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(2013-11-17 - Now)
The Horned King and Helena Celba have a nice conversation about things after Agrias decided to turn her blade upon the helpful female necromancer. Now someone who could have become that of the light-- may get swayed to the dark side full time.
Horned King
After the battle in China, Helena was given the offer to join the Horned King back at his 'humble' of homes. Though this home was an echo of his once former castle out in the dead-lands of his world now swallowed whole by the darkness.

The walls her are old stone and torches light the area. It has that old castle feel still and what can be seen of the outside through window slits, is well, pitch black. Total darkness that may desire to swallow all whole. The spiraling steps though lead around the wall and head downward. The deeper one walks, the darker things get and the less light the torches seem to place out.

Yet no Heartless were in sight, but what Helena may notice as they walk is that the steps are slowly starting to be covered by a very fine layer of mist, though it seems to move out of the way as they walk. As if sentient itself.

Soon as they reach the bottom floor, there is two doors. On that is far larger then the other and two skeletal guards stand by it with heavy plate armor and pole axes at ready. They seem to watch Helena with great interest, but do not move. Where the Horned King does take her however is through the more typical door. Which opens as he walks up to it on its own.

Within this room is maps of the different worlds a few book shelfs with old books, tomes, and scrolls. The room is actually well lighten compared to the hall they were just in and a throne chair sits in the back. Though there is a few tables and some normal chairs. The Horned King then looks over his shoulder to Helena. "Now then.." He turns to face her as he motions with his hand slightly outwardly.

The door can be heard creaking before it closes behind them on its own; or so it seems.

"What is it that has your curiosity interested in the likes of I?"
Helena Celba Helena follows, is easy to confuse her with just another pretty dumb face.

However, those eyes take in everything...the mist with the presence of something dark and powerful...the warriors at the door that watch her with interest...the dark and nearly destroyed castle, the whole is interesting, even if it is not something she would call home.

She sits, where offered, and slowly leans back, crossing her legs slowly one over the other. She does not speak immediately, instead taking the time to gather her thoughts in a well worded statement...

"Easy, you are a master of undeath and Necromancy. I am but a student in such things as it stands. I am looking to increase my knowledge, to become a force to be reconed with in my own right, I feel you have much to teach...but lack a student who is willing to listen." She says, sweetly, "Or perhaps, non-competant enough."

"If you will have me, I would like to offer my services as an apprentance. As you see, I have no love for the misguided masses, or the holy self absorbed. However, I also put forward that my goals are inline with Souji Murasame, apprentance to Garland. As long as his goals are persued...then I can aid to the best of my abilities."
Horned King
The Horned King listens to what Helena has to say. He does not sit in his throne chair. Instead he simple walks over to one of the shelves as she explains her interest in his knowledge. To become a student and that she works for someone under Garland.

How it was all very interesting to the Horned King. The simple fact that this young woman desires to be his student. A student to a being who desires to be a god over all whom are mortal. Though that has always been the key word-- 'mortal'.

"None have ever approached me in the desire to learn," The Horned King states calmly as he then turns to face her. His face hidden by the shadows of his crimson red hood of his robe. "Yet in my times, I also never seen someone use the powers of necromancy to mend the wounds as you have shown."

"Though before I take into consideration your request and perhaps even being slightly educated by you on whom may know some things that even I lack the knowledge of," He then walks to his throne at last, sitting down with simple ease. His finger tap gently together in silent thought before he continues. "Can you honestly find yourself working under someone who desires to become a god? Because the knowledge I can beseech to you, child," He says not with a demeaning tone, but an honest one, "Could tear away your very humanity.."
Helena Celba Helena almost finds herself amused by the question...

It is as if he does not know the depths of her current master's desire...even, to a degree she does not, she assumes his desire to become Chaos is out of obligation, a desire to see through something he was tasked rathert han actual desire, but the difference is lost on her right now. It was her duty to fulfill his desire, at the risk of everything to her...but more than that...

She has been well prepared.

