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(2013-11-04 - Now)
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Faruja Senra After a lovely little run-in with the monster known as 'Burmecian Royal Fever', Faruja Senra is now on his feet and moving. Walking up to the front door of Valkyri, still officially on sick leave from active duty, he raps on the front door. It's been far too long since he's paid a social call upon the little group of mercenaries, and his 'rivals' as a Shard Seeker. In robes today, he may just be looking slightly thin.
Maira It's Maira that opens the door, though only after she takes a peek to see who it is. Upon spotting Faruja, she is delighted! She swings the door open and throws herself at Faruja, hugging him tightly. "Faruja! I'm so glad to see you! Come in come in, I'll make tea and we can catch up! Where have you been? I've been worried!" she comments, dragging him inside by the hand.
Faruja Senra Incoming Fire Mage! Like a good, experienced warrior, Faruja performs the perfect counter-measure! Brace! Counter-hug! He laughs, oomph'ing lightly as he's thrown upon. "Good 'eve and Lord bless Maira! 'Tis been far too long indeed, I missed ye as well!" In he's tugged, and the rat gives little resistance. Soon enough, he's at a chair, though not before offering a bow of thanks and his usual chest-crossing. Sighing lightly, he rubs his legs. "Do forgive it, but I was struck by malady. Burmecian Royal Fever, at that. Horrible disease, never thought I would catch it myself. I shall spare thee the symptoms, but let us say I received little sleep, and were it not for the fine care of the Church's white mages, I may well have wasted away for being unable to retain what I eat."

A smile, and he looks to the woman as she's off to get tea. "How fare thee, hmm, my dear? And the rest of Valkyri?"
Maira Maira is scurrying about making tea, having recovered at least most of her energy. The electric kettle is set, tea bags placed, and before long she is returning with two steaming cups of lipton (Artemis would be just /horrified/).

She takes a seat beside him, taking a deep breath. "Oh dear...I'm sorry you were sick! I didn't even know. I figured maybe you were just busy," she replies. "We've been...uh. Well, things have been eventful per usual, I guess," she says, looking away. It is sort of difficult to bring up what had happened to her, but she knows she must.

"I was sort of...kidnapped by a Shadow Lord. Rakassa was her name. I was in Vector for...more than a week? The time is really...blurry," she replies, unable to repress a shudder. Her shoulders slump, her face growing pale as her eyes gaze down into her tea. It should be fairly obvious that whatever happened affected her a great deal. "Avira and Angantyr and the others came for me...I'm okay. Had to recover for a while. She...drained me," she says, shaking her head and pressing another shudder.
Faruja Senra Siiip. Faruja briefly glances at the tea. His Burmecian palette, horribly offended, fights with the stiff upper lip of a proper Burmecian. There has been Heresy afoot, and it is Lipton.

He manages to smile. "Thyself and Lady Avira attract such events like moths to the flame. Though I suppose I am hardly one to talk of such." Indeed, they all seem to be cursed that way!

His good cheer evaporates upon hearing the story. Hands fold over the seat's arms, clenching, claws leaving marks into them as his temper threatens to boil over. That single eye narrows. Vector. The very same nation he's worked with so recently.

"...By Faram, you poor Child." Walking over, he kneels beside Maira, offering a hand to squeeze. Even as his mind races with implications, his first concern is with his friend. "Anything ill come of such? Loss of strength? Thy flame yet burns bright? Illness?" His gaze sweeps over her, every bit acting the Paladin he is as he looks for signs of distress, weakness, or illness.

"Though I suppose I am not surprised, a Shadow Lord infiltrating an organization while its leadership is so weak. Given it's Imperialistic tendencies to begin with...well, the politics of the matter are my concern, not thine own. Furthermore, though I hardly doubt the voracity of thy words, have thee any prove of such kidnapping or these acts? Far too many snatch thee, and 'twould be a boon to have something to blackmail the wretch with, should they come to thy doorstep once more."
Maira Tears form when he moves to kneels beside her. She resists letting them spill and just weeping in his arms. "It' fault. I went off on my own. Vespa was hurt, I wanted to get to her...but Mao and I got lost. That's when I was taken," she replies, her shoulders shaking with repressed sobs. There is despair there, and anger. Anger at herself.

"I...I had no magic for many days. I Palamecia, where I was born, to recover. You'll think it was stupid just like everyone else does," she says, closing her eyes. "I say he's different, but what do I know? Nothing, I guess," she says, reaching up to cover her face. She falls quiet then, focusing on breathing, trying not to give in to despair.
Faruja Senra There's a handkerchief lightly wiping those forming tears, the ratling's gaze never leaving his friend's face. Silently listening, he shakes his head. Putting down the piece of cloth, he lightly takes her shoulder, squeezing just a touch.

