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Seven: Heigh-Ho-Heartless
(2013-11-07 - 2013-11-08)
The White Rabbit visits the Dwarf Woodlands, and causes some serious trouble for the Dwarves and their female companion. Just what attracted the White Rabbit to this place anyway? And will he find what he's looking for?
Oathkeeper "MrrrriiiiI don't like this one bit." A brown-hatted dwarf grumps with his arms crossed, glaring at a White Rabbit who has entered the forest. The Rabbit is standing before a half-circle of dwarves, with a young woman behind them. The woman in question is beautiful: hair as black as ebony, skin as pale as snow, a blush on her skin and her fingers to her chest.

"No no no no! This isn't her." The rabbit waggles his watch at the girl in question.

"But it's pointing at her! The fourth hand is pointing at her! Oh no no no no! I'm going to be late! We're going to be late!" The rabbit continues to rattle off, pacing left and right in front of the dwarves. "No no no no no no... are you sure you are not Alice?"

The girl with the black hair shakes her hair every so daintily. "No. I'm so sorry mister rabbit. My name is Snow White. I'm not Alice."

It's a brilliant day in the forest. The sun shines down through the canopy, and there's a nice cache of freshly mined diamonds sitting in a cart at the bottom of a long path. There's rabbits jumping along the grass, and birds chirp happily. For all of the trouble that the White Rabbit tends to bring with him... this place is quite idyllic right now. Yet surely, his path through the forest may have aroused some rumors already for our heroes and anti-heroes to follow.
Serah Farron In the forest, a pink-haired girl is sitting on top of a large rock, resting her legs for a moment. She's been travelling for a while now after all. She strums on the string of a bow idly. She found something to use to right as well, its not quite it yet, but its better than nothing at all at least. She didn't really get to use it yet, but she did practice with it, when she had a few moments. She can aim not too bad really.

But she hears the voice of something int he forest nearby. Someone's here? She wonders, sliding the bow back around her shoulder as shehops off the rock, moving toward the sound. She doesn't know what to expect really, but talking white rabbits is probably not that odd.
Aerith It wasn't long before Aerith entered this idyllic setting. Rumors hadn't led her here, besides the tales of this place's peaceful aura. Count it to her surprise that she found Serah there as well, sitting on a rock. Aerith headed over to wave, but noticed she hopped off the stone.

Voices nearby. Someone else was here, too.

Whatever, might as well take a look.

Aerith followed Serah, fully prepared to call forth her staff if need be. Just because this was a place of peace didn't mean bad things couldn't happen.
Vespa "What is going on down there?", Vespa says watching the scene below as she sitting on a branch high up in a tree. She was having a nap but the noise below woke her up. A taking rabbit seven dwarves and a young girl. Once she would have called this scene but these days it pretty normal. She just watchese the going's on from her lofty perch.
Angantyr Vespar "...Man, I should have known the Jabbawak was just a prank mark." Angantyr mutters to himself as he pushes some foilage out of the way and starts to notice a issue. A woman, surrounded by smaller guys, and being accosted by a rabbit.

Slowly, the Keyblade Weilder, starts to approach, his massive form easily towering over the Raven Hair beauty, which says nothing of the Dwarves and Rabbit..

The dwarves were at least somewhat familar to him, he's been here before, and tended to clean up Heartless messes when bounties were put up...and also bash the crap out of Barren when they show up Logging the woods.

"What seems to be the deal?"
Maira Maira arrives with Angantyr, suddening appearing from behind him. He makes a really convenient hiding place! Can't even see her when she's right behind him!

Maira blinks at the scene, a talking rabbit, Snow White....huh! "What's going on? Is something the matter?" she asks.
Mercade Alexander Mercade isn't here for rabbits and rumors. There's something else he's here, for, something far more specific. He was here talking to the Dwarves here for... reasons. Reasons he wasn't telling people about and especially not Avira. However, when the White Rabbit rolls past, apparently late for a very important date with someone he apparently can't find, Mercade peers out of the cottage window, squinting, and then looks back to the Dwarves. "I'll be back later, Doc. Keep an eye on it for me, will you?" He says, putting on his hat on his way out.

He has a feeling about this.
Avira "Kind of a shame too." Avira calls out from behind Angantyr, "I hear Jabberwockys drop vorpal swords." Despite the obvious lack of a mark, Avira's in a pretty good mood right now! Over what isn't exactly clear-maybe she had a good dinner with Mercade the other night. Maybe she reconnected with an old friend.

The good mood persists as she follows Angantyr, who moves to investigate the commotion between a white rabbit and the dwaves. ..and a girl she doesn't recognize. The dwarves she does recognize, though, since a while ago she came here in search of a Manhattan world shard.
Maleficent One of the birds in the forest looks incredibly suspicious. You know that thing in nature that totally happens, where a raven is dressed like a robin using crushed rose petals and trying to hunch up all small? That thing is happening to one of these birds. It is a terrible affliction.
Deelel Deelel has kept up with Avira and she's not really here for the creature. She looks over at Avira for a moment and then to Ang afterwards shugging. She's in a pretty decent mood and honestlyy she'd needed to get off the grid. So here she was tailing along and grinning a bit as she goes so. "Hummm?" It's been a while since she's encounted any dwaves. She does not know any of them at a glance.
Oathkeeper Doc shakes his head at Mercade. "I'll come along." He answers him and follows the Keyblade Wielder out of the cottage and joins the other dwarves in the half-circle.

"I'm telling you, I'm telling you. The watch never lies." The white rabbit stutters along. Doc calmly motions his hands up and down. "C-c-calm down. I'm sure there is a good explin-explin-explination for this." For as calm as he might seem, he's not managing much better than the rabbit in the stuttering department. It's so bad, his glasses almost come off. Upon hearing the term 'calm down', it appears that Sleepy takes those words to heart and decides to just lay down in the grass, yawning and slowly dozing off to sleep.

