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(2013-11-17 - 2013-11-17)
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Avira Mullonde! The Holy City! Only a true villain would try to desecrate this place! The true villain or the straight-up suicidal.

Avira doesn't really consider herself either but there was always that small unknown factor at play here. Would those of the Church of Glabados care about Baron's bounty? Were they concerned that Avira took the water crystal? Was it really safe for her to be here? (Frankly, it's not safe for Avira to be anywhere but she is no coward and she already knows that hiding doesn't work.)

Nonetheless, as Avira strides through the streets of Mullonde, she is on her guard and paying close attention to her surroundings. Not only does she want to find her ~dear friend~ Morrighan but she wants to stay aware in case she finds herself being accosted. Her presence does not go unnoticed by the locals either. Over a year later since striking out into the world, the short scarred woman had made quite a name for herself.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan had only just gone through her own little ordeal the the day before. Having overcome her dear 'sister', Eir, Faruja, Vohstra, and Shadow had escorted her back to Mullone before the three of them parted to handle their own business, the mission finally over.

After a bit of reporting with various higher ups, the dark elf was finally released to return to her own home after having proved for the nth time that yes, she was back to her old magical glory, if not more. Despite that though, she chose to keep the gun. Hey, it was handy! ...And she couldn't bear to let it go. It had sentimental value.

Leaving the main cathedral, the elven woman was strolling through the streets of Mullonde, intent to get home and flop into her bed for seven hundred years...or an hour or two.

But of course, things never go as planned do they?

As she turned a corner, Morrighan spotted a familiar figure walking up the street she was headed down. "...?" They would cross paths soon, and she arched a brow delicately, curious as to whether or not that was really who she thought it was. Only one way to find out!

"Avira? Is that you?" She asked as their distance lessened, slowing down to a stop.
Avira As Avira turns a corner, she finds herself looking over her shoulder to make eye contact with a group of templars that is watching her. After a few seconds of her sustained gaze, they look away. "Heh, works every ti-"

Avira is not just crossing paths with the dark elf. She's colliding with her! Fortunately, the huntress isn't moving at high enough of a speed that there's any danger of knocking Morrighan over as the elf stands there. Avira seems to realize who it is a little too late before the collision.

She's quick to step backwards and draw herself up before her archrival (?). "Morrighan! Hi! I was hoping to find you here! Word of your doppelganger being around Traverse Town's pretty much stopped."
Morrighan Alazne Thankfully there was no high velocity collision. Morrighan would have been quite miffed about that! Instead, her arms reach out to steady Avira who wound up walking right into her. "Watch where you're going, you gorilla. You could knock someone over!" Despite her words, there was a slight smile on her face.

Avira's revelation that she was hoping to see her caused the elf to tilt her head slightly in confusion. "Looking for me? Whatever for?" How rare for Avira to be looking for her. And not because she had done something outrageous like summon an all powerful fiend! The real reason was much less fantastic.

"Oh, is that so?" She muttered rhetorically, smile widening knowingly. "I think I may know the answer as to why that is..." And to demonstrate, Morrighan raised a hand, finger extended, without seeming to be putting in even an ounce of effort, wind currents began to gather above her finger, forming into a glowing green orb of air.

"That little problem is no more~"
Avira If there was any doubt that this was Morrighan Avira had before faded once she'd called her a gorilla. In spite of that, Avira grins back. "Hello to you too. Anyway I was kind of..."

The woman hesitates for a few moments, struggling to get this little tidbit out. "...worried about you." she finally says, looking just a little embarassed. Hastily she adds, "Because that doppelganger might have got you or something like that Life Dragon fiend tried to." Then again the life dragon had never gone actively looking for Morrighan and was content to remain in the forest, killing people.

Taking a step backwards, she watches as Morrighan calls for a bit of magic-wind magic, Avira immediately recognizes. "It's back!" she exclaims, "So the fiend is gone! That's great! ...for you. Yes."
Morrighan Alazne "You? Worried about /me/?" She asked incredulously. They shared eye contact for a moment. ...Were those sparkles in the air? And then suddenly. "Pffft--Ahahahahahaha!" Morrighan abruptly broke out into a fit of raucous laughter. "O-Oh my! You worried about me! This is rich!" ...And there you have it.

It took a few more seconds for the elven woman to stop dying laughing, but she managed it eventually. Once that bout was over with, she took a deep breath and then straightened back up. The spell she had cast before had dissipated due to lack of control.

"Phew! Well, in any case, I can't completely explain what went through the minds of either of those two. I know that child version of me wanted to gather her own power terrible things with. But the other..." Morrighan paused at this, recalling yesterday. "...She wanted to meet me, but didn't actually come to me. Instead, she relied on rumors and laying subtle clues to create a trail for me to find her instead." Her arms crossed then and she added. "It was quite irritating actually. I, and a few others, finally made it to the end of her trail."

