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(2013-11-10 - 2013-11-11)
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Echo In the heart of the city, there appears to be some sort of storm brewing... or perhaps it's some kind of magical squall, though it appears to be ebbing and flowing. Echo is at the center of it, standing in a small park, as she works on refining the crystal ball's power--really, it was more like a magician's palantir now, though it much more than just view things. Echo stands there amusedly in the grass, having gotten the thing fired up and ready for a test drive on whoever that might show up, likely some of those annoying hero types, she imagines. Or heck just anyone, really--she had briefly considered even trying to find a towns person or three, just check how it worked on more than one or two people.. it had already worked well enough on Vespa, she had noted.
Setzer Gabbiani One of those annoying hero types - or rather, a somewhat heroic free spirit - was shopping. As much as he liked to fly, he had to land every once in a while to get supplies for the ship, mostly food. Why he doesn't just eat something somewhere when he's hungy, that's anyone's guess. Nobody knows that makes Setzer roll at times. Maybe he tosses some dice when he wakes up?

But we digress from the matyter at hand. Like a good, curious hero-type, Setzer finds the stormy place intriguing. And probably worrying as well. After all, it doesn't seem natural, and it is better to address the issue before some poor townsperson finds him or herself in trouble.
Echo The black-dressed bat lady is not that hard to find, being a white furred bat person and all, standing next to the apparent object that seems to be creating the storm--what looks like a zephyr swirling around it!
"Oh hello there! so nice of you to come!" Echo grinned as Setzer drew nearer, holding her arms out a little before rubbing her chin, as if pausing in thought. Calculating a moment, she seemed to get lost in thought before smiling as she drew her eyes back to Setzer.

"Very good indeed," she nodded.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has known this city pretty well and wonders what's been going on. She had heard som of the urmors and had come to see just what mght actually be going on. She's totlaly one of those annoying hero types even if she does not call herself such. The pirate has fallen in line with it her wild nature of clothing staning out a bit less here or prehaps more depending on how to you look at it?.

"Hello there, yout there something we can do for you miss?"
Setzer Gabbiani Setzer likes to see himself as a good reader of people. But today, he is puzzled. He doesn't really think going there would be good, at least for him. "Oookay..." he says, raising an eyebrow and mentally checking himself for the weapons that he carried with him.

"So... what are you trying to do here, again? I don't really think you are creating this," he sweeps his hand to indicate the squall, "just to provide visual effects."
Echo "Just came down to practice a little," Echo gestured distractly to the air, where there was currently a mini-storm brewing, spouting up into the hair around them, as if this was the most normal thing in the world. She gestured with one hand and the crystal ball descended, it's countless surfaces reflecting the pale blond-ish man standing there.

"Think this is in need of a more... feminine touch," the bat lady grinned then more like a shark than anything recognizable as mammalian. She extended a hand and the ball began to glow again, Setzer almost clearly visible in the polished surfaces before it begins to shift--his chest growing outward and his hips--or rather her's now, beginning to widen and grow into a much more hourglassy shape.

"Ahah!" Echo snapped her fingers, very pleased with this.
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at the strange women for a moment and tilts her head a little bit adjusting her goggles for a momnt as she looks at her.

"Practice? What soert of practice?"

She then senses some magic as something drops down upon the wandering gamberl and she just well starting in uprise as Stezer clearly changing and well ummm he seems to be turning into a woman.

"Wait what in the name of the coils...?"
Setzer Gabbiani ... what is the female version of Setzer, again? Either way, the gambler feels some places become too tight as the ball glows. Looking down, (s)he notes the mounds that were not there before. Huh.

What is his/her reaction you ask? Why, cup them, of course. At least he won't get slapped for that. "I reckon I don't look half bad, but I don't think I'm cut out to be a woman, you know?" she grins, unbuttoning the top button of his/her shirt. Hey, it's too tight. "Besides, if that is what your little toy does... sorry, I don't want to fall into traps... or is it for traps?"

That being said, Setzerina jumps on the bat-witch, making any possible observers thing that not only the gambler got a sex change, but also a bad case of PMS.
Echo "No, not really, it's an engine of polymorph magic, actually," Echo is all smiles as the gambler now becomes a much more curvy and feminine version, rule 63'd Setzer! "It's simpyl really--ahh!" Echo screeched as the gambleress fell upon her, there was much tearing at eachother's clothes and of hair, the two likely rolling around in the grass yelling and scratching, struggling with eachother.

