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Who Dares Winds
(2013-11-08 - Now)
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Maleficent Tycoon is home to the Wind Crystal. In a specially prepared and protected chamber, the castle's tall Wind Drake tower houses the Crystal of Wind. When the worlds fell under darkness, the virtue of the Crystals changed. Once, the Light Crystals were the personifications of their element within the world of light, and so too with the Dark Crystals below. Now, all 8 crystals have merged and split into 4 - but their elemental virtue re-entered the land. What remains are slightly elementally aspected tools. A phenomenal amount of magical power exists in a crystal, but each crystal also houses a more important power which is of use to the Shadow Lords.

Maleficent was thwarted at Baron - a place ostensibly allied with the Shadow Lords as many heroes suspect in a roundabout way - when the crystal was stolen. At that time, she informed the forces of light that she would be going after the Wind Crystal next.

Listening posts and the occasional guard have been checking in now and then, and of course the kingdom was warned. The guards are on high alert.

Below this castle is a complicated maze, but the assault today will not come from below.

Legs tensed, a figure stands on one of the lower spires of Castle Tycoon, facing toward the Wind Drake tower. Leaping all the way up there would be difficult even for the Dragoon. But he has help.

The warrior is troubled. He has been reassured everything would make sense once his memory returned in full, and the crystal would be the price. Spear in hand, Fratley braces for the first leap, checking that his partner is in tow. He intends to do this with the minimum of harm to the personnel - no one here seems to sit at his level, and that meant they could be excused from a sincere fight. The legendary warrior's movements are swift and sure as he drops to a courtyard, then rebounds up onto another tower- looking for the surest footholds on the way up the tower to where the last surviving Wind Drake spends its days.
Zeke Zeke had done some small traiding with the area; enogh that he knew Tycoon and the stories around it. Still. This was a strange place so he left his crew to man the boat. Never knew how folk would react to litteral monsters, plus never knew when backup might be needed.

"John," Zeke held a hand out, "Spyglass please." He waited outside with a dozen humans from his crew as they were not here on invitation and a bunch of armed men potentially labeled pirates themselves for their church affiliations and past deeds were most likely not welcome.

Then he saw the Nezuian leaping. "Curious. Most curious." He pulled a rifle from his coat. Not that it was able to hit hte broad side of a barn at this range, but a warning shot.. Load. Check the pan, full cock.... Aim.
Freya Crescent It had been a miracle for her to have finally found him again, so it wasn't something she was going to take lightly. Freya Crescent didn't take the theft of an elemental crystal lightly, either. She knew what it meant. An area without one's crystal would suffer, if the earth crystal for argument's sake was removed, the land would become stale, and plant life would die off. She could not imagine the fate that would befall this place if the air crystal was to be taken, but there were sacrafices to be made... at least that's what she told herself.

Freya descended along with Fratley among the winds, making sure to subdue any guards they found harmlessly, though that did not seem to be a challenge so far.
Aerith Aerith on the other hand, was not in a boat, nor on the ground.

Instead, she'd joined the guards that placed themselves on the rooftops, looking for trouble down below. They'd been warned... which was a bad thing. It was not a threat, it was a certainty; the only question was where the assault was coming from. Taking a place like this though would have taken weeks, maybe even a month.

Of course, no one thought of looking up, except for when the shot from Zeke was heard from several miles off. Aerith looked around, trying to find the general location of the shooter... when she noticed it.

Someone was climbing the tower, and they were doing it in leaps and bounds. "There it goes." She didn't bother making any attempts to warn the guards, she simply made her way toward the tower, via the rooftops. There had to be an access point somewhere around here...
Deelel Deelel is a artist at heart even with how far she's come. She is still what he was made to be, she'd come to Tycoon to study the local art styles and how they built things here. It was quite the experiance however? something else had happened something dark was coming and she was about to get caught up in it.

This scene contained 5 poses. The players who were present were: Zeke, Deelel, Aerith, Maleficent, Freya Crescent