A moment's pause to consider how to put this, and then she spoke further. "She led us to that place called the Farplane if I recall correctly...she used it as a stage to pose her questions and then claim that she would take me in as a part of herself..."
Avira "Oh great." Avira reddens a little more as Morrighan actually starts laughing at her over her concern. "Hey a fiend with your powers is a damn dangerous thing! I remember what you were like when you worked for Baron! A little tyrant!!"

Between Avira's words and Morrighan's laughter, their little meeting now has several onlookers. What could be so darn funny? Templars and priests alike stare for an uncomfortably long time.

"...makes sense to me, really. I've been around you long enough that you like to make people do things /for/ you. And since you're an elf you've got time on your side, time to wait." With that astute observation, she listens as Morrighan brings up the Farplane.

She offers a small smile. "Which clearly didn't happen because you beat her. Good."
Morrighan Alazne Well, Avira was right on the whole time thing. Plus Eir was unfuriatingly like Morrighan to the letter. "Hmph! That was something was like looking in a mirror!" And no, it wasn't pleasant. But that said, she smiled after and nodded. "Yes, I managed to convince her to come back peacefully...after a bout of combat with my escort." The last part was admitted with a careless sort of amusement.

"Regardless, I have my memories and my power back. Garland's little game has been beaten, so I don't believe I need to go looking for anymore fiends." Nodding decidedly to herself, Morrighan than glanced about at all the staring onlookers. "...What? This is hardly a free show! Move on! Shoo! Shoo!" Making shooking motions with her hands, those templar, priests, and passer bys eventually did so out of awkward discomfort.

"Anyway!" The dark elf spoke, turning back to Avira. "Why are you here? Surely not /just/ because you were worried about me now....Pfft--" Morrighan had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing again.
Avira "Hmm, the beatings then befriending strategy." Avira rubs her chin. "I'm glad it worked out." She didn't think Morrighan herself fought. First, it was Morrighan and second, she was completely powerless.

"Good! Now with your powers back, maybe you can help me with that little idea I came up with earlier." Avira points out, referring to the hiding of the water crystal without actually mentioning her recently-stolen acquisition out loud. A good course of action considering the attention that Morrighan just shooed away.

At being picked on again, Avira crosses her arms over her chest and looks up. "N...noooo I was here because I was hoping to do some research too." she says defensively, trying to BS her way out of this embarassment.
Morrighan Alazne "Ah, yes, 'that' little idea..." Morrighan mumbled, rubbing her chin with a hand thoughtfully. "I believe I may be able to assist you with that now." She chuckled at Avira's excuse for being here and just reached out, patting the huntress' head as if she were a child. "How cute~ she's all embarrassed now~"

Massive blow to dignity, detected. "But in all seriousness...How soon do you want me to do this? I can help you, but..." The elven woman made a point of looking around then. She made it seem casual, but Mullonde was a city under the control of the church. There were prying ears and eyes everywhere. "...I imagine this little get together should be held at a more secure location, yes?"
Avira Avira indignantly shoos Morrighan's hand away with one of her own, fluttering her fingers at the elf rather than suffer being patted like a child. "So you'll help then. Good." She actually sounds pretty...relieved about this.

Like she wants to get that water crystal away from her as soon as possible!

"Soon." she breathes out quietly, meeting Morrighan's eyes once she's done the look around. There is understanding. Too many people were listening right now. "I can find us a place where we won't be disturbed."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan nodded then and crossed her arms loosely. "Indeed. Well then, I suppose we should part ways here. I was just on my way home actually." Bringing a hand to her cheek, she smiled in amusement at Avira. "And you need to get back to your.../research/, yes?"

Looking away, the dark elf giggled to herself at the excuse again before adding. "Unless you fancy a cup of tea at the big bad maneating elf's home~?" Well...Avira hadn't been to Morrighan's house, had she? If this was months ago, that'd probably have been wildly unsafe, but now...
Avira Ask Avira a few months ago if she would go into Morrighan's home willingly and she would have had some pretty choice words for the question-asker. These words would likely be masked by animal noises. But now she had nothing to worry about!

This time Avira manages to maintain a mask of dignity in response to the needling about the research. "Well, if you are offering your hospitality." Avira says patiently, "Then I'd be happy to accept since my...research can wait a little bit, can't it?"

She's clearly still trying to recover from the embarassment! Her face, at least, isn't as red anymore.
Morrighan Alazne "Yes, of course. Though I suppose I shouldn't take up too much of your precious 'research' time, now...pfft--ehehe~" Chuckling at it all over again, Morrighan turned and lead the way, walking through the streets of Mullonde till they they arrived at a residential block in the southern end of the city.

