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Chita Not actually knowing much about Weapon Synthesis or creation, and not being able to go speak with those in Fluorgis freely at the moment due to his blindness mixed with his gender, left Chita having been looking around for another place of weapon creation. Sure, there was the Legendary Smith, on Duagerreo. He /could/ head there, but might be a bit harder now with his lack of vision. Then there was a place he heard about now and then, that being Alexandria. Sure Faruja hated the place, and a few others said not-so-nice things, but that didn't mean he couldn't come find out about the place on his own.

Not to mention he was still /sort of/ a diplomatic envoy to foreign places for the Judges of Jylland. In a sense.

Thus, Chita wanders down the streets carefully, current attire consisting of a simple pair of pants and a flannel shirt with a vest atop it. He had a blindfold on and was using a large staff to try and keep people from knocking him aside as he slowly made his way a bit further into the city. He was asking every thirty minutes roughly where the Synthesis shop was, so it wouldn't be TOO hard for someone looking for him to find him.
Lumeria Lumeria was finally back at home after much travelling, she had ran out of reading material so she was on her way to get some more. The girl sees a familiar face as she makes her way down the streets of Alexandria. She certainly wasn't expecting to see him here. "Are you lost or something?" What was doing anyways?
Raine Arland Raine was always on the move. He never stayed put too long for anything. Always chasing the next lead, always searching for new information, always on the lookout. And it was this day that the dark swordsman would find himself in Alexandria. "Heh...Alexandria, huh...?" He muttered to himself, looking about casually as he navigated the streets.

Raine had heard rumors and whisperings elsewhere about a 'maiden that could control the very earth', and thus, he immediately took the nearest transport and made the trip. But there wasn't much luck asking around. "Tch...looks like I'm gonna have to narrow my search down. But where to?" Crossing his arms, the young man sighed lightly and slowed down to a stop to think.

"Damn, these Apostles are slippery..." Grumbling that out, Raine soon noticed a familiar figure moving by further ahead. "Huh? Isn't that...?" Grinning in recognition, he started to move again, following after her.

"Yo! Lumeria, right?" he greeted, approaching the girl from behind. "What are you up to here in..." he trailed off after as he noticed Chita. "Ah, company, I see."
Chita "Lost?"

Someone seemed to be speaking nearby, and roughly to him if he was a good judge of where someone was by sound. It was crowded here, but it seemed to be the only conversation going on and chances were he seemed lost.

Not to mention something about that voice sounded familiar, though he couldn't put a finger on it. He turned with that and rested with one hand on the staff, blindfold and likely being unable to see at this point a bit more obvious. "Lost would be... a bit incorrect. I know where I am going, and roughly where to go, though how to actually get there exactly I have yet to determine. It is quite difficult navigating a new city when blind. A full days effort I do imagine. Might I ask if I know you? You sound... quite familiar."

Then Raine spoke out and the name registered with Chita. "Lumeria? The lady I met in Luca?"
Lumeria "Yes, I live in Alexandria. It's much nicer than travelling but I can't always find what I'm looking for here. Plus the heartless make things awkward at times." Alexandria wasn't exactly the safest place to live currently. "Well, if you fully knew where to go you would be there already right? I suppose I can take you there if you want." It would be faster than wandering around in circles at least.
Raine Arland "Uh-huuuuh..." Raine intoned, expressing his understanding, with a slight tinge of sarcasm to it. "Well, I guess heartless would be a problem." Not really, but okay. "Makes no real difference to me." Because other people's problems generally weren't his own. That was topped off with a careless shrug.

"So you live in Alexandria. ...Nice place." He smirked at that, clearly not meaning it at all, but he let the subject slide as he glanced at Chita. "Sooooo, tall, dark, and blind." He observed, commenting casually as he sized the viera up. "This is your type, huh? What a twist. Heh heh..." And of course, Raine couldn't resist making a joke out of it in the end.

After a small bout of chuckling, the swordsman sobered up and crossed his arms as he spoke to Chita. "So, you got a name? Or should I just call you fluffy or something?"
Chita Raine making his comments and eventually adding in the rabbit joke. Or at least something that seemed like it. "I do not mind cute girls making rabbit jokes, occasionally, but it is quite rude from most. My name is Chita, though." As for the question, though, he thought about it and said, "I had meant to inquire at the Synthesis shop here about something. Your type, though? Do you look particularly happy at the moment having seen me?"

