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China Syndrome
(2013-11-14 - Now)
Chinese Countryside is a beautiful place. Yet on this day, something dark has come to visit this place of beauty and taint it with his own form of darkness.
Horned King
Greenery, beauty, hills, trees, and large mountains. Beauty is the Chinese Countryside. Home of the mighty Chinese military but plagued by the battle with troubling outsiders. The mighty wall of China however protects the people within, yet-- who protects those outside?

Dark clouds have been looming high above. Lightning strikes roam from cloud to cloud. The wind slowly starts to howl. Some hunters sitting outside, slowly glance up at the strange storm that has appeared from no where. They study the cloud formations, ignoring their pots that clank gently as the wind howls by.

Soon a Lightning strike slams down near them and dances there in place. This causes the two hunters to jump back and one of them trying to scramble to his feet. Soon the lightning strike pulls away before it slams back down again. This time the shadow roams from the lightning strike, as a swirl of flames twirls around before a figure rises from the very shadows and takes a slow, steady step forward.

The blood red robes come into view. The antler like horns that rise from the hood. Black clawed fingers that easy flex gently as the figure walks. The cape made of wolf fur barely moves from the wind current that roams around the camp.

The figure then places out his hands and a green mist flows from his hands. It slowly roams down from his yellow-like undead skin, before roaming to the ground. The very grass starting to wither away as the mist slowly creeps around the camp site like a living force. Where the mist roams, life withers aways. Slowly though does it snake toward the two hunters.

Soon the figure peers at the two men who pull out their blades, with their hands shaking. Red eyes gently glow out from the hood's darkness. "I give you a choice, mortal men.." He then extends out his index finger at the two. " may either show me to your kingdom.. or I will wither the answer from you.."

One of the hunters then tries to run and the the figures eyes glow brightly before he swings out his arm. The ground shakes suddenly as the earth suddenly lifts up and knocks the very man over. "I only really need one.. perhaps a demonstration is in order?"
Aerith Yet before he'd even come near the gates, a path of destruction had already been carved.

A woman with chestnut brown hair and a pink ribbon in her hair, clad mostly in denim, touched a hand to the ground and closed her eyes, her face a mask of grim concentration. She'd heard the rumors, that something much like Shinra's actions had been taking place here.

Her eyes opened, features twisted into a visage of mourning. "I can't feel anything..." She stood and turned toward the mounting storm clouds. "Something is killing this place, and quickly."

Her eyes narrowed as she made her way toward the dark clouds, just near the walled city. "Not even a whimper of pain, just... nothing." She began to pick up the pace, yet seemed fine with a walk. She would come into contact with the one responsible, eventually.
Agrias Oaks Agrias has taken to traveling alone of late, often wandering away from the Braves when they paused in any one place, always looking for information regarding her missing princess. It's been a futile search, over and over, but the Knight has yet to give up.
Mounted atop a yellow-feathered chocobo, Agrias has been riding through the countryside and upon noticing the lightning strikes and strange storm, she's begun heading further into the area, following the lightning. The knight's armor gleams in the flashing lights. Her thick braid and blue tabard lift and sway in the howling wind, her sword bouncing at her left hip as she rides.
Spying the camp in the distant flash of a lightning strike, the Holy Knight adjusts her path, guiding her mount that direction, the bird warbling loudly as the storm rages.
Myla Mason Myla Mason had been left changed by an incident for so far as she knows forever, until she can find the demi human who did this and make her well? /fix/ it. Still she's has manage to make use of it the lack of sleep has let her work on her projects a lot more, she'd been out testing the limits of her altered form, however the whole sudden sense of something wrong had drawn her attention.

She does not know what's going on but something bad does seem to be going down. She comes across quite the site she didn't expect.