"The watch never lies. It always tells the time correctly. And it always points where I need to go! Ohhhhhhhhh...." The rabbit mumbles, stopping for a moment to look at the dwarves. Snow White lays the tips of her right hand's fingers to her blood red lips and opens them just mildly. "I'm sorry mister rabbit." She appologizes.

When Angantyr announces his presence, Happy flails his hands to the air. "It's mister Vespar!" Followed by Grumpy to just glare at him. "I bet that if he's here, there's trrrrouble."

"Now now, don't say that." Doc tries to cheer up the grumpy dwarf, before looking up at Vespa. The rabbit on the otherhand, has his eyes widen. "J-J-J-Jabbawak!? Here!?" He glances around rapidly. "Oh no no no!" Dopey just stares at the rabbit with confusion.

"It would appear this poor rabbit looking for someone named Alice." Snow White answers the heroes. "~ and has mistaken me for her due to his watch." She doesn't look like she quite understands this last part. She then suddenly looks up when birds fly off in the distance, chirping and chittering rudely at whatever caused them to depart. What was that?

"The Jabberwak!" The rabbit decides, and quickly begin digging a hole right where he stands.
Aerith Ah, dwarves. She'd seen them before once, but not quite all together like this. And this Snow White was an interesting sort, to be sure. But all this talk of a Jabberwak made her a bit nervous. The rabbit trying to dig himself out of the immediate area was not comforting.

Aerith glanced toward the direction of the noise. Whatever it was, they were too late to avoid it. It was coming their way, probably knew they were here all along.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr rolls his eyes at the Rabbit's presence, "I couldn't find it, Rabbit, so don't worry about it. It is likely not here, or moved on...IF it was even here. Man...who even posted the bounty.." He looks at the letter, Hmmm...

"Tigger." a pause, "Who the <GOOSEHONK> is that?" He says, shrugging. "Whatever, not important.." he says, reaching down the Rabbit's hole to yank him back out. "You're lookin' for someone named Alice?" He asks, looking towards Happy and Grumpy. "Ha. Good to see you guys too." he says, with a grin towards Grumpy. Back towards Doc, "Yeah, sorry about the fight with the heartless. I hope the gold I left covered the repairs?" he asks, a bit sheeplish at that.

REGUARDLESS, he thinks about this, "Well, you're watch isn't lying. It always points you in the right it lead you to Snow White, which attracted.." he says, and thrusts the Rabbit towards Mercade, "A detective. This is his kinda work."
Maira Maira is in a rather good mood as well, and seeing Avira in a such a good mood only heightens the warm snuggly feeling. Maira has her own ideas about why Avira is in such a good mood, knowing she had dinner with Mercade last night. She looks over to her best friend, grins, and winks. Maira also wonders what Mercade was talking to the dwarves about. The dwarves are miners! Miners mine diamonds! Diamonds are used for engagement rings! OMG!

Leap of logic, GO!

Maira giggles (maniacally) to herself and takes another look around, admiring the forest. Its full of cute squirrels and chirping birds and--WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT ROBIN? Maira blinks up at the raven in robin's clothing, gawking. "Goodness, that poor bird. He looks just terrible!" she comments, then calls up the the bird. "Come here little thing, maybe I can help you..." she tries, before her attention turns back to the white rabbit trying to burrow into the earth to escape the Jabbawak, which probably isn't even here. "Hey hey, its okay! There's no Jabberwak here Mr. Rabbit, and if there was we would protect you," she intones with a smile.

Maira looks back to Angantyr, then to Grumpy, then to Angantyr...hmm, wonder if they're related.
Avira "It's true, he's not in trouble all the time. Sometimes he sleeps.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr glares at Avira and Maira. "With friends like these.."
Maira "PFFFft!" she replies to Avira's quip, covering her mouth to try to stuff the escaping giggles back in.
Vespa Vespa keeps watching the scene from her perch in the tree. The rabbit was taking about a magic watch and saying the girl was important, or something like that. She really coudn't hear it all from her perch. She spots the bird as well, she never seen one like it, She wonders if it a navite speiceis to this area.

She sighs lightly to herself as the rabbit start to dig a hole digs a hole, panicing over something called a Jabberwoky, sounds like a intesting monster to fight.. She shakes her head watching the banter down below it turing into quite the comedy of errors.
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't know what a jabbewak is... but Aerith is behind her, she nods to her as a greeting.

Then the princess looking girl explains a bit more of the situation, gratefully. "So I guess we just need to find that Alice for the bunny?" She wonders a bit, looking toward the others. Why is there so many people suddenly gathered here in the middle of nowhere? Hmm. Maybe troubles do attract helpers and company after all.
Avira "Hey, tell me I'm wrong! You're always picking fights, Angantyr."

Avira smirks and clasps her hands behind her back, watching the dwarves, her grin gradually fading as she tries to process what this rabbit is going on about with this /girl harassment/. "Look, it's alright, there's no Jabberwak. Jabberwok...jabberwoky? How many names does this thing..."

She looks over to Maira, who seems to be infected with giggles all the sudden. But beyond that- "...Mercade? What are you doing here?"
Emi Dennou Speaking of Snow White and the Seven Dennous, Emi and Ami can be heard coming shortly before they arrive. They aren't talking, of course, but they are together and making noise by walking on branches and leaves and the like. The two turn about a bit upon discovering the others--or more likely, they were trailing behind--when Ami's eyes settle on the hare.

Ami approaches Angantyr and looks at him. "..." She looks at the rabbit. She looks up at Angantyr, then down to the rabbit again. She says nothing.

