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Tombstone Terror
(2013-11-01 - 2013-11-03)
What's This? What's This? Imps playing dirty tricks!?
Lionheart Previously, on Ghost Hunters...

Our intrepid crew of visiting heroes (or not-so-heroes) were enjoying the food and festivities of Halloween, only to have things interrupted by a ghastly kidnapping right before their eyes. Not only has the Mayor of the town gone missing, but rumors that the King of Halloween himself has disappeared. Now, the people of Halloween Town are being taken. If this isn't put to an end soon, it could mean the end of Halloween.

A passing villager had pointed those interested in investigating the events towards the Graveyard, where he claimed to have last seen the Mayor speaking to someone. With most of the villagers and visitors now inside, it leaves the road towards the Grave yard... well, dead.

The stones here look ancient. The dates are faded and worn. Many of the stones tilt at odd angles, and a few seem to have been dug up, or left empty long ago. Skulls grin down from the gates, which creek in the cold air that seems to whip through this place like icy fingers. A lonely bird sings out an eerie sort of song, then caws and flies away.

The place seems empty, except for a light that seems to glow in the keeper's cabin. The scrape marks of something being dragged here are fresh, though. Whatever kidnapped the hunchback from town, must have taken him here. There are no signs of a struggle after a certain point, though. Where could they have gone?

(OOC: Please make sure that you mention your 'costume' for Halloween Town in your intro pose, just so other people know what you currently look like.)
Aerith And of course, one of the investigators happened to be dressed in reds and browns, with a crimson tricorne on her head and a feather in the cap. Cuffed boots, British naval sabre, wine red coat with gold trim, and the braid in her hair... a pirate, to be sure.

But she wasn't a pirate right now, she was Aerith, and she was on her way with everyone else to find out what was wrong with this picture.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs as she steps into the graveyard. Its always the graveyard, isn't it? She zipped in as soon as she heard the scream, but she has no idea what she's looking for either... One more monster missing among monsters... well more monster than the zombie-barmaid she is right now at least. But then again, with talking ducks and other oddities, its right at home, right? Kinda.

She looks around the area, careful for anything that might jump out at them too...
Vespa Vepsa is here as well dressed up well she in her usual maid out not much a change for her expect she sporting a pair of cat ears and a tail, they both look quite real. She mad that someone would stoop so low to do a kinapping at a party! She want to find whoever did this and fast!

Following the clue left by the villager has lead the intrepid VALKYRI right to the Graveyard. It's a lonely walk to a spooky place that Avira is actually familiar with due to previous visits. She knows that Heartless sometimes pop up here so just in case they do, she's ready to act. Not that she really suspects that Heartless are responsible for the disappearances-shouldn't Jack be able to fight them off? Heartless didn't tend to drag people off unless directed.

Avira, who currently looks like her mutate form while in Halloween Town, follows t he tracks to that point and stops where they stop. She sniffs at the air then scrunches her nose, smelling nothing but must and decay.
Freya Crescent Having heard of the village in trouble, Freya Crescent has shown up and is on the case... though it might be somewhat hard to recognize her, given the state of the things. Her usual red jacket was replaced with what appeared to be a red leotard, bat emblazoned and accompanied by a pair of knee high leather leggings. There were what appeared to be suit cuffs over her wrists, and a large black cloak over her shoulders, her long white hair visible along the cloak's rising collar. Her spear did not remain unchanged either, the forked ends of the spetum designed spear head now sported bat wings just before the blades. That wasn't all that had shifted either, over her bottom lip she now sported a pair of white, ivory fangs--quite longer than her normal teeth.

"Oh bother, could have given me something a bit warmer, bit chill this evening," she sighed, continuing on with her investigation. This brings her to the graveyard proper.
Lionheart Who could be behind these dastardly deeds? Who? Who? No wait, that's an owl. It turns it's head around and then flies off into the night, leaving behind the empty silence of the Graveyard. This is the part where the Heartless jump out, isn't it? You can almost feel the way the air feels heavy.



A hole opens up in the gruond not far from Freya's feet. Apparently, being loud means being a target. "You little gremlins get offa my lawn!" A haggard voice croaks, followed by a second blast of gunfire that goes wide, taking off an entire chunk of tombstone.