As for what's happened to Myla? Well she's made of metal, her exposed body parts are silver, still smooth like flesh but clearly mechanical there are doll like joints viable on her knees, hand, and just about everyone join one might see, her eyes are clearly mechanical as well glowing gold rather noticeably and her hair is still braided like before but it's made up of what might be computer connection cables given the data jacks on the end of said cabling. She seems to be some sort of robot or gynoid but she's a little bit more distracted by there being something wrong here.

She follows up the woman on the chocobo who seems to have the same idea and she breaks into a sprint keeping up with her and the bird easily enough though the storm does worry her after all she's metal.
Horned King
The hunters stare at the necromancer lord. However just as he was about to perhaps claim one for his own purpose. That is when he hears the sound of the chocobo in the distance. He glances over his shoulders and narrows his eyes. "I see.."

He then turns to face the two. He raises up his hand and lightning bolt surges from his finger tips and strikes one of the hunters. The electricity surges through them before they fade to nothing but ash on the ground to be picked up by the wind. He then swings his other hand around and lifts up the hunter into the air by sheer magic alone. A dark crystal forms around him, freezing him in place up there. Indeed sorcery was just at work there before the lich turned around to face the coming heroes.

Those red eyes gently stared out from the shadows. The wind rolled around him as he lifts up his fingers and then waves his hand upward. His form lifts up into the air as a dark wave of magical energy rushes outward in an explosion. This was followed by another rolling explosion of dark magic attempting to hold them all in place for a moment.

"I do not take kindly to interruptions." The horned figure states with a cold gaze and his words just as cold. "..and you will not stop my progress." Then he extends out his fingers once more. An electrical charges surges around his hand before suddenly a bolt of electricity spikes out in all directions.
Aerith For a brief moment, Aerith glared at the... thing... as he began to speak. All the while, she felt the air around her bristle with magic, and simply waited for him to finish.

A split second later, said magic came alive. But all she had to do was not be where the attack was, and so she leapt upward as bolts of lightning struck outward. The blast only lasted a few seconds, and ended just as she landed. "I don't know what you are. Frankly, I don't care. You're killing everything within a five mile radius with every step you take." She continued to move forward, the materia in her bracelets flaring beneath the sleeves of her denim jacket. "It ends now."

A sphere of pale green forms around herself and the one behind her. No need for names yet, she was here to help. At least, Aerith hoped so.
Agrias Oaks Nearing the camp, Agrias can start to make out some of the shapes around it, her features draw into a scowl as she sees the lightning bolts, clearly not coming from the sky, and seemingly aimed at the figures of other people. And then the air surges with magical power.
The knight draws and lifts her sword in response, shouting, "Absorb power in the sky and strike! Lightning Stab!" Even as the necromancer's electrical charge blasts towards her, Agrias' blade crackles with energy and launches into the sky. As the attack hits her, the blonde Holy Knight is toppled from her mount's saddle, rolling along the ground while the darkened sky crackles and then a bolt of lightning in the shape of a sword's blade crackles down to slam into the ground near the opponent.
Remaining on one knee for a moment, Agrias bows her head in prayer, a brief flicker of holy energy visible and then she blinks, looking up towards Aerith when she notices the magic settling about her. The knight inclines her head to the other woman and then she's rising from her crouch and running forward with her sword held at an angle outwards from her body.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is caught in the spell she does not do so well nay. Also lightning it's a new sort of pain for her it hurts in a way she has problems desicbing but damn it's painful the cold doesn't bother her so much as she brings up one arm as she recovers and it transforms shifing into a blade which seems to be vibarting slightly she lets out a distorited and robotic cry a she charges at the unknown magic user. She's not a happy lady regardless of what she is.
Horned King
Holy magic. Curious and troublesome. Is the only thing that comes to the Horned King's mind as Aerith cast her protective spells and the Knight cures themselves. The lightning blade also sent by to strike the horned figure seems to have little effect on his floating form. It strikes his body, but the electrical energy is rolled into a ball in his finger tips.