It was his turn to tease at her now. Why not, yeah? Besides, he was like this before, even as he leaned down a bit towards her as if hoping it might embarrass her now that she's been called out on such. "And you are?" Chita asks finally as he leaned up and faced towards Raine.
Lumeria Lumeria turns a bit red at that and places her hands on her hips, "No, he's not my type. I just know him. Did you come here just to insult my hometown or is there another reason?" Her attenion turns towards Chita, "Well, you're close. The Synthesis shop isn't far from here. It's not too far out of my way."
Raine Arland "Oh really, well, my bad then." He replied towards Chita, though he didn't sound sorry at all. If anything, he was looked wildly entertained for having put Lumeria on the spot falsely. "Awwww, lookit your face, you're all blushing now! Makes my black heart melt, heh heh~" And the teasing continued as he inadvertently pointed out that detail for Chita to capitalize on as well.

At the question from the elf, Raine raised his hands in minor protest as he spoke. "Whoa, whoa, just a second there!" And then he changed his posture, rubbing his chin with a hand. "I didn't come here JUST to insult your hometown." Raine responded, wagging a finger with his other hand admonishingly. "That's just a bonus. I'm also here to look into some rumors, take note of the lay of the land. See what's what. You know. Mysterious stuff that no one cares about."

And another careless shrug to marginalize his own tasks. He was good at that.

Upon being asked for his name, Raine glanced at Chita again and said so without hesitation. "I am Inigo Montoya. A swordsman searching for his master's killer within this dark world." His tone was rife with sarcasm and at least Lumeria would see the huge grin on his face as he took this entirely as a joke.
Lumeria Lumeria glares at him intently. "You do realize insulting a powerful magician in her hometown, isn't exactly the best idea." She certainly wasn't going to put up with this. Still she would give him a chance to back down first, she didn't feel like getting all messy either. "Come on let's go the Synthesis Shop, it's much better use of our time then listening to him."
Chita "Huh."

Chita listens to both, then nods towards Raine. "Good luck with that." He had no reason not to take Raine at face value. Though he was still grinning that Lumeria seemed embarrassed by all of this. "Well then, I would not mind that in the least. I /had/ intended to get something to eat first though. So perhaps we could all sit somewhere nice and dine? I can pay."
Raine Arland "Aw, she's angry!" Raine proclaimed, turning and hailing passer-bys by pointing at Lumeria. "Check it out, everyone, she's totally angry! Isn't it adorable?" Most just gave the young man incredulous looks, others smiled, amused at his antics before continuing on their way, some laughed and walked off, and then others muttered to themselves about 'today's youth'. All interesting reactions.

Needless to say, Raine didn't back down. But he did veer the subject away. "Free food? Sounds like a plan to me. What do you say we all sit down and grab some grub? We can shoot the breeze, talk about ways to embarrass Lumeria, figure out what we're all gonna do with our lives, discover the meaning of life, all that jazz!"

While he was saying this, Raine went behind both Chita and Lumeria, attempting to usher them all off towards the nearest inn and tavern for just that.
Lumeria "You do realize, despite my appearance I'm not a child and have quite a bit of power." Lumeria reveals to them. "Stop mocking me!" Looking young sucked sometimes especially when it came to be taken seriously. "Yes, I could go for a meal." Even if she's rich, she's not going to pass up free food. She leads them to the closest inn and tavern knowing the way.
Chita Chita smiles a bit as she says that, reaching out with one hand, coming from the side, to gently pat Lumeria's arm. "I hope you don't mind me leaving my hand on your shoulder? It is too easy to get lost like this." Then he adds softly, "And I only tease you because I do find you cute. If you do not enjoy it, I will stop." then to Raine as he walked along, "You can pay for your own food. I am simply flirting, not entirely sure if you are mocking or not, as she says."

Perhaps he's simply being this way to get on Lumeria's good side. Hard to say, though he was being honest about it. Nothing much deceptive about Chita, especially with that curse of his courtesy of Hades.
Raine Arland "Wow, so cold, you guys!" Raine spoke in a tone indicating that he really didn't care that much at all. He just shrugged to himself again and moved to walk on Lumeria's other side as they approached the inn. "Heh, using your blindness to score? You magnificent bastard. An ingenious ploy, if I do say so myself. ...But of course, saying it outright kind of kills /any/ of the impact you miiiiight have had otherwise."

Nodding at that, Raine glanced aside at Lumeria and smirked. "Eh? Yeah, of course I know. Your kind can live for forever and a day while still looking not a day over twenty." Grinning, he nudged her arm with an elbow before adding. "So what? You want me to call you granny?" There was a pause before Raine made another genius remark. "Though, if that hair, I guess it just might fit! Hah!"

