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(2013-11-06 - 2013-11-06)
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Maira After a surprise visit to Traverse Town by Maleficent, Maira got back to camp a little later than planned. Faruja had escorted her the whole way, rested for a while, then wandered off to look around. Maira had dropped the books Avira asked for in her tent, hoping she hadn't missed her. She knew she had to keep moving around with the water crystal, though she'd never actually remembered to ask how she hid the thing. Was the water crystal big? Would it fit in backpack? She didn't even know!

Now, Maira nervously waits by the fire for Angantyr, hoping that they can manage to work things out between them. Maira really doesn't want to lose any more of the people she loves. There /must/ be a way...and if there isn't, well at least she'll know she tried her best. Though, she very much doubts she'd ever stop fighting for it.

Next to her is a small pile of clothing that needs mending, a needle and thread in her hands as she replaces a couple of buttons on a woman's shirt, looking up now and then as various people walk through camp about their business.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr doesn't portal in, he actually walks in. He's been more careful about using the portals lately, their corrosive nature and his keyblade don't seem to get along...which is interesting, but it might be because his Keyblade is not one of darkness. Many people are still very curious as to how this happened, but he is.

He walks into the fire, his face stoic as normal, not trying to betray any emotion...lately it seemed to all be negitive, and he was kinda sick of it. A lot of the old group seemed to have disappeared, because of...something. Responsibilities, bad decisions...other things as well caused problems.

The man takes a breath, finally sitting down. "Hey."
Maira Maira isn't actually curious as to how Angan got a keyblade of light. It makes perfect sense to her. Maybe she was a tiny bit bias though. Nervous as she is, she can't help be smile when she sees him. She sets aside the shirt she was working on and turns toward him. "Hey Angan...thanks for coming...there's some tea, if you want some?" she offers, gesturing to a nearby teapot and a couple of rugged mugs.

Indeed, a lot of people had gone away...or disappeared. Its disturbing and discouraging. They need to stick together!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr waves a hand, "I'm good.." he says, looking at the fire for a moment.

" you wanted to know what exactly has been bothering me the most about all of this crap lately?" He asks, makin' sure this was a thing before he started.
Maira Maira nods her understanding, though does pour some for herself. If she's not holding something in her hands she'll just fiddle nervously.

"I think I understand a least are tired of me putting myself in danger. Of doing...stupid things," she replies, biting her lip gently.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr stands up, pacing a little...

"There is a difference between being empthetic, and /needlessly/ endangering your life. But that's just not it..."

"Am I not apart of this group? Or your life? All I ever hear is...I decided to do this Angantyr, and then suddenly I have to come in, Keyblade swinging, to get you out of trouble. What /REALLY/ gets me the most, Maira, is that you don't even consider me. I don't get asked my opinion...I don't get asked to escort you...I just suddenly log on to hear you're putting yourself into /mortal danger/ again. It wouldn't be so bad if it was like...a heat of the moment thing, but some of this is just blatent. /Going right to a Shadow Lord/ for one."

"I don't care what he says, what he tells you, it's probably a /lie/ to make you at ease, to slowly put you into a false sense of security. Then, when you trust him...BAM. Don't pull the 'see the light in him crap. I mean, that's great you wana do that...I can /respect/ that...but there is being optimistic and /being suicidal/. He might not want to throw his world into darkness, but having you puts him one step closer to controling his world utterly...rather you're willing or not."

"The Vector thing...that could have been avoided if you'd waited for someone instead of rushing off on your own...that almost got you AND Avira in trouble. As much as you might not want to admit're life is important, it is important not just for the people around you, not just to me, not just to Avira, not just to VALKRI or anyone else...but to /your entire world/. And they went and SUCKED your magic dry. What if she was actually competant? You could have lost more...or worse. Death /ISN'T/ the worse that can happen to you Maira. You have to think more carefully about what you do, and understand your actions have profound effects it fair? No, probably not, but it is truth."

"You need to trust me more. I am not saying I have to make or be apart of /every/ decision...but things like WALKING into a Shadow Lords Home is one of these things..."
Maira Maira listens, watching him pace, her expression sober. She closes her eyes at the end, taking a deep breath. "Angan...I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. Storming off after Vespa and getting taken...yes, that was spur of the moment. It was still foolish. My concern for my friend just...made me an idiot. No better way to put it. You're right Angan. You're absolutely right. I know there is a whole world counting on me--it terrifies me, but I know there is nothing I can do. I want to take care of those people even if they have no idea who I am. It's hard, you know? To change the way I've always done things. I guess I got too used to just...being of no consequence to anyone," she says, looking down. Old habits are hard to break.

"Ever since Uist has gone...I've felt really lost. I think I was so determined that I could get by on my own, that I took it too far and just...maybe it was just foolish rebelion born of hurt," she explains quietly. "Its a reason, but not an excuse. I know I need to change. About Mateus...well, maybe you are right. Its a risk I shouldn't have taken. I want to believe he is different. Everything he has shown me has indicated that might be so...but you're right, I can't take that risk. I just wasn't sure what else to do. I need to be there sometimes--its my world. I don't know how to be there without him being aware of me. If he's not what I think, if he is just biding him time...will being an obvious enemy to him be better? He could just try to take me, 'for the good of the world' or something. And I do trust you, I trust you with my life and with--well, anyway, I trust you but you can't always be at my side. I trust all my friends, but do I think most of them alone could stand up against a shadow lord? Probably not..." she sighs.

Maira looks up now, taking another deep breath. "I'm asking your advice now Angan. If you decide to forgive me...what should I do? How should I keep myself safe? Besides the obvious not going to Mateus or charging off in the wilderness alone," she adds with a wince.
Angantyr Vespar "You learn to defend yourself. You've relied a lot on Uist." He says, "And up till now it worked...but now that he is gone, you don't have that life line anymore, and have untapped power you don't even know. More than have a serious lack of control, control need. Now more than ever. Things are going to get worse before they get better, Maira...a lot worse."

"Something you need to learn about the Shadow Lords. Nobody...NOBODY gets to be a shadow lord by accident. Garland was grooming me for it, no doubt, but felt I wasn't ready. It's a organization of the darkest and greediest hearts of their worlds...their desire to only serve their own intersts...and those of Maleficent. She offers power, don't accidently become one."

"They are all pure evil, there is no light left in any of them...and before you ask of Ember, she was HARDLY a shadow lord, a MINION at most. She might have deluded herself into thinking she was one of them, but she was not..."

"But, yes, we have to get ready for the darkness that is coming. We...need to get stronger, we need to explore our powers, and use them to push the darkness back. Manhattan...that was just a warm up. The real fight starts now."
Maira Maira nods. "I understand. Seeing Maleficent and Garland working together...I can't think of anything more terrifying," she replies quite honestly. Individually, they are beyond powerful. Together? How can they even hope? Yet they must.

"Yes, I'm having to learn to do things differently. My control is better than it was, but it could still be better. I've been learning to use a gun, too. For when I can't use my magic, or something happens to happened in Vector. Mercade has been teaching me. Heh, think it suits me a lot better than trying to throw a sword around," she says, cracking a smile.

She looks down at her tea then, sighing heavily. ", are you saying I shouldn't go to Palamecia or Fynn at all? His knights are everywhere. And Leon is still...that. I /know/ there is light in him still. I found it once and I hope to do it again, but I don't know how to do it without risking myself."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr considers...

"With Leon, yes...he can be saved. I hope so, anyway...but right now, win that fight he needs to WANT to fight the darkness, right now the MONSTER that calls himself an Emperor, has him thinking he can't fight it."

"I am not saying you can't go, but we gota be careful. You need to go with us, or incognito..."

"Mercade might help with the Incognito thing, I am not very good at being subtle, not at all."

"And while a sword may not suit you, I can probably help the two of you with your combat and magic."
Maira Maira nods, taking a breath to steady herself. Leon. She's not giving up on him.

Then, she laughs. "No, you are absolutely the most recognizable person possibly in existence," she replies. She wouldn't change it though. "I really am sorry Angan...that I didn't ask you do to more things with me. I was...really hesitant know," she says, gesturing between them briefly. "Guess I just made it worse though, huh?"

Maira puts down her tea after a long sip, then places her hands on her knees. "Alright! So, you're going to train me then?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs...

"Yeah...some of that was my fault. A lot of things were happening at once, and I didn't know what to do. Things became a lot clearer once I got the Keyblade...and to be honest, after I killed..." he pauses... "After I killed, I wasn't sure what to do anymore. I got what I wanted...but something...just didn't feel right." He shrugs. "I still haven't quite found the answer, on that, but I think I am going in the right path.

He grins, "Yeah, I am...and yes, I am. We're gona need to get stronger, and realize what we can do. Both me, and you, and Avira, and Mercade...a long road ahead."
Maira Maira looks aways, her cheeks flushing some in embarrassment. "Life is never simple, huh?" she comments finally. "I'm really proud of you though, Angan. I always knew that you would do great things. I really did always believe in you," she adds with a soft smile.

La la la uncomfortable! Subject change! "So! Training! What are you going to have me do?" will this involve a montage? Maybe a song!?
Angantyr Vespar It might involve a few montages...

And a few songs...

Angantyr notices the flush, and shakes his head... "Maira. It's not easy for me to all. I have a lot of scars, a lot of things run deeper than I let on. I guess I was pushing you away more for my own comfort than anything you did. Things...were complicated with Avira, and then immediately with you right after that...and everything that happened..."

"But in the test to become a Keyblade weilder, something happened, a event played...showed me what I could be..."

"It chilled me to the bone."
Maira Maira swallows hard, nodding. That was...that was a revelation she wasn't expecting, maybe even feared in a way. Fear and hope sometimes feel so much a like one can't even tell the difference. Sometimes to hope /is/ to fear. "I...know. That you have scars--er, mental ones not physical once though I know you have those too--" OMG MAIRA SHUT UP. Maira clears her throat. "I didn't make things easy either...there were conflicts and...well," she shakes her head. Past is past, right?

"So, there's a test? I guess there would have to be. It was your dreams, wasn't it? They were real, in some way. Do you want to tell me about what you saw?" she asks. She is curious for curiousity sake, but moreso because it would help her understand him better. They could really do with understanding each other better.
Angantyr Vespar "Sure.." Angantyr says, "The test...or vision, showed a happy...paradise of sorts. My family was back together, I was...accepted, my brother was were there. The Empire was defeated, and our home free of it's influence."

"Everything was happy...though I noticed SOMEthings were off..."

"Then some reports of pockets of the Arcadian Empire near the edges of our land, I went with you to go check it out."

"What I saw...and what I learned about the Keyblade's power..."
Maira She was there? With his family? Maira blinks, nodding as she listens. She picks up her tea again and sips.

"What did you see, that disturbed you so much?"
Angantyr Vespar "The pocket of resistance was Avira and Riku." he says, finally. "In this twisted reality, I had used the power of my keyblade, to enforce my hearts desires on use the darkness in me to taint all those around me...and control them to do what I wanted."

"Even you. It...broke you, twisted you...worse than I could ever imagine."
Maira Maira frowns deeply, scooting over to sit close enough that she could put her hand on his shoulder. "That must have really shaken you. A cautionary vision, I guess? We still don't know much about the keyblades--We don't really know much about princesses of heart either," she responds with a sigh. "We don't really know what we're really capable of, do we? Then...its probably like that for all people. You just can't know what your potential is--how things can turn on depending on the choices we make. We're mostly just...going blind..." she trails off, drawing her brow together and pursing her lips thoughtfully. "Well, not blind. We follow our hearts, and hope they lead us down the right path."

Twisted her? She can't even imagine what she was like in this dream that would so disturb Angan, someone who had seen so much of the horrors of the world.
Angantyr Vespar "That is...the dangerous thing, isn't it? Because it is going blind..."

"Our hearts can lead is astray, as much as they can lead us on the right path. But...I learned that strength isn't bad...the darkness isn't something I should be ashamed of either. BUT...I shouldn't let it define who I the Keyblade of Strength Tempered by Compassion...the Tyrant Breaker."
Maira "I think it is that sometimes it is just really difficult to know just what our hearts are trying to tell us, or they don't see the whole picture...I don't know. Heh, lot resting on my heart. It's really strange and unnerving. I try to trust it...but..." well, she shrugs. The rest has been said. "We know who our friends are though. When we're not sure, we just have to rely on each other. That has to be our strength."

"Heh, you should not be ashamed of your strength, no. We've really come to rely on it. You've saved my life so many times. I hope, at least, I have helped save yours a couple of times," she adds with a smile. "I don't want to be only useful because for whatever reason, I have a heart that happens to be tied to a world. I want to be able to do things, help people. I guess I just need to find a good balance, huh?"

"So when should we start training? Avira, too? Hasn't she been training with you for a while?" she asks.
Angantyr Vespar "Yes, but before we didn't know what to train we have an idea."

He listens...and then nods, "It's what working with people is about, right?" He says, and then sits down, finally, next to her. "I know you just wana help people...but we're gona have to teach you about learning to be discerning...Empathy isn't just about having a big heart, it's about understanding the other's emotion...for good OR ill."
Maira Maira nods. "Seems impossible. I couldn't stand up to them in the way you can...but I'll find my own strengths. I have to," she replies.

She sighs. "I just...always want to believe the best about people. Sometimes, I'm right. I know I can't always be right, though. Really Angan, I don't have a lot of experience with people at all. I'm friendly and curious, but I don't have the experience. I didn't have any friends growing up, no parents--I didn't know Uist was my father and neither did he, /and he was dead/ so...I guess I don't have the best judgement, not always. There are a lot of people I was totally right about though!" she adds, grinning a little as she pokes him gently in the side.
Angantyr Vespar "H-hey." He says, "You nearly weren't...luckily, you're so good looking." Angantyr says, casually enough.

Maybe he's just turning about the embarrasment.
Maira Maira turns bright red, but at least she doesn't catch on fire. You're lucky this time! "Oh stop!" she says, smacking him lightly before standing up to pour more tea. Suddenly NEED MORE TEA. "You really shouldn't tease me like that," she sighs, back to him.

She turns back after a moment, fresh cup of steaming tea in her hands. Of course, the heat doesn't bother her. "So, when do we start that training? And when can we go after Rakassa? The necklace she took from me was given to me by the esper, Phoenix. I imagine that's pretty important."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods...

"Yeah, we can. We can take care of that first...I think she needs a beating...or four." Angantyr says, and smiles at Maira.
Maira Even Maira can't disagree with that. That woman was raving mad.

Maira smiles back. "Alright, great. Let's find that <goosehonk>."

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