"That tickled." he says calmly, before he gazes at Agrias. "Though a pleasant try." He then casts what remains of the magic electricity that came from her attack off to the side. It was easy to tell though while he held it, it actually /did/ burn his hand as smoke rises form it.

Yet the magic trick from Agrias was enough of a distraction that when Myla comes running in with her robotic war cry. Those red eyes glance over. He attempts to side step in the air in time, however the blade swings by, cutting across part of his robe and scathing across part of his upper arm. Yet what comes with the blade is not blood-- nor what drips to the ground (which only seems to drain more life from what plants were living), but rather a black substance, that is a tad thicker then blood.

His hands reared back, as magical swirled around his fingers, He blasts out waves of dark magic across the field, to slam through them like ghostly needles into their very soul and then with a hard pull of his hands, goes to rip away their defenses, while weakening their souls to his very magic.
Aerith Aerith grimaced as her magical defenses flickered, and then shattered like so much glass. She didn't care, simply continued to move forward. He'd wasted a maneuver, giving her plenty of time to prepare her response. She didn't quite have holy magic... yet. But she did have something that would suffice.

Aerith's materia flared yet again, and she extended her right hand toward him. "Burn, defiler." Spheres of fire lanced out toward the creature, aiming to damage and punish. No one deserved what he was doing... not even the ones she considered her adversaries.
Agrias Oaks Agrias scowls as the man seemingly catches electrical energy, and then her gaze flicks to Myla as the girl charges the necromancer. The Knight continues closer, but doesn't quite move close enough to engage in direct melee with the thing. Glancing back at Aerith, the Holy Knight shifts her position. While not moving directly between Aerith and the Horned King, so as to not block the woman's vision, Agrias does place herself so that she can hopefully put herself between them should it be needed.
As the black magic lashes out and tears away the magical shield she'd been granted and then tries to weaken her, the blonde knight lifts her sword straight into the air, the blade gleaming with bright light which then washes over her as she shouts, "Your taint shall not affect me, shadow! You will be destroyed!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is locked in close combat with the Hornded king unaware of what his is other than very powerful. She does not know he is the living negative sterotype, of nercomancers. For the moment she's blasted yet again and still does not feel very good. She clearly still has a soul. She is tracking the others miovment.

"...I had enough of this."

She falls back abit and starts to bring up he rother arm where her fingers morph into barrels and start shooting spell blasts at the Horned king.
Horned King
The flames were thrown at him and he raised up his arm. The fires washed over his form. They covered his body. Yet no screams were had. No cries of pain. Only the burning fires slowly turned into dark blue flames before fizzling out. Leaving smoke rising from his form and the material slightly burned, along with parts of the skin underneath slightly charred by the very fire.

Those red eyes glowing from the darkness of the hood slowly peering over to Aerith and thanks to a few flames still dieing out, his face hidden by the hood was lighten. A face of the undead, with barely no skinning holding on. Those upper canines sharp and those eyes in the light of the flame showing just how deep the dark arts goes.

This man was indeed a Lich.

"I am hardly a shadow." Says the Horned King to Agrias. "..because a shadow can not break you."

Then as Myla decies to open fire with her mystical pistols. The flames are reignited and the Horned King's eyes become balefully bright crimson red as he extends his hands out. Ignoring the flames that lick around his form and try to tear away at whatever flesh may remain that the flames can touch.

The Lightning strikes across the sky. Thunder roars with a heavy clash as sudden the wind begins to pick up. He rises up his hands into the air and the wind starts to rush around everyone. Swirling as Lightning strikes into the very wind, lightning the darkening the countryside. Soon cyclones form the wind that attempt to lift up everyone off their feet, as the Horned King touches his feet on the ground. Then slashes his arms across the air lightning then streaks across the sky.

It strikes for all caught in the wind cyclone, not once or twice. But a long sustain blow before releasing them and allowing them to be flung across the battlefield.
Aerith And then, they all got hit with the storm itself.

