to take it, it returns to me naturally. It cannot harm flesh, though. So... if you do not mind, I could leave it here with you and you could simply avoid disturbing it?"
Rhiannon Zellen "............"

Stark silence as the girl behind the desk watched Chita pull out weapon after weapon. Seriously, these wandering warrior/adventurer types were far too much for her. And she had enough trouble just using Materia as it was! "Um...okay. You can leave that one behind the desk if it would make you feel better?"

Offering that alternative, she held up the pass to the viera before realizing that he couldn't see. "Oh, silly me! A moment--" She stood and fastened the badge to his shirt, patting his shoulder after. "Okay, you're cleared to head up. Just--" Nudging to turn him slightly, she continued. "The elevator's in that direction."

She sat back down then and sighed lightly. "Good luck. I don't get why you visit her so much, but...that's not my business."
Chita The awkward silence got a little grin out of him. He, personally, didn't use /all/ of them. Most of them were in fact never used. But it would be deceptive of him to not leave all his weapons, so he made it a point to even leave the damaged ones. He /had/ spent a large portion of his life as a clansman and he still had some of the items from that time period. When the badge was clipped onto him he nodded towards the receptionist and smiled a bit.

Carefully feeling along the edge of the desk, he walked along it until he found the wall nearby and behind and leaned the large Judge Sword against it.
Then came the question.

It got a small chuckle out of him. "I wonder that myself sometimes, and the best I can come up with... is am attracted to something about her. Besides, we have been... trying to finish a project of hers, each in our own way. All of my past visits, save this one, have been regarding that." As he walked in the direction she pointed him in, carefully while using the stave he had as a guide of sorts, he raised a hand and gave a little waggle of his fingers as a farewell. And off he went.

It'd be a bit before he got where he was going, but he did make it there, eventually standing outside the right door after asking one fellow to take him to the proper room to avoid any issues. And, thus, he took the stave and knocked one end against the door a couple of times.
Rhiannon Zellen Waving slightly, realizing after that it was a futile gesture, the receptionist went back to her duties then, just in time for another visitor to take up her attention.

Back up at Rhia's lab, the scientist in question had dismissed the situation from memory temporarily, focused on her work. It wasn't until a little while later, when a knock could be heard on the door, that she was roused from her work.

At this point, she had been standing in the middle of the lab, sword held up and radiating red trails of energy, apparently testing something. "Yes, like that. How does it feel? Anything notable?" She spoke to the weapon, committing details to memory. "-Oh? Who could that b-- Oh right. Him."

Remembering Chita now, she lowered the sword and set it back onto her desk before approaching the door and pushing a button. The door slid aside to reveal the viera and Rhia simply crossed her arms, staring at the man. "You are either very brave, or very stupid." Rhia spoke, a hint of amusement in her voice.

Offering no greeting, nor any invitation to come in, she turned around and walked back to her desk, figuring he'd come in anyway. "Now, I have absolutely zero reason to entertain your visit at all, but...I am curious." Fingers drumming idly on the desk surface, Rhia casually looked over her notes as she spoke.

"So; what possesses you come here today?"
Chita Chita was entirely quiet, even as the door opened and he could hear her speaking. She was correct. He was likely both brave, and stupid. He let her speak and when she turned to walk inside and the door remained open, he took that as a silent invitation to step inside. Unless things had moved around since he was last here, Chita had a good enough idea as he stepped inside how to avoid any large pieces of furniture or tables.

"I came to admit I was in the wrong. I hurt you and I cannot take that back. And... no matter who you are, or what you have done... that was my weakness, not my determination, that led me to lashing out. Even though I do believe you should bear /some/ gratitude that I have not taken away your hobby of learning and researching... you owe me nothing, and it does not excuse my own weakness."

A very long, drawn out way of saying, 'I'm sorry.', at least as much as one CAN say such after such an incident.
Rhiannon Zellen "Hmn." Rhia mumbled, more interested in her notes than Chita's apology, but she did listen. Vaguely. "If I understand correctly, you seem to be here to apologize for hurting me." She deduced casually, tone sounding bored. "If that is all, then I pity you for the time you wasted in doing so."

She turned a page back to review the previous set of notes and tapped hr cheek thoughtfully as she spoke. "A broken arm is hardly anything to concern myself with." She rolled her eyes upon saying that. "I have been slashed, stabbed, struck, burned, and other such things on multiple occasions. Working on the field is tough work, you know."