"Apologies for the delay, The Network offers awkwardly." Emi says.
Deelel Deelel follows up Ang as he shows himself wondering just what's going on here herself.

"Sounds like it or so the rumors say so, anyway."

She seems to be sizing these strangers up and at the mention of someone named Alice she wonder just who is that?

"Mercae's good at that yes."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr offers Ami the rabbit. "Ami, right?" AH HA! Angantyr actually guesses this one right!
Oathkeeper Grumpy's answer to the comment about gold is to... you guessed it... grump. Happy wags his arms around for a moment. "It's okay. We got it fixed up." They probably didn't use the gold though. What do the dwarves really need with gold anyway? Look at all those diamonds they have! Capitalism hooooooo!

Dopey ends up wobbleing at the rabbit and kind of lazily grabs at its tail and stops it from diving into the hole it just dug. "There's no Jabber-ja-Jabbererwooky." Doc repeats what some of the people who have gathered claim. But then what _is_ coming!?

"Look!" The rabbit decides that if Mercade is indeed a detective (and seeing as Angantyr looks scary), he hops over to his side and shows him the watch. It's quite pointedly... well... pointing at Snow White. "I need to find Alice! It's pointing at her!" Clearly, he hopes that Mercade can help somehow. What follows is a rather... odd sound in the distance. An... oinking?


Oink Oink?

Suddenly, from the bushes, two Pig Noises appear, glancing around, before they set their sights on the watch that the rabbit is trying to show Mercade, and run straight for the watch and yoink it from the rabbits hands! The White Rabbit freezes in place.

"Hey! S-S-Stop there right!" Doc stammers at the pigs.

Maleficent Diablo resists delicious bacon. He refrains, with effort, from eating them all. But he stays on the watch in case of eyeballs.
Oathkeeper << BATTLE MASTERY >>

Kill the Pig Noise before their 4th attack round.
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks over those present and rubs his chin. "Well, it seems like the watch has some unusual functions beyond just telling time. Though goodness knows if anyone besides the White Rabbit can make sense of it."

The detective shrugs, and then notices Angantyr, Maira, and Avira. "Huh." He says, eloquently. He pauses when the mercenary shoves the Rabbit at him. "Um, well... Okay, sure, I can help." He isn't sure what he can really do to help here, he has no real way to track people down despite people seemingly thinking he does. He's just a detective, darnit, not some sorceror!

"I don't think this is the right area for a jabberwock." Mercade mutters, but he smiles to Avira. "I was just checking on some things in the area and making sure nothing crazy was going on. Baron was causing a lot of trouble ,trying to steal the Dwarves' supplies in the past, after all." Yeah, real smooth Mercade.

He glances over to Emi. "Hey Emi. Ami. How are you both doing? Know any Alices that might be important here-"

And suddenly pigs. He reaches out in frustration as the mischevious oinkers steal the watch, and Mercade exclaims, "PIG NOISE!?" With a flash, Mercade breaks out the Keyblade. Noise, even Pig Noise, were kind of like Heartless, after all. "GET THOSE PIGS!" Mercade calls, leaping after them. With a lashing of light, Mercade throws a glowing lasso of light at one of them, slashing out repeatedly with gleaming multicolored arcs with the weapon.
Maira Maira looks to Mercade, flashing him a conspiratorial grin he probably has no idea the source of. She also gives him a thumbs up.

Maira turns to Ami and Emi then, waving. "Oh hey! I haven't seen you guys in ages!" she replies, going in for the hugs. Do Dennous go into hybernation or something? Huh. "Good to see you, hope everyone else is doing well too, tell Shida to come visit me sometime--GAH!" interruption via....pigs? They're almost adorable, but given others reactions, she is gathering that they are an enemy. Maira really hasn't had much experience fighting Noise, but she hopes the piggies are fire-weak.

Skoll would be drooling at the prospect of BACON!

Well, lets start with some buffs, shall we? Maira summons up her magic, gesturing toward Avira and Angantyr to provide them with a little magical protection from harm, should the pigs be more trouble than they look.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment as a bunch of... pigs... stole a watch that was apparently quite important. And so everyone went after him, including her, with some kind of shrug.

Flowergirl took to the trees, watching the chase from high above, and figures a bit of assistance is required. Five seconds later, bolts of energy come raining down on piggies.
Avira "Oh yeaaaaah, I remember that, Mercade." Avira suddenly shudders, "You don't think that Baron would come back here anytime soon, would they?" Baron being around is an OBVIOUS CONCERN for Avira at the moment. For up and coming sky pirate reasons, no doubt. Also Mercade is a detective and his investigating skills clearly meant he had an answer to this.

Dennous being here brings a smile to Avira's face. "Emi! Ami! It's nice to see you both!" she says cheerfully-just as cheerful as before, in fact. She's still cheerful even when pigs show up and swipe the White Rabbit's obviously broken Alice Finding Device.

"Pig noise! I haven't seen that in a while!" Avira exclaims and immediately lunges after them, brandishing an ice spell. Might as well put the bacon on ice!
Vespa Vespa yawns lightly nothing intersting happing there, time to get back to her nap, then hms hearing the oniking sound coming from the bushes and some pigs charging towards the group. Thing finally got intersting!

"How do you feel about some pork for dinner Al?", she paushes. "Good! Go get them Al!", and from the tree canopy this gaint axe comes flying out heading toward the pigs! Then Vespa follows suit jumping down trying to kick one of the pigs in the head!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head...

He looks towards the noise...

"Pigs..?" He thinks, looking towards the sound...

And then SUDDENLY PIGS EVERYWHERE! "Heartless!" he says, slightly not incorrect! Noise, Heartless, basicly the same thing!