Passing by several private houses, Morrighan eventually came to a stop in front of her own. It was small and modest, painted a cream color with red roofing. At least those fool workers were capable of doing something right!

Taking in the sight of her house for a moment, she then produced a key and approached the front door, opening it up and then stepping inside. "And here we are." The front door opened up into a small foyer. Stairs leading up were dead ahead along with a hallway leading back to a kitchen. On on the left was a doorway leading to a living room with a couch and such, and the right area seemed to be unused if various boxes and random trinkets placed about were any indication.

"Come in. Have a seat. I'll prepare the tea."
Avira The woman's cheeks puff a little in annoyance. "For your information, I do a lot of reading and research in my spare time. From my original world, magic wasn't much of a thing! ...well a...common...thing at least." She follows along after Morrighan, easily keeping pace with the tall elf.

Curiously, she looks at Morrighan's house from the outside, perhaps with a little bit of surprise since she thought it would be much more extravagant, much like Morrighan's dresses. "This is all yours, is it?"

She couldn't imagine Morrighan having roommates. "Pretty nice." she notes, turning into the living room and settling on the couch. She unbuckles her weapon belt and shield from behind her, setting them both aside.
Morrighan Alazne "Yes, this is mine. Granted, the church set it aside for me. One of the many things they did to keep me in their service." She rolled her eyes at that and moved on to the kitchen, taking the time to prepare the tea. After a few minutes and the assistance of some magic, the tea was prepared and a tray with the pot and a pair of cups was brought out to the living room.

"Now then..." She spoke amicably, setting the tray down onto the living room coffee table before having a seat next to Avira. "With yourself on the run because of your genius idea, what happened to that little group you were running? ...VALKRI was it?"
Avira "Hey, they're at least smarter than Baron, right? And you get your own house. You don't have to share a room in a castle! Or barracks. Or wherever they had you sleeping." Avira gestures with a hand and refrains from ending her sentence 'like with Baigan' despite how tempting it is. There was no fun in teasing Morrighan without witnesses anyway.

Once the tea has been placed and Morrighan has taken her seat, she takes one of the offered cups. "VALKYRI is still around, taking jobs when they can. None of them have really reported anyone giving them trouble because of the bounty-at least, not when I'm there. I did have some hunters show up the other week but they ran off because we outnumbered them."

She sips her tea, "We have a secondary base that's semi-secret...and of course, the likes of Angantyr with us, so both together means we don't get as much trouble as we should. Baron doesn't seem to be putting all that much effort into finding me, which is perfectly fine by me! Still, I can't and really shouldn't hold onto that crystal forever."
Morrighan Alazne "I suppose. Though I did have my own room back at the castle." It was quite extravagant actually...not that anyone had been in it other than Baigan and Kaydin. ...No jokes! She took her own cup of tea and had a sip meanwhile, listening as Avira explained the state of VALKRI.

%t "I see. And to think I was almost of a member of that band of misfits at some point..." She rolled her eyes and looked away, glancing at the nearby window. "I still recall that time you kidnapped me." She sighed a little, amused at past memories for a bit.

"Oh, so you're not staying in Traverse Town. ...Well, I suppose that would have been too obvious. ...Like that time your detective friends had me holed up in their base. That hunter fool just came knocking on the front door." She pauses to have a sip of her tea. "...Yes, I suppose I should hide that crystal soon. I can't imagine it is any fun keeping hold of that forever, yes."
Avira "Turnabout is fair play." Avira says innocently, "Though I suppose that wasn't exactly a good recruitment strategy. In light of all that happened and this here..." she gestures at Morrighan's house, "I don't think you would have gotten along with us so well anyway. So maybe it was for the best, you know?"

Avira shudders, picturing Morrighan in the Gummi Ship Camp. Complaining. Whining. Making endless snide comments about the camp's conditions. She would have gone grazy!

A laugh escapes her. "Yes, exactly. Everyone knows about VALKYRI's Traverse Town office. It's been attacked multiple times in the past. Staying there would be asking for trouble." Yes! Avira and the TDA. Learning from their past mistakes. The detectives hadn't given any indication as to Avira's whereabouts either.

"The has been whispering to me lately." Avira says quietly, sounding a touch disturbed. "It whispers some pretty awful things."
Morrighan Alazne "Of course." Trying to imagine all of the ridiculous adventures they likely went on, Morrighan could hardly picture herself among them. "You're right. Hardly would I be the type to go plodding through mountains, forests, and deserts, if I can help it." And of course, that was admitted quite shamelessly.

