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(2013-11-12 - Now)
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Reize Seatlan It's a cool day, nearly approaching winter. With the fall of the sky promising a new day, the outside casts a wonderous blanket of darkness with the glittering stars. Shining as bright as can be, the night sky becomes a beacon of hope for those seeking to journey along the stars.

In particular, two of the individuals were separated from the Romancing Saga III that was acquired.

Going overboard was not one of the greatest things.

All through this time, the two had to rely on a small patch of a raft to get through. Thankfully, Reize had experience with building rafts.

But here he is, sitting on one side of the raft with a worn look on his face. He has a fishing pole at hand with the string at the water. Hopefully lure will catch the some fish.

"...Well, we managed to avoid the mess at the water caves!"
Violet Not one of the greatest things at all.

It had been a few days since they had gone overboard. Luckily they have a raft to keep them afloat, but the downside is... there's no water to drink. Salty sea water would only dehydrate them all that much quicker. And while Reize may be fishing for food, there was nothing to cook it with.

Annalise may have some survival skills in a forest, but the sea? She's little to no help.
Reize Seatlan The plan was to get food. As for being able to cook it, well, that wasn't a factor. Reize had been holding onto the rod for some time, hoping to get a bite in. However, there hasn't been a nibble or anything.

His head lowers a bit, exhaling.

Reize had field rations to help them last through the week, but the supplies would eventually deplete without any soures of land nearby. The salty sea water had been ideal, but that idea died quickly considering that Anna was right.

"...Hope Ivo and the others managed alright." He looks back at Anna, trying to ignore the growling stomach with an uneasy smile. "I am sure that we'll find our way to shore." He has to keep the hope alive. He isn't sure how. They are stranded at the sea, after all.
Violet A small smile tugs at her lips, though in reality Annalise is concerned. For herself and their friends. She can only imagine how much they're worrying. She tries to nod in agreement.

"I'm sure they are... I think they may be in a better place right now though, to be honest." she chuckles once. Lips chapped and dry from the exposure. Every day now she's begin getting more and more tired.
Reize Seatlan Reize has great faith that Ivo is out looking for them or is at least guiding the others to safety aboard the Romancing Saga III. Surely, Ivo would not be relaxing out at the beach somewhere in the arms of scantily-cladded women. Right? Right?

Reize looks at the condition of Annalise, a hand reaching over towards his bag to procure a bit of rations. After gathering them together, the young leader of the Shard Seekers hold them out to her, "Hey, take some. You will need to conserve on energy." Part of him wants to keel over, but the other part has to be strong. He is the leader of the group for a reason, after all.

What good would it do if he keeled over now?

Few days? Sure, but for some reason, it feels like they have been away from everyone for longer.

Nevertheless, Reize looks ahead along the water. The times spent had been a nice, relaxing bit. However, Reize cannot help but to see a thin line. ...He squints.

Wait, is that a set of shark fins?

This scene contained 5 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan, Violet