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(2013-11-09 - 2013-11-09)
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Queegmaa Outside the city of Vector there were some deserts, and prairies stretching out before one could reach said deserts. Being a reptile of sorts, one would think Queegmaa to enjoy hot climates, but that was only true when moisture was involved, for he was anything but a desert rain frog, or rattlesnake. The arid atmosphere made for a sour mood in the kappa, who was more water-oriented, even if it meant less heat was necessary, so he averted the deserts and clung mainly to the proximity of the great imperial realm's outskirts, which was composed of grassy fields, mixed with prairie-type terrain, which was /just/ within his range of tolerance.

There was far less commerce in this region, but a few tents were set up where the more nomadic, borderline xenophobic outlanders preferred to thrive, whilst occasionally doing business. The encampments were endorsed by Vector because these people still had to pay minor taxation when on their land, and often these backwater(or not water-related!) folks could provide imports that were scarcely found within the civilized world. Ever eager to capitalize on the chance of scouting out exotic types of people, Que knew that there was a distinct possibility that some discontented opportunist would defect from their traditional way of life and adopt Vector as their homeland.

This would mean the kappa could hire someone with specialized skills normally inaccessible to the empire, who was drawn there by way of a hopeful trade, if not someone who was indigenous to this group of gypsy-esque folk.
Nagetta Nagetta certainly stood out in most places and the outskirts of Vector was no exception. She been travelling through the desert until it had got too bright and hot for her. Still entering the city itself was a bad idea. She could likely jump the wall, but there's no telling where she might land. Her best bet was likely to sit up camp somewhere and wait for it to get dark again. She does her best to conceal her tail as she sets up a tent and tries to blend in.
Queegmaa Vector had been more acclimated to the presence of non-humans in the World of Ruin, but they still had a heavy prejudice that favored their own kind, which was why Queegmaa ultimately had a glass-ceiling above his head, unless he could somehow out-shine some of the greatest champions the empire had ever seen. Right now, as a patsy for Rakassa, he'd slithered up the hierarchy to a position seldom seen held by anyone inhuman, but then.... besides his green skin, shell, tail-- okay, so he had a lot that differentiated him from the others, but Rakassa was completely human, with blue-skin!

So the fact that she was already on the odd end of the spectrum, and was at the top of the totem pool meant that Que's webbed foot was lightly wedged in the door of opportunity, already. But without connections, Nagetta would be treated like a foreigner at best, and at absolute worst..... well, the espers looked like monsters, while it being the case that they didn't exactly receive ideal treatment. Sneaking in rather than officiating her arrival at the front gates? A recipe for disaster. /Fortunately/ for her(or maybe not), Queegmaa spotted the feminine serpent setting up a tent. Seeing her shimmering, scaly trunk awoke a twinkle in his eye; she was partially reptilian, and remotely attractive!

The kappa would try to keep his mind on business, but he certainly wouldn't mind trying to ingratiate himself to a cute little lamia. Hobbling over to her, Queegmaa started to scan over the materials she'd brought that were intended to be employed for tent erection, and he remarked, "Ya luk like ya cud use some help, dere." He grinned, and then pointed at one of the posts, "How 'boutcha let me grab somma dem thingies 'n put 'em up fer ya?"
Nagetta Nagetta looks a bit surprised as the kappa approaches her. Sure, she's seen imps before but most of them didn't talk. "Sure, go ahead..." The girl's somewhat shy especially around people she's never before. She doubt he was one of the guards which was a relief. Of course she's not familiar with espers either, but she knows first-hand non-humans weren't welcome in a lot of places. That's why she decided to stay where there were few people present. "Just try not to attract too much attention..." A lamia already stuck out like a sore thumb here.
Queegmaa Que gives the woman a thumbs-up gesture, and winks, “I’ll get dis ding ready in nuh time t’all!” With that, he grins and commences setting up the tent, which for him is relatively easy given how much specific training he had during his many years serving the empire, and having to go out into the wilds; as the lackey, the other soldiers were usually allowed to slack off a little bit and play cards while Queegmaa did the grunt-work for them. How the tables had turned, since those days, after having truly earned a place at Admiral Rakassa’s side!