Leaving the obviousness of the Traverse Town subject aside, Morrighan focused on the last bit. "Oh? Whispering?" Well that was new. "Admittedly, I have never gotten close to the water crystal, so I have little experience with it in any reall tangible way, but...hmn." She rubbed her chin for a bit before asking. "...What has it been saying?"
Avira "Yeah, at least one of the main tenants of VALKYRI is the willingness to travel. A lot. To be honest, our Headquarters in Traverse Town is more like...well, a free place to spend the night in when we're in town." Avira points out. She doesn't sound the least bit sorry about this either, even if it means that Morrighan would never join VALKYRI.

"Well it..." she hesitates, "It says things about me...about the people I know. It keeps telling me that my light is gone. That I wasn't...worthy."
Morrighan Alazne Nor did Morrighan seem sorry that she would never join VALKRI. Different paths. There was no shame in that. She nodded and let the subject pass as mention of the crystals came up again. "...How unnerving. Your light is gone? You're unworthy?"

She set her cup into her lap then, keeping hold of it while bringing a finger to her cheek thoughtfully. "...What do you propose it means?" Eyes narrowing mischievously, she then added. "Have you and that detective fellow been crossing a few too many lines now, hm~?" And that's the sound of all the tension flying out the window.
Avira Different paths indeed. And now Avira didn't feel like she was competing with the Shard Seekers for potential members! Everyone wins!

"I think I might know." Avira says at first before Morrighan's little addition. After that, though, she turns bright red again, "N-no! Mercade and I haven't...I've...uh..." she just kind of trails off looking embarassed at blurting that out-to Morrighan no less. Desperately, she tries to recover her dignity. "It has to deal with the Manhattan business. The light in my heart became Manhattan's new world heart. It was about that business you ran into when you visited Seith that one time in his dungeon and found /me/ there."

She stares down into the teacup. "I don't know why it's talking to me like this but I'm not sure I can take it anymore."
Morrighan Alazne "Ah, I see. How boring." Morrighan mumbled in faux disappointment, she smiled after, forever entertained with Avira's embarrassment. But this was a serious discussion. Or well, it should have been. "Ohhhh, that time." She mused after, nodding to herself. "...I should pay that Seith a visit. With my powers returned, I can just dark portal straight into their base."

A pause.

"That is...if I weren't essentially excommunicated." That last part was uttered with absolutely zero care at all. "Though I doubt that man cares about what Garland thinks. Nevertheless~" The elven woman shrugged airily and moved on. "If it's bothering you that much then I suppose it would be more prudent to seal this crystal sooner rather than later."

Finishing her tea, Morrighan set the cup back down onto the tray and glanced at her company. "I can leave with you, if that is permissible, and perform the sealing right away." She brought a hand to the side of her face and looked away then. "Though I've no doubts that I would be repulsed by your no doubt shabby hideout~"
Avira "You keep that between us, okay?" Avira adds, just as hastily.

Her embarassment does not fade easily but she seems to be able to focus on the important reason for their chat. "Honestly, Morrighan, do you want to be turned into a bunch of fiends and an amnesiac again? At least try to be a little more careful! You never know which one of them might turn on you."

Avira sets her empty teacup down on the tray. "Oh, no doubt you will complain a lot about our campsite. But this is important, so please, let's leave as soon as possible."
Morrighan Alazne "Indeed, but alas. It must be done." Morrighan sighed lightly and stood, picking up the tray as well. "Right then, allow me to put this away, and we can head out. Do get ready in the meantime" Leaving it at that, Morrighan shuffled past and headed back into the kitchen.

A minute or two of clinking drinkware and soon she was returning, arms crossed. "Ready to depart?" She asked, apparently needing to prepare nothing for herself.
Avira "I pretty much am ready to roll." Avira says as she stands. She hadn't made any prior plans to stay in an inn or anything. This whole city gave her a sense of unease anyway and she couldn't really put her finger on why. She'd written it off earlier as her own general nervousness over being a wanted woman.

"I came here via airship. To get to our camp, we'll either need to go on foot or rent a chocobo or something. I reccomend chocobos."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh boy. Chocobos." Morrighan grumbled as she turned and headed for the front door again. "My favorite things in the world. So large and loud and greedy and smelly. Just what I've always wanted. Chocobos." ...This is was what Avira was going to have to deal with, then perhaps she should reconsider this whole deal.

Or not. They were already out the door, locking it before heading off. "Let's make this journey as quick as possible. I do so abhor those feathery creatures."
Avira The way Avira looks at it is she could endure Morrighan complaining for a few hours...or she could endure who knows how long with the water crystal whispering unpleasant things in her head.

She'll have to put up with Morrighan for a little while!

"Well, you could always ride with me on my giant beetle." Avira offers. "Herbie is large but not greedy or smelly." She walks quickly, heading for that airship port since a roadtrip with Morrighan isn't /exactly/ her idea of a good time.
Morrighan Alazne "A giant BEETLE!?" Morrighan balked, giving Avira an incredulous stare.

And so it would go on like this for quite a while.

Good luck, Avira!

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