He starts to charge, darkness starting to charge up his form as Maira's magic shields him. The armor forms around him, forging itself into the Abyssal armor, as the Keyblade, the Tyrant breaker comes into his hands, taking an aggressive attack stance.

And they they steal the watch.

"That...can't be good!"
Emi Dennou Ami will hold the rabbit. Of course, this isn't going to stop Pigs from stealing watches. That is not the purpose of Amis. She will ruffle the White Rabbit's hair a bit. Or perhaps... HIS HARE HO HO HO HO HO. Emi ends up GRAPPLED (hugged) by Maira and as such isn't able to go around and get in the way of those pig noise. "Hah? Those again?"

Thish could be troubling! Maira also unleashes buffs. But not on Dennous, which is just fine. They aren't jealous. They're okay. They don't need to be buffed. They can buff each other.

Which they don't do because they want the battle mastery. Instead, they try to electrocute pigs. Emi unleashes lightning from her hands at the pigs. Time to make some Bacon Noise.

Ami continues to hug a bunny. ^o^
Serah Farron Serah Farron eeps as she almsot gets trampled by the runaway pigs! Now that's a surprise! "W-what? Pigs, but... what's going on ?" She's utterly confused, but someone said to catch them, so its time to catch pigs.

She slides the bow off her back "Time to see if I can use this on live targets for once." She didn't really have time to practice more than that. She doesn't use arrows though. Pulling the string, her hand seems to summon a white arrow out of thin air, knocking it in place. And then instead of shooting straight at them, she knocks the bow upward. The arrow widens, and then spreads over the piglets, as if it was a sort of catching net, attempting to slow or capture several of them with her Slow attack. "Let'swork together everyone!" She's a bit more serious than she used to be it seems, more jaded, but she keeps most of her up spirits at least.
Deelel Deelel is not moving in directly yet nay she's got to prepare herself for combat. After all she was not made as a securuty program so she's got to finaggle things to et a bit of an edge she'd need to deal with it. She sees pig noise and is unaware of the power of the ibacon, however? She's knows it is something of imporant at the cvery least even without her friends reactions. Their reacitons only make it doubly so in the end.

"So Pigs, really? Humm hinder them? Got it!"

That she can do once she gets the ball rolling for combat so she runs those commands nad prepares her disc.
Oathkeeper The pigs run around the area like chickens without heads. It's kind of hard to keep track of just which one has the watch, as they keep diving behind the Dwarves' house in order to get away from the people present. They duck away from the lasso, and all the multicolored sweeps manage is to cut into the ground and get the pigs dirty! Within moments, the whole scene is reminiscent of the old Benny Hill series. People running after the pigs, wether they have a watch or not!

They dodge the bolts of light, while Grumpy is grumping at Aerith! "Watch where you are aiming that!" On the otherhand, Bashful is apparently now standing right next to Aerith, giving her the goo-goo eyes while blushing. Avira's ice blocks a pig's path, but it breaks right through it, running faster.

Vespa's axe comedically bounces off of the body of one of the pigs, and ends up landing right in a tree. Her flying kick on the other hand, trips her right into the head of one of the pig-noises... who is forced into the dirt for a moment, before it suddenly SPEEDS UP!


This is just cheating.

Angantyr isn't incorrect - Noise _are_ heartless. One of the pigs suddenly tries to dive right between Angantyr's legs as he stands there posing with his blade. The other - actually carrying the watch - jumps between sparks of lightning, followed by running out underneath the net and then running full-speed at Snow White! OH NO, A PIG IS GOING TO RUN INTO THE DAINTY GIRL!

A few of the dwarves form up and create a screen before the girl, protecting her from the pig. This means the pig just ends up darting every which way, trying to knock into people and knock them over! Someone get that watch!
Aerith Okay, that's interesting.

Aerith decided that enough was enough. She saw the lead pig, obviously the one with the watch, and leapt down from the trees to try and play whack-a-piggie with her weapon.
Angantyr Vespar Pigs RUN at him, but Angantyr is a Wall...

Infact, he is suddenly standing infront of the Dwarves and Snow White. His blade coming down, as darkness drives through the horde of Monsters, trying to send them flying. Damn heartless...though he knows they felt the sting of the weapon.

"Guys, try to engangle them somehow! Those who can't SMASH!" he says, so that the smashers know their a certain maid.

Angantyr, however, immedaitely goes on the offense, because the right pig is easier to find if there are /less/ pigs to find!

He moves, brutally, aiming to drive the keyblade into the swarm, before jumping up, and coming down on one of the pigs, which causes a shockwave of energy to rip out infront of him, darkness exploding in Pillars all around him.

"Ugh. I hate pest control...and the worst thing, is you can't even eat these.."
Maira Maira cracks her knuckles, then winces. That was a much better idea in her head. Apparently she's not a knuckle-cracker. Oh well! Maira takes a deep breath of the forest air, smelling the dirt beneath her feet, the leaves in the trees, the cool air...there! She's got it! Getting in touch with the earth takes more effort than fire for the mage. Summoning fire is like breathing, other elements actually take some concentration!

Which is ruined when she's bowled into by a pig. Maira flails like a muppet, her legs tangling in themselves as the pig tries to dash between her knees but misses, knocking Maira over and into the grass with an irritated HARUMPH!

On the plus side, she's feeling pretty buddy buddy with the ground now, so she clenches her fists and slams them into the grass. Now, Maira is not strong, this is known, which probably makes the ground cracking apparently under the force of her punch look really impressive to someone who didn't know she was using magic to do it. Either way, the ground crack, fissures opening in front of the pigs in such a way to try to force them to run back toward Angantyr, Avira, Vespa and the others. The Smashers.
Avira Avira manages to quickly launch herself up into the air with a blast of wind magic to avoid being plowed over by a pig. "What the...they're not supposed to get this fast!" she gasps, shocked by the behavior of these things right after getting hit. "Well if it's going to go fast, we'll have to go faster!" Avira drops down and...