When she begins to fret about attracting attention in excess, the kappa chuckles, “Don gotta worry ‘bout dat, ma’am. Anybody causes you trouble, they gotta get dru me, ’n dat an’t gon happen cuz I’m kinda the pet of somebody high up ‘round dese parts.... see?” He winks, reassuringly, as he proceeds to assist her, "Whatcha doin' here anyway? I ain't seen folk with such beetifool scales like you." He smiles at her, trying to be charming with his flattery. There was no trace of deceitfulness in his words, though, which meant he probably did have an appreciation for Nagetta's 'unique' appearance. "If you want in dat place....", Que cants his head towards the city behind him, and continues, "....yuh cud always jus' ask me. I got connections, ya know?"
Nagetta Nagetta turns her red at that, not expecting the compliment. "I was on my way to Fluorgris, it's difficult to travel in the desert during the day though." She explains. "I didn't really intend to enter the city itself." From what she could see, it's not a place she would really want to visit anyways. "Thank you for the assistance." It didn't seem likely a non-human would have much authority around here but she doesn't comment on that out loud.
Queegmaa Queegmaa rubs the back of his neck nervously, "Yeah.... I'd agree tuh dat.... but da desert's bad any time o' day, I think...." He finally finishes setting up the tent, and folds his arms over his chest, leaning towards her, "Well if ya dun wanna visit Vect'r, dat's well 'n good, but I gotta go back dere tu'nite, so I'm sad ta say that we'll hafta be partin' company soon."

With the most immediate task out of the way, he sits down for a spell, and inquires further, trying to find an excuse to stay a little longer with Nagetta, "So.... ya need help wi' sumdun else 'round here? Wudn't mind gittin ta know ya a lil more, if yer intres'ed in chewin' da fat....." He snaps his fingers, suddenly, "Ya don't do any boun'y hunting.... do you? Cuz if yer strapped fer cash, I cud find something for ya to do ta increase yer funds 'n make da trip to Flourgis smooder...." He smirks wryly, "....But I 'spose it's bedder if ya dun buy dem expensive oils fer yer skin, cuz ya probably already got too many suitors chasin' yer gorgeous self, with that nice gleam ya got, as is...."

He smoothly runs his hand over the contours of Nagetta's tail about an inch above the appendage itself, but without actually ever making any physical contact-- he does /NOT/ want to invade her personal space by touching her, yet, he doesn't mind insinuating that he'd love to be a little more intimate, if she were to give him permission to get closer. If not, the imp will accept that she's not interested in being more than mere acquaintances, and honor his original claim by helping her bolster her munny-supply, before she adjourns to Flourgis.
Nagetta Nagetta's still a bit surprised by the reaction she's getting. Did she accidently manage to Charm him somehow? She wasn't trying to be flirty. "I guess a few people have shown interest in me...I tend to get weapons pointed at me more though. I can see much better at night though." It would be difficult for anyone or anything to ambush her then.

"Bounty work? I guess it depends on what it is. I'm not an assassin or anything." She tried to avoid killing people if possible. "That and I don't think it would be a good idea for me to go into the city." There's no telling what kind of trouble she might get into. "Do you live there?" It was starting to sound like it.
Queegmaa Perhaps unbeknownst to Nagetta, Queegmaa was very fond of lizard-oriented humanoids, being that he himself was one of the scabrous family, himself, but maybe it was something else about her that enchanted him.... Did she Charm by accident? He wasn't so gullible and weak to her enticements that he would blindly surrender every secret of his in the world, but it should've been apparent that something was appealing to him. On the other hand, he has enough sense not to smother her with affection only a half an hour after just meeting her, since that would probably scare her off-- his compliments certainly had to be more encouraging than the swords at her that Nagetta had asserted are often the objects of her dismay.

