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(2013-11-05 - Now)
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Chita At some point last night, Chita had made his way towards where he thought Valkyrie HQ was. With a little help from others directing him in that general way and riding on his Chocobo. Once there, he'd asked someone there if Avira was there, and of course, she wasn't. So, he asked if they could tell her that he was looking to speak with her and offered a key to the hotel room he was currently staying in at Traverse.

Which is where he was at the moment. Chita was sitting in a mostly dark room, radio on off to the side giving banal news about Traverse and various world tidbits. No point in having the lights on when you couldn't see anyways. The bathroom door was open and the place was actually quite hot and steamy, Chita having bathed likely not long ago. He was currently sitting on the bed at the moment, a simple skirt on because it was the first thing in his inventory he had pulled out to put on and, quite frankly, he wasn't 'deceiving' anyone. He was alone, and he knew full well he was a male. No shirt, though. A towel was over his head and he was idly rubbing at his hair with one hand as he listened to the program.
Avira Avira was definitely not at the VALKYRI HQ. Currently 'wanted' by some unpleasant characters, the huntress had made herself scarce. Rumors were everywhere about where she might be and sightings had spread far and wide. So far it seems she's been able to keep a step ahead of her pursuers. It's as if she has some kind of /experience/ with this!

Word spreads that a blind viera is looking for her.

Eventually, something comes of it. As Chita sits there in his dark room, he'll hear a knock at the door. Silence follows. If that is an Avira behind that door, she doesn't do anything else to announce her presence.
Chita "Hm?"

The knock at the door caused Chita to stand and walk to the door before silently opening it and asking, "Yes, may I help you?" He had no idea who it was. Since he'd left a key, he was under the assumption it wasn't Avira. He just had that ankle-length skirt on at the moment, and the towel on his head he was using to dry his hair. "You are welcome to come in I suppose... unless you wish to kill me. Then you are most unwelcome."
Avira Standing there is a figure in a green cloak. A whisp of white hair can be visible within it-as is a set of brown eyes. Not that Chita could see either of these things right now anyway. The person there is silent for a moment before Avira speaks up in a low voice.

"I heard you were looking for me. Why?" she sounds almost a little rushed, "Did something happen with that dark weapon?"
Chita "...not exactly, no. Come inside." he says softly and steps out of the way, letting her enter before shutting the door behind her when he heard she was inside via footsteps. "You will have to find the light. I do not know where it is, have not searched. No point." And with that he carefully walks to the bed to sit back down on the side. "I seemingly ran into maleficent yesternight here in Traverse. She said something, though, that I was unsure what it meant. I thought I should ask you, as you may know and it may be important. She said... to tell the girl not to keep the Crystal near, if I am not mistaken. I am unsure what crystal, or what girl, she speaks of."
Avira Avira steps in after glancing behind herself before doing so, ensuring that she had not been followed. "That's okay, I don't really need the light right now anyway. I can't stay long and this way won't attract as much attention."

She stands by the door, keeping her hands folded underneath her cloak. The entire body of the Huntress stiffens when she hears that Chita ran into /Traverse/ no less. "What was she doing in Traverse Town?" she asks, now even more filled with the desire to leave immediately. The rest of what Chita has to say further cements that desire.

"It is possible she's talking about me and the water crystal. I recently stole it from Baron to prevent it from being stolen by Maleficent. There are other crystals though...and other girls. I don't see why I should obey Maleficent's suggestion."
Chita Chita was silent as he listened, then he finally answered the first question. "Drinking tea, I think, and eating." Everyone has to do such at some point. "And I see... something about her tone made me think something bad would happen if they kept it nearby. It is your choice in the end, but I only brought it to your attention in the hopes it would keep someone safe."
Avira "...drinking tea? That'" Avira makes a face, as if she couldn't believe that this big bad dark fairy would be in Traverse Town doing something so mundane. That'd be like running into Garland eating shwarma one day.

"Dark fairies are filled with trickery. It could be a bluff too. I do realize I cannot hold onto it forever. That it's..hazardous to my health to do so. I can't really think of a good way to part with it that'd keep it protected from the Shadow Lords right now."
Chita A small nod was given by Chita, wether she saw it or not, as he thought about the problem. After a moment he turned and laid back on the bed with his arms wrapped up behind his nead as he thought and finally said, "I am not certain I could provide a good answer. I would offer to take it off your hands, but you probably do not trust me yet, and... quite frankly I am not certain I could keep it safe. I may be able to leave it in control of the Head Judge of Jylland. He is trustworthy and safe from such I believe."
Avira "No offense meant but no, I wouldn't leave it with you. That scientist you are in contact with might catch wind of it. Scientists love poking incredible objects of power. This Judge, though, Judges are powerful so that might be a good place to start. Especially if they aren't Archadian Judges." Again, science, power-also the fact that Angantyr doesn't trust them. "Do you have a good way to contact this Judge?"
Chita " you truly think I would give such to the one who created this weapon? And I do not recall having ever said I was in contact with any scientist." Chita moves to sit back up, then stands, facing towards the sound of Avira's voice. "Are you following me, Avira? Having someone spy on me? I have been VERY careful about what I say around others and... that is something I would not SAY."
Avira "Relax. I have enough trouble watching my own back. I don't have the time or resources to watch yours too." Chita can hear Avira shift a little, perhaps uncomfortably. "Though I did look into the Black Beast incident you brought up the last time we spoke. Either a scientist or sorceror pulled that thing off."