There seems to be an old in the groundskeeper's hut, his gun leveled at the outsiders. "Yer not welcome here!" He seems to be dressed like some old soldier, with a tattered uniform and sunken in slits where his eyes should have been. No wonder he's a terrible shot.

"I won't let ya defile the dead, ya'hear!? Not again! I'll pepper you all full of holes first!" Clearly, the old soldier is a threat if they can't get him to stop firing at them, but... He can't be the one responsible, right? Who could he think that he's shooting at?
Aerith Aerith nearly jumped out of her skin as someone started to shoot at them! Shame there wasn't much cover around; otherwise, she'd be diving for some. Another gunshot, and she reached for her sword... but then realized that whoever this was, they were a bad shot. And sounded old, at that. She took in a breath and called out, "Hold on, friend! We're not here to defile these restful spirits! We're here because someone's been doing some very bad things, and we want to find them!"
Deelel Deelel is currently a lamia from the looks of her, she doesn't know just accepts when she world hopes she often changes but she certainly is getting into the monster thing to be sure but she's gone to check otu the graveyard. This was a world where the dead didn't stay as such. She's slitering along well enough as she keeps up with Avira. An end of Halloween that's kinda mind boggling to her, you can't really kill a concept or so she thinks. but Jack may be in trouble so she moves along right after Avira.

"Wait ... what the heck is ... that? Gunfire?"

She totally heard gunfire and she calls out.

"We mean no harm we're worried abotu jack!"
Vespa What the heck? Someone just poped up out of the ground. She sighs rubbing her head.

"Whoa. Whoa. Thre fella we don't mean any harm.."
Maira Halloween town was actually a place Maira was unusually keen to visit. See, Maira had been seeing ghosts her whole life. Only here, could others see them as well! She'd loved to visit here with Uist. While the memory was painful, she can't help but smile a bit as well. Its a fond memory, at least.

Maira came with Avira, keeping her eye out as they move through the graveyard. Kidnappings! Maybe, just maybe, Perci had come to Halloween town and been kidnapped? Perhaps she would find him here, and everything would be alright. She could hope.

The young mage is dressed as a sort of creepy doll, her hair in banana curls with a bow, a puffy knee length dress of torn, gothic lace, striped stockings, a pale complexion and red lips....and...fangs?

When someone pop up yelling, Maira leaps comically into Avira's arms. "Eee!"
Freya Crescent Freya of course, startles and jumps a few into the air, her black cloak billowing out around her like wings. Her spear is raised up in front of her instinctively, then lowered after a few moments having felt no blow.

"A-Are you sure you have the right person, sir? We're not here to desecrate this place," she replied in a bit of a shaky voice, her tail twitching behind her a bit madly thanks to the fear, heart still pounding a bit in her chest. She waved a hand to him and lowered her spear, though she realized after spotting his face and lack of eyes that might not exactly help.

"We're just hear because of reports of disappearances in town, such as your mayor?" she tilted her head, trying to use reason.
Avira Though the gunshot was nowhere near Avira, she jerks back either way. "Gah! Whoah! Don't shoot!" Her wings lift almost instinctually, as if she's going to launch herself in the air at any second!

Except she winds up catching Maira in her arms when she leaps up. ITt's pretty easy for her to hold her in this particular body.

"What they said." she adds, belatedly before letting Maira down.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart jumps a bit at the new appearance. She really hates this place -.- Can't anyone be normal? She lets... other people talk...
Lionheart BLAM!

There is another blast of gunfire, ignoring the protests from everyone outside the keeper's shack. It seems like the old ghoul actually managed to hit something this time, although it may very well be through dumb luck. There is a squeek from the direction of Freya, but it isn't coming from her. A small creature with a long nose that could possibly pass as a smaller, more grotesque version of Dobby from Harry Potter wobbles on her head, and may just end up flailing around at her feet, clutching it's chest in a dramatic series of death throws.

When it finally falls over, it twitches a few times afterwards, each one more ridiculously over the top than the last.

That, of course, is when everything goes from crazy, to downright insane. From the trees, from behind gravestones, from every place you can imagine, strange little imp-ish gremlins claw their way free, creeling and squeeking and chittering their protests.

