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(2013-11-12 - Now)
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Chita It had actually been quite some time since Chita had been to this place. Chita, or for that matter, Evja. In fact, when /was/ the last time certain folks had seen him? Her? Chita wasn't even certain. As far as he recalled last he was here he'd come in, later at night, and only Mercade was there.

Might mean that Tifa might not even recognize the Viera outside of drag, considering they're obviously male at this point with their attire looking more relaxed and casual-human male than other such. Black slacks, flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbow. His hair was much the same as ever, pulled back loosely at the neck but something of note was he seemed to be wearing a blindfold, a faint amount of scarring visible around the eyes.

Stepping up and through the door he paused there a moment to listen, as if trying to figure out how many folks were even here at the moment and if it was all that crowded. Hopefully not, and hopefully no Viera. He had no way to know for certain, though. At least as of yet, until some sound was made. Tucked underneath one arm was a shoulder-height pole he was likely using to keep from knocking into things.
Tifa Lockhart There is life in the bar/inn. Patrons here for a drinks, others setting out of their rooms, there's often people going in an out. And among them, the well-known barmaid too. Tifa is at her spot behind the counter, holding casual conversations with the customers, keeping up the life in the bar. Things are always brighter when she's around, that's for sure.

Well, drinks and lovely girls, especially when one of them is serving you, is always something to catch on of course.

She pushes some empty glasses away toward the sink when she spots the Viera at the door. Something familiar about him/her, but then again she sees lots of people here. She smiles and calls out "Come on in and sit down for a drink, don't be shy."
Chita After a few moments of orienting himself with the sounds inside the bar and trying to recall where various things were, Chita slowly stepped forward and mostly just held the pole out to make sure he didn't hit anything. "Thank you." he said softly, voice a bit different than when he was pretending to be female. Not falsely feminine. A few more moments of figuring out where others were making sounds, small sounds of chewing or moving around, the rustle of clothing and such, Chita stepped to the side a few seats and reached out to touch at it.

Empty, perfect.

Thus, he sat down and leaned the walking aid up against the counter. Normally he'd just tuck it into his inventory but that still seemed to bother some folks, so no point in making a commotion. "Your voice sounds familiar. Tifa, right?" It'd been a while since he last heard it, but he was familiar with the sound.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart titls her head a bit. She's sorta known around, not like a celebrity, but her name gets around at least, so its not like its alarming or anything. But the way its asked is what catches her attention there "Well, yes, that's me." She frowns just a bit, leaning forward "Oh, you can't see. That would explain it. Are you alright?" She asks out of concern of course, making sure that the viera is not too incommodated by his handicap right now.

She does think there's something familiar about the viera, she's met a few after all.
Chita The realization that he couldn't see caused him to grin a bit. "Was the blindfold not obvious? And yes, I am fine. I forgot how long it has been since we last spoke. Always awkward explaining this, but... I used to go by the name Evja." Surprise. Either he was always male, or only recently became that way. More likely the former. Though if Tifa would even care remains to be seen.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart ahhhs in realization "Of course, I should have known better." She hmms, and peeks around the blindfold a bit, tugging it just a tiiiiny bit "Well some people can still see through these things, so that's why I'm asking. Something about, spatial awareness or magic or just enjoying the cool looks it gives you." She shrugs. Plenty of reasons to wear a blindfold.

"I hope your eyes are okay though. But yes, its been a while since we talked, although I did think you were a girl." She hmms "I guess I had never known of male vieras either, but I suppose its not crazy either."
Chita The blindfold was quite dark and not able to be seen through. The cloth itself was a thick silk-like material with tight weaving, soft but sturdy. He didn't do anything as he felt it poked at and checked, actually used to it. "Sorry to disappoint but it seems otherwise. But I am making do, so I do not terribly mind. And... that was for my own self-protection and comfort. Male Viera are quite rare, as you just said. Most non-Viera do not know they exist. We are... closely guarded by some more traditional Viera and males wandering away from the villages would be forcibly taken for their own safety, perhaps, if some felt strongly enough about such. So I have always hidden such when out, after I fled from my village."