...tries to land onto one of the pig's back. She struggles to stay on top of the pig and reckless ride it into...well, anything.
Vespa "I alwayed wante to do that...", Vespa says after making her dramtic entrace from the trees. She picks up her massive axe

The pigs are getting faster? "Great..", Vespa mutters lightly to herself, and there running around every which way.. She looks to Angantyr. "Right. Got it.VESPA SMASH!", she charges towads the pigs swinging her axe trying to knock down or set some of the pigs into the air hopefully making them easyer targerts for everyone else. stance her axe in front of her and charges towads the pigs swining her axe and trying to knock some down and others into the air!
Emi Dennou Round one ... didn't go too well. She can't even get any hit on them as they oink directly at her.

Frowning, Emi says, "Perhaps we should focus on hitting them hard when we can rather than trying to ... plink them." She cracks her knuckles and says, "Ami, please provide aid."

She looks towards Ami who helplessly holds up rabbit. Emi sighs faintly and then looks back towards the pigs.

Actually, come to think, couldn't they just use electromagnetism to snap the clock back towards them? They don't try this for now, though, instead trying the more direct route for success now.

As such: More electroblasts. Maybe if they summon an electrical field around them they'll slow down? PERHAPS.
Vespa "I alwayed wante to do that...", Vespa says after making her dramtic entrace from the trees. She picks up her massive axe The pigs are getting faster? "Great..", Vespa muttersto herself and there running around every which way..
RShe looks to Angantyr. "Right. Got it.VESPA SMASH!", she charges towads the pigs swinging her axe trying to knock down or set some of the pigs into the air hopefully making them easyer targerts for everyone else. stance her axe in front of her and charges towads the pigs swining her axe and trying to knock some down and others into the air!
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks at Maira as she signals to him, and he looks very confused. What's Maira up to? The Detective thinks about this for a moment as he continues to work on trying to get that watch back.

And then he finds that the pigs speed up when hit. "Oh hell." Mercade says, as he tries to do this in a more... physical way. He doesn't strike for the pig, but instead leaps for the watch in particular, waiting for a glimpse of it and pouncing!
Serah Farron Serah Farron is in no position to get to the watch right now, pinballed around by the piggies as they run over her and hit into her legs. She's nto very big of a girl after all, she's easily toppled.

But she manages to stay up, leaping up on top of a branch to get a better vantage view, to try her net catching again "I've gotta stop them from moving so much!" She tries to pincushion a bunch of them with her arrows so they stop moving so much.
Deelel Deelel has got the order from Ang to try to conain them, hopefully. then she sees the pigs are speeding up, wait no what are the pig noise up to now? She's still does not know what they are.. they seem to be going after the girl as well but Ang seems to be on the job there. She's got pigs to keep under control though she's not sure what pigs might be given they are a food source for users but that's about it. She's not seen a living one before. She does howeve rlaunc her disc trying todelay these things and she throwas her disc not aimed to directly hit them but 0otehrwise try to hem them in with them trying to avoid getting hit. Prehaps it will not work prehaps it will.
Oathkeeper Angantyr mows his Keyblade into the oncoming pig, and punts it with the shockwave of energy - straight into the other pig. They end up bouncing a few times across the ground and into random objects like a pinball in a pinball machine. But seconds later, they're up again and running, trying to get away from the area. But it seems like game-logic is keeping them bound to this location for now.

Aerith's attempt at whack-a-pig is far less effective, the pig just dodging her staff. Maira on the other hand, manages to halt one with her fissure. It opens up right beneath the pig with the watch, which ends up STUCK in the fissure. Its little legs wiggle rapidly at thin air, and its thick pig body is grounded. Literally and figuratively. Avira ends up jumping on that very pig. Which... well... it doesn't get her very far. But before she has a chance to try and take the watch, the other pig runs in and SNATCHES IT!

The one Avira is seated on continues to wiggle its legs rapidly. She can probably finish it off if she's careful.

The other pig continues to run around like an idiot, dodging Vespa's enormous axe - though the pressure of her attack makes it go flying into the air. Mercade tries to bring his A-Game, but only gets an A for Effort, but an F for effectiveness. These are Oink elementals, you can't use yOink on them! They ignore damage from all Oink related things! Serah on the other hand, manages far better. The Zips and Zaps and flamee of her arrows first reveals a comical skeleton, followed by freezing it... and then setting it on fire.


Deelel tries to slow it down further, as the disk hits it on the rear and attaches to its tail... slowing it down with its weight!
Oathkeeper "No no no! My watch! Get back my watch!" The rabbit calls out. In the meantime, Snow White touches Angantyr's arm for but a moment. "Thank you." She whispers to him, blushing, before the dwarves start tugging on her, trying to get her to go back into the house. The rabbit tries to continue chasing the pig, but he's not having much luck! In fact, he mostly ends up trying to avoid getting hit by our heroes!

The now BURNING PIG then suddenly halts, and turns its body towards our heroes. Oh-oh! It looks like its an angry oinker COMING TO GET YOU!

It begins to shine with an amazing power! Its flames turn golden! Its power rises as the pig noise suddenly is named thanks to Deelel's disk.

< Gullinbursti HAS APPEARED >

And it runs straight into our heroes with a golden wave of power surrounding it, capable of...

Knocking people over.

It's a pig.

Shut up.
Aerith Okay, good! Things were going their way! Now all they had to do was get the one that had the watch now, and everything would be fine, right?