These must be what the groundskeeper was shooting at. Unfortunately for our 'heroes', these things are not very smart. That means that they lash out at whatever is closest. They latch on to ankles, arms, fingers, ears, moving in little hordes of chittering mobs, colored in mixes of dirty red and filthier green.

Maybe someone shouldn't have fed these things after midnight... or is that getting them wet, or both...
Aerith Well, there they were. And one of them happened to latch onto one of Aerith's boots. Another grabbed onto her right arm and started to chew at her coat, in an attempt to get to what else was in there. Apparently, her.

"Sorry, I'm not for dinner!" She makes an attempt to kick the one on her right foot off, while making her best attempt to get the other off with the point of her sword.
Maira One moment, Maira is set down on her feet, smiling sheepishly. The next, little imp things are coming for them and Maira is leaping right back up onto Avira, just managing to get out of the way before the litle ankle-biters chomp down on her foot. "Ahck! What are these things!" she complains.

Maira summons up her magic, still weaker than it otherwise would be due to /things/ but she does manage to cast a protection spell or two on the pair of them. "Eheh...just pretend I'm a flame thrower," she suggests to Avira.

Mage backpack. It's all the rage these days!
Freya Crescent Freya's eyes opened wide as that next shot rang out--then shut them reflexively... only to realize something had landed on her head and had been struck, something that went squeak and then toppled off like a canary that had gotten the whiff of some foul gas. Studying the poor, wretched creature she stepped back just a bit, then raised her spear again as the eyes and creatures began coming out of the woodwork around her.

Raising her spear, she swept it out in an arc around her, trying to ward the creatures back. Of course, she's also quite nimble when it came to evading the creatures--must be the Batman-effect from sweeping her cloak around, making it hard to see her.
Avira It's like this dead old coot isn't even listening to them! "Hey, would you stop-" BLAM. Only now does she see one of the little gremlins that are making trouble for everyone. Including AVIRA HERSELF.

One big clawed hand reaches over and plucks one of the little creatures that had been gnawing on her back.

Now she has a Maira on her back too. "Uhhh, I'm not sure. They're just..." she doesn't reach for her sword on this one. In fact, they're tiny and she's a big scary mutate so she doesn't need to bother.
Vespa "Get off of me!", Vespa says trying to shake off the imps. She grabs one by it head throwing far as she can and kicking a few into the darkness.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart had a good reflex. Despite the creatures crawling all over her, she manages to move out of the way of their first attack, as she jumps on top of one of the tombstones and uses it as a springboard to get behind the first wave. As they collide wich each other where she was standing, a strong roundhouse crashed into several of them with a single swoop, sending them all like projectiles into the nearby tombstones and fences "What the heck are those!?!"
Deelel Deelel is getting used to this form, after all she's got to take a page from a certain foe of Q'bert to get around like this. So she's not quite had enough time to get the hang of things. She has been working to see if some of her command lines might work on her user comrades it seems like now is the time for testing an the subject are. Avira and Vespa. They might feel a bit strange, yet they will find they are faster than they would be normally.

She however is caught off guard by the tiny little horrors who start to swarm her like grid bugs. She struggles she flails and lets out a dry as they are dragging her off. How? Pulling by he tail as she tries to grip the gorund to kittle avail as she's bein dragged away!

"Oh... for the love of...!"
Lionheart While Aerith manages to knock one back with her sword, the other seems to cling onto her leg. It's like having your very own face-hugger, except this is a leg-hugger instead. They seem to be easy enough for people to poke or kick or smoosh or otherwise just knock about, but more of them seem to pop up, and the ones that are tossed about seem terribly difficult to actually kill. Only a small handful lie dead, or twitching. At first, these gremlins don't really appear to be doing much other than being an annoyance.

Oh, and Deelel? Well, she's dragged towards one of the graves, and soon is pulled right down into it. It's impossible to get to the poor program-turned-lamia without getting rid of some of the horde standing between them and the imp's 'secret lair' mwahahaha.


"Don't let them grab hold of you!" The old soldier warns as another one spins around, tongue lolling out in an exaggerated show of death. "The little buggers bite!"

