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(2013-10-30 - Now)
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Morrighan Alazne Morrighan Alazne has been rather quiet recently. No dastardly plots, evil deeds, or kidnappings done in her name to be seen. In fact, the dark elf hadn't actually done much of anything since she got her memories back. Instead, she served as a minor presence in the Shard Seeker's HQ.

Occasionally she would head out to other places between the worlds, doing things at a whim, but this day, the elven woman was firmly planted in HQ's kitchen. A rather pleasing, savory smell wafted out from the oven and into the common area. She must have been baking something if the apron adorning her figure and the various used utensils on the counter were any indication.

Morrighan hardly expected anyone to have any business with her, having mostly faded into obscurity after the forest incident. And that was something that she remained thankful for. Attention usually meant trouble. And she'd had enough trouble to last her a good while.
Chita "Who is here?" came a voice speaking softly from the entrance to the kitchen. If she recognized the voice, it was that Viera who had been here a while back. The one who was seemingly troubled over things and couldn't rest. He actually looked quite a bit better, eyes wrapped in a blindfold but otherwise looking pretty soaked, like he'd just taken a bath in the outdoor area not long ago. Perhaps he actually came through the back, because he wasn't in the actual HQ proper earlier.

At the moment he was wearing a loose pair of pants and white tunic that looked more suited for a job class that wasn't his own(A hunters, actually). He had a wet towel in his hands. "I was unaware anyone was here when I asked around outside earlier... perhaps I was simply not heard. And whatever you are cooking smells quite nice, by the way."
Morrighan Alazne "....?" Morrighan's ears twitched at the sound of a voice and she glanced aside slightly, enough to look out of the corner of her eye. Taking in Chita's form, the dark elf spared no further time on him and returned to her task at hand. "Oh, so you were here." She hadn't seen him in a while, not that they were friends or anything.

Opening the oven, Morrighan knelt down to check on her dish. "I assume you were in the baths, judging from your current state of being." Nodding to herself after confirming her creation was just about done, she turned down the heat, donning some oven mitts before removing the dish from the oven. Ah, it looked to be some manner of roasted ham or some such. Not that her current company would be able to tell, for obvious reasons.

Setting it aside to cool, Morrighan removed the mitts and rested her hands on her hips as she turned to face the Viera.

"Did you need something?"
Chita As he got a bit more smelling in regarding what she was cooking he crinkled his nose, but didn't exactly say his thoughts(Ugh, meat, there goes me asking for some). "Only recently. I had been traveling for some time and needed to bathe, so... I took it upon myself to do just that. As for if I need something..." Chita reaches out a hand and traces along the wall until he moves over to one of the chairs in the kitchen to take a seat. Folding up the towel and setting it on the ground next to him, he thought about it and asked.

"I did not know you were here, but not that you are... I suppose it is convenient. Do you know... any who practice darkness proper?"
Shiki Misaki It's been a busy month!

Shiki Misaki has been quite the hot commodity after acquiring her keyblade, unfortunately with all the wrong people. She's been doing her best to learn how to use her new boon but has been involved in quite the crazy adventure, probably involving villains and chicken feathers and chases down corridoors and lots of spikes.

But she's back now! Back for some sleep. And sleep. And maybe a little nap. In she comes, puttering in with tiny steps and a little sway, Mr. Mew following behind (and carrying a ball and chain), and she flumps on a couch.

"Muh. Hi Chita. Kara."
Morrighan Alazne She hadn't intended to offer anyway. Satisfied with her work, she began to clean up the area, wiping down any leftover residue with a cloth. She heard him move along the wall to find a seat, but said nothing still. Seeing the blindfold, the drow could only assume he was blinded. None of her business though. And she certainly didn't know him enough to express any manner of concern.

If her magic powers weren't gone, perhaps an offer of healing would have been extended, but for now that was an impossibility. Finished cleaning, the woman set the remaining objects aside before producing a plate and a knife, proceeded to carve up her creation.

It was then that Chita's question reached her ears. "...Excuse me?" Morrighan asked, sounding horribly unamused. That single question brought back a load of memories she had no care for recalling. "I believe I must have misheard you. For a moment there, I thought you had asked me about people who 'practice darkness.'. But surely that was just me hearing things, yes?"

And at that point, Shiki comes tiredly walking in. "...It's Morrighan, not Kara." The dark elf hissed, still wanting to clock Avira for naming her that. "And hello, Shiki. Have a nice rest after whatever debacle you've gotten yourself into this time?" The question was posed with a bit of an amused tone. A second plate was prepared and an additional question was asked.