WEll, not really. With how much trouble these things gave them, they'd be difficult at best to stop from running off with it entirely. That didn't mean Aerith wouldn't try, though. She ran after the piggie with the watch... only to find it was coming straight for her, and much bigger than it was before!


She gets trampled by oversized pork chops, but manages to get back up after shaking off the dizziness. "I think this thing is starting to get on my nerves," flowergirl muttered as she stood up.

"How does that even work?! I mean...I didn't take any damage...but the debuffs!" Angantyr looks at himself...nothing that stops his murder engine.


/THAT'S FINE/. Angantyr says, his eyes lighting up dangerous as he takes a step forward as one of the pigs aims for his face...

FIST! He punches the Pig right across the mouth, sending it, into a pig near Mercade, which stuns both.

This might be Mercade's chance.

"Alright, this is seriously redicious!" he says, Once more getting ready to attack...

He swings the blade once! Twice!

Each attack aiming to smack pigs into other pigs, like a game of baseball...

"Maira! FIRAGA ME!" he says, indicating the sword as he leaps up...
Maira Hahah! Magic is useful! Yay! Maira gets to her feet, looking around to see how everyone is doing.

SUDDENLY GOLDEN PIG! That must mean its a boss. Maira purses her lips, then gestures toward the creature, a small but very bright light appears, shooting toward the pig, exploding like a blooming rose of flame upon impact. It's BACON TIME!

Maira turns then when she hears her name, looking over toward Angantyr, who shouts for her to "Firaga Him".

She blinks.

OH. THE SWORD! That makes much more sense!

Grinning now that she understands, Maira gestures toward Angantyr, a wave of flame shooting forth from her fingers like a bright ribbon that strikes Angantyr's blade and sheaths it in white hot magical flame.
Angantyr Vespar The fires light under the pigs, and then the mass of the magic from Maira's fall into his blade, Angantyr can feel the power of her flames, and sends his own darkness into it, before he swings into a massive overhead swing, once more aiming to cause a cone of darkness and fire, aiming to litterally...

Light up the night.

Or, you know, open up their own Pulled Pork Chain.
Emi Dennou Emi frowns deeply. She is not very fond of these pigs right now. She claps her hands together and braces herself, eyes narrowing at pig. Apparently at some point the white rabbit pulled free from Ami and her eyes widen as it darts into the fray, she charges after him.

Emi, though, ends up bowled over and gets a bit swirlyeyed in the process. Uguu.

Ami cracks her knuckles, narrows her eyes and unleashes an electrical wave around her body, intending to scatter the pigs away, particularly away from Mercade who managed to snag the watch. It seems like electromagnetism wasn't especially neccessary for that. Then again, pigs ARE fast yo!
Vespa Flying pigs. Not something you seen every day. "Huh?",Vespa says as the pig start to glow! "Oh that not good!", she brings up her axe to block it not getting hurt by the attack but still getting knocked down. That pig back a punch! "Right! Time to ends this!", she bring her axe up as the blade starts to glow with a black aura. "Die.", she say bring her axe down on the Golden glowing pig.
Mercade Alexander Mercade gasps at the porcine chaos, andf grimaces at the failure of his classic yoink maneuver. Clearly, these pigs are too clever for something that matches their affinity.

Therefore, it's time to think outside the box and turn it around. "Here we go... SECRET TECHNIQUE! MAKING THIS ALL UP AS I GO! YEAAAAAAAH!" Mercade yells... And then he just jumps on the back of the pig.

The pig that suddenly gets a name. "Oh. Fiddlesticks." He says, momentarily before Mercade is sent flying. However, Angantyr sends the chain flicking through the air, and Mercade catches it with he flailing. "!knioY" Mercade yells, eloquently. After all, if they're resistant to oink, the logical thing to do would be to use the /opposite/ of oink, right?

But he didn't have a vegan handy so he did the next best thing. Mercade thuds to the ground, grunting as he hits it all beaten up from the landing... But holding a watch. He lets it hang before his eyes for a moment, blinking. "Ooooh." He says, before he tucks it into a pocket. He doesn't need the pigs stealing it back immediately! "All right... We've gotten the watch back. And now it's time to send these porkers packing!" Mercade calls out, dramatically, while Ang just goes and blows them up.

Mercade blinks. "Well, uh..." He thinks for a moment, and then he just points his Keyblade at the pigs. "Go home! Please?" He asks.

And then there's a flash of light.
Avira ALL THE PIG NOISE. Literal noise in this case. Avira was about to baconate the pig she was riding but after all that din, she promptly falls off the hog onto the ground. The pig noise lives to squeal another day.

After a few moments or two spent cringing, Avira finally gets it together and draws the Spine, turning towards the gullinbursti. "It's power level is off the charts...!" she gasps, seeing its aura around it.

Doesn't stop Avira though, she rears her sword back and grins. "And the big bad Ice Wolf said, I'll huff, I'll buff, and I'll BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN!" At the crescendo of her little posturing, Avira unleashes one of those wolf-shaped blasts of blizzard she's gradually become well known for.
Serah Farron Serah Farron thought that hiding in a tree as a good idea. Apparently not with flying pigs. She gets knocked out of her perching spot. Even if it doesn't hurt, it still gnaws at her somehow, and affects her abilities. She offs as she lands harshly on the ground under her perch, but she quickly rolls back on her feet, shooting another volley of arrows toward the pigs... flying variety or not.
Deelel Deelel says "We're trying!"
% Dshe says thankfully they still got a chance as they are chaging after it but then coms somethign else. It's a super pig, powered upon the power.

"We got the watch? Then let's end this!"

Wait Mercade is asking themt o go home she's not sure what to say there but she starts lobbing her disc at the pigs hoping to drive home the point it's time to go.

"It's time for you to return to where your from, pigs. Get! Go scat! Get the heck out of here."