And, just as warned, anyone who happens to have one a bit too close to them ends up with disgusting, crooked, brown teeth being gnashed towards whatever places the little monsters can reach. This includes jumping up onto the mutate's back and trying to catch her wings and her 'backpack' in the process. It also means dog-piling on Deelel and Freya, especially the later who seems to be a target for the dead imp at her feet. While they don't seem to do much damage, the little things do /freaking hurt/.
Aerith Aerith tightened her jaw and pointed the tip of her sword toward the gremlin on her leg. "Okay, enough of this." A bolt of lightning fired from her blade, straight toward the little bugger. Then she turned toward three others coming for her and grinned. "Nope, not today!" She ran forward and sliced at them with a wide cut of her sabre!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart had no intentions of getting latched on either. After her attack didn't have much effect, apparently they bounce over obstacles more than crash into them, she moves so she backs up near Aerith "Cut down the space, when surrounded fight with your back to someone!" Its one thing to fight along, but when overwhelmed by numbers, cutting the space you get attacked from is vital too.

As the next ones jump to her, she kicks up a tombstone that was tipped over, her boot sliding underneath it and sliding it up, and then with a roundkick, she sends it flying toward the incoming gnomes, sheilding herself at the same time as she trims them down with her kicks.
Vespa The gremlins are finding Vespa a hard peice of meat. "No, I'm not going to use you Al!", Vespa says seem she is talking to herself. "It's punishment for your misdeeds..", she moving faster now from Deelel magic. She not going to waste it as she unleashes a flurry of punches at the gremlins.
Freya Crescent Of course, now one sees the disadvantages to chick armor, as the pejorative term put it as the gremlin's latch onto the exposed furry skin of Freya's arms and legs and in go the teef, causing the dragoon to give a rather loud shriek--like one had just stepped on a tack, or gotten the business end a housecat's claws.
With a rush of anger, Freya's spear goes out again this time, a good bit more effort and reflexive anger aiding the attack.
Maira Maira continues to avoid being bitten by virtue of being on Avira's back. Its a pretty nice arrangement, for her at least!

Determined to do her part however, Maira is making sure no one tries to bite Avira from behind, summoning a blast of air magic to shoot out from her and blow back the little beasties!

She looks around then to see Deelel being carried off, and gasps. "Deelel! They've taken her!"
Avira "YOWWW!" Though Avira manages to fling one away, yet another jumps on her and sinks its teeth into her fur-covered flesh, eliciting a howl from the mutate. Scowling, she reaches behind her and violently yanks it free.

About to thank Deelel for her help, she turns to offer that only to find Deelel...gone?! No! Being dragged toward a grave? Maybe that's where everyone's been disappeared to!

One of Avira's hands glow a bright blue. Rather than pulling out the Spine to attack, the ice magic forms a small blade in her oversized hand. With relentless precision, she stabs the blade of ice down into the ground before her...

...smaller icicles erupt from beneath the approaching gremlins.
Freya Crescent It would appear Freya's somewhat aggravated attack has let her striking arm exposed to get clawed by the creatures again, leading to a wince from the femme dragoon. These were mere scratches for her, however, and she soon redoubles her efforts--leaping into the air and coming down a short time later--her spear shooting down from the sky above first, followed by a series of quick movements.
Lionheart The slash of Aerith's pirate saber manages to just miss a group of the imps, who squeek and chitter, one of them launching themselves to claw at her hand in retaliation. Tifa faces much the same result, as the tombstone goes flying, crashing into rubble.

"Hey! Stop destroying my graveyard!" The old soldier shouts, firing off a warning shot that may have been meant to go across Tifa's nose, but probably gets dangerously close to going /up/ it.

A couple of toothless imps glare up at Vespa, making irritated sounds at her for their impromptu dentistry at her hands.

Freya manages to spear one, which flails out at her, stuck on her weapon. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get imp-blood stains off metal? Ugh, gross.

A few creatures end up blasted back away from Maira, but this time there are one or two that manage to clamber up toawrds her, trying to pull her off of Avira. They're not exactly like the Heartless and their constant attempts at stealing the fire-mage, but she certainly seems to look like a prize to be kidnapped!

Avira, on the other hand, amanges to freeze a couple of the imps in place. One ends up entirely frozen, while a couple of others try to free arms or legs, or even a tongue that seems to be attached to a headstone.

One imp seems to chitter to the others, and the red ones all seem to nod in unison. A hand goes up, and suddenly there is flame. One imp is on fire, then a bunch of them all seem to be. Great... just great. It went from being attacked by a horde of annoying elves, to being attacked by a horde of FLAMING elves.