Chita "I did."

Chita's voice was soft, but not hushed so much as just not feeling the need to speak aloud. "I have things I need to discuss with someone who can and the only ones I know, besides Shadow Lords... are quite assholes whom I wish to have nothing to do with." A hand was waved dismissively at the idea before footsteps were heard, and a voice. Chita's ear closest to Shiki twitched a bit and he 'looked' towards her a moment before he started to ask if it was her. Morrighan's remark confirmed it though. "Shiki... it has been some time."

A pause, then Chita turns to Morrighan, thinking the question was towards him. "I... would rather not meat thank you. Personal preference."
Shiki Misaki Shiki realises this is probably not the most dignified thing to do when there's company around, so she pulls herself up into a sitting position, albeit one that still has her leaning against the armrest of the couch. She takes a moment to take in the situation, helpfully having not come in soon enough to hear Chita mention THE DARKNESS, and wonders inwardly what scrapes her friends have gotten themselves into this time.

"Ah... huh. Hey! You got your memories back?" she asks Morrighan, curious as to the story behind that.

"Yeah, it's the keyblade, you know? Never a dull moment," she replies to Chita. "There was a thing, tiger in a business suit, complicated. I wouldn't say no to a byte to eat..."
Morrighan Alazne "I wasn't asking you." Morrighan muttered to Chita, her mood souring from the question. But leaving that aside, she nodded to Shiki and carved up a few slices of meat along with some bread, bringing the plate over to the girl after. "Here. Try to look a bit more dignified, would you?" She said after, smiling a tad and patting Shiki's head before placing the plate in her lap. "It must be quite troublesome, being a keyblade wielder."

That done, the dark elf strode back over to the kitchen to fix herself a plate. While she did so, she listened to the Viera. "...Well to answer your question; there are very few people who are not among the Shadow Lords that practice darkness." She began, finishing with her own plate as she then moved back into the common room to have a seat.

"I know that Clan Gully brat dabbles in darkness...but from what I hear, he also dabbles in fire, ice, lightning, and light, so he may not be a reliable option." A pause as she took a bite of meat, chewing thoughtfully. "...There's that boy, Riku. But I have no idea where he could possibly be right now." Another pause, a bite of bread this time. "...I suppose there's also Souji Murasame." That name was uttered with clear contempt. For good reason. Her previous predicament was entirely his fault to start.

"Beyond that, I have heard tell of a boy named Raine...I have no idea where he is or what he stands for though, so you may not be able to do much there." There was a sigh as she shook her head. "And then of course, you have the Shadow Lords themselves. Garland, Maleficent, Emperor Mateus, his knight Leon, Mirage..."

A smirk followed that statement. "It looks like your options are quite limited. Deal with people you hate, those whom may not know much, or make some new friends. How sad." Note that she didn't sound concerned for Chita at all. With her piece said however, Morrighan resumed eating.
Chita Being blind didn't exactly help in locating who was talking to who so much as what was said /by/ who. Being as it was, Chita just nodded a little at each statement in case it was at him and someone was looking his way. Then Morrighan begins listing off those she knew while sounding absolutely angry about it somehow. Either she didn't like Chita, or his question had pissed her off somehow. Either way he wasn't entirely sure why.

Which is why he said rather simply, "I'm not sure what I might have done to upset you, but I'm sorry either way. I had no intention of bothering you. I... suppose I shall simply take my leave, in that case. Thank you." And with that he stands, leaning down to carefully pick up the towel after a little patting around on the ground. Uninterrupted, Chita would walk towards the doorway out of the kitchen, one hand on the wall as a guide so he could avoid bumping into stuff.
Shiki Misaki "It's cool, it's, it's cool. I'm just like... been on my feet for- thanks-" Shiki begins to say as she takes the plate. Yay! Real food! "Been on my feet for a while now. I /seriously/ need a change of clothes and... stuff... it's just been a cray-cray few days."

She sits and nibbles and listens to the conversation. This seems ominous, especially since Riku's name was brought up. And Luso, strangely enough. She's really confused by what's going on.

"Wait, wait," she urges Chita, swallowing some bread. "What exactly did I walk in on, anyway? What happened to you, Chita? And what's it got to do with the Shadow Lords?"
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan just rolled her eyes and sat there, plate in her lap as she nibbled on a slice of meat. She wasn't going to explain. This was Chita's problem. Whatever trouble he was in, she didn't want to be a part of it. That in mind, the elven woman simply averted her eyes, suppressing an irritated grumble as Shiki called out to the Viera.
Chita When Shiki speaks Chita smiles and looks towards the sound of her voice to answer. "I..." then he realizes he doesn't really know anything of the other woman in the room except she was staying here. Probably meant she could be trusted, but still. "I do not wish to speak of it at length right now, but I need to seek out someone who practices in the darkness to learn how something may be taken care of. That said, we may be forced to cross paths. If that happens... please trust in me that I know what I am doing. Okay?"