Honestly, she should have seen it coming, but never mind. It served as an adequate warning as to what he was capable of. Aerith and the others flew haphazardly through the air, knocked to the ground several feet away. Yet somehow, she managed to stand up and shake herself off. For all that might, it was only wind... and so far, nothing was broken. She'd feel a lot of this in the morning, but never mind. For the moment, she was alive, and so was everyone else.

It was time to stop messing around, then.

Aerith took in a breath and called out to the others fighting with her, few as they were. "Rally on me! We need to coordinate, now!" It wasn't long before healing magic washed over everyone involved, as if the spell itself were to bolster the rallying cry.
Agrias Oaks Picked up by the howling wind and battered by the strikes of lightning, Agrias hits the ground in a tumble of leather and metal, and it takes her a moment to stir. Her braid has come undone by now, and her armor is streaked with char marks from the bolts and dirt from skidding across the ground. She's managed to hold onto her sword however, the blade held out at her side. Aerith's rush of healing energy causes the Holy Knight to grunt, and the blonde woman begins to stir, pushing to her hands and knees, her voice murmuring a prayer which turns to a ragged shout as she staggers to her feet, "Worse than you have tried, cretin!" Agrias' free hand comes up, balled into a fist and pressed to her chest, her body glowing with holy energy for a moment before she begins to back warily towards Aerith, a glance given to the woman to make sure she's alright, and then towards Myla as well.
Myla Mason Myla Mason does see the man is a lich, he is undead, where is Helena? She whishes that she's was here, she might have a better idea of how to stop the Lich. For now her hands morphs back to normal and she moves in to not attack no. She brings up a barrier before the powerful magic is brought against her. However the barrier is not enough to stop the spell She's cuaght in the wind slammed about and then comes the pain. She slams into the ground and is asparking now somehow the magic heals her, and she kicks in some self repair functions but it's not enough she needs to recover some more or she's pretty much screwed.
Horned King
"Admirable." The Horned King states with a cold tone in his voice. He has yet to show any real display of emotion in his voice. If anything through this battle he has remained rather calm, but even with the fires still flickering over his form, he does not seem to be showing his pain. "..Admirable.. but hardly not enough to save you from the fate you have walked upon."

The man is still up in that crystal. He seems to be-- slowly aging now? No. His very life was slowly being robbed from him.

The Horned King then raises up his arms and dark tendrils reach from the ground right at the others. He uses these to sling himself into the air as the tendrils try to yank his targets face first into the very ground. He places up his hand and then casts another spell followed by another summoning of a lighting bolt as he twirls around and unleashes it outward at the group.
Aerith Aerith took in a deep breath. "Listen to me, both of you." She glared at the undead figure. "Whatever this thing is, it's not going to sit there and let us play this out. We're going to do this quick and dirty, and it'll be very, very messy if anything goes sideways." She glanced toward Agrias. "I want you to go full bore at him. Everything you can throw, throw it." She turned toward the robot, who seemed to have a mind of her own. "You're going to stay back and fire whatever you can at him. I don't care what it is, pester him." She glanced at the creature again. "We need to keep each other covered with whatever healing we can. Can't just focus on ourselves anymore. Agreed?"

Without waiting for an answer, the crystals in Aerith's bangles flare up again, and the other two would feel their joints loosen, their muscles uncoil. Response time, agility, anything that had to do with speed was increased.
Agrias Oaks Another attack, the tendrils grasp at Agrias and tug, and while it hurts, she does manage to resist hitting the ground face first. The following bolt of lightning strikes home too, drawing a grunt of pain from the blonde knight.