There is a pause, "I don't think it'd be a good idea to talk about that now. In fact, I should probably go."
Chita Chita sighs and says, "Well, you should avoid assuming anything. But you can trust what I say, Avira, I was cursed by Hades into being unable to deceive. If I tell you I intend to do something, you can be certain I will do such. I wish no enemies upon myself, especially among those I am trying to help. I could take it to him myself, or I could set up a meeting between the two of you. I am certain he still has a soft spot for me given he is the reason I am a Judge at the moment, and not incarcerated."
Avira "I think setting up a meeting would help. I want to meet him first before handing anything over to him." Avira admits. "Especially something as important as the water crystal." There is more shuffling as Avira lays her hand on the door of the hotel room. "I'm a little surprised, you seem so willing to get involved in this."
Chita "Why would I not be?" he asks softly. "All I have ever tried to do since I found myself in this ruined world is help others. By accepting Hades bargain, by participating in the tournament, everything I have ever done has been to help others. Even when people assumed the wrong things about me, ignored everything I said otherwise and I was forced to try and kill someone via magical contract... I have never not tried to help. I thought you would have realized that. ... it is a pity you have not."

Chita actually sounded a little sad at that as he turned and walked towards another room in the hotel, possibly the bathroom if the light were on enough for Avira to tell.
Avira "...who is assuming now?" Avira says with a hint of anger. Realizing that she's becoming angry, she quickly dials it back in and pulls the door open. "We'll be in touch." She adds abruptly before leaving.
Morrighan Alazne Right about this time, Morrighan herself was plodding through the streets of Traverse Town. Coming to follow up on a strange claim that someone had seen her there despite herself being in Fluorgis most of the time, the dark elf couldn't help but feel mighty suspicious. True, she hadn't been beset by any strange dreams anymore, but something still bothered her.

That being the case, Morrighan was more than a little antsy as she moved through the crowds. However, she also wasn't paying attention, having been lost in her thoughts. In that bout of carelessness, she wound up walking right into the currently cloaked Avira who was leaving the hotel. "Wh-Whoa!" She exclaimed in surprise. her next action was perhaps a but drastic.

In her surprise, Morrighan wound up pulling her gun and pointing it right at Avira's head. ".....!"
Avira Morrighan is not alone in the antsy department. Being in Traverse Town was already a bad idea for Avira-especially since Maleficent had been sighted in this place not too long ago. She had to leave, and fast. The sour note her conversation with Chita had ended on was not helping.

The cloaked huntress pushes her way through the streets, quickly moving and twisting between the moving bodies. Her step is swift, like someone obviously fleeing from something. Skoll's previous lessons on moving with the crowds being all but forgotten. She's not tailing anyone right now anyway-

Whump. She bumps into Morrighan and winds up with a gun pointed at her head.

Avira's eyes widen, "Whoah! Morrighan, calm down! You don't need to..." Wait. Was she here for the bounty? No, that couldn't be. Morrighan left Baron ages ago!
Morrighan Alazne It took a few seconds, but Avira's voice made Morrighan realize that she was pointing her gun at the wrong person. ".....Ah...ahem-" Clearing her throat pointedly, Morrighan lowered her gun and tucked it back into her dress. Cheeks tinged slightly red with embarrassment, she took a moment to look.

"...Avira? Is that you?" She asked, squinting suspiciously after. "...What in blazes happened to you?" Despite the question, Morrighan could sense the tension in the air and moved to Avira's side, ushering her along to keep walking. Partly to avoid the stares of passerbys from having pointed a gun, and partly to cater to Avira's seeming need to keep moving. "Sorry about that. I had something on my mind and I wasn't paying attention."

Well, it was safe to say the elf had zero idea of current events. None at all. Bounty? What bounty?
Avira A long sigh of relief escapes Avira once Morrighan has lowered the gun. Only afterwards does this strike her as odd that the dark elf would persist in carrying the gun. She knows that woman-her magcal powers were supreme. "Yup." Avira says with the smallest hint of pride. "It's me. I've just been...meeting with people, getting my patience tried, that kind of thing. How have you been? Heck, where have you been?"