Aerith Okay, that's enough of that. Too many cuts and bruises were being incurred here. Aerith's blade flared a pale green, as if the ghosts of the dead themselves powered it, then with a flash, a wave of healing energy washed over her and a few others. "We need to do something quickly, or we'll be overrun!"

Tifa had a plan earlier, but that fell apart, and being surrounded was not the best solution. For now, she just had to keep everyone standing for just a bit longer.
Freya Crescent A splash of ichorous blood shed from her spear, Freya grimaced and swung her spear up and over her shoulder--taking the impaled creature with it and throwing it off her weapon. Unfortunately, it would appear her closeness to it has lent her a few more scratches--which she hadn't noticed until the creature was already gone. She looked up in alarm when suddenly they seemed to have gotten dreadfully quiet, or lull... and then there is fire, fire imps! What will they think of next, bats on fire?

Somewhere, a certain green hooded elf is cursing woefully.

Trying to brave the best of the flames, Freya leaps into the air--coming down just after her spear, pulling it out and sweeping it around in a slash!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart urks at the shots fired her way "Hey now, they are destroying the place more than I am!" But that was enough to distract her, the flaming gremlins coming straight at her, large rubberbands used to catapult their peers toward her, and she can't avoid all of them.

Fortunatly Aerith is there to cover her, she nods to her friend "There's too many of them! Anyone has a brilliant plan?" She wishes she had one. All she can do is keep kicking at them, trying to divert their paths away from them.
Maira Maira yelps as she is pulled from Avira's back, her glorious time as backpack mage is apparently done. Woe!

Maira scrambles to her feet and just kicks an imp with her shiny black mary-jane, punting it a few feet away from her in annoyance. "No biting! Bad!" she scolds. The imps respond by being on fire.

Maira purses her lips as one of the grabs her, trying to burn her. "Cute," she comments, then blasts it away from her with another puff of air, unharmed by the fire. She did get bit though. Bit! What a day.

Maira looks toward Avira, who is really getting swarmed by these things. "Avira! Smash the little buggers!" she cries, casting her healing spell on her mutate-form best friend.
Vespa "Great now there on fire..", Vespa mutters she blocks the flames they singed her clothing a but no affect otherwise.

She looks over at Tifa. "Plan? Yes, keep hitting them till they stop moving!", she grabs another slamming it into the ground and she grabs two and smashes them together!
Avira Avira's ice instantly melts in the heat of the flames. This causes a tiny bit of dismay to the mutate. Dismay that turns into pain as she's suddenly mobbed by imps that are also ON FIRE. They seem to be trying to get at the best friend on her back which makes her seriously..

"...ANGRY! ARGH! THAT'S IT! YOU LITTLE BUGGERS ARE IN FOR IT!" For what is probably the first time while looking like this, the silver sheen settles around the mutate's gigantic form. She lets out a roar of excitement from her jaws before suddenly leaping forward on all fours. Like a raging beast, she plows through the little imps, snapping and clawing them away, simply /tanking/ the fire like a champ.

Her speed is incredible given her size. Her precision oddly accuratein comparison to her targets. Her final blow seems to come from deep within her, expelling the silvery aura in all directions around her in a blast.
Lionheart At first, it had seemed as if the little creatures would simply keep coming, but now their numbers seem to be dwindling. A few can be spotted diving into the grave which their fellows had previously dragged Deelel. The others seem to be putting up a good fight, though, fire and all. It certainly makes them a bit more dangerous... to everyone but Maira, anyways.

A wave of imps aer knocked backwards by the sweep of Freya's spear. One tries desperately to hang on to Tifa's foot, only to be kicked off into the distance with a 'wheeeeeee' sort of sound. Little birds circle around the heads of a couple that Vespa has bashed. Oh, and as for Avira... well, let's just say she may become known across the world as the bringer of the imp genocide. There's a twitching, groaning, overexaggeratedly dying puddle at her feet. Strangely, the blood of dying imps smells like pepperment. Probably best not to ask.