Hissing out a breath, Agrias glances to Aerith and inclines her head to the brunette woman, "Here goes then." Twirling her sword briefly, Agrias angles it across her body, the blade beginning to gleam as she shouts towards the beast, "Your power is fleeting, beast! You will fade away like the countless other shadows that haave been banished by holy light! Absorb power in the sky and strike! Lightning stab!" As the knight's voice howls, the dark sky begins to crackle with more and more lightning, bolts striking the ground in a flashing pattern which quickly dances towards the Lich.
Myla Mason Myla Mason HUD is showing a lot of warning at this time. She looks at the Horned King but says nothihng. Why? Because she's too busy on charging a weapon there's a glow coming from hwr as she shiefs back and arms rise up morphing into a strange forma nd water starts to form about her in a huge sphere she rises up into the air and then unleqahses the water blast even as the lightning comes at her.

She brings the water against The Horned King and keeps it comming a torrent of water focused all at him. She doesn't question her magic working given what has happene she's just glad it really does work still.
Horned King
Aerith seems to be acting as the leader of this fine group and that gets the Horned King's attention. He raises an eye ridge at this before chuckling softly at what seems to be an attempt to withstand his might. He had learned his lesson from last time. He had no plans to give any room for error this time.

When Agrias comes to bring her power to bare, the sword is swung down and the lightning swords come crashing down. The Horned King raised up his hand a magic barrier forms before him and the lightning swords. The blades impact the magical barrier. His whispers words on the wind which starts to slowly dispel the magic that had been cast.

However one of the blades before fully dispelled breaks through and slams into his shoulder, causing him to almost lose his balance and slump a bit to the side. The electricity surges around his arm as he slowly stands up straight once more. Those red eyes slowly looking right at Agrias. "Power is only fleeting if you desire to remain mortal." He then raises up his head slightly. "..a chain I have already broken.."

The Myla hits the 'oh no you just did not' button as she suddenly charges a massive water torrent aimed right at him. Quickly with his eyes narrowed sharply he swung his arm around and a magical wall comes in the way between him and the water blast.

The water swings around the wall, missing him completely as he holds his ground and then brings down the barrier once the attack finishes. Those eyes still narrowed dangerously. He lowers his head as his fingers light up with electricity once more.

He stares them down for a moment, before he places his hand up into the air. The wind begins to pick up once more and this thousands of lightning strikes come sailing down from the sky. As the lightning danced across the ground, he then lowered his arm out to the side. The lightning as if on command suddenly exploded outward with a massive WHUMP and thunder roared across the sky.
Aerith The Cetera gritted her teeth as she withstood the assault from the undead creature. Still, she stood strong against the spells, and executed her response.

True to her word, Aerith began the process of bolstering their defenses. She wouldn't do anything to assault until she had to, until it was the perfect moment. She unleashed yet another wave of healing energies toward her allies, saving some for herself as well. Putting up defenses would simply mean he would strip them again, and while that was enough of a distraction, it was nothing more than a stalling tactic.

No, they had to make themselves unassailable in a different way if they wanted to stop him.
Agrias Oaks Another battering storm, and Agrias drops to one knee, her hands grasping the hilt of her sword which is stuck in the ground in front of herself. The blonde knight is clearly flagging at this point, but she struggles to continue on. A whispered prayer has the glow of holy light surrounding her and both Aerith and Myla once again, the Knight's eyes clenched closed for a moment.
Myla Mason Myla is too busy focused on following she's almost ightin with the signle mindnes of a robot, funny that. She muses at the King's mention of breaking the motal chain. She says nothing it's a thought if she's stuck like this is she going to live until she is killed? AN odd line of thinking btu for now she's wanting to rip the Lich apart. Maybe he won't die, but it will take a while to put himself back together right?

Myla arm turns into the blade once more and she dives right at the Horned King while again her allies are healing her. Aerith and Dame Oak are somehow repairing some od the damage and keeping her in the fight.
Helena Celba "You know.."

Helena's voice rolls out from behind the heros. "I do love strong men, but...I think this is becoming just a tad bit unfair, no? And while I wouldn't mind watching you kill them...I would much rather collect on their graditude." She says, sweetly, as she dives in out of nowhere, channeling darkness and aims it...