"Necromancy is mastery of undead flesh, but the principles in necromancy can be applied to other degrees...more direct black magic, and in my mimic those of White magic. White magic seeks to restore order onto a system, and return it to it's original state.." she starts, "The flesh, damaged as it is...can be shaped because entropy is applied to it...the key point is to manipulate still living entropy...and manipulate it into a state that is still entropic, but also whole. I don't heal, so much as change damaged flesh into healable undead flesh. The body naturally uses it's own means to restore foreign flesh to it's normal start...the theory and practice is not as easy as you might think, but that's the general applied theory." She says...and then..

"And before I answer your question...let me tell you more about myself.." She says, with a breath, "Your world, I assume it is not all like this place. However, my home was, a barren desolate wasteland, that lived Nightmares. As a young girl, I was forced to survive this land alone, to live by any means necissary. I did so. I stole, I killed...I consumed what I could to survive."

"You see, the facade you see before you now, is simply my tutalige...the ability to put a persona of humanity."
Horned King
The Horned King listens to her explanation and then to her history. His fingers through this whole thing does not tap. They only stayed steepled against one another. He lowers his head a bit in contemplation. "Mm, I see-- and thank you for the explanation." He then lowers his hands onto the arm rests. Those red eyes burn only gently in the shadows like gentle flame of embers of wisps of light.

"I take it then from your history that you then have no concerns with losing yourself and thus then, there is very little for you to fear." The Horned King states with a mild tilt of his head. "Though, something tells me fear is an emotion you have already learned to master-- which will also make teaching you far easier then many other mortals."

"..and because you know the basic principles already-- you would be educated on the more advance forms and some arts of sorcery that co-inside with Necromancy and along side of." His index finger gently taps the arm of the throne in thought. "I see no trouble with educating one of your caliber, but understand-- demonstrations may be called upon and some of these demonstrations might be the very worlds." He then goes to stand up once more. "How deeply do your desire to keep your... friends?"
Helena Celba Helena nods once, "Correct, on both points. I have already died once for my goals, and for those of Souji, I have little concerned with doing so again, if I am weak enough to lose myself, than I am unfit for the power to begin with." She says, sweetly and fluidly, "The morals of right and wrong are for other people, not me."

"The destruction of worlds is also of little consiquence to me...however, I would hope such destruction comes with plans and goals, and not simply wanton destruction for the love of it. Everyone loves a good long painful horrible scaring...but if it farthers nobody's game plan...what is the point? I love heidonsim as much as the next gal..." she shrugs.

"As for friends, those who are true to me are with Souji, and the rest are unimportant as potential threats or minions...or distractions at most." She says, with a small grin.

"I am honored that you at least think so highly of my skill, but the quams of morality are wasted on does not come to this point and have attatchments left.." okay that might be a small lie, but ONE small attatchment is hardly enough to write home about.
Horned King
Horned King listens to what she has to say as he walks back over to one of the book shelves. Looking upon the scrolls that are lined there. His hands behind his back as he seems to be looking for something particular. "I will train you then." He says calmly. "Though I suggest you ask that whom commands you," He then turns to face her. "Souji Murasame. As I have no interest in causing rifts nor inner conflicts." He then turns back to the scrolls.

"Such trivial things are for those who have time against them." He then takes one of the scrolls and walks his way over to her. He then hands the scroll to her. "If he gives you his permission, then you are to sign this with your blood and thus bind yourself under my teachings until such time I release you from them as my student."

Those red eyes are burning a bit brighter. "If his approval comes before Monday Night and this scroll signed. I wish for you to join me, as I plan to continue my assault. Perhaps there you can show me what you already know, so that I may properly know how to further guide you."

Helena Celba She takes the scroll, looking over it for a moment before rolling it up.

"Agreed. I will check with Master Murasame for final permission for this, and sign in blood once his permission is given. If I am...I will be glad to help you, perhaps it might have to come incogneto, perhaps not. My assistance will come in the way I can get away with, or my whim..." she shrugs.

Her dark eyes lock eyes with his glowing red eyes, "But I look forward for the oppertunity to show what I can do..." she smiles.

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