Chita paused there a moment and said, "I hope that does not upset you, that I lied to you for so long? I had no malicious intents."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "Not at all, you had your reasons. We all have our little secrets either way, don't we?" She hmms, and leans forward a bit "By the way, I have a secret too, I'm actually a girl." She kids of course. She smirks as she pulls back from the counter "So you want something to drink while you're here? Or do you have another reason for visiting? It musn't be easy going around blind, but I suppose you get used to it to."
Chita "Oh? You are? Well, damn. There go my hopes that you were secretly a beautiful hume male that would sweep me off my feet and carry me off into the sunset." He feigns a little disappointed pout before nodding, "I would enjoy some wine, if you have it. Something a Viera might enjoy? Some do stock the rarer Vieran wines." Even if they are more expensive. Chita reaches into his outfit and pulls out a small pouch with some funds inside.
"And I had come hoping to speak with you, actually. You... do you recall what happened in Goug some time back? The Black Beast incident?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart rolls her eyes a bit at the mention of the black beast "how to forget, that thing did alot of destruction, I'm not sure they are done repairing everything." She shakes her head, swaying back behind the counter to get some of the wine "I don't have viera wine on hand, as much as I wanted to get some, they are rather closed up about those. Like their village in fact, but hope you can enjoy this one at least." She slides a tall glass over in front of you, taking one of your hands to place it against the bottom edge of it, just so you don't knock it by accident either.

"What about that beast anyway? Did you learn something?
Chita Taking the wine and slowly draining about half of it, he nodded and said, "I would go into detail, but... there are a lot of people here and I know not for certain I can trust all. I suppose, though, I know the entirety of it. ...and, in the end, I have a way that might prevent such from ever happening again." He let out a small sigh before saying, "I had hoped to ask you something regarding that but I perhaps have come at a bad time."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmms "Well if you mean because they are others around, then yes its a bad time. Its hard being alone in a bar of course, but can always take a break too. Especially if its something really important. Which... seems to be the case here."
Chita "Sure. If you think you could take a break I would appreciate having the opportunity to ask you what I meant to." Slowly shifting, Chita goes to stand but not until he finishes the glass of wine and asks, "How much for this? Before I forget, I mean. Out of sight out of mind." And with that he does stand and picks up the pole he was using and waits for some kind of response.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves a hand dismissively "Don't worry about that now." She holds out a hand, just to serve as a guide there, since he doesn't know the place around as much as she does either. She leads him to the storage room, which is much better than where she used to sleep at in Goug, back then. Its not a room, but there is a table and a small fridge for breaks away from eyes and ears. She leads you to the chair, letting you sit down as she slides into the opposite side "So I'm listening."
Chita Chita takes the offered hand and lets himself be guided back, eventually taking a seat and listening for her doing the same. Eventually he says, as he raised his hand, "The Beast was created by someone, created in an attempt to create an artificial Keyblade. When the beast was felled, it had not completed itself yet... had not consumed enough hearts, enough strength, to form itself into such a weapon. I have been working to try and find a way to keep more lives from being lost or hurt as it is."

Reaching his hand out, above the table, he pulled a weapon from the air. A rather dark-looking misshapen lump of metal that looks like it was literally half-forged.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart tilts her head a bit at that "That kinda looks like a keyblade, but its not quite right... isn't it?" She frowns as well, thinking about that "A failed experiment... but by who? And why unleash it into town? Did it need to feed on more hearts to be able to fully take form?" She hates that idea. Whoever did that difinitely needs a steeltoed boot to the rear, and she'll be happy to serve it too.
Chita "It needed hearts, yes. Countless weak hearts, many strong hearts, a few hearts of near pure light... or a single heart of pure light, if such a thing even existed. Or so I am told by the one who created this thing. I... trust you, Tifa, but I will not say who. I do not want any more pain or suffering to come from this, by them or even to them. It is truly nothing more than that. Revenge will solve nothing and... I am certain if I follow through with my plans, and succeed, they will not do /this/ again. Though as for their own morality and... intentions otherwise, I could not say."