As Raine went on and on, carelessly raining on Chita's attempts to flirt while also teasing Lumeria, a voice resounded in his mind.

'...Kid, what the hell are you doing? We dn't have time to waste on these ones. The Apostles are our first priority.'

The young man just smiled and refrained from answering. "And here we are!" He exclaimed as they arrived, throwing open the doors to the inn with all the dramatic flair he could muster. "Get us your best table along with your finest wines and cheeses! We're gonna get smashed like we've never gotten smashed before!"

There was a stark silence as every patron in the establishment gave Raine a withering look.

"Ooooooorrrrr we could just sit down and order normally. Yeah!" And with that, the other occupants shook their heads, rolled their eyes, sighed in exasperation, or what have you before returning to their own conversations and meals.
Lumeria "You think I'm cute? You can't even see me." Lumeria can feel his hand on her exposed shoulder. She doesn't pull away though. She's a bit surprised by it. Her attention then turns towards Raine, "I see why you're travelling by yourself." She can't imagine how most people would be able to stand him for an extended period of time.
Chita "There is more to being cute than how you look. To be fair, how you act is rather endearing, and you do seem to have a pleasant personality. Besides, I /have/ seen you before. If you recall... my eyes were not like this last we spoke. Short, look a lot younge than you are, silver hair, and... if I recall right you have blue eyes, right?" Seems he had an okay memory. Raine's remarks got a small sigh out of him before he corrected the boy. "Score, no. I just enjoy the conversation. And a lot of ladies do appreciate the honesty and forwardness. Why hide such things anyways? Guessing games are never fun for anyone."

The hand on her shoulder wasn't really being used for any kind of 'getting close' or 'feeling her up' or anything of the sort. He really was just trying to make sure they didn't get separated in the crowd, given he had no idea where to go or even what the area was actually like enough not to walk head-first into a lamp post.

When they finally got there and Raine announced aloud to everyone, Chita took a slow deep breath before rubbing tiredly at his face with his free hand, staff having since been tucked beneath the same arm. "You are certainly... outgoing."
Raine Arland "Sure, suuuuuure, that's what they all say." Raine chuckled at Chita's expense after. "Outgoing? Heh, maybe so, maybe so...Well either way-" He looked towards Lumeria after and smiled vaguely at her remark. "Alone? ....That's not quite correct." He said cryptically, playing around with his words as he took another step inside. At that moment though, he came to an abrupt stop, his figure tensing up and his left eye glowing harshly.

A dark mist began to leak out and Raine brought a hand up to cover it. "Tch..." He clicked his tongue at that and looked off towards nowhere in particular, seeming to be gazing past the wall and at something more. The voice in his mind spoke up then.

'Kid, you know what this means, right?'

"...Yeah, one of our markers was just destroyed..." grinning in anticipation, the swordsman glanced at Lumeria and Chita, putting on a stupid, disarming smile. "Heeeeeeey, looks like I'm gonna have to bow out of this one!" He said raising a hand and snapping his fingers. Immediately following that, a dark portal opened behind him.

"Something came up, so...I'll leave you two at it! Keep it clean now, alright? Ahahaha!" And while laughing at his own teasing, he backed away into the portal before turning and walking forward, leaving it to gradually break down and shut behind him.
Lumeria Lumeria's clearly glad to see Raine disappear and hopes the portal leads somewhere far away from here. "So why can't you see me now? Did someone cast Blind on you?" She does her best to hide the concern in her voice. "Pleasant personality? Tell that to my sister." Rue certainly didn't seem to think so. She takes a seat at an empty table making herself comfortable.
Chita With Raine suddenly up and just... leaving, Chita looked completely confused. What just happened? For a moment he thought he saw a flicker of something then it was gone. Was what Maleficent did to him still effecting him? And if that's the case... did that fellow use Darkness in some way? Lumeria could probably see Chita 'staring' at where Raine was before finally letting himself follow along with her.

"I was trying to keep someone safe, and the one whom I was trying to keep them safe from thought it amusing to hurt me to get at the one I was protecting. I... do not well with magic, and I was hit in the face with a powerful fire-like spell. Magical healing did a good bit, but it could not fix it all. I was told that I have almost no scarring, so I am grateful for that. Well, except my eyes."