She flips again into the air and catches her disc as it returns and she comes into a landing.
Oathkeeper Angantyr sends Gullinbursti the Pig-Noise flying towards Mercade, followed by the brave Keyblade Wielder managing to knioY the watch from its snout! It appears that pigs are innately weak to the REVERSE of Oink! NEGA-OINK! Such fearsome power. Mercade must be careful, for he might be tempted by the power that Nega-Oink brings with it. For with great Nega-Oink, comes great responsibility.

Either way, the pig manages to get loose not a second later, only to come to a wild stop right in front of Angantyr and Maira. Big piggy-tears come dangling from its eyes, just before FLAMES erupt over its body. Black smoke rises from its body, and the forest smells suspiciously a lot like bacon all of the sudden. Emi's electrical shockwave snaps the pig out of its miserable moment of misery, and it is sent running straight forwards again like a Duracel bunny!

Cut to Vespa swinging that axe around like a wildwoman, trying to catch it with the black magic of her axe, and just barely missing each time. The flash of light that comes from Mercade appears to do little but energize the BLAZING GOLDEN POWER OF THE SUPER PIG!


And it is coming for Mercade with a vengeance! Even as those wolf-shaped blasts of ice come forth from Avira, slamming into the side of the pig, it keeps on running. In fact, it goes faster. And faster! AND FASTER!

It gets faster every time it gets hit after all.

And by the time that Serah tries to hit it, it almost appears to be going at warp-speed.

Deelel's disks ram into its body, raising its speed further until its golden color finally turns into the ULTIMATE COLOR OF

Maira After a long conversation on the radio, Maira is now REALLY HUNGRY.

She's also being slightly run over by a glowing pig. 'Well, that's a first' she thinks as she flies up into the air comically. Might as well make the best of it. With a burst of air she blasts herself higher, getting an aerial view to aim her magic. She unleashed wave upon wave of fire that pummels down toward the pig noise like a hammer. Her battle cry? "BACON AND PANCAAAAAAAAAAKES!!!"

Upward momentum lost, Maira now begins to fall. "CATCH MEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr might not be able to help Mercade avoid his fate...

But he can...

He brings the Keyblade upwards...suddenly, the darkness gathers, but in that darkness a brilliant light. He channels both, darkness and light, and the two work as one as the blade of darkness wings out, aiming to catch the pigs as they run by...

It wasn't it...

Heartless needed to be destroyed, for good...and he brings the sword back up once...and then...

"TYRANT..." he starts, as the power drives into overtime, the spiritual pressure is obscene, as he channels both powers, you might think they might cause an antiplode, but...oddly, they do not.

Then suddenly the weapon is swung, darkness tears at the pigs...before a massive and brilliant light aims to wash them away completely, freeing their hearts. "BREAKER!"

Angantyr also holds a hand out, afterwards, to catch Maira.
Vespa "Go and eat your fill Al.", Vespa ays and and swings her axe into the glowing pig is that slurping and muching noises you hear coming from Vespa's axe? No it just your imangiation. Really.
Serah Farron Fortunatly for her, flying pigs do have a major weakness in their attacks, which is simply to get out of their way or hide behind things. Something she's able to do, sliding behind the large tree nearby as they zoom by. Yup, when something goes fast, turning is the hardest thing to do after all. Everyone else around her seem to be using their speed against them too, until most of them are swatted down fly really big flies.

As much as she wants this to be an adventure to remember, she's not sure how she can explain to anyone what happened here today either ._.
Aerith Well then, that was fun, wasn't it?

Aerith gets to her feet just in time for everything to end, and dusts her jeans off as her staff fades into so many motes of pale green light. "So... that was a thing, huh?"
Maira Maira lands in Angantyr's arms perfectly. It must be something about the ambient disney magic. She grins. "Knew you'd catch me!" she says.

Maira looks over to Gullinbursti. It has been defeated. Is Vespa's axe making...slurping noises? Eeww... Then to Aerith, Maira smiles. "It sure was," she remarks.

Then she remembers, and her face lights up. "BBQ!!!"
Avira Avira has been inspired. Soon she too will have her own stash of emergency bacon. That sounds like a fantastic idea.

It's a bit distressing to see that this piggy continues to get faster and faster when it gets hit, just like the others. Avira leaps to the side and doesn't take a direct hit from the charge, but she still feels some kind of strange blowback effect. She huffs, pulling herself up and casting haste upon herself, ready to chase after the Big Pig but...

...looks like someone's going to beat her to the punch! She slows, scoring a long trench in the dirt as she does so, "Woops! Well then." The huntress sheathes her weapon and turns towards Mercade, eyeing him curiously. "Sooooo..."

Aerith Aerith chuckled. "You know what, why not. Let's cook this porker."
Serah Farron Serah Farron springs right up at that "BBQ sounds good! But... should we even be eating those?" She wonders a bit. She hasn't had BBQ pork in a long time though. She's considering!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr smiles, and lets Maira down.

"Not yet, we gota return the watch, and figure out what's going on with this Alice. THEN we can eat some BBQ." he looks at Mercade, "Your show. I don't do well with the talking thing, and your the detective anyway."
Vespa "We got to wait for the BBQ?", she sounds a bit dissapointed.. "I Guess I can wait a bit longer.."
Maira Maira lets out a long suffering sigh. "I guess so," she replies. God, they'd gotten her so psyched up! Her stomach is rumbling! But of course, this watch and rabbit business is important. She'll have to remeber to ask the bunny if Arthur could take a look at his watch sometime. "Watch"...Maira still thinks its more of a compass!
Oathkeeper When Mercade holds the watch, and with the Orange-Golden Noise now defeaten, he'll notice how the watch is acting... strangely. Indeed, it tells the time perfectly. But the hand that points at 'where he needs to go' seems to be pointing straight at Maira. Not Avira... not somewhere else. But Maira. At least, for a little while, before it wobbles and turns towards the hut again. It would appear that Snow White is more important somehow.