She set a finger onto the handle of the Black Omen then, listening to some of the thoughts within. "Why, that Angantyr fellow even cut me in half once. He hardly apologized for it. Ehehe..." Unable to resist, she giggled a bit before turning to a new page to jot down new notes.

"Now then, is that all? I am very busy here as you can plainly see. ...Or perhaps not." Not her problem. Also to note; she hadn't looked at Chita the entire time she spoke since returning to her desk. Suppose she might have been a bit annoyed. But research really did seem to be placed first as well. But then; when wasn't it?
Chita Her response /did/ get a tiny sound out of him, a mixture between an annoyed throaty 'growl' of sorts, that might have been more of a heavy sigh than anything else, and something of a disappointed sound. "Yet again you act like this, and for the life of me I cannot understand WHY. You act above everyone, distant, withdrawn..." as he speaks, Chita moves closer, "...and yet, it is within your every benefit to enable me, to stroke my ego, to make me think you are following through with my conditions. You lose nothing, nearly, by accepting my methods and attempts and stand to lose everything by not."

Finally he stopped about ten feet away from her as he said in a slightly angry, but softer tone, "I apologized for lashing out in a weak moment because that is the right thing to do. Not because I expect anything out of it, nor do I expect you to suddenly grow a conscience. You, however, make no sense! It drives me crazy how damned intelligent you are, and yet, the way you treat others makes no sense even to those of us who were not born with your mind! Explain this to me, Rhiannon... why you act as you do when all you have is to lose from it."
Rhiannon Zellen And there he went again. She almost rolled her eyes again, but refrained from doing so, instead she continued to write as he ranted. "You do like to prattle on." Rhia replied once Chita had finally finished. "Do you really expect me to explain my life's story and all of my motivations to you in order to allow you understand myself?"

She glanced aside at the viera then, giving him a sidelong glance. "I could ask you the same question; you try so hard to rope me along into your little plan. To try and get me to follow along with what you want to do." Taking an uncharacteristic moment to get serious, Rhia's smile dropped. No need to smile around a blind man after all.

"Why do you waste your time so? This world is a large place. Made larger even by all of the other worlds, people, and ideaologies merged within. And yet, you zero in on me. Why? It makes no sense whatsoever."
Chita "You did not answer me, Rhiannon. I asked you simply - given as smart as you are, why is it everything you do seem so self-destructive? Even those who do not care if they die know full well the benefit of not doing things that directly lead to bad things. You cannot be suicidal... you live for your work." Chita slowly walks closer until he was right next to her, "And you know why I try. Because it is the right thing to do. It is the path of least lives lost, and I will walk that path until the end. And..."

He started to say something else, paused, then said in a softer voice as if uncertain about it, "There is something about you that makes me think you enjoy this, despite it all. You enjoy the attention, the effort and the honest worry about your wellfare. I am probably the only one who does, who is not simply using you. Am I wrong, Rhiannon?"
Rhiannon Zellen A sigh.

"My methods and my ideals are my own. I hardly seek to court death. But if it stands in the way of my path, with my goal on the other end, I will not simply turn and move around it." She closed her book then and waved her hand slightly, causing the Black Omen to vanish into whatever space it stayed at when not in use.

"Even if I lacked my facilities here, I would continue my work elsewhere. With another group, independantly, it hardly matters to me. I am prepared for that possibility" Then she gently laid a hand onto her chest. "And I am capable of brushing past death sufficiently enough." And with that, she left it aside and rested an elbow into the desk, her chin in her palm after.

"So to answer your question as to why I am so 'self destructive', in your eyes; it is because that is the path I choose to follow. You may not understand, but that does not mean that it is without logic." She shook her head at that, staring out the window ahead of her desk, observing the view of the city.

"I grow weary of your talk of 'morals' and 'correct paths'." A moment's thought, and then she added. "I could just destroy that weapon. Without it, you would have little reason to harass me any further." ...But it was too interesting for such. And she hadn't gotten all the answers she wanted out of it all.
Chita Yet again Chita was left feeling rather hopeless with the entire situation. He just did not know how to respond to this woman, or what to do. He had lost any semblance of what he thought was control over her, and beyond that, not only did he know it, but she did too. It was that sense of being strong that kept him trying so hard when dealing with her. But now... it just wasn't the same.

Something seemed off. Different. And he couldn't place what.