"Maira. To dwell upon one's mistakes so is to torment the soul, to stand stagnant in thy path. You are angry, at thyself, at thy attackers...justifiable, mayhaps. To know one's actions may have...even indirectly so...led to thy companion's harm is a dreadful thing. But stand strong, /learn/. Thy fate is harsh, but you are strong. And you now know the culpret. Prepare, grow watchful and wary. Given thy talents, I fear this shan't be the last." Speaks the rat honestly. It smacks far too much of his own feelings towards himself after losing so many in his home under his command. The honest words of Sarah Diamonde always helped even more than the kind words of his caretakers back then.

"I have no love for the Emperor of Palamecia. But if that is what allowed thee to gain thy strength back, I shall not judge thee for it. You are not a child, nor I thy parent. You have met him, judged him in thy own heart. I respect thy decision, whatever my dispassion for the man."
Maira Maira sighs shakily, nodding a little. She leans forward then to hug Faruja, who always manages to help her feel strong. "I just...I keep messing up. I don't want to lose my friends. I really believe Mateus is not the person he would at first seem to be. He has let me go, hasn't he? doesn't matter, does it? If I lose people I love because they think I'm just being stupid? And maybe I am...I don't know," she replies.

"Ever since...with Uist...I feel so lost," she admits, more quietly. "Now...Perci. He's just...gone. I have no idea where he is. haven't seen or heard from him at all, have you?" she asks, looking up to meet his gaze, cautiously hopeful.
Faruja Senra Faruja is happy to offer the poor woman comfort, even if the whole sitution has his fur on his neck on end. First Vector, then Palamecia again. Where's the Corpse Brigade when he needs them?

"They shall stand beside thee, and forgive thee, whatever thy mistakes and flaws. Aught else is naught a friend, Maira, but an acquaintance or ally. Know well the difference my dear. And do work to be a touch more wary, hmm? At this rate, I've half a mind to put thee through one of the Church's training regimine's. It is not stupidity. You are simply a woman unused to avarice, politics, and this horrid world of greed, plots, and intrigue."

A shake of the head. "Emperors are kin, blood or nay. Good or ill, they seek territory, land, /power/. That of others. Release thee indeed, mayhaps. It may well benefit him to do so, rather than snatch thee. Perhaps he knows thee naught as a threat. Or more sinister reasons. But they are allies of Alexandria, and mayhaps my feelings are suspect. Eye out, hmm? Palamecia is no fool, and rare 'tis an Emperor also not a schemer."

A deep breath. "Nay, naught a trace. A few...acquaintances of mine...have had their eyes and ears about for the good Squire. Nothing. And these are not unreliable men and women. I fear for him, but...'tis a cold trail." With no leads.
Maira Maira straightens, taking in the information about Perci (or rather, the lack of such). She is not surprised, though Faruja had just about been her last hope. She looks very fragile in that moment. She feels as though the slightest touch will shatter her. "He's...gone, isn't he? He's dead," she says, her voice quiet and crestfallen. It was what she'd always feared, wasn't it? He must have turned to stone somewhere, been shattered while he was asleep, never to wake again.

Maira begins shaking, tea sloshing from over the brim of the cup as she tries to put it down on the table. "Oh by Holy...oh god..."
Faruja Senra Faruja reaches out, holding her hand even as his other squeezes her shoulder. Few words of comfort come to mind. It's the most logical reason, and random deaths given the Heartless were certainly possible, even with strong persons such as Percival. He merely closes his eye, uttering words of prayer.

Only to stop mid-way, body tensing and freezing. The sword. That horrid, black, evil sword that neither of them could break, and seemed bound to his very person. Such weapons, unlike people, rarely fade away. Nor do they tend to allow their hosts escape.

"...No. Percival is not dead." It's said with rock-solid conviction, one not held a moment ago. /Frightened/ conviction. The rat isn't sure to pray for a miracle, or for the gargoyles merciful passing rather than suffer a fate that hides both dark blade and body.
Maira Maira squeezes his, hand, lowering her head as tears spill down her cheeks. "I hope you are right Faruja," she replies.

She takes a few moments to gather herself. There are other things she needs to do as well. More matters of the heart. "Faruja, could I trouble you to escort me back to the camp a Golmore? Avira needs some books delivered to her," she asks, rising and moving to Avira's bookshelf to grab the volumes her best friend had requested.
Faruja Senra Standing, the rat nods in agreement as she heads to acquire the tome. "Lord willing." He still seems torn on the whole matter, but is loathe to bring it up further.

"At thy service my dear." Pause. "...Dare I ask what the pair of thee are up to in /Golmore/ of all places?" Faruja's stance on the area was less as a piece of dangerous natural forest, and more of a natural army waiting to ruthlessly cut down anyone who doesn't belong. He's yet to see anything that proves him incorrect on that point.

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