"Oh hey--not the face, not the face!" she yelled, as the two went at it, the bat trying to pull herself up and back to her feet so she can try and work magic on her.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has snapped out of being stunne dif Stezer's not phased by being change she shouldn't be right? They got to worry about this woman whomever she is. She also leaps into the fight but knowing if she were killed or beat up too badly there might be no fixing of Stezer after all so she leaps on Echo getting intoh the melee hersel making use of her fists. She's got a pretty good right hook for someone whose in the back line of a party!
Setzer Gabbiani Setzerina grunts at the bat-woman, who had escaped her clutches almost unharmed. To be honest, he didn't have this kind of fun in years. Maybe he could stal that orb to use in occasions where he wanted ot mess with people's minds? Either way, the bat woman seemed to be about to do something unpleasant, so our genderbent heroine rolled to the side, letting whatever the bat-witch had planned miss its target.

"Aww, don't you see my scars?" she joked, getting to her feet in a most masculine way, "A few scratches on your face shouldn't look that bad. It's not like people will go batty at the sight of you."

And in the meanwhile, she closes the distance to her battiness, preparing to slap her silly.
Echo "Ahhh, you tow get off meee!" Echo was wide-eyed and screeching proper of course, trying to fight the two women off of her, the cat fighting now having devolved into a bit more vicious punching and scratching as they all seemed to roll around fighting. Course, Echo had had a bit more practice at this than Setzer, so she is coming out ontop until Myla decides to add her expertise in and adds some bruises to the bat. She grits her teeth and sends a few blows back the other girl's way, before trying to grab onto Setzerina's hair and pull.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "A few can be bragging rights where I'm from regardless of gender."

Myla is locked in clsoe combat with Echo and trying to back up the changed Stezer a she goes at her. The fihting is pretty close and now she wonders. Just what Echo's real game is, but then whem she's cuaght up close with some magic her way. Well she think it wa someh and she tries to get ahold of echo and slam into her again.
Setzer Gabbiani "Oooooooowwww!" the captain complains, somewhing that she would do even if she was still a male. Setzer always prided himself on his hair. "This," she says, trying to backhand the bat-witch again, "means war!" she sneers, right before she swings her head back and tries to grab the witch on the shoulders to headbutt her.

You DON'T mess with Setzer's hair. Even if he's currently a chick.

/Especially/ if he's currently a chick
Echo The fighting seems to have wound up to be a full out wrestling match--concerning yelping snarling ladies, anyway--punching and clawing at eachother. Once Echo has the series of blows nad a bit of electricity raising the hair of the other two, she pulled herself up, looking none too amused with what was going on.

"Buh--" she looked dazed after the headbutt, the skin beneath her fur stinging as she pulled herself back together, still looking... uneasy after that. She raised an arm again and the orb glowed--casting it's light over her. Myla's hair remained the same, though her skin soon began to shine with a metallic sheen, gaining a luster as her joints all along her body soon became visible, her clothes remaining among all of this thankfully--her eyes singular glowing points of gold.

"Ro... robot!" she nodded, pleased with her magical work, raising her hands to send some proper magic the other two's way this time.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is coming in for another go when she's hit with a strange spell. She hurks hunching over as she changes. Her skin is turtning to be metal it' takes on a sivler tint to it, her tattoos becoming circuit lines in the same pattern as whens he was flesh. Her hair changes after a moment into long cables that end in an assortment of data jacks at the base. Her vision swims her gear is also gone which confuses her till she sees she has a hudd incidaing wait is all her gear now a part of her? She emits a sonic pulse or a moment but it does little good it seems o she pulls back one arnd and a palm port opens letting lose a burst of fire at Echo as she punches her. Her voice also sounds warped and mechanica. "What..what did you do!"
Setzer Gabbiani Cursing like a sailor, Setzerina weaves through the spellfire, looking for an opening. The fact that that orb seemed to transform Myla into some kind of automaton did not go unnoticed, however. "So..." she mutters, "it seems to turn things into other things, eh? Fair enough."

Echo might have experinence on being a woman, but the captain of the Blackjack knew how to gamble. Rummaging through her pockets, Setzerina found a couple of poker chips, something or other that must have been forgotten after a night at a casino somewhere. "Perfect." she smiled, before stating to throw them. One would wonder if she really expected them to hurt. Her response would be to suggest them to stand on the line of fire and feel for themselves.
Echo Indeed, the transformation for Myla would begin to deepen a bit, her long hair becoming blue wiring instead, though still braided and bunned as it was before, just now more robotic, and looking very much like a gorgeous femmebot. Echo had her index finger extended after sendding the spells out, blowing on it as she dodges Myla's counterattack nimbly--likely being a bit more faster on her feet than Myla is, what with her more rigid robot form taking some getting used to.

