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(2013-11-13 - Now)
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Jaren Having recently been promoted to the rank of Cardinal, Jaren had become one of the highest authorities within Glabados, but some believed that it was a deliberate stunt on the part of the Confessor to ingratiate the church to a greater audience; they did, after all, require a 'token' outlander who could prove himself worthy of ascending to the tiers normally reserved only for Ivalician natives. There were, of course, other powers at work that had led to his ascension to near-Popedom, and Emerald was one of those helping to pull strings within the system, because if her friend moved upward in the world, he was sure to bring her with him, eventually..... hopefully.

Reviewing the reports on what happened regarding Faruja's last encounter with Blivon, and the subsequent arrest of Rosemarie the dark elf, the aegyl with well-chiseled facial features patiently awaited the one he'd sent for to arrival at his quarters. In the corners of the darkened room, there were deep shadows clinging to the smallest crannies, which seemed out of place.... as though the lighting in the room wasn't functioning the way it should have-- despite how dim the chamber was, the ordinal edges in each of the four corners seemed to be more of pitch than they should've been, as though some forces were in play that hadn't been spoken for; mayhap Jaren had bodyguards of which none knew, in this room, since, anomalously enough, there were no guards evident inside to protect him.... not visible ones, anyway.

Pulling out a crystal ball, which was his own magical device substituting for a video-recorder, he planned to be official about this little consultation. Musing out loud, with a smile on his face, the cardinal remarked, "Oh.... Mister Faruja.... I do hope you know how to initiate a stalemate, because you're surely not going to get a check-mate, at this rate....."
Faruja Senra Faruja has a very bad feeling as he enters the unguarded, dim chamber. He squints briefly, the entire place simply ominous.

Kneeling, he crosses his chest. "Temple Knight Faruja Senra, reporting as ordered, Honored Bishop Jaren. How might I serve?" Questions the rat, getting right down to business. He does /not/ like Jaren. He doesn't want to be here any longer than necessary.
Jaren The aegyl flicks a stray lock of hair out of his face, as he quietly reaches to the side of his desk, drawing closer to himself a regalia of considerable ornate-ness, shifting his eyes to focus on the piece of headgear, ".....It figures you'd address me improperly, Mister Senra. You're about half a week behind the times, I've been dubbed one of the new cardinals; 'your eminence' will be satisfactory, I think." He shakes his head and shoves the hat aside, stacking the papers he'd assembled neatly in a pile, "It's funny that you should ask me at this moment how you may serve, since, up until now.... you've done everything /but/ serve, at least, judging from the reports I've read." The holy-man nods, "As you know, we are to be celebrating the day of St Ajora's birth in about a month or so, and that means that the city of Mullonde is exploding with commerce. People who normally spend frugally, are squandering funds for gifts, and trying to find the heart's desire of the ones they cherish. Do you know who I cherish, Mister Faruja?"

The beautifully angelic man smirks, "I'm sworn to Ajora himself. That means that in spite of /my/ promotion, I have no intention to hoard my increased wages for the sake of gifts for my fellow, mortal man. No. I serve one being.... the divine, which means all my profits go to the most noble of causes, and nothing short of what benefits the interests of the church. I took a vow to serve one master, for it is said...." He chuckles darkly, "Well.... I'll not rant about the good book, I'm sure that -YOU- of all people don't need brushing up on the scripture, being one of our esteemed Templars. I do hope I'm not mistaken, and that you do devote a few spare hours to your further education in the doctrine of our Great Teacher...."

Now, Faruja has probably heard 'Great Teacher' used interchangeably with 'savior', but typically, the former title is archaic, and stems from only the truly learned, who adhere to some of the more traditional tongues. Strangely, he doesn't speak with the dialect of the old days, as Faruja, which was intentionally done to ingratiate himself to newcomers within the order, to entice new blood, while still demonstrating his supremacy in the knowledge handed down from even the first of days. "At any rate..... since this is the time of spending, the church has deliberately, for some time, been in the practice of handing out promotions towards the duskfall of each year." He offers a half-grin, hoping that just the mention of this will make Faruja nervous, since he's undoubtedly wondering what kind of reviews he received; mayhap a promotion, or nothing.... or worse, /demotion/?

This scene contained 3 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Jaren (Aka: Queegmaa)