The Viera sighed slightly before putting the weapon, which reeked of darkness, away again. Of note, he was holding it around the hilt which happened to be wrapped up in a scarf. He wasn't actually touching the weapon.

"I think I found a way to complete it without harming any more people, and possibly even save the hearts within. Or, rather... release them from their suffering, if such works. But I am still unsure if it will. I had hoped to ask... if you know any who may know such things. How to speak to hearts, how to guide things from the darkness."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart keeps a watch on the weapon until it vanishes. She doesn't know what to think about this, it just seems all odd. "... There was a dark knight that came often to the bar, he was wielding the power of darkness, but his intentions were good. A person's worth is not with the power he wields, but what he uses it for." She shakes her head again "Just make sure that your path is the right one. If you can't talk, there isn't much I can do to help either. I don't know many people like you talk about, but Shiki might be able to help. There was Sora too, but I don't know where to find either o them recently. Shiki might be at the Shard Seeker's hideout though.
Chita Chita frowned when she spoke and, despite wanting to cut her off, appreciated her enough to not. "I have no intention of dealing with that murderous bastard whom you just spoke of, and... likewise I was not looking towards those who already have keyblades. I was hoping to find someone who knew how to speak to hearts, how to reach them, how to guide things from Darkness back to the light. To... encourage many weak hearts to work together. If it is even possible."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart scratches her cheek in thought "I don't think I know a person like you describe. Not in the literal way of speaking to hearts at least. There are various people with strong hearts, others are just good at leading many, like Xanatos for example. The King too, I suppose.
Chita "Xanatos?" His head cocks a bit as he 'looks' towards Tifa, "The king? Who are they? I admit either might be good. One of my biggest faults, so it seems, is getting others to accept what I have to say, or believe me. Or, for that matter, to work with me. I may in the end be an unfavorable person to try, but I would not put anyone else in that danger if I can help it."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmmms "Well Xanatos is the president of his own company in Manhattan, he's a born leader so he has lots of people under his command. I met him a few times, quite charismatic. But its not literally hearts like the heartless are gathering either. The King is the same, I haven't seen him much, but he wanders around, apparently wields a keyblade too from what I heard. If he's a king he must have lots of people liking him."
Chita Confusion was readily apparent on Chita's face as he contemplates this mysterious King. He seemingly had a Keyblade too... and wandered. But had he ever heard of this mysterious King? "I am uncertain I have ever met this King you speak of. The only keyblade wielders I know of are Sora, Shiki, Mercade and... somehow that bastard Angantyr has gotten such, though if I could find a way to strip him of such and not kill him I would without hesitation. No one who would freely kill a lawkeeper, or attempt to, over some perceived slight does not need to wield such power." sigh. "I shall also look into this Xanatos, then."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart lifts her shoulders again "Well you can find him at the Xanatos Tower, but you might need an appointement to even see him. He's a busy man."
Chita "Very well." Pushing himself to a stand he rises and reaches to take hold of the pole he had nearby him. "I do not know how this all will turn out, but I do not want anyone hurt in the end. If... anything happens and somehow this weapon, the Black Beast reemerges... could I count on your help to keep it from doing more harm? The first time I fought it, there was a large obvious mark on the back where I aimed and was able to fell it. Eventually I plan to try and suppress the beast with the aid of the hearts already consumed inside the weapon itself. It might prove too strong in the end. I suppose all I ask for is time, if such a situation arises, before you do everything you can to just destroy it entirely. Because I still worry if I simply destroy this, or let another, the one who created it will simply recreate it and start over. Hence, why I have been working with them to complete it without any more lives harmed, or hearts consumed."

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