"Hmm.... Then.... if yer better off at night, den ya might s'well do your thing then!" Retracting his hand from the vicinity of her tail, the amphibious kappa drummed his fingers against his cheek thoughtfully, when she quizzed him on where he lived, "I live dere sometimes.... 'n som'time I live 'ut here in da wild. I move 'round a lot, so eet wudn't be fair dar say I live dere exculsiv'leh.... Heh...." Although he was employed there, but he wasn't going to say for whom, since that would violate Rakassa's trust in him-- it wasn't the most confidential secret in the WoR, but unless there was no way to avoid letting on about his paymaster, he liked to retain anonymity. "I hear Vect'r is payin' fellas tuh hunt cyclopian giants, dese days... I reckon dem varmints is raisin' Cain 'round here.... But da ding is, dey need ta be killed; none of 'em's wan'ed alive, see?"

The water demon shrugs nonchalantly, "...Anyway... I dink I better be headin' out soon. Got 'tings ta do, and I knowed yer prolly praytay busy tuh, so I ain't gon' hol'ja up." He smiles at her, and reaches out to take her hand, for a second, before making his departure. If she doesn't allow it, Queegmaa won't press the matter, but he seems to be /trying/ to be gentlemanly, which would definitely be peculiar for Que, in the eyes of those who are actually familiar with his manner.
Nagetta "Cyclopian giants?" Nagetta's a bit familiar with those. Were they personally causing problems for him or the people in Vector? Maybe she should look into this more, but who else could she asked for information? She doesn't know anyone else there and slithering into town would cause problems. She takes his hand and shakes it, "I'm Nagetta." She figures that she should introduce herself at least. "Where can the giants be found? Do they tend to stay one spot or wander?" It might not hurt to gather some information first.
Queegmaa Mayhap not expecting it, when she shakes his hand, he reciprocates, but before releasing his grip, he bends down in an attempt to kiss it gently, as an aristocratic nobleman would do for a lady of moderate standing in society. Whether or not she allows this, he'll pull back and stand straight, or, at least as upright as Queegmaa can get, since his posture has become permanently impaired due to the many mishaps he's had over the years, before he remarks, "A pleasure, miss Nagetta. I'm Queegmaa Piir, kappa extraordinaire.... former naval officer.... 'n all dat jazz!"

He snickers, as if trying to modestly dismiss the achievements he's obtained over the years, however, if they were to be measured against his failures, it'd be a surefire bet they'd more than outweigh what grand successes he's had, even if Que has had some genuine triumphs. "I dunno where they be.... dem cyclops scum been lurkin' here 'n dere, comin' whidder and thidder.... but I dun be da one ta see em, cuz I an't no boun'y-hun'er. I tol'ja that I'm kinna high up the ladder.... well, I an't above doin' a lil scufflin', but usually dat's not what dey set me 'ut tuh do."

He wobbles his head from side to side, disinterestedly, then folds his arms over his chest again, "But tuh git da commission tuh hunt 'em.... ya gotta go in Vector, so if ya do decide to visit dis city.... den jus' tell the front-gate boys dat Queegmaa sent ya ta git the trash outta the area.... 'n dey'll sen' ya to the office where ya can get hired out." Que then starts to back up a little, "....But 'nyway.... I really hafta git.... so it was a pleasure meetin' ya, miss Nagetta... 'n maybe we ken git ta know 'chother bedder in the future." He salutes her.
Nagetta Having her hand kissed feels a bit odd for Nagetta, she certainly wasn't used to such a gesture. She's basically a wandering traveller with no social standing. She figures it couldn't hurt to ask about the bounty. If she gets turned down at the gate, it wasn't difficult for her to escape if something went wrong. Still, it wouldn't hurt to get a bit of rest first.

"I travel a lot, so it might be a while until we meet again." She still hasn't found a real home since her exile from Eblan.

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