"Gah--poison poker chips??" she looked a good bit queesy after being cut by one, shrugging, feeling a little hint of embarrassment there. Her family's magic was somewhat naturally inclined to poison it's target, after all. She narrowed her left eye so she could sharpen the view she had of both of them with the other, magical energy surging around her right arm--then out towards them!
Myla Mason Myla Mason is not used to the weight of her form no and she turns about swining out with her arm as something happens her cutlass forms out her arm shiftinand she slahses with it confused but it sees to be working. What the heck has Echo done to her, how is this even possible to her. She's made out metal and plasit now an si very confused she's also very mad.
Setzer Gabbiani Though he manages to strike some glancing hits on the witch, the genderbent gambler is unable to evade from the incoming wave of ice and the stuff that comes after them. The thorns make multiple cuts on the clothes and visible skin of the woman, while the plasma burns singed the fabric on several spots. Setzer will be feeling this in the morning, that's for sure. Grabbing a deck of cards from another pocket, Setzerina resumes the regular programming of tossing cards, running around as she tries to outflank the witch.

Oh, and those cards? Some might blow up, other might do things. Some of them might even be magic sinks. It's a weird hobby of the gambler, but one that comes in handy when she deals with mages that cheat at poker.
Echo Myla would likely not even feel really that different, at least once she gets used to her new bod--likely she had full tactile sense still, so there wouldn't be any odd lack of sensation, and all that--her senses readily replaced by technological analogues. Cut by the femmebot's sword and thrown back by the card's explosion--Echo tries to shield herself with her arms and her wings, legs bending as she's pushed back.

"You... you BITCH, do you know what it's going to take to get grass stains out of this dress??!" Echo spat and held out the now quite mussed and stained material of her clothes, apparently having looked down and now just noticed it. She begins gathering up a large series of deadly magical fire bursts.

Uh oh, watch out guys--hissyfit!
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been more baffled by the HUD and having built in tools, weapons and the like more than anything. The Femmebot machinest is still in teh fight and find somehow her magic still works? Clearly she's some sort of magi-tek creation she'd guess and she looks at them.

"You jus altered who we are and your whining about a dress!?!"

The water comes, and there a lot of it the very water in the air has been turned to Myla's will and she brings it down on Echo like a hammer. A very wet hammer that she mey end up swimming in for a bit.
Setzer Gabbiani "Guess what, I'm all out of *BLEEP*s to give!" the woman/man replies, cracking her knuckles in anger. The bat was starting to become really annoying, and she wants to swat her lights out. Yet another pocket search later, Setzerina twirls a pair of wicked-looking darts in her hands, before throwing them in quick sucession and deciding to try out something she saw on Manhattan once. If she was still a man, she wouldn't do this, but as she is a woman right now... all is fair in love, war and catfights. Running towards the witch in the wake of the darts, the captain cocks her right fist, preparing to execute the arcane move of punching Echo's abdomen with a cry of:

Echo "What kind of magic is that?!" Echo caws haughtily as the large crashes of water are easily avoided by her, flapping her wings and bringing herself up into the air, vaulting off the ground and into the air to safety. Magic began to surge around her arm again as she readied a counter for Myla, she is caught by the sudden mighty blow.

"What the--Urghhh!" She is sent flying back, knocked unconscious by the fierce blow. The darts that Setzerina had thrown plinked off the crystal ball--or rather passed right through it, cutting through the magical imbued crystal-like substance--causing it to explode into a cloud of shards and powdered cut glass. Crasshh!

The magic's hold on the world however seems to tenaciously cling to the two affected by it, not dissipating... yet.
Myla Mason Myla Mason ::looks at Echo for a moment and smirks a little bit.

"What kind of magic? Wouldn't you like to know."

She indotes looking to chage after he but she's stil not used to the full range of movment of her altered body so she has a hard time chasing after them but then she pauses looking to Miss Gabbiani for a moment

"... umm what do we do now..."
Setzer Gabbiani Panting, Setzerina lingered a bit in the half-crouched position in which she landed after the punch. She was pretty sure the bat would learn her lesson, however...

"Good question." she replies to Myla, turning towards the gynoid. "I certainly wasn't expecting that," a wave towards the fragments, "to happen. I'm afraid I don't know much about magic, but if I were to guess... we'll have to wait until things to back to normal?"

Oh my, she really hoped that the transformation would last less than a month, or else she might Falcon Punch Echo again, and tie her to the bow of the Blackjack.

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