The tall fellow, albeit short for a Viera, stood where he was for a moment before saying, "And a change of clothes... I could give you something I used to wear when I still dressed as a female, although it may be a bit large on you Shiki. Quite the pretty outfit though."
Shiki Misaki Shiki raises an eyebrow. "Just be careful, alright? I think you're probably safest goin' to talk to Luso, if you've got options. I mean, Riku's hard to find, and the others are... yeah, go wiiiith Luso." Chomp. Sorry, also she's hungry as well as tired.

Mr. Mew goes and hangs the mace on the coatrack, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

At the mention of clothes, though, Shiki gets sparkles in her eyes. Handclutch. "Really?! OMG. That would be so great!" Yeah, she pronounced the omg.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan meanwhile couldn't help but stare at Mr. Mew as it walked over to the coat rack and...hung a mace on it. "......(What sort of crazy world did I end up in now?)" Shiki's and Chita's discussion didn't interest her. Talk of Luso and Riku had nothing to do with her.

And she didn't particularly care if Chita didn't want to talk with her around. Yes, she got the undertones of his words. What did matter right now? Food. Yes, the plate of food in her lap right at this very moment. Resuming acquiring of sustenance.
Chita That smile remains as Shiki seemed excited at the prospect and he chuckled a little before seeming to zone out a moment, one hand raised as he thought about something perhaps, eventually grabbing something out of the air. Unfortunately for him, being blind didn't help browsing his 'inventory' as he had intended to pull out a summer dress, a yellow fluffy-looking summer dress with frilling on it that was supposed to be quite comfortable.

Instead, which he hadn't realized given he said just that, "This is a Summer dress I bought from a hume shop some time back." , was that he hadn't pulled out the dress.

Instead, he had pulled out what amounted to an undergarment set, rather skimpy and probably bought for his own secret wearing enjoyment. Ah, the perils of being blind.
Shiki Misaki Shiki is pretty much bouncing in her seat. Yay! Stuff! Clothes and stuff, which she's never seen before! This is going to be pretty awesome. Yep, totally going to b-



The atmosphere in the room probably goes as quiet as the tomb for a moment, so much so that a tumbleweed may pass by, and Mr. Mew can be seen in the shadows holding a knife or something.

After what seems like an eternity, Shiki, face pretty much completely blue and eyes pretty much completely white sketchy line circles, suggests, "Mmmmmmmaaaybe you should wait until you can see again before you go lookin' round in your inventory, Chita."
Morrighan Alazne Eventually, Morrighan takes her eyes away from Mr. Mew, looking towards Chita and whatever sort of dress he was presenting to Shiki.



"Oh my, that is quite an...extravagant dress you have there." She said, endeavoring not to laugh. Bringing a hand to her mouth, she spoke onwards. "Don't be shy, Shiki. Accept and wear it with pride in your heart. After all, it is such a Pfft--"

She couldn't do it any longer, looking away, Morrighan wound up chuckling to herself.
Chita Confusion was evident on his face as well, even without his eyes visible. Her comment confused him. "Why do you say that? Did I something wrong?" Then Morrighan began to speak and chuckle eventually, really confusing Chita. He reached out to take the dress off the hanger only to realize... it wasn't said dress. Which caused him to laugh aloud at his own expense, quite embarrassed by such. He wasn't sure exactly what pair of clothing it was, but he quickly put it away again and rubbed at the back of his head, "Ah... secrets out I see. Yeah, used to... enjoy having something pretty only I knew about beneath what I wore. I suppose a lot do enjoy things like that."

He poked around in his inventory again before he aha'd. "Apologies. I grabbed the one right next to it. I was wearing those beneath the dress a long time back." This time he pulled out the actual outfit, yellow and fluffy-looking and, while not the most stylish, it was probably quite comfortable. And it was also crisp and quite clean, as if freshly laundered. "I'm sure you would have looked just as nice in the previously-revealed outfit anyways, not that I will likely ever be able to see such."An attempt at a good-natured teasing compliment, though who knows how such would be taken.

Meanwhile he tries to think of how to get back at Morrighan for laughing at his expense. Maybe vengeance was a dish best served cold though. Some other time.

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