"Sometimes I wish I did not have my morals, Rhiannon. It would make my life so much easier. To live freely as others do, not worrying so much about right and wrong... just living. But that is not who I am. I do not want you to simply destroy the weapon. I do not want you to waste all of those hearts and lives that went into making it. You may not think it so, but life /is/ precious. And I would still bother you, if only because..." grumble grumble. "...I have found myself wondering what it is about you that I find so attractive. I have little taste in those outside my own kind, especially in the hopes of a companion, yet something about you..."

The sound of someone who hates himself for liking her half as much as he does.
Rhiannon Zellen The game that they played was long over. And there was no going back to it. Not after what happened in that hotel room that day. Rhia was more than aware of this, and she was sure that Chita knew as well. "..." Turning her head just enough to look, she listened as he spoke his second statement. The first was eye rolling enough for her to ignore it completely.

She'd heard it before.

"You are something else. To my ears, that sounds suspiciously like a love confession." A pause to let it sink in. "Which is utterly ludicrous. I am certain that you know how others see me." That wasn't a question. "You should do what they do and stay far away. You would be far better off for it." She then smiled pleasantly despite the situation and added. "After all, I am a blood crazed homocidal maniac, bent on the search for new knowledge."

Finished with that outside view description of herself, the scientist turned back to staring out at the city. "You must be horribly confused which is causing you to make brainless decisions." Despite knowing Chita couldn't see, she waved a hand dismissively. "Now go home and save yourself the trouble. You will realize how silly you have been in the morning."
Chita "No. It would be a lie to claim I have any love for you. It is... attraction to something about you, however. I cannot for the life of me understand why anything about you keeps me entertained. Keeps me curious just how you will respond. And surely something has kept you from simply killing me and being done with it." She was facing away from him, staring out at the city, and he? He simply stood there, arms crossed as he thought about this all.

"And what home would that be? The one Hades ordered razed to the ground when I refused to kill a man? The city that I cannot return to without worrying about my zealous kin dragging me forcibly back to the Vieran villages? No, my home is in my work, as it is with you. But perhaps you are right... I talk too much."

There was no denying that. He /did/ talk too much. "So, how about a truce of sorts? It is to both our benefits to get along and, truth told, I do think you enjoy my company, or did before I panicked when you admitted you had the power to take back the weapon at any point."
Rhiannon Zellen Well that was a relief. Love was an irritating subject. "Good. So you are not quite as brainless as you may seem at times." She pulled her laptop close to her at that point, flipping up the top to power it on. "I see. I continue to remain correct in my evaluation of your penchant for nonsense." Not that she had much more room to talk.

"Yes, you do talk too much." Agreeing bluntly, Rhia logged into her computer and immediately set about bringing up all the necessary programs to start on her work, unrelated to that bothersome sword. With the subject of a truce brought up, the woman remained quiet, the sound of her fingers tapping along the keyboard being all to be heard for a while.

"A truce, you say." She mumbled while typing. "You are grossly overstating your inferred level of relevance to my operations. The reason you are still alive is because I do find combat to be a chore. Much less ending a life. That is energy that can be put towards work." And it's true. In her time in these worlds thus far, Rhia had only ever put her hands on one person. Entirely out of self defense and nothing else.

Either way, she seemed done with Chita right now. "If my acknowledging this 'truce', will give you a sufficient pat on the back to stay your overzealousness, then perhaps." Not it would mean anything in the end.
Chita For a bit, Chita was quiet, trying to sort out the hume that was standing in front of him. Even after dealing with her this much, sometimes she was still grating. Even to him, who was one of those who were more used to dealing with her. When she finally seemed to simply ignore him in favor of doing her own thing, "You know... you seem a lot more cruel today than you have ever been. You seem subtly angry... which differs from you having said a broken arm does not bother you. If you are truly that angry, then take it out on me. I like who you normally are, even if she is crazy as a bat."

Leaning foward onto the desk she was using and resting his forearms against it, his head winds up just about level with hers, "I want the old Rhiannon back, not this bitter wretch you are at the moment. Even if it is my fault, I want to fix it."
Rhiannon Zellen "You want to fix it, hm..." Rhia mumbled, hands a blur as they moved over the keyboard. She let another bout of silence fall for a few moments as she finished typing another passage. "Very well. If you think you can 'fix it'..." She shut her laptop then and rolled her chair back as she stood.

Without another word, she grabbed the Viera by the collar of his shirt, attempting to pull him along with her and out of the lab. "We are going to my room. And you will 'fix it'." ...Whatever that meant.

Or maybe he did.

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