On the back of Myla, and then towards Agrias. The darkness surges, collectively restructuring the damage that was delt to them, instead of making it go away...the flesh that is healed looks corpse like and ashen, it is healed, it functions like a healing spell...and will eventually turn back to normal coloration.

Helena litterally uses necromancy to heal, or rather applies the principles in a different...and interesting way to living flesh.

"Are you so confident in your victory now, oh King of death? I think the tides have turned against you..."
Horned King
The Horned King watches as they all start healing one another and rumbles a bit. He decides to change up the game a bit. It seems with their desire to continue this fight of futility, he will have to make this fully understood.

"Surrender now and bow before me as your god." The lich states as he extends out his hand. "Or I will crush the very lives out of you and force you into abidance. This is the only offer I will give you on this day."

Myla rushes in once more. The blade impales into his body and almost goes through. He snarls in pain before snapping his jaw in a tense motion. His hand flickers with electricity which he then shoves against her form and uses it to blast her right off.

His hands extend outward and as his feet touch down on the ground, the ground rumbles before it explodes under the three, tossing them into the air. He then spins around and attempts to freeze them up in the air, before shattering that freeze with ghostly piercing that breaks through the magical bind and blasts out the other side. "What is your choice?"

That is when Helena shows up and shows off her necromancy abilities and he chuckles a bit at the irony of this really. He actually claps his hands just slightly in his amusement toward the sudden change of events. He has seen her before, but she had never stepped in-- now he gets to see what this wonder child of dark magic can actually produce. "Perhaps they have. Perhaps they have not. Time though.. is on my side."
Aerith It wasn't until the last second when she realized just what was going on... all that talk was a cover for something else. Thus was she knocked skyward, sent flying, and had herself frozen in mid-air... only for something to break her icy shell.

Luckily for her, she came out somewhat unscathed, though bruised.

Flowergirl stood and prepared her response, when her eyes widened as a disturbingly similar aura flared from just behind her. She glanced over her right shoulder at yet another sapper of life...

Who just happened to use that same power to heal her allies.

Aerith blinked for a moment, wondering how exactly that was possible. Then again... she'd seen her before...

The gears in her head clicked into place. Burmecia. She was skilled, dangerous... but helping them. The question of why was a moot thing; she was helping.

Aerith turned toward the lich with a snarl. "I guess you can predict my answer before I give it. But just in case you can't..." Her eyes narrowed. "You kill things, then bring them back, only to kill some more. If that's the only offer you make to me, it's flawed." All of her materia flared yet again. "Since you like magic so much... take this!"

She thrust her right hand toward him yet again... and nothing seemed to happen. Until of course, he felt himself slow a pace, and the very words were robbed from him.
Myla Mason Myla Mason was not expecting Helena backup at this point.

"Good to see you Helena."

It seems the gods heard her peayers, they got some backup from Helena.

"Relax I know her."

She's also quite fast she doesn't even pause as she contiunes her attacks and pulls back before she van get cut down pretty hard.

"I owe you one Helena."

The Machinest robo girl readies her pistols? Well not pistol given they are physically a part of her right now. She doesn't have much power for a full out strike she can fire off another flare shot or two from her finger guns while she gets ready for something bigger.
Agrias Oaks Agrias scowls at the Horned King as she's struck by another blast from the storm, and she lashes out with a spectral manifestation of a sword in retaliation. "You are no god. You're as much a fool as--" the blonde knight trails off, screaming sharply as her battered, lightning-charred, and cut flesh begins to take on an ashen, corpse-like appearance after the wave of darkness washes over her, and Agrias whirls, sword snapping out and holy light flaring near Helena, "Back to the depths of hell with both of you!" Myla's words go unheard or ignored.
Helena Celba And then...

For her selfless actions... she is HOLY exploded on!

She yelps in surprise, flipping back and then away from the explosion...her eyes looking surprised for a moment...and then a dark cloud washes over her face.