That's when Grumpy comes out. "Ouut! Oooooout!" He calls out at them, mostly looking at Angantyr and pointing at...

The fissure in the ground.

The charred grasslands.

The destroyed ground left and right.

The place looks like a battlefield.

"All of you out!" Grumpy insists! "Look at this mess! This is going to take hours of work..." Sleepy, by the way, is still laying in the grass, asleep. Somehow, that particular dwarf managed to sleep through all of this.

And the spot where Gullinbursti was defeaten, where all those final strikes had finally come together and eaten its heartless body whole, now lay some items. A small pile of 101 Acorns, and a Recipe for Bacon. (Ingredients: Pig). A cute heart rises from the Pig Noises in the area.

The Rabbit is jumping up and down at Mercade's side, trying to grab at the watch. "Gimme! Give that back! Ooooh, I'm going to be so laaate!"
Mercade Alexander Mercade will make sure to use the power of NEGA-OINK responsibly. Like never, because he is not expecting to need to deal with Oink elementally aspected creatures again. Ever.


"Oh, COME ON!" Mercade yells, even as the pig supercharges and comes in swinging. "I EVEN SAID PLEASE!" But he supposes he needs to use the right magic word for the occasion. This time it seems to be 'bacon'.

The pig comes swinging in for him, and a hexagonal field barrier manifests before Mercade, dampening and straining against ZA POWAH of the pig as it channels the SPEED FORCE and comes in to take him down!

Regardless of his defense, Mercade is sent flying, cratering into the ground next to the cottage. And the White Rabbit. He groans in pain as he slowly drags himself out.

And then Mercade delivers the bad news once the Noise is sent packing. "They're not actually pigs." Mercade points out. "They don't even /have/ bacon, unless you want to eat bigs of sorta-Heartless. And that's just creepy." He looks back to Avira, returning the look with a quizzical expression for several seconds, and then it's pointed out that there's business left to take care of.

Mercade pulls out the watch, looking down at it. He frowns. "Huh. The watch..." He looks up and squints at Maira. "It's pointing at you now, Maira. Why is it..." He is cut off in his train of thought by environmental issues, and offers it back to the Rabbit. "I believe this belongs to you, sir." He says. He'll have to think of what this means later.
Emi Dennou Ami sniffs faintly. She doesn't like fighting pig noise. They're practically pigs. Emi pats her on the shoulder a few times.
Deelel Deelel lowers her disc for a a moment looking away for a moment and then back at Maira as she looks at her.

"What is BBQ?"

The program seriously does not know but Maira seems pretty happy about it. She looks from one friend to another not sure what to think on this.

"Did I mention that ... your ways of getting energy is creepy?"
Avira "No, I meant like, do you want to go out for BBQ after all of this is over?" Avira grins at Mercade, "All this fighting has made me pretty hungry." She's going to continue but two things happen. That watch.

Avira frowns, then slowly looks to Snow White. She seems like she would say something but abruptly stops.

A pile of acorns is left in the wake of the superpig. Spying this, Avira quickly rushes over and starts scooping them up, stuffing them into her various leather utility pouches on her belts.
Maira Maira blinks and looks to Mercade, pointing her herself questioningly. "Pointing at me? Huh? I'm not Alice...I'm not, right?" she almost sounds unsure for a moment!

"Oh! Mr. Rabbit?" she begins, turning toward the bunny. She lowers herself to her knees in order to be on eye level with him before continuing. "Do you think we could maybe show your watch to a friend of ours sometime? He's really interested in seeing it. He's kind of an expert gadgets and Stuff," especially Stuff.

Maira looks around when the dwarves mention the mess. "Eerrr...eep. I'll help clean it up, okay? Really sorry about the whole...burning and opening up the earth stuff..."
Aerith Aerith stared at Avira for a few moments as she started to collect acorns, of all things. She glanced toward the hut, wondering what all the fuss was about. And that watch... something felt off about it. Still, now that it was out of their hands, there was nothing she could do about it. At least, not right now.

"I'd love to head out with you guys, if that's okay?" She turned her attention back to the group. "Honestly, I'm kinda hungry as well."
Oathkeeper The rabbit looks at Maira with great uncertainty when she asks him about the watch, having taken it gracefully from Mercade and has been hugging it to his chest. He looks down at the thing for a moment, and then looks up at Maira. "He is a watchmaker?" He asks? The rabbit seems really uncertain. "Very well. I... I will come with you! But only until the watch is fixed! And he must hurry! It's essential that I get 'there' in time! It's a date! A very important one."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs... "Look, I'm sorry! But they were heartless.." oy...this always happens.

Angantyr gives Doc some more gold, because...goddamn.

And then the points at Avira, then Maira, then the cabbin again...

"...Huh. This seems like it seeks..." A pause. "Hm. Interesting."
Maira Maira nods to Aerith, smiling brightly. "Yeah! Totally!" she replies before looking back to the bunny. "Alright, thanks! I'll even carry you if you'd liiiike," she says, sing-song, giving him her best smile. Want to snuggle the bunny! Oohh just wook at his wittle spectacles! Eee!

Maira looks back to Angan and Avira, shrugging her shoulders lightly in regard to the watch and what it points to. Then, she asks hopefully, "BBQ time?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Maira, then at Avira.

He nods once. "BBQ time."

This scene contained 82 poses. The players who were present were: Oathkeeper, Mercade Alexander, Avira, Deelel, Maira, Vespa, Aerith, Angantyr Vespar, Maleficent, Emi Dennou, Serah Farron