Motioned along, Avira starts moving again as if she didn't just had a weapon pointed at her seconds ago. "No worries, you didn't shoot."
Morrighan Alazne "Ehehe...and I suppose not shooting is the important part." Rolling her eyes, Morrighan crossed her arms, walking alongside Avira. She took a moment to consider the previous answer given, and the question at the end. "Sounds like you've been getting into trouble as usual."

A sigh escaped from her lips then. "The more things change, the more some things stay the same." Shrugging, the woman crossed her arms back as her eyes swept across the crowded street, as if looking for something or someone. "As for me, I have been...taking quite a bit of a break." That was an understatement. A huge one. "You know well how much trouble I've gotten into. I spent a good while in Fluorgis, at the Shard Seeker's place of residence."

The thought of certain blue caped buffoons came to mind, but Morrighan shook the thought away before continuing. "That being said, I've been a bit out of the loop. I heard some of my 'old friends' have begun moving again." A pause was given before she added. "If I might take a guess; are they behind your current state of haste?"
Avira "Yes! As usual!" Avira echos with a mischevious grin. Right away this seems to improve her mood a little bit. As Morrighan continues, describing vaguely that she's been away post forest incident, Avira falls quiet and listens.

Very soon she finds herself nodding along. "The Shard Seekers, eh. I'm a little surprised. I mean, you remember what Ivo did while you couldn't remember things, right? That's just unforgivable."

She's smiling as she shakes her head about that. The smile doesn't leave with the mention of old friends. "You're exactly right, Morrighan, that is why I am currently quite swiftly on the move. Word of my ~awful deeds~ spreads pretty fast. The awful deed, of course, where I..."

Avira leans upwards to whisper in the elf's ear about the water crystal's theft.
Morrighan Alazne "True, If that buffoon were actually present, I would have gone somewhere else, but he must have run away to avoid my wrath because I haven't seen hide or hair of him for the entire month. Ohoho~" Bringing a hand to the side of her face, Morrighan laughed haughtily at the mention of Ivo. Oh, she still wanted to maim him. But that would have to wait.

Letting the subject of Ivo drop by the wayside, the moron wasn't worth the seconds it took to talk about him, she let Avira continue. "Oh my. You're a criminal now, are you?" The elf spoke in deadpan, resisting the urge to roll her eyes again. Leaning close, she allowed her companion to whisper said deed into her ear. Afterward...


"Are you serious? Well no wonder you're on the run!" Morrighan hissed, keeping quiet, but still audible enough to express herself. "Why did you do something as ridiculous as that!?" she demanded, giving Avira a sidelong glance as they walked.
Avira Silently, Avira agrees that Ivo wasn't worth the breath spent talking about him. That lech! That heartbreaker! She'd have words for him if they ever met again! Fortunately, such a thing had yet to happen.

Of course Morrighan had not been surprised of her criminal status. Technically she was already a criminal to Baron (or a missing maid if asked by some!). But after what she did...

"I had good reason!" she blurts out defensively, only immediately growing quiet again afterwards. "I did it to keep the crystal from falling into worse hands. Maleficent was coming to steal it and I happened to beat her to it before she could." She smiles sardonically, "Baron doesn't seem to agree with my actions, though."
Morrighan Alazne "Ah, I see..." Well okay, that was a good reason. Good enough anyhow. Morrighan hadn't really interacted with Maleficent enough, but the time she'd had with her was enough to tell her how dangerous the dark fairy was. If Morrighan's previous magical powers were supreme, then Maleficents were on a whole other level.

"Still, only you would do something as hairbrained as that." Still finding humor in the situation, the elven woman brought a hand to her mouth, chuckling faintly. "And let me guess; you're scurrying about like a mouse escaping a cat because you have it on your person or nearby, hm?"

That statement was accentuated by a roll of the eyes before she added one last thing. "And I'm hardly surprised with Baron. They've proven themselves multiple times to be incapable of listening to reason. It's always conquer first, ask questions later with them. ...Though this time, I suppose I can understand their outrage."
Avira Avira has had first hand experience with Maleficent's dark power. She does not want to have another one.

"Well of course." Avira says with pride, not at all ashamed of the drastic steps she's taken to protect that crystal. "Yeah, pretty much. It's not with me right now and I'm leaving town as soon as possible." She doesn't get into any more details about her crystal-hiding strategy.

A nervous laughter escapes her. "I'm relying on their lack of reason to get me through this."
Morrighan Alazne "Hmn...It wouldn't be the first time." Morrighan muttered, shaking her head in the process. She wasn't going to pry about the details of the crystal's whereabouts or what Avira had planned to do with it. This was rather serious however. "...You certainly have your hands full." She admitted after a moment.