Her eyes narrow...she takes a very powerful stance...darkness starts to build up in her hands. This is a style that was not very well known in the world above, it is the exact opposite of the style used by the Nick, his style uses the gods, exonerates them...uses their skills as part of his own so well that they are SUMMONED...

Her style is meant to /destroy/ those gods that rule over their world...

She steps forward, aiming to drive her fist right into Agrias's chest...aiming to litterally try and sever her life force at the source.

"Well, if you won't be of help with your blade, then you will serve as fuel to me!"
Horned King
Aerith casts her magic and in return the Horned King raises up his hand and blasts out a lightning bolt right for Aerith. Her magic was almost dispelled however as it comes into contact, but he was a bit delayed, only because he has to turn his attention around sharply to create a magical barrier to block the magical shot that comes in from Myla.

However then something rather wondrous and perhaps another humor moment in this day's battle. The Holy Knight turns on the friendly necromancer. To add to this, it would seem this pulled the necromancer's anger and she lashes out in return. The Horned King can only shake his head. "You desire to call me a fool, when you foolish stand behind your beliefs so strong that you are blind."

The Horned King then starts to float back up into the air. He then extends out his hand. The ground starts to shake and darkness starts to seep out in a mist of sickly green as he summons forth from his own necromactic magic and the power of the cauldron from afar. Soon the air around the three starts to darken and the very mist itself attempts to devour them. Attempting to rip at their very bodies and try to suffocate them.

He then slowly closes his hand as the air to only grow thicker with the mist. His eyes glowing brightly red, before he at last releases them and tosses his hand to the side as the very air explodes with dark energy and acts like a wave of magic to knock those off their feet.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Aerith? Listen well, we need to get back...."

Myla just has this look of horror on her face as she sees Agrias turn right around and go after Helena. Oh dear Light, this is going no where good. Before she can do more the power of the Horned King comes. She's not able to say more as well she takes too much damage the world goes to static and she collapses from the damage she's taken.

Is it over? Then something happens, over the static comes a chibi Helena, in a tron suit.

"Necro.exe go!"

It squeaks and vision return as parts Myla's ravaged body boots up again and the damaged gynoid gets back on her feet.

"Systems online."

She now gets up goes to grab Aerith and against her better judgement she'll grab Agrias as well.. She gives a look to Helena with oh please don't smite me now. With that she leaps using all of her remaining energy to leap away and go as fast as her inhuman body can go.
Helena Celba Helena watches her magic work on Myla.

When Myla finally leaves, because he doesn't smite her, she shrugs her shoulders..

"...Why was she a robot?" She asks nobody in particular, and then shakes her head. "Well, I guess this is your win after all! Who would have expected she'd attack me? I sure didn't."
Horned King
"Holy Knights are blind by their beliefs. Sometimes so much so, that they do not see an ally in the dark." The Horned King shrugs his shoulders, before he lands down with simple ease and takes a few steps. He glances over to Helena for a moment, he then tilts his head just slightly as he sense the darkness radiating off her-- a great deal of it too and perhaps...

"You have also been following me for some time." The Horned King then looks away. The crystal that holds the man starts to float along with him before he extends out his hand. A dark portal then opens when the crystal floats into. " could stop me now... or you could interest that hidden curiosity.. that choice is yours."

The Horned King then starts to walk toward the portal. As he walks toward the portal, several more then open. Undead Hoard march out of those portals. Each with axes, swords, and shields. The Cauldron Born move into the area, lining up one by one. Rows of them really.

It would seem the Horned King may be planning an invasion force? But for what reason?
Helena Celba "No kidding...that was something out of the dark ages there." She says, flipping her hat to the side. "Regurdless, she got what she deserved."

However, he brings up a point of contention, "Perhaps I have...or maybe you have been following me in reverse? A matter of philosphy!" She says, capracious as always, "Powerful undead are always something of interest to me, and it is no mystery why, to you." She says. "As you can see, I am a necromacer, but of course, I am always learning, always honing my craft." She says, following the Horned king.

"Always...willing to learn."

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