There are less and less of the creatures, but the ones that remain do seem to be the smarter ones. They back off a few paces, the red imps gathering together. The green ones group up underneath them, hefting their brethren into the air. Then, with a huge explosion that seems to light up this particular Halloween night like fireworks, the red imps explode, hailing down burning bits of little creature all over the place. Maybe self-destruction isn't a great way of winning a fight, but chunks of imp are hard to avoid.
Freya Crescent Sighing, Freya held her spear out in front of her, signalling some kind of magical aegis to cover her as she braced for the incoming rush of fire and air. Had she basically tried to turtle for the imp explosion attack? Yes, she had--ducking and drawing that black cloak down around her.
Maira Maira winces as Avira goes on an imp murdering rampage. Even though they had bitten her, tried to eat them all, she still feels bad for them as Avira smashes through them with glorious destruction.

Then, suddenly, EXPLOSION!

Maira is right in the middle of it, thrown back by the force to crash through not one, but two gravestones before she comes to an abrupt and very painful stop.

She no longer feels bad for the imps. Seriously, <goosehonk> those guys.
Aerith Wait, they were stopping their adavnce...

Aerith grimaced, her eyes narrowed as they grouped together. Her eyes widened as she discovered just what fire plus a lot of things put together could possibly mean. Without thinking, she ran toward the first person she could reach, put her right hand forward, and with a flash of one of her materia, called up a pale green shield of magical energy.


Her ears rang at the sound of the explosion, the pressure wave ramming against her shield as well as gremlin bits.

That said... she was okay, as well as the one behind her. She glanced over her right shoulder, and sighed as she saw who she'd just protected. "You okay, Tifa?"
Avira Avira finally rears back up on two legs again and roars to the heavens: "WHO ELSE WANTS SOME OF THIS! COME ON!" She lets her head drop and, just in time, she launches herself up into the air to evade the sudden hurled explosing imps. She feels her fur and tail singed by the explosions but she's largely in control of her own air manuvering. "Maira!"

Looked like her best friend isn't so lucky. Almost instantly, the power wells up inside of her and, as she plumets from the sky, she does so as a silvery-looking meteor. She doesn't undergo another rampage like earlier but the resultant impact blast should take care of any additional imp stragglers.
Vespa "..and people call me violent..",Vespa says watching Avira go to work. Oh look it a gaint fireball of doom "<GOOOSEHONK!>", and the fireball hit her and she goes flying.. "Okay that hurt...", she wipes the gremins bit off of then gets get a mad grin on her face. "I guess I have to hurt back!", she lets out a loud roar grabs the nearest gremlin grabbing it and starts hitting the other gremlins with her new weapon.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart stood close to Aerith as she pulled up that shield. She nods over her shoulder, after the shockwave rolls over "I'm fine, don't worry about me! We need to trim them down more!" Aerith's shielding was what she needed to get back into the heat of the fight, pun quite intended given the nature of those imps.

At least the explosions took away many of them "Just a bit more!" She rushes in, grabbing the first one she finds by the head, swinging it like a bowling ball into its companions. She thinks they are a bit too well organized too, they aren't just mindless drones.
Maira Rather pummeled and exploded, Maira looks toward Avira, and sort of waves vaguely that she's alright before casting some healing spells on herself and trying to stay out of the way while the others handle the clean up. She believes they have it well in hand!
Lionheart The green imps that remain manage to get back just barely out of range of their impending doom at the hands of Avira. A few are bowled over by Tifa, and even more are smashed down like whack-a-moles by Vespa. The handful that remain just look amongst each other, uncertain what to do now. Maybe their leader got taken out during one of the attacks.

Have you seen raving rabbids?

First one screams, then the others follow suit. Then, they all flee towards the grave which Deelel had earlier been dragged down.

It might be best to heal up a bit before delving into whatever lies below. Obviously, the mastermind of this dastardly plot must be hiding down there. But who? There are villagers to rescue, and their missing friend!

Tune in next time...
... For the delve into darkness...
... And the evil behind this attack on Halloween...
Avira Avira hits the ground crouched, saddened she didn't squish anymore imps underfoot. She wheels around, her wings flared out behind her. "...what? Guess they're all retreating. Well we'll do something about that."

NEXT TIME on Final Kingdom...!
Freya Crescent Freya lifted herself up after the giant explosion and coughed, downing a heal potion or two, and brushing the dust and debris off herself. "Phew... well now at least we can sift through some of these debris and try to figure out what happened... if there's any part of it left."

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