As he felt along the table and found a chair next to Lumeria, Chita took a seat and turned towards her. "You spoke of your sister before. Perhaps I should meet her sometime? Because she seems to have filled your pretty little head with falsehoods about your good points."
Lumeria "No, you don't need to meet her!" Lumeria waves her arms frantically even if Chita can't see it. She doesn't want her secrets to be revealled. "Things between us are just complicated, that's all." That was certainly one way of putting it. "I see, if magic can't heal them there's not really anything else I can do. So what do you want to eat?" She decides to change the subject.
Chita Chita simply smiled as she panicked and tried to convince him he didn't need to meet her. It really only made him want to meet her all the more. "I see, I see. Well... okay then. It is up to you in the end. And that is correct. I would have felt bad about such anyways, if you could have done something as well. I would feel as if I was simply using you. As for what to eat..."

What DID he want? He thought about it a little before asking, "What do you enjoy? Something without meat or things that come from living creatures. It is a personal choice that I only eat other such things. Fruits, vegetables, breads and such." Even if bread did tend to have eggs and such he didn't have to /taste/ such and most of the time never thought about it. Plus there were even some non-egg breads here and there.
Lumeria "I like sweet things, maybe a fruit salad?" That did sound delicious about now. She didn't have a problem with eating formerly living creatures, but she wasn't up for a huge meal right now either. "Well, there's no reason to walk around blind if you don't have to." If someone did the same to her, she certainly would do everyting in her power to do something about it.
Chita "Sure." And with that the Viera stretched and sat the staff of his across his lap. "I am curious... that boy that was here not long ago, the one who knew you... how did he go about leaving? Something felt strange about it. Magic?"
Lumeria "Yes, it was a magical portal." Lumeria nods at that, "It seems like he wields the power of darkness." She stretches a bit, the chair certainly wasn't the most comfortable surface she's sat on, but it'll do for now. "So who were you protecting anyways?" She's curious to know why he went through all that trouble.
Chita "Fancy that."

If he'd known that, Chita would have pulled him aside to find out how he learned such things. To the question, though, the response was simple. "A woman I know named Avira. She... stupidly charged a powerful magic user named Maleficent. I joined to try and keep Avira from getting her face melted and... in the process wound up the one suffering such a fate." He shook his head a little, but didn't seem angry so much as disappointed.
Lumeria Lumeria gasps a bit at that, does that mean he's on the other side? She's been doing her best to keep a low-profile, but this could lead to problems at some point. On the other hand, if he trusted her that means one less opponent. It was est to try and remain on his good side for as long as possible "You're lucky that your sight is all that you lost."
Chita Hearing the little gasp, Chita cocked his head. "Do you... know one of those two?" His tone seemed curious rather than accusatory. "I am simply curious, you do not have to tell me if such bothers you. I associate with people based upon how they treat me, and others... not who they associate with."
Lumeria "I've heard the name Maleficent before." Lumeria reveals. "And that she's someone you don't want to cross paths with." Well, she's not lying there. Thankfully for her, a waitress delivers her fruit salad just then. She sticks a fork into it before taking a bite.
Chita "Ah... I see. That is a common perception indeed. Would it amuse you to hear that I had actually thought about seeking her out to inquire something of her? I know so little others who are truly powerful and skilled in manipulating the Darkness as it is. There are... things I need to learn. Methods... that can only be taught in such a manner. Then again, she may simply kill me because I /have/ been at best a thorn to her in recent times." As the Waitress comes and sets things down, he adds, "Hard to say indeed what the mind of those such as her think."
Lumeria Yeah, you're speaking to the wrong sister if you're interested in that sort of thing, Lumeria thinks to her self. "I've been researching the power of darkness myself. Just because you're knowledgable about it, doesn't mean you can wield it. And yes, your death seems more much likely than her teaching you anything." Especially if she tried to melt his face off.
Chita Chita nods at that and feels around around with two fingers in his fruit salad before picking up a strawberry and chewing on it idly while he thought. "I am beginning to think that it entirely depends on the strength of ones heart, and their willpower. Which... is precisely why I must learn to control the Darkness. Only by doing such will I be able to prevent a great many lives being needlessly lost. Now... and in the future."
Lumeria "Will you control the darkness, or just create more. Who really knows?" Lumeria knows it's not a power that everyone can handle. "It takes more than a strong heart and will to do so, you have to be able to handle the darkness to begin with." She knows you're not going to get very far if you can't do that much.
Chita "I will do what I have to, and I /will/ succeed in it. I have to. There is no room for self doubt or failure." Using his fingers again, he picks up some more fruit to chew on it. Most would use a fork, but he can't exactly feel with a fork and it'd probably be a mess if he did that. Thus, his long fingers will have to do.

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