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(2013-11-15 - Now)
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Faruja Senra After the railing given to him by one Bishop Jaren, Faruja Senra is in a terrible mood. Slumping down into a seat at Lindblum's best working-class pub, the rat lets out a heavy sigh. The rotund bartender raises a brow. The rat looks terrible.

"Alright. Spill it. Women problems?" Bartender knows that look.

Faruja lets out a bitter chuckle. "/That/ is one of the few things going quite swimmingly in my life. Work."

A small nod from the Bartender, and he plunks down a large ale from the tap. "On the house. Bosses are arses. Universal rule."
Echo There is a curiously new face joining the others at the bar, though this one might not be expected as it's a female. Echo awaited to be seen to by the keep, eyes trailing over to Faruja after a few moments.

"Something the matter?" she asked in a melodic, but low feminine tone, her yellow eyes trailing over the rat's face down to his nape and then the rest of him. She hasn't taken a seat yet, though it looks like she is moving to take one soon enough.
Faruja Senra The knight turns his head as a voice greets his ears. Turning, he dredges up a half-smile onto his face, though it looks about as fragile as china. "Good 'morn, M'Lady, and Lord bless thee. Ahh, naught but the troubles of the mortal world. Work problems. Superior is rather displeased, shall we say." Shrug. Here, at least, he can count on most of it's inhabitant's discretion. Who knows about this bat, however!

Standing, mug in hand, he offers a slight bow. "Please, sit. Temple Knight Faruja Senra, M'Lady, at thy service."
Echo "I see, I see..." the bat nodded a little and looked down, sliding into the seat next to him, more of a slide onto though, as she kept her legs together due to the dress she wore.

"Very nice of you, though you may sit too if you wish," she grinned a little, gesturing to him to sit next to her perhaps, if he was able.

"My name's Echo, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Temple Knight," she grinned a little, the ivory tips of her fangs visible over those pinkish red lips of hers.
Faruja Senra Faruja has the good manners to look her in the eyes, as much as possible. Being short has its disadvantages, taller women being a rather embarrassing thing for the short rat. Luckily, the height difference between the two is relatively small. That /is/ one pretty dress attached to a pretty batess, however. He keeps his glances polite, though those fangs certainly draw in his eye. A shiver runs through him, remembering what such fangs did to a few guardsmen thanks to one Inquisitor Ophelia.

"'Tis polite to allow a Lady to be seated first." Responds the rat, sitting beside her. Faruja's usual sipping is more of a chug tonight. Half of the mug of ale is gone in a blink.

"Well met, Lady Echo. Traveler, mayhaps? You are new to this fine establishment." It's a statement. As a regular, one tends to get used to sorts that find their way here, and Echo is certainly out of the ordinary. Then, he smiles. "Ye shan't find a better bar in all of Lindblum, no matter what it's patrons may seem as!" This statement gets a few guffaws, and a napkin or two thrown at the rat, several taunts spat his way. Faruja responds in kind, at least until the bartender glares down at all of them. He mutters something about kids not growing up. It all seems to be good natured ribbing.

"Enjoying the city, I hope, at the least. Business? Pleasure?" Eager to distract himself, he focuses on his new drinking companion.
Echo Her sandaled feet hanging below her against the stool, Echo smiled more gently as the man continued, gently nodding her heads during his speech to show her affirmation. She shakes her head a little.

"I always travel, I had been in Port Royal until a few days ago," she looked about the barroom, grinning a little at the reaction Faruja gets.

"I do everything for pleasure, my dear Senra," she seemed somewhat intense just then, her eyes watching him with a less polite and more playful grin then, waving a white furred hand dismissively.
Faruja Senra A movie quote floats into Faruja's head, something about scum and villainy, but he doesn't mention it.

"An interesting little town. The 'haves' and 'have-nots' put on stark display. I pray this town is more pleasing." The rat may be a little bit biased.

Faruja goes quiet a moment, raising his mug to his muzzle. A sharp eye might note some red lurking in his ears, mind wandering a moment. Chiding himself inwardly, by the time he puts down his mug, he's all smiles. If slightly flushed.

"No doubt, no doubt! Best to enjoy one's life, hmm? For 'tis a gift most Divine indeed!" Several of the patrons decide to issue cat-calls. Faruja glares.

"Now, now! Be /polite/, Sers!" It seems Faruja still has a spear lodged beneath his tail after all.
Echo "Err, well I was just heading there that way to look at... an antique, one that unfortunately didn't make it," Echo clucked her tongue a little at that displeasing memory, though she seemed to get over things quickly. She does seem amused by his gentlemanly behavior at yelling at the more rowdy patrons, nodding a little.

"Well, I hadn't meant it to sound exactly like that, but what I meant was I am a very... calm person, I go where I wish and do what I fancy," she pauses before looking up a little.

"I guess you could call me a traveling magician, but less of the pulling a rabbit out of a hat and flashy costumes sort."
Faruja Senra Mutter mumble. "Lovable, but ruffians all the same." States the rat in a low, exasperated, but fond voice. He wouldn't know what to do without such down to earth people, so different from himself. It's refreshing.

"A shame, that! No doubt many strange things flow through that port, given the state of the worlds. May I suggest...if you can stand the smell of Yevonite scum...checking in at Port Luca?" Offers the rat.

Faruja nods several times in agreement. "Most certainly! Hardly do I mean to imply that you are anything less than an upright, outstanding Lady of class and taste."

"Layin' it on a bit thick there, runt?" calls a deep voice from a back table. Faruja almost makes an obscene gesture, before remembering the Lady. "Do not make me come back there, Wilhelm!"

A magician! "A /proper/ magician. Then I suppose this 'antique' of yours is naught mere furniture."
Echo "Hmm, perhaps... Yevonites?" Echo seems to not understand that part, though it doesn't seem to bother her exactly. The femmebat shifts her legs to cross them lightly, relaxing back in the chair. That grin of hers returns as he has that exchange with the other man.

"No need to come to blows on my account--no, not furniture, a scrying device," is the most of what Echo explains about it, still grinning a little.

"Proper, maybe--outstanding yes? Taste?" her eyes roved over Faruja again a little, a low chuckle rolling out of her. "Well, we can always find out."
Faruja Senra "Now ya did it!" Calls out a voice from the crowd. Faruja's too worked up to notice. "Naught but a pack of Godless heathens! They worship /Espers/! Holy servants of Faram or nay, 'tis idolatry! And from the rumors, their sins hath wrought a most horrid beast upon them, though it lay dorment now. No doubt due to the piety of the Holy Church, and it's /true/ works!" His chest puffs up. The bartender's eyes roll, and supplies the rat with more booze.

Chug chug. The rat is soon leaning lightly in his seat, given the amount he's drinking. Probably unhealthy, given his small stature.

"..A scrying device. Mmm, why, the Lady hath good taste indeed. Most useful. Should you ever come across such...well, certainly I could make an offer far beyond it's value to you." A charming smile floats to his muzzle. Being able to spy on his enemies would certainly help his poor work review.

All of that confidence floats away, alcohol-laden brain not quite able to stop the full-face blush that now burns. After a moment, he manages a smile. Reaching out, taking the hand of the batess, he kisses it gently. "My dear, sweet Lady, were it that I could! For thy beauty abounds, and thy tongue most sweet to the ear! However, my heart and soul belongs to another." Is the gentle let down, though perhaps his buzzed head is overthinking things! Hopefully there won't be a slap soon!
Echo The femmebat seems quite... taken back by the rat's sudden zealotry, not that she's offended mind. She bats her eyelashes (hurr, pardon the pun) a bit, before settling back in the stool, canting her head to the side.

"Pardon if I've offended you at all, sir," she sounded a good bit more curteous with her tone than the idle and playful sort she'd been used to using. She does however watch the mouse as he drinks heavily at that, brow raised.
"Something like that, though did not expect you to approve of such, does your church not frown upon such things?" she seemed interested perhaps at that, might there be some kind of union to be had here..? The sudden hand kissing however brings that playful grin back.

"Oh my, Sir Senra," she giggled. She doesn't seem to mind the fact he suddenly mentions that he's taken either. "I will keep my distance," she replied slyly.
Faruja Senra "Hardly, M'Lady, 'tis not /thyself/ that offends!" His voice slowly lowers from it's zealous tone, the Burmecian taking a few more chugs for good measure.

"Now, now, hardly do I suggest watching every Ser or Lady while they go about their day! It is a tool, nothing more. To peer upon the armies who use the fell Heartless to achieve their evil aims, to know where the thief who seeks to steal a holy relic, to find the murderer's whereabouts after he has cruelly slain an innocent! 'Tis all in the application, and I assure thee, I shan't use it to evil ends. There is certainly some debate about such methods, but 'tis naught my place to comment upon. I merely seek to use that which is at my disposal to right the wrongs in these worlds."

Ahh, such a pretty giggle! It's thanks to the wolfess herself that he can even appreciate it. He's /definitely/ going to hug and slather romance upon poor Hati tonight!

"Truly, I see I have not misjudged thee, my dear! Even so, I should like to get to know thee, and mayhaps count thee amongst such fine friends as are gathered here! To life, and all the joys that comes with it!" Raising his mug, several joining him in the toast.
Echo "Ah well yes, I did not have it for just spying on people in their bedrooms," Echo smiled a little at that lightly. "There is one quite a bit more one can do with a magical device than idly mischief," she nodded, looking over at the mug the mouse was drinking from which had gotten pretty light assumedly thanks to his overzealous (pardon the pun again) drinking.

"Do be careful with how much you drink however sir, I think you might require someone to walk with you as you head home this evening... just in case," she nodded a bit, perhaps not wanting the rat to fall to ill in such an intoxicated state?
Faruja Senra Faruja's nose bleeds a bit at the suggestion. Turning to the bat fully, he looks somewhere between scandalized and embarrassed. Trying to laugh it off, he wobbles visibly in his seat. Yup, it's going to be cold shower night for the Burmecian.

Both cup and Burmecian seem about quite done for, the Barkeeper smoothly cutting off the nezumi. The mention of escorting him home gets a nod from the man. She doesn't /look/ like the thieving type.

Up the rat stands, raising a finger. "Nay, nay, I shan't trouble such a fine Lady as thyself with my..." Tumble! One leg goes over the other, and the rat-knight is heading right for Echo. HOpefully she can catch him!

"...Mayhaps you are correct, M'Lady. Lord bless your kind heart." Mutters the rat in defeat.

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