"I wouldn't wish to be in your position right now, but..." A pause as the elf tried to figure out the best words to say. "...Well, if you need any help, I can do what I can. I don't expect you to trust me with any monumental task or information, but still." And then she smirked. "Though watching you flit about is entertaining all on it's own~"

...Same old Morrighan.
Avira Serious...yet Avira's attitude about the whole affair seemed so lightheart! Did she not have a brain?! Did she not fear the might of the Redwings? "I think I've always got my hands full, Morrighan~" Well at least Avira's not calling her Kara anymore. "The gun kind of surprised me, by the way, you never used one before."

Smirking, she leans over and pokes Morrighan in the ribs, "Well, maybe there is a way you can help me. Maybe with all your awesome magical power, you can figure out a way to maybe hide the crystal from prying magical eyes?" she doesn't sound sarcastic about this at all either. Like she's actually...

...trusting..Morrighan? A little? Maybe?
Morrighan Alazne "I'm sure you do." Morrighan chuckled and then reached into her dress, producing the gun she had pointed at Avira earlier. "Oh, this? Hmn...well..." She hadn't told many about her current predicament. How to say this? "...I'm afraid I can't do that. Not right now anyhow."

She sighed heavily before putting the weapon away and crossing her arms, eyes sweeping about slowly as they left the district, heading into the next one. "You see, while I regained my memories, my magical powers remain woefully absent." To prove this, the dark elf raised a hand, finger extended. Her brows furrowed as she concentrated heavily.

After a few seconds, all that came out was a flame about the size of a lighter. She held it for a few seconds before letting it go out, panting slightly. "...As you just saw. I can barely produce a basic flame, let alone obscure a magical crystal from prying eyes."

Frowning at the situation, Morrighan crossed her arms in a huff, clearing annoyed. "I'm thinking that there's another one of those 'fiends' out there with my magic powers." Considering the forest incident, it was the only logical conclusion she could draw.
Avira "You...can't?" Avira looks puzzled.

Then Morrighan explains and Avira can only watch in horror. "I've seen this happen to Maira also. Your magic, basically all gone..." she trails off, discomforted by the idea that something was out there, running around with Morrighan's magic.

She remembers that magic. It was painful.

"That's a problem that'll need to be dealt with at some point. If we ever find out where it went at least..." Avira looks grave, "The Life Dragon that came out of you was really dangerous. Anything with your power is likely even more deadly."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan just sighs again at all of this. She knew very well how dangerous something running around with her magic would be. "I actually came here because someone in Fluorgis asked me a peculiar question yesterday. They asked me 'how did my day in Traverse Town go?'" She paused for a moment before continuing.

"The problem here is that I've been in Fluorgis for the past week without leaving." Eyes sweeping across the various people going to and fro as they walked, the elf drew her own conclusion. "So I can only assume that there is or was someone here that looks like me. And that someone is actually a fiend that possesses my powers."

Making light of the situation, Morrighan shrugged and chuckled wryly. "But of course, that's nothing compared to your problems, hm?"
Avira "This just keeps getting better and better. Not only is it a fiend, but it is one that looks a lot like you." Avira makes an even more worried face. What if it acted like her too!? What if there was an eviler Morrighan running around out there?

Avira shivers.

"If it is a fiend, she fortunately hasn't been harassing people. So maybe it'll be like Lich and just lay low and not do anything?" Wishful, optimistic thinking. "Are you kidding? This is entirely comparable to the stuff I'm going through right now."
Morrighan Alazne "Sure, it hasn't been harassing people. YET." She knew it was only a matter of time. That Life Dragon was eating who passed through Targ Wood. She didn't want to know what this one had planned. "I'm more than confident that this silence is merely a result of it planning to do something eventually."

A shrug and the subject was shelved. "Well either way, it hasn't happened yet, so I will worry about that when the time comes. I would say your problems are more pressing right now." Slowing down to a stop, Morrighan turned to face Avira. "I won't hold you up any further. I'm sure you're eager to run off and get into more trouble." She smirked at that and added. "But nonetheless, try not to do anything /too/ stupid, hm?"
Avira "Ahh don't say things like that." Avira shivers again. She'll have to double avoid Traverse Town now. Maybe she'd be lucky and this fiend wouldn't recognize her. Not that it mattered. Fiends were equal opportunity harassers.

She stops to face Morrighan. There's a grin on her face and a hand placed on her hip. "Oh, of course. You know how it is. Getting into trouble. Doing ridiculous things." Her gaze softens a little, "You stay safe, okay? If anything comes up that you can help me with, I'll let you know."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan nodded and waved a bit. "If you need me, just stop by Fluorgis. More likely than not, I'll be there." Smiling a bit more sincerely, she lingered in quiet for a moment before turning away. "Well then, I'll be on my way." She offered a slight wave before walking off.

"Farewell now."

And soon enough, the elf disappeared into the crowd